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Erle Frayne Argonza

As an adolescent youth in the 70s who was attracted to social theory and metaphysics, my eyes beheld the great potency of a paradigm that was then making waves within academic social science: Marxist theory. Among the things that particularly caught my attention, aside from Marxism’s explanatory potency, was the archetypal language embedded in it.

Marx constructed his philosophy (dialectical materialism) and science (sociology or ‘historical materialism’) at a time of intense conflict between materialism and idealism, in a context we now refer to as Victorian. Aware of that context, I simplified my explanation of Marx’s archetypal language as characteristic of the poetic-allegorical language of the Victorian academe. Scientific concepts were just being constructed then, so in the absence of a developed template of scientific-empirical concepts the thinkers resorted to allegorical language as a substitute.

In the works of the early Marx, archetypal language was particularly marked. Marx’s model of society actually used Masonic terms such as ‘superstructure’, ‘base’ or ‘substructure’ or ‘infrastructure’, and mimetically likened society to a house. It was pure and plain Masonic, this modeling and conceptual frame. Just exactly what made Marx decide to use Masonic symbolism, was it pure borrowing from the freemasons or was he in fact involved in secret Masonic lodges that prompted him to use the secret society’s accepted archetypes?

In the same works of the young Marx, there was the philosophical tackling of the Promethean myth. Per his interpretations, accordingly Prometheus signified the evolving self-consciousness of Man, that the ‘flame from Olympus’ signified the ‘spirit of Reason’ in its purest essence (he was now borrowing from Hegel), that such self-consciousness signified the long-term path to liberation for mankind.

As I advanced in my studies of metaphysics or ‘ancient wisdom’, I came to know what mystics knew about the Promethean myth, as the myth caught my mind’s attention in like vein that it caught Marx’s interest when he was still a young man. To my surprise, Marx came so very, very close to the deep mystical knowledge inhering in the Promethean myth, thus compounding my own thesis that Marx was a seeker and was no atheist as his followers were wont to believe he was. If seeker was Marx indeed, for what Force was he working for: Light or Dark?

You see, in the mystical tradition, Prometheus indeed signifies the continuing evolution of man from the feeble-thinking subhuman of antiquity to the self-conscious Man (root word MANU, meaning self-reflecting being) of the present-to-future epochs, henceforth the future liberation or nirvana of mankind. Along that Path, the hindrance to Man has been Desire, signified by the vulture that kept on consuming Prometheus’ liver as he was bound to a rock in penalty for his crime of bringing forth Light to mankind. Vulture is a bird species, and bird is signifier for the Phallus which is a signifier for Desire.

Didn’t Marx come so close then to the mystical knowledge secretly inhering in the Promethean myth, a secret that can be unlocked by advanced seekers and mystics along the Path to nirvana? He was, verily he was! Did Marx honestly intuit on the deep meaning of the Promethean archetype, or did he already encounter this myth during the start of his secret initiation into the deep mysteries? It was a puzzle for me then, a puzzle that I was only able to solve in the 1990s.

As a yogi-mystic in the 1990s I came to encounter information about the Marx-Engels team as being themselves involved in Masonic lodges. That alone made my hair rise on all ends, confirming my thesis that both thinkers were seekers. However, to my dismay, I found out that they were Pathfinders of the Dark Path, and I knew right then that the flocks of their followers were being deceived by their philosophical masters. Let me note their three basic lies below.

First of all, Marx and Engels made the impression upon their followers that they were atheists who proclaimed unto the world the death knell to spirituality whether exoteric or esoteric. Yet there really was no open admission by both thinkers that they were in fact cadres of atheism. They were thinkers of socialism, prophets of a future communist order, but to say of atheism, they were not its advanced ‘masters’ but merely echoed a trend that was already dominant during their own time. They were not saying anything new about atheism in fact, they were merely broadcasting what was already THE TREND of the time, a trend that ensued till the 20th century.

Second, Marx and Engels concocted a supreme lie about a future communist order that was classless, reinforced by a further lie that the working classes will dominate society in a socialist order that will precede communist society. Surely, there is a plan of the global elites to constitute a utopian socialist order but which they will orchestrate from behind, not that which will be led by workingmen. And the same elites orchestrated the founding and funding of ideological movements from left to right, including Marx-Engels’ League of the Just. A workingmen-dominated society is one of anarchy and disorder, as what happened during Mao Zedong’s 10-year ‘cultural revolution’ that saw civil society destroy the state as working peoples reduced intellectuals and competent state technicians to mere slaves in farmlands.

Third, the lie that the ‘state will wither away’ in the future. We are now witness to state formations getting bigger by the decade, even as the global elites are planning to install a planetary government as a regulatory institution in support of their ‘world rule of law’. A stateless formation for societies that are so complex is near to impossible, and are only possible in small, planter-based, subsistence economies such as those of indigenous peoples’.

It only takes three (3) basic lies to establish where Marx and Engels are located in the stream of spiritual spectrum. That they are in fact seekers of the Dark Path, are involved with covert fraternities of the Dark Side, and receive mentoring from Adepts of the Dark Lodge. Marxist theory is therefore a paradigm that constitutes a part of the broad agenda of the Dark Adepts to waken up dormant folkgeist of masses for a future ‘new world order’ governed by them.

Around the early part of this decade did I encounter information that led straight to authenticating my suspicion. One such material is the book Committee of 300 (Conspirator’s Hierarchy) by John Coleman, a former MI6 agent and insider of the evil hierarchy that rules the physical plane today. The information given showed how Marx and Engels were directly handled by Mazzini, the Italian revolutionary who was himself an Illuminate (Luficeran initiate). Accordingly, the League of the Just was simply doing its mandated task for the Luciferans’ agenda of world domination.

That established, I declared the Marx-Engels case as ‘case closed’. They are of the Dark Path, and no matter what contributions they may have made to science (sociology), they are cadres of the Polarity Game of Lucifer and were consciously committed to winning points for that game. Whether indeed the Luciferans are winning today is another question, a query that I’ve already answered in some other articles.

[Writ 04 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Peace be unto you all, but most specially unto the spiritists whom I will write about today! Spiritism is quite a Path for spiritual seekers, and was prominent in the 1800s. In the North it had supposedly metamorphosed into a new form—as channeling—but to my mind both spiritism and channeling are one and the same.

Spiritism should be executed with care by those seekers who pass through it. It is among the 7th Ray (alchemy) sub-paths, and if done pretty well, it can lead the aspirant towards higher level of awareness. I myself had witnessed at least a couple of seekers in the Philippines who have since mutated into mystics, and became my sister Fellows in the Great White Brotherhood. My esteem for them are high, and that esteem won’t ever change, but they are just but a few exceptions in a large field that is so replete with spiritual quackery.

Before anything else, let it be clarified to the readers out there what spiritism or channeling is all about. It is among the class of phenomena classified in as ‘paranormal’ and it involves mediumistic channeling of messages from the 4th Dimension or ‘spirit world’. No one can become an effective channeler unless one possesses the ability to (a) be a medium or vessel for some trans-physical messangers, and (b) return to a normal state after a channeling session with the person regaining authentic consciousness, i.e. not controlled or ‘possessed’ by the trans-physical entities.

As to how one comes to possess such an ability we can advance a number of theses: (1) The person comes from a lineage of shamans or priests, and the genetic coding from that lineage permits for the opening of certain occult powers and centers sufficient for the person to communicate with the trans-physical entity or TPE; (2) The person is a laggard with little contemplative capacity, with quite a disturbed aura or electromagnetic field sufficient for some TPE to maneuver and open the person’s 3rd eye, thus enabling a perception of the latter; and, (3) the person is already in advancing state of manic-depressive disorder towards high-delusion schizophrenia, which permits malevolent TPEs to further manipulate the brow chakra for the medium to perceive the latter.

In my own observation of spiritists I’ve come to meet in Manila, they manifest under-achiever traits, are school drop-outs and/or never reaching college at all, are psychologically dysfunctional or suffer at least from affective disorder conditions, and simpleton in terms of articulation level. While some notable ones from them were able to rise to prominence as healers and are able to circulate among the cultured and well-bred circles, they all retain the folk character in them.

Being a member of the intellectual and scientific community, I surely find it difficult to meet half-way with these simpletons. My seeker phase (ages 18-36) was largely fulfilled inside the university, my very own first lesson in yoga meditation was taught by a top scientist (psychologist Dr. Alfredo Lagmay), my first seeker co-discussants were university-bred with some figures of genius I.Q. And so you readers could just imagine the difficulty I’m having in communicating with simpleton seekers if they are indeed seekers at all. A lot of spiritists are simply laggards, and their moron level of discourse turns me off.

But I do am trying to find the connecting bridge with them, and to my own surprise there were some who became true spiritual Initiates later in life. But for some advancing Intiates among them, they were flatly directed by their spirit Guides (who were spiritual masters) to move out of the spiritist field and move on to the terrain of spiritual Teachers or gurus. Otherwise, they wouldn’t progress at all in the Path.

I wish that such an experience would mark most of those laggard spiritists out there, that they will be enabled and empowered to cease their laggard state and evolve to higher awareness. Eventually, hopefully, they’d catch up on their studies most especially of the sciences and the mystical arts, and raise their own language abilities to the level of meta-language where higher-level principles and concepts can be used. But this isn’t the case for all the said laggards.

My own suspicion is that the so-called ‘channelers’ or current spiritists were actually brought to their state of awareness (with open 3rd eyes centering on the peripatetic nervous system) by mischievous TPEs manipulating their brow chakras directly. As soon as their 3rd eye opens up, the TPEs would then manifest in the guise of Kuthumi, Sananda, Jesus, Mary, God Almighty, Mahatma X or Mahatma Y or a benevolent ET. That’s all perceptual illusion, please note.

Those very same TPEs could be discarnates or asuras (demons) who are so demented they are even worst then the deadliest psychopath maniacs in town. These very same TPEs are, in turn, controlled by powers that are niched in higher space dimensions, call them 6th Density, 7th Density or whatever dimensions these may be. Being themselves of lower species of beings, the TPEs couldn’t articulate advanced principles at all, and so they find their own kinds of cosmic laggards who make use of ridiculous folk language laced with fear-based discourse to be able to get through many unsuspecting audiences and readers.

Now, what makes spiritism a real quackery is when the channelers pretend to be Teachers of the Path. In order to become a Teacher, one must be able to tap inner wisdom or procure information directly from one’s own God-Self, and then relay the same reflective notes to seeker aspirants. Not so with channelers, who are largely drop-out underachievers and haven’t gone beyond folk magazine readings, and are thus unable at all to tap from their God-Self. They short-cut the process of under-education by procuring answers from their TPE “guides” who are in reality demonic misguides.

The quackery becomes ever more evident when the channeler openly bashes Teachers with lines that they are obsolete, that they have become abusive of their positions, and so on. While indeed some Teachers were remiss in some aspects of their tasks to the aspirants, to demonize Teachers altogether is itself gross slander which is demonic in nature. The objective, of course, is to lure the beguiled aspirants away from Teachers or Masters toward the simpleton channelers who are now their newfound quack teachers.

And that surely raises many questions. For how can laggards or mere seekers serve as teachers to souls who are in fact more advanced then the former in soul evolution? One can only advance in the Path by listening to souls who are more evolved, and that same evolved soul will in turn progress all the more as merits for helping out the less evolved souls along the way.

There we go, Fellows in the Path. Please use your critical mind to sieve through truth claims made by channelers, even if some of them may possess university degrees. Be very discriminating and discerning. Otherwise, by permitting your subjection to the manipulation by lower-level entities, your own soul evolution will decelerate and get parked in a fetid ‘soul garage’ for a long time.

You may now come to ask this mystic-yogi what I think about the so-called New Age channelers, who seem to have sprouted like millions of mushrooms. As I’ve said in a previous writing, “read everything, question everything, doubt nothing.” Go ahead and read those write ups by the so-called channelers and find out what they’re talking about. But move away from the devotional attitude of exhibiting blind faith to those truth claims of these “new age channelers.” Chances are that you can be duped by comic if not Dark beings out there.

My own validity evaluation of the new age stuff being peddled by the laggard or pretentious seeker channelers is this:

  • Percentage of Factual, Truthful claims: 2%
  • Percentage of Fiction, Untruths, Lies: 98%

Please go ahead and make your own honest observations and assessments of the spiritist literature. Maybe you can even evaluate the degree of psychological disorder condition of the channeler concerned, determine whether the same peddler of quackery is still sane or already psychotically demented.

Those channelers are lucky enough that a lot of seekers read them at all. There are even those healer-channeler folks who, possessive of their own websites, get to be visited by as much as 300,000-500,000 a year. They have now been resorting to the information technology in order to splash the globe with their phantasmagoric contentions and ridiculous fiction. And they have bestowed upon themselves the mantle of guruship, as many of their duped clients regard them precisely as such. What lucky Bipolar personalities indeed!

Contrast their approaches to the mystics and masters who passed through very rigorous processes of awareness intensification. These mystics and masters’ 3rd eye are centered on the pineal or central nervous system, or of a higher faculty of awareness than the laggards’. They are also psychologically stable, or possess well integrated personalities that make them towering exemplars of soul development by many people. And they are very learned if not highly educated, as some have gone through graduate school in the universities.

Among mystics I would count the likes of Helena Blavatsky and the founders of theosophy, whose individual awareness was in a very advanced state when they channeled principles from their respective God-selves and mahatma partners up there. I’d also count, among today’s mystics and gurus, Sal Rachele and Drunvalo Melchizedek, who are also towering exemplars of self-integration and intellect.

Sal Rachele began his life as a healer and mystic. He was also well immersed in high level precepts, was well studied in the sciences and philosophy, learned his esoteric principles from the theosophists, and taught at the university before he ever engaged in channeling. He was initiated into the cosmic orders notably the Order of Melchizedek, and can be considered among the teachers and priests of the universe. And look at his writings that are well crafted using meta-language precepts and ideas, and recondite enough like unto any teacher’s.

So, when the likes of Sal Rachele claim that they speak for Founders, or Ascended Beings, or members of the Galactic Federation notably the Venusians, they are very believable. And there’s nothing of the comically judgemental statements made by some teacher-pretending spiritists in Rachele’s pieces, though he is privileged to do so as any analyst-writer would. We all make value-judgements, we all operate on values, yet the likes of Rachele write in gentle, less judgemental “strokes of the brush.”

The very own gurus I met in Manila, one Filipino and one Singaporean, who can also channel messages from Ascended Beings and Archangels, are of high-intellectual caliber and are among the top management consultants in the ASEAN in their respective fields. The Filipino guru FF doesn’t even introduce himself as guru at all, nor as channeler, but as healer-psychic which is an understatement. And he writes in so erudite a manner, being among the awarded poets and literati of the Philippines and member of the international poets’ society PEN.

So, dear Fellows in the Path, do take note of these reflective words. Read everything, question everything, doubt nothing. If doubtless, per your assessment, that a channeler’s write ups are fiction writings and are of zero to negative value-added in the Path, then be privileged to junk them and make your last laugh. You haven’t been duped, beguiled or spooked by some spiritist quacks, but were simply being enthralled by erstwhile writers who deeply desire to join the moneybags of the planet.

[Writ 03 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

[Note: This is a re-publication of a previous article…]

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone else!

That I started with a goodwill greeting associated with the Christmas occasion doesn’t make me a church devotee of which I definitely am not. I have departed a long time ago yet from Catholic Church, my childhood church, though I am still sympathetic to some of its key doctrines of faith notably Vatican II.

On the other hand, not being a church devotee doesn’t make me any less a disciple of Jesus the Christed One. I am very much a disciple of Jesus and his team-mates of Ascended Beings, and I’d categorically declare that I am, in this respect, a Christian. It is for this reason that I do attune myself to the rituals of the Christians who are largely fanatical devotees of the Cult of Jesus which was officially dubbed as Christian Church in the generic sense.

So many fallacies and lies were propagated by the Jesusian cults (i.e. churches) over the past two (2) millennia, one of which is the contention that Jesus was born on the night of 24th of December. Nobody knows about the exact date when Jesus, the World Teacher, embodied and was born as an infant a full Age ago (1 Age = 2,150 years approximately). There are mystics today who claim that Jesus was born around the end of March, but as to the exact day of his birth (using the Gregorian calendar) no mystic had made a precise claim.

In the first place, the devotional practice of giving so much importance to the exact day of birth of a founding Master in its literal sense is purely this: blind fanaticism. Even if we presume that Jesus was born on the 24th of December, there is a greater underlying meaning behind his birth that the ordinary devotees and cult hierarchs have no knowledge about. But if only the cult devotees would look to numerology for some answers regarding the question of meaning, they would find fruitful answers via this method.

But as everybody realizes, Jesusians are bent on declaring that any contention that lies outside the church/cult dogmas is a work of the Devil. You could just imagine how many freethinkers and esoteric seekers may have been labeled with the ad hominem Devil by the Jesusian cultists (church goers), and it is no surprise that this writer had earned the ire of many such fanatical cultists such as his former university students. Well, the bad luck for the fanatics is that this is no Medieval Period, and so I could make the boldest claims to unmasking church lies without being accosted or burned at stake by fanatics. Also, I reside inside the University of the Philippines (Diliman) which is the ultimate bastion of freedom in the whole of Southeast Asia. My big city, Manila, is also the citadel of freedom in Asia, so no one would stone me to death or burn me alive anywhere here for being an iconoclast.

Now, let me go straight to the question of meaning. This interpretive task is a matter of deep exegesis, likened to interpreting a dream. As one who had studied semiotics (science of signs) via the behavioral sciences and esoteric philosophy, the task is easy just the same. Humans normally resort to rituals or ceremonies, and often the cycles of seasons and weather patterns evoke ideas that then translate into ritualizing engagements. Social relations produce thought, as the sociology of knowledge (cognitive sociology) had so succinctly declared as a social law. This is our starting point for our recondite reflection.

In the ancient past, the production of rituals was the chief task of the Shaman (babaylan in ancient Philippines). The shaman was the priest (or priestess), medicine man (or woman) or healer, white magician/alchemist (taps energies for beneficial purposes), mystic (bridge to the Divine Beings), and philosopher, all rolled into a single functionary. It is important to cite the shaman here, as we can best understand the significance of the ‘December 24 event’ by putting ourselves in the position of the Roman high priests (Rome’s own equivalent of shamans) and see what this intersubjective process can reveal to us.

Remember that the Roman shamans were, in ancient parlance, pagans. In today’s anthropological language, they were animists. As such, they represented a people that was so close to nature, and knew well the cycles of seasons. Like the shamans from other cultures, they had designed rituals for every kind of human activity conceivable. A child, before being born, is prayed for using mantrams and ceremonial rites, and then receives another ritual upon birth, and another ritual upon reaching puberty, and so on till death. Likewise did the seasons of both hemispheres receive equal treatment in terms of ritualization. Ditto to the cycles of pre-cultivation, cultivation, and post-harvest for food production (agriculture, horticulture). The Romans were into such practices, to emphatically mark our point here, more so that they were already city-builders and were of advanced caliber in knowledge and technological pursuits of their time; their shamans, likewise of the highest caliber.

Culled from above is the idea of ritualizing for the end of the autumn season and the beginning of the winter season in the Northern hemisphere. The significance of Christmas, of Jesus’ birth being assigned to the 24th of December, has a great deal to do with the autumn-to-winter interface (to use current terminology). Officially, the equalization of the patterns of autumn and winter is cognized as the Winter solstice, which falls on the 21st of December in the North (winter solstice in the south falls on the 21st of June, which is summer solstice in the North).

Even before Christianity was declared an official religion, without doubt the Romans were already in the habit of ritualizing the coming of Winter. No further research is needed to establish this. All of the ethnic communities in the Mediterranean for that matter held rituals signifying the start of Winter, and the inter-permeation of cultural elements by dint of cultural diffusion is responsible for the degree of homogenization of Winter ritual patterns in the same area. Which means that the Latins (Romans), Etruscans, Greeks, Hamites, Semites, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Iberians shared more or less similar traits in their Winter rituals, the most focal being that they all celebrated Winter solstice in certain ways.

The question now is, what is the deeper significance of December the 24th other than that it marks the 3rd day after the Winter solstice? And why the 3rd day after the solstice was declared as the ‘birth of Jesus’ by the new rising religion, the Cult of Jesus (Christianity)? Why not simply assign the 21st of December as the day of his birth, which will make the birthday identical to the 1st day of winter (the 21st)?

As to the date, the 3rd day after the solstice, a note: 3 is the number of Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit) in Christology. In numerology (Indian and Pythagorean systems), 3 denotes creativity, productivity, motion, action, activity. The two semiotic sets do converge. Instead of copying the solstice day as D’ Day, the ancient shamans (who were the new bishops and priests of the Jesusian cult) decided that it would be more appropriate to indicate the Trinitarian power in the date, which makes the 24th rather than the 21st as the top candidate. For a numerologist, the day makes sense, in that declaring a creative-dynamic signification on a winter’s season, which is a season of rest or motionlessness, generates a sense of balance of the action-rest duality (yin-yang in the East).

Not only that. It would also make greater sense for the devotees or blind fanatics (a redundancy really, because devotee and fanatic are identical) if the date of birth would be on a day other than the 21st which most Mediterraneans and Northerners already celebrate. The ‘uniqueness criterion’ is an important element in decision-making, and by using this criterion means that the 24th of December made the Jesusians or Jesuits (church fanatics) a unique people who created rituals outside of the common ritual templates. That is, the 24th of December rendered the fanatics the illusion of uniqueness, which made them rest on solid psychological grounds: they need not defend any longer that they were copy-cat folks.

Now, that leads us to the next idea: converging the ‘uniqueness’ element with the ‘chosen people’ eschatological belief present in all religions and cultures. Supposedly, Jesus was the harbinger of the new idea that the ‘gentiles’ (literally the ‘outsiders’ of a chosen people who were the Jews) were themselves a ‘chosen people’ and not outsiders or outcaste. The Jesusian cult has now given the fanatics not only a sense of uniqueness, but also declared that such a uniqueness reclined in their being the ‘chosen ones’. The time for the old chosen ones has ended, and a new chosen one has begun in mandate.

You could just imagine the ecstatic impact that such a convergence of ideas could produce among the erstwhile herds of fanatics, who for many centuries were loathsome outsiders in the civilizational game. They were the barbarians & savages of the previous ages, the outsiders who were recognized best for their destructive propensities. Now they are the co-creators or co-producers of the Divine Spheres or God (co-creation signified by number 3), the next harbingers of civilization. And true indeed, the former barbarians, who were mainly Europeans, felt this mission so strongly in their psyche that for many centuries thereafter they scoured the earth for ‘heathens’ who would be converts to their idea of civility, of being cultured, progressive, rational, and humanist.

Of course, the psychological mood or theme evoked by the entire ritualizing of birth in the 24th is Hope: that Jesus was the embodiment of hope, that there was finally hope for the Europeans who for centuries were heathen slaves. Of course, it was the greatest psychological victory for the Latins (Romans & sister tribes) in as much as they were then the center of civilization world-wide. The 24th also gave the same Europeans the same sense of hope at a time of hopelessness and despair that were evoked by the cyclical winter season.

Cultivating the seed of creativity, activity, uniqueness and hope, all converging within a common seed-idea—the birthing of the Ascended Master Jesus and bestowing him with the role of Begotten Son of the Father God—and planting this in the psyche of Europeans is among the most profound developments in the genetic seeding and improvement of the Europeans themselves. True indeed, and humanity better accept this, no matter how destructive may have been the methods employed by European powers in their conquests, the Torch of Civility for the entire Piscean Age was vested in the European. Their time had come 2000+ years ago, and no force on Earth could stop that.

2000+ years ago, the seed of that historic mission of the Europeans was planted, concocted, congealed in thought, which then permeated right deep into their Collective Unconscious, which eventually got implanted in their genes. For the Collective Unconscious, which belongs to the Electromagnetic Field or EMF, interfaces directly with the biophysical, and that to induce changes in the EMF will likewise result to corresponding changes in the bio-physical dimension. The changes, in other words, will be planted as genetic traits that will govern the actions of the people concerned in the long run.

That, dearest readers, is the significance of the (night of) 24th of December. The mission of the Europeans has now been optimized, after the full Age of Pisces. Likewise the mission of Jesus: to carry on his shoulders for 2000+ years the collective karma of Earth’s humanity. The European-Jesusian missions are now over, and the Torch is now being passed on to the peoples of the East, particularly to the Pacific Asians. But this new development, which will be the definitive development of the Age of Aquarius, is another thing. Suffice me at this moment to say: I’ve shared my thoughts about the deep significance of the 24th of December, by resorting to an archeology of the psyche and soul.

A Merry Christmas again to you all! May my love for all Jesusian cultists be re-declared here, please accept my goodwill for you all. May you all evolve in spirit! Let’s all chant the mantram: Jesus is Love! Jesus is Love! Jesus is Love!

[Writ 14 December 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

Pleasant day to everyone!

Natural healing therapies are rising. This is part of the overall wave of new trends, as people become more conscious of their health. Health is both wellness and sickness, and the wellness side is rising faster than the curative. The reason is simple: given scarce resources at hand and the choice is to opt for just one (wellness or sickness?), a person would prefer to invest on wellness than sickness.

Among the natural therapies that respond to the wellness challenge is pranic healing. Its effectiveness depends on the ailment concerned. Being among the topics taken up with my mystical group by our guru facilitator in 1994, I know for a fact that pranic healing’s intervention is in the electromagnetic or EM system of a person. The EM comprises of the aura-etheric-light bodies.

If one gets minor laceration on the skin, which creates a wound as capillaries in the area get opened up, it would be silly to suggest pranic healing on this simple ailment. The bio-physical body received a mere 5-centimeter laceration, which is superficial and not really deep, it will not even require bandage much more for a suture. All this small wound requires is a liquid treatment such as betadine.

However, when the ailment is cancer, or psychological disorder (e.g. depression), pranic healing would be a fitful method of intervention. Psychic attacks (e.g. witchcraft, sorcery, black magic) induce deep wounds in the astral body and must be healed right away, for failure to do so, the energies within will be sucked out in uncontrolled drain, thus inducing other ailments on the body and possibly leading to physical death.

Being a mystic, I was trained to depower psychic attackers (invisible entities, black magicians, sorcerers), and must perform this first before applying pranic healing treatment on a victim. This is the rule here for the healer: never heal the wounds without depowering the victimizer. If folks out there feel that a close relative is under attack, they have to contact a mystic or shaman right away to find out indeed whether such an attack is taking place, rather than go straight to a pranic healer unless the latter is also a shaman or mystic.

Cancer is caused by imbalances in the EM system. I already echoed this in seminars where I was tasked to speak before, facing audiences of health experts. In a pranic healing workshop sponsored by the College of Nursing of the University of the Philippines, where I was guest workshop lecturer, I clarified that cancer begins with EM imbalances, and then impacts on the bio-physical body. Therefore, the best methods of treatment would be EM-intervention methods notably pranic healing. The participants, numbering past 150, were unbelievably open to the new diagnostics, with nary an antipathetic or counter-theory smart aleck at all.

Being no career healer then, I only used pranic healing very occasionally. I often used it for my favorite intervention: psychosocial counseling. When a person (I hate to use the term ‘patient’ that sounds toxic!) faces me with a depression, and the depression is past the 1-month occurrence, s/he is in a ‘danger zone’, and so I first of all administer pranic healing. The purpose is to detoxify the person first, so that we can both connect to each other. Inter-connection is important between healer and client for the intervention to take effect. After applying pranic healing for 10 minutes, the person becomes more relaxed, more focused, and in a better mood to articulate the problem-situation s/he faces.

I still remember a former student at the university, a girl majoring in development studies, in the mid-90s. I heard from her friends that she was already on her 3rd month of on-and-off depression, and that made me so alarmed at her condition. She was now on the breakpoint of a nervous breakdown, and before that would ever happen, I requested her pals (my fraternity sisters) to get her to me pronto.

She was a phlegmatic personality type and isn’t prone to talking to formal authority figures about her predicaments. But hearing the news from my fraternity sisters that I can do healing (pranic and counsel), she considered this option. Within hours from the urgent call, she came, and we chat in the front gardens of our college building (plants have healing effects).

She then narrated her tragic love life, her on-and-off quarrel and split with her boyfriend. It was the girl who split up all of the time. Finally peeved by the break-up ritual where he was at the losing end, the boyfriend decided to call it quits and then chose to date another girl. Hopeful that he would come back, but seeing the other girl with him, made my client badly depressed. He never came back, and so I had to do some numerology and intuitive analysis to find out whether he will come back.

But before doing the numerology, I administered pranic healing. I simply cannot let her go after that session without detoxification. She felt so relieved after that. And she talked better. The numerology and yogic intuition than made me forecast that the boy won’t come back again, and explained that track. I then encouraged her to simply move on and find another boy from a very large population of boys in Manila anyway.

That counsel session lasted two (2) hours. It was a highly revealing and instructive one. Having taken off the dense energies (I can sense her feel lighter and her aura was clean), she then declared to follow my counsel. Every week since that time, I would follow her progress through her pals (frat sisters), and they did report positively her progress. Two months later she was dating a new guy, her depression fully gone.

For the pranic healers out there, maybe you can put pranic healing on your agenda for method of intervention too. Same goes for psychologists doing clinical and counseling tasks. Pranic healing is very effective a tool for restoring psychic balance, this is assured.

[Writ 15 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

I will shed light today about the healing therapy for bipolar disorder. I’m sure the bipolar personalities among you readers would find this news gladdening enough. The cure comes from yoga, and yes, it does heal the disorder completely, thus enabling the person to stop the bouts of schizophrenia.

To clarify first of all, bipolar disorder of BiP can be cured only by the sick person concerned. It takes a personal decision, really high levels of determination and fidelity to self-integration methods, for a person to get out of that cul de sac called schizophrenia. Without that willingness, a bipolar, more so the one who regresses into childhood, may find the regressed state so addictive that s/he may become ambivalent about a total healing for the ailment, whether this ambivalence is conscious or unconscious.

Pal, you are your own Savior, remember this always. Even against demonic beings only you can be saved from them when you get attacked. And a schizophrenic normally gets to be attacked by a team of demons as huge a size as a platoon of evil predators who use you to suck your Light from out of you while you remain helpless. Save yourself, and forge that will to save yourself.

To begin with, learn to do yoga meditation. And I mean the Meditation method, with that capital M. Not the physical yoga (hatha) that can only embroil you in another addiction (physicalism) and eventually reinforce your self-addicting childhood regression as a BiP. Best to learn it from a yogi, the better if a Teacher of the Path. If you can do with self-learning methods, then please look at my article archives for the lessons on yoga.

Next, if you are ready, and I mean really psychologically prepared and not just take this lesson as a curiosity, then please do the following (for your own sake):

  • BASIN. Procure a basin, small but deep enough that will allow you to deep your feet into it. Green colored basin would be good, though purple would be better as this is the color of healing. Remember, you must use this basin solely for the healing and not to wash your dishes, clothes, or other tasks. This must be a DEDICATED basin, to stress a bit.
  • WATER. Once you have the basin with you, pour tap water into it. I’m sure you know what ‘tap water’ is. Pour sufficiently to ensure that both of your feet can get dipped into the content, filling up till 6 inches up from the bottom at least.
  • SALT. Apply two (2) spoonfuls of salt on the water. Use rock salt preferably. Salt is good at neutralizing and/or absorbing negative vibrations.
  • NORTH/EAST. During the healing meditation, face either North or East for better results. Maximize on the energies from those cardinal points. In case you’re not sure where this is (e.g. you’re residing in a high rise condominium), then buy a compass. That will give you the direction, okey?
  • YOGA POSITION. Sit on a chair or stool in a most comfortable post. Follow your meditation procedures taught to you. The asana (hand position) here is unique. But first, condition yourself in a relaxed mood, pray before you meditate (if you follow this step), be focused.
  • HAND POSITION 1. While in relaxed, focused state, dangle your right arm—with open palm directed North or East (whichever point you face)—down to your right leg position. Simultaneously, rest your left arm—with open palm facing upwards—on your left lap. The palms must be FULLY OPEN, to stress a bit. Meditate in this position for ten (10) minutes.
  • HAND POSITION 2. Change asanas. Lift up your left arm—with open palm facing your front body area—till it gets pass your shoulder in vertical position. Simultaneously, rest your right arm—with open palm facing upwards—on your right lap. Meditate on this position for ten (10) minutes.
  • LAST ROUND OF MEDITATION. Get back to hand position 1 and meditate for five (5) minutes in this position. Then, get back to hand position 2, and meditate in this position for an equal five (5) minutes.
  • REGULAR BREATH/DISPOSE WATER. After the healing session, go back to regular breathing for at least seven (7) minutes. As soon as you’re back in your regular breathing and frequency mode, you can stand up and throw away the water you used as this contains a humungous amount of dark energies. Let me stress: THROW THE WATER AWAY and don’t use this to water plants or drink for pets or any other use. It is of no use, full of dense, negative energies.

Keep on meditating on this asanas for months or even years. The rationale is that this yoga technique will help you to coordinate the two (2) lobes of your brain. Bipolar disorder is synonymous with dis-coordination between the left and right brain lobes, so increasing their coordination and interface (to use cybernetics terminology) will redound to stabilizing you mentally, socially, and emotionally.

With that coordination improved, you will be on the road to total healing. When you’re healed, you can decide to cut down this exercise to just twice a week for six (6) months. Then, move it down further to just once a week for the rest of your life. This is now more of a preventive medicine exercise, “para sigurado” as we say it in Filipino.

That’s it, Pal, this lesson is for free and I hope you to share it to other folks out there even if you’re no bipolar yourself. The point is, no ailment is without cure. That healing starts and ends with yourself in it. Always start with that will to heal yourself. For bipolar persons out there who’d want to try this track, good luck to your self-healing work. Amen.

[Writ 16 May 2008. Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

For this piece I will tackle a topic that has been at the heart of my formulas for my successes in my various endeavors: good health. To those who are not familiar with me, visualize from your side a middle aged man who is quite muscular, moves with verve and suave, carries a tireless demeanor, and looks like somebody in his early 30s. Save for my graying hair, which is okay because today sporting white hair is a fad, one may not mistake me for what my age really is: late 40s. What is my secret formula for looking younger, be continuously energetic, and generally exhibit good health?

Good health is itself comparable to wealth. We are accustomed to wishing about good health aside from prosperity every end of the year as part of our rituals to welcome the coming New Year. It is indeed a remarkable ritualizing act to include good health among our wishes or goals for any particular year. The simple reason is that without good health, we will fail in our goal of attaining good wealth for any particular period. What good will it do to a person who owns billions worth of assets if s/he is sick more than half of the 365 days of the year? Our simplified thesis is: good health precedes wealth.

By good health I mean not exclusively the absence of disease or dis-ease. More universally, good health means total wellness or well-being. Good health denotes manifesting balance and harmony, stability and functionality in all the facets of our life: bio-physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual. When balance turns to imbalance, harmony turns to turbulence, stability turns to instability, and functionality turns to dysfunctional state, then ill health is the general result. So, the stress in my perspective of health is on attaining wellness, based on the wellness model rather than the sickness model.

The person will have to choose between the two paradigms: wellness or sickness? There is so much stress on the sickness side of the health equation and to be on the wellness side means one is attuned to a counter-culture. And that’s what I always like: the counter-cultural. Having grown up as an iconoclast, deconstructionist radical, I always have a feeling of high when I smash commonly accepted or orthodox wisdom. And I am today feeling victorious, being among the wellness paradigm advocates, because the equation is now moving closer to the wellness side. It is now certain that in just couples of years away the wellness side will surpass the sickness side of the health formula worldwide.

Economically, the question is: if you have a given amount of money to expend for and invest in health, will you spend it for wellness or for sickness purposes? If you are so obsessed with doing away with sickness, and you do so by amassing investments in medicare or health welfare, and that you wish there were as many hospitals as there are good doctors and health professionals in your area for you to run to in case of illness, then you better know where you are in the equation: fixated to sickness model. Mind you, if you only have ways to investigate my investments right now, you can authenticate this well: I hardly have investments for sickness, not even as private health insurance, save for those funds deducted from my salaries during my years of employee history. But every month, without let up, I spend money on wellness practices.

Not only that, I do go some extra miles advocating for the wellness paradigm. I wasn’t originally trained as a health professional, not even in my fields where I could have opted to become a health sociologist and health economist, yet early in my life I found the wisdom along the way to invest time, effort and money for wellness purposes. I had near-death experiences then as a child suffering from chronic nephritis (kidney ailment) and as a young professional who contracted falciparum malaria. The debilitations caused by those experiences were enough to waken me up, challenge me and set my goal never again to fall prey to ailments. And the formula was not on the sickness side, because I really hate hospitals that smack of the ambience of Grim Ripper. The answer to my periodic health problems reclined more on the wellness side.

The results were simply astounding! Not only did I gain good health and general wellness, but quite late in my life I re-invented myself to become a competitive powerlifting athlete. I was a sickly boy till age 14, an experience that barred me largely from becoming an achiever in athletics. But I never got discouraged by the failures, and always visualized myself to shift from my frail and thin frame to a muscular, athletic frame one day. And it happened, as I discovered the efficacy and beauty of weight training exercises when I was aged 30 more or less. At ages 31-33 I was very active in the powerlifting world, and was winning medals at the national level of competitions. Were it not that I had to undergo tonsillectomy at age 33, I could have climbed to international athlete status and slugged it out among the champions of Asia’s powerlifting circuits. I lost my competitive edge after three (3) months of post-surgical rest, but I never lost my love for powerlifting that I still conduct today as a strengthening and health-sustaining practice.

Let me now share to you my formula for sustaining good health and wellness. My macrobiotic side of health has been quite perfect along my biographical trail, though sometimes this gets disturbed by sinusitis and allergy-related problems. Given my good macrobiotic condition, I can focus fully well on addressing the microbiotic side of my condition: the specific organs or tissues. So far my lingering micro problems are my sinus-throat-bronchial areas and my heart. I attack the problem more as a preventive medical practice, though sometimes I do have to medicate as curative practice, with medication largely using alternatives such as herbal-organic formulation that now abound in the country.

Let me go over my practices item by item:

  • Diet Formula. Strictly follow the athlete’s macrobiotic formula of 65-20-15: 65% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 15% fats. Sustain this with high fibers (vegetables and fruits). On the microbiotic level, sustain health with food supplements, with strict observance of herbals & organics for multivitamins, ascorbic acid, omega 3 (for heart) and garlic pills (heart & allergic rhinitis control). I honestly found the Nutrilite preparations as the best food supplement set. Those fried breakfast foods, junk food and the greasy fast-food things are a no-no in my regimen. And at night, preferably fish or vegetarian meal should be taken, with just a cup of rice or equivalent of bread or noodles as staples. Milk every morning has been a must for calcium and other nutrients, with mixed nuts or peanuts to go along with breakfast. As a tip from sports science, I alternate my staples in order to avoid allergies (one of my congenital weaknesses).
  • Physical Exercise. For 4 mornings in a week, I do my exercise regimen of powerlifting. Incidentally, in Manila, there is hardly any neighborhood today that doesn’t have a gym nearby, so rain or shine I ‘report for duty’ to my neighborhood gym (PRO Gym inside the U.P. Hotel). Even on Signal No. 3, with gusty winds almost knocking out trees, for as long as the gym is open, I report for exercise. I’m on a split routine program…I support this with some walking regimen of around one (1) hour at least once a week. Not brisk walking which stresses sugar burning, but rather moderate pace of even slow strolls to emphasize fat burning. …Body massage at least once a month is also a nice reinforcement practice.
  • Water Therapy. Upon waking up in the morning, after my yoga meditation (which comes first), I drink a glass of warm water to expel gases. Drink a mug of coffee as stimulant, then drink milk-choco to go with my breakfast. Water comes again 2 hours after a meal, with last glass of water 30 minute before the next meal. 1 glass of water is around for my night’s sleep, which I drink around past midnight. All in all, around 18-20 glasses of water in a day, including those used for coffee, milk, and herbal teas. After breakfast and dinner, I clean my throat and sinus with saline water, warm yet soothing to the throat-sinus areas: 2 glasses to as mouth-throat gurgle, and 4 glasses for my sinus (I ‘pump’ the water into my sinus and then take it out, and then drain the excess water after the ritual is done).
  • Herbal Tea Detoxification. At night, to go with my dinner, I drink 2 glasses or mugs of herbal tea to wash away the excess sugar, amino acids, and toxins. Sometimes when I don’t feel good due to excess sugar or hypertension (which rarely happens), I quaff 4-6 glasses of green tea or banaba (instead of take pharmaceuticals). The formula is not to stick to just 1 kind of herbal tea, but rather to alternate the teas. My standard teas are: black tea, green tea, banaba, and pito-pito (7-7 or 7 herbs in one). There is nary a grocery in Manila today without teas in sachet form, so this habit has been facilitated by accessibility and availability. Sometimes I schedule a regimen of 7 days every month of intensive cleansing, by drinking 8 glasses of herbal tea in a day, most specially when the task is curative. For the latter habit, I add to my regimen: cogon roots, kulantro seeds (good for sinusitis/rhinitis), and avocado leaves. And, I prefer fresh herbs for the latter, prepared through decoction, that I purchase at the Quiapo church area (P10 per pack, good for 8 glasses).
  • Yoga Meditation & Prayer. A regimen of 20 minutes of meditation a day, 10 upon waking up and 10 before sleeping, would be good for centering & wellness purposes for a starter ‘yogi’ or busy persons. Being a yogi and guru, I am now up to 1 hour upon waking up, and 1 hour before sleeping. A prayer before meditating would be excellent a practice to set one into deep focus right away. I never meditate without praying. Pray your standards, like the Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary for Catholics, before meditating. Meditation takes off excess dense energies, brings vital energy (prana or chi) into the body and the electromagnetic field or aura, and sustains the health of all of our bodies (physical, emotional or astral, mental bodies). Many other benefits can be gained from meditation & prayer, but for this article let me stress on its wellness function.
  • Light Therapy. Too much sunlight and lack of sunlight are extremes. Around 20-30 minutes of sunlight a day is great for the health. When suffering from an ailment, such as severe infection of throat and sinus, I do sunbathing for around 30-40 minutes a day. Incidentally, there’s plenty of sunlight in the tropics, and so one need not do sun bathing here in Manila. Beyond the equatorial regions, one can do sunbathing during colder days, and I did this exercise when I resided in California for a time… When my sinus swells badly and herbals can’t seem to recede the swelling as expected, I add exposure to black light among my therapies. For 30 minutes before dinner, I post the black light (which one can buy in any sounds & light shop), installed in a hand lamp, near my sinus area. I just need to cover my eyes with a bandana to avoid unnecessary radiation to the area. (See John Ott’s Light Therapy for this practice.)
  • Music Therapy. Musical vibrations affect our aura directly, so care must be exercised in choosing the musical genre at certain times of the day. Since music impacts on our astral body, the seat of our emotions and feelings, it directly affects our mood. In the morning and after lunch, I play fast beats, sometimes with alternative music (though only occasionally now), since the rhythm at daytime is the action force (kinetic energy). Fast music sets one on working and exercise mood, and one should not play sweet soft music at daytime except at lunch time if one were to take a nap or siesta (soft music has lullaby functions). Past 5 p.m. however, one should shift to finer frequency genre, such as soft classical, nature music, soft world music, and Celtic music. Ballads and R&B are a no-no in my formula, as they can make one melancholic. If one can’t avoid it, listen to them at the 5-7 p.m slot, but balance the melancholic effect by shifting to the finer genre from 7-10 p.m. or before sleeping.

So, dear reader and Seeker, you can see from above where I spent much money over the last decades of my life. One thing I found out was that choosing which path is most efficacious as a general program for wellness is a matter also of personal efficacy of a practice. In Filipino we have this concept of hiyang, which explains that one method may be effective for a person but not for another. For instance, doing water therapy could be good for me, but for you who does not perspire a lot this method may not be effective, so better look for another option. Sunlight therapy may not be good for those with sensitive skin, but good for me whose skin is moderate to oily. Music therapy is generally good, but for a yogi like me I can’t have an overdose of rock or alternative music (I feel drained or not good past a 1-hour listening regimen).

One other thing is clear: you need not spend too much to sustain wellness via the health regimen way. If you are convinced by the power of my regimen, then you may as well invest in your wellness than in your sickness or its prevention. Spend on food supplements, gymn fees, herbal teas and organics, and adopt a mental attitude that they will work. Otherwise, if you manifest obsessive-compulsive attitudes or fears about their ineffectiveness, or that sickness is just around the corner again as your hypochondriac signs are telling you, then indeed you’re doomed to regular hospitalizations. It’s the psycho-somatic grid that one should not fail to examine too, since ailment is 75% psychological and only 25% physiological.

Should you exhibit dysfunctional symptoms of neurosis, or personality disorder, or psychosis, or any other mental disorder condition, then begin with a curative regimen. In my youth I manifested signs of melancholic personality, and so I check-mated this condition early by visiting the university’s guidance counselor, seeing my psychology & sociology professors for engaging chats, maturing early by immersing with adults, and learning yoga meditation while still in college. Reading lots of self-analysis theories and tools (offered by psychology) also helped me so much. Eventually, the yoga meditation and the other regimen cited above took off the melancholic side of me, and I was able to perform an added function from age 20 onwards of doing psychosocial intervention (listening & counseling). The wellness path has become more manageable ever since, though not exactly smooth a road to traverse.

In sum, wellness is a possibility, and excellent wellness is the best formula for wellness in the other spheres as well: interpersonal, organizational, community, national, international/global. Wellness is the key to harmony and balance in the world, inner peace the key to social-political-economic peace. Be at home with yourself first, before you can be at home with the world. If everyone is at home with himself or herself and with the world, then total peace is built. Let me end from here, and articulate on peace in some other articles later.

[Writ 21 December 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]



 Erle Frayne Argonza

This freethinker-mystic is among those who are very indifferent to many institutional ways of life. Institutional ways are largely meant for the mass-mind herds that need customs or ‘routinized’ behavior to have a semblance of moorings in life. Groupthought, which institutions harness, stifles the creative and the individually authentic, even as it breeds alienation.

As a youth in the late 70s through the 80s, I was very sure of where I stood up in regard to Eros (love between the sexes): I was for free love, I was terribly indifferent to courtship that I despised it to the extremes, but I wasn’t for free sex. Love beyond the entrapments of the normative templates prescribed by society via the institution of courtship is truly liberating, and this is necessarily so: that love must be liberating.

Love that is stifling, encumbering, or love that consigns one to cul de sacs isn’t true love. Love that is selfish, love that is meant to procure the greatest attention to oneself, love that is Attention Deficit gratifying, love that forces one to accept the Self which in effect rationalizes inaction towards the greater goal of self realization or inner transformation, this is the love that isn’t love but domination, manipulation, conceit, abomination.

Love must be free, love must be liberating for both sexes, love must make lovers move forward in soul evolution. I heard the lines first from one my first philosophers in high school life, John Lennon, in his many songs. “Love is free, free is love!” summarizes his philosophy. I couldn’t but agree with this popular bard.

As I entered the halls of the university in the late 70s, Marcuse was the wave and I was drawn into the currents of his thoughts on Eros. Through him I discovered the Frankfurt School thinkers, notably Erich Fromm whose thesis on the ‘art of loving’ got me ecstatically swelling with delight over new philosophical and psychological thoughts about Eros. I was at home with Frankfurt School, and till these days my deep appreciation for its scholars’ thoughts remains. And I owe it so much to Marcuse and Fromm my early comprehension of the rising free love among free spirits. 

I was lucky enough to meet early in life girls who likewise hated courtship, the free spirit girls of the 1970s. There weren’t so many of them, and there weren’t so many of us free spirit boys then. But somehow, as metaphysics declared that “birds of the same feather flock together,” we discovered each other’s presence, and were all enabled to discover the new Eros beyond the normative templates of courtship.

From 1982 onwards, the women I met in life were largely the free spirit types. Some of them were involved with radical movements, while some others were simply the unattached free spirits. Their behavioral responses to the call of the circumstance were highly original, indicative of their highly individuated psyche. They were very spontaneous with me as I was with them, from the first encounter through the galvanization of Eros. In my encounters with them, there was none of the rigmarole that marked the courtship practices observed in the Philippines nor anywhere else.

There was openness in expressing feelings. In most instances there wasn’t even a need to say things using the linguistic medium. It was largely body language & facial expression, or non-verbal semiotics, that mediated the interactions. There was symmetry in the interactions and relationship. Without the restraints posed by institutional life, both each partner and me were easily brought forth from Beta to Alpha brain wave, which further permitted us to unlock the meanings behind the signals elicited by the partner.

There was simply Oneness. There was the complete unity of the Yin and Yang. There was a free flow of the love frequency and other beneficial energies across each other’s body and aura. This free flow amid free love had powerful healing effects. Just the presence of a loved one alone instantly dissipates the other lover’s melancholic mood and thoughts.

Incidentally, as I look back at those wonderful moments, being now an advancing mystic, I’ve come to realize that the most sensitive souls I met among the women were the Old Soul types. Being an Old Soul myself, it wasn’t difficult to see that I was drawn to fellow Old Souls among women as they were to me, and so I got involved with some of them. We had the markings of what is now referred to as ‘star seeds’.

We are the types who can never be at home with the circumstances built by mainstream culture and society. We creatively build our own adaptation modalities, even as we are conscious in destroying the foundations of the Old World down to the last embers of its shambles. We are warriors, militants in the true sense of the term who were drawn to and became leaders of advocacy groups and mass movements. We are never parts of the mass, but we came here to lead and shape the mass.

Free love is now rising, and I guess rising rapidly. It rides astride urbanization that is now sweeping the entire planet. Urban life now dominates Philippine society, accompanied by the devastating demolition of many old modes of behavior, including those related to Eros. As I recently read through the pages of magazines intended for young adults, I discovered candid narratives about the greater opening up of feelings and inner intentions beyond normative facades, though the young ones still call this courtship.

Among urban Western peoples, the term ‘courtship’ had altogether disappeared, an indication that the individuated free-love pathway to Eros has become the dominant pattern itself. Only the sociologists and anthropologists now use the term ‘courtship’ in the West, the term reverberating yet in the pages of text books on general sociology and anthropology. My own fellow social scientists just can’t seem to do away with the Victorian orientation of our scientific disciplines, amid the free spiritedness of many of my colleagues.

I declare, at this moment, that the Era of Post-Courtship Eros has come, though its full sway won’t be observed till probably the end of the century yet. More and more ‘star seed’ children are coming to the planet, and with their arrival the old modalities of behavior must simply be totally thrown over to the dustbins of archaic life.

The situation of courtship’s demise is aptly captured by the favorite movie line, when a police officer pins down a criminal nemesis, “it’s over!” The Victorian pretenders and harbingers of the Old World should simply pack up and transfer to some planets where they can live forever in deceit, conceit, dogma and manipulation, and leave the more evolved souls here on Earth to build new worlds and creative modalities of behavior.

Hail to Post-Courtship Eros! Hail to free love! Hail the Free Spirit! 

[Writ. 15 November 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]