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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

[Manila, January 2014]



Divine Wisdom or theos Sophia is the wisdom of ascended beings or masters. Previously taught in secrecy only to the elect, it is now disseminated and taught openly. Also called the Teaching, the Brothers of Light decided to keep it secret for a long time during the Kali Yuga (Dark Age), as it was abused and used for ulterior or evil motives by the unprepared and the Evil Ones. Kali Yuga is now over, the Golden Age of Light has begun, and the Teaching had since its open dissemination impacted decisively already so as to lift up humanity to where it is today: the Ascendant arc of evolutionary path.


The mandated releases to humanity are divided into batches called dispensations. Three (3) dispensations have already occurred, as follows:


  • 1st Dispensation: 1860-1914
  • 2nd Dispensation: 1919-1970
  • 3rd Dispensation: 1974-Present (ongoing)


Below is a listing of the names of the Initiates who were tasked to channel the Wisdom or Teaching from Mahatmas (Perfected Ones). Spiritual masters who released related writings were also included. Any seeker or aspirant can then openly research on the writings of the identified Initiates that are now available on the internet (most of them are free sharewares, while some others are for purchase).


The said Initiates/Masters and their respective works are the most urgent ones to read or study. The writings contain many methods and tools for attainment or spiritual advancement. An aspirant can go ahead and read the works of masters other than those identified below, and then use the 7th Ray and 12th Ray to integrate all lessons and practices thereafter (see Joshua David Stone’s Ascension Manual).


Any beginning seeker must strive to accomplish the ones labeled ‘urgent reads’ during the first 2 years of studies. From there on, the seeker can proceed to study the other materials.


1st Dispensation: Foundations of the Wisdom/Teaching


Helena P. Blavatsky

  • Urgent reads: Secret Doctrine, vols. 1 & 2

Annie Besant

  • Urgent reads: (a) Ancient Wisdom, (b) Avataras

Rev. C. Leadbeater

C. Leadbeater

Col. Olcott

A.P. Sinnett


Related works:

Rudolf Steiner

  • Urgent reads: (a) Cosmic Memory, (b) Knowledge of the Higher Worlds


Note: As an introductory foundation for all the 1st Dispensation writes, read A. Besant’s Ancient Wisdom. All mandated messengers were founders of the Theosophical Society, with Blavatsky’s works as most pivotal. Steiner began with theosophy, though he later declared independence and founded anthroposophy. If you encounter difficulties with terms or concepts, clarify the definitions in Blavatsky’s Theosophical Glossary. Mahatmas who channeled the wisdom: El Morya, St Germain, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey.


2nd Dispensation: Expansion of the Wisdom, Christ’s Return


Alice Bailey & Dwjal Khul

  • Urgent reads: (a) Externalization of Hierarchy, (b) Initiation: Human and Solar

Guy Ballard & Edna Ballard

  • Urgent read: I Am Discourses

Mark Prophet & Elizabeth Prophet

  • Urgent reads: Lost Gospels of Jesus, vols. 1-4

Geraldine Inocente

Nicholas Roerich


Related works:

Paramahansa Yogananda

  • Urgent read: Autobiography of a Yogi


Note: 2nd Dispensation works are expansions of the foundational Teaching. The beginnings of strong resonations about the return of the Planetary Christ are reflected in Dwjal Khul’s channeled messages thru his chela Alice Bailey. Earth was almost destroyed by the Evil Ones (Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo), the Teaching releases thus including tools to spread Light & Love in most rapid fashion to “seal the door where evil dwells” (Great Invocations). Accordingly, the ‘accelerated method’ to one’s Path were also released. Paramahansa Yogananda belongs to the Kriya masters, with important contributions adjusted to modern times.


3rd Dispensation: Ascension, Earth Changes, New Earth


J.J. Hurtak

  • Urgent read: Keys of Enoch

Joshua David Stone

  • Urgent read: Ascension Manual

Guru Krishnananda

  • Urgent reads: (a) 2012/End or Beginning, (b) Preparing for 2012
  • See:

Sal Rachele

  • See:

Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

  • See: CosmicBuhay – (wisdom)
  • See: AscensionGuardian –

[95 other Messengers – for identification/scattered across 180 countries/diverse languages used…]


Note: 3rd Dispensation, which began when the Almighty Father commenced direct intervention on Earth in 1974, combines continued new releases on the Teaching and prophecies about the forthcoming planetary Ascension. They were writ by 100 messengers from among the 144,000 White Robes tasked to aid Terrans prepare for the shift in consciousness and reality (5th Dimension). Though very complex as the Initiates come from different wisdom traditions, aside from being indubitably staggering (coming from 100 thinkers!), there has been a convergence of the heraldries on the topic of Ascension. Since the Almighty Father has been intervening, in the last instance it was He who determined the landform post-2012 (landforms were retained), shift Earth to 4th Density without the catastrophe, and is expected to intervene again during the final ascent to 5th Density/Dimension.


ON PITFALLS & STARS January 22, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra



In times when mind’s soaked

in an intoxicating concoction

of rage and fiery resentment

ought not battle against pitfalls


that are really no pitfalls

when gauged against virtues

that they unintendedly unlock


for such virtues are ever present

in the labyrinth of pursuits

awaiting to float to the surface

of riverine Existence


no matter how inconspicuous these are;

they are stars that are forever

habituating the firmaments

in grandiose beauty,


despite dark clouds

despite dark clouds


[Writ. 02 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]




I was still a young man when I wrote this piece, and was turning 30. It was a difficult time of transition, though I was already soaked in the vibrations of the Higher Mysteries at that time. The wisdom of recognizing pitfalls as springboard base from which to build virtues was already as clear as transparent water for me by then.

I share the message to all enthused seekers and devotees of the Ascended Masters to welcome pitfalls that occur in their sojourns. Refrain from self-pitying when they come, welcome them as they are part of your molding in the Spirit, regard them as challengers that forge you into a far stronger Being than before.


March 2011



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


In this portion of the cosmogony articulations, a consolidated report on the Australia cosmogony is shared.


The folk beliefs about the ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ endowed with consciousness signifies the role in antiquity of the ‘solar pitris’ and ‘lunar pitris’ (pitris = fathers) in evolving Terrans. Theos Sophia was clear in the thesis that nature unaided cannot evolve humans.


Standard archetypes such as ‘sky’, ‘sea’, ‘water’, ‘egg’, ‘fire’, ‘space’, and so on. The faint knowledge of man evolving first as shadowy/etheric is reflected in the myths. From there on, divine intervention took place so as to improve humans to make them more morphous, bio-physical, intelligent, endowed with speech, more agile than the phlegmatic predecessors.


[Philippines, 30 June 2011]



From a consideration of the cosmogonic myths of Australia here outlined it would appear that a number of conclusions are justified. It has already been pointed out that a broad distinction may be drawn on linguistic grounds between the northern and central tribes on the one hand and those of the remainder of Australia on the other. Unfortunately, we have no myth material from western Australia, so that nothing can be said of its relations to the remainder of the continent. It is fairly clear, however, that the linguistic divergencies between the northern and central portions as contrasted with the southern and eastern districts are paralleled by differences in mythology. In the former region we find scarcely a trace of any myths of the source of the world or of a creator deity. The origin of mankind is either a coming up out of the ground or a spontaneous beginning as embryonic or amorphous beings, who are made human by one or another group of totem ancestors. The sun and moon are regarded as persons who, like other early mythical beings, emerged from the ground and later ascended to the sky, and knowledge of fire is said to have been taught to the ancestors in the underworld. In the southern and eastern portions of the continent we find, on the other hand, more or less definite tales of a creator-being and of a creation, together with myths of the origin of man-kind. Here the sun is often regarded as an actual fire kindled by an egg cast into space; here the sea (or water) is said to have been in the beginning either concealed or swallowed; and here a variety of origins are given for fire, its ownership by, and theft from, animals or birds being perhaps the most characteristic. Comparison with adjacent areas leads to rather contradictory results. In some particulars the northern and central type shows relationship to the largely hypothetical Papuan stratum in Melanesia, although some of its most characteristic elements, such as the origin of man from embryonic beings, have thus far not been reported from the Melanesian area. On the other hand, the southern and eastern type reveals points of similarity with the Melanesian stratum in Melanesia, although from the geographical stand-point, and known historical relations this would hardly be expected. On the basis of the cosmogonic myths alone these suggested resemblances are uncertain at the best; and we may, therefore, turn to the remainder of the mythology and see whether the same cleavage and the same affiliations occur there also.



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra




Myths of the third type are, on the other hand, characteristic of the south-easterly portion of the continent. Although in many cases 12 there are no detailed stories of the creation of mankind, the statement being merely that the first men were created, more definite myths do occur. Thus, the tribes in the vicinity of Melbourne say that in the beginning Pundjel made two males from clay. “With his big knife he cut three large sheets of bark. On one of these he placed a quantity of clay, and worked it into a proper consistence with his knife. When the clay was soft, he carried a portion to one of the other pieces of bark, and he commenced to form the clay into a man, beginning at the feet; then he made the legs, then he formed the trunk and the arms and the head. He made a man on each of the two pieces of bark. He was well pleased with his work, and looked at the men a long time, and he danced round about them. He next took stringybark from a tree, … made hair of it, and placed it on their heads — on one straight hair and on the other curled hair. Pund-jel again looked at his work, much pleased . . . and once more he danced round about them. . . . After again smoothing with his hands their bodies, from the feet upwards to their heads, he lay upon each of them, and blew his breath into their mouths, into their noses, and into their navels; and breathing very hard, they stirred. He danced round about them a third time. He then made them speak, and caused them to get up, and they rose up, and appeared as full grown young men.” Some of the Queens-land tribes declare 14 that the moon created the first man and woman, the former being made from stone and rubbed all over with white and black ashes, while the latter was shaped from a box-tree and rendered soft and supple by rubbing with yams and mud. In South Australia, on the other hand, there is apparently a belief in the creation of men from excrement which was moulded and then tickled, this causing the image to laugh and become alive.



‘Two men’, two (2) root-races of early humans: Hyperborean or Pangaean races. ‘Clay’ signifies the earth which, in turn, contains all the 100+ elements of matter known in chemistry, all elements found in man’s body.


Observe the very graphic processes involved in creating or evolving the early humans, which looks very much like some laboratory scientists creating species using scalpels and surgical instruments. The ‘dance’ signifies the energizing of the species in order to bring life to it, ‘life’ literally meaning ‘vital energy’ or prana, which is the Breath in other cultures.


The Queensland version directly indicates the role of the ‘lunar pitris’ or fathers in creating the first humans, signified by the ‘moon creating the first man and woman’. Those first races were actually asexual in birthing, with a hermaphrodite race appearing in a phase of the evolutes.


That version about first humans made of white or black ashes indicates knowledge of the primordial humans. ‘White’ signifies the etheric-to-astral humans who were as ‘white as light’, not yet bio-physical in form. The ‘ash’ signifies the sub-races of Lemurians who were indeed black or very dark in skin hue.


[Philippines, 30 June 2011]