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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra
“Charms and more charms! Amulets, amulets, amulets!’ could very well be the start of a theatre presentation. Charmed by the virtual presentation, let me share some notes about them.
As a seeker ascends the Path to the Divine, s/he should deign observe the use of protective and ‘luck-enhancing’ amulets, charms, and related devices. This is a sacrosanct rule in the Path, taking from my own experience as a Teacher who mentored enthused souls out there. For economy of words, I’d simply refer to them all as ‘object’ or ‘device’.
The principle behind the efficacy of a charm/amulet is this: when activated properly, it acts like an antenna that connects the user to certain Departments of divinities, the same divinities then facilely alerted to any harm that would come along the Way. The user must reinforce the usage with his/her own strong belief in the power of the device, the vibration of belief cum thought form then flowing and embedding continuously on the object which thus sustains its power.
We can see from the foregoing the two mutually or dialectically reinforcing components: (a) the activation of the object, and (b) the belief cum thought form appurtenant to the object’s power. Without these two components or tasks done, the object will just remain to be a display item for beautification, exotic self-imaging, or whatever.
It therefore pays to first of all activate the protective/enhancing object properly. The easiest way to do this is to see a guru or mystic who will instruct you on the proper procedure and activate the same object once the preparatory procedures are done. ‘Preparatory’ means such measures as immersing the object in water with salt and magnetized water (holy water) from two (2) to twenty-four (24) hours prior to activation. The preparation detoxifies the object of negative vibrations and impurities, making it ready for activation.
As suggested above, it is an important practice to keep a stock of magnetized water at home for various purposes. We mystics and gurus do possess the necessary power to prepare magnetized water by blasting it with cosmic energy—energy from the spiritual planes (5th and higher planes)—which no ordinary shaman or healer could do. So we’ve taken it as part of our services (pro bono) to prepare such special cleansing water for seekers and devotees who may be interested. Shamans can replicate the process, by requesting a Guide from Above to induce the descent of cosmic energy into the water via a ritual, assuming that the Guide is an evolved soul.
However, as a caveat, the charm/amulet, to be able indeed to serve Light-inspired purposes, should be accompanied by a seeker’s or mystic’s intentional and methodical purification works, inclusive of deprogramming of vices (weaknesses) and building of virtues. I have to stress this point real emphatic, as there are some lost seekers out there who think that they can go on with protection without enabling a greater balance of the psyche and deprogramming of weaknesses/building virtues.
Please note that on the Dark Side of life, seekers and mystics also use protective and enhancer devices like we do on the Light Side of life. They do so precisely because the Dark Forces are of diverse factions who are manipulated by diverse powers—often Master-Adepts of ‘black magic’—who wouldn’t have second thoughts in harming and manipulating seekers and mystics from competing groups. If they could do so—conduct psychic attacks or ‘sorcery’—against us Adepts of the Brotherhood, they would likewise do the same on the pathfinders of Darkness.
Couples of times did I forewarn some seekers out there who sought my counsel for protection. There were at least two, in North America, who did almost cause me shock when I found out that they were already on the threshold of moving completely to the inner spaces of the Dark Forces (including the Illuminati). I observed that both seekers (males, late 20s) are the types who refuse to accept about their weaknesses, delude themselves with being already innately perfected, and associate to external Dark powers their weaknesses, and so on. Psychotic hubris, those delusional contentions!
As I told in my article on ‘inner demon’, all of us possess the Dark element within us, and this is more of an element that is internal to us. Without doing efforts to tame our inner demon, we will be deluding ourselves with being in the Light path, while such inner demon will then invite external demons which, per my enquiries and battle experiences (I do depower such beings using cosmic warriorship methods) do exist, the latter thus embedding themselves in the chakras of the seeker. Such sucking of energy by external demons ensconced in one’s chakras is just a step short of full possession and destruction of the victim concerned.
So, here we go again, let you be reminded among all things: (a) deprogram vices and build virtues, (b) neutralize your inner demon till it will bow down to thee once you’ve reached nirvanic awakening (realization of Higher Self), (c) do so by using purification, cleansing, and healing tools, and (d) please exhibit the right attitudes in the Path and apply tools prescribed by a guru you approach for the latter purposes. Failing to observe these parameters, protective/enhancing devices will just but help to drive you more to the Dark Path till you become totally immersed in the ‘devil’s space’.
Finally, let you be reminded that such objects (protection, enhancing prosperity, health, etc) should be recharged periodically. Among the instructions that I gave to seekers I handled are the following:

• Protective amulets/charms can be re-optimized in power during the Christian’s Holy Friday, around 2-3:30 p.m. Equivalent date would be Christian’s All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1). If you’re not keen on these dates, then find equivalent dates relative to your religious practices. I am recommending the matter outside of religions, though I do recognize the import of such dates which I perceive much differently from Christians.
• Prosperity, health, and love amulets/charms can be best re-optimized on the eve of your birthday. The other option is on New Year’s eve, or on a Chinese New Year. If you’re Moslem, then do so on the eve of Islam’s New Year.
Just one more query to reflect on: can crystals do the same tasks as amulets and charmers (or activated writ papers with special mantras scribbled)? Yes, surely crystals can do the same tasks of protection and enhancing prosperity, good health, better career, and love. Just do the necessary research about the power of each crystal, and hopefully you’d procure those crystals that are the true ones (there are many fakes that abound in the market).
In Manila for instance, there are shops inside malls that specialize on crystals, which includes those for jewelry purposes—jewels that also protect and enhance love/prosperity/good health/career. The same crystals, I presume, were already pre-cleansed, so all that the buyer has to do is activate the crystal via a special program (mantras and prayer ritual). Follow the prescribed program that often goes with the package of crystals.
So, dear Seeker and Lightworker, pleased be advised well about the need for the objects mentioned, and the proper rituals and mantras for them (where applicable). If you’re not convinced of their power, fine, adapt to a lifestyle you wish for yourself. But if you do, then be consistent with the practice, don’t ever let down on your defenses for the Negative Invisibles are too many out there in the astral plane waiting to harm you and suck the Light out of you.
Aram acsadam! Be protected!
[Philippines, 12 May 2009]




Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good evening!

At this moment, the matter of purification came to mind, as a synthetic topic arising from practical questions about how to quicken the pace of spiritual change, so let me share this note to you about purification.

Before everything else, let me clarify that purification can be thought of in the following terms: (a) general purification and tools that could sustain the process of ascent to awareness rise; and, (b) purification arising from the specific need to cleanse the divine portals known as the ‘chakras’ or energy centers. Let me address both, and share some core tools that can be easily applied by the seeker concerned.

General Purification

Regarding first of all the matter of general purification, this can be conceived as a set of practices one must do in combination with one’s own union (yoga) practice such as bhakti, raja, karma, and agni yoga. It is presumed that one conducts yoga or zen meditation on a regular basis, which is the broad foundation for all purifications.

Along one’s Path, do set seven (7) days in a month for this purpose. Two very powerful mantrams come into mind as the most accessible, to note:

Om Tat Sat Om (7X)

End with: Aum (3X)

Om Vajra Sattva hom (7X)

End with: Aum (3X)

Om Tat Sat Om roughly translates to I Am That I Am. This mantra is so potent, even the negative extraterrestrial intelligences or ETIs known as Reptoids (Draconians) are scared of them. Should negative invisibles keep on pestering you by intruding into your thoughts or even appearing in your meditation vision, recite any one or both of these mantras.

The moment that one reaches the mystical awareness however, one can decelerate somehow in using these mantras, notably the Om Vajra Sattva Hom (mantra of purification by invoking the angel or sattva of purification) should be scaled down to as low as just once every two weeks or even once a month. The I Am That I Am can be used on an everyday basis as a centering tool, or sustaining tool for quick relief of stress and sharply moving focus to alpha mind state (from normal or beta state).

A revised version of the I Am That I Am, as disseminated by the couples Mark and Elizabeth Claire Prophet (conceived by the Ascended Master St. Germaine), is:

I Am That I Am

I And my Father are One

I And my Mother are One

Healing-oriented Purification

Purification can be hastened by conducting an intense healing of all one’s vital or major chakras—base, sex, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, crown—through specifically prescribed tools and methods. The mantram and visualization tools are very powerful in this regard. The rule to observe here, please note very well, is that once preliminary healing is concluded, you must rest from these practices for some time.

The reason is this: nobody should be instituting medical intervention on an ailment that has already healed. Over-medication brings unexpected ‘side effects’. Go back to the practice only when you notice that your chakras are again accumulating dense energies, due to the following reasons: (a) those dense exposures acquired from past lives yet will filter out of your system through your chakras; (b) your exposure to daily life, more so urban life, could bring stressful experiences that could make the chakras dense or ‘dirty’; (c) your own inner experiences such as getting depressed could add to the densification of chakras; and (d) you absorb dense energies of people more so the negative ones which could all crowd in certain chakras. As soon as the chakras are cleansed, rest from the practice and then move to using the general purification ‘Om Tat Sat Om’ for sustaining purpose.

Using the meditation method, couple this with the following visualization tool: Immerse each chakra of yours with seven (7) inbreaths of Violet Flame or Ray (Christian’s Holy Spirit), working from the base chakra first and then moving up to the crown chakra. As you inbreath, visualize Violet Ray moving from your upper space down to your crown and through your spine and then direct this to the chakra concerned. So powerful is this cosmic energy that it transmutes the dense energy directly into beneficial light-colored or simply violet energy itself, even as it effects an increased rotation of your chakra concerned. Visualization need no further use for mantra.

For those who may be a bit ‘color blind’, which I would partly characterize myself, you can tap the Violet Ray via mantra version. Recite thus the following mantra (during meditation or during prayer session):

I Am The Violet Flame Burning / I Am the Sun radiating with Love (7X)


[Repeat mantra in two or three sets of invocations]

You can start your prayer by invoking the Master Saint Germaine to assist you in the process, He being the Chohan (savior) of the 7th Ray which is the keeper of the Violet Ray. Ask for His Loving aid, thank Him for all the help He had brought unto your program of change, and then invoke the mantra.

Another mantra for this purpose is done by invoking directly the Holy Spirit. Those coming from the Christian and Hindi/Vedic traditions are particularly keen on this tool, the mantra being:

Om Namo Narayanaya (22X or 33X)

Aum (3X).

[You can repeat this for three sets of invocations]

As one progresses in his/her meditation practice, the seeker actually inbreaths the Violet Ray so naturally like one were breathing air regularly. Among mystics we only occasionally use the Violet Ray and related tools intentionally, since we have already achieved that level where meditation breathing is itself equal to Violet Ray inbreathing. But there are moments when we invoke the said mantras, as we also need to move on in our own Paths and take down every remaining energy veil that block our Way (see my article on energy veil, and those of Elizabeth Prophet’s writings).

Seekers, mystics, Lightworkers, may your respective auras be cleansed along the way as you purify yourselves further. I wish you success in your ascension, by ending with the following mantra:

Ako yaong Ako (‘I Am That I Am’ in Filipino)


[Philippines, 11 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good day to you all!

We Terrans are in a situation today of a ‘quickening’ or rapid mutation to 4th th Dimension, a process that is being accompanied by massive reunions with our original galactic families—both (a) family of orientation and (b) family of procreation. The first family refers to our social bond with parents and siblings, the second with our Twinflame and children.

As a guru of the Teaching, based on my own experiences and those of Lightworkers I’ve handled, I can authenticate so facilely the fact about (a) our having originated outside Earth with our original families, and (b) the availability of methods and tools for the reunion. The changing electromagnetic field of EMF configuration of Earth—towards higher level vibratory frequency—is likewise aiding in making the reunion possible, aside from the presence on 3rd Dimension of many Rishis sent forth en masse to ensure the graduation of humanity to 4th Dimension after the Polar Shift.

To understand the phenomenon, a quick browse of the akashic records, added to those information bits advanced by mystics before, shows that all of us Terrans today were originally from planets and star systems outside our own (Earth, Sun). The respective families we are niched in today, which we Lightworkers and mystics term as ‘biological family’, are not exactly those of our original planet cum star system.

For one reason or another, we were cut off or de-linked from our respective families. The delinking (‘dis-articulation’ in political economy) is only temporary though, as Above the Divine Beings have ensured that the bond of Light that connects us all makes our mutual access to one another automatically there, though on sleeping mode. It pays that we consciously chart our thought modalities (phenomenologist’s ‘intentionalities’) towards a well defined goal of family reunion to activate that bond of Light and ensue the filial Love mutually flowing among us.

With such a reunion possibility well established as fact, let me now remind you of some a caveat: to be able to rendezvous with your family, you need to be stable at astral level awareness of 5th Density at least. Those who are vibrating at 3rd Density are least prepared for family reunion, while those who are way ahead in awareness find greater ease in reuniting with their respective families.

It has been a discipline practiced by Teachers to provide tools and methods of ascension, family reunion included, only to those most prepared. Having been a trainor and guru for some time, I never at all openly shared tools to those laggards who are unprepared for such engagements as family reunion. On the other hand, those who are in the Path, I provide tools and methods based on their awareness levels, the tools thus varying across such levels from 5th through 10th Densities (mystics whose nirvanic bodies or souls are partly awaken).

Those who are so densely situated at 3rd Dimension aren’t exactly hopeless. If you’re one who’s at this level, assure first of all that you are capable of dreaming. Less evolved souls often dream in black & white, and can only recall few dreams at all. The most laggard ones drift between the dreamless sleep and the few black & white dreams. If you dream and you can recall dreams, then there is always the possibility of you having rendezvous with your family members in the dream state (astral plane). Just make sure that you can recall your dreams, and do scribble them right away before oblivion erases the memory bits you received.

Those who are a bit psychic sensitive, or who fluctuate up to 5th Density, have a certain level of awareness that can allow for family reunion. This can take place by combining (a) dream state reunion and (b) reunion at 5th Density level. For the latter to occur, I recommend that one learns to do yoga meditation, and rendezvous with family members while one is awake (while meditating).

At this juncture let me raise another caveat: the images of your family members in your inner vision will depend on each one’s level of awareness. If you are just stabilizing at 5th Density, while your family members are already at 8th through 10th Densities, you will most likely see cloudy figures or simply blobs of light or sort of. Same is true in the obverse: if you’re at 8th through 10th Density, you won’t be able to see your family members who are still at 5th Density though they are already on their way upward in awareness.

You must be a lucky one if the images that register are as clear as 2-10 megapixel imageries. This means that you are on parallel (identical, or almost similar) levels of awareness, enabling you to register images on a certain bandwidth where you are commonly situated. This is very possible. In my own experience, my visions of my galactic parents, Twinflame, male sibling, and children were as clear as 2-10 megapixels (I still have to hurdle meeting a sibling sister).

To move on to our next point, just what makes reunion with galactic family important? Why not simply stick it out with our biological families? Why not leave it all to chance that we meet our galactic close kins, and then move on?

At this juncture, the importance of our biological families—the logic of our being with them—were already fully optimized. It is now a time for gathering of the like, and separation of the unlike, so the best we can do for our biological kapamilya (family co-members) is to maintain goodwill and good faith. Our mutual purpose for each other’s company has been delivered, so let’s learn to dis-entangle ourselves from deep attachments that have lost their inner meanings.

In the last instance, in our respective Paths, it is our being with our own kind—of similar if not identical levels of soul evolution—that can construct the family aegis for our engagements in more advanced missions. Those missions collectively congeal in a collective mission to build our respective worlds—the Planet B for the laggards and service-for-self people, the Negative Planet for the negative people, 4th Density New Earth for those service-for-others, and 5th Density and higher worlds for the Lightworkers and ‘old souls’.

That is the logic behind the vibrant engagements today of family reunions most especially for those who will populate the 4th Dimension Earth after the Polar Shift. My focal lenses are focused on Earth as this is where I was mandated to serve the spiritual Hierarchy in the preparation works for the New Earth, so I can only articulate the reunions among those who are being gathered for this 4th Dimensional Earth.

To the young souls out there who may be eager to know more things about the matter, please do your homework first by researching on the subject in the internet. Those Lightworkers and sensitives who are already in their respective Path already have the tools necessary for their reunion engagements. In case you’re desirous to enter the Path of Light via family reunion, just ring me a bell and the tools will be handed over to you for this engagement.

Those souls out there who are already studying metaphysics and practicing certain tools, let me say good luck to you in your reunion efforts. No further tools and methods from me are necessary for your purposes. Maximize on those that are in your hand to utilize today.

Good luck to those seekers and mystics who are searching for their respective Twinflame. May the Lady Venus and Lord Ancient of Days aid you in the process, may your union be blessed, and may you successfully meet your galactic children.

[Philippines, 08 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Let me share to you at this moment some notes about the ‘veils to the aspirant’s Path’. The notion of ‘veil’ had semiotically enriched the question of human predicament—of illusion and self-estrangement—that has factored strongly in Man’s being grounded agog in his/her spiritual ascent back to the Godhead.

If one reads through Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s writings, one would encounter the master’s fondness for discoursing on ‘energy veil’, the same veil thus clouding or blocking man’s view of the higher realms. Concomitantly, man’s soul evolution halted to a stop, or man was trapped in the dense spheres. To shorten energy veil would yield e-veil, from which the term ‘evil’ may have emerged. I surely have a full appreciation for the Master Elizabeth’s discourse on the matter, even as I recommend aspirants to the mystical-yogic Path to read the writings of Prophet and her husband Mark. [I would authenticate that both are maharishis, and that I did had a rendezvous with Master Elizabeth in the ‘sphere of masters’ when I graduated to rishi late last year.]

To go straight to the point, in order to attain nirvanic awareness (soul awakening, or entry into the spiritual realms), one must hurdle several obstacles. As the initiant or aspirant passes one tests after another, and gets purified in the process, certain energy veils are also brought down. As a rishi-yogi, I would attest to the existence of such veils, and I do recall well that each one looks like a drapery that is literally brought down or drops off from one’s mystic view. As a veil is dropped, the aspirant moves a step ahead in the Path. On and on will this process take place, till finally one becomes a ‘master of wisdom’ or attains nirvanic awareness (or self-realization, meaning the realization of the higher self).

The moment that many veils have dropped off and that one attains mystic awareness (mystic is pre-nirvanic), the aspirant is already allowed access to the akashic records. However, the accession is delimited by the level of awareness, and the mystic can only go as far as reviewing couples of thousands of years back in the past. To be able to go back in time some more and solve the lingering enigmas of life, the mystic must hurdle more obstacles and drop off more veils…until the rishi or nirvanic awareness is reached.

To my own surprise, as I went on in my Path, I discovered thru experience that veils are both of Light and Dark. There was one instance when I did see so clearly a black drapery dropping off from my view, black signifying a Dark veil or ‘anti-universe energy veil’—the veil of the AntiChrist Forces. In some other instances, I clearly saw effervescent white draperies dropping off from my view or from above, white thus signifying that they were veils of Light, or veils planted by the Christ or Light Forces.

Surely, some basic questions would crop up in the mind of a seeker when encountering this narrative of veils along the Way. One essential question is: why are there such veils? Another basic query is: why are there two (2) veils and not just one (expectedly only Dark veil)?

Regarding the reason for the veil, explanations were already advanced by previous Teachers (from Blavatsky to Rachele). We can sum this up as follows: in the primordial times, when experimental mankind fell in vibratory frequency, there came the battle for humanity by two contending forces of the Galaxy: the Orion-Draco alliance, representing the Dark Forces, and the Galactic Confederation, representing the Light Forces.

Those contending forces then intervened in the genetic experimentations of the primordial races, the Fallen Ones implanting deep into the DNA the seeds of evil and divine forgetfulness (mankind’s forgetting his once glorious moments in the ‘garden of eden’ of 7th Density awareness), the Light Forces implanting DNA codes that would allow for a recovery of the memory of higher spheres and return to Godhead. The commonality of purpose of both forces was in the recognition that those unprepared to quicken the Path just cannot have access right away to the akashic records and be given the keys to higher mysteries.

To solve the problem of unnecessary access, both forces intentionally and methodically erected veils in the electromagnetic field or EMF of planet Earth. Needless to stress, the Fallen Ones constructed dark veils, to reinforce the DNA programming of evil traits in primordial man, while the Sons of Light planted veils of Light upon the EMF so as to avoid the untimely entry of the unprepared into the spheres of inner mysteries. You could just imagine the enormous barriers to one’s own ascent created by the erection by two gigantic forces of such EMF veils.

To be able to unveil each and every EMF barrier necessitates that one must be initiated in the yogic or mystic Path. I would dare say that institutional pathways to the Divine, such as those offered by churches and pseudo-church groups, are ineffective if not puerile in bringing down the veils, precisely because such groups are pathetically ignorant of the veiling phenomenon. The Initiatic methods offer the better pathways, these being handled by trained Gurus who have already torn down their respective veils and can access high knowledge directly from their own God selves. The same methods offer tools that quicken the aspirant’s attainment of balance, increase in vibratory frequency, soul healing and EMF (aura) detoxification, and related tasks and processes that accelerate one’s own recovery of higher awareness—at least of 7th Density that was mankind’s original state of being.

A mystic often than not begins at 7th Density and is then assisted by a guru-Master or mahayogi to move upwards to 8th Density. Certain veils are taken down in the process, while the Master Guide of the mystic absorbs a part of the karmic debt of the same aspirant so s/he can move up quickly to the next step. When such initial veils are removed, the aspirant comes face-to-face with the Ancient of Days—in the etheric plane—and receives his/her blessing to move on towards the higher steps of the Path.

From the foregoing, another point that needs to be stressed is that the veils can indeed be taken down or unveiled, that tools are available for taking them down, that blockages can come along the way which an aiding Guru can help to be identified, in other words, that mankind’s state is full of Hope to move on back to God Almighty. No matter how thick the veils maybe, they can be unveiled effectively, till one can indeed ascend in the Path. Ones taken off, the aspirant then graduates to higher-level awareness, the exultation from the success ensuring a jubilation and celebration Above by Ascended Beings. Couples of such celebrations I’ve already experienced, as my Light Body is surrounded by loving Masters of the Order who accompanied the celebration with wine glasses filled with elixirs of divinity.

The good news for everyone else on Earth is that the veils are now being taken down. As the Earth is now ascending back towards the higher densities, the spiritual Hierarchy is taking the necessary steps to bring down the EMF veils one after the other. Which means that the future-era aspirant will have just but a few veils left to work on—of veils placed in the personal unconscious—which aren’t as tough to take down as those veils of my generation of mystics and rishis. Even those souls who are merely of 4th to 5th Density (astral-level awareness) development, who may survive the polar shift and populate 4th Density Earth, will have the privilege of working their respective Paths without the blocking veils in the EMF.

Adding to the ease in accessing the higher keys and substance of inner mysteries is the activation of all 12 strands of DNA in the New Age humans (post-polar shift). The activated subtle DNA strands, literally beaming with Light like upward spiral lanterns, are a huge boost to the burning of many veils implanted in the DNA codes by the Fallen Ones. Thus will there be fewer veils to work on, contrasted to the pre-2012 millenia and centuries when veils numbered literally by the couples of hundreds—combining DNA veils plus the EMF veils.

For Teachers of the Path, the systematic removal of EMF veils permits mass initiation of aspirants who are of lower density (4th to 6th), a task that was so difficult to do in the previous times. I attempted to do mass initiation for almost two (2) decades, and admitted to the limited results of my efforts, precisely because the condition for it hasn’t come. After the polar shift, the natural condition for mass initiation will simply be there, which makes teaching an even more rewarding spiritual task.

2,000 years ago, the Master Issa (Yeshua ben Joseph, Jesus, Joshua) experimented on conducting mass initiation, and showed the way for such a possibility. Those same feats were simply superhuman then, more so that the avatar Maitreya, Jesus’ cosmic teacher, overshadowed the Master so he can directly tap Higher Light at such enormous levels that could permit mass initiation. After the polar shift, the same feats can already be replicated with ease by teachers of the Path, thanks to the graduation of Earth to higher dimension accompanied by dismantled EMF veils.

Fellows on Earth, this is part of the good news for us all. One by one are the external veils and the DNA programmed veils being taken down, which now has made our road ahead transmuted from a thorny path to a smoothened Path of Light. God has directly intervened in the process, so let us not forget to show the most loving thanks to our Divine Father-Mother for the latest blessing.

[Philippines, 05 May 2009]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

In this page you will find links to Philippine-based groups, centers, teachers, healers, and institutions that can help you for a number of purposes:

• Look for centers or groups where you can learn to do meditation (Eastern).
• Learn the Teaching from teachers and masters of self-realization.
• Interface with fellow Lightworkers, both individuals and groups.
• Seek the services of healers and/or learn from their craft masters.
• Learn and practice wellness methods offered by taichi, hatha yoga, and related methods.
• Seek initial information for research about spiritual groups with esoteric-mystical nature.
• Get involved with action group led by Lightworkers.

In the absence of a New Age center or Lightworkers’ national forum in the Philippines, this page can serve the minimal requisite of a portal hub.

Center/Group/Relevant Information

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Chaitanya Yoga:, tel. 800-1340

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Elizabeth Claire Prophet Discussion Group – Makati: c/o

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

Fellows, Brothers and Sisters, here are some information about internet sites where you can find the reads & services of teachers &/or masters.

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Erle Frayne Argonza Sites

Teachers & Masters’ Sites

Ascended Masters archives:

Drunvalo Melchizedek, Teacher and Melchizedek priest:

Gems of the Hermits lessons’ archives:

Guriji Krishnananda, Master based in India, of the Saptarishis line:,

Kriya Yoga, system taught by Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Yutekswar Giri, Paramahansa Yogananda:

Light Ascension site:

Lighthouse Summit, dedicated to the works of the late Masters Mark and Claire Prophet:

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, late Asian Master:

Mahatma Gandhi’s service group:

Maitreya’s channeled messages:

Radha Soami Satsang Beas:

Rajesh Ananda, an Asian Guru:

Sai Baba, the late Indian Master, and his mission group:

Sal Rachele, Teacher and Melchizedek priest:

Self–Realization Fellowship, founded and mentored by the late Master Paramahansa Yogananda:

Sri Aurobindo Society, practitioner of the teachings of the Master Sri Aurobindo:

Theosophical Society, home to works of Blavatsky and founders of theosophy: c/o









Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Readers, seekers, here are some readings that you can go through as part of your cosmic awakening program.

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Bro. Erle Argonza’s Notes: 7-Ray Lessons (See Parts I & II of this book)

Teachings of Jesus Christ /Master Issa:

  • New Testament

Teachings of Sri Krishna:

  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Sri Isopanisad

Teachings of Gautama Buddha:

  • Dhamappada
  • Suttras of the Earth Store Bodhisattva



Theosophists’ Writings

Helena Blavatsky

  • Isis Unveiled
  • Secret Doctrine (3 volumes, & Abridged version)
  • Astral, Psychic, and Spiritual Man
  • Reincarnation (w/ WQ Judge)

William Q. Judge

  • The Ocean of Theosophy

C.W. Leadbeater

  • Man Visible and Invisible
  • The Monad
  • The Devachanic Plane

Henry Steel Olcott

  • Applied Theosophy

Geoffrey Hodson

  • The Call to the Heights / guidance on the pathways to self-illumination

Annie Besant:

  • Mahabharata (narrative version)
  • Man and His Bodies

Virginia Hanson

  • HP Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine

Vicente Hao-Chin, Jr.:

  • Why Meditate?


Supplemental Readings

Erle Argonza:

  • Libertosophy & Freethought: the Path of Illumination for Libertarian Freethinkers
  • 13th Gate Unveiled: the Glorious Destiny of the Philippines & Southeast Asia
  • Blogwrites:,,

U.S. Andersen:

  • The Secret Power of the Pyramids

Richard Bach:

  • Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Baha’ullah and the New Era (Bahai foundation)

Book of Mormon / Another Testament of Jesus Christ

Tom Brown:

  • The Vision

Sir Richard Burton:

  • The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

Fritjof Capra

  • The Tao of Physics

Carlos Castaneda:

  • A Separate Reality

Edgar Evans Cayce:

  • Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

Selwyn Champion & Dorothy Short:

  • Readings from World Religions

Erika Cheetham:

  • The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Mantak Chia & Michael Winn:

  • Taoist Secrets of Love

Deepak Chopra:

  • Way of the Wizard

L. Sprague De Camp & Catherine C. De Camp:

  • Citadels of Mystery

Marc Dem:

  • The Lost Tribes from Outer Space

Ivy Oneida Duce:

  • What Am I Doing Here? (on Sufism)

Don Fearheiley:

  • Angels Among Us

Shakti Gawain:

  • Living in the Light

Kahlil Gibran:

  • The Prophet

R.A. Gilbert:

  • The Elements of Mysticism

Guru Nanak Saahib:

  • The Holy Japhi Saahib

Guru R.H.H.

  • Talk Does Not Cook the Rice / A Commentary on the Teaching of Agni Yoga (2 volumes)

Paul Hawken:

  • The Magic of Findhorn

Douglas Hunt:

  • Exploring the Occult

J. Jagadeesan:

  • The Journey Within / Sai Baba / Journey to God (parts 1-3)

Anne Klein:

  • Knowledge and Liberation

Holy Koran

Master Hua:

  • Herein Lies the Treasure-Trove (2 volumes, on Tripitaka instructions)

Jaime Licauco:

  • Soulmates Karma Reincarnation
  • Exploring the Powers of your Inner Mind

Sandra Maitri:

  • The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram

Ruth Montgomery:

  • Aliens Among Us
  • Companions Along the Way
  • Herald of the New Age
  • The World Before

Old Testament – Holy Bible

Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder

  • Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain

Louis Pauwels & Jacques Berger:

  • The Morning of the Magicians

Joseph Chilton Pearce:

  • Exploring the Cracks in the Cosmic Mind

Charles Pellegrino:

  • Unearthing Atlantis

Elizabeth Claire Prophet:

  • The Lost Teachings of Jesus (3 volumes)
  • The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America
  • Prophecy for the 1990s
  • Ashram Notes by the Ascended Master El Morya
  • Saint Germain on Prophecy / Coming World Changes

Sal Rachele:

Trevor Ravenscroft:

  • The Spear of Destiny
  • The Antichrist

Lytle Robinson:

  • Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Origin of Man

I.C. Sharma:

  • Edgar Cayce, Karma & Reincarnation

Master Sheng-Yen:

  • Getting the Buddha Mind

Zecharia Sitchin:

  • The Wars of Gods and Men
  • Divine Encounters

Sri Ram:

  • Thoughts for Aspirants

Kenneth Ring:

  • The Omega Project / Near Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, Mind at Large

Sri Sahtya Sai Baba:

  • Sathya Sai Speaks (multi-volume)

Jess Stearn:

  • Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

Brad Steiger:

  • The Seed
  • The Rainbow Conspiracy (w/ Sherry Hansen Steiger)

Rudolf Steiner:

  • Theosophy: An Introduction
  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds
  • An Outline of Esoteric Science

Terry Lynn Taylor

  • Creating with the Angels

Jacques & Janine Vallee:

  • The UFO Enigma

Erich von Daniken:

  • In Search of Ancient Gods

Alan Watts:

  • Beyond Theology / The Art of Godmanship

George Hunt Williamson:

  • Secret Places of the Lion

Ernest Wood:

  • Concentration / An Approach to Meditation

Paramahansa Yogananda:

  • Autobiography of a Yogi