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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Good evening from this Adept of the Order of Melchizedek!


In couples of articles did I cover the matter of Draco and the Empire. Towards the end of the discourse, I accounted for the Orion factor in the Empire. I will now move on to the ‘Orion question’.


I sense that among circles of esotericists and self-acclaimed ‘Light Workers’ (do they really spread Light as strong bearers of higher Light?), there is simplistic understanding of the Empire and the ‘fall of Lucifer’ and how they connect to one another. There is an over-emphasis on the role of Draco in the galactic conflicts, thus leaving behind Orion as some largely un-accountable force in the equation.


Draco-bashing has legitimacy to it, it is understandable no doubt. But to over-stress on Draco alone is tantamount to a cover-up. Orion is part of that equation of Empire forces, nay is the primogenitur of the Empire, with its forces probably even more potent than Draco’s in spreading the conflict to other galaxies of our universe as well.


The decay of the sector of our universe, on account of the confluence of the Anti-Universe permeation of it (sector) and the serial wars for domination and attrition by the Draco-Orion Empire, is setting a terribly bad precedent not just for our universe but also for other universes as well. Thus, the need to contain the decay remains as a colossal challenge to the spiritual Hierarchy.


Let us note, first of all, that today’s population of Terra comprises of 80% Orions (see That alone is an indication of the gigantic inroads that the warring Orions made on our planet and that of Maldek and Mars that they came to populate like ants occupying their controlled territories.


To say that Orions came here only by accident—due to their escape from the warring Rigelians and Betelgueseans—is pure crap to me. Rigelians, Betelgueseans, or whatever they may be, Orions they all are. Three (3) planets of Solaria they came to conquer and occupy, transplanted their ceaseless conflicts in them, and destroyed one of them (Maldek).


The Maldekians, upon the demise of the planet, simply migrated en masse to Terra (though more evolved ones did move to other planets of Solaria). Martians who failed to evolve to 4th Density followed suit by moving to Terra en masse. What a feasting on Terra the Orions of Maldek and Mars have been conducting, isn’t it?


To discourse that Orions are merely the enforcers of Draco’s fiats, being canon fodders for the Empire, is equally an untenable hypothesis. Orions came to Solaria as both militarily and technologically equipped, and likewise institutionally very advanced, so in no way will they subordinate themselves to a minority force of Draconians.


Orion is the primary progenitor of the Empire, with large swaths of territories in its hold or influence probably across galaxies. Draco came a bit later than Orion in imperial pursuits, though it too had sizeable territories under its control or influence, strongholds that it used to leverage in a coalition-formation with Orion.


There was a quid pro quo formula that was acceptable to both parties during their negotiations circa 400,000 down to 200,000 Before Present or BP. That formula resulted to a concordat of a strategic nature that recognized which ‘key result areas’ of Empire-building would be primary for Draco and which one would be primary for Orion.


The partnership between Orion and Draco, as already mentioned in other articles, was the core axis of the Empire. All other forces in the lower spheres or ‘densities’ that chose to join the Empire knew all too well where muscle resided: the Draco-Orion ‘axis’. They must all beg before this axis, with the only positive option coming if they have leverages that make them clearly very advantageous in the negotiating table.


Zetans, or saurians of the Zeta stellar group, seems to possess a unity of mindset—being of a total collective mind—that makes them assets in a totalitarian imperial stretch. Thus were they assigned the role of canon fodders as clones, and their services was a short list of tasks that other planetary species couldn’t provide as much. That includes laboring in mines, canon fodders for battles, and worker drones.


The most dreaded of all Orions is no other than the saurian species of slender, tall, grey ones. These species seems to have advanced a bit in the individuation path to mind evolution, and so they were in a rather envious position in the mind games of calculation and strategic forecasting of goal outcomes, thus ensuring their domination of the lower Orions as a whole.


The human-like species of Orion, who are likewise tall in stature but robust in built contrasted to the saurians, holds enormous powers of 5th density abilities. But in the end, as per my intuitive analysis, they succumbed to both the carrots and sticks of their saurian star-mates, though they perform tasks other than those done by Zetans.


Many of such tall human-like Orions are now re-entering Terra via the 4th and 5th densities, and are reconnecting to those whom they left behind here. Their subtle bodies make them appear like faceless ones, in case those seekers out there would wish to imagine their looks. They can however choose to adopt human faces as sort of decoys, if just to be able to relate to their ‘understudies’ or apprentices down here inclusive of those who are in the yogic path.


To say today that Orion’s pursuits here are 101% noble is unacceptable a crap to this Adept. The Orions will need to demonstrate greater compassion, peace-loving and service-for-other behavior for some more time, both the surface Orion Terrans and those robust human-like faceless ones. Never will I buy such a byline, though I do recognize that many Orions have already evolved inclusive of those who made it to masters of wisdom in the Brotherhood.


Orions are very badly indebted to Solaria, their destruction of Maldek still very fresh in our collective memory, and so they must be accountable for their debts. And they will pay up, rest assured.


To make further claims that Michael’s seat is in Orion is to compound Orion hubris, as the Lord Michael is omniscient in the universe being the mandated creator deity of it (universe). Ipso facto, Michael isn’t reducible to a mere planetary being or a star logos nestled in a particular star system. The Terran agents for Orion should better cease to use Lord Michael as a rationalization for their sponsors in Orion.


Planetary Orions are badly accountable for Terra’s descent, even as they continue to sustain their domination over the planet. They will be accountable for their debts, the result of that accounting and payment being the de-linking of Terra to the dark umbilical cord with the same Orions.


Let me now close the article at this juncture. Mabuhay kayo!


[Philippines, 04 October 2010]




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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw mula kay Ra ng Kapatirang ispiritual! Good day from Ra of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Twilight is rapidly enveloping the sky as I write this piece. I will dedicate this note to the ‘Lucifer question’, with focus on what will happen next to Lucifer’s adeptic Illuminates. Strategically pre-positioned on Terra and other lower dimension planets as Old Hierarchy, twilight is now rapidly coming on the old gods.

There are those pretender Initiates down here on 3rd dimension/3rd density who style themselves as all-powerful fanatics that execute the mad game plan of Lucifer and his minions before his demise. These pretenders are laughing stock of clowns, such as those elites you know by name and face. They are mere decoys for the real Adepts who are the real McCoy.

For this piece, I would prefer to articulate directly on the former Adepts of Light called ‘Illumined Ones’ who are residing from 4th up through 6th densities (let’s all consider these densities as 4th dimension sub-domains). When Lucifer moved over to the Dark side, he dragged along with him an enormous lot of Adepts, from teachers to guardians of the realms, who would be referred to as Illuminates.

As a flashback, Lucifer committed an essential error, as a result of his mystery school established in the physical plane, by prescribing that humans control their passions to be able to ascend back to the higher spheres. It was a tragic backlash of a move, as the repression of passions resulted to fragmentation of souls down 3rd density. Lucifer didn’t admit his mistake at all, much more do basic repentance and atonement.

Michael, on the other hand, performed pretty well upon his descent into the physical plane. He too put up a mystery school, which became the pattern for many yogic schools and practices of the future. For his positive optimizing feat, Michael got the approval of the Fathers (Ancient of Days, Recent of Days, Future of Days) to be mandated someday with the Creator Deity officialdom of our universe (Nebadon as mentioned in the Urantia book).

Incidentally, when those events were happening, war between competing factions of Orions—who were battling for control and domination of Earth and dense planets—saw Michael siding with the peace-loving Betelguese Orions. Already feeling jealous and swimming madly in the delusional hubris of flawlessness, Lucifer quickly made the decision to join the fray and sided with the warlike Rigel Orions. The period could have been around 500,000 down to 200,000 BP, more so towards the tail end, when the celestial forces chose to side in the conflicts.

That fatal decision of Lucifer doomed him forever in the eyes of the spiritual Hierarchy. He dragged along with him many Adepts from various councils of star systems and worlds, most likely including those original ‘Illumined Ones’ from Betelguese (the original Illuminates) who, in the process, were corrupted in time. In the entire sector that was administered by Lucifer, he could have dragged along with him as much as 60% of the Adepts or Elders of Light in the sector.

As reported in the Urantia book, as many as 600+ worlds eventually decided to follow Lucifer in the declaration of cessation from Hierarchy. That estimate, though accurate, presents only a very tiny tip of an iceberg. It was just the core, per my intuition and analysis, as the number of worlds grew to a much larger alliance.

The totality of Orion-Draconian-Zetan worlds and contingents that joined in the ‘war of the worlds’ is very huge, much larger than the original core. Orion happens to be the nexus of the Empire, with Draco and Sirian renegades (egotistical, just to stress, as evolved Sirians were with the Confederation) provided the hard-core military assets of the Empire, while Lucifer’s sector office provided the nexus among the Fallen Guardian-Celestials.

Today, Lucifer’s minions stubbornly consider themselves as the mandated guardians of the realms (guardian = administrator/watcher/combat commander) not only on Earth but across the universe’s sector held by Lucifer. Too huge an entourage of Dark Masters, it will take more than convincing to let them abdicate in favor of a new Hierarchy whose structures are now well in place. Till these days, they don’t recognize the authority of the Almighty Creator, of the Fathers, how much more of Michael.

Attrition will again be the norm of the day as the sweeping moves by Gabriel & Celestial Forces to unseat the corrupted Illuminates will be responded with resistance from very assuming Dark guardians. They refuse to admit that their twilight has come, even as they already know Lucifer’s deprogramming in the 80s yet, Lucifer whose fate the Dark guardians shall likewise experience.

In as much as the synergy of Dark guardians and the physical powers of Orion-Draco Empire is granite-rock built, expect the same Dark guardians to stir up the ‘war of the worlds’ anew. It will be a desperate attempt to recoup lost grounds and maybe to avenge Lucifer’s death (Ahriman’s demise is now coming), by unleashing a hyper-anarchic turbulence across vast sub-sectors of the universe.

The total demise of the old gods, who are now being arrested by Gabriel one after the other, is coming forth. If they reply with war in the heavens, using ‘fallen angels’ and ‘demons’ (grotesque asuras) as war assets, then they shall be met with firepower from a vast array of newly-equipped Celestials. New species of incorruptible Celestials and new firepower armaments were devised for this attrition forthcoming, the exact knowledge of which is inaccessible to the old gods.

Let me end this note by re-echoing the question: where goes Lucifer’s minions from here?

[Philippines, 25 September 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Starseeds and peoples from the Galactic Confederations’ planets (GC planets to shorten) comprise a mere minority on Earth. A rough census of our population shows that we are roughly 80% Orion, 17% Pleiades & Sirius B (15% Pleiades, 2% Sirius), and the rest of 3% distributed among other planetary migrants.

Among those seemingly fractional count of 3% are the Draconians (reptiles) and other saurians, insectoids, botanoids (plant humanoids), and whatever dense migrants there are from across the galaxies. Draco and lower Orion formed the binary power nexus of the Empire in antiquity, so altogether down here on Earth their influence stretches out to 80% of total population.

GC peoples’ influence stands at merely 10% level at this time, though this number is rapidly growing. Starseeds—the most recent arrivals (after Atlantis’ sinking)—comprise merely 1/8 or 12.5% of the population. This is bound to grow exponentially, as new starseeds are being born as babies in great numbers.

Starseeds and earlier arrivals of GCs are of a highly intelligent nature, with many starseeds retaining their 6th and 7th density awareness since their arrival here. While only a minority, the S & GCs (short for starseeds and Galactic Confederation peoples) who are now middle aged, are climbing fast the organizational ladders worldwide.

The organizational pyramids have always been in the hands of the Empire peoples, with Orions and Draconians on top. Name the organization—corporate, revolutionary, church, NGO, government, military—and one would end up witnessing Orions at the middle and top, with Draconians sharing power in some.

Today, the situation is changing. While merely a minority, the S & GCs are now moving up the pyramid in great numbers. My estimate is that from this year 2010 till 2012 the S & GCs will reach a ‘critical mass’ or 30% of the leadership compositions. At such a level, the S & GCs can challenge the policies and directions of organizations, from underground to aboveground.

Take the case of states. While the Empire people continue to enjoy their stronghold of state policy structures and bureaucracies, S & GCs have made enormous in-roads as well. Thus, the global direction of down-sliding to another world war with nuclear thermidore has been effectively reversed, making international cooperation a greater possibility than before.

Europe, for instance, which seems to be tittering towards a political maelstrom and brinkmanship, still faces the chance of stabilizing a bit. The economic crises it is undergoing may not abate in the short run, but Europe may no longer go the route of a totalitarian 4th Reich as originally planned by the Empire’s evil Adepts.

The same thing is true with the USA, which almost sank to the level of a fascist dictatorship under the neo-conservatives. The moderates were voted and installed to power, state policies were radically reversed (including foreign policy), and so the possibility of a fascist dictatorship had receded.

Expect the clash between the Empire and S&GC peoples to be extended to corporate boardrooms, if this has not been happening already. The ceaseless drive for rapacious profits will be challenged by ever greater advocacies for corporate social responsibility and redistribution, with the latter coming from S&GCs that are discovering their mutual presence and carving alliances with rapidity and dispatch.

As the S&GCs are acting out their missions in the micro-spheres with cooperation and subtle Oneness, the Empire’s leaders are engaging in mutual attrition and self-destruction. Some Empire leaders and factions are winning, while others are being pulled down, but in the end this will redound to loses for the Empire’s people here.

Take the case of the Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, both of which are still under the leadership of Empire peoples. Look at how they destroy each other, their brinkmanship dragging the entire planet to a new global conflagration. Even without our intervention (spiritual Brotherhood), the evil forces are self-destructing with their mutual hatreds for one another.

Let’s all pray and hope for the success of the S&GCs who are now in the midst of their organizational conquests. May the Almighty Creator be with them in their sublime missions.

[Philippines, 22 July 2010]







ASCENSION OF 144,000 WHITE ROBES ENSUE December 6, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Solidarity Greetings from Ra of the Brotherhood of Light!

The total ascension of the 144,000 White Robes has already begun. Those who have advanced in the Path of Light know fairly well that we Rishis are among you, as your teachers, healers, and guides, and know that even before the 2012 event we will experience total ascension—both spiritual and physical.

The ascension event has already begun. I will not divulge about the exact date of the first ascension batch, only the information concerning the ascension will be released.

But I will care to share to you information about the 21st of June event. A batch of Ascended Ones did move up last 21st of June, and this one is a fairly large one. It coincided with a solstice (summer up north, winter down south), as one can see.

As a monitoring of the event, I went through my regular meditation before I slept, at around 8:45 p.m. of the 21st of June. A gigantic eagle appeared on my vision. It was preparing to fly upwards, and was poised to do that for a minute or so.

Then finally the eagle flew upwards, but before it continued to fly higher, it momentarily flew to my astral-etheric space in an act of saying farewell. Then in flew upwards at great speed.

The eagle is the standard archetype of the mystic or yogi (they are both of the same level of awareness). Since the 1990s yet, I routinely see an eagle in my vision, flying high up in space, permitting me thus to see the ground below through its eyes. That eagle was no other than me, moving up above and scanning the different continents of the planet.

In the early part of this decade, I acquired the meditative power to create a huge eagle or phoenix in the astral-to-mental dimensions, and I used this eagle (it’s still me) to carry enthused devotees along with me (behind my back) as we traveled the astral world during group meditations.

A favorite activity of mine is to fly the devotees to the ‘cosmic heart’, a gigantic heart perched on an even higher space. It is a process of exposing the devotees or seekers to the strongest blast of the Love vibration they’d ever experience yet, and the experience has a powerful cleansing or detoxifying effect on them.

The gigantic eagle I saw in my June the 21st vision was, however, not one of my creation. It was a creation of the spiritual Hierarchy as an archetype to show me that the ascension of a huge batch of rishis was in progress. It was archetypal of the ‘collective mind’ of the concerned batch.

That wasn’t the first batch of new Ascended Masters, just to remind the readers. But it was the first batch that involved hundreds. There was first a testing of the ascension work prior to this solstice batch, and the tests involved just a few dozens. The success of those tests led the Almighty Creator to ascend hundreds this solstice season.

Since the said rishis are spread out across the globe, their departure will hardly be felt. Necessarily, there will be secrecy behind their sudden disappearance. Hardly are there witnesses to their departure, this is an unnecessary if not egotistical way of getting witnesses to the ascension event.

The Dark Masters are quite in panic at the event, they don’t know who is about to ascend next, but they know that they can never stop the event. They are desperately engaging in espionage and sabotage by surreptitiously securing information from meditating rishis, but in no way can they secure such information from us.

The new Ascended Masters will be reporting briefly to the Council of 24 Elders and the Almighty Creator, before descending to their homes in the ‘masters’ universe’. From there they can descend to the lower planes anytime, through multiple location (splitting themselves many folds) so they can attend or preside council meetings across the dimensions.

The same Masters will also be staffing up in full time capacity the newly instituted gatekeepership councils across the globe. At this moment, the trainings of volunteer staff to the councils from among the advanced Light Workers is taking place, initiated by the same new Masters.

The same gatekeepership councils will be the base for replacing the old hierarchy of the planet, as the ‘masters of lesser Light’ of the old hierarchy will be taken off the Earth and quarantined elsewhere (that event has actually begun, as the Lord Gabriel has been arresting them one by one).

Now that new full-time Masters of Light have fully ascended (physical & spiritual), there is greater hope for the planet. There will be other batches to follow on a month-by-month ascension schedule, until by 2012 all of us rishis will have been fully ascended.

[Philippines, 30 June 2010]







PLANETARY ARMY December 4, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

A pleasant day to you all!

Having begun the topic of future governance in past articles, let me now add a note about the planetary army in support of, or as constitutive element of the future state.

I write about the topic, not as an extrapolation from some read materials like Urantia, but as a member of councils Above, such being my duty as an ascended rishi of the Brotherhood. (Honestly, I find the Urantia book flawed at its inception, and never finished reading it.)

The future state will be a single planetary state as the unifying, central authority for all New Earth humans. Constitutive parts would be cities and special zones (for indigenous peoples).

There will be no nation-states in the future, as was already elucidated in past writings. It will not be a ‘one-nation planet’ either, which is a misconstruing of political formations. It will be a planetary state, not an erroneous ‘one-nation planet’ whatsoever.

Past 2012, the governing councils and Hierarchs will begin busying themselves with preparations for another constitutive element of that state: the planetary army. I will refer to army as all armed forces (air, land, water, space) and not just the land force that we have been accustomed to learn.

Such an army will be built. No, it won’t be built as an agglomeration of the fragments of national armies of today that will survive the 2012 event. Such national armies will die natural deaths, and they will have no salvage value for building the future army.

An entirely new army it will be, with recruits coming from the young lads and girls of the present. From among the babies and tots of today will emerge the great warriors of the future, who will lead the armed contingents in their missions.

The army will be commanded directly by the World Leader and guardian deputies, and co-administered from Above by the Lord Gabriel. The caliber of the recruits and quality of training will be radically different, nay a departure from the present.

Incidentally, the army has a preliminary model to follow, that of the army of the underground or UG cities (led by an ascended master who is gatekeeper—he will become a guardian in the future). But even the UG army will be augmented and improved in capability, maneuverability, and firepower.

It is possible that the surviving contingents of the UG army will be integrated into the planetary army of the future. They will undergo retraining, trainors’ training, till finally they can help in training the bold and audacious young ones who will comprise the troops and knight commanders of the contingents.

Warriorship will be revived in the future, ditto for the warriors’ orders. They could be patterned, ethos-wise, from a synthesis of the ksattriya, samurai, maharlika (Malay auxillaries), and knights of the west. The result would be much like the Jedi knight portrayed in the science fiction series Star Wars, the most advanced being Masters (spiritual masters with missions as warriors).

The masters of the Galactic Command, Celestial Command (Lord Gabriel’s), Seraphic Forces, among others, will be involved in configuring and implementing the comprehensive program for the army. Such ascended masters as El Morya and Serapis Bey, many times great warriors in antiquity, will expectedly be involved in mentoring new knights and military leaders.

Simultaneous with their comprehensive training and build up will be the erection of bases across the planet and Above for their encampment. There will be permanent bases (land, underground, below waters) as well as mobile bases (space).

Before the Year 2030, they can be ready for initial operations. Vehicles and arms for their operations will come from space and Above (celestials) initially, as Earth is still unstable to install related facilities. Patrol of the planet will be their first task, then gradually co-patrol of the solar system.

The years 2030-2100 will see the stabilization of the planet from astro-geo-electromagnetic catastrophes, thus enabling basing, armaments, and vehicle manufacturing on the New Earth. A very large army will be produced by 2100, probably a 7-digit warm body force. It could go beyond that level, depending on needs arising.

Such a military force will be very much prepared by then for the resumption of the ‘wars of the heavens’ between the Light Forces (Galactic Confederation + Seraphic Forces + Celestial Forces) and Empire (Orion-Draco & allies + Dark masters). The Truce between Michael and Lucifer ends on 2012, so both forces will expect a resumption of hostilities and nothing less.

Note, however, that the army will not be intended for use on New Earth’s peoples. The citizens of Earth will have realized Oneness, conflicts will be petty interpersonal and micro-social. Cities won’t be allowed to have armies of their own, only some sort of gendarmes for police work (a boring work as nil to zero crimes will be the reality).

The army will be for external use—for the solar system and the galaxy, maybe for cross-galactic missions as well. In the solar system are ensconced some contingents from the Empire that need to be neutralized if not totally crushed to fragments.

Arcturus is in charge of patrolling Earth’s space right now. That task will be transferred to Earth’s army, thus liberating Arcturus and Galactic Command contingents that performed such task for thousands of years.

Will there be military academies in the future? Of course there will be, with special academies for knights of the highest caliber (like a Jedi school). There will also be active exchanges between Earth’s warrior academies and those of other planets’ in other stars.

At this point, I close this note, with the optimistic air of hope for the future Terra and solar system. The army will be among the milestone events indicating our return to the heights as a cosmic planet, as we finally join the Galactic Command and the cosmic governance of Lords Michael & Gabriel.

[Philippines, 22 June 2010]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

November 2010


Ma-grasyang araw sa inyong lahat! A blessed day to you all!

2012 surely is fast approaching. Whichever way we would go, we are sure that the 21st of December 2012 will mark the ascent of Terra towards the 4th dimension, and no force can stop that from happening.

Lightworkers have been pre-occupied with pronouncements about energies here and there, joined as they were by astrologers and 5th density operators a lot of whom are channeling disinformative or trivial materials. Little do the genuine Lightworkers realize the threat that is now brewing across the globe hatched by the Dark Forces to take down as many starseeds as possible, with Lightworkers on the list.

This Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood has been monitoring for some months now the new game plan of the Fallen Ones who are faced by a rising circumstance that they can’t control: their plans’ being thwarted by the Masters sitting en banc in councils across the etheric and astral planes. So a Plan B was put into place, the plan calling for the elimination of starseeds on a scale we can only speculate about.

Desperate over their faltering agenda, inclusive of a World War that has been delayed by many months now, the Plan B will unleash the termination option using remaining MIB (dero) assets they have. They will also resort to new EMP (electromagnetic pulse) machines installed in space, and at some time later the fitting of similar machines inside vans for land operations.

An experimental asset, as per my visions’ assessment, is a new hybrid of assassins that will go for the kill at close range. These will largely be feminine assets: women-looking, but probably without the internal organs of a woman. These are killer assets and no more. It will take time though before the assets can be perfected, and that perfection is a humungous experimental problem.

You can make your own forecasting guesses as to who will go first in their rounds of attacks worldwide. For one, many national leaders  were elected to power and technocrats appointed by them, who do not represent the compliant pro-Illuminati puppets. Will they not be on the hot item list for termination?

Time is of the essence, and it just is too late a termination project going for the Dark Forces. Gabriel has already started the arrest of Dark Masters in the astral plane, even as newly bred celestial assets are now pre-positioned in the 4th Density to reinforce the arrest & destroy missions. Furthermore, starseeds are moving up the organizational ladder of corporate, church, non-profit, government, and military organizations in the 3rd dimension.

Indubitably, the Evil Ones are still in relative control of the 3rd dimension, ensconced as they are in the most strategic sectors of business, media, politico-military, academic/think-tank, church, and international organizations. But total control is now out of the scene and is eroding rapidly, as starseeds do their tasks in instituting changes within organizations.

People are of course getting focused at this juncture on preparing for the yearend holidays. The Big Bang coming as the yearend comes could be the camouflage for launching selective termination missions.

So let’s see where the Evil Ones can reach in their sadistic-atavistic Plan B micro-mission attacks. In the end, the missions will backfire on each one of those involved in the planning, and in the entirety of the Dark Lodge.

In the Philippines, we celebrate the 30th of November with National Heroes’ Day. An apt celebration, for the core patriots of our republic—Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini—were sent forth by the Spiritual Hierarchy. May their exemplary feats of sacrifice, patriotism, and heroism fire up the Light of Liberation of each enthused Aspirant.


[Philippines, 30 November 2010]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

2012, on its 21st day, will be a milestone event as it marks the ascent of Earth back to the higher spheres after being grounded in its densest state. Let me clarify some characteristics of Terra during the climb.

Right after the moments of its cooling as a new planet, Terra was originally high in ‘density’ or ‘dimension’. It was roughly at 6th density most probably when the 1st humans were sent here (Pangeans, who  have since evolved back to the Godhead).

As Terra cooled down further, there was the natural tendency to go down a density lower or 5th density. At that level, what you call Lemurians in today’s language were experimented on. The same Lemurians, on their mid-phase of development, descended down to 4th density.

At that level, another race of humans, the Atlanteans, appeared in history. It seemed that 4th density could hold on for a while, but sin was now getting in the way of human evolution, veils were adding each day to man’s awareness, and before long mankind was doomed to ‘fallen human’ state…. Till the most recent human stock, the Aryan, appeared in history. It was 3rd density.

That was where Terra stood, at 3rd density or dimension, for a long while, in the period called Kali Yuga or ‘dark age’. Man was completely cut off from the higher spheres, and had to be helped by spiritual brokers (priests, kings) who were privileged to have contact with the divine spheres.

Until, finally, even kings and priests lost that privilege, save for few Adeptic ones among them. Only the Adept, now closeted in secrecy to safeguard the Teaching from the fallen ones, remained as the bridge with the heavens. From them came out the teachers or gurus of the ages, the World Teachers being the most divinely endowed.

By the year 1934, the entire process was reversed. Aquarius formally began that year, though it was only in 2004 when it equaled the vibrations of Pisces (Pisces is now recessive and still dying out). By 2012, the ascent back to 4th density will be complete. Maybe by 2030, the ascent to 5th density will also be completed.

As a heavenly body cools and becomes denser, naturally its size will shrink contrasted to its former state. Then, as it ascends to a higher dimension, for its return route to the divine spheres, it will expand in size relative to its lowest density.

3rd density, or 3-dimensional world of x-y-z dimensions or axes, is the lowest we can ever go. Terra is now progressively on its way back to 4th (positive). From where it is situated, its surface would expand by a seeming fraction.

That fraction of expansion, relative to us humans of diminutive size, is as huge as 2-2.5 kilometers from the present surface. The next level would bring the surface up to some 4.5-5 kilometers from where it is today.

Imagine a leap of 5 kilometers, maybe even higher, from where we are now. That’s a whole lot of altitude, isn’t it? Relative to Terra with its past 10,000 kilometer diameter, a 5-k surface increase is really too fractional and insignificant. But density-wise, a qualitative leap is already indicated by that compass of change.

Terra won’t stop ascending at 5th density by the way. It will go on and move another density higher in the distant future. It is easy to move to 4th and 5th densities (roughly mid-astral and higher-astral) because the templates of the same densities are there and will be easy to re-affix or re-fix.

6th density will be much more tedious and difficult a process, and will take a lot more time to lapse. The 6th round evolution of humans will populate that space on a general scale, though after 2012 there will already by Light Workers who will occupy that space as ‘advanced party’. (We are just in our 4th round of evolution, and so a 5th round of humans with seven subraces will still have to appear in history.)

Because the 4th and 5th densities will correspond to the astral spaces, properties of matter after 2012 will likewise correspond to the same. And there will be desire bodies yet, as such bodies are astral in origin and characteristics.

So, for a long time, during the advent of the 5th round humans, there will still be desire bodies, though the birthing of babies will radically change along the way. With crystalline bodies (no longer carbon-based) in hand, humans will exhibit altered physical traits for that matter, and will no longer need biological inputs for food (chi through meditation will suffice an energy source).

At the 5th density level, higher intelligence principles can work and take shape, as higher memory capabilities (more ‘gigabytes’ in computer language) will accrue to humans. Awareness will be at 7th density (higher mental) and will be markedly genius. At the peak of human life there, it is possible that over 50% of the population will be genius (today it is merely 2%).

Such a state is what Tailhard d’Chardin dubbed as ‘noosphere’ or the step next to the biosphere. 5th density life is the ‘epoch of noosphere’ and will be radically better than our so-called ‘information society’ of today which is but a rehearsal for noosphere.

So that is what an expansion of space-mass can offer to humans: an expansion of memory capacities and creative genius capabilities. The same capabilities will be used to create the wonder cities of the distant future and the hyper-space starships of our descendants.

Comes the ascent to 6th density, at an unknown future time, when 6th round humans will arrive at last, Terra will again move in altitude. The ascent will probably end at past 10 kilometers of our present surface. That is past Mt. Everest, just to make a rough reference.

6th density is the realm of the mental, and at that level anything astral (feeling or desire-centered) will cease to exist. Animal magnetism will be eliminated or deprogrammed. Necessarily, animals will also disappear. Plants of finer vibrations would probably be around for ornamental and garden purposes.

At that level, humans will be of 8th and 9th density awareness. 8th density is the mystical level, while 9th density is the beginning of spiritual master awareness (guru level). Well, the lowest evolved human will be of 6th density awareness, genius by our standards.

There’s more to say about the matter, but suffice me now to end here. I was already able to get the message across that ascension means an expansion of mass-space, which also expands capacities and capabilities of humans. We will ever be closer to the Almighty as we ascend the ladder of evolution.

[Philippines, 17 June 2010]