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THE PROMISE February 5, 2015


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra


Rise up, Man! Rise up!

Your commonwealth’s history had been astride

The cosmic pendulum that had darted

From yon up. Pendulum has reached dead center

And again is rising beyond the dale of time.

The center was lodged betwixt camel and palm tree.

Reckon, reckon that the East calls

‘Twain the valley of time expectant.

Respond shall the camel benignly

And twill change hands with the carabao.

Snail paced is this beast the carabao

And so is your ascent, o! Man!

To the pinnacle of your godly, godly zen.

You shall be god, your being’s made

By you a living clay molded

Millions of times by your own hands.


Man! The Light has come forth

In dazzling photons it fused with seawaves

And fluvial ripples. Gracefully had

It landed, guided by a dozen eagles.

Shine brightly shall the Light

Sky beacon that illuminates eagerness

The clear landscape of the Promise.

The Promise has been slumbering in a bed

Of coal and gold: ‘tis coal and gold.

The Light shall burn the coal

To be fed into the waiting furnace

Where the gold shall be molded into one

Magnificent icon as tall as the azure sky.

‘Tis the longed for icon that shall herald

The historic swing to grandeur’s height.


Wherefore lies the heart of grandeur?

Wert this not but a dead man’s wish

Long buried in the hovels of the earth?

Wert this not but a sweetened piece

Of bitter gourd: its stinging taste betrays

Its endless senselessness in the world sensical?

Man! This height of grandeur is the state

Indescribable to the wisest among grandfathers

A million generations stretch: ‘tis a million

Times a million times of pure majestic luster

Only but Inner Selves can comprehend.

‘tis the founded form-being of all

Sublime inner selves that have been struggling

In putrescent marshes of history.

This to the grandfathers is mere dream

Induced by the spirit elixirs of Bacchus.


Rise! Rise it shall

High above the hills and valleys

‘Twards the azure firmaments

This majestic commonwealth of yours, o! Man!

For which freedom-in-life is

A concluded spell of benevolent magis.

Reside shall its spirit in people’s bosoms.

Gone shall be the seismic struggles

Alone for bread as if this were the most

Valued diadem atop the zenith of greatness:

The world shall be its own bread

And man, the luminary figure at last

Whose coming was pronounced before

By a trillion bards of eagles and doves.

Rise! Rise it shall

From where corals had made lands

Where sturdy races have eked out living

And slave they were for others;

No more are they slaves but are free cranes

Atop carabaos their benign carriers.


What is reality after all o! Man!

For which you have buried yourself

Millions of times in search for its enigmas?

Is it like spiral moving poles a-clashing?

Maybe, but maybe not. Maybe

‘Tis a swarm of flies that swats

Made festive killings by the dozens

And yet aren’t flies but gems.

When upon each gem Light gently touches

It brings forth radiance to all

Corners of the cosmos: it makes bounds

Anon betwixt its grounded state

And the unbrimmed infinite extent

Apast spaces: ‘tis unbrimmed space

And yet spaceless brims.


Man! A promise made a million times

And delivered a million times makes a million

More than its primeval state: ‘ts a grain

Of sand and the universe made one.

The sea has recognized this secret lore

And had sung it lyrically in melodious tunes

That no one cared to listen to

Save for man-slaves on a dozen mountains.

Mushroom-eaters they are who’d sensed

What the real is: the Promise realized overboard

Its primordial state—a giant that wakes up

From zillions of earth revolutions or slumber:

‘Ti a Being stronger than ever that turns rivers

Into founts of gold, cause for merriment

Atop the nature-world the bed of bread.


Happy, o! happy will be

The suns and stars and moons

And winds and waves

Over your final dawning, o! Man!

Even as the day starts on the sixth hour.

Man! You are the sixth estate:

Risen and made one, freed at last

From tsunamis of disintegrating forces.

Behold! No more forlorn are nature and cosmos

The citadels of true life.

And you, Man, finally regained, revived,

Realized as your guardian and maker.

[Writ. 22 July 1991, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]


This poem—with 7 parts—is largely about the New Age of Light. Writ in very highly archetypal language, it is among those pieces that fit the minds of seekers who love puzzles, notably the wiz kid types. It was written akin to Goethe’s epic, whose master piece of literature was actually a literature of cosmic awakening and the risks that can happen along the way.

The piece prophecies the coming of the new race of Aquarians or Meruvians, the 6th ‘root race’ identified by HP Blavatsky. The Aquarians will replace the Aryan stocks that now abound, with the chief prototype ethnicities emerging in the Pacific land masses that will emerge after the post-2012 ascension. A chohan of the Great White Brotherhood was already designated as manu or ‘great leader’ of that forthcoming race.

As for the other archetypes, I’d leave this to the concerned seekers and mystics to think about. To give you hints for instance, ‘camel’ signifies the Western hemisphere, while ‘carabao’ signifies the East. I’d leave the rest for you to reflect or meditate on.


April 2011



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



The Story of the Creation – Bilaan (Mindanao)

In the very beginning there lived a being so large that he cannot be compared with any known thing. His name was Melu, and when he sat on the clouds, which were his home, he occupied all the space above. His teeth were pure gold, and because he was very cleanly and continually rubbed himself with his hands, his skin became pure white. The dead skin which he rubbed off his body was placed on one side in a pile, and by and by this pile became so large that he was annoyed and set himself to consider what he could do with it.

Finally Melu decided to make the earth; so he worked very hard in putting the dead skin into shape, and when it was finished he was so pleased with it that he determined to make two beings like himself, though smaller, to live on it.

Taking the remnants of the material left after making the earth he fashioned two men, but just as they were all finished except their noses, Tau Tana from below the earth appeared and wanted to help him.

Melu did not wish any assistance, and a great argument ensued. Tau Tana finally won his point and made the noses which he placed on the people upside down. When all was finished, Melu and Tau Tana whipped the forms until they moved. Then Melu went to his home above the clouds, and Tau Tana returned to his place below the earth.

All went well until one day a great rain came, and the people on the earth nearly drowned from the water which ran off their heads into their noses. Melu, from his place on the clouds, saw their danger, and he came quickly to earth and saved their lives by turning their noses the other side up.

The people were very grateful to him, and promised to do anything he should ask of them. Before he left for the sky, they told him that they were very unhappy living on the great earth all alone, so he told them to save all the hair from their heads and the dry skin from their bodies and the next time he came he would make them some companions. And in this way there came to be a great many people on the earth.


Of golden hue and white of Divine Light, such is the description of the creator deity Melu. His abode was the ‘clouds’—signifier for the higher dimensions. ‘He occupied all the space above’ clearly projects the Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence of the One Universal Principle or Almighty God.

‘A being so large’ is an apt description for cosmic beings more so the creator deities who achieved perfection in previous Manvantaras yet, whose auras alone can fill up and protect many stars/suns, planets, and life-forms. The Lord Solar Logos, deity of our Solar system, for instance, has his aura protecting our Sun or Sol. Absent His Divinity and the entire Sol, planets & respective moons will go back to chaos.

Deities don’t have skins literally, though in manifest form indeed deities can look like they have skin. From out of free matter of the lower dimensions the deities created every sort of material vehicles for sentient life to occupy in their evolutionary sojourns—this is signified by using dead skin to make earth.

The breeding of early humans, of the first three (3) ‘root races’, were clearly indicated. This was a collective effort of Melu and Tau Tana, which shows the synergy of Brahma & Elohim with the hierarchs of the elementals & devas in order to create the mental, astral, and physico-etheric vehicles.

Two (2) men being the first human evolutes signifies the 1st and 2nd ‘root races’ or Pangean/Hyperborean humans who regenerated asexually. ‘The men asked Melu for companions’ signifies the coming of the Twinflame souls in the aegis of the sexually reproducing mid-Lemurian racial families in the 3rd ‘root race’.

The cyclical geo-magnetic changes of Terra, which floods the surface at certain junctures of polar reversals or shifts, was also indicated as already happening during the 1st & 2nd ‘root races’.

[Philippines, 23 June 2011]




Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Dixieland legislator
Has a dream to be president
Someday in Democrats’ name

Yet fond was he
To google Earth with his nudity
Chagrin-bleeding Democrats’ shame

[Philippines, 21 September 2011]





Team Argonza

17 October 2011


Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, social scientist and spiritual guru, was guest speaker recently during the 2nd Annual PH UFO Conference. Guided by the theme UFO E.T. Presence – the Philippine Link, the conference was sponsored by the UFO Society of the Philippines.


In his paper titled “Philippines-Mu, Earth Changes, Cosmic Awakening,” Prof Argonza presented the background, to wit:


Two contentions today are making ripples across the country: (a) that the Philippines is a remnant of the super-continent of Mu; and, (b) that Earth will ascend back to 4th Dimension on 12/21/12, thus ending a long epoch of 3rd dimensional Earth history. I will shed light on the interconnections of the two contentions, and liberally add mystical theses from me as a Brother of Light/Fellow of the Great White Lodge.


Accordingly, the paper’s goals were as follows:


(1)            To present new mystical knowledge regarding the Philippines;

(2)            To share insights concerning the place of PH in the forthcoming Planetary ascension; and,

(3)            To forecast scenarios about PH changes due to the galactic & planetary changes.


Presenting fresh knowledge and insights about cosmic awakenings, Earth changes and the Philippines’ role in the ongoing changes, the guru’s talk captivated the eager audience. Questions and shared thoughts were then generated from the audience who were largely seekers and freethinkers from all over PH plus some foreigner participants who traveled all the way from overseas to attend the event.


Other resource speakers were:

  • Lily Dueñas: Unlocking the Mystery: Philippines’ Extraterrestrial Links and the UFOs
  • Neil Gould: Exopolitics: A World View
  • Gerard Aartsen (Netherlands): UFOs Herald World Transformation

A well attended conference, with the venue (Air Force Museum) jam packed by a highly enthusiastic audience, the event was very successful. It is the country’s best conference event on the Extraterrestrial issue to date, with very notable speakers who presented papers that were well researched, thus signifying the very high level of authoritativeness on their respective topics.


The conference was characteristically Asian & Filipino in that material science and metaphysical (wisdom) discourse were combined to constitute an integrated frame for understanding the phenomenon. The transphysical factors of higher dimensions, spiritual hierarchy, cosmology and prophecy were intertwined with astrophysics, morphology, exopolitics, and futurology in regard to the “alien question.”


Dr. Jaime Lichauco, among the country’s foremost authorities on paranormal studies, came to grace the occasion. Dr. Lichauco is a professor and veteran journalist, with a regular opinion column at the topgun newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer and a radio program at the DZMM.


Also appearing to grace the occasion is entertainment industry personality Roy Alvarez. Also a high profile civil society leader with environmentalism & conservationism as his forte, Mr. Alvarez is also mystic and Initiate of the spiritual Brotherhood.


A recently constituted nongovernment organization, the UFO Society of the Philippines is led by its dynamic president Antonio Israel, businessman and emerging Ufologist. Its latest conference was held at the Philippine Air Force Museum in Villamor Airbase, MetroManila.


Links: For those who may be interested in getting involved or interact with the UFOSP, pls visit its website:




The very positive news about the launching of Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza’s website was already heralded to the world just recently.

A sociologist, political economist, development consultant, and self-development guru, Prof. Argonza had demonstrated a broad range of capabilities built across his years of professional career development.

To you endeared partners in development and global peace, Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza Website is:

For stakeholders who wish to avail of Prof. Argonza’s services in project development, social marketing, capacity-building, enterprise development, and self-development, please visit the Prof. Argonza website and contact him through the addresses provided thereat. You can also communicate your noble intentions directly through the contact page in the website.

Goodwill and good faith always!

Argonza & Associates

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Goodwill and good evening from this Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood! From the Philippines’ suburban boondocks I extend to you the warm glow of my Light Body, kumusta!

As world music pieces play, let me share another note about the Orion liabilities on Earth. To do this task, I will showcase my own beloved Philippines to indicate to you what corrupt Orion power can do when allowed to govern with only negligible challenge from detractors.

So beloved is the Philippines as it was in this country that I experienced spiritual ascension to Rishi-Adept level, and I will forever cherish the memory of my last 3rd dimensional life as a Filipino. It was truly a blessed and privileged experience to embody, grow, and mature here, thanks to the Almighty Providence. RP is Inang Bayan or Land of the Mother and no less, and I feel Divine Mother’s presence here everyday in my life.

As elaborated in earlier articles, the Philippines or RP is the only country in the planet that retains its 4th dimensional frequency. RP is the seat of the planetary chi, the site of the hyperspace portal, and is characteristically the ‘womb of the Mother’. RP is the nexus of the Maharloka or Great Land of Lemurian fame, the parent of great civilizations or ‘high cultures’.

Orion souls’ coming to this country in post-glacial epoch, perhaps beginning with the era of the sublime Majapahit Empire, destroyed the pristine and wealthy ‘scion of the Mother’. Orion power first of all was responsible for fragmenting the great Majapahit Empire—a confederation of kingdoms governed at the start by wise and noble princes and kings.

Majapahit’s fragmentation was conclusively fomented by troublesome Orion souls embodied as princes and nobles and the equally troublesome masses around the 1400s. The fragmentation, manifested as internecine wars among the Emperor’s own princely scions, was a factor itself that made it easier for European powers to invade and occupy the southeast Asian domains as pieces of estates for their plunder and looting.

Now, let’s fast forward to the post-colonial times after independence was granted by the USA in 1946. A vastly Orion population (by star origin) was already embedded in all of the islands, led likewise by landlord-capitalist plutocrats who were of Orion origin. The only variation in leaderships is when politicians of Draconian (reptoid or reptiloid) roots would rise meteorically and take on juicy posts in all branches of state most especially the presidency.

My estimate is that, from 1946 through the present, RP’s population has steadily been 90% Orion. In contrast, those coming from other star systems comprise negligible fractions. Contrast too RP’s 90% Orion figure with the Terran global average of 80% Orion roots. You can go ahead and be at liberty to visualize what a megalithic Orion presence could do to this noble country and people of Lemuro-Malay roots.

With plutocrats in power, who represented distinctly patrimonial interests that used state power to further enrich and empower themselves, there was manifest lip service to social equity goals. This was the pattern since imperial powers left RP, a pattern that resulted to today’s pathetic state of Filipinos 33% of whom live in abject poverty. As much as 20% live hunger in their daily lives as a compounding fact.

RP had already graduated to a middle income country status, with GDP per capita of U.S. $2000 (nominal value). This year alone, RP’s Gross National Product or GNP will breach the $200 Billion mark (nominal value). Using 4 as multiplier to $200 Billion yields a GNP figure of U.S. $800 Billion in purchasing power parity or PPP, which clearly makes the country an enviable emerging market. Yet amid such rising bounty living for RP, 33% or 31,000,000 live in abject poverty!

The regime of Gloria Arroyo, an Orion who also embodied lives in Mars, was classic plutocracy that was almost totally oblivious of the widespread poverty around. Having a life before as a male Assyrian emperor and embodied in this era as an economics professor with a PhD as credential, Arroyo surely has got what it takes to govern the islands and steer it off away from poor country to a middle income emerging market that is at the threshold of a 1st world economy.

Indeed, Arroyo’s policy initiatives were partly responsible for raising RP above the hovels, as the economy doubled during her 9-year presidency. Yet during her incumbency, backstopped as she was by a combined force of Orions and Draconians in her technocratic & political team, poverty widened from 28% in 2001 (1st year of her presidency) to 33% in 2010.

Meanwhile, the 90% Orion Filipinos who comprise the bulwark of evolutionary laggards and demoniacs in the country (trace the star roots of the criminals & negative persons here and you’d see what I mean), just couldn’t grasp the greatest opportunity offered to them: a country of 4th dimensional frequency with enormous powers to heal, balance, and evolve a damaged psyche fragmented by low density embodiments in other countries and continents. They bungled their chance to evolve, by using the same beneficial frequencies for advancing egotistical motives!

To recap, those laggards and demoniacs behaved much like infants who unabashedly exhibited dependency syndrome at all turns of social life. They preferred to be employees rather than entrepreneurs, exhibited low innovativeness and labor productivity, and were the quickest to beg for social welfare largesse from politicians, Big Business and Big Church. Thus, the vicious cycle of poverty has been reinforced, persisting as sociologists call it henceforth: a ‘culture of poverty’ (see Oscar Lewis’ works).

2012 now nears, and here is RP with a pathetic poverty situation that remains unchecked, unmitigated, and still climbing as of this writing. The situation is ample reason for more Filipinos to migrate overseas as expatriate workers to be able to pull up their respective families from want and hunger (9 Million Filipinos are deployed overseas for diverse work capacities and/or as permanent out-migrants).

With Orions well entrenched as megalithic stockholders of Philippines Inc., we can only but expect the most dreadful results of corruption, looting, and dependency syndrome from the same flocks of unrepentant souls. What could we expect from RP other than that the nation’s returning karma would yield, post-2012, a very large physical casualty of past 90%, with only less than 8% qualifying for 4th dimensional ascension.

Remember the former strongman Ferdinand Marcos, the former tyrannical pharaoh Ramses who later embodied in, and became dictator of RP? During his reign, remember that RP’s economy spiraled down depression shame, rendering RP as the appalling ‘sick man of Asia’? Well, Marcos was of Martian origin, and Martians were Orions.

Let me now end right here, with the message that you go ahead and do your own research of each country in the planet about what Orions did to them. Good night, and good luck to your Path!

[Philippines, 18 October 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

January 2011

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good Day to you all!

January of 2011 opened up new avenues for accelerated growth. Filipinas, which retains its 4th dimensional energies despite the fall of Earth to 3rd dimensional state, will continue to serve as a citadel for spiritual development.

Incidentally, as already revealed in my previous articles about the Philippines, hundreds of spiritual teachers or White Robes were embodied in the Philippines. Couples of others were reinforcements who originated from the mainland Asia and the West and have nestled here for the Work.

Enthused seekers who may wish to begin their individual Path to the Almighty Creator, can perhaps begin with any of the groups or teams listed below. This is just an eye-opener list, as there are approximately about 500-1,000 Light Worker groups.

Center/Group/Relevant Information

Ageless Wisdom:

Anthroposophical Society in the Philippines:

Arhat Yoga Society of the Philippines:

Ashram for Kriya Yoga:

Asthanga Yoga / Ananda Marga:

Bahay Dalangin (Zen):

Bikram Yoga Manila:

Black Hat Lama – Philippines: c/o

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University: c/o

Chaitanya Yoga:, tel. 800-1340

Daoist Studies Group: c/o

Dugukan Lightship Meditation / Daystar Command – Cebu:

Earth Day Network:

Eckankar Society of the Philippines:,

Edgar Cayce Group / A.R.E. Philippines:,, tel: 634-3141

Elizabeth Claire Prophet Discussion Group – Makati: c/o

Flow Yoga (U.P. Diliman group): flowyogaqc (c/o yahoogroups)

Fo Guang Shan – Manila / International Buddhist Progress Center: c/o, tells: 523-4909 / 525-3680

Goku’un Zendo:

Green Earth Foundation (c/o Theosophy, QC):,

Hare Krishna – Mandaue & Marikina: c/o

Innerquest-Aquarian Conspiracy:

International Society for Krishna Consciousness:

International Yoga Institute:

Kabbalah Philippines/ David Ghiyam:

Kali Pi Mu/ Inner Dance/ Pi Villaraza (Teacher):

Magic Mountain:

Maharlikans / Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika AKSM: c/o

Mother Earth Foundation:

Mystic Soul / New Age Philippines:

Order of the Naga Brahmas:

Oro de Mer/ Foundation for Divine Life: c/o Eyo Morales (ExecDirector & yogi), tel: 911-4863,

Philippine Alternative Medicine:

Philippine Nedu Bodhi Dharma Foundation (Tibetan):

Philippine Spiritual Healers:,

Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines / Master Choa:

Qi Gong & Taichi Schools:

Ra Kendra Peace Circle:

Radha Soami Satsang Beas – Manila: c/o

Reiki for All – Philippines:

Roscicrucean Order / Order of the Hermetic Gold & Rose + Cross:

Sahaja Yoga Philippines:

Seth Group / Jane Roberts – Cebu City:

Sri Aurobindo Society – Philippines: c/o

Sufi / Center for Sufi Muslims in the Philippines:

Theosophical Society in the Philippines:

Tipunan Group (Ayurveda):

Universal Tao Center (Mantak Chia):

Vedanta Society of the Philippines: c/o,

Vinyasa Yoga Center:

Yoga Foundation of the Philippines:

Yoga Manila:

Zazen Meditation / Blue Mountains:

Zen Center for Oriental Spirituality in the Philippines:

Zen Center Philippines: