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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good day to all you freethinkers or Seekers of knowledge, truth, wisdom!

It is now a time for a gathering, Dear Ones, as the Earth proceeds through the new phase in its history. A New Consciousness—by a New Humanity, in a New Earth—is rapidly arising. We are fast proceeding through what Tailhard De Chardin referred to as the ‘noosphere’, the sphere of higher knowledge and awareness. The long phase of fixation to the biosphere is now fading fast from the historical canvass, as the noosphere arises in a meteoric ascent to glory. In this new phase arising, the ‘Christ Consciousness’ will become the dominant organizing force behind everything else, knowledge included.

The days of Dogma, bigotry, intolerance over differences, fixed ideas, dualism, and all those thought constructs that have stifled the evolution of humanity to higher climes, are over. But the defenders of these Ideas of the Old World, Old Humanity, Old Earth, are reacting violently and have no desire to see a New World which will see their privilege to dominate and manipulate humans fade away, for it is through such encumbrances that these power elites have enriched themselves at the expense of the great mass that they have rendered effectively inutile and subhuman.

Let us all assert our greater humanity, precisely through an increased power of transcendent values in our conscience and behavior, an intensification of Oneness in all spheres of life, a movement towards higher reason, enlightened intuition, operative compassion. By so doing you shall all experience in your daily lives the true meaning of mutual respect, the substance of authentic liberation. Of course, we shall all be co-inheritors of the Earth and its beneficent resources, thus mutually enriching our inner lives with the infinite resources of the planet and the universe.

Be bold and daring. The sooner that you leave the cocoon of the Old World in haste, the better will life be for you. No matter what pains this process may bring, dare to face the storms and pangs of the process. You may lose friends, relatives, church, residential niches, crafts and professions as you move on towards a new Path, and this, I’d truly say, is a natural, normal process in the birthing of any new life. Have the courage to face them all, the strength to weather deceitful attacks against your person by the demonic tongues of those born and grown up in the ways of the Old World.

Fear not, Noble Seekers, for it is you who will be the true inheritors of the New Earth, and you will be the prototype of the seed of the New Humanity. Those manipulators and defenders of the old life are the ones whose battles are uphill, and they feel defeat every day and year in their lives. Do not make efforts to make war against those who are now losing, but rather extend your olive arms unto them, build goodwill no matter what animosities and hostilities they unabashedly exhibit unto thee.

All of you Seekers or freethinkers are called upon to move on, and when needed by arising exigencies be together and learn new truths and knowledge from each other. Create networks of Love & Light, and by the power of higher Light spread New Enlightenment with gladness and optimism. You will be the victors, the new stars that who become the Light-bringers of a new canvass—the New World arising.

This mystic, Lightworker and Fellow of the Great White Brotherhood brings love and peace to you all.

[Writ 18 September 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]


CITY FOR CHILDREN January 5, 2016



Erle Frayne D. Argonza



If I shall have a hand in building the world anew

A city I will build and dedicate for babes & tots

Where they can frolic the day to hearts’ delight

Relish their minds with fantasies of creation

Toyland and chocolate city rolled in one

This wonderland will be a place to baptize

New babes a-born with Universe’s smile in face

Grand place to celebrate birthdays too for them

Who are growing up a bit to tot’s fanfares

Late at day shall theatres turn their lights

To them who’d desire for heroism tales

For Cinderellas & Mulans of the morrows


Yes! Let there be such a city to shine the world

Bursting tots’ laughters like happiest bards


[Philippines, 06 October 2010]





Being a bachelor or single-blessed, I never had the opportunity to build a family and raise children. This lack of children and the strong longing to raise some of them, surely had this impact of making me showing my love and devotion to babies and tots, so much that just the sight of them (babies) playing in the sun and malls (tots) give me profound happiness.


Make no mistake though, I did raise children in past lives, and my Twinflame & I raised children in Sirius, the same children we brought along to us on Earth. And I already had reunions not just with my own children but also with our grandchildren, who I still visit every now and then today. Often than not my Twinflame Beloved is with me during the visits, and the sight of Her giving her undying care to them gives me profound happiness too. My Twinflame will always be my personal Saint, even in matters of family devotion She is my Beloved Saint.


As the poem reveals, I do have a very strategic vision of building a city that will be dedicated to children. In today’s homes the couples assign a special space at home for children, where they can do their studies, art works, have their library collections, and shelves for their stuff. It’s high time that a city will serve such a purpose, for if we humans are a family then let us assign a space for our children.


If the future World Leader Avatar will seek for my counsel about the planning of cities across the New Earth, I will honestly share my proposal for a city of children. If this will vision will come to fruition, expect me and my Twinflame to visit the city every now and then, and feel the joy of just being with the babe creations of the Prime Creator. Surely my spiritual ascension has made me into a small Baba or Father, a reproduction in micro scale of the Almighty Father.




May 2011






Erle Frayne D. Argonza



To all the women I’ve ever loved before

Who once were o! so near in stead

Whose countenance filled my heart’s longings

Even as I to them was an inspiring Sun

Now all of them are shadows of tales gone

Of love and pains that blend like one

I hereby share my blessings and benign carings

As one mentoring soul shares love to all

Let them walk the Path where destiny leads

And scale Nirvana’s farness till travails end

Till they fulfill at last the goddess within them

Shall they turn unto Venus-like beings of zen


[Philippines, 28 September 2010]





The poem speaks for my heart, and so I should say I got nothing to say further about it (smile). Now, my friends out there would say “hey you forgot the names of your past Beloveds as a sign that you hate them” (smile).


Honestly, I never thought I would end up as a bachelor, never thought I was destined (programmed by Oversoul and Christed Ones) to become an Adept. I was reminded by the Mahatmas, who revealed theosophy to modern humanity, that being unmarried is a requisite to becoming an Adept. Well, the bonus for my intense, sharp climb in the nirvana Path is my reunion with my Beloved Twinflame in the ‘master’s world’ just couples of hours after I spiritually ascended in November 2008.


But I did have a history of dating and loving certain women. And I did plan to marry, as early as age 21 I already began to envision our house, design its core structurals, and have children. To my own surprise, not a single bond stayed to permit marriage. My last beloveds were feminists, and marriage was simply outside their personal agenda. I respected their decision, never imposed my ‘will to marry & family’ upon them.

Just the same, no matter what pains I and my beloved ladies went through, the fractured bonds were already healed. I have offered my humble offerings of prayers for them, for their continuing welfare and salvation at their own pace. Upon spiritual ascension, with the power to offer blessings bestowed on me, I offer them blessings, and no one can take such blessings away. That is the alchemy of love coming from this White Robe.




May 2011


MOZART YOUR DAY December 5, 2015

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



As part of your own tools for use

To keep your aura healthy and protected

Immerse yourself in music so benign

Of Mozart and the musical masters

Instantly they do elevate your aura

By octaves higher than your normal life

There to ensure your wellness protection

Against psychic attacks from sorcerers


Keep in tune for an hour a day

Twill keep the witch doctor away

Likewise will your intelligence increase

As razor sharp your skill to analysis

Blissful too will you be in joy

For heavenly tunes in your employ


[Philippines, 14 September 2010]





From my genius grandfather, Estanislao Argonza, did I first learn my Mozart appreciation. From him too did I learn Ybanag folk music and dance of Mascota. An ‘old soul’, Grandpa (as we fondly called him) was the core reason why I was embodied in my family, as both of my parents, who are of average intelligence, are inadequate to understand nor handle a tot who was born a gifted child. A math & music genius, he and my grandmother, a retired teacher, also taught me breeding and culture.


Now, who is Mozart to whom all musicians North and South, East and West, would pay homage too as a great master? His music is so powerful and fine, that it aids in multiplying your aura’s frequency level, thus ensuring you alignment to the divine spheres and protection versus malevolent forces (sorcerers, black magicians, dark invisible beings). What made him into what he is?


Mozart was known in a later embodiment as Leo Tolstoy. Of such gifted mind, he is indeed a spiritual master, already an Ascended or Christed One. His last embodiment was as Nicholas Roerick, great painter who eventually embraced and practiced the avocation of guru of the Teaching. Roerick was a disciple of the late HP Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society and now also an Ascended Master.


Psychologists and researchers discovered that Mozart music is a powerful aid to increase intelligence, focus, and healing. As already said, Mozart also multiplies your aura’s frequency during acts of listening, thus protecting you from psychic attacks. If you seem drained as you talked to a negative person (demoniac) or so, sit down and listen to Mozart so as to close your astral body, breath deeply for 7X, and there you go feeling your energy coming back.




May 2011



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra



Among the many indigenous peoples in Indonesia and Malaysia there are several examples of dual gods and sometimes of trinities. In Sumatra, the Toba Batak see the Absolute Mula Jadi na Bolon as three persons representing the upper, middle, and lower worlds. In Nias there is a two-person divinity representing the dual nature of the universe—good and evil, light and dark. For the Ngaju people of Borneo, Jata is the feminine side of a dual godhead. She represents the lower world and the moon. Mahatala, the male aspect, is the upper world and the sun. Together Jata and Mahatala form the Absolute Tambon Haruei Bungai (see Southeast Asian entries;


As summarized in book reviews, the peoples of Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and Indonesia share certain myths. Among those precepts shared is the duality of Godhead, which appertains to the Law of Duality among cosmic laws.

Duality of Godhead is actually pre-eminent in cultures to the east of the Caucasus and extends to the islanders of the Pacific who are of Polynesian ethno-racial stocks. The One Universal Principle—the Spirit-Force that projected Life-forms and worlds unto the ‘void’ to create the Cosmos—actually has no gender. However, to perceive Godhead as having a duality, of both Male and Female principles represented, is totally correct and coherent with Theos Sophia or divine wisdom.

It is however incorrect to claim that the ASEAN (to shorten Southeast Asians) myths of Godhead were borrowed directly from the Vedic philosophy of India. It is more correct to contend that both peoples of India and ASEAN (Malays, IndoMongoloids, Polynesians) were of common origin: the 3rd & 4th ‘root races’. 3rd is Lemurian, while 4th is Atlantean. That largely explains the commonality of beliefs in duality of Godhead among ASEAN, Indian, and Chinese peoples (includes Tibetans).

Observe also the Trinities, which is embedded too in the mythos of India (Brahma, Siva, Vishnu) and the West (Father, Son, Holy Ghost). Number 3 is the Upper Triune in the Septenary Low, where 3 + 4 = 7. Four (4), to re-echo, is the Lower Quaternary, comprising of the elements of earth (physical plane), water (astral plane), air (mental plane), and fire (causal or ‘higher mental’ plane).

[Philippines, 23 June 2011]





Erle Frayne D. Argonza


We move next to refinements in the peregrinations concerning the manifestations of the ‘germ’ from the One. In the mantra I AM THAT I AM the beginning of primeval radiations from the highest unity is clearly embedded.


The spiritually Perfected Ones thus declared, in Sloka 8 of Stanza 3, Book of Dzyan, the contention:




Taking that as frame, with constant guidance from the Mahatmas, the chela Helena P. Blavatsky substantiated the same statement, in Volume I, Secret Doctrine, the following articulation:


(a) The answer to the first question, suggested by the second, which is the reply of the teacher to the pupil, contains in a single phrase one of the most essential truths of occult philosophyIt indicates the existence of things imperceptible to our physical senses which are of far greater importance, more real and more permanent, than those that appeal to these senses themselvesBefore the Lanoo can hope to understand the transcendentally metaphysical problem contained in the first question he must be able to answer the second, while the very answer he gives to the second will furnish him with the clue to the correct reply to the first.

In the Sanskrit Commentary on this Stanza, the terms used for the concealed and the unrevealed Principle are manyIn the earliest MSS. of Indian literature this Unrevealed, Abstract Deity has no nameIt is called generally “That” (Tad in Sanskrit), and means all that is, was, and will be, or that can be so received by the human mind

Among such appellations, given, of course, only in esoteric philosophy, as the “Unfathomable Darkness,” the “Whirlwind,” etc.—it is also called the “It of the Kalahansa, the Kala-ham-sa,” and even the “Kali Hamsa,” (Black swan)Here the m and the n are convertible, and both sound like the nasal French an or am, or, again, en or em (Ennui, Embarras, etc.) As in the Hebrew Bible, many a mysterious sacred name in Sanscrit conveys to the profane ear no more than some ordinary, and often vulgar word, because it is concealed anagrammatically or otherwiseThis word of Hansa or esoterically “hamsa” is just such a caseHamsa is equal to a-ham-sa, three words meaning “I am he” (in English), while divided in still another way it will read “So-ham,” “he (is) I”—Soham being equal to Sah, “he,” and aham, “I,” or “I am he.” In this alone is contained the universal mystery, the doctrine of the identity of man’s essence with god-essence, for him who understands the language of wisdomHence the glyph of, and the allegory about, Kalahansa (or hamsa), and the name given to Brahma neuter (later on, to the male Brahmâ) of “Hansa-Vahana,” he who uses the Hansa as his vehicle.” The same word may be read “Kalaham-sa” or “I am I” in the eternity of Time, answering to the Biblical, or rather Zoroastrian “I am that I am.” The same doctrine is found in the Kabala, as witness the following extract from an unpublished MS. by Mr. S. Liddell McGregor Mathers, the learned Kabalist“The three pronouns  Hoa, Atah Ani; He, Thou, I; are used to symbolize the ideas of Macroprosopus and Microprosopus in the Hebrew QabalahHoa, “He,” is applied to the hidden and concealed Macroprosopus; Atah, “Thou,” to Microprosopus; and Ani, “I,” to the latter when He is represented as speaking(See Lesser Holy Assembly, 204 et seq.) It is to be noted that each of these names consists of three letters, of which the letter Aleph , A, forms the conclusion of the first word Hoa, and the commencement of Atah and Ani, as if it were the connecting link between themBut  is the symbol of the Unity and consequently of the unvarying Idea of the Divine operating through all theseBut behind the  in the name Hoa are the letters and, the symbols of the numbers Six and Five, the Male and the Female, the Hexagram and the PentagramAnd the numbers of these three words, Hoa Atah Ani, are 12, 406, and 61, which are resumed in the key numbers of 3, 10, and 7, by the Qabalah of the Nine Chambers, which is a form of the exegetical rule of Temura.

It is useless to attempt to explain the mystery in fullMaterialists and the men of modern Science will never understand it, since, in order to obtain clear perception of it, one has first of all to admit the postulate of a universally diffused, omnipresent, eternal Deity in Nature; secondly, to have fathomed the mystery of electricity in its true essence; and thirdly, to credit man with being the septenary symbol, on the terrestrial plane, of the One Great UNIT (the Logos), which is Itself the Seven-vowelled sign, the Breath crystallized into the WORD.* He who believes in all this, has also to believe in the multiple combination of the seven planets of Occultism and of the Kabala, with the twelve zodiacal signs; to attribute, as we do, to each planet and to each constellation an influence which, in the words of Ely Star (a French Occultist), “is proper to it, beneficent or maleficent, and this, after the planetary Spirit which rules it, who, in his turn, is capable of influencing men and things which are found in harmony with him and with which he has any affinity.” For these reasons, and since few believe in the foregoing, all that can now be given is that in both cases the symbol of Hansa (whether “I,” “He,” Goose or Swan) is an important symbol, representing, for instance, Divine Wisdom, Wisdom in dark-beyond the reach of menFor all exoteric purposes, Hansa, as every Hindu knows, is a fabulous bird, which, when given milk mixed with water for its food (in the allegory) separated the two, drinking the milk and leaving the water; thus showing inherent wisdom—milk standing symbolically for spirit, and water for matter.

That this allegory is very ancient and dates from the very earliest archaic period, is shown by the mention (in Bhagavata Purâna) of a certain caste named “Hamsa” “or “Hansa,” which was the “one caste” par excellence; when far back in the mists of a forgotten past there was among the Hindus only “One Veda, One Deity, One Caste.” There is also a range in the Himalayas, described in the old books as being situated north of Mount Meru, called “Hamsa,” and connected with episodes pertaining to the history of religious mysteries and initiationsAs to the name of Kâla-Hansa being the supposed vehicle of Brahmâ-Prajâpati, in the exoteric texts and translations of the Orientalists, it is quite a mistakeBrahma, the neuter, is called by them Kala-Hansa and Brahmâ, the male, Hansa-Vahana, because forsooth “his vehicle or Vahan is a swan or goose” (vide “the Hindu Classical Dictionary.”) This is a purely exoteric glossEsoterically and logically, if Brahma, the infinite, is all that is described by the Orientalists, namely, agreeably with the Vedantic texts, an abstract deity in no way characterised by the description of any human attributes, and it is still maintained that he or it is called Kala-Hansa—then how can it ever become the Vahan of Brahmâ, the manifested finite god?  It is quite the reverseThe “Swan or goose” (Hansa) is the symbol of that male or temporary deity, as he, the emanation of the primordial Ray, is made to serve as a Vahan or vehicle for that divine Ray, which otherwise could not manifest itself in the Universe, being, antiphrastically, itself an emanation of “Darkness”—for our human intellect, at any rateIt is Brahmâ, then, who is Kâla-Hansa, and the Ray, the Hansa-Vahana.

As to the strange symbol chosen, it is equally suggestive; the true mystic significance being the idea of a universal matrix, figured by the primordial waters of the “deep,” or the opening for the reception, and subsequently for the issue, of that one ray (the Logos), which contains in itself the other seven procreative rays or powers (the logoi or builders)Hence the choice by the Rosecroix of the aquatic fowl—whether swan or pelican,* with seven young ones for a symbol, modified and adapted to the religion of every countryEn-Soph is called the “Fiery Soul of the Pelican” in the Book of Numbers.† (See Part II. “The Hidden Deity and its Symbols and Glyphs.”) Appearing with every Manvantara as Narâyan, or Swayambhuva (the

Self-Existent), and penetrating into the Mundane Egg, it emerges from it at the end of the divine incubation as Brahmâ or Prajâpati, a progenitor of the future Universe into which he expandsHe is Purusha (spirit), but he is also Prakriti (matter)Therefore it is only after separating himself into two halves—Brahmâ-vâch (the female) and Brahmâ-Virâj (the male), that the Prajâpati becomes the male Brahmâ.


[Philippines, 13 February 2012]



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

At this juncture let’s proceed to a further reflection on the emergence of Light from Darkness. This is impeccably a very recondite subject without doubt, ordinary mortals are inclined to think of the dichotomy of light and darkness.

Light in occult knowledge or ‘spiritual science’, Divine Light if to stress the divinity of Light, is not the same physical light that we are accustomed to in the material world. It isn’t heat nor fire either.

Darkness, on the other hand, isn’t identical to ‘evil’. It is rather the condition of reality or Universe during the dissolution-to-rest phase or pralaya.

The spiritually Perfected Ones declared in Sloka 6 of Stanza 3, Book of Dzyan, the following cogitation:


HPBlavatsky, chela of the Chohans & Mahatmas of the spiritual Brotherhood, substantiated the same sloka, as expressed in Volume I, Secret Doctrine, to note:

(a) The essence of darkness being absolute light, Darkness is taken as the appropriate allegorical representation of the condition of the Universe during Pralaya, or the term of absolute rest, or non-being, as it appears to our finite minds. The “fire,” “heat,” and “motion” here spoken of, are, of course, not the fire, heat, and motion of physical science, but the underlying abstractions, the noumena, or the soul, of the essence of these material manifestations—the “things in themselves,” which, as modern science confesses, entirely elude the instruments of the laboratory, and which even the mind cannot grasp, although it can equally little avoid the conclusion that these underlying essences of things must exist. Fire and Water, or Father* and Mother, may be taken here to mean the divine Ray and Chaos. “Chaos, from this union with Spirit obtaining sense, shone with pleasure, and thus was produced the Protogonos (the first-born light),” says a fragment of Hermas. Damascius calls it Dis in “Theogony”—“The disposer of all things.” (See Cory’s “Ancient Fragments,” p. 314.)
According to the Rosicrucian tenets, as handled and explained by the profane for once correctly, if only partially, so “Light and Darkness are identical in themselves, being only divisible in the human mind;” and according to Robert Fludd, “Darkness adopted illumination in order to make itself visible” (On Rosenkranz). According to the tenets of Eastern Occultism, DARKNESS is the one true actuality, the basis and the root of light, without which the latter could never manifest itself, nor even exist. Light is matter, and DARKNESS pure Spirit. Darkness, in its radical, metaphysical basis, is subjective and absolute light; while the latter in all its seeming effulgence and glory, is merely a mass of shadows, as it can never be eternal, and is simply an illusion, or Maya.
Even in the mind-baffling and science-harassing Genesis, light is created out of darkness “and darkness was upon the face of the deep” (ch. i. v. 2.)—and not vice versâ. “In him (in darkness) was life; and the life was the light of men” (John i. 4). A day may come when the eyes of men will be opened; and then they may comprehend better than they do now, that verse in the Gospel of John that says “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not.” They will see then that the word “darkness” does not apply to man’s spiritual eyesight, but indeed to “Darkness,” the absolute, that comprehendeth not (cannot cognize) transient light, however transcendent to human eyes. Demon est Deus inversus. The devil is now called Darkness by the Church, whereas, in the Bible he is called the “Son of God” (see Job), the bright star of the early morning, Lucifer (see Isaiah). There is a whole philosophy of dogmatic craft in the reason why the first Archangel, who sprang from the depths of Chaos, was called Lux (Lucifer), the “Luminous Son of the Morning,” or manvantaric Dawn. He was transformed by the Church into Lucifer or Satan, because he is higher and older than Jehovah, and had to he sacrificed to the new dogma. (See Book II.)

[Philippines, 07 February 2012]

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