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Erle Frayne D. Argonza
31 October 2011

Gracious Day from the Pearl of the Orient!

It is the Christians’ Halloween as I write this piece. Lucifer, the former Prince of Light who fell to deep chasms, was already deprogrammed circa 1980s yet, long before the forthcoming 12/21/12 ascension. Arrested by Lord Michael himself and presented before the Council of 24 Elders, Lucifer was unrepentant up to the last minute of his breath. Then came forth his proper judgement, and was deprogrammed or ‘brought back to the basic essence.’

While Lucifer was squirming in excruciating pain, his cabal of Dark Masters (Chohans of Pralaya) and evil Dugpas (Brothers of the Shadow) or puppet Illuminati adepts in Terra heard Lucifer’s dying screams. That event, narrated by the late master Elizabeth Claire Prophet (hard version of death in the Lake of Fire) before she exited this plane, and re-told later by the guru Sal Rachele (in softer version), foreshadowed what was to happen to the Evil Masters and Dugpas: their own fate of arrests on many and destruction on key role-players is coming.

The message should be made clear at this juncture: LUCIFER IS LONG DEAD! Karma as cosmic law is exact in its applications: when your time for penalty comes, the penalty shall issue forth from the minds of the cosmic judges and carried over with sweeping decisiveness.

Lucifer’s adeptic puppets are now in a rush to peddle the lie that Lucifer supposedly is alive. The line goes that Lucifer was just performing his role as harbinger of all the negations of Light in the Almighty Father’s polarity agenda. What nauseating lies!

Almighty Father never hatched a polarization agenda as this evil agenda was in fact hatched and executed by Fallen Ones in our sector of the universe. The grand lie that supposedly the Father created Evil is just that: the One Universal Principle (God) never at any instance created ‘evil’ (roughly rooted in ‘energy veil’), no such thing as cosmic ‘law of evil’ issued from his Omnipotent Mind. Evil was an immanent trait from those corrupted ones, more so the Chohans of Pralaya (gods of dissolution) and their subaltern minions, and that corruption was their own chosen path to stress the point.

Some other lies peddled by the same spiritual quacks are these: (a) that Lucifer is still alive, and has manifested accordingly to certain channelers on Earth; and, (b) that Divine Hierarchys’ all-embracing compassion shall be applied on the Evil Masters and Dugpas (i.e. Illuminati) and be forgiven accordingly.

Let it be stressed accordingly: Lucifer is dead! In case that there was a Lucifer that has been manifesting before channelers who now number by the hundreds of millions and are part of the class of False Prophets, that impostor is a Dark Master who is among those badly demoralized by the death of their boss and the on-going arrest by Gabriel of Evil Masters. Note that since the beginning of the arrests of the Evil Ones by Gabriel last year, an event that this Brother of the Great White Lodge was made witness upon its commencement, nearly half of the almost 1 million Evil Masters—infesting the ‘bad sectors’ of Terra’s astral belt and likewise doing havoc on the etherics—were already arrested and detained by Gabriel’s Forces.

Besides, the cosmic law of Karma is the one that is operative in pursuing the cases of terribly erring Evil Ones as it applies to all sentient beings. As already explained by the mahatmas time and again, Karma is the cosmic law of retribution, and so the compassion of the Divine Hierarchy is immaterial towards reversing karmic trends that emanate from the very being-essence of the Evil doers themselves.

So desperate are the remaining Evil Masters that they are in haste to capture as many minds of psychic sensitives more so those with histories of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and/or sociopathy. And many young ones, who are very visible in the social networks for starseeds, lightworkers, and psychics, have fallen prey to the desperate mind control by the Evil Ones.

Droid-like in behavior, the spiritual quacks of MPD channelers & psychics mouth the lines for their evil manipulators, reduced social networks of starseeds & Lightworks to popularity contest sites of Pied Pipers, and have likewise contributed immensely to defaming, slandering, and peddling lies about the great Masters and White Robes. Let it therefore be declared: that Karmic Law is exact and will manifest its application on the erstwhile droids of Lucifer apologists who at the least will be imprisoned in the Kama Loka planet (Kama Loka = Hell) fashioned for them.

Let it be re-heralded, as Enoch told JJ Hurtak in the early 70s yet, that the 144,000 White Robes who are here today (save for those who already exited or ascended), will all mandated to role-play Judges post-2012. Those who will become Guardians among the White Robes will have be mandated additionally to serve as Executioners too. No one among the deceiving False Prophets, more so the Lucifer apologists, will escape the karmic measures brought upon them by the Guardians among White Robes, the Warrior Angels, and Seraphim upon the former in less than 14 months’ time.




Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Kapayapaan at pagmamahal! Love and peace!

This White Robe and servant of the spiritual Hierarchy had already discoursed on reincarnation in diverse articles. Let me share additional notes on the subject in consonance with the articulations on the cosmic laws.

To begin the reflection, let me quote from Guru Felix Fojas, my Initiating Guru in the spiritual Brotherhood, in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for us, to note: “Law of Reincarnation – Every spirit-entity regularly incarnate into bodies of flesh to be able to operate in the physical world and learn earthly lessons as well as perform a spiritual task.”

Upon greater elaboration on the subject by the mahatmas of the Brotherhood, the chelas immediately meditated and did research on it. There was, for instance, the repetitive reminder about a group of divine beings that dispense with karma—the Karmic Board—that then becomes the basis for deciding on when and what contextual arrangements will the incarnating ego embody.

HP Blavatsky, Rev. Leadbeater, and Annie Besant, among the foundational leaders of the Theosophical Society, wrote voluminously about karma and reincarnation, the two metaphysical or cosmic laws that go hand in hand. A book was devoted to a particular person alone, tracing back the person’s lives in the past and treating each life as one book chapter, to substantiate the law.

The mystical chelas of the masters clarified that reincarnation takes place every 3,000 years on the average. This is particularly true for the mass of evolutionary laggards, who keep on coming back to learn the same sets of lessons that they failed to learn in their previous embodiments.

The exceptions are the evolved souls, who are returned to the physical plane pronto in order to help humanity to evolve on both personal and collective levels. They are the exemplars of productive behavior for the laggards. They are also the ones who introduce breakthroughs in the arts, science & technology, and philosophy that become powerful motors for social change and for elevating the collective consciousness.

Earth is indubitably a school of life, a hub where different soul types and variegated awareness levels are sent forth to learn lessons and grow in awareness. It is akin to the term ‘social laboratory’ that is used in development language, though its purposes go further than the social.

Due to the sterling behavior of Earth herself, the planet will also evolve in due time. She has become an exemplar for other physical plane planets or ‘3rd dimensional’, and so Earth will ascend soon as a reaping of good karma for her feats. In the very long term, Earth or Terra will continue to move up the ladder of liberation, until she will become a Sun, thus privileged to support many planets with her light and love.

[Philippines, 12 October 2011]

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LAW OF LOVE October 24, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Before we forget the greatest cementing force ever, let us iterate the law right away: Law of Love. Coherent with the articulations on the cosmic laws, I will focus on the Law of Love for this note.

“All we need is Love, all we need is Love, all we need is Love Love, Love is all we need!” says the very popular song by the Beatles. Love operates at many levels, we grow up to learn to love and feel the love of others toward us. Yet in the world we live in, there is so much superficiality about love.

It is the driving motive for the One Universal Principle—God of our daily living—to produce beings of all kinds and the objective worlds that can nurture the said beings’ needs. As the Guru Felix Fojas summarized the said law, in his manual on mysticism offered to my batch of mystics (1994), to wit: Love is the greatest force in the universe. God created the universe out of love.

All the beings, from mineral to sentient, were endowed with capacities for love. As the different beings evolve, they will also grow in love, grow in each one’s capacity to love, till the most evolved ones become perfected, by which the capacity for loving is endless compassion.

Losing the capacity to love, engaging in manipulative pursuits that enchain others, destructive in every way that the being bars others from moving up in the evolutionary path, doesn’t bode well with the Supreme Being. Like any father who will be saddened by the distancing and wayward behavior of an offspring, the Supreme Being’s infinite love works so strongly so as to give this being the space to come back.

True love is a liberating force, while false love tends to bind and enslave. True love is self-less and boundless, false love is selfish and narrow.

It is love that fuels devotion or bhakti, a theme or divine ray that I already articulated in other articles. Bhakti is centered in the heart chakra, and bhakti can propel an Aspirant to be liberated or attain Self-realization along very steep climb. That’s how wonderful bhakti is, that the granting of divine grace by the Supreme Being is willingly done to the most enthused practicing bhaktha.

Being so all-powerful, I even went to opine that the Rule of Love should govern the economic life of humanity. Today’s Rule of Reason has become suspect, as reason is being used to advance the selfish interests of very greedy elites. Transcendent a force, love is more potent than reason to guide action and decisions in the economic domain, as I said in past articles on economics.

Corrupted reason makes persons very dangerous, and reason itself is on the plates of agenda for reform. Spiritualized reason, reason immersed in love, is true reason, and so love and reason could be the behavior guides for the future worlds in a new global context or New Earth.

[Philippines, 08 October 2011]

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

This humble White Robe greets you love & peace for the day!

I already articulated on the septenary law or the Law of Seven in many articles of mine. Let me articulate again about the subject, with the note that the mahatmas and chohans of the spiritual Brotherhood were very particular about this law that is the hallmark of the divine wisdom released to the open public beginning in the late 1800s.

To begin with the subject, let me quote Guru Felix Fojas’ manual on mysticism workshop he prepared for my batch of mystics (1994), with the following thesis on the septenary law:

Most things in the physical and spiritual planes are arranged in groups of seven. Eg. the seven bodies of man, the seven planes of existence, and the seven colors of the spectrum. [End of quote]

The knowledge of the law drove the chelas of the masters to do research on the Earth for instance. They found out with their own mystical eyes about the 7 globes of Earth, and then went on to articulate about them in numerous pages of write ups.

The same chelas also researched about the 7 planes of existence, though they were delimited by the fact that only the 1st through 4th planes can be examined and inferred determinately. They then wrote books about the subject. The ‘heaven worlds’ alone took the likes of Rev. Leadbeater a book and couples of essays to write about.

As to the seven (7) bodies of man, the volumes of writings devoted were even more voluminous. A complex subject such as 7 bodies also incorporates sub-topics of the 7 major chakras. So imagine the tedious observations done by the mystical chelas just to be able to substantiate the law and publish books and pamphlets about the subject.

There are more applications of the law, such as: (a) 7 year itch, where a married couple would experience mutual erotic warmth for 7 years after which the “itch” dwindles in intensity; (b) 7 year cellular cycle, whereby the body changes all of its sets of cells every 7 years; (c) 7 days of the Terran week; and (4) 7 musical notes Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti.

Very amusingly, the same law has been captured in many folklore—myths & legends—from diverse cultures. As I write this piece, I am researching on the folklore of Southeast Asia, and just a cursory review of some myths have revealed the embedded codification of the septenary law in the myths, e.g. 7 original worlds.

Among our folk medicine practices in Philippines is the use of the herb Pito-Pito. The label Pito-Pito translates to Seven-Seven in English, which means seven different herbs put together to constitute a formula for general detoxifation through diuretic cleansing. Expert herbalists in the archipelago, such as the noted healer Felix Fajardo who is also a mystic, are aware of the risks of mixing too many herbs as this can cause allergies, so the maximum should be seven (7) herbs only.

Lastly, let me take up the example of the mathematical constant Pi. This goes by the equation: ∏ = 22/7. In numerology, 22 is a power number which signifies abilities to conquer (eg. conquest in one’s profession). The denominator 7 is, as one obviously sees, the septenary law being resonated.

[Philippines, 05 October 2011]

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Team Argonza

17 October 2011


Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, social scientist and spiritual guru, was guest speaker recently during the 2nd Annual PH UFO Conference. Guided by the theme UFO E.T. Presence – the Philippine Link, the conference was sponsored by the UFO Society of the Philippines.


In his paper titled “Philippines-Mu, Earth Changes, Cosmic Awakening,” Prof Argonza presented the background, to wit:


Two contentions today are making ripples across the country: (a) that the Philippines is a remnant of the super-continent of Mu; and, (b) that Earth will ascend back to 4th Dimension on 12/21/12, thus ending a long epoch of 3rd dimensional Earth history. I will shed light on the interconnections of the two contentions, and liberally add mystical theses from me as a Brother of Light/Fellow of the Great White Lodge.


Accordingly, the paper’s goals were as follows:


(1)            To present new mystical knowledge regarding the Philippines;

(2)            To share insights concerning the place of PH in the forthcoming Planetary ascension; and,

(3)            To forecast scenarios about PH changes due to the galactic & planetary changes.


Presenting fresh knowledge and insights about cosmic awakenings, Earth changes and the Philippines’ role in the ongoing changes, the guru’s talk captivated the eager audience. Questions and shared thoughts were then generated from the audience who were largely seekers and freethinkers from all over PH plus some foreigner participants who traveled all the way from overseas to attend the event.


Other resource speakers were:

  • Lily Dueñas: Unlocking the Mystery: Philippines’ Extraterrestrial Links and the UFOs
  • Neil Gould: Exopolitics: A World View
  • Gerard Aartsen (Netherlands): UFOs Herald World Transformation

A well attended conference, with the venue (Air Force Museum) jam packed by a highly enthusiastic audience, the event was very successful. It is the country’s best conference event on the Extraterrestrial issue to date, with very notable speakers who presented papers that were well researched, thus signifying the very high level of authoritativeness on their respective topics.


The conference was characteristically Asian & Filipino in that material science and metaphysical (wisdom) discourse were combined to constitute an integrated frame for understanding the phenomenon. The transphysical factors of higher dimensions, spiritual hierarchy, cosmology and prophecy were intertwined with astrophysics, morphology, exopolitics, and futurology in regard to the “alien question.”


Dr. Jaime Lichauco, among the country’s foremost authorities on paranormal studies, came to grace the occasion. Dr. Lichauco is a professor and veteran journalist, with a regular opinion column at the topgun newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer and a radio program at the DZMM.


Also appearing to grace the occasion is entertainment industry personality Roy Alvarez. Also a high profile civil society leader with environmentalism & conservationism as his forte, Mr. Alvarez is also mystic and Initiate of the spiritual Brotherhood.


A recently constituted nongovernment organization, the UFO Society of the Philippines is led by its dynamic president Antonio Israel, businessman and emerging Ufologist. Its latest conference was held at the Philippine Air Force Museum in Villamor Airbase, MetroManila.


Links: For those who may be interested in getting involved or interact with the UFOSP, pls visit its website:


LAW OF UNITY October 17, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

One cosmic law that has been discovered by philosophers and scientists over the past three (3) centuries, their own discovery being substantiation of what spiritual masters have long known, is the Law of Unity. Not only is this law well known and articulated, it has become popular too.

Even popular artists such as musicians couldn’t resist the charm of putting the law into musical form. James Taylor, John Lennon, and many more pop musicians have urged people to “shower the people with love” as “one thing leads to another,” based on their knowledge of the Law of Unity.

As my Initiating Guru Felix Fojas in the spiritual Brotherhood summarized, in the manual of mysticism workshop he shared to my batch of mystics (c. 1994) about the Law of Unity: “Everything in the universe is connected to or affects every other thing in the scheme of things.”

In ecology, the principle of the ‘web of life’ has been very central to understanding the interconnectedness of species, both flora and fauna, among each other on one hand, and between biological life forms and natural environment on the other. Cognizant of such a principle, which is in fact another expression of the Law of Unity, the ecologists have reminded practitioners to be cautious about introducing a non-endemic species in any new environment.

Take the case of Japanese snail. There used to be no Japanese snail in my country, but then it was introduced in rice fields and farms. Expected to induce balance in the ecology, the snails later produced in enormous populations and turned parasitical.

On a more macro-scale, the Law reminds us Terrans to be very careful with the use of atomic energy. Nukes should only be used for beneficial purposes, for the usage of nukes as WMD (weapons of mass destruction) will immeasurably disturb the balance in our sector of the universe, a disturbance that in turn will disturb the balance in the Milky Way, and who knows where the synergy of imbalances will end.

As an ending to this note, let me quote from the beautiful song piece Magkaugnay by Filipino world music artist Joey Ayala:

Ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay
Magkaugnay ang lahat
Ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay
Magkaugnay ang lahat

Literally, the lines transmit as: “all things are interrelated, interrelated are all things.”

Ayala’s song Magkaugnay was able to demonstrate, in musical lyrics, that nature and its diverse life forms are interrelated. It is danceable music, while its lyrics resonate with environmentalism and patriotism. It is a wonderful way to articulate on the Law of Unity.

[Philippines, 02 October 2011]

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Mapayapang araw sa iyo! Day of Peace unto you!

There are more cosmic laws then one has been exposed to so far in my notes, so let me continue with articulation on the same laws. For this note, I will focus on the Law of Correspondence.

Let me begin with a declaration of the statement, as shared to my group of mystics by Guru Felix Fojas in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for us (1994), to wit: “Every object in nature, whether animate or inanimate, has an exact correspondence or similarity to other forms existing in the physical and spiritual planes.”

Such an axiomatic thesis was, to re-echo the fact, released unto the open public by the mahatmas of the Brotherhood and is part of the corpus of revelations called divine wisdom or Theos Sophia. Simultaneous with the publications and release of the wisdom magnum opus, the mystical chelas of the mahatmas immediately conducted deep seated studies on our realities to substantiate the cosmic laws.

Among those theses that the same mystical chelas—HP Blavatsky, Rev. Leadebeater, A. Besant, A. Sinnett, Q. Judge, Col. Olcott, J. Hodson—substantiated well was the law of correspondence. They wrote volumes upon volumes of pamphlets and books to articulate on the diverse subjects in substantiation of the variegated laws such as this one.

As part of that discovery, take the case of a book that is placed on top of your table. Both objects book and table have their corresponding objects in the astral plane. Climb another dimension higher to the mental plane, and the same objects will have equivalents.

The forms of the same objects may differ from across plane, more so as one reaches the spiritual planes the notions of forms that we have below will cease to apply. Relative to us, the planes 4, 5, 6, 7 are amorphous or ‘planes of the formless’. Yet, as the law states, the objects cited do have equivalents there, so that means the equivalents in the higher planes would be more of energy ‘forms’ or so.

Many of my experiences in the other planes did register well in my lower memory, such as the houses, streets, and even bulb-like lighting that illuminates houses in the astral plane. It has been normal occurrence for me to see the shape and form of the village that is equivalent to the subdivision village where I’m residing.

The family home where I’m residing does have its equivalent in the mid-astral, which looks quite like a replica of the original (our physical house), though not quite identical in look. And to my amusement, I notice that the kids on the ground continue to play running, hide and sick, and chasing each other in the mid-astral while their physical bodies sleep.

There are those entities that are adept at magic down on the ground who make use of the knowledge of correspondence to manipulate objects and make things happen. On the part of ground humans, the equivalent magical activity is prayer: as one recites an invocation and repeats it several times, e.g “Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee blessed art thou…”, the mantra form across the planes will be stimulated, with the hope that the target effect will take place

No wonder that spiritual masters kept on reminding us to be careful with our thoughts. Persistent negative thoughts addressed to other people can cause harm, disease, even death on the person concerned depending on the intensity of thought. Thought forms have equivalents in the astral down to physical realms, and so we better be careful with our thoughts.

[Philippines, 28 September 2011]


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