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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



To all the women I’ve ever loved before

Who once were o! so near in stead

Whose countenance filled my heart’s longings

Even as I to them was an inspiring Sun

Now all of them are shadows of tales gone

Of love and pains that blend like one

I hereby share my blessings and benign carings

As one mentoring soul shares love to all

Let them walk the Path where destiny leads

And scale Nirvana’s farness till travails end

Till they fulfill at last the goddess within them

Shall they turn unto Venus-like beings of zen


[Philippines, 28 September 2010]





The poem speaks for my heart, and so I should say I got nothing to say further about it (smile). Now, my friends out there would say “hey you forgot the names of your past Beloveds as a sign that you hate them” (smile).


Honestly, I never thought I would end up as a bachelor, never thought I was destined (programmed by Oversoul and Christed Ones) to become an Adept. I was reminded by the Mahatmas, who revealed theosophy to modern humanity, that being unmarried is a requisite to becoming an Adept. Well, the bonus for my intense, sharp climb in the nirvana Path is my reunion with my Beloved Twinflame in the ‘master’s world’ just couples of hours after I spiritually ascended in November 2008.


But I did have a history of dating and loving certain women. And I did plan to marry, as early as age 21 I already began to envision our house, design its core structurals, and have children. To my own surprise, not a single bond stayed to permit marriage. My last beloveds were feminists, and marriage was simply outside their personal agenda. I respected their decision, never imposed my ‘will to marry & family’ upon them.

Just the same, no matter what pains I and my beloved ladies went through, the fractured bonds were already healed. I have offered my humble offerings of prayers for them, for their continuing welfare and salvation at their own pace. Upon spiritual ascension, with the power to offer blessings bestowed on me, I offer them blessings, and no one can take such blessings away. That is the alchemy of love coming from this White Robe.




May 2011


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