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17 October 2011


Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, social scientist and spiritual guru, was guest speaker recently during the 2nd Annual PH UFO Conference. Guided by the theme UFO E.T. Presence – the Philippine Link, the conference was sponsored by the UFO Society of the Philippines.


In his paper titled “Philippines-Mu, Earth Changes, Cosmic Awakening,” Prof Argonza presented the background, to wit:


Two contentions today are making ripples across the country: (a) that the Philippines is a remnant of the super-continent of Mu; and, (b) that Earth will ascend back to 4th Dimension on 12/21/12, thus ending a long epoch of 3rd dimensional Earth history. I will shed light on the interconnections of the two contentions, and liberally add mystical theses from me as a Brother of Light/Fellow of the Great White Lodge.


Accordingly, the paper’s goals were as follows:


(1)            To present new mystical knowledge regarding the Philippines;

(2)            To share insights concerning the place of PH in the forthcoming Planetary ascension; and,

(3)            To forecast scenarios about PH changes due to the galactic & planetary changes.


Presenting fresh knowledge and insights about cosmic awakenings, Earth changes and the Philippines’ role in the ongoing changes, the guru’s talk captivated the eager audience. Questions and shared thoughts were then generated from the audience who were largely seekers and freethinkers from all over PH plus some foreigner participants who traveled all the way from overseas to attend the event.


Other resource speakers were:

  • Lily Dueñas: Unlocking the Mystery: Philippines’ Extraterrestrial Links and the UFOs
  • Neil Gould: Exopolitics: A World View
  • Gerard Aartsen (Netherlands): UFOs Herald World Transformation

A well attended conference, with the venue (Air Force Museum) jam packed by a highly enthusiastic audience, the event was very successful. It is the country’s best conference event on the Extraterrestrial issue to date, with very notable speakers who presented papers that were well researched, thus signifying the very high level of authoritativeness on their respective topics.


The conference was characteristically Asian & Filipino in that material science and metaphysical (wisdom) discourse were combined to constitute an integrated frame for understanding the phenomenon. The transphysical factors of higher dimensions, spiritual hierarchy, cosmology and prophecy were intertwined with astrophysics, morphology, exopolitics, and futurology in regard to the “alien question.”


Dr. Jaime Lichauco, among the country’s foremost authorities on paranormal studies, came to grace the occasion. Dr. Lichauco is a professor and veteran journalist, with a regular opinion column at the topgun newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer and a radio program at the DZMM.


Also appearing to grace the occasion is entertainment industry personality Roy Alvarez. Also a high profile civil society leader with environmentalism & conservationism as his forte, Mr. Alvarez is also mystic and Initiate of the spiritual Brotherhood.


A recently constituted nongovernment organization, the UFO Society of the Philippines is led by its dynamic president Antonio Israel, businessman and emerging Ufologist. Its latest conference was held at the Philippine Air Force Museum in Villamor Airbase, MetroManila.


Links: For those who may be interested in getting involved or interact with the UFOSP, pls visit its website:



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Magandang gabi sa iyo Kapatid! Good evening to you Brother/Sister!

To continue on the Orion/Empire theme, let me discourse on Orion’s money economy. The world music group Gypsy King’s wonderful guitar + vocals renditions are accompanying my writing, so relax as you visualize flowing with me & Latin music along the way.

To begin with, Orion’s legacy for many eons has been the money economy. The money economy has already been recycled time and again, dying with the end of civilizations and then revived again as civilizations are re-born in the aftermath of catastrophes. There’s nothing new with it, only its manifest forms varied across time.

The last sub-cycle of 5,200 years saw the revival of the money economy. This period is important, as one should note, for it marks the period called the Kali Yuga or Dark Age phase of the grand cycle of 26,000 years approximately (rounded off). The cycle will end on 2012, as per calculations of the Mayan scientists of antiquity, though the money economy itself already ended earlier in 2007 (see

Among all economists in the West, it was the late Andre Gunder Frank, formulator of Dependency Theory of development, who was able to intuit on a long cycle of 5,000 years in economics. To his own surprise, in his process of investigating on the roots of capitalism, he was brought back to the time approximating 5,000 Before Present or BP (3,000 BC for the old Gregorian calendar).

Thus, the last quarter of the 20th century witnessed the convergence of Western science of economics and mystical science of cycles to trace and explain the rise and decline of the money economy. Capitalism as we know it today—‘late’ capitalism in the language of Frankfurt school thinkers—is the terminal or last phase of the very long period of money economy that began 5,000 BP.

It will be hard to pinpoint which part of the world did start the trend. We can only surmise that the Chaldeans-Sumerians-Phoenicians could have begun experimentations in the economy. However, nothing can stop us from recognizing Mongol communities in the East and the Incas of meso-America experimenting on the same epochal economy.

As to my own backyard, Southeast Asia, the period 5,000 down to 1,500 BP saw the advent of the Age of Metals and agricultural revolution. Manifestly, all the important metals—gold, silver, bronze, brass, iron—were already innovated on in the region, metals that induced the production of rice on a simple commodity production scale. It is so easy to intrapolate that precious metal was used as a means of exchange in the region as early as 3,000 BC, aside from using the same for making tools and shifting from horticulture to agriculture as metals were harnessed into cattle, carabao and elephant.

So as not to be lost, do think that what I’m trying to show to you is that the money economy evolved simultaneously in all the known civilizational centers across the globe around the time 5,000 BP. Thus, no one single civilization can claim exclusive rights to developing the money economy. We can even extend that a little bit backwards to 5,200 BP and end up with the same result.

Founded on (a) the principle of hoarding and (b) premised on scarcity, the money economy reached its doctrinal perfection only around the last 1000 years though. Mercantilism and physiocracy were largely accountable for the doctrinal articulation via the science of political economy. No doubt, economics has become a very complex science, intended to articulate the money economy as a whole.

As already articulated by me in my social blogsites, the money economy cannot hold water for long. It cannot be sustained for very long, as its basic principles of hoarding, scarcity, and competition are terribly flawed (see, By 2007, the money system crashed down, and no amount of effort would ever be able to put it back on course again.

Orion’s legacy of money economy can only be sustained using an empire as a context. When the empire crashes down, likewise will the economy that sustained the empire go spiraling down.

The British Empire, which is but a cover up for the Orion-Draco Empire, perfected the system of (a) free market and (b) free trade precisely because it had the muscle to force its commodities on colonized territories. Absent the Empire structure and the system can’t be sustained for long.

The last ditch attempt to extend the empire is through international agreements notably the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade or GATT. The Uruguay Round of the GATT gave rise to the institution of World Trade Organization or WTO. It works together with the World Bank-IMF Group to enforce free market and free trade on member nations. The borderless global economy was thus born from out of the treaties as a last attempt to conserve free market and free trade principles and agreements.

As I contended in my previous articles, the money economy is dead. Herculean efforts won’t be able to bring it back. Orion’s hoarding economics has been in crisis for so long, and people are looking for a way out of the system. And that way out will come as Earth ascends to 4th dimension, with a new context making possible new economic ideas to prosper.

On hindsight, Orion economics did highlight the significance of individual enterprise. This somehow seems to reveal that the Orion mindset is a more individuated type than that of its Empire partner Draco whose mindset is collectivist. The last 5,200 years ushered an epoch that was ripe for a rapid march to the individuated psyche, a march that could have been somehow fueled by Orion propensity for individual enterprise.

We can thus inductively infer that, on a galactic scale, Orions created enabling measures to foster trade among lower-density worlds. It had the military muscle to impose fiats on an imperial domain, true. But it should likewise be highlighted that individual rational decision-making could have been, to a great extent, synchronous with such developments, for conducting trade on galactic scale requires a calculative mind afforded by an individuated psyche.

The same calculative mind, gelling among Terrans at particular historic junctures, was responsible for the rebirth of industry, trade and commerce. The calculative-rational mind, if not guided by moral philosophy, can surely turn out as predatory, and any economic system built out of it will, in the end, transmogrify into a predatory system as well. Such a predatory state characterized Orion money economy during the entire period since after the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648.

Orion economics will be a bygone system after 2012, though some principles of management fomented by the system can overflow into the New Earth. Management science celebrated efficiency and efficacy, and no one will ever argue that such principles are inapplicable to the evolving context. And, lastly, political economy will continue to be studied and taught in academes post-2012, albeit in a recast form to make it appropriate to the new context.

[Philippines, 25 October 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Goodwill and good evening from this Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood! From the Philippines’ suburban boondocks I extend to you the warm glow of my Light Body, kumusta!

As world music pieces play, let me share another note about the Orion liabilities on Earth. To do this task, I will showcase my own beloved Philippines to indicate to you what corrupt Orion power can do when allowed to govern with only negligible challenge from detractors.

So beloved is the Philippines as it was in this country that I experienced spiritual ascension to Rishi-Adept level, and I will forever cherish the memory of my last 3rd dimensional life as a Filipino. It was truly a blessed and privileged experience to embody, grow, and mature here, thanks to the Almighty Providence. RP is Inang Bayan or Land of the Mother and no less, and I feel Divine Mother’s presence here everyday in my life.

As elaborated in earlier articles, the Philippines or RP is the only country in the planet that retains its 4th dimensional frequency. RP is the seat of the planetary chi, the site of the hyperspace portal, and is characteristically the ‘womb of the Mother’. RP is the nexus of the Maharloka or Great Land of Lemurian fame, the parent of great civilizations or ‘high cultures’.

Orion souls’ coming to this country in post-glacial epoch, perhaps beginning with the era of the sublime Majapahit Empire, destroyed the pristine and wealthy ‘scion of the Mother’. Orion power first of all was responsible for fragmenting the great Majapahit Empire—a confederation of kingdoms governed at the start by wise and noble princes and kings.

Majapahit’s fragmentation was conclusively fomented by troublesome Orion souls embodied as princes and nobles and the equally troublesome masses around the 1400s. The fragmentation, manifested as internecine wars among the Emperor’s own princely scions, was a factor itself that made it easier for European powers to invade and occupy the southeast Asian domains as pieces of estates for their plunder and looting.

Now, let’s fast forward to the post-colonial times after independence was granted by the USA in 1946. A vastly Orion population (by star origin) was already embedded in all of the islands, led likewise by landlord-capitalist plutocrats who were of Orion origin. The only variation in leaderships is when politicians of Draconian (reptoid or reptiloid) roots would rise meteorically and take on juicy posts in all branches of state most especially the presidency.

My estimate is that, from 1946 through the present, RP’s population has steadily been 90% Orion. In contrast, those coming from other star systems comprise negligible fractions. Contrast too RP’s 90% Orion figure with the Terran global average of 80% Orion roots. You can go ahead and be at liberty to visualize what a megalithic Orion presence could do to this noble country and people of Lemuro-Malay roots.

With plutocrats in power, who represented distinctly patrimonial interests that used state power to further enrich and empower themselves, there was manifest lip service to social equity goals. This was the pattern since imperial powers left RP, a pattern that resulted to today’s pathetic state of Filipinos 33% of whom live in abject poverty. As much as 20% live hunger in their daily lives as a compounding fact.

RP had already graduated to a middle income country status, with GDP per capita of U.S. $2000 (nominal value). This year alone, RP’s Gross National Product or GNP will breach the $200 Billion mark (nominal value). Using 4 as multiplier to $200 Billion yields a GNP figure of U.S. $800 Billion in purchasing power parity or PPP, which clearly makes the country an enviable emerging market. Yet amid such rising bounty living for RP, 33% or 31,000,000 live in abject poverty!

The regime of Gloria Arroyo, an Orion who also embodied lives in Mars, was classic plutocracy that was almost totally oblivious of the widespread poverty around. Having a life before as a male Assyrian emperor and embodied in this era as an economics professor with a PhD as credential, Arroyo surely has got what it takes to govern the islands and steer it off away from poor country to a middle income emerging market that is at the threshold of a 1st world economy.

Indeed, Arroyo’s policy initiatives were partly responsible for raising RP above the hovels, as the economy doubled during her 9-year presidency. Yet during her incumbency, backstopped as she was by a combined force of Orions and Draconians in her technocratic & political team, poverty widened from 28% in 2001 (1st year of her presidency) to 33% in 2010.

Meanwhile, the 90% Orion Filipinos who comprise the bulwark of evolutionary laggards and demoniacs in the country (trace the star roots of the criminals & negative persons here and you’d see what I mean), just couldn’t grasp the greatest opportunity offered to them: a country of 4th dimensional frequency with enormous powers to heal, balance, and evolve a damaged psyche fragmented by low density embodiments in other countries and continents. They bungled their chance to evolve, by using the same beneficial frequencies for advancing egotistical motives!

To recap, those laggards and demoniacs behaved much like infants who unabashedly exhibited dependency syndrome at all turns of social life. They preferred to be employees rather than entrepreneurs, exhibited low innovativeness and labor productivity, and were the quickest to beg for social welfare largesse from politicians, Big Business and Big Church. Thus, the vicious cycle of poverty has been reinforced, persisting as sociologists call it henceforth: a ‘culture of poverty’ (see Oscar Lewis’ works).

2012 now nears, and here is RP with a pathetic poverty situation that remains unchecked, unmitigated, and still climbing as of this writing. The situation is ample reason for more Filipinos to migrate overseas as expatriate workers to be able to pull up their respective families from want and hunger (9 Million Filipinos are deployed overseas for diverse work capacities and/or as permanent out-migrants).

With Orions well entrenched as megalithic stockholders of Philippines Inc., we can only but expect the most dreadful results of corruption, looting, and dependency syndrome from the same flocks of unrepentant souls. What could we expect from RP other than that the nation’s returning karma would yield, post-2012, a very large physical casualty of past 90%, with only less than 8% qualifying for 4th dimensional ascension.

Remember the former strongman Ferdinand Marcos, the former tyrannical pharaoh Ramses who later embodied in, and became dictator of RP? During his reign, remember that RP’s economy spiraled down depression shame, rendering RP as the appalling ‘sick man of Asia’? Well, Marcos was of Martian origin, and Martians were Orions.

Let me now end right here, with the message that you go ahead and do your own research of each country in the planet about what Orions did to them. Good night, and good luck to your Path!

[Philippines, 18 October 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi mula sa Kapatirang ispiritual! Good evening from the spiritual Brotherhood!

In previous articles this Adept peregrinated on Orion’s imperialistic pursuits and its coalition with Draco. The last article was about Orion’s role in enslaving Terra for hundreds of thousands of years as an imperialistic power that must be held accountable for its misdeeds.

After writing that article and resting for the night last night, I felt eerie vibrations characteristic of abomination. Then, my meditation vision flashed scenes of dreary & dry rocky landscapes, with one landscape featuring huge lizards. That abomination ambience characterizes Orion, which confirms my thesis all along that Orion is negatively orientated and must be accountable for its liabilities on Terra and Solaria as a whole. The gigantic lizards were the ancestors of the saurian Orions, and the creatures surely look terrifying.

The arrival of Orions on Terra, Maldek, and Mars in huge masses, supposedly to escape internecine wars by their compatriots, brought the levels of Orions on our planet to its present level: 80% of Terra’s population. Orion Maldekians eventually migrated to Terra after the planet’s catastrophic destruction, while those on Mars moved here after the planet moved up to 4th density (they weren’t fit in such a new environment).

The entry and settlement of Orions on Terra opened up an opportunity for laggard and negative souls in other worlds and star systems. With little inclination for true spiritual pursuits, the laggards and negatives from Orion & other worlds contributed immensely to the further drop in the planet’s frequency vibration to what it is today: 3rd dimension/ density.

Given a very long period to evolve back to the higher spheres, the same souls kept on coming back by repeating the same patterns of sensate and materialistic living, with laggards holding sway to their feeble state of awareness. As a result, 66% or 2/3 of today’s Terrans are very lowly able to engage in intellectual (contemplative) pursuits. Such pursuits, just to note you, are part of the minimum faculties to absorb higher lessons in life and to engage in innovations.

Meantime, approximately 30% of our total population are negatively orientated, or ‘demonic’ in common parlance. The bulk of the same negative souls are Orion-Maldekian-Martian or OMM, approximately 95% of the 30% just to make a rough estimate. The 30% was already a reduction in fact, as the figure could have been 60% during the juncture of Lucifer’s fall and the planetary hierarchy’s siding with him. Many of those lost along the way were able to go back to the Path, no matter how slow it may seem, so a huge half-chunk of the demoniacs were taken off the list, thanks to the works of Buddhas and Christs who were sent forth across hundreds of thousands of years.

The trouble with the Orion Terrans is that they maintained their loyalty to those Powers in the star system they left long ago. Though you may see them professing faith in the Almighty Creator, that devotion is mere lip service. On the unconscious or deeper level, the ‘Powers of lesser light’ are in control over them, disabling them from manifesting independent thought and truly God-oriented decisions at all.

Any contention now that would say our Terran folks are to a great extent being controlled by Draco’s powers is pure trash. That hogwash has little basis, as you can see from the figures above and the sustained relationship between the Orions and their hierarch ‘Powers of lesser light’. Draco will be made accountable for its misdeeds as already articulated in at couples of articles, but likewise should Orion be made accountable for its liabilities in this planet.

Not even the successful ascent of many Orions to their respective Path would be sufficient to pull up their ex-compatriots from their lamentable state and links with the abominations in their star system. Unless maybe that those former Orions who have ascended to cosmic beings will volunteer to perform Messiah roles for their ex-compatriots maybe, and this is a welcome move to say the least.

What you saw shall ye reap!” says the universal law of action & reaction. The persistent, stubborn suasion of the large mass of Orion Terrans to the folkmind and/or negative ‘path’ will reap what those rambunctious efforts have sowed: those responsible will be shipped out to planets that befit their level of awareness.

Come post-2012 New Earth, only 20% of Terrans will ascend to 4th dimension (see forecasts @ This is already a huge number in fact. Of that 1.4 Billion souls in the surface, around 4/5 originated from star systems other than Orion. Any seeker advancing to the mystical/yogic awareness level can go ahead and make a check on the statistics from the Akashic records in case they are permitted to inquire from the higher spheres.

The Orion Terrans who will make it to 4th dimension will, hopefully, keep up to their faith in the Almighty, a true faith complemented by genuine service-for-others and not manipulative-egotistical-to-maniacal subtle domination and control of others. They are always welcome to the New Earth, even as their own astral-etheric connect to their old gods shall have been disjointed by that time.

[Philippines, 12 October 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Good evening from this Adept of the Order of Melchizedek!


In couples of articles did I cover the matter of Draco and the Empire. Towards the end of the discourse, I accounted for the Orion factor in the Empire. I will now move on to the ‘Orion question’.


I sense that among circles of esotericists and self-acclaimed ‘Light Workers’ (do they really spread Light as strong bearers of higher Light?), there is simplistic understanding of the Empire and the ‘fall of Lucifer’ and how they connect to one another. There is an over-emphasis on the role of Draco in the galactic conflicts, thus leaving behind Orion as some largely un-accountable force in the equation.


Draco-bashing has legitimacy to it, it is understandable no doubt. But to over-stress on Draco alone is tantamount to a cover-up. Orion is part of that equation of Empire forces, nay is the primogenitur of the Empire, with its forces probably even more potent than Draco’s in spreading the conflict to other galaxies of our universe as well.


The decay of the sector of our universe, on account of the confluence of the Anti-Universe permeation of it (sector) and the serial wars for domination and attrition by the Draco-Orion Empire, is setting a terribly bad precedent not just for our universe but also for other universes as well. Thus, the need to contain the decay remains as a colossal challenge to the spiritual Hierarchy.


Let us note, first of all, that today’s population of Terra comprises of 80% Orions (see That alone is an indication of the gigantic inroads that the warring Orions made on our planet and that of Maldek and Mars that they came to populate like ants occupying their controlled territories.


To say that Orions came here only by accident—due to their escape from the warring Rigelians and Betelgueseans—is pure crap to me. Rigelians, Betelgueseans, or whatever they may be, Orions they all are. Three (3) planets of Solaria they came to conquer and occupy, transplanted their ceaseless conflicts in them, and destroyed one of them (Maldek).


The Maldekians, upon the demise of the planet, simply migrated en masse to Terra (though more evolved ones did move to other planets of Solaria). Martians who failed to evolve to 4th Density followed suit by moving to Terra en masse. What a feasting on Terra the Orions of Maldek and Mars have been conducting, isn’t it?


To discourse that Orions are merely the enforcers of Draco’s fiats, being canon fodders for the Empire, is equally an untenable hypothesis. Orions came to Solaria as both militarily and technologically equipped, and likewise institutionally very advanced, so in no way will they subordinate themselves to a minority force of Draconians.


Orion is the primary progenitor of the Empire, with large swaths of territories in its hold or influence probably across galaxies. Draco came a bit later than Orion in imperial pursuits, though it too had sizeable territories under its control or influence, strongholds that it used to leverage in a coalition-formation with Orion.


There was a quid pro quo formula that was acceptable to both parties during their negotiations circa 400,000 down to 200,000 Before Present or BP. That formula resulted to a concordat of a strategic nature that recognized which ‘key result areas’ of Empire-building would be primary for Draco and which one would be primary for Orion.


The partnership between Orion and Draco, as already mentioned in other articles, was the core axis of the Empire. All other forces in the lower spheres or ‘densities’ that chose to join the Empire knew all too well where muscle resided: the Draco-Orion ‘axis’. They must all beg before this axis, with the only positive option coming if they have leverages that make them clearly very advantageous in the negotiating table.


Zetans, or saurians of the Zeta stellar group, seems to possess a unity of mindset—being of a total collective mind—that makes them assets in a totalitarian imperial stretch. Thus were they assigned the role of canon fodders as clones, and their services was a short list of tasks that other planetary species couldn’t provide as much. That includes laboring in mines, canon fodders for battles, and worker drones.


The most dreaded of all Orions is no other than the saurian species of slender, tall, grey ones. These species seems to have advanced a bit in the individuation path to mind evolution, and so they were in a rather envious position in the mind games of calculation and strategic forecasting of goal outcomes, thus ensuring their domination of the lower Orions as a whole.


The human-like species of Orion, who are likewise tall in stature but robust in built contrasted to the saurians, holds enormous powers of 5th density abilities. But in the end, as per my intuitive analysis, they succumbed to both the carrots and sticks of their saurian star-mates, though they perform tasks other than those done by Zetans.


Many of such tall human-like Orions are now re-entering Terra via the 4th and 5th densities, and are reconnecting to those whom they left behind here. Their subtle bodies make them appear like faceless ones, in case those seekers out there would wish to imagine their looks. They can however choose to adopt human faces as sort of decoys, if just to be able to relate to their ‘understudies’ or apprentices down here inclusive of those who are in the yogic path.


To say today that Orion’s pursuits here are 101% noble is unacceptable a crap to this Adept. The Orions will need to demonstrate greater compassion, peace-loving and service-for-other behavior for some more time, both the surface Orion Terrans and those robust human-like faceless ones. Never will I buy such a byline, though I do recognize that many Orions have already evolved inclusive of those who made it to masters of wisdom in the Brotherhood.


Orions are very badly indebted to Solaria, their destruction of Maldek still very fresh in our collective memory, and so they must be accountable for their debts. And they will pay up, rest assured.


To make further claims that Michael’s seat is in Orion is to compound Orion hubris, as the Lord Michael is omniscient in the universe being the mandated creator deity of it (universe). Ipso facto, Michael isn’t reducible to a mere planetary being or a star logos nestled in a particular star system. The Terran agents for Orion should better cease to use Lord Michael as a rationalization for their sponsors in Orion.


Planetary Orions are badly accountable for Terra’s descent, even as they continue to sustain their domination over the planet. They will be accountable for their debts, the result of that accounting and payment being the de-linking of Terra to the dark umbilical cord with the same Orions.


Let me now close the article at this juncture. Mabuhay kayo!


[Philippines, 04 October 2010]




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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

It is now past dinner time as I write this concluding piece for the day. Before the night closes, let this humble Adept of the Brotherhood of Light share one more reflection about the Draco theme.

If we move back in time and divide history into phases of twelve (12) grand cycles each (300,000 years approximately), we can recognize the recent phase as that period crucial to the formation of strategic alliances in the ‘war of the worlds’. The phases prior to that, probably up to way back six (6) phases before this recent one, sow the rise of highly intelligent species in our universe.

Draco’s emergence from a primeval form could have been circa 4th phase moving backwards in time. Almost simultaneously, along parallel path, the intelligent species from Orion evolved. Orion’s species were an amusing combination of humans and saurians, and were equally tall in stature like their counterparts in other star systems.

As soon as they developed space technology, Orions warred against each other almost ceaselessly, thus driving many Orions to migrate to far away worlds. Those migrating populations found Maldek, Mars, and Terra in Solaria (solar system), a star system on the edge of the Milky Way.

The competition among Reptilians could have likewise seen enormous exchange of firepower and enslavement of defeated camps. That was, like Orion’s case, made possible by the development and perfection of space technology. Somewhere in time during the last phase of our timeline, Draconians ceased to war against each other, as their collective mind showed them the more prudent decision to coalesce surrounding the most powerful group. The proto-Empire was in place.

As the Draco and Orion cultures were perfecting and experimenting on gelling alliances, the humans were also finding it more prudent to coalesce into a strategic alliance. Taking their counsel from the higher Beings of Light, notably Michael and the guardians of the celestial realm, the Confederation of Light was formed, a coalition that gravitated around the human societies (other members were from non-human lifestreams).

With the gravitation of galactic forces along two contending poles, the cleavage between the Empire and Confederation—dubbed otherwise as Galactic Command or GC—was more or less complete. Just exactly how Orion and Draco came to negotiate in a most amicable manner remains a mystery, they being both predatory and distrustful of competing forces. Suffice us to take it as given that the two star systems did coalesce in time, and the coalition is strategic in nature (very long term).

The periods 200,000 down to 100,000 years Before Present or BP witnessed the engagements of the forces of Empire and GC in very destructive wars. To complicate the hostilities, Michael and Lucifer took their side in the conflict, an act that sealed the fate of Lucifer and many Adepts—inclusive of Guardians/Watchers—whom he dragged to his side.

The epical movie series Star Wars was somehow successful in intuiting and indicating the contours of the conflict. The Empire began with around over 600 worlds (Star Wars depicted 1000 that was pretty accurate a count), most specially from the sector directed by Lucifer. So many other worlds soon joined the Empire, for fear of being wiped out by a very predatory force.

The Sith Lords as depicted in the Star Wars series jibes pretty accurately with the Guardians of the Draco Empire. The Orions jibed pretty well with the idea of Trade Confederation in the Star Wars epic, the Guardians of whom looked very saurian (tall Grey species that were cousins of the Draco reptiloids).

So accurate is the Star Wars epic that it depicted the leverage of each side of the Empire: Draco provided military might, while Orion provided cross-galactic trade. Draco, in reality, had no patience for conducting galactic trade affairs, a matter that it consigned to its partner Orions.

Another group of saurians, who were cloned worker types for the Empire, were the Zetans (from the Zeta Reticulum star system). Very much collective-natured in mindset, they behaved like cells comprising a giant organic whole. Incidentally, the Star Wars also depicted a clone group that served as army canon fodders for the Sith Lords, except that the epic’s clone looked human –so just replace the human face with Grey Zetan and you’d see that the epic was as razor-sharp accurate after all. But amusingly, the leader of the planet—that mass produced the clones—who met Jedi OB1 Canobi in the epic was Grey saurian type.

Between the two, Orion—the very origin of the money economy (capitalist system especially) that is dominant in our own planet today—holds the galactic ‘purse’ (resources). Thus, Draco cannot treat Orion as a junior partner, but as a co-partner worth the respect. Orion’s Greys are particularly very fascistic (to use our own Terran term) and will not brook punitive actions on failed expectations from a negotiating partner or subordinated world.

There is much reason to infer, as a matter of fact, that Orion is the senior partner in the Empire. He who holds the purse holds the reins of power, so to speak. Orion’s pursuits in Solaria preceded Draco’s advent here, and there’s reason to infer that Orion entrusted the guardianship of Earth to Draco and not the other way around. Freed from the daily ministrations of a colony, not only in Solaria but in other star systems, Orion can then pursue its ambition of expanding beyond the galaxies of the universe.

So, when Draco is expected to arrive here with greater contingents soon, better factor in Orion (lower Orion for clarification) in the process. Orion will itself join the military strike forces in due time, making the forthcoming ‘resumption of hostilities’ exciting yet very cryptic for the unprepared and uninitiated.

Let me now close the note right here. Good night, God Bless!

[Philippines, 18 September 2010]


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January 2011

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good Day to you all!

January of 2011 opened up new avenues for accelerated growth. Filipinas, which retains its 4th dimensional energies despite the fall of Earth to 3rd dimensional state, will continue to serve as a citadel for spiritual development.

Incidentally, as already revealed in my previous articles about the Philippines, hundreds of spiritual teachers or White Robes were embodied in the Philippines. Couples of others were reinforcements who originated from the mainland Asia and the West and have nestled here for the Work.

Enthused seekers who may wish to begin their individual Path to the Almighty Creator, can perhaps begin with any of the groups or teams listed below. This is just an eye-opener list, as there are approximately about 500-1,000 Light Worker groups.

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Ageless Wisdom:

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Ashram for Kriya Yoga:

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Bikram Yoga Manila:

Black Hat Lama – Philippines: c/o

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University: c/o

Chaitanya Yoga:, tel. 800-1340

Daoist Studies Group: c/o

Dugukan Lightship Meditation / Daystar Command – Cebu:

Earth Day Network:

Eckankar Society of the Philippines:,

Edgar Cayce Group / A.R.E. Philippines:,, tel: 634-3141

Elizabeth Claire Prophet Discussion Group – Makati: c/o

Flow Yoga (U.P. Diliman group): flowyogaqc (c/o yahoogroups)

Fo Guang Shan – Manila / International Buddhist Progress Center: c/o, tells: 523-4909 / 525-3680

Goku’un Zendo:

Green Earth Foundation (c/o Theosophy, QC):,

Hare Krishna – Mandaue & Marikina: c/o

Innerquest-Aquarian Conspiracy:

International Society for Krishna Consciousness:

International Yoga Institute:

Kabbalah Philippines/ David Ghiyam:

Kali Pi Mu/ Inner Dance/ Pi Villaraza (Teacher):

Magic Mountain:

Maharlikans / Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika AKSM: c/o

Mother Earth Foundation:

Mystic Soul / New Age Philippines:

Order of the Naga Brahmas:

Oro de Mer/ Foundation for Divine Life: c/o Eyo Morales (ExecDirector & yogi), tel: 911-4863,

Philippine Alternative Medicine:

Philippine Nedu Bodhi Dharma Foundation (Tibetan):

Philippine Spiritual Healers:,

Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines / Master Choa:

Qi Gong & Taichi Schools:

Ra Kendra Peace Circle:

Radha Soami Satsang Beas – Manila: c/o

Reiki for All – Philippines:

Roscicrucean Order / Order of the Hermetic Gold & Rose + Cross:

Sahaja Yoga Philippines:

Seth Group / Jane Roberts – Cebu City:

Sri Aurobindo Society – Philippines: c/o

Sufi / Center for Sufi Muslims in the Philippines:

Theosophical Society in the Philippines:

Tipunan Group (Ayurveda):

Universal Tao Center (Mantak Chia):

Vedanta Society of the Philippines: c/o,

Vinyasa Yoga Center:

Yoga Foundation of the Philippines:

Yoga Manila:

Zazen Meditation / Blue Mountains:

Zen Center for Oriental Spirituality in the Philippines:

Zen Center Philippines: