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Flow with me as I will expound some notes about the birthing of the Draconians. Visualize ourself listening to piano concierto playing the master Beethoven’s pieces from Concert No. 5 (he too was an ascended master embodied down 3rd dimension like Mozart) that would fit the exit of daytime and entry of nocturnal time amid dusk as I discourse again on Draco.

To begin my discourse, let me bring you back to Greek mythology: the narrative of Clash of the Titans. In the Greek mythology one is introduced to the principle of Anti-Universe in the archetype of Hades. In the Clash of the Titans, it was revealed that the Anti-Universe was the core factor behind the birthing of the Draconians in the archetype of the Karkens.

The narrative further informed us that the galaxies (notably Andromeda), heroes & heroins (Pallas Athena on ‘gods’ side), and the astral domain of reality (vast seas and oceans) were already in place as an expansion of the out-Breath of the Almighty Creator downwards towards the more dense domains of reality (‘ontological domains’ in philosophy).

It is important to note those serial events, as they provide clues to the nascence and rise of Draco. Andromeda created both Lyra and Pleiades (signified by Perseus), as far as we know in the Inner Mysteries. Pallas Athena was core leader of the Light Forces in Maldek, a planet that was largely populated by migrated Orions and people of more dense planets from the Milky Way and probably other galaxies farther. The events unfolded when the worlds were in the 4th and 5th densities, with some worlds threatened with further descent to 3rd density/dimension.

We could only surmise that the star system Draco must have been, prior to reptilians’ evolution to bipedal intelligence form, too far remote from the impact of the outflowing Light from the Almighty Creator and the most Holy Council of 24 Elders. Maybe even remote from the Hierarchs of our universe itself, blocked as the outflowing Light was by certain gas, plasma, energy conflicts, and solidifying formations in the galaxy.

It was at that juncture that the Anti-Universe, the polar anti-thesis of the constructive forces of our universe, permeated certain star systems and worlds. As to how many grand cycles had passed before that event happened, we can only do some guess work. What is clear is that, when Hades permeated the sector where Draco was located, the contamination by the dis-integrative forces beyond the edge of the universe or so was very pervasive and wide-reaching.

A species of bipedal beings, probably evolved from out of originally winged reptilians, was already morphing in the Draco system and elsewhere (X-worlds of Saurians that need to be revealed further). At that level of development, most likely the souls of those beings were of the group-soul type, like our own primordial Terrans.

Such a hypothesis—of saurian types ensouled with group-soul type—follows straight from the Teaching which clearly indicates that all animals and plants have each a collective soul. From the mineral world such a very feeble-minded gestate before proceeding to the vegetative, animal, and elemental forms.

The immersion into the energy fields of the Anti-Universe instantly transmogrified those creative formations and turned them into negative entities almost overnight. That coming to past, the next event saw the descent of those beings down to 4th density (mid-astral) where they were to breed, grow and mature.

Furthermore, that eventuality of being engulfed by the Hades force field instantly blackened the connecting channels to the higher spheres. In the process, energy veils so thick (multi-tiered) encrusted in the feeble psyche of the morphing beings. Their disconnect from the creative process of the universe was complete, even as their breed and pedigrees were to serve as the progenitors of predation and destruction in the lower densities that were to be their spheres of influence.

The ‘energy veil’ or ‘e-veil’, from which ‘evil’ may have arisen (read Elizabeth Prophet’s works), is no creation of the Almighty Creator, for your basic information. The notion of the Almighty creating a polarity game by designing negative beings is pure crap, be deceived not by this largely toxic lie peddled by Fallen Masters.

To go back to the Titans narrative, the Karkens (Draconians) were bred right in the seas’ depth. Meaning, they were bred in the mid-astral (astral is water element) or 4th density. Probably they began in 5th density (higher astral), and from there descended eventually to 4th density. Being negative, they can only access to masters who were of ‘lesser light’ (Fallen Masters), one of whom looks as reptilian a being as you can imagine (this one I saw in visions just this year).

To continue, if we go by the Pleiadian information that Draco invaded Terra circa 12 grand cycles ago—300,000 years Before Present of BP—then the permeation of the Anti-Universe into the Draco system was several eons backwards in time. It takes several cycles of evolution to create an intelligent species that can become technology savvy and space-enabled, so our estimate would be around 300,000 X (2X2) or 1.2 million BP.

Probably during the 3rd phase of that 4-phase period—600,000 down to 300,000 BP—the Draconians were already well evolved physically & astrally, and were traveling across space and hyperspace. They became a mighty military force in the galaxy, a possibility brought about by the early discoveries of knowledge-intensive technologies via experimentation as we know them today.

They most likely competed for hegemony in the lower densities, most especially in micro-sectors that were far away from the ‘photon belt’ and the outflowing Breath of the Father. Thus came the eventual clash between them and the human lifestream of evolved worlds that cooled down and stabilized earlier than Terra.

It was during that expansion via military adventurism that humans, who were themselves embroiled in internecine conflicts, encountered the Draconians. With a threat by a new ‘kid on the block’ (Draconian), the warring humans were then compelled to rethink their own conflicts, as the possibility of an alliance against Draco could be more of a viable option if and only if to preserve the species against an evil and sinister force.

The warring of Maldekians, who were migrated Orions and allied lifestreams avoiding conflicts in Orion, were already in the heat of their wars when Draco arrived in Solaria (solar system). Mars, Maldek, and Terra became subjects of intrusion by Draco, by whatever strategies they achieved their invasions.

The Draconian expansionism reached as far as Pleiades (Perseus & friends as archetypes) and was threatening to intrude into Andromeda. The intrusion into Maldek may have been cause for the schisms there with the success of the creation of a Dark Force on the planet that threatened to destroy Maldek altogether (it did got destroyed by nukes). Maldek may been a model of Draco to penetrate deep into the universe via a trial foothold on Andromeda (that was repulsed).

That was the sum up of the narratives pieced up from the Clash of the Titans. By connecting the dots together in the Greek mythology narrative, we’re able to reconstruct the birthing of the reptilian lifestream from Draco up through its early militarist expansionism. That time preceded the Fall of Lucifer yet by the way, even as Lucifer sided later in the wars of the worlds.

[Philippines, 11 September 2010]


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