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January 2011

Magandang araw sa iyo! Good day to you!

It’s just around ninety-eight (98) weeks to go before the planetary ascension as of this writing. For the first time in a very long period of our history, the number of weeks left in 3-D Terra is merely a two-digit number, which means that we don’t have much time left to embark on long-term engagements down the ground.

The new year 2011 is now here with us, 11 in the number 2011 is a power number, and so the year bodes well for us individually to achieve goals that border a conquest sort of. Accordingly, 2011 is a short-term period to achieve a milestone event in one’s life. Ergo, those persons who are intensifying in the Path of Light better take note of the opportunity presented before us.

Albeit, the month of January is accompanied by a convulsion of turbulence globally. Waters are inundating regions in almost all continents, and my own beloved Philippines isn’t spared from this onslaught of inclement weather. Australia and Brazil did have their projections on the boob tube of their versions of the flood, like they were experiencing the Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines in 2009.

It’s the La Niña phenomenon that is largely responsible for the rains and floods, with forecasts of excessive waters done as early as 2010 yet. Whether climate change is also a factor to the phenomenon is hardly a debate in mainstream climatology.

As far as the spiritually oriented are concerned, the massive waters are part of Earth changes, and are just but shape of things to come. For as long as Terra remains 3rd dimensional in vibratory frequency, it will continue to experience unstable climate and weather. Only when the planet will ascend to the higher dimensions will climate & weather cease to be unstable and will be a paradise to behold.

Let’s take the case of Australia. Mystics of the spiritual Brotherhood have already released information decades back yet that after the planetary ascension/polar shift, the eastern half of Australia will be inundated. Eastern Australia and New Zealand will be go to the seafloor. We are now witness to the geological dry run of the cataclysm, as Australia’s northeast has been flooded for days.

Unless that the Father will intervene directly and change the timeline of both New Zealand and eastern Australia, these areas will go beneath the surface for the rest of a very long period in the future. The future inundation will see a very large portion of the population of both countries, probably as huge as 90%, experiencing a physical exit during the turbulence.

I already previously published my forecasts for my country the Philippines. The massive floods the archipelago have been experiencing are also shape of things to come. As huge as 90% of PH population would most likely exit physically during the post-2012 turbulence. Those living along the coastal areas comprise 70% of today’s population, and that whopping figure represents a prospective 70% instant deaths during the first week of the 2012 changes alone.

Since D’ Day is just 98 weeks away, let’s ensure preparedness for the starseeds and evolved Terrans in particular. They will comprise the 20% who will be the New Earth’s people. Preparations in disaster relief & rehabilitation, post-trauma therapy, and related contingency regimen are of utmost urgency now that D’ Day is just around the bend.

I wish that those who read and digest this note would be among those who would survive the changes and become a citizen of the New Earth. Good luck to your preparatory works!


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Starseeds and peoples from the Galactic Confederations’ planets (GC planets to shorten) comprise a mere minority on Earth. A rough census of our population shows that we are roughly 80% Orion, 17% Pleiades & Sirius B (15% Pleiades, 2% Sirius), and the rest of 3% distributed among other planetary migrants.

Among those seemingly fractional count of 3% are the Draconians (reptiles) and other saurians, insectoids, botanoids (plant humanoids), and whatever dense migrants there are from across the galaxies. Draco and lower Orion formed the binary power nexus of the Empire in antiquity, so altogether down here on Earth their influence stretches out to 80% of total population.

GC peoples’ influence stands at merely 10% level at this time, though this number is rapidly growing. Starseeds—the most recent arrivals (after Atlantis’ sinking)—comprise merely 1/8 or 12.5% of the population. This is bound to grow exponentially, as new starseeds are being born as babies in great numbers.

Starseeds and earlier arrivals of GCs are of a highly intelligent nature, with many starseeds retaining their 6th and 7th density awareness since their arrival here. While only a minority, the S & GCs (short for starseeds and Galactic Confederation peoples) who are now middle aged, are climbing fast the organizational ladders worldwide.

The organizational pyramids have always been in the hands of the Empire peoples, with Orions and Draconians on top. Name the organization—corporate, revolutionary, church, NGO, government, military—and one would end up witnessing Orions at the middle and top, with Draconians sharing power in some.

Today, the situation is changing. While merely a minority, the S & GCs are now moving up the pyramid in great numbers. My estimate is that from this year 2010 till 2012 the S & GCs will reach a ‘critical mass’ or 30% of the leadership compositions. At such a level, the S & GCs can challenge the policies and directions of organizations, from underground to aboveground.

Take the case of states. While the Empire people continue to enjoy their stronghold of state policy structures and bureaucracies, S & GCs have made enormous in-roads as well. Thus, the global direction of down-sliding to another world war with nuclear thermidore has been effectively reversed, making international cooperation a greater possibility than before.

Europe, for instance, which seems to be tittering towards a political maelstrom and brinkmanship, still faces the chance of stabilizing a bit. The economic crises it is undergoing may not abate in the short run, but Europe may no longer go the route of a totalitarian 4th Reich as originally planned by the Empire’s evil Adepts.

The same thing is true with the USA, which almost sank to the level of a fascist dictatorship under the neo-conservatives. The moderates were voted and installed to power, state policies were radically reversed (including foreign policy), and so the possibility of a fascist dictatorship had receded.

Expect the clash between the Empire and S&GC peoples to be extended to corporate boardrooms, if this has not been happening already. The ceaseless drive for rapacious profits will be challenged by ever greater advocacies for corporate social responsibility and redistribution, with the latter coming from S&GCs that are discovering their mutual presence and carving alliances with rapidity and dispatch.

As the S&GCs are acting out their missions in the micro-spheres with cooperation and subtle Oneness, the Empire’s leaders are engaging in mutual attrition and self-destruction. Some Empire leaders and factions are winning, while others are being pulled down, but in the end this will redound to loses for the Empire’s people here.

Take the case of the Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, both of which are still under the leadership of Empire peoples. Look at how they destroy each other, their brinkmanship dragging the entire planet to a new global conflagration. Even without our intervention (spiritual Brotherhood), the evil forces are self-destructing with their mutual hatreds for one another.

Let’s all pray and hope for the success of the S&GCs who are now in the midst of their organizational conquests. May the Almighty Creator be with them in their sublime missions.

[Philippines, 22 July 2010]








Magandang araw! Good day to all endeared fellow global citizens!

A truly gladdening news has been breaking the cybersphere of late. Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, a social analyst and self-development guru from Manila, has been continuing to gain mileage in his magnanimous efforts to enlighten humanity about the current social and cosmic issues.

To date, dozens of online newspapers and magazines across the globe have featured Prof. Argonza’s writings on their very own websites. Championing the causes of peace and global cooperation, Prof. Argonza has continued to reach out to enthused readers, writers and spiritual seekers. The latter contributed to the upsurge in the numbers of citations of Argonza’s writings aimed at accelerating awareness-raising.

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November 2010








Good day to all endeared readers, friends, fellow global citizens!

A truly gladdening news has been breaking the cybersphere of late. Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, a social analyst and self-development guru from Manila, has been continuing to gain mileage in his magnanimous efforts to enlighten humanity about the current social and cosmic issues.

To date, dozens of online newspapers and magazines across the globe have featured Prof. Argonza’s writings on their very own websites. Championing the causes of peace and global cooperation, Prof. Argonza has continued to reach out to enthused readers, writers and spiritual seekers. The latter contributed to the upsurge in the numbers of citations of Argonza’s writings aimed at accelerating awareness-raising.

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Join now the growing numbers of global citizens who find Light in Prof. Argonza’s englightening blogs!

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September 2010





Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat! Good afternoon to you all!

Many seekers have asked me one common question before about diet (what to eat), the query centering on whether to adopt a vegetarian diet as prerequisite in one’s Path. My answer to dietary question has been the same thought taught to me by my mother, a dietician, as a kid: eat a balanced diet.

Dogma can be observed in many matters, food included, so you better exude wisdom in understanding the matter. Fixed Idea is dangerous, dogmatizing dietary habits is toxic. Any advocacy of vegetarianism is one of putting ahead physical renunciation before the more important goal of spiritual renunciation. Not only is vegetarianism a dogma, it is also extremism: making people choose between two extreme options (meat-based versus vegetable-based).

Shun dogma, deconstruct fixed ideas, and in matters of diet, eat everything provided you follow certain standards of health. Which means eat a balanced diet, and make your diet a truly nourishing one, rendering diet thus a constitutive part of your health & wellness regimen.

There is this false thought arising from the continental Asia, notably India, that eating meat will make the person absorb the animal magnetism from the butchered animal (livestock, fish). There is no clear basis for this contention, and I am among those teachers of the Path (to self-realization) who have deconstructed them both in theory and practice. Another such teacher is Franz Bardon of hermetic fame.

Balanced diet isn’t a fixed thing actually, this could vary depending on the state of one’s health. Someone who is athletic like myself (I’m a powerlifter and I used to compete nationally in ‘91-‘93) should follow a regimen fit for an athlete, though revised a bit to integrate it into a yogic-mystical program of initiation. The standard macro-biotic formula for an athlete is the 65-20-15 formula (65% carbo, 20% protein, 15% fats) plus high-fiber diet (fruits, vegetables), added to food supplements specific to the athlete’s needs as the micro-biotic facet. I have further cut down my meat diet to just about seven (7) meals out of the twenty-one (21) meals a week.

My own adjustment to the athletic diet was to eventually cut down on protein as soon as my mass building had stabilized and I thereafter cut down on carbohydrates (1 cup of rice per meal, or 3 loaves of loaf bread, or 3 pieces of big pan de sal, or equivalent). I eat three (3) regular meals, and a snacks (1 sandwich or equivalent, but preferably biscuits so as to avoid oily inputs) at 4 p.m., but no snacks in the morning. Sometimes cereals in the morning, oat meal particularly, also counts.

I also recommend an alternation of carbohydrate sources. As per knowledge from sports science, a repetitive resort to a staple (e.g. eating wheat or rice all of the time) would make one prone to allergies. Possessing so many allergies in my genes, I have no better choice than to shift to alternate staples since the beginning of my gym works in 1990 yet.

Greasy foods, carbonated drinks, and junk food are a definite no in my diet. Before 1990, I used to drink as much as six (6) soda every day to help pep up myself as my sleep was little and my working hours were very long. I said goodbye to that in 1990, along with greasy foods (pizza, hamburger, breakfast fried foods, etc), while my goodbye to junk food began as early as college years yet.

In 1999 I finally said farewell to wines and spirits. Alcohol makes one’s crown chakra dense, and when one is intoxicated with spirits, his/her spirit Guides would shy away from him/her (they can’t stand the smell of the intoxicated aura). I used to guzzle beers as much as twenty (20) bottles or cans a week, and then cut it down little by little (same with wine and liquor), till finally I said goodbye to it. Only on special occasions do I break this proscription, and such events are getting rare these days.

From a physiological point of view, alcohol slows down the process of fat burning. Beer doesn’t add to your fats, there is no scientific basis to think so, but its alcohol slows down fat burning like any alcohol in whatever spirits. Red wine is surely fine, and how fine it goes with poetry reading and dance with your Eros, but it is alcohol just the same.

The reminder lesson here is that please put spiritual renunciation always ahead of everything else. Just because a seeker eats meat doesn’t make him/her run agog in his/her Path and never ascend the ladder to self-realization. There are too many veils in one’s Path, and mind you, such veils cannot be taken down by a vegetarian diet alone. As one among those who have reached Rishi awareness, I reached this stage where I am and taken down too many veils, and yet I eat some meat every week till these days. Eating some meat has never altered my awareness, while it (reduced meat) had reduced my risks of hypertensions and cardiac ailments.

If indeed you would opt to go vegetarian, then this is what I can recommend to you: go through a period of transition. Normally the transition follows the ‘law of seven’—which means go through a seven (7) year transition. Don’t plunge directly from a high-meat diet to a zero-meat vegan posturing, as this will have adverse effects on your biophysical system. Take a transition regime first, and then finally go full vegan later.

And please avoid processed vegan foods. Many vegetable proteins in the cities are processed types, and there’s one restaurant chain in Manila that serves vegan meals with processed proteins that look like meat (pork-looking, beef-looking, chicken-looking). Fresh veggie is still the preferred route, to avoid those extra toxins that develop from a processing of the same into semi-finished factory-type product.

To conclude this piece, Jesus was asked by devotees around Him and even by His disciples whether it is alright to eat this or that food. To which Master Issa (Jesus’ Eastern name) replied “eat everything.” I don’t normally eat dinuguan (made of blood + chopped internals of pork or beef) regularly which is among Filipino delicacies, but occasionally I eat this blood-based food. I hope Jesus would come to Manila so he’d taste this one, and ditto for other Ascended Beings.

[Philippines, 13 May 2009]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good day!

In one of my latest meditation visions, I beheld the sight of a city that was encased in a transparent crystalline material. It was the first vision of mine that has to do with cities of the higher-density spheres.

By higher-density spheres I refer particularly to those of the 5th through 7th densities. Roughly, these densities translate to the higher sub-dimensions of the astral, mental, and causal (higher mental) ontological domains.

First of all, a broad description. The encasement was not only single, but double. A half-spherical dome-shaped encasing covered the city below. The overall profile of the city was small, I was viewing it like it were a minute model, except that the structures were real. The buildings’ architectural designs were not clearly marked, as the sizes seem small from my vantage point. It was so clean a city, with nary a sign of pollutants such as smoke, and sunlight was penetrating it directly without hindrance from murky cloud formations.

In addition, there was a double encasing of glass-like material, in spherical spread fashion, also transparent. It followed the contours of the first encasing, and must be around some couples of miles above it, in equi-distant proportion to the first one. As to what the purpose of this encasing was, I got no intuitive information at all. Whether it was esthetic or protective or both, I could only but speculate about for now.

Since the vision lasted for less than two (2) minutes, and was in fixed view (I seemed to watch it from some 10 miles outside the city), I could only see and describe it broadly. It was many miles in diameter, this is most likely. I was trying to figure out whether the glass encasements can slide downwards to allow for space vehicles to get in and out, but there was no opportunity to establish this possibility.

This must have been a city in 6th Density. Per my recent knowledge, there are hardly residents in 5th Density yet, as it will take couples of years from now yet when 3rd Density Earthans will mutate to 5th up through 6th densities for those most advanced in tapping Light for their mutation. The city I saw may not even be on Earth but rather located I Venus whose residents are 6th Density beings.

By the very fact that I was shown a prototype of a city in 6th Density, means that my future tasks may have something to do with building new cities in the other dimensions later. Maybe this is the challenge being tossed to me, that if I ascend successfully after the Polar Shift event, my expertise in developmental concerns can be of good use later.

I could also intuit that the city I saw could be the prototype of the new communities to be built later in both 5th and 6th Densities. Those who will ascend to those sub-dimensions will number just some couples of millions, so it would be wise to cluster them together in just a few manageable cities rather than spread them out by themselves in sparsely populated areas.

4th Density is a different thing altogether. This astral subdimension is already heavily populated by now, and I’ve seen to many scenes of it. Mini-cities and sparsely populated rural-type communities define the settlements here. Homes and streets are much like what we have here in 3rd Density, though life is more high-tech here, power comes from renewable sources, the Sun’s beams are very friendlier and comforting than here on 3rd Density. Many accounts of 4th Density were already writ before by other mystics and visionaries, so I wouldn’t add much to what were already narrated.

So there we go, Fellows, our Planet is very much ready for the jump in consciousness comes Polar Shift, and we have places for everyone else. Those who won’t make it are now being shipped out to a new planet 20.5 light years away from here, where new communities will later be built. There is a place for everyone, though the beauty of the higher densities is much greater than the ones below.

Good luck in the Path!

[Writ 03 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne Argonza

Magandang Hapon! Good afternoon!

Please know first that this writer/analyst is both (b) economist and (b) mystic-healer. For some time now, the challenge of contributing to the construction of an ‘economy that heals’ has been knocking at my ‘mental coconut’, a task that explains this article and many yet that will succeed this one.

As an economist, my lines of subspecializations are: (a) development economics, (b) political economy & public policy, (c) international political economy, (d) economic sociology, and (e) enterprise economics (or biz economics). As a healer, my subspecializations are: (a) psychosocial counseling, (b) pranic healing, (c) distance healing (w/ angelic reinforcement); and, (d) soul healing (includes chakra alignment & cleansing, past life issues resolution).

Having laid out my brief economic & healing credentials, let me now proceed to my thesis.

First of all, as a developmentalist (practical economist) and healer of long standing, let me declare my categorical observation that the ‘world system’ economy of today, which is an admixture of capitalist-dirigist-fascist-clerical economic systems, is characteristically: (a) non-healing, or pathological, (b) is hoarding-based rather than sharing-inspired, and (c) is already on its terminal phase, needing replacement rather than its recycling.

To simplify my terms, the present system, which is principally organized around capitalism (economy for profits, based on money system), is:

a) SICK: A ‘sick economy’ is one based on flawed, sick principles that no longer work. Necessarily, a ‘sick economy’ (borrowing from Erich Fromm’s and Erik Erikson’s ‘sick society’) is a parametric condition that induces anxiety, anomie, alienation, and related pathologies that can lead to neuroses, sociopathy, psychoses, and total self-fragmentation.

(b) GREED-BASED: The ‘hoarding orientation’ (see Erich Fromm’s works) of the ‘world system’ (see Immanuel Wallerstein’s works) had propelled greed to the level of madness, thus reinforcing ‘system sickness’. Greed multiplies greed, more greed creates more greed, and so on, ad aeternum, thus leading to more ‘economic sickness’, to more madness and system collapse and societal catastrophe.

c) SCARCITY PREMISE: Western economics had postulated (declared as a self-evident given) that scarcity is the fact of life. This postulate had since underpinned ‘hoarding’ economics, and had remained unchallenged in the West and mainstream circles. This is flawed from the very inception. Scarcity is not given, not a universal law either, but is a product of enslaving, hoarding power relations. It is an ideological rampart in support of the more real exploitative relations between the ‘hoarding classes’ and the producer underclasses that they bound and gagged in property relations.

d) DYING & DEATH-INDUCING: The system is now dying, it is now on its death throes, yet many refuse to see it die. Bank bailouts and interest rate interventions are among those examples of tools that no longer work, yet they continue to be employed. Furthermore, the ‘sick economy’ also induces so many deaths due to poverty, anxiety, starvation, consumerist pathologies (obesity, cardiovasculars), genocides, etc. What is needed is to bury the system and build a new one rather than to perpetuate it.

Let me then declare the next thesis: that a new economic ‘world system’, which is in the nature of a ‘healing economy’, is a viable one. We may perhaps use different terms to refer to the same ‘world system’—sharing economy, cooperative economy, non-hoarding economy, consensus economy—but let us better recognize where we all converge: the ‘healing economy’.

Following from the foregoing statements, the contours of the new ‘healing economy’ or world system would be the obverse of the previous observations.  They are:

a) WELLNESS ECONOMY. A vibrant, wellness-oriented world system is one that will also see that everybody will have enterprises, jobs, and related pursuits that will see their talents grow and utilized to the utmost. It is an economy that also promotes the wellness paradigm, welcomes the advent of the alternative healers as ‘new kids on the block’ rather than to denigrate them as ‘quack doctors’, promotes equity and the highest values of the general welfare in their true sense, and is generally conducive to healthy relationships, institutions, communities, and healthy world.

b) SHARING &/OR NON-HOARDING. ‘Hoarding orientation’ had degraded us humans to the most putrid hovels of the non-human or anti-human for many eons now. It is time to reverse such demonic conditionality and state. In the economic sphere, the highest principles of the ‘rule of Divine Love’ (compassion as core value) and ‘principle of giving’ (golden rule) must become dominant and sacrosanct. To talk of ‘compassionate capitalism’ is an oxymoron and subtly demonic. We have no more need for capitalism and the other isms, what we need is a non-ideological sharing economy and enough of those isms that have only exacerbated our ‘sick economy’ and ‘sick society’. Ditto for competition principle, the core of capitalism, which has no place in the emerging context. Cooperation-loving-sharing is the value trilogy of the emerging context, not competition-hatred-hoarding of the capitalist world system.

c) ABUNDANCE. The true state of the universe is one of abundance, not scarcity. “From above, so below,” declares the Teaching. From the abundance of the cosmos, to the abundance of the Earth & Solar system, this is the sacrosanct law and not that peddled lie about scarcity. Healing economy is one that is attuned to the very dynamics of the cosmos and not divorced from it. An operative healing economy will ensure that all members of society, all citizens of Earth or Terra, will be attuned to this sacrosanct law, and will experience abundance in everyday life. “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed,” declared the late Mahatma Gandhi in his swadeshi writings. Gandhi referred to the same law, and stated it in axiomatic manner.

d) DYNAMIC & LIFE-INDUCING. The healing economy will prove itself to be dynamic and life-inducing as well. It does not follow from absurd ‘creative destruction’ demonology worship of capitalism, but from ‘creative constructivism’ of a Godly society. In the present system, just by destroying the currency of one nation (e.g. currency attack versus ASEAN/East Asia, 1997), many workers will lose their jobs and many small enterprises forcibly close shop, leading to anxieties and deaths. Is that what you call Godly and ‘creative destruction’? Very boldly I’d say, echoing spiritual masters who said the same, that a wellness-sharing-loving-giving economy will be truly life-inducing, as it will not need wars and destruction of nations to sustain it.

Having shared to you in brief the contours of the new economic world system, let me now close with the reiteration of the challenge: building the healing economy is the greatest economic task of the moment and the eon now unfolding before us. We can no longer be clinging to dinosaur world systems that bred so much maladies in the past, we should move on and build a new one that will be the economic foundation of a new society of loving, giving, sharing, Oneness, and authentic human liberation. Enough with those bailouts, IMF-World Bank mergers, bank mergers, interest rate manipulations, stock markets, speculations, government take-overs, hedge funds,…

Enough with greed, hoarding, hatred, competition, bloody vampire economics of the Old World! Peace & Love Advocates of the world, let us build the New Economy of Healing without reserve. Let’s not be cowed by the intimidations of the demonic Pied Pipers and fascistic war machines of the Old World elites. We shall overcome! Carpe diem!

[08 December 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

Mapayapang Araw! Peaceful day!

I’ve already written notes about the topic ‘soul age’ in some previous articles. Just recently I wrote about “Old Souls at Home: Boon to Soul Evolution.” In those articles, including ones about devotees and seekers/freethinkers, I articulated about the varying soul ages and the lessons suited for them.

Since I already touched about middling and old souls in those articles, or those same souls who can qualify for Paths of seekers and mystics, I will touch this time on the topic of ‘evolutionary laggards’ or ‘young souls’. For linguistic economics I will use the term ‘laggards’ to mean the same.

The Earth is now evolving upward in her evolutionary Path. Many mystics and masters already dealt with the subject matter in various writings. With its upward movement, the frequency vibration of Earth has also been rising, and rapidly rising since 1987. All those souls that vibrate on the dense, low levels cannot survive here in the long run, notably the laggards, in this new Earth rising.

Internet updates of late have indicated that laggards comprise around 63% of the current population. This, to my mind, is already a diminution from previous numbers. Probably before 1960 there must have been up to 85% laggards. A decrease of around 22% in 50 years is already a whopping diminution, or whopping jump in the numbers of middling and old souls who now total 37%.

The Plan for the laggards, as elaborated by mystics and teachers such as Sal Rachele, is to transfer them to some worlds where their survival chances would be greatest. Which means worlds that are dominantly 3rd Density or 3-Dimensional. That was planet Earth before 1934.

In his book about Agni Yoga, the Guru R.H.H., who was a disciple of the Guru Nicholas Roerick (a disciple in turn of H.P. Blavatsky), revealed that 1934 was a threshold year when Earth reached the lowest point of her descent into the material dense sphere. On that same year the upward movement began.

A horrific possibility during the years succeeding 1934 was the termination of life on Earth as evil forces took over the reign of Europe (Nazi power). Nuclear power should have been used to destroy the physical plane, as plans were afoot among the Dark Lodges of the West to do precisely that evil act. Seeing those plans by the Fallen Ones, the Ascended Beings hatched a counter-plan to ship out Terrans (Earth peoples) to a surrogate planet so as to continue the evolutionary track of us Earth humans.

Almost in no time at all, a planet was prepared for such a purpose. Presumably, the planet is located in another star system within our galaxy. To cut the story short, the evil plan didn’t pursue, but the planet remains there, complete with the essentials of life support systems. My intuition now tells me that the same planet will be used in the future for contingency plans, as a transshipment station for humans from other worlds. I shall call it ‘1934 Planet’ or Plan B planet.

Today the plan to ship out the laggards has found precisely one planet that is excellent for their habituation. That planet is no other than the ‘1934 planet’ or Plan B planet. It is now waiting for mass habituation by Earthan laggards.

Do note that the mass out-shipment of laggards from Earth towards the Plan B planet and possibly other worlds currently being prepared for them, is already a most compassionate act by the Cosmic Hierarchy. It isn’t an act of condemnation or treating laggards like criminals who should be confined to a penal colony that is a new planet. It is compassionate precisely because the laggards will be permitted to proceed with their soul evolution at their own pace, rather than see them destroyed on Earth by their own inability to cope with an environment that is high-knowledge, high-frequency and altogether strange for their types.

For those who couldn’t picture what I’m talking about, the self-destruction of laggards and low-vibrating humans here manifests as sociopathy, manic-depressive disorder, personality disorder, and other psychological disorder forms. It’s that simple a description and forecast. Fact is, the massive self-destruction is already happening today.

Look at the intensifying frequency of the impact of ‘anomie’ today: suicides, crimes against life, serial murders, adolescents harming themselves, membership in terrorist groups, and related dissociative problems. Examine also the frequency of schizophrenia over the past five (5) decades. Look back at the urban streets and examine those street people and ambulant psychotics who can’t cope up with the standards of living and the increasing frequency of the planet.

It would be too idiotic an analysis to associate the anomic frequencies to government inefficiencies, elitism, oligarchism, and other structural problems. The problem goes deeper than that. There are simply souls who cannot cope up with the rising expectations and vibratory frequency of Earth. Whether they like it or not, the laggards, many of whom were able to reach university education, cannot cope up with an even more high-vibrating Earth beyond 2030 and should be moved out for their own safety.

By that time, Earth will also be too high-knowledge that it seems the entire planet is blanketed with knowledge. That is precisely where Earth is heading: to be blanketed all over, from the higher planes down to the lower, with knowledge. Some decades back, the Jesuit scientist and philosopher Tailhard de Chardin forecast this forthcoming event as the Earth’s evolutionary shift from the biosphere to the ‘noosphere’.

With the too slow absorptive capacity of the laggards for knowledge and information, no matter if they have gone to the extent of university schooling, they will always be left behind by the smarter middlings and oldies (the older soul ages). The latter souls will be the inheritors of Earth, a lot of whom will be etherealized to 4th up through 6th Densities during the tumultuous years 2012 through 2030. The laggards, on the other hand, will be the inheritors of Plan B or 1934 planet.

The only thing that a lot of information savvy laggards can do now is to plant within them the seeds of advanced lessons in life. Those devotees who can somehow learn yoga meditation and study the esoteric lessons meant for seekers can go ahead and absorb the most they can, which they can then bring along with them to the other worlds. These relatively smarter ones will become the teachers and prospective spiritual gurus should they evolve consistently in future lives.

During one particular meditation session I had (at home) just this year, I saw a vision in the astral plane of huge mother ships taking souls out of the planet. The knowledge came straight to my mind that these are the astral bodies of dead laggards, and they are now being shipped out via the astral plane to the other worlds. I literally saw very long queues of souls, and the mother ships were very huge in size.

It just isn’t enough of course that astral bodies of laggards will be brought to Plan B planet and others. There must be warm bodies of laggards who can produce new babies via the usual reproductive act. Such babies will then be the incarnation vehicles for the shipped out astral bodies.

Whether warm bodies are now being shipped out too is something else that I need to confirm from Above. At this moment I am already in constant touch with Ascended Beings, masters and mighty angels who appear every now and then in my visions, bringing along some messages or information. I hope to get more updates from them about the plans for Earth and her human souls.

If asked for an opinion, I am amenable now for the mass ship out of laggard ‘warm bodies’ to the said worlds. The Galactic Federation, which is charged with bringing Earth back to the Light forces (Earth is a fallen planet) in our universe, is actively operating in our star (solar) system at this moment. If asked for a recommendation by the hierarchs of the Federation (short for Galactic Federation), I would counsel mass migration now so as to prevent more mass self-destruction of the laggards in the coming years.

I am bound to think that the Federation is the same cosmic force that has been shipping out the laggard astral bodies to the less evolved worlds. But probably the Dark Ones also have their own vehicles and agenda to pursue, and may have also been contesting the field by shipping out their victimized as well as volunteer laggard souls. It’s always best to show the equation as a contestation by competing forces from both the Light and Dark sides as a most realistic picture of the situation today.

I myself had encountered too many laggards in life. Many were kins, many others were my clientele in my social development engagements, some others were former students, while a few were our own domestic helpers and assistants in my family home. They are so endeared to me, it surely pains me not to see them again, so I pray that they will digest the knowledge and life notes I shared to them the best they can.

The older generation of Filipinos are particularly of the laggard type. I’d say probably as high as 90% of Pinoys (Filipinos) past 55 years old today are laggards. No less than 1% of those Pinoys bother to read at all after schooling. Contrast this to the younger generations of ages 18-55, around 22% of whom are readers (per result of an internet survey). Those ages 12-30 are very information savvy, with a very high proportion of ‘star seeds’ and ‘star helpers’ or evolved souls from other planets who are newly embodied here. What stark contrast generation-wise!

Filipino soap TV programs, sit-coms, and movies that were adjusted to laggard audiences are now dying species. Precisely because the smarter souls who are increasing in numbers in the Philippines are now maturing, and they have nothing to do with laggard materials. They reside largely in cities, and urban population will breach the 60% this year or next here. This country, just like most countries of East Asia, had ceased to be one for laggards.

Clearly, the Age of the Laggards, the Age of the Biosphere, is coming to a close both in the West and East. At least the laggards are proud to have been exposed to the great ideas by the emerging Noosphere. Let us hope that they will find some key ideas practicable enough in their new homes.

[12 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Too many volumes of materials were already written over the past decades about the coming polar shift. Perhaps this planetary-galactic event will be the most focal one needed by humanity to put a stop to all the madness and abominations of the Dark Adepts of the planet.

Among all materials published about the matter, I find that of my fellow mystic and Teacher Sal Rachele’s peregrinations as the most satisfactory. As I already mentioned in some other articles, the plausibility of the Rachele thesis and forecasts are very high as they fuse scientific and mystical insight together. (Pls see:

As we await this cosmic drama’s unfolding, madness is burning the entire planet. A united Europe is about to unleash the tyrannies of a returned Augustus Ceasar, and a 2-headed 4th Reich is now fast evolving into reality before our eyes. World War III, as planned over a century back yet by Luciferan freemasons (see Albert Pike reports), will push through as planned and scheduled.

Ancient racial memories are waking up very rapidly. Likewise does ancient racial-ethnic hatreds awaken or is already in that state. The ancient conflict between Rome and Parthia (Persia) will be revived, even as New Rome (4th Reich) will use its surrogate Arab states to fulfill its desires to destroy Islam and Iran. Global economic collapse, accompanied by hyper-inflation and the collapse of the dollar, is also galvanizing each day as morbid reality.

Were it not for direct intervention from the Almighty Providence, the madness of the Dark Adepts may proceed ceaselessly for decades, global tyranny installed to last for centuries to come, nation-states destroyed, hundreds of millions of people dead due to wars and genocide. But divine intervention has been the policy for some time now, beginning in the mid-1970s yet, and madness shall cease past 2030.

Mother Nature herself is revolting, and Earth will mutate to 4th Density in just a little over four (4) years from now. Polar shift comes on the latter part of December (please see Mayan Calendar, galactic cycle, grand cycle) of 2012, even as the Earth’s frequency shall have moved up to an octave higher by then.

Rachele’s forecast of the 2007 recession and the global economic downspin thereafter, already took place. Let’s better keep track of forthcoming events, and prepare all the more for the polar shift. The shift will be an electromagnetic shift, not geological, so there will be little tectonic-geologic displacements if ever.

For those 0.1% who comprise roughly the ‘Lightworker population’ today, the mutation will be highest, from 5th through 6th densities up from 3rd density. Since 5th Density is hardly populated, with nary a structure for human settlements, the coming of the Lightworkers there will bring new life to that subdimension. Most probably new cities will be built, and higher density beings will be manifesting from Above to assist them in building new worlds.

20% or roughly 1.3 billion people (using present statistics) will be mutating to 4th Density. That is, they will go up along with Earth itself which will also move up to that level. Probably as large as 40% of this ‘group’ will comprise of Indigenous Peoples, who will also go up along with Mother Earth since they have long protected and conserved Mother Nature, thus deserving for them a good karmic reward of moving up the octave scale too.

Plants and animals that are most positively vibrating, or those that are not destructive and predatory, will also go up along with Mother Earth. With just 1.3 billion to support, there will be abundance for everyone, thus fulfilling the Gandhi economic axiom that ‘the world has enough for everybody’s needs’. A very sustainable balance of human population this one will be, synergistically interacting with a balanced and abundant flora & fauna.

Those more intelligent souls who will mutate to 4th Density will bring along with them enormous expertise and knowledge. Renewable energy will most likely be granite-rock culture here, and electricity-based power will cease to be as photon becomes the new modality for the same purpose.

Since 4th Density will be quite large in population, settlements may follow ‘laissez faire’ fashion. Which means, depending on community consensus, there will be free options for populations to choose whether to go city settlement, or rural food-producing settlement, or suburban high-tech settlement, or combinations of the above. There will be a diversity of settlements here, as I can easily foresee.

What will happen to the structures, the megacities, the industrial belts of the 3rd Density? What will happen to 3rd Density populations (80%)? Well, most 3rd Density souls will die en masse, unable to adjust to the too high frequencies of 4th Density, while others who may survive will continue to behave in polarity games and dreadfully sinful, sensate ways. 3rd Density subworlds will be in sorry states altogether.

It is most likely that the badly damaged cities and towns, with so many dead people scattered in their homes and buildings and streets, will become ghost towns & cities eventually. In the long run, there will cease to be 3rd density peoples and societies here, so those communities will be taken back by forests and become canopies for Earth. They will become promising archaeological sites most likely, and excellent sites for future tourism.

So who cares about the World War III and Empire madness of the Dark Adepts? Only the very dense, polarized 80% of our population now will be so scared of all the madness. 3rd Dimensional history is now drawing to a close, and way decades from now they will comprise the tales that the future parents and teachers will narrate to the higher density children.

Carpe diem! Good luck to you in your Path!

[Writ 04 August, 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang umaga! Good morning!

I hope everything’s okey with you, fellow Earthan, at this moment. We seem to be embroiled in one turbulence after another in the planet. It’s like we’re passing through a dark channel, and narrow as it is, movement along the channel is extremely rapid, rough-sailing and catastrophic, a ‘quickening’ sort of.

True, fellow Earthan, but there are also as many good news as you can get from the ground and the entire cosmos at this moment. One such good news is the opening of the ‘stargate portal’: the hyperspace gateway from Earth to the other star systems and vice versa. Isn’t this a gladdening news?

It should be. Mankind is now on the verge of cross-stellar travel as space technology is surging ahead at very rapid pace. The state-of-the-art R & D on the subject matter makes the aerospace sector way beyond infancy that it was before 1980. It went through a doldrum of sorts in the West, and when it began to revitalize the development initiatives passed on to the East (Japan, China, India, Korea).

Sooner or later, fellows, we will be there: up, up and away! A few more kinks to solve in the technology gaps, and we will all be there. Among the gaps is the metallurgical gap: the perfection of methods that can forge a new alloy of ‘bendable metal’. By bendable we mean metal that can bend and change shape midway in space, making it a viable material to travel through hyperspace. Another techno-gap is the innovation of fuel source that would transcend the limits of combustible fuels. The third gap is the reproduction of photosynthesis in space, rendering future space vessels capable of producing their own food and energy source.

Meantime, while the R & D efforts pertaining to space travel are going on, a message was sent to this mystic recently by my spirit Guides (two spiritual masters) from the higher domains. During one nocturnal meditation session around three (3) weeks back, the vision of a huge tunnel-like thing, which seems to emanate light from within it moving outwards, appeared in my sight. The ‘light tunnel’ then gradually moved downwards in the space around it that was so dark, though this thing was so visible because it was indeed blindingly lighted. So huge was the tunnel that it seems capable of accommodating vessels as huge as aircraft carriers. Then the vision disappeared.

The following night, before sleeping, as I did my regular nocturnal meditation, the vision appeared again. It was almost the same sight as the previous night, except that this time there were vessels moving out of it and then back, quite small when viewed from a distance but visible. My God, it was a spectacular sight! They were space vessels, sort of patrol vessels doing some routine checks of the area. And the lighted tunnel kept on moving down yet. Then the vision disappeared.

Since this was the 2nd night that the vision appeared, and I’d say it was relayed because right up there, on the upper hyperspace corner to my right, was my seraphim Guide (a master in stature), guarding and assuring me of continued presence and guidance. Then the thought came right through my mind that this was the fabled stargate portal that was closed down by cosmic forces, for one reason or another, in the very ancient past. From that time on, cross-stellar intelligences have to use other routes to get to Earth if they so desire to come here. One such recent arrival that had to come here via a longer route was the Sirians, who came here couples of thousands of years back, after the implosion of their star system (Jehovah was among their leaders).

A gladdening news! Finally our space fellows can come through to the planet without much hindrance in the near future. By fellows I mean those who are very conscious in observing the Law of Love and Oneness, those benevolent leading groups of the Milky Way. The gladdening news for Filipinos and Southeast Asians is that this portal is located just above the Philippines, above the Palawan island (probably above the Sunda plate), which means that the ancient cooperation of the cosmic intelligences with the Lemurians (ancestors of Filipinos, Malays) will be revived.

Great glad tidings are coming! Great, beyond our imagination! The White-Light forces are being sent by the Supreme Deity to us, to help us accelerate the attainment of global balance and harmony, end to wars, and eradication of poverty. Welcome the opening of the stargate portal! 

[Writ 19 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila] 








Erle Frayne Argonza

Pleasant day to everyone!

Natural healing therapies are rising. This is part of the overall wave of new trends, as people become more conscious of their health. Health is both wellness and sickness, and the wellness side is rising faster than the curative. The reason is simple: given scarce resources at hand and the choice is to opt for just one (wellness or sickness?), a person would prefer to invest on wellness than sickness.

Among the natural therapies that respond to the wellness challenge is pranic healing. Its effectiveness depends on the ailment concerned. Being among the topics taken up with my mystical group by our guru facilitator in 1994, I know for a fact that pranic healing’s intervention is in the electromagnetic or EM system of a person. The EM comprises of the aura-etheric-light bodies.

If one gets minor laceration on the skin, which creates a wound as capillaries in the area get opened up, it would be silly to suggest pranic healing on this simple ailment. The bio-physical body received a mere 5-centimeter laceration, which is superficial and not really deep, it will not even require bandage much more for a suture. All this small wound requires is a liquid treatment such as betadine.

However, when the ailment is cancer, or psychological disorder (e.g. depression), pranic healing would be a fitful method of intervention. Psychic attacks (e.g. witchcraft, sorcery, black magic) induce deep wounds in the astral body and must be healed right away, for failure to do so, the energies within will be sucked out in uncontrolled drain, thus inducing other ailments on the body and possibly leading to physical death.

Being a mystic, I was trained to depower psychic attackers (invisible entities, black magicians, sorcerers), and must perform this first before applying pranic healing treatment on a victim. This is the rule here for the healer: never heal the wounds without depowering the victimizer. If folks out there feel that a close relative is under attack, they have to contact a mystic or shaman right away to find out indeed whether such an attack is taking place, rather than go straight to a pranic healer unless the latter is also a shaman or mystic.

Cancer is caused by imbalances in the EM system. I already echoed this in seminars where I was tasked to speak before, facing audiences of health experts. In a pranic healing workshop sponsored by the College of Nursing of the University of the Philippines, where I was guest workshop lecturer, I clarified that cancer begins with EM imbalances, and then impacts on the bio-physical body. Therefore, the best methods of treatment would be EM-intervention methods notably pranic healing. The participants, numbering past 150, were unbelievably open to the new diagnostics, with nary an antipathetic or counter-theory smart aleck at all.

Being no career healer then, I only used pranic healing very occasionally. I often used it for my favorite intervention: psychosocial counseling. When a person (I hate to use the term ‘patient’ that sounds toxic!) faces me with a depression, and the depression is past the 1-month occurrence, s/he is in a ‘danger zone’, and so I first of all administer pranic healing. The purpose is to detoxify the person first, so that we can both connect to each other. Inter-connection is important between healer and client for the intervention to take effect. After applying pranic healing for 10 minutes, the person becomes more relaxed, more focused, and in a better mood to articulate the problem-situation s/he faces.

I still remember a former student at the university, a girl majoring in development studies, in the mid-90s. I heard from her friends that she was already on her 3rd month of on-and-off depression, and that made me so alarmed at her condition. She was now on the breakpoint of a nervous breakdown, and before that would ever happen, I requested her pals (my fraternity sisters) to get her to me pronto.

She was a phlegmatic personality type and isn’t prone to talking to formal authority figures about her predicaments. But hearing the news from my fraternity sisters that I can do healing (pranic and counsel), she considered this option. Within hours from the urgent call, she came, and we chat in the front gardens of our college building (plants have healing effects).

She then narrated her tragic love life, her on-and-off quarrel and split with her boyfriend. It was the girl who split up all of the time. Finally peeved by the break-up ritual where he was at the losing end, the boyfriend decided to call it quits and then chose to date another girl. Hopeful that he would come back, but seeing the other girl with him, made my client badly depressed. He never came back, and so I had to do some numerology and intuitive analysis to find out whether he will come back.

But before doing the numerology, I administered pranic healing. I simply cannot let her go after that session without detoxification. She felt so relieved after that. And she talked better. The numerology and yogic intuition than made me forecast that the boy won’t come back again, and explained that track. I then encouraged her to simply move on and find another boy from a very large population of boys in Manila anyway.

That counsel session lasted two (2) hours. It was a highly revealing and instructive one. Having taken off the dense energies (I can sense her feel lighter and her aura was clean), she then declared to follow my counsel. Every week since that time, I would follow her progress through her pals (frat sisters), and they did report positively her progress. Two months later she was dating a new guy, her depression fully gone.

For the pranic healers out there, maybe you can put pranic healing on your agenda for method of intervention too. Same goes for psychologists doing clinical and counseling tasks. Pranic healing is very effective a tool for restoring psychic balance, this is assured.

[Writ 15 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

For this piece I will tackle a topic that has been at the heart of my formulas for my successes in my various endeavors: good health. To those who are not familiar with me, visualize from your side a middle aged man who is quite muscular, moves with verve and suave, carries a tireless demeanor, and looks like somebody in his early 30s. Save for my graying hair, which is okay because today sporting white hair is a fad, one may not mistake me for what my age really is: late 40s. What is my secret formula for looking younger, be continuously energetic, and generally exhibit good health?

Good health is itself comparable to wealth. We are accustomed to wishing about good health aside from prosperity every end of the year as part of our rituals to welcome the coming New Year. It is indeed a remarkable ritualizing act to include good health among our wishes or goals for any particular year. The simple reason is that without good health, we will fail in our goal of attaining good wealth for any particular period. What good will it do to a person who owns billions worth of assets if s/he is sick more than half of the 365 days of the year? Our simplified thesis is: good health precedes wealth.

By good health I mean not exclusively the absence of disease or dis-ease. More universally, good health means total wellness or well-being. Good health denotes manifesting balance and harmony, stability and functionality in all the facets of our life: bio-physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual. When balance turns to imbalance, harmony turns to turbulence, stability turns to instability, and functionality turns to dysfunctional state, then ill health is the general result. So, the stress in my perspective of health is on attaining wellness, based on the wellness model rather than the sickness model.

The person will have to choose between the two paradigms: wellness or sickness? There is so much stress on the sickness side of the health equation and to be on the wellness side means one is attuned to a counter-culture. And that’s what I always like: the counter-cultural. Having grown up as an iconoclast, deconstructionist radical, I always have a feeling of high when I smash commonly accepted or orthodox wisdom. And I am today feeling victorious, being among the wellness paradigm advocates, because the equation is now moving closer to the wellness side. It is now certain that in just couples of years away the wellness side will surpass the sickness side of the health formula worldwide.

Economically, the question is: if you have a given amount of money to expend for and invest in health, will you spend it for wellness or for sickness purposes? If you are so obsessed with doing away with sickness, and you do so by amassing investments in medicare or health welfare, and that you wish there were as many hospitals as there are good doctors and health professionals in your area for you to run to in case of illness, then you better know where you are in the equation: fixated to sickness model. Mind you, if you only have ways to investigate my investments right now, you can authenticate this well: I hardly have investments for sickness, not even as private health insurance, save for those funds deducted from my salaries during my years of employee history. But every month, without let up, I spend money on wellness practices.

Not only that, I do go some extra miles advocating for the wellness paradigm. I wasn’t originally trained as a health professional, not even in my fields where I could have opted to become a health sociologist and health economist, yet early in my life I found the wisdom along the way to invest time, effort and money for wellness purposes. I had near-death experiences then as a child suffering from chronic nephritis (kidney ailment) and as a young professional who contracted falciparum malaria. The debilitations caused by those experiences were enough to waken me up, challenge me and set my goal never again to fall prey to ailments. And the formula was not on the sickness side, because I really hate hospitals that smack of the ambience of Grim Ripper. The answer to my periodic health problems reclined more on the wellness side.

The results were simply astounding! Not only did I gain good health and general wellness, but quite late in my life I re-invented myself to become a competitive powerlifting athlete. I was a sickly boy till age 14, an experience that barred me largely from becoming an achiever in athletics. But I never got discouraged by the failures, and always visualized myself to shift from my frail and thin frame to a muscular, athletic frame one day. And it happened, as I discovered the efficacy and beauty of weight training exercises when I was aged 30 more or less. At ages 31-33 I was very active in the powerlifting world, and was winning medals at the national level of competitions. Were it not that I had to undergo tonsillectomy at age 33, I could have climbed to international athlete status and slugged it out among the champions of Asia’s powerlifting circuits. I lost my competitive edge after three (3) months of post-surgical rest, but I never lost my love for powerlifting that I still conduct today as a strengthening and health-sustaining practice.

Let me now share to you my formula for sustaining good health and wellness. My macrobiotic side of health has been quite perfect along my biographical trail, though sometimes this gets disturbed by sinusitis and allergy-related problems. Given my good macrobiotic condition, I can focus fully well on addressing the microbiotic side of my condition: the specific organs or tissues. So far my lingering micro problems are my sinus-throat-bronchial areas and my heart. I attack the problem more as a preventive medical practice, though sometimes I do have to medicate as curative practice, with medication largely using alternatives such as herbal-organic formulation that now abound in the country.

Let me go over my practices item by item:

  • Diet Formula. Strictly follow the athlete’s macrobiotic formula of 65-20-15: 65% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 15% fats. Sustain this with high fibers (vegetables and fruits). On the microbiotic level, sustain health with food supplements, with strict observance of herbals & organics for multivitamins, ascorbic acid, omega 3 (for heart) and garlic pills (heart & allergic rhinitis control). I honestly found the Nutrilite preparations as the best food supplement set. Those fried breakfast foods, junk food and the greasy fast-food things are a no-no in my regimen. And at night, preferably fish or vegetarian meal should be taken, with just a cup of rice or equivalent of bread or noodles as staples. Milk every morning has been a must for calcium and other nutrients, with mixed nuts or peanuts to go along with breakfast. As a tip from sports science, I alternate my staples in order to avoid allergies (one of my congenital weaknesses).
  • Physical Exercise. For 4 mornings in a week, I do my exercise regimen of powerlifting. Incidentally, in Manila, there is hardly any neighborhood today that doesn’t have a gym nearby, so rain or shine I ‘report for duty’ to my neighborhood gym (PRO Gym inside the U.P. Hotel). Even on Signal No. 3, with gusty winds almost knocking out trees, for as long as the gym is open, I report for exercise. I’m on a split routine program…I support this with some walking regimen of around one (1) hour at least once a week. Not brisk walking which stresses sugar burning, but rather moderate pace of even slow strolls to emphasize fat burning. …Body massage at least once a month is also a nice reinforcement practice.
  • Water Therapy. Upon waking up in the morning, after my yoga meditation (which comes first), I drink a glass of warm water to expel gases. Drink a mug of coffee as stimulant, then drink milk-choco to go with my breakfast. Water comes again 2 hours after a meal, with last glass of water 30 minute before the next meal. 1 glass of water is around for my night’s sleep, which I drink around past midnight. All in all, around 18-20 glasses of water in a day, including those used for coffee, milk, and herbal teas. After breakfast and dinner, I clean my throat and sinus with saline water, warm yet soothing to the throat-sinus areas: 2 glasses to as mouth-throat gurgle, and 4 glasses for my sinus (I ‘pump’ the water into my sinus and then take it out, and then drain the excess water after the ritual is done).
  • Herbal Tea Detoxification. At night, to go with my dinner, I drink 2 glasses or mugs of herbal tea to wash away the excess sugar, amino acids, and toxins. Sometimes when I don’t feel good due to excess sugar or hypertension (which rarely happens), I quaff 4-6 glasses of green tea or banaba (instead of take pharmaceuticals). The formula is not to stick to just 1 kind of herbal tea, but rather to alternate the teas. My standard teas are: black tea, green tea, banaba, and pito-pito (7-7 or 7 herbs in one). There is nary a grocery in Manila today without teas in sachet form, so this habit has been facilitated by accessibility and availability. Sometimes I schedule a regimen of 7 days every month of intensive cleansing, by drinking 8 glasses of herbal tea in a day, most specially when the task is curative. For the latter habit, I add to my regimen: cogon roots, kulantro seeds (good for sinusitis/rhinitis), and avocado leaves. And, I prefer fresh herbs for the latter, prepared through decoction, that I purchase at the Quiapo church area (P10 per pack, good for 8 glasses).
  • Yoga Meditation & Prayer. A regimen of 20 minutes of meditation a day, 10 upon waking up and 10 before sleeping, would be good for centering & wellness purposes for a starter ‘yogi’ or busy persons. Being a yogi and guru, I am now up to 1 hour upon waking up, and 1 hour before sleeping. A prayer before meditating would be excellent a practice to set one into deep focus right away. I never meditate without praying. Pray your standards, like the Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary for Catholics, before meditating. Meditation takes off excess dense energies, brings vital energy (prana or chi) into the body and the electromagnetic field or aura, and sustains the health of all of our bodies (physical, emotional or astral, mental bodies). Many other benefits can be gained from meditation & prayer, but for this article let me stress on its wellness function.
  • Light Therapy. Too much sunlight and lack of sunlight are extremes. Around 20-30 minutes of sunlight a day is great for the health. When suffering from an ailment, such as severe infection of throat and sinus, I do sunbathing for around 30-40 minutes a day. Incidentally, there’s plenty of sunlight in the tropics, and so one need not do sun bathing here in Manila. Beyond the equatorial regions, one can do sunbathing during colder days, and I did this exercise when I resided in California for a time… When my sinus swells badly and herbals can’t seem to recede the swelling as expected, I add exposure to black light among my therapies. For 30 minutes before dinner, I post the black light (which one can buy in any sounds & light shop), installed in a hand lamp, near my sinus area. I just need to cover my eyes with a bandana to avoid unnecessary radiation to the area. (See John Ott’s Light Therapy for this practice.)
  • Music Therapy. Musical vibrations affect our aura directly, so care must be exercised in choosing the musical genre at certain times of the day. Since music impacts on our astral body, the seat of our emotions and feelings, it directly affects our mood. In the morning and after lunch, I play fast beats, sometimes with alternative music (though only occasionally now), since the rhythm at daytime is the action force (kinetic energy). Fast music sets one on working and exercise mood, and one should not play sweet soft music at daytime except at lunch time if one were to take a nap or siesta (soft music has lullaby functions). Past 5 p.m. however, one should shift to finer frequency genre, such as soft classical, nature music, soft world music, and Celtic music. Ballads and R&B are a no-no in my formula, as they can make one melancholic. If one can’t avoid it, listen to them at the 5-7 p.m slot, but balance the melancholic effect by shifting to the finer genre from 7-10 p.m. or before sleeping.

So, dear reader and Seeker, you can see from above where I spent much money over the last decades of my life. One thing I found out was that choosing which path is most efficacious as a general program for wellness is a matter also of personal efficacy of a practice. In Filipino we have this concept of hiyang, which explains that one method may be effective for a person but not for another. For instance, doing water therapy could be good for me, but for you who does not perspire a lot this method may not be effective, so better look for another option. Sunlight therapy may not be good for those with sensitive skin, but good for me whose skin is moderate to oily. Music therapy is generally good, but for a yogi like me I can’t have an overdose of rock or alternative music (I feel drained or not good past a 1-hour listening regimen).

One other thing is clear: you need not spend too much to sustain wellness via the health regimen way. If you are convinced by the power of my regimen, then you may as well invest in your wellness than in your sickness or its prevention. Spend on food supplements, gymn fees, herbal teas and organics, and adopt a mental attitude that they will work. Otherwise, if you manifest obsessive-compulsive attitudes or fears about their ineffectiveness, or that sickness is just around the corner again as your hypochondriac signs are telling you, then indeed you’re doomed to regular hospitalizations. It’s the psycho-somatic grid that one should not fail to examine too, since ailment is 75% psychological and only 25% physiological.

Should you exhibit dysfunctional symptoms of neurosis, or personality disorder, or psychosis, or any other mental disorder condition, then begin with a curative regimen. In my youth I manifested signs of melancholic personality, and so I check-mated this condition early by visiting the university’s guidance counselor, seeing my psychology & sociology professors for engaging chats, maturing early by immersing with adults, and learning yoga meditation while still in college. Reading lots of self-analysis theories and tools (offered by psychology) also helped me so much. Eventually, the yoga meditation and the other regimen cited above took off the melancholic side of me, and I was able to perform an added function from age 20 onwards of doing psychosocial intervention (listening & counseling). The wellness path has become more manageable ever since, though not exactly smooth a road to traverse.

In sum, wellness is a possibility, and excellent wellness is the best formula for wellness in the other spheres as well: interpersonal, organizational, community, national, international/global. Wellness is the key to harmony and balance in the world, inner peace the key to social-political-economic peace. Be at home with yourself first, before you can be at home with the world. If everyone is at home with himself or herself and with the world, then total peace is built. Let me end from here, and articulate on peace in some other articles later.

[Writ 21 December 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza


Good morning!


Adapting food to climate change has been among the raging challenges of the times. This challenge is now being met head on by screening some specific crops for that purpose.


See the good news below.


[Writ 03 October 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. Thanks to SciDev database news.




World’s crops to be screened for climate traits

Katherine Nightingale

22 September 2008 | EN | 中文

A taro plantation. Crops will be screened for adaptable traits to climate change.

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An international foundation is funding a drive to screen thousands of crops for traits that will be useful in adapting food production to climate change.

The Global Crop Diversity Trust is providing around US$300,000 of funding this year for researchers in 21 agricultural institutions in 15 countries across the developing world. Around US$200,000 will be spent next year with a continued commitment in the long term.

Crops from banana to sweet potato will be screened to identify material that plant breeders can use to produce varieties adapted to conditions associated with climate change.

Crop diversity is the biological foundation of agriculture, says Cary Fowler, executive director of the trust.

“Without it agriculture cannot adapt to anything: pests, disease, climate change, drought, energy constraints … nothing. With crop diversity we can have an agricultural system that — if we’re smart — is sustainable and productive, can feed people and fuel development.”

Researchers will screen the crops by growing them in different stress conditions — such as high salinity or high temperature — and assessing how well they grow.

Varieties with positive traits will be put into an open access database, says Fowler.

Some will also be entered into a ‘pre-breeding’ programme. Integrating one or two genes from an old or wild variety into a modern variety is costly and difficult, says Fowler, and pre-breeding produces early-stage, new varieties with the desired traits, so that plant breeders can get a ‘head start’ on producing varieties for farmers’ fields.

“Plant breeders often have to make quick progress so they’re loathe to get involved in the kind of cutting edge research to put exotic traits in [a crop]. So the pre-breeding at least gets that first set of genes into some kind of form that is easier for a plant breeder.”

Funded projects include a scheme in Papua New Guinea to screen over 20 varieties of the root crop taro for drought and salinity resistance. Taro is particularly important to the poor island communities of the Pacific region, as it need not be harvested for a number of years, making for a sustainable source of food and an ‘insurance policy’ at times when the prices of other staple crops become too high.

A programme in Bangladesh will screen varieties of the grass pea, a hardy crop that is often the only crop left in times of environmental stress and grown by the poorest communities.

Long-term consumption of grass pea can lead to paralysis, as the plant produces a neurotoxin — giving people a choice between starvation or paralysis. Researchers will search for varieties with low levels of this neurotoxin. 



Erle Frayne Argonza

If I were a Nazi youth, I’d say “Hail Hitler! Hail cassava! Hail cassanova!”

You see, the “superior race” may have failed to distinguish between ‘cassava’ and ‘Cassanova’, that between the two it is the former that brings life, while the latter drains one of life (pardon me Cassanova, please!).

Who knows, cassava could be among the formula to make the White pupils of America increase their aptitude and IQs that were found to be, well, less ‘superior’ than expected? And these White pupils should study science a lot, as they’ve been found wanting in Science and Math aptitude, in contrast to their Asian fellows who are, well, “monkeys with no tails” that perform the highest in the same subjects?

Surprisingly, Melinda Gates, an American White lady, is herself involved in ensuring the bright potential of cassava. The anti-hunger campaigns worldwide, including my own country’s, will benefit a lot from this development.

The great cassava news is contained below. I feel like wagging my tail!

[28 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. Thanks to SciDev database news.]   

Scientists target ‘super cassava’


12 August 2008 | EN | FR | 中文

Selling cassava in Indonesia


Cassava, the primary source of nutrition for 800 million people worldwide, is receiving attention from a project seeking to boost its nutritional value.

The BioCassava Plus project, supported by US$12.1 million in funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, involves researchers from Colombia, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The scientists have been seeking to fortify a single 500 gram adult portion of cassava with essential nutrients, including vitamins A and E, iron and zinc.

Other goals include making the crop more disease-resistant, extending its shelf-life from one day to two weeks and reducing cyanide toxicity.

The scientists now claim to have “demonstrated proof of practice for all the target objectives in three years” since their 2005 start date.

The transgenic cassava plants have undergone a stringent biosafety approval process in the United States, and field trials are currently being carried out at a US Department of Agriculture site in Puerto Rico.

Next on the agenda are field trials in Kenya and Nigeria in 2009, before researchers attempt to combine the traits into a single plant.

Link to full article in 



Erle Frayne Argonza


So many of our scientific models of ecological reality need gross revisions. I am aware for instance that the model for the ‘water cycle’ is badly flawed, yet the scientific community has not done much to revise it.


Here is another facet of reality—climate change—where the existing models are found to be flawed. From East Asian scientists, notably Beijing, come the observation that the existing models ‘ignore brown carbon’. It need not belabored that the models must be revised.


The news about the observations regarding the model is contained below. What is gladdening is that scientists were able to uncover the flaw, which will ensure revision of the model and the practical technologies coming out from the labs later.


[28 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. Thanks to SciDev database news.]



Current climate models ‘ignoring brown carbon’

Sun Xiaohua and Jia Hepeng

15 August 2008 | EN | 中文

Smog over Bangkok, Thailand


[BEIJING] Scientists have found that air pollution from East Asia contains an abundance of ‘brown carbon’ particles and say that atmospheric models need updating to incorporate their effect.

Current climate models take into account two types of aerosol carbon — organic carbon and black carbon — that arise from the burning of fossil fuels or biomass.

Black carbon strongly warms the atmosphere by absorbing light, while organic carbon absorbs light at a negligible level and has no warming effect.

It has already been claimed black carbon plays a much larger role in global warming than estimates made by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (see Black carbon climate danger ‘underestimated’).

But this approximation is too simple, according to Peter Crozier, an associate professor at Arizona State University (ASU) in the United States, whose team published their research in Science last week (8 August).

According to the authors, the method that is currently used to measure the warming effect of different types of particle doesn’t take into account the wide variations that can occur between types of carbon from different sources.

They instead used a technique based on a specialised type of electron microscope to directly determine the optical properties of individual carbon particles, and found that samples taken from above the Yellow Sea, east of China, have an abundance of brown carbon particles.  

“Brown carbon has light absorbing properties that lie between strongly absorbing black carbon and materials that only scatter light and do not absorb,” co-author James Anderson, a research scientist at ASU’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, told SciDev.Net.

He adds that brown carbon both cools the Earth’s surface and warms the atmosphere, resulting in a complex role in global warming, hence the necessity to incorporate it into climate models.

Hu Guoquan, a senior scientist at the Beijing-based National Climate Centre, welcomes the study, saying it highlights the uncertainties of IPCC models.

“But more studies on the chemical structure and size of brown carbon particles must be done,” he told SciDev.Net.

In addition, Hu says, as many carbon aerosols pollutants are emitted by China or India — which have massive combustion of fossil fuels and biomass — judging their accurate warming or cooling effect must be done cautiously and avoid claims without sufficient scientific evidence, as this will contribute to determining the nations’ responsibilities in global warming.

Link to abstract in Science