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IN FLIGHT (Poem 19)

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Here in the Pearl of the Orient

I’ve met you all of Earth’s social types:

Pauper and wealthy merchant

Fisherfolk, peasant and gentry

Countryfolk, villager and highlander

Craftsman, workingman, magnate, banker

Prostitute, gangster and policeman

Bishop, priest, nun, monk, minister and sinner

Pedagogue, manager and white-collar man

Sailor, bus driver and flyboy

Clerk, bartender and pedlar

Soldier and rebel warrior

Politician, publican and rabble rouser

Idiot, artist, athlete, genius.

Luck-struck! I feel like a star!

An opportuned social alchemist ceaselessly immersed

In all social spaces

Transmuted henceforth!

Rendered flexibly immortal to live and lead

In all imaginable shapes and spheres.

I shall fly so soon.

Scattered are your seeds over

Earth’s living zones

You ramparts of the planet.

[Writ. 30 Aug. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]



In my book Libertosophy & Freethought, I declared the thesis that one must attain self-realization or moksha within a social context. Be where the people are, practice devotion to God by showing devotion to them too, and serve the helpless ones to alleviate their needs and impoverishment. Serve wholeheartedly, and do it in silence.

Ascension that is done in a social context I first termed then as ‘social alchemy’. At a latter time, I coined the term libertosophy to mean a paradigm of spiritual truths, knowledge, wisdom that is suited for an aspirant who moves in the sub-paths of service and enlightened power, such as the social activists of our time.

I never found appreciation for those monks in Tibet who were isolating themselves inside caves and seemingly meditating forever. On the contrary, I disdained such a practice. One need not be a monk in order to ascend and attain moksha, one can isolate the self by living alone in your urban flat, but do not delude yourself with attaining moksha by total isolation.

Be like the proverbial Prometheus, who brought Light to those in need, though you may be challenged by Desire and may buckle down at times (Desire symbolized by the Vulture that pecked Prometheus’ liver while he was tied on a rock). As Jesus urged us, feed the poor, give water to the thirsty. Bring for the Light of truth, knowledge, wisdom to those who are in need, that they too can find balance within them, develop inner peace, and find the Path to nirvana or salvation.



April 2011




IN FLIGHT (Poem 28)

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Cross the boundaries

Of the vast fields of Knowledge.

Drink! Drink aplenty from the inexhaustible

Pool of Erudition!

The mind that is forever prepared

That which is decided to be

A chisel to carve out grandiose beauty

Out of blighted human commonwealths

Will never be seduced

By Ignorance

Whose villainous forces have

Erected quagmires that waylay

Unsuspecting victims.

Drink! Drink more from the inexhaustible

Pool of Erudition!

Your journey’s flight is about to make


Knowledge makes every waylaid

Fetter by Ignorance

Impeccably passable.

[Writ. 07 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


The Teaching is very clear about the need for growing the knowledge repositories and capacities of a person, likewise to improve capabilities based on knowledge and tools. Science is the 5th Ray to the Divine, it responds to the need for building knowledge by the Aspirant, and it helps to sharpen one’s analytical and linguistic intelligence.

Even spiritual truths are packaged today as ‘spiritual science’, with both spiritual paradigms and technologies (tools, methods, practices). Both material and spiritual science perform very important roles in illuminating the Aspirant and in expanding the absorptive capacity for higher truths.

On a much higher level, an Aspirant must seek to uncover the core universal laws, find subsidiary expressions of them, and see relevant tools and practices derived from them. Self-knowledge is that aspect of knowledge that has to do with the inner self, and is of central import in the Path too.

What is important to consider is that never take knowledge for its own sake. Knowledge should provide tools that can aid in self-understanding and grasping objective reality, tools that aid in self-realization. Knowledge for its own sake can lead one to the Dark Path, such as what befell those physicists who developed the Bomb in Alamogordo and dropped them on helpless women, children, aged folks in Japan.



April 2011


OF ARTIST AND DUSK January 13, 2015

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

O! Eager artist!

Benign sib of the dusk

Vessel of the spirit of imageries

The dusk—

Is this your fraternal twin

Who reminds you always

Of your noble mission?

You are a speaker

And audio system fused

As one

Before the world

Your absence to many means

A worldless world, lifeless life

The dusk always reminds you

That salads of ideas are


In your mind

Waiting to be revealed

[Writ. 04 June 91, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]


The poem is another of the literary pieces I wrote to underscore the full import of the craftsman or artist in social life. Echoing the higher mysteries of Seven (7) Rays, I mentored to seekers to develop the artist within them, the goal being to build the ‘esthetic intelligence’ in them.

Being an artist myself, I naturally align to higher dimensions during dusk to intuit on truths apperceived as wholes. Dusk till night time is a moment of high productivity for artists and intellectuals/ contemplatives, so it is most fitting to maximize on such moments for creative outputs.

Morning is also a nice time for productive pursuits, but I noticed that I often than not exhibit the ‘morning sickness’ at this time of the day. But not at past 4 pm till around 9 pm, and I can go on till midnight save that I must cease from work so as to pray and meditate for an hour.

Being so used to the importance of esthetics, any evolved soul would easily feel the dreariness of a surround in the absence of it. I do feel the unease when I am in a ghetto area or depressed urban community, where my nose could suddenly drip ceaselessly as my aura gets pulped by the dense environ and my sinus swollen inexplicably. All I need to do is withdraw from the community the quickest, and get back my balance couples of hours later.

Esthetics reinforces the harmonics in any community, so I recommend seekers to reside in an ecologically balanced and esthetically regenerative neighborhood.


April 2011



Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza

November 2010

Felicitous greetings to you all!

Let me continue to reverb the message of a most heartfelt gratitude to you enthused readers and fellow analysts/writers who appreciate my notes on society, wisdom, and self-development.

My own eyes continue to witness the rise of end-users and discussants, as I visited the search engines to monitory those sites that have quoted or discoursed on my writings. My social blogs ensue being esteemed among the world’s top sociology blogs, warming up my heart ceaselessly.

With your impeccable appreciation and support of my cyber-crusade, information about me on the internet expanded by several folds.

Special thanks to the following online news, magazines and portals for citing my notes as among the top blogs on cyberspace:

Thanks too to the following sites that have cited, discussed and debated on various notes of mine about a diversity of topics and themes:


Gracious thanks to you all! Mabuhay!



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

October 2010

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good day to you all!

It’s barely 110 weeks to go before the 2012 planetary ascension and the catastrophic period of eighteen (18) years prior to full world construction.

From hereon, I as a humble Adept among 144,000 White Robes will be making countdown pronouncements. This is in line with my own new tasks with the Brotherhood of Light/spiritual Brotherhood: messenger task up-scaled.

For the quarter that had just started, the real bad news for us on the political economic terrain is the pronouncement by economists of the North (led by Joseph Stiglitz) about the deep structural malaise that the US, European, and Japanese economies are deeply mired into. There has been a corroboration by said economists of the earlier contention by us White Robes (e.g. Sal Rachele, myself) about the collapse of the ‘money economy’, a pattern that will continue till the rise of the New Earth.

On the astrophysical-electromagnetic front, the upscaling of calamities, from floods to super-storms, continues. Indonesia just had its own flooding, a couple of months after China, Pakistan, India, and Kashmir went through the same. Howling fiery winds are now raging back in California, testing anew the resiliency of forests and residential areas from annual burning.

As a special highlight, a 260 KPH typhoon—code Juan—struck Luzon island of the Philippines this month. Destroying homes, roofs of buildings, and trees like blowing plain dust, the typhoon one of the most powerful cyclones that struck the country this decade. Three (3) towns were accordingly flattened by the super-storm.

On the spiritual front, a portion of us 144,000 White Robes have been ascended anew, giving them the opportunity to report directly to the Father prior to adjustments and re-assignments in the councils of the Elders of the Race in the astral-etheric planes. The pattern of ascension has begun as early as May of this year yet (I’ve written about this/will post as blog article a bit later).

A blast of integrative Shamballah energy released late September has over-flown to this month to benefit the greatest number of seekers, mystics, Lightworkers. The next blast will be on the December solstice yet.

For a summary, the articles I published this month were:  

  • Shamballah Energies Flowing
  • 144,000 White Robes
  • Bulol: Mystical Principles within Igorot Symbols
  • Malay Stream in Higher Mysteries
  • Cosmic Justice
  • Evil Masters Pretend Light Beings During Channeling
  • Tagalog Creation Myth: Science of Birthing Revealed
  • Tagalog Creation Myth: Lemurian & Cosmic Revelations
  • Giants in Malay Folklore Evidence of Ancient Giants 

For a recap of my articles published for the previous month (September), the greater focus was on the Philippines’ role in the unfolding cosmic drama. From the historic Lemuria role to the present role as cosmic ‘umbilical cord’ site, the Philippines (formerly part of Maharloka of Lemuria days) was the broad focus, which hopefully my own fellow Filipinos will come to appreciate. These were:  

  • Brotherhood of Light in Philippine’s Making
  • Philippines (Mu) 1898-2008: from Nationhood to Cosmic Hyperspace Re-opening
  • Spiritual Brotherhood Embodies Rishis in Philippines Pre-2012
  • Galactic Umbilical Cord: Hyperspace Portal Above Palawan/Lemuria
  • Father’s Mandated Destiny: Philippine Awakenings Signals Global Ascension
  • Philippine Enslavement by White Man: Aryan’s Handwriting on the Wall
  • Philippine Flooding post-2012: Mother Womb Healing
  • 66-Year Philippine Freedom: Powering Humanity’s Karma Yoga 

As the month closes, let us pray for the gains we had for this particular month. Let’s also take stock of what the next month may bring.  








Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza

October 2010


Felicitous greetings to you all!

I hereby extend my most heartfelt gratitude to enthused readers and fellow writers who appreciated my notes about social life, wisdom and arts.

I realize, as I visited the search engines to monitory those sites that have cited and/or discussed my blogs, have been increasing by the week. My social blogs continue to be counted among the world’s top sociology blogs, which surely makes my heart very elated.

Indubitably, after your appreciation and support of my cyber-crusade, information about me on cyberspace increased by gigantic strides.

Special thanks to the following online news, magazines and portals for citing my notes as among the top blogs on cyberspace:


Thanks too to the following sites that have cited, discussed and debated on various notes of mine about a diversity of topics and themes:


Maraming salamat! Mabuhay kayo!




Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good evening! Magandang gabi!

For you fellows, let me share this time a note about the place of Philippine spiritual awakening in the cosmic drama. This is a destined role that many Adepts are only dimly aware of, save for those who have already worked out to burn down many veils in their specific Initiation Paths.

There is this contention shared by Philippine mystics that the Yod in the Philippine flag is the very divine beacon that reveals the special mandate from the Almighty God given to the Philippines. Within the context of the accelerating evolution of the planet, such a mandate refers to the very role that Philippine spiritual awakening would have on the spiritual awakening of the entire planet as we graduate to 4th dimension as a planet, humanity, and natural endowments base (nature beings, animals, minerals).

The Yod mystically is a portion of the longer Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh (YHVH), the very name of the Almighty Creator of Creators. It is the Father aspect of the Almighty Providence, in the sequence of kabbalistic sounds so revealed. Being so, its presence in the Philippine flag, which is replete with divine revelations sublimely encoded by the Brotherhood of Light/Spiritual Hierarchy, clearly assures for the modern nation its place in the unfolding cosmic drama.

Such a role wouldn’t hold much water were the Philippines but a mere 3rd dimension enclave that is without any significant energy center worth the Brotherhood’s concern. Far from it, the Philippines remains as 4th dimensional in vibratory frequency, is the ‘womb of the Mother’ (birthplace of ancient Adamic races and greatest civilization on Earth), houses the ‘planetary chi’ (energy spot niched in Mt. Banahaw being nearest to karma yoga center, or solar plexus), and is home to the hyperspace portal linking us to the other galaxies and the Central Sun of the universe.

Within the context of such an overarching reality for the modern nation, the Yod archetype carries enormous weight and holds ocean full of waters. The archetype is the encoded message not only from the spiritual Brotherhood, it is more so a most divine message from the 24 Divine Elders and the Lord Ancient of Days. With the descent of Earth to 3rd density, the Father assured that certain spots on Earth remain 4th dimensional such as the Philippines, though the same country’s own people are mired in a collective consciousness that is 3rd density like the rest of humanity. As the Earth moves up back to 4th density, the collective and individual consciousnesses of evolved Filipinos will serve as the very core signal for the rest of the planet, inclusive of those six (6) other major energy spots and the beings benefiting from their hyper-activation.

In the year 2004, approximately on the 21st of September, when the descending wave of Pisces equaled that of the ascending wave of Aquarius, a most divine event happened on a planetary scale: the re-awakening of the long dormant ‘womb of the Mother’ with the re-positioning in Mt. Banahaw of the ‘planetary chi’. Where this chi lies, for an entire Age the area will experience unparalleled prosperity. During the Aquarian Age, prosperity is assured in the region radiating from Mt. Banahaw, which is not only exclusive to the Philippines. This is the region of the ancient Maharloka-Sunda of Lemurian heydays, and it stretches from approximately the area south of Japan (now under sea level) down to Australia. On its Western side is Malaysia, while the Eastern-most stretch would be Marshall islands.

Those geographic points are merely approximations of the ancient reality, please note this well. Such was the huge expanse of the Lemurian center then of Maharloka-Sunda, that it housed the very core where governance was perfected, cultural-psychic development reached a peak, and divine priesthood was the order of the day. For economy of words, we will simplify the area as Maharloka.

Among all countries in the Pacific today, it is only the Philippines that approximates the very vibratory frequency and reconstitutive powers immanent from the divine environ of Maharloka. This is the very reason why spiritual masters of the 20th century such as Paramahansa Yogananda and P.R.Sarkar have extolled the Philippines to the level of divine exaltation. The same masters though who knew about the mystical significance of the Philippines kept mum about the matter, indicating that it isn’t yet time to reveal such recondite information to the planet.

To even go backwards in time, around the decades of the 1880s and 1890s, a collective rousing took place, directed by patriots and led by Jose Rizal & soul partners (evolved souls who were sent forth by the Brotherhood), aimed openly at creating a national ethos and a new nation (by dis-engaging from imperial Spain’s yoke). On a more esoteric level, the rousing was intended to waken up the long dormant Lemurian zeitgeist, the spiritual Force of the Father-Mother implanted in the very collective psyche of humanity.

Not only was the Philippines the concern of the Brotherhood and Planetary Logos/Ancient of Days, but also those Asian/Pacific countries that were bamboozled by Western powers into colonial submission. There was the realization that inspiring nationalist movements, via embodying evolved souls in the Philippines and sibling countries as patriots and modernists, can alter the hovel conditionality of 3rd density and re-awaken the Lemurian zeitgeist though this will now manifest in new forms akin to an Asian Renaissance.

Needless to say, the Spirit Guardians of the Earth, who comprised the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, found the colonial yoke and enslavement as an opportunity for a revitalization of dormant spiritual Force, henceforth setting off ripples that would shatter the 3rd dimensional thought modalities that have reduced humanity in the Philippines and the region to pathetic eaters. It was the Philippines chosen by the Spirit Guardians to ignite the flame, a movement that was already proved earlier in the Americas.

Do note that the divine Plan is very long term in time frame, the spiritual Hierarchy designs plans by the hundreds to thousands of years. The implication of this divinity planning platform is that the ignition of the flame of Lemurian zeitgeist is just but a milestone event of a long chain of events leading to the achievement of larger divine goals in the distant future.

The next special event by the Spirit Guardians that affected not only the Philippines but the whole of humanity was the partial opening of the gates of ‘center where the Will of God is known,’ outpouring enormous high-frequency energies of detoxifying significances, in 1930. On that very decade (30s) came the decision by the leaders of America to grant the Philippines independence, a rather enigmatic reversal of an earlier policy to keep the islands in the long run for its being a good base of permeating China with US investments and eventual economic foothold. The spiritual Hierarchy was clear in its message to the White imperialists all along: leave the Asia-Pacific alone, pack up soon, or taste the fires of global cleansing that will lead to an accelerated end to the Caucasian (white) race so soon.

The cleansing impact of that outpouring of high frequencies was no other than 2nd World War. So badly mauled were the Western imperialists in the region, and so were their subaltern local oligarchs, that they were turned to wet chicken overnight. A year after the war’s end, in 1946, independence was finally granted to the Philippine republic. After the Philippines, other new nations followed suit, such as India, Indonesia, Burma, Indochina, and Malaysia.

The latest among the milestone events was the re-opening of the galactic hyperspace portal in late 2008. As already tackled in other articles, this portal is located in the Philippines. My own assessment of the portal is that it is of 5th density alignment, which means that galactic ships that travel normally on 6th density can facilely enter Earth unnoticed by using this very portal and descend a kilometer lower than its gate, and then hover in a space as low as just about three (3) kilometers up there. The same ships can also navigate the Earth and adjoining planets at 5th density and step down a bit to 4th density without being noticed, and at that level engage enemy forces that are intent to exhibit hostility.

Such is the very reason why many Lightworkers in the Philippines—whose awareness is past 5th density—so facilely observe patrol ships from recently arrived galactic Command contingents, because the Philippines is 4th Density in frequency. The ships are manifesting themselves to the spiritual sensitives and evolved souls, by merely stepping down their frequency to 4th density. Even 3rd density folks do sometimes “stumble” upon sights of the recent patrols, as there could be instances when their own mind frames would slip to alpha brain wave that could align them to 4th density instantly.

All such eventualities are preparations for an even gigantic event: the final awakening of the Philippine spiritual Force, the Lemurian zeitgeist, the rapid manifestation of a Malayo-Philippine weltanschauung, altogether leading to the explosion of Oneness. Symbolized as a bakunawa or dragon in folk culture, the Philippine spiritual Force will be the planetary key that will signal the opening up of the spiritual Force of other regions of the Planet as a whole.

If you judge the actions of the Rishis and Lightworkers of the nation, and assess the impact of such interventions in terms of gathering the evolved souls, the awakening had already taken place. However, a critical mass needed to be attained in order to effect a full awakening of the collective conscious (from its unconscious state) to higher dimensional frequency modalities. Such a feat is near, and the Planet need not wait too long anymore for an event long foretold by prophets and sages. Thereafter, the whole planet ‘down here’ will be 4th dimensional, even as the higher dimensions will become habitats for those evolved souls who will attain both spiritual and physical ascension.

This is the good news for you all, fellows of Planet Earth, about the near celebration due to the advent of global spiritual awakening. Hail the awakening spiritual Force! Hail the Spirit Guardians and Elders of the Race! Hail the Lord Ancient Days and His Sons and Daughters of Light!

[Philippines, 18 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Let me share to you at this moment some notes about the ‘veils to the aspirant’s Path’. The notion of ‘veil’ had semiotically enriched the question of human predicament—of illusion and self-estrangement—that has factored strongly in Man’s being grounded agog in his/her spiritual ascent back to the Godhead.

If one reads through Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s writings, one would encounter the master’s fondness for discoursing on ‘energy veil’, the same veil thus clouding or blocking man’s view of the higher realms. Concomitantly, man’s soul evolution halted to a stop, or man was trapped in the dense spheres. To shorten energy veil would yield e-veil, from which the term ‘evil’ may have emerged. I surely have a full appreciation for the Master Elizabeth’s discourse on the matter, even as I recommend aspirants to the mystical-yogic Path to read the writings of Prophet and her husband Mark. [I would authenticate that both are maharishis, and that I did had a rendezvous with Master Elizabeth in the ‘sphere of masters’ when I graduated to rishi late last year.]

To go straight to the point, in order to attain nirvanic awareness (soul awakening, or entry into the spiritual realms), one must hurdle several obstacles. As the initiant or aspirant passes one tests after another, and gets purified in the process, certain energy veils are also brought down. As a rishi-yogi, I would attest to the existence of such veils, and I do recall well that each one looks like a drapery that is literally brought down or drops off from one’s mystic view. As a veil is dropped, the aspirant moves a step ahead in the Path. On and on will this process take place, till finally one becomes a ‘master of wisdom’ or attains nirvanic awareness (or self-realization, meaning the realization of the higher self).

The moment that many veils have dropped off and that one attains mystic awareness (mystic is pre-nirvanic), the aspirant is already allowed access to the akashic records. However, the accession is delimited by the level of awareness, and the mystic can only go as far as reviewing couples of thousands of years back in the past. To be able to go back in time some more and solve the lingering enigmas of life, the mystic must hurdle more obstacles and drop off more veils…until the rishi or nirvanic awareness is reached.

To my own surprise, as I went on in my Path, I discovered thru experience that veils are both of Light and Dark. There was one instance when I did see so clearly a black drapery dropping off from my view, black signifying a Dark veil or ‘anti-universe energy veil’—the veil of the AntiChrist Forces. In some other instances, I clearly saw effervescent white draperies dropping off from my view or from above, white thus signifying that they were veils of Light, or veils planted by the Christ or Light Forces.

Surely, some basic questions would crop up in the mind of a seeker when encountering this narrative of veils along the Way. One essential question is: why are there such veils? Another basic query is: why are there two (2) veils and not just one (expectedly only Dark veil)?

Regarding the reason for the veil, explanations were already advanced by previous Teachers (from Blavatsky to Rachele). We can sum this up as follows: in the primordial times, when experimental mankind fell in vibratory frequency, there came the battle for humanity by two contending forces of the Galaxy: the Orion-Draco alliance, representing the Dark Forces, and the Galactic Confederation, representing the Light Forces.

Those contending forces then intervened in the genetic experimentations of the primordial races, the Fallen Ones implanting deep into the DNA the seeds of evil and divine forgetfulness (mankind’s forgetting his once glorious moments in the ‘garden of eden’ of 7th Density awareness), the Light Forces implanting DNA codes that would allow for a recovery of the memory of higher spheres and return to Godhead. The commonality of purpose of both forces was in the recognition that those unprepared to quicken the Path just cannot have access right away to the akashic records and be given the keys to higher mysteries.

To solve the problem of unnecessary access, both forces intentionally and methodically erected veils in the electromagnetic field or EMF of planet Earth. Needless to stress, the Fallen Ones constructed dark veils, to reinforce the DNA programming of evil traits in primordial man, while the Sons of Light planted veils of Light upon the EMF so as to avoid the untimely entry of the unprepared into the spheres of inner mysteries. You could just imagine the enormous barriers to one’s own ascent created by the erection by two gigantic forces of such EMF veils.

To be able to unveil each and every EMF barrier necessitates that one must be initiated in the yogic or mystic Path. I would dare say that institutional pathways to the Divine, such as those offered by churches and pseudo-church groups, are ineffective if not puerile in bringing down the veils, precisely because such groups are pathetically ignorant of the veiling phenomenon. The Initiatic methods offer the better pathways, these being handled by trained Gurus who have already torn down their respective veils and can access high knowledge directly from their own God selves. The same methods offer tools that quicken the aspirant’s attainment of balance, increase in vibratory frequency, soul healing and EMF (aura) detoxification, and related tasks and processes that accelerate one’s own recovery of higher awareness—at least of 7th Density that was mankind’s original state of being.

A mystic often than not begins at 7th Density and is then assisted by a guru-Master or mahayogi to move upwards to 8th Density. Certain veils are taken down in the process, while the Master Guide of the mystic absorbs a part of the karmic debt of the same aspirant so s/he can move up quickly to the next step. When such initial veils are removed, the aspirant comes face-to-face with the Ancient of Days—in the etheric plane—and receives his/her blessing to move on towards the higher steps of the Path.

From the foregoing, another point that needs to be stressed is that the veils can indeed be taken down or unveiled, that tools are available for taking them down, that blockages can come along the way which an aiding Guru can help to be identified, in other words, that mankind’s state is full of Hope to move on back to God Almighty. No matter how thick the veils maybe, they can be unveiled effectively, till one can indeed ascend in the Path. Ones taken off, the aspirant then graduates to higher-level awareness, the exultation from the success ensuring a jubilation and celebration Above by Ascended Beings. Couples of such celebrations I’ve already experienced, as my Light Body is surrounded by loving Masters of the Order who accompanied the celebration with wine glasses filled with elixirs of divinity.

The good news for everyone else on Earth is that the veils are now being taken down. As the Earth is now ascending back towards the higher densities, the spiritual Hierarchy is taking the necessary steps to bring down the EMF veils one after the other. Which means that the future-era aspirant will have just but a few veils left to work on—of veils placed in the personal unconscious—which aren’t as tough to take down as those veils of my generation of mystics and rishis. Even those souls who are merely of 4th to 5th Density (astral-level awareness) development, who may survive the polar shift and populate 4th Density Earth, will have the privilege of working their respective Paths without the blocking veils in the EMF.

Adding to the ease in accessing the higher keys and substance of inner mysteries is the activation of all 12 strands of DNA in the New Age humans (post-polar shift). The activated subtle DNA strands, literally beaming with Light like upward spiral lanterns, are a huge boost to the burning of many veils implanted in the DNA codes by the Fallen Ones. Thus will there be fewer veils to work on, contrasted to the pre-2012 millenia and centuries when veils numbered literally by the couples of hundreds—combining DNA veils plus the EMF veils.

For Teachers of the Path, the systematic removal of EMF veils permits mass initiation of aspirants who are of lower density (4th to 6th), a task that was so difficult to do in the previous times. I attempted to do mass initiation for almost two (2) decades, and admitted to the limited results of my efforts, precisely because the condition for it hasn’t come. After the polar shift, the natural condition for mass initiation will simply be there, which makes teaching an even more rewarding spiritual task.

2,000 years ago, the Master Issa (Yeshua ben Joseph, Jesus, Joshua) experimented on conducting mass initiation, and showed the way for such a possibility. Those same feats were simply superhuman then, more so that the avatar Maitreya, Jesus’ cosmic teacher, overshadowed the Master so he can directly tap Higher Light at such enormous levels that could permit mass initiation. After the polar shift, the same feats can already be replicated with ease by teachers of the Path, thanks to the graduation of Earth to higher dimension accompanied by dismantled EMF veils.

Fellows on Earth, this is part of the good news for us all. One by one are the external veils and the DNA programmed veils being taken down, which now has made our road ahead transmuted from a thorny path to a smoothened Path of Light. God has directly intervened in the process, so let us not forget to show the most loving thanks to our Divine Father-Mother for the latest blessing.

[Philippines, 05 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza

As I browsed over the various websites lately, I encountered some sites that featured the clarion call for a ‘post-modern church’. Whether a post-modern church is viable is highly contentious.

Fact is, the term ‘post-modern church’ is an oxymoron. Postmodernity celebrates the micro-narratives, or those totality of terrains comprised by the domains of the individuated souls. Churches comprise the social institution of religion, and are largely progenitors of meta-narratives.

In postmodernity, meta-narratives make no further sense. To continue to peddle the sensibility or relevance of meta-narratives in today’s context would only exacerbate the loose grounds from which such institutional templates are founded, for sooner or later such grounds will shatter and the meta-narratives or Discourse (with the capital D) will fragment and self-destruct.

Post-modernity is just but the beginning phase of a longer, more strategic phase in the evolution of mankind: the strategic era of the ‘noosphere’. Post-modernity will come to pass, and with its passing will come forth a future world more grand than ever. And more grand is it precisely because the meta-narratives of the past are over, destroyed and shattered, taken over largely by the life fluxes of the individuated.

In the era of the noosphere, spirituality will largely be a knowledge-based pursuit, highly individualized and counter-institutional. There may be semblances of organizations to mediate the formation of Seekers, Mystics and Masters in the evolving contexts, but such organizations will be more of loose social networks of individuals rather than tightly-fit structures of fanatical devotees of Stone Age churches.

This is not to deny that there are today large numbers yet of Devotees, who in fact comprise the larger portion of humanity. These devotees are largely attuned to the mass mind, the mind that is now effacing and giving way to the individuated mind. The Devotees or Believers are largely non-authentic selves of herds, who unconsciously regard organizations such as churches as maternal structures that nurture the ever-infantile devotional types. And so these devotees, even if they leave their own churches today, are indeed prone to searching for some other churches to continue with their devotional works. And if such churches are not available for the moment, then it is but appropriate a response to create another church, and so on ad nauseaum.

And in the coming years or decades, we will still witness the morphing of new churches, even if in the long run such a phenomenon will seem like infantile acts of a population that is becoming extinct. For in due time the Devotee types will be replaced by the Freethinker, the Seeker types of souls, most of whom will come from planets and star systems far more evolved than ours. And the devotee populations will decline precisely because, unable to adapt well to the vibratory frequency of a planet that is now rapidly moving up the frequency ladder, the better will the same devotees survive and grow if they be transported en masse to planets less evolved than the Earth and of a lower vibratory frequency.

To those devotees who long for a ‘post-modern church’, the challenge confronts them head on to constitute such a church itself, complete with a hierarchy of priests and priestesses and rituals that are mere reconstructions of ceremonies for the ancient herds. They have the right to do so, if we were all to follow the logic of such action from the universal declaration of human rights concurred by the founders of the United Nations.

As a sociologist, I’ll be glad to observe such a church as another behavioral species worth my observation. In the long run, it will prove utterly futile to maintain churches on earth, and before long such efforts to comprise new ones will crash back on the ground, unable to procure loyalties from a population of souls of seekers and freethinkers who would always regard churches with suspicion and ambivalence.

[Manila, 13 November 2007]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

Let me share more thoughts about contemporary movies, about how they can be effective vehicles to reveal intuitive insights about future worlds. I’d focus this time on the film series Matrix and Terminator.

We can regard the texts of the said cinemas as allegorical, with some fundamental archetypes that can guide the viewer towards a deeper understanding of the script. We can also regard the texts as prophetic revelations about the future worlds, particularly the technotronic or technetronic society that is now shaping up.

As forecast by certain sociologists (e.g. Torraine) and futuristic writers (e.g. Asimov), the forthcoming historical epochs will be marked by the rise to prominence of cybernetic machines. The broader context of the society from which such high-technology innovations will be made possible was tagged by Daniel Bell as the ‘post-industrial society’, while the technology was dubbed as ‘third wave’ by Alvin Toffler.

Cybernetics, the informational-integrative science started by the eminent mathematician Norbert Wiener, will have to pass through its own stages of R&D revolutions before technotronics can be made possible. Eventually, this science must move to that point when the dividing line between human and machine can be effectively erased. With such erasure effected, humans notably the ‘low thinking ability’ class of folks—whom some elites pejoratively dubbed as ‘useless eaters’—can be controlled.

The objective of those experimenters and power elites is no less than absolute, total control of the folks. When the ‘eaters’ are put under control, with even their reproductive functions and private habits largely reprogrammed to suit broader societal goals, then signs are clear that the technotronic society has been born. In such a society, no one may be poor, but freedom from poverty would be at the expense of one’s own freewill.

The initial attempt to subordinate one’s individual life to broader social controls was already experimented recently as totalitarian state form. Communism, fascism and Islam were the prototypes of the reign of Tyranny that is a departure from previous tyrannies. In these prototypes, groupthought is reinforced by a mass that is politically mobile. Such a groupthought environment permits the total permeation of draconian values down to the household level.

But such prototypes were only able to succeed in terms of percolating the normative and value reinforcement templates of the futuristic Tyranny. They hardly sufficed to create immense dents in the very psyche of the folks so as to effect mutations in each of the mass members. The mutation, if ever, was superficial, as an erstwhile docile folk suddenly became participative and mobile in a society operating on the basis of the ‘group mind’.

What the designers of future worlds have in mind is to effect mutations in the psyche through intervention in both the biological and electromagnetic (aura) templates of the individual concerned. Among those inventions brewing up are advanced level microchips that can be implanted in sensitive parts of the body such as the brain and heart. When the prototypes of these cybernetic systems are produced, there will be no further need for ideological work the way they were done in the earlier totalitarian experiments. All it needs would be to program and reprogram each folk who bear with them the appropriate chip implants.

Matrix particularly depicted the future juncture when the programming will reach perfection. In this version of technotronics, each folk is directly attached to a mega-machine, controlled totally like a baby that is forever attached via an umbilical cord to its mother. When everyone else has been attached to his/her mega-machine ‘mother’, there can be no room for escape. The risk for challenging the system would be enormously high.

In that technotronics version, everyone else is in a sleeping state, or comatose by our medical standards of today. One’s personal experiences will be registered in the electromagnetic template like unto a dream state. With everyone provided for, who will ever think of the polarity principle and challenge the status quo? This is a society where every folk is indeed a perfected eater, yet productive enough as to contribute clearly to the sustenance of the deus ex machina.

As part of the security or sanction mechanisms, cybernetic machines will perform sentinel functions. Both the Terminator and Matrix series depicted this part well. The models could vary from cyborgs to tentacle octopus-like robots. Whatever will be the form of such cyber-sentinels in the future, they will come to fruition most likely. As of this writing, the proto-cyborgs are now coming out in the open in the form of humanoid robots.

As an update, do note that as of this moment, cybernetics had already advanced to the 3rd phase level, and is moving fast ahead. The objective of future phase cybernetics is to short-cut Thought or eliminate it altogether among the folks, by directing or manipulating the ‘eaters’ via computers. In which case there will be not much need for ideologizing which works by continuous brainwashing or sustained drumbeating of the state’s power via propaganda. While there will still be propaganda, it will be secondary contrasted to cyber-technology itself.

There is no doubt that all the Tyrannical experiments of the past will fold up sooner or later. Communism had already tragically collapsed, fascism is having a hard time to be revived, and Islam is pretty unstable. Eco-fascism is now being whipped up as a substitute for the failed communist experiments, but this too, which is propaganda-based in strategy, will flop out.

However, what can be culled from such experiments in futuristic Tyranny is the high-grade information about total behavior control. They are Skinner’s Walden Two enacted in the real world, of draconian experiments that sought to gain compliance by circumventing Thought and working straight on the Primal base of human behavior. The high-grade information has now been repacked and translated into both qualitative and mathematical languages, ready for their own re-utilization in the context of the erasure of distinction between human and machine.

At this time, the Old World with its semblance of thought-governed rules and templates is now coming to a close, approaching a ‘twilight zone’. It is coming at a time when the distinction between terrestrial and extraterrestrial is also on its twilight. Just one more element waits to unfold: the erasure of space-oriented with hyper-space travel, radically altering hence our time concepts.

The Terminator series was able to depict the successful short-cutting of the time process precisely through time-travel principles and mechanisms. Mystics and masters know too well these principles, even as they were able to demonstrate with ease how one can use his/her electromagnetic or EM body to travel to the past or future and come back to the present. The packaging of this information into cybernetic items is now within our hand, and sooner or later there will be such cyber-sentinels that can indeed travel across time to perform their duties.

If the Divine Hierarchs will not intervene enough on Earth and other star systems where planets are similarly situated (i.e. 3-dimensional, dense sphere), chances are that Earth and other Fallen planets will move closer to the dreaded technotronic future. It will be a future that will synthesize the basic foundations of 20th century totalitarianism and 21st century cybernetic innovations. Since mankind is quite somnambulistic in awareness today, a state that is almost similar to the Matrix awareness, very few human souls are even aware of where we’re heading for, much less aware of what to do.

For if majority of humans are aware, they would concur collective courses of action and invite the Divine Hierarchy to intervene as much as possible. This is the tragedy of the moment, a tragic condition that the divinities are trying hard to address from their end.

The danger with the evil experiments of the Terrans (Earth’s people) on behavior control, most especially totalitarian control, is that they might spill over to other habitable planets. How far aware are Terrans that cross-galactic observers, traversing hyperspace to come here, may have amassed enormous research data about Terran tyrannies for their own purposes, isn’t even on the table for evaluation.

And even more tragic would be the possibility that, over a century hence, these totalitarian systems may become obsolete on Earth, but the same junk systems would be executed in large scales across the vast expanse of galaxies. Because the Earth is now evolving, and chances are that such experiments, if they would last at all, won’t have a chance to last two hundred years from now. But there we are, diffusing tyrannical ideas—novel today but junk tomorrow—for some mad regimes and terror groups in other planets and star systems.

Our only hope now is for some enlightened forces in the galaxy to come forth and intervene. Precisely by using hyperspace principles to come to Earth now to help stop all the mad experiments going on here. Otherwise we will be repeating the ancient conflict of Star Wars, or the ‘fall of Lucifer’, all over again. The enlightened ‘Jedi knights’ (signifying Light warrior forces) must come now, or too late in the day the terror machines will be all over us here, ensuring the death of liberty both here and across the galaxies.

[Writ 01 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]


STUDY THE WISDOM LESSONS (Seekers’ Lesson 3) April 9, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Greetings in the Almighty God’s I Am Presence, Noble Seekers!

For this moment’s reflection, I’d stress on the need to read and study the wisdom lessons or ‘the Teaching’. The essential attitudes to observe regarding the Teaching goes by the social marketing line: Read Everything, Question Everything, Doubt Nothing. Let’s go over these attitudes one after the other.

Read Everything!

Read and study everything that would come into mind as contributing to building a reflective, contemplative, wise self. This is a very important aspect of your own ‘capacity building’ efforts.

It’s up to you to define where to begin. Fact is, you may have already begun. In my case, I began with the Holy Bible: page after page of it, hungry with knowledge and wisdom, I quaffed every wisdom note that I could procure from both the Old and New Testaments. It’s the King James version, coming from the Vatican, brought to my ancestral home by my gifted, genius grandfather. I was 15 years old when I first went through it…. So, you can begin with scriptural materials.

There are many of you there who may find scriptural materials as quite nauseating. “Geek! What Stone Age kind of things! What Greek stuff!” (pardon me, dear Greeks!) Alright, if you’re this type, then maybe you can begin with controversial materials. I was 17 when I read the first controversial, mystical material, The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, a British white magician. The book came from my own biological mom’s collection (we all have a Divine Mom, remember!). I almost went ecstatically orgasmic while reading the stuff! More such materials came later. You can do the same.

Maybe you can begin with the conspiracy materials. Those among you who are fond of detective novels can perhaps be titillated with conspiracy stuff. There’s The Hiram Key by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, Their Kingdom Come/Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei by Robert Hutchison, and more reads. There are so many reads on this stuff on internet by the way, and most likely so many of you Seekers have already done research on them.

Perhaps the esoteric philosophy materials could be your entry point. These texts go by their wisdom traditions: Theosophy, Kabbalah, Essene, Gnosis, Druid, Eleusinian, Sufi, Esoteric Buddhism, Esoteric Christianity, Freemasonry, Anthroposophy, Mayan, Native American, Babaylan (Malayo-Philippine), Veda, Vedanta, Tantra, Tao, and related items. You may focus on just one tradition, but I’d highly recommend that you also do research on the others across time. I began with theosophy, circa 1980, I guess because these lessons were largely those synthesized by my guru El Morya and his team, which he then passed on (channeled) to HP Blavatsky and her team.

Transdisciplinal materials could suit you as entry point. They combine philosophy and sciences’ discourses into an exquisitely woven singular material. Tao of Physics by Deepak Chopra is an excellent example of the transdisciplinal type. Zecharia Sitchin also writes using transdisciplinal methodology, which you will observe in such books of his as The Wars of Gods and Men and Divine Encounters.

You may be drawn the strongest to psychism and magic. Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings would be fitting start ups. Ravenscroft is also into this genre. U.S. Andersen’s Secret Powers of Pyramids is another example. Wicca could also be worth reviewing for you. Materials on evocative magic may also attract you. There’s also sex magic, such as the Toaist Secrets of Love by Mantak Chia. Materials on prophecy and futuristics made by mystics and psychics are related ones. Go ahead, please read them.

So, Noble Seekers, there is no fixed formula as to which reading to start. Feel it from your heart, take away those barriers of mind that could deter you along the path. But never forget: read all of those generic materials as much as possible. They are all important. Stay away from thoughts that “these are more important than those ones,” “scriptures are Stone Age and irrelevant,” “My God! Scary New Age stuff! That’s Lucifer’s footnotes!” If you think this way, thou art no seeker at all.

Question Everything!

“Oh My God! That’s wonderful!”…”My God, those texts are exceedingly wise! I’d follow them all!” “Look at Deepak Chopra! He’s great and superman! I’ll read only him from now on!”

Hello! Aren’t you Seekers? Only the cult devotees romanticize certain teachings and texts and tend to look down on others as filthy and small-time. Read everything, but also add the element of a critical mind while you reflect and contemplate on the texts. Never worship the texts or its writers.

I am a Filipino, and I was reared to a great extent in Anglo-Saxon philosophy that was brought to the islands by the Americans and the post-colonial scholars. I was also schooled at the University of the Philippines (main campus), where the critical tradition is dominant and sacrosanct till these days. The Germanic-continental tradition is an addition in my alma mater, the sociology department. The critical tradition has been with me since, and I find the critical mind very helpful for reflection purposes.

I was also trained as a scientist—sociologist and political economist—and I always bear with me the thinking that every text that I read contains errors or gaps. No text whatsoever is so perfect that it would withstand the test of time and be all-relevant for all times. There also is no such thing as ‘Theory Of Everything’ or TOE, and I’m allergic to any contention about certain texts categorically declared as meta-narratives fit for all situations and explanatory of all phenomena. That’s pure dung!

Always allow some space for critical mental process, for some questionings. As in any scientific work, there always is a possibility of 10% error. As a scientist, I’m already very happy when critiques would say I’m hitting 90%. Upon releasing my book 13th Gate Unveiled, a prophetic-futuristic book about the Philippines, ASEAN, and the Aquarian Age, I was gladdened by a note from a fellow mystic Rachel Somera when she claimed that I was hitting 90% accuracy. What a high mark for an amateur prophet!

In my own experience of readings on theosophy, I was almost completely mesmerized by the brilliant synthesis of HP Blavatsky. Her team mates—Hodson, Leadbeater, A. Bessant, Q. Judge—were all able mystics and thinkers, and met my expectations of what Teachers should be: as Thinkers first and foremost. But their treatment of the ‘Lucifer Question’ got me raising questions. This gap somehow led to the adoption of Theosophy as a foundational reading by secret societies of Fallen Ones such as Hitler’s Germanenorden. One gets the feeling that “Lucifer is Cool!” after going through the Lucifer aspect of their reflections. I don’t buy that part. And I was led into further research to get clarified about the ‘Lucifer Question’. I’m still researching on the Lucifer item till these days.

Not only that. The time-frames used by Blavatsky in her estimations of the evolution of human generic types—called ‘root races’—seem unbelievably and overwhelmingly long! Is this the only way of looking at time periods or timelines? It is more apparent to me that Blavatsky & team was largely seeing reality, including time period and the evolutionary pattern (cycical), from the focal lenses of a paradigm (to use Thomas Kuhn’s term). I was right in my questions as I stumbled upon texts, such as those written by the fellow mystic & teacher Sal Rachele, indicating the paradigm-fixation of many texts. Needless to say, our view of the time periods can also change, the timelines of ancient history can change, depending on the paradigm we employ in our analysis or exegesis of the templates of life.

I should like to share more questions here, but space doesn’t allow. To end this portion, Noble Seekers, go ahead and raise questions. Keep tab of them, jot them down if possible. These questions will lead you to do research all the more, and this is what ‘seeking’ as an attitude is all about: texts should be able to provoke you into raising questions, and into doing inquiries along the way.

Doubt Nothing!

When you are able to raise questions properly—meaning to say, the texts passed through your inquisitive eyes and critical mind—than you can move on to ascertain truths about realities. The truth criterion, in my mind, is still a very relevant criterion, and I do not go along with the contentions of the post-modernist about the matter who regard the truth criterion as hubris.

Anything that is absolutist is a questionable thing to me. Fixed Idea is dangerous and obnoxious. But it is equally dangerous and obnoxious to throw away the truth criterion. “Aha that’s passé! There’s nothing today but the all-luring power of Desire! The Primal! What truths are you talking about?” That’s the line of the followers of Foucault, Derrida, Lacan, Baudrillard and the post-structuralists, and they are entitled to their opinions. But think many times before you regard the truth criterion as trash.

Nothing can stop you from perceiving facets of reality as paradigmatic: you can observe them from different angles, and your inferences or conclusions will depend largely on the vantage point from which you perceive them. For instance, in Theosophy, the ontological dimensions are thought of as comprising 7 dimensions of existence, with 7 corresponding bodies of man. There are some other texts that have a different view, as they employ the ‘density’ category rather than ‘dimension’ category. Accordingly, there are ’12 densities’, we are 3rd density humans in the physical plane, that the planet will evolve shortly into a 4th density planet, and so on.

There may be variances in inferences due to paradigm differences, as observed above. But one thing is certain at least: the physical plane, where we live, isn’t the only ontological dimension, and that, logically and empirically, there are dimensions higher than the 3rd dimension or 3rd density. And because of this certainty, I will never doubt the existence of beings in other dimensions, as they can be empirically observed and known. And I will never doubt the existence of the all-pervasive, all-guiding Almighty God, as both inductively and through yoga meditation I am certain of the existence of the Highest Cosmic Being and of ontological planes higher than the physical plane.

I’m not saying that doubting is a bad thing. What I’m saying is that in the end, you must establish certainties based on the truth criterion. That would be the start of increased wisdom.

So here we end, Noble Seekers. Prepare your own research agenda, trust your Inner Guide in the process, and you’re into this version of ‘magical mystery tour’. Good luck in your enquiries!

[Writ 04 October 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]


YOGA MEDITATION: SCIENCE & CRAFT (Seekers’ Lesson 2) April 6, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang umaga sa inyo! (Good morning to you all!)

I’d summarize to you at this moment what yoga is: as science and practice. Yoga means yoke, a signifier for union. One who practices yoga would want to re-establish a union with the God Self even while the practitioner still resides—in bio-physical form—in the physical plane. There are too many materials on yoga, and a lot of teachers too, so please go ahead and learn from those materials and teachers. I will summarize in this article meditation as a specific yoga practice. As a clarification, this is only a beginner’s meditation kit and not one for the advanced types (mystics, masters).

Meditation as Science. Yoga meditation is a science first of all. It is a method that is the least costly, available for free or for a minimal cost (if acquires it via a workshop), and safe. It is effective in expanding awareness, increasing one’s vibratory frequency, increasing intelligence, acquiring information/knowledge using higher intuition, harnessing beneficial energies (chi, cosmic energy), and integrating life experiences and the self into a coherent tapestry. One can deal with it in the manner of an experiment: go through it, examine the effects along the way, and compare your pre-yoga and yoga meditation practice periods.

Meditation and the Psyche. Meditation is a psychological undertaking, a fact that adds to its scientific import (science of psychology). It comprises a part of the reflective-introspective chain, to note: focusàcontemplationàmeditation. Meditation is not identical to contemplation. But contemplation can be the start of a meditation session. Focus is needed, of course, as one cannot contemplate and meditate without a foundation of focus. Meditation, as method, increases a person’s power of focus and contemplation, in that it provides order and integration to the two processes.

In addition, as an integrative tool, yoga meditation can help stabilize those fractured aspects of the lower self. For instance, if one is emotionally unstable, meditation can aid the practitioner in healing the emotional body (astral body) and harmonize it with one’s cognition (mental body or mind), bio-physical body, and ‘social self’. If the social self is fractured, which causes personality disorder conditions (manifesting in suicidal ideation and sociopathic hostilities), meditation can also be employed to heal and stabilize this aspect of the lower self.

Purposes. The purposes or goals of yoga meditation must be made clear to the person before practicing it. In planning practice, we divide goals into the general objective (main goal) and the specific objectives.

For all seekers, it should be clear that the general objective (long-term or strategic goal) is self-realization or God-realization. They mean the same. Self here means the higher self, while realization refers to the awakening and functioning of the higher self (or God-self), and its direct interventional guidance over one’s lower self or ‘psyche’ even while one is physically awake. For most people, their God-selves are asleep most often, which makes the folks somnambulists or sleep-walkers.

With the inner eye focused on such a goal, one can then move on to the specific objectives whenever one meditates. These specific objectives should accrue to the attainment of the long-term goal. Use meditation, for instance, in looking for a house fit for your purposes (yogi’s house type), spouse to marry, jobs to take, studies to undertake, heal ailing aspects of yourself and/or physique, travels to make, speeches to write, and so on. These specific purposes are often tied up to your needs, both felt needs (of the moment) and those that are arising or yet to emerge.

There are those people who mentor inquirers into using meditation for opening up the 3rd eye. This is psychism, and I declare categorically that I am not among the mentors of psychic crafts. Think many times, Dear Seeker, before you embark on this purpose. Without spiritual awakening and sterling virtues developed in the Path, you will just use those paranormal powers to control and manipulate people, to aggrandize wealth and expand your ego. I am a Teacher of the Path, not a master of psychism.

The Craft or Practice of Meditation. Meditation as a 7th Ray practice often goes hand in hand with prayer. Prayer’s function is to send messages to the higher spheres, while meditation’s function is to receive messages from the same spheres (including from your higher self). In my practice, I often pray before I meditate. Prayer helps one to establish focus & contemplation quickly. It will also help one to invite higher beings such as an Archangel or Angels who can protect you while you’re meditating. Let’s go over the process one after the other:

Abdominal state. Meditate at least 1 & ½ hours after taking a meal, or 1 hour after taking an afternoon snack. It is bad to meditate when there’s too much food in the stomach, as the mass will block the flow of chi (vital energy) and can make you feel bad in your abdomen.

Schedules. I presume you are the urban/suburban Seeker, busy with work schedules. So do your meditation in staggered manner. When ‘capable’ of meditating in full (1 hour per day), meditate for 20 minutes upon waking up (before bath & breakfast), 20 minutes inserted in the morning, and 20 minutes before sleeping. Or, if time permits, 30 minutes upon waking up and 30 minutes before sleeping. If you can’t meditate while in the workplace, then meditate after work and before you take supper.

Duration. When you’re just starting, begin with a regimen of just 10 minutes per day for at least 1 month. On your 2nd month, raise it to 15 minutes per day. On the 3rd month, raise it to 20 minutes total. On the 6th month, go ahead with a total of 30 minutes per day (e.g. 10 upon waking up, 10 at daytime, and 10 before sleeping). Every 2 months thereafter, add an increment of 5 minutes per day for each month, till you get to 45 minutes per day on your 12th month or 1st year. Stay at that schedule for another year. On year 2, begin a regimen of 1 hour daily, and stay at that schedule for at least seven (7) years. Please don’t jump ahead by forcing a 2-5 hour regimen per day during that 7-year period, as this will abruptly open up your chakras, both major and minor. Such regimens are more fit for monks and not for you Seekers.

Where to Face. East or North would be the best cardinal points to face for both prayer and meditation processes. If you meditate using the prostate or supine lying position, then your head must face east or north. My bed faces east, and I meditate using the supine post most often, and it’s been having great effects for me at this cardinal point, rest assured.

Positions. A simple squat with your legs crossed in place of a lotus position for the non-Indians, as our physique were conditioned differently from Indians. Or, sit on a chair, but don’t cross your legs. Chin up, as this will connect your ‘lower terminals’ with your ‘higher terminals’ more easily (don’t ever bow your heads, except when you do your brief prayer before meditation). Or, you can lie down in bed or on the floor (on a mat or carpet), or on a grassy area (make sure there are no bugs or ants). If you squat or sit on a chair, you can use the closed-finger mudra or simply open up your palms and rest them face-up on your lap or near the knee. In supine post, let your palms face the floor (face down). As you advance, you can go ahead and study the mudras that are recommended by yoga schools.

Breathing. Meditation breathing is what makes it stunningly unique. When one masters yoga breathing, it is no longer air but chi (for mystics add cosmic energy) that enters the lungs and your body. Begin by breathing deeply, and visualize white light coming down from above your crown and moving down your aura, then pause a second or two. Then, exhale slowly, with your out-breath even slower than in-breath, and visualize dark energies flowing from your body and out of your nostrils as you exhale, then pause a second or two. Then inhale again in the same slow process, pause, then exhale and pause, and so on. Do this for around 15-22 counts.

Eyes & Brow Focus. You can opt to open or close your eyes. If you choose the open eye option, fix your eyes in a point on the wall or on a space ahead of you. Meantime, put your focus on your brow area. Use that focus during the entire process of meditation. It pays most specially to use a potent focus when inhaling, and when meditating on certain themes.

Music. You may opt to meditate with music. Nature music, new age music, soft classical music, and soft world music would be best. They are musical pieces that elevate and transport you to the higher realms. You can also meditate without music, as this can make you attune to a higher music: the ‘music of the spheres’. Soft musical pieces that are melancholic, such as ballads and love songs, are a no-no in meditation, as they transfix you in sadness and cut you off from a higher awakening that happens when meditating.

Mental Inactivity. While meditating, make sure not to think actively of whatever images, save for the theme you will meditate about. You can opt to meditate without a theme. ‘Empty-mind’ yoga is what zen prescribes, and this technique is difficult for most people to do. I rather recommend the ‘passive thinking’ rather than ‘zero thinking’ technique: observe thoughts that come to your mind, don’t block them, simply observe them as they come, but don’t actively produce thoughts. Guaranteed it is easy to meditate this way. In my case, I was trained to meditate using counting, and so I count a number from inhale to exhale phase, two for the next phase, and so on. 100 counts often equate to 15 minutes, so I don’t have to use a watch or clock to measure time while meditating. 200 counts is 30 minutes more or less.

10.  Theme Meditation. After doing the initial focus and conditioning (first 15-22 counts), you can move on to your meditation theme if you opt for this. If counting distracts you, then move on to the theme without counting. Follow the mental inactivity state. When your theme is optimized, move on to the theme-less state, observe the flow of energy, observe the singing of birds in the surrounds, observe the wonderful power of silence, and so on. Then end your meditation.

11.  Ending. When ending meditation, go back to your regular breathing. If you meditated for half an hour, breath regularly for at least 10 minutes or 100 counts before standing up. The regular breathing will help bring back your nervous system to regular mode. And don’t just stand up abruptly after the process. For at least two (2) minutes, savor the quietude, the fine environment, the wonderful moment. Meditation should make you exude good mood and harmony.

[Writ 02 October 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Asian Seekers, behold the Light coming forth from your inner spaces!

I know that you’ve been looking everywhere for teachers or gurus or ‘not-so-usual’ people who can perhaps help you ascend the heights of your Path, but few are available in your own backyards or so it seems. Believe me, there are many teachers in Asia, even in your own country, but they make their presence in so non-descript or low profile a manner that you may not even realize they are gurus when you encounter them face-to-face.

Please note the differences in styles and methods of teachers from the East and West owing to the cultural differences they’ve been exposed to. In the Philippines, as in Asia, the sayings goes that “mas malakas ang bulong kaysa sigaw” (whisper is more powerful than shout). This is the opposite in the West, where people are accustomed to articulate what they think and feel in a rather ‘noisy’ or highly noticeable manner as much as possible.

That’s why, whenever one surfs the internet, there are too few Asian guro (Filipino for teacher) of the Path in contrast to White/Western teachers and mystics who abound like legion. Asian gurus are busy ministering to their disciples in whispers, with one-on-one ministration or initiation often observed. White/Western gurus and mystics, on the other hand, approach the matter via ‘loud’ methods such as the internet and mass media. Only the church ministers of Asia, who were reared in the Western religious traditions, resort to mass media hypes and use the ‘loud’ techniques, and these leaders aren’t the ones Seekers look for.

So if you Seekers wish for a teacher right in your backyard, wish hard enough, and your Inner Guide will lead you not only to one but also to couples or even dozens of teachers. Only those advanced Seekers who are on the mystical path early in life need no physical guru at all, as they are ministered directly by Ascended Masters and/or Archangels from the celestial spheres. Bro. Erle, for instance, was guarded by the Arch. Michael and ministered or initiated into the Higher Mysteries directly by Ascended Master El Morya, both of whom are niched in the higher dimensions.

But in case that no teacher seems to appear, please don’t despair. For, as I said in a previous article, due to the sudden ‘surge’ of billions of souls in the physical plane, no matter if teachers are sent from Above by dozens or hundreds per country, it will still be a scarcity, as the ratio is approximately 1 guru for every 1,000,000 population more or less. But since Seekers constitute just about 10% of the population, the ratio results to 1 guru for every 100,000 Seekers.

Since you are Asians, you might be keen on searching for gurus who are also Asians inasmuch as the latter know the Asian psyche well more than the Western teachers do. Western teachers are more adept at configuring lessons for the Western psyche, and so you need not be surprised if the White teachers from the North often receive communications from their fellow Whites as their enthused students or apprentices.

But many Asians today are highly tech-savvy, and normally seek information via the internet and related communications media. So you dear reader may have encountered too few Lightworker groups that are Asian, and even fewer teachers who have websites, precisely because Asian Lightworkers and teachers don’t normally approach their missions via ‘loud’ methods such as the internet. You may encounter the White teachers on the internet, and chances are that you may not be able to relate well to their teachings or knowledge shared because such information are meant, whether intentionally or unconsciously, for White and White-enculturated Coloured peoples. So, unless the White teachers, mystics, Lightworker leaders would adjust their methods to reckon with the Asian psyche in their missions, they may not be able to get through to Asian Seekers at all.

Despair not, look harder, the Lightworker Asians are just around you, and the teachers among them silently doing their work. Bro. Erle is among them, and no matter if I’m reluctant to do a teacher’s job, the Ascended Beings keep on nagging me about this task, and so with Almighty God’s blessing and the guidance of the chohans (the CEOs of the Ascended Beings more or less) I hereby boldly do this task to be able to reach out to you.

Worry not, Bro. Erle is a Filipino, reared in both Asian and Western cultures. We Filipinos are both East and West, our minds are non-dualistic, we regard both object and subject with harmony and unity (there’s no subject versus object in the Filipino and Asian psyche), and the profane and sacred are fully integrated or non-compartmentalized in our mind. So, please trust God Almighty, this being who now writes to you will meet your expectations. [Please read the works of F. Landa Jocano, Virgilio Enriquez, Jaime Bulatao, Leonardo Mercado among those experts on the Filipino-Asian mind and world view.]

You will not hear me say, for instance, “follow thy heart more than thy head.” Because we Asians are already developed in our heart, our logic is more intuitive than rational-empirical, our philosophy more concrete than abstract. And so I will never wish to appear as a silly teacher who’d carelessly make aphorisms and maxims that we Asians already follow in daily life. I’d rather remind you to strengthen further those strengths that are already in us, in case your psyche may have ‘forgotten’ such traits.

For my fellow Filipinos and non-Indian Asians, I wouldn’t hazard a recommendation to use the lotus position during yoga meditation sessions, because such a position is only fit for a particular physiological type: the peoples of the Indian subcontinent. Physical anthropologists have revealed to us scientifically the differences among our body types on account of differences in our physical environments and the cultural adaptation responses to such contexts. For the non-Indian, the lotus position can be a cause for injury when forced to the extremes, and so I’d recommend that you meditate using simple sitting position with the proper mudra, or using the supine position.

Another example would be the diet. Just because you practice yoga doesn’t mean you have to throw away a meat diet and go straight veggie diet. This is unrealistic, most specially for the busy professional who has to take breakfast or lunch outside and few if nil are the cafeterias that offer veggie meals. While the veggie meal would be a preferred diet, a dogmatic or compulsive resort to vegetarianism is another thing. Spiritual renunciation is more important than physical renunciation (vegetarianism), even as many who are physical renunciants are sadly lacking in the spiritual side of the equation. So I’d say, eat a mixed diet for your week’s meal plan, but do minimize meat due to the high toxins associated with it.

Would I recommend austere, Spartan or ascetic lifestyles? Hello, I wasn’t born yesterday! Asceticism belongs to an ancient context. Both Buddha and Jesus deconstructed asceticism of any kind and forewarned aspirants against the deleterious effects of ascetic extremism. Practice moderation in your daily consumption, but go ahead and live a prosperous life offered by a wonderful career. You deserve to live with bountiful living, for the universes abound with prosperity, and then you’d retire in life with much ‘passive income’ that you can use for your daily needs as well as your spiritual missions late in life. But if you choose a monastic life and say goodbye to active life, then please follow the precepts of your Order, live a simple austere life and focus on prayers & meditations for the rest of your life.

So, dear Asian Seekers, I will note the idiographic elements to see how universal lessons in life can fit into the cultural templates of the aspirant. If in case that I may err along the way, such as to recommend notes and practices that may not exactly cohere with your cultural templates, then please help me rectify this by sending feedbacks about what element are in your culture that I may have missed out. We are too many Asian nations, remember, and I have no pretensions of being a super-cosmic brain that knows every bit about your specific cultural elements.

Do you need to read and listen from the White gurus and messengers? By all means, please do so. If it is a felt need, please follow what your heart says: read the White gurus’ works. As I declared in my notes on wisdom lessons: read everything, question everything, doubt nothing. Being part-Western myself, I find critical thinking as a very useful tool in screening information that enters my brain, including those coming from gurus & masters both White and Colored. Of all things that you must prevent from doing is to romanticize every newly sounding thing you hear most specially in matters of the spirit or divine, so leave space for healthy critique as you contemplate on what you read coming from the West.

Fellow Asians, I would prefer to look at each one of you as the present Asian, and I’ve already made adjustment for this. There has been a gigantic mutation in the Asian psyche lately, more so that the winds of Western philosophy have made colossal impacts on the Asian mind. Of all the Western paradigms, I’m particularly focused on observing postmodernism and its variants: chaos theory, post-structuralism, semiotics, post-industrialism, and deconstructionism. Add to this the strong wave of New Ageism. I’m sure you young fellows out there have been ‘infected’ by these mighty waves. I myself had been ‘infected’ by the contagion of these new paradigms, even as I attempted to contribute to their articulations and growth.

So, Dear Seekers, not only are you the Asians who possess commonalities in your worldviews and zeitgeist, you are also the evolving postmodern Asians. As the young breed, you carry upon your shoulders the responsibility of leading the planet in moving towards the Information Society, which will be the techno-economic modality of the entire Aquarian Age. As the West rapidly declines in importance on the techno-economic sphere, the East rises in prominence.

We are situated today at the juncture of the new techno-economic order. Western thinkers and analysts already recognized in writing that that ASEAN + 4 (India, China, Korea, Japan) have already surpassed the cutting edge technologies of the North/West. The impact of this should be clear to you all: as the techno-economic sphere changes, made possible by the simultaneous changes in the cultural sphere (culture of postmodernity), so will there be corresponding changes in the approaches to the divine.

Rest assured, this mystic, guru, philosopher, social scientist, artist, development consultant is among those thinkers who anticipate future innovative developments precisely by laying their hands in the inventive/innovative processes. This goes true for my practice of analytical and development pursuits as well as for my practical pursuits in matters of the Divine and the Spirit.

So, Asian Seekers, welcome aboard!

[Writ 29 September 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

I was once invited by a group of Sunday coffee drinkers who called themselves Freethinkers’ Society. I thought all the while that they were the balanced, Seeker-type of freethinkers. To my shock, they were atheists, and they had envisioned an atheistic Philippine society in the long run.

I noticed that they were largely from the middle-aged section of the urban boheme. They were the idle petite bourgeois who got nothing much to do on weekends, and so they decided to gather together every Sunday morning to configure courses of action about their supposed mission to destroy ‘religionism’ or ‘spiritism’. After having observed closely the cognitive operations and patterns of the group, I decided to pull out, having acquired my empirical data about the atheists of the present.

What I made known to the group, and ditto for other sectors of society, is that I am no atheist, that atheism and freethought are not identical, that atheism is vulgar materialism and I got nothing to do with its dissemination nor with that of its advocacies. However, there are instances when, together with some atheists within the academe, I did join them in coalition to demand for greater justice for state laborers, overseas workers, youth & students, and related sectors.

In my book Libertosophy and Freethought, I re-echoed the contention of HP Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, that the danger to humanity today comes from the two extremes: on the one side is Vulgar Spiritism, represented by religion and quasi-religion, that had mired people in superstition, dogma, and fanaticism; on the other side is Vulgar Materialism, represented by the atheists, who deny the existence of the Spirit and the other ontological domains (dimensions, planes).

In the same book, what I advocated for was the Integrated Man, who had synthesized the material and spiritual towards his/her own liberation (nirvana, salvation). By Man I don’t mean the male gender, but rather the human being, man having been derived from manu or ‘thinking being’. The Integrated Man has none of the characteristics of contemporary humans who are, in the main, drifters in life, who had compartmentalized life into ‘material life’ and ‘spiritual life’, who are like zombies (in Marcuse’s language) whose life orbits around a one-dimensional pursuit for the hedonistic and crass materialistic things, and who suffer from incurable alienation precisely due to the tension between the material and spiritual within them.

In no way will I say Hallelujah to the Atheist who had denied and continues to deny the Spirit. Any force that denies the Spirit, and who delimits reality therefore to the 3-dimensional world of the bio-physical, commits a terrible error of reductionism. The spread of a highly materialist weltanschauung (world outlook) largely by the atheistic sections of the population, notably the Western intellectuals, had created new traps for the human soul. By reducing reality to the 3-dimensional, mankind confronts a new blindness of sorts, or is made to believe in the illusion that life is only the 3-dimensional reality.

Having been castrated of the impulse to know further the other possible life domains, the beings inherent in them and the purpose for their existence and missions, the atheist therefore drifts in the lower life domain like any animal or ‘zombie’. The one-dimensional man (to borrow from Herbert Marcuse) of today, who had reduced life to money making-buying-accumulating-consuming hedonism, is the classic case of the somnambulist or the sleepwalker.

Per my own enquiries, there are a total of seven (7) major ontological domains, or seven (7) planes of existence. There are dimensions of life that are invisible to the physical eye, but since within us we also have bodies that correspond to the other domains, then such bodies, possessing their own corresponding ‘eyes’, can be activated to observe and move in those other dimensions.

During the sleeping state, for instance, the physical body sleeps together with the physical eyes. And as the body sleeps, the 2nd body, called Astral Body by the mystics & masters, awakens. Even before the body had slept, the Astral Body already wakens up, floats around nine (9) feet above the physical body, and than stands up in wakened state, and simply walks along the avenues of life in its natural domain: the Astral Plane. The sceneries where the Astral Body moves are then registered in the memory and visuals of the physical body as dream scene. The Astral Plane is, in fact, the ‘dream plane’, the ‘plane of illusion’, where we can practice engaging in materializing objects using our thoughts, including houses, that we cannot do in the physical plane.

Various academic researches on Out-Of-Body-Experience or OBE had documented very well the prevalence of another body. In Manila, among the top experts on the matter is the Jesuit professor, Fr. Bulatao, who is based in the Ateneo De Manila University. Wherever Fr. Bulatao goes to deliver lectures on the paranormal, he demonstrates the factuality of OBE, and therefore of the existence of subtle bodies other than the bio-physical body, by making the audience participate in the experiment. After each workshop or seminar talk, the awe-struck participants have openly expressed the amazing experience they just went through, of their instantaneous presence in some areas thousands of miles away.

Note that in this instance, the professor used scientific method to let people realize that there are other aspects to reality that the ordinary state of consciousness cannot reveal to us. Well, to the atheists, they would simply label this method as ‘pseudo-science’ and dismiss the results as merely illusory games. And that’s the problem with the reality reductionists, the atheists, for having created new superstitions in place of old ones that they have themselves so militantly come to demolish.

So be it that there are atheists in life. For as long as the atheists would respect the reality paradigms of other people, that they would come to appreciate difference, then no one would accost them. This is no longer the time to persecute people such as atheists, and so the atheists should likewise reciprocate this by tolerating competing paradigms.

But as one can see, this hasn’t been the case. When the situation arrives that atheists come to dominate the public sphere, such as what happened to Communist states, the atheists resorted to mass witch-hunting by exterminating people who strongly believe in the Spirit and the other dimensions of life. This is a case where atheism celebrates the mass mind, the Herd Mind, the cult of the Party Cadre and the State, and has nothing to do with freethought whatsoever.

Not only that, the Communists also resorted to the extermination of freethinkers, including many spiritual Seekers (freemasons, anthroposophists, etc) whose competing weltanschauung is incompatible with the worship of the State and the party cadres. For even within the Communist Party, there are also freethinker-Seekers who are silently conducting their own duties, missions, and tasks toward their inner transformation. Being free spirits, they tend to be highly authentic in their views, manifest thoughts that contravene with the accepted dogmas. They are the equivalent of free spirit clergy whose ideas contravened against the dogma of the Church during the medieval period, and who were burnt at stake for their free thought. So is it with the Communist Party and other ideological movements of the extremists.

Look at the mainland Chinese today, after decades of official atheism. We wonder what happens to the souls of the Chinese of the present generations when they depart from the physical plane, without any spiritual engagement whatsoever. And I don’t mean the devotional engagements, which they had demonstrated aplenty by showing filial piety, devotion to the Chinese nation and to the Communist leadership. I mean the life of a spiritual Seeker, which at least is accorded the devotees in those states where spiritual life is considered a fact of life and sacrosanct for existence and transcendence.

That is, without the spiritual moorings, without the profound virtues that are immanent from the higher spheres and well anchored in the conscience and unconscious, the person concerned will simply be an agglomeration of vices, to note: lying, deceiving, conceit, manipulating, divisiveness, obstructionism, and so on. Atheism reduces people to the level of the ‘reptile’ which signifies everything that is cold-blooded and Machiavellian. Lucky enough if virtues will permeate an atheist, and finding a virtuous atheist is like searching for a needle in the hay stack.

I’ve had atheist friends before, among university professors, and I stayed with them so closely for almost two (2) decades. As my own yoga practice progressed, I noticed that I became weakened by the incessant resort of these former pals to deceit and slandering of their competitor groups in the academe. My aura was practically bombarded with negative vibes by their talks and their dense auras, and so finally I had to decide to pull away from these friends. They were fellow free spirits, but they were no Lightworker types, and the demarcation between them and me was so marked. Their lifestyle was vulgarly hedonistic which I had nothing to do with.

So, fellow free spirits/freethinkers, this is my position and proxemics: deconstruct atheism and keep a distance with the atheists. I shall give my respect to the atheists as fellow humans, even as the walls between us shall remain here and in the other domains.

[Writ 21 November 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila. See:,