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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


In my succeeding notes I will delve on the matter of cosmogony as contained in ASEAN myths, which is a synthesis of the objective world of cosmos and the subjective worlds of sentient beings. Before I proceed to those note presentations, let me articulate briefly the archetypal images in the cosmogony.


Essentially, three (3) archetypal images are observed across the diverse ethnicities and cultures: sky, sea, earth. The complexity of the cosmos and subjective worlds was attempted to be encapsulated in these archetypal images. Betwixt sky, sea, earth is the intermediary archetype of wind, the flowing or convection of which sort of meshes up the former 3. So that’s a 3 + 1 sort of formula all in all.


Do note that the ancient peoples of the region went through a long dormancy of high knowledge and high culture in the aftermath of the sinking of Poseidonis which triggered global submarine explosions that, in turn, ended the last Ice Age. The melting waters from glaciers, poles, and related glacial formations caused a Deluge and obliterated knowledge and epistemes (knowledge-building modes) of the ancients.


The knowledge, truths and wisdom were to survive through oral modalities of conservation and heritage, out of which evolved the folklore: myths, legends, puzzles, idioms, related forms. Divine wisdom flowed openly to the ancient peoples, but after the Deluge just the few Initiated Ones, notably the shamanic-priestly caste, obtained access to high wisdom.


Out of such preserved embeds of wisdom came the archetypes of sky, sea, earth. The embedded codes are surely tough nuts to crack, but let us try to decode those tough stuff just the same.


Divine wisdom reveals that both the objective and subjective domains of reality were emanations from the One Universal Principle or Supreme Deity, done upon the Out-breath phase of the Manvantara or great cycle of life. From out of that process evolved the 7th, 6th and 5th planes, which constitute the spiritual planes. Such ontological domains would roughly be the equivalent of the ‘sky’ archetype in ASEAN cosmogony.


From the spiritual dimensions the cosmic element of ether was to descend downwards, to aid in the formation of all the other elements. The possibility for emanating objective, material domains was then increased, thus creating the 4th, 3rd and 2nd planes. Altogether, the 4th and 3rd planes are the equivalent of the ‘wind’ archetype, while the 2nd plane corresponds to the ‘sea’ archetype.


The final, most dense form of domain, the physical or 1st plane, was the last. The ‘earth’ archetype corresponds to this domain. In the last instance, humans, plants, animals were created in this domain, which is what the ancient Malayans-IndoMongolians-Polynesians can make sense of the creation narrative. The ‘earth’ domain was an extrapolation from their solid existential context, so we will understand how they comprehend cosmogony during their own times as struggling post-Glacial peoples.


As always, the creator deities, led by the Supreme Deity, come from the ‘sky’. That is the closest that the ancients came to the real, the truth, the knowledge. For indeed Deities were of the 7th plane which is the dimension of deities and/or avatars. Such deities & avatars can always descend down the 5th plane, which is the dimension of the souls.


With this backgrounder, maybe we are ready to move on to the review of diverse cosmogonic/creation myths.


[Philippines, 17 June 2011]






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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Goodwill and good evening from this Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood! From the Philippines’ suburban boondocks I extend to you the warm glow of my Light Body, kumusta!

As world music pieces play, let me share another note about the Orion liabilities on Earth. To do this task, I will showcase my own beloved Philippines to indicate to you what corrupt Orion power can do when allowed to govern with only negligible challenge from detractors.

So beloved is the Philippines as it was in this country that I experienced spiritual ascension to Rishi-Adept level, and I will forever cherish the memory of my last 3rd dimensional life as a Filipino. It was truly a blessed and privileged experience to embody, grow, and mature here, thanks to the Almighty Providence. RP is Inang Bayan or Land of the Mother and no less, and I feel Divine Mother’s presence here everyday in my life.

As elaborated in earlier articles, the Philippines or RP is the only country in the planet that retains its 4th dimensional frequency. RP is the seat of the planetary chi, the site of the hyperspace portal, and is characteristically the ‘womb of the Mother’. RP is the nexus of the Maharloka or Great Land of Lemurian fame, the parent of great civilizations or ‘high cultures’.

Orion souls’ coming to this country in post-glacial epoch, perhaps beginning with the era of the sublime Majapahit Empire, destroyed the pristine and wealthy ‘scion of the Mother’. Orion power first of all was responsible for fragmenting the great Majapahit Empire—a confederation of kingdoms governed at the start by wise and noble princes and kings.

Majapahit’s fragmentation was conclusively fomented by troublesome Orion souls embodied as princes and nobles and the equally troublesome masses around the 1400s. The fragmentation, manifested as internecine wars among the Emperor’s own princely scions, was a factor itself that made it easier for European powers to invade and occupy the southeast Asian domains as pieces of estates for their plunder and looting.

Now, let’s fast forward to the post-colonial times after independence was granted by the USA in 1946. A vastly Orion population (by star origin) was already embedded in all of the islands, led likewise by landlord-capitalist plutocrats who were of Orion origin. The only variation in leaderships is when politicians of Draconian (reptoid or reptiloid) roots would rise meteorically and take on juicy posts in all branches of state most especially the presidency.

My estimate is that, from 1946 through the present, RP’s population has steadily been 90% Orion. In contrast, those coming from other star systems comprise negligible fractions. Contrast too RP’s 90% Orion figure with the Terran global average of 80% Orion roots. You can go ahead and be at liberty to visualize what a megalithic Orion presence could do to this noble country and people of Lemuro-Malay roots.

With plutocrats in power, who represented distinctly patrimonial interests that used state power to further enrich and empower themselves, there was manifest lip service to social equity goals. This was the pattern since imperial powers left RP, a pattern that resulted to today’s pathetic state of Filipinos 33% of whom live in abject poverty. As much as 20% live hunger in their daily lives as a compounding fact.

RP had already graduated to a middle income country status, with GDP per capita of U.S. $2000 (nominal value). This year alone, RP’s Gross National Product or GNP will breach the $200 Billion mark (nominal value). Using 4 as multiplier to $200 Billion yields a GNP figure of U.S. $800 Billion in purchasing power parity or PPP, which clearly makes the country an enviable emerging market. Yet amid such rising bounty living for RP, 33% or 31,000,000 live in abject poverty!

The regime of Gloria Arroyo, an Orion who also embodied lives in Mars, was classic plutocracy that was almost totally oblivious of the widespread poverty around. Having a life before as a male Assyrian emperor and embodied in this era as an economics professor with a PhD as credential, Arroyo surely has got what it takes to govern the islands and steer it off away from poor country to a middle income emerging market that is at the threshold of a 1st world economy.

Indeed, Arroyo’s policy initiatives were partly responsible for raising RP above the hovels, as the economy doubled during her 9-year presidency. Yet during her incumbency, backstopped as she was by a combined force of Orions and Draconians in her technocratic & political team, poverty widened from 28% in 2001 (1st year of her presidency) to 33% in 2010.

Meanwhile, the 90% Orion Filipinos who comprise the bulwark of evolutionary laggards and demoniacs in the country (trace the star roots of the criminals & negative persons here and you’d see what I mean), just couldn’t grasp the greatest opportunity offered to them: a country of 4th dimensional frequency with enormous powers to heal, balance, and evolve a damaged psyche fragmented by low density embodiments in other countries and continents. They bungled their chance to evolve, by using the same beneficial frequencies for advancing egotistical motives!

To recap, those laggards and demoniacs behaved much like infants who unabashedly exhibited dependency syndrome at all turns of social life. They preferred to be employees rather than entrepreneurs, exhibited low innovativeness and labor productivity, and were the quickest to beg for social welfare largesse from politicians, Big Business and Big Church. Thus, the vicious cycle of poverty has been reinforced, persisting as sociologists call it henceforth: a ‘culture of poverty’ (see Oscar Lewis’ works).

2012 now nears, and here is RP with a pathetic poverty situation that remains unchecked, unmitigated, and still climbing as of this writing. The situation is ample reason for more Filipinos to migrate overseas as expatriate workers to be able to pull up their respective families from want and hunger (9 Million Filipinos are deployed overseas for diverse work capacities and/or as permanent out-migrants).

With Orions well entrenched as megalithic stockholders of Philippines Inc., we can only but expect the most dreadful results of corruption, looting, and dependency syndrome from the same flocks of unrepentant souls. What could we expect from RP other than that the nation’s returning karma would yield, post-2012, a very large physical casualty of past 90%, with only less than 8% qualifying for 4th dimensional ascension.

Remember the former strongman Ferdinand Marcos, the former tyrannical pharaoh Ramses who later embodied in, and became dictator of RP? During his reign, remember that RP’s economy spiraled down depression shame, rendering RP as the appalling ‘sick man of Asia’? Well, Marcos was of Martian origin, and Martians were Orions.

Let me now end right here, with the message that you go ahead and do your own research of each country in the planet about what Orions did to them. Good night, and good luck to your Path!

[Philippines, 18 October 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Good evening from the Philippines’ suburban highlands!

Flow with me as I will expound some notes about the birthing of the Draconians. Visualize ourself listening to piano concierto playing the master Beethoven’s pieces from Concert No. 5 (he too was an ascended master embodied down 3rd dimension like Mozart) that would fit the exit of daytime and entry of nocturnal time amid dusk as I discourse again on Draco.

To begin my discourse, let me bring you back to Greek mythology: the narrative of Clash of the Titans. In the Greek mythology one is introduced to the principle of Anti-Universe in the archetype of Hades. In the Clash of the Titans, it was revealed that the Anti-Universe was the core factor behind the birthing of the Draconians in the archetype of the Karkens.

The narrative further informed us that the galaxies (notably Andromeda), heroes & heroins (Pallas Athena on ‘gods’ side), and the astral domain of reality (vast seas and oceans) were already in place as an expansion of the out-Breath of the Almighty Creator downwards towards the more dense domains of reality (‘ontological domains’ in philosophy).

It is important to note those serial events, as they provide clues to the nascence and rise of Draco. Andromeda created both Lyra and Pleiades (signified by Perseus), as far as we know in the Inner Mysteries. Pallas Athena was core leader of the Light Forces in Maldek, a planet that was largely populated by migrated Orions and people of more dense planets from the Milky Way and probably other galaxies farther. The events unfolded when the worlds were in the 4th and 5th densities, with some worlds threatened with further descent to 3rd density/dimension.

We could only surmise that the star system Draco must have been, prior to reptilians’ evolution to bipedal intelligence form, too far remote from the impact of the outflowing Light from the Almighty Creator and the most Holy Council of 24 Elders. Maybe even remote from the Hierarchs of our universe itself, blocked as the outflowing Light was by certain gas, plasma, energy conflicts, and solidifying formations in the galaxy.

It was at that juncture that the Anti-Universe, the polar anti-thesis of the constructive forces of our universe, permeated certain star systems and worlds. As to how many grand cycles had passed before that event happened, we can only do some guess work. What is clear is that, when Hades permeated the sector where Draco was located, the contamination by the dis-integrative forces beyond the edge of the universe or so was very pervasive and wide-reaching.

A species of bipedal beings, probably evolved from out of originally winged reptilians, was already morphing in the Draco system and elsewhere (X-worlds of Saurians that need to be revealed further). At that level of development, most likely the souls of those beings were of the group-soul type, like our own primordial Terrans.

Such a hypothesis—of saurian types ensouled with group-soul type—follows straight from the Teaching which clearly indicates that all animals and plants have each a collective soul. From the mineral world such a very feeble-minded gestate before proceeding to the vegetative, animal, and elemental forms.

The immersion into the energy fields of the Anti-Universe instantly transmogrified those creative formations and turned them into negative entities almost overnight. That coming to past, the next event saw the descent of those beings down to 4th density (mid-astral) where they were to breed, grow and mature.

Furthermore, that eventuality of being engulfed by the Hades force field instantly blackened the connecting channels to the higher spheres. In the process, energy veils so thick (multi-tiered) encrusted in the feeble psyche of the morphing beings. Their disconnect from the creative process of the universe was complete, even as their breed and pedigrees were to serve as the progenitors of predation and destruction in the lower densities that were to be their spheres of influence.

The ‘energy veil’ or ‘e-veil’, from which ‘evil’ may have arisen (read Elizabeth Prophet’s works), is no creation of the Almighty Creator, for your basic information. The notion of the Almighty creating a polarity game by designing negative beings is pure crap, be deceived not by this largely toxic lie peddled by Fallen Masters.

To go back to the Titans narrative, the Karkens (Draconians) were bred right in the seas’ depth. Meaning, they were bred in the mid-astral (astral is water element) or 4th density. Probably they began in 5th density (higher astral), and from there descended eventually to 4th density. Being negative, they can only access to masters who were of ‘lesser light’ (Fallen Masters), one of whom looks as reptilian a being as you can imagine (this one I saw in visions just this year).

To continue, if we go by the Pleiadian information that Draco invaded Terra circa 12 grand cycles ago—300,000 years Before Present of BP—then the permeation of the Anti-Universe into the Draco system was several eons backwards in time. It takes several cycles of evolution to create an intelligent species that can become technology savvy and space-enabled, so our estimate would be around 300,000 X (2X2) or 1.2 million BP.

Probably during the 3rd phase of that 4-phase period—600,000 down to 300,000 BP—the Draconians were already well evolved physically & astrally, and were traveling across space and hyperspace. They became a mighty military force in the galaxy, a possibility brought about by the early discoveries of knowledge-intensive technologies via experimentation as we know them today.

They most likely competed for hegemony in the lower densities, most especially in micro-sectors that were far away from the ‘photon belt’ and the outflowing Breath of the Father. Thus came the eventual clash between them and the human lifestream of evolved worlds that cooled down and stabilized earlier than Terra.

It was during that expansion via military adventurism that humans, who were themselves embroiled in internecine conflicts, encountered the Draconians. With a threat by a new ‘kid on the block’ (Draconian), the warring humans were then compelled to rethink their own conflicts, as the possibility of an alliance against Draco could be more of a viable option if and only if to preserve the species against an evil and sinister force.

The warring of Maldekians, who were migrated Orions and allied lifestreams avoiding conflicts in Orion, were already in the heat of their wars when Draco arrived in Solaria (solar system). Mars, Maldek, and Terra became subjects of intrusion by Draco, by whatever strategies they achieved their invasions.

The Draconian expansionism reached as far as Pleiades (Perseus & friends as archetypes) and was threatening to intrude into Andromeda. The intrusion into Maldek may have been cause for the schisms there with the success of the creation of a Dark Force on the planet that threatened to destroy Maldek altogether (it did got destroyed by nukes). Maldek may been a model of Draco to penetrate deep into the universe via a trial foothold on Andromeda (that was repulsed).

That was the sum up of the narratives pieced up from the Clash of the Titans. By connecting the dots together in the Greek mythology narrative, we’re able to reconstruct the birthing of the reptilian lifestream from Draco up through its early militarist expansionism. That time preceded the Fall of Lucifer yet by the way, even as Lucifer sided later in the wars of the worlds.

[Philippines, 11 September 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Good evening from this Brethren-Adept of the Order of Melchizedek!

At this moment, my ears waft gleefully in the harmonics of “On Eagle Wings” by the Sacred Journey of Native America as dusk approaches rapidly in the horizon. Monsoon rains shower every now and then, like some gigantic ritual of washing and blessing for my country.

As I listen to the creative harmonics of Sacred Journey let me share more reflections about the Yellow races. I already wrote a piece about the Japanese. For this piece let me expand my notes to the entire regions of the Yellow races.

Having been tasked by the Councils of the Brotherhood to perform additional messenger work down here, I have been disseminating notes from the Masters for quite some time this decade. Let me then get this point in a straightforward manner: the Masters of the Yellow regions—in charge of gatekeepership councils as well as masters who once embodied in the Yellow regions—are worried about the darkening turn of events down here.

No less than the most evolved souls known to us who have sponsored the breeding and guided the growth of the Yellow races—Quan Yin, Amaterasu—are very worried even as they weep over the sad turn of events in the Yellow regions.

The regions cover a very wide territory, from Japan in the East to Central Asia in the West, from Mongolia in the north down to Tibet-South Asia-Southeast Asia corridor. In each and every corner and heart of this wide expanse of lands which I simplified as ‘Yellow regions’, fragmentation is taking place.

A ‘clash of civilizations’ among the Yellow peoples is taking place yet, seemingly ceaseless a pattern for millennia now. Continuing conflicts and confrontations among peoples who were created to serve as crucibles of Light in the “beginning of time” (commencement of the races). Sad! Very sad!

Till now Mother Quan Yin manifests to me every now and then, bleeding in her heart, asking for some processor-facilitator type of intervention. To which I readily make myself available by being present in the Brotherhood’s gatekeeper councils for the Yellow regions when invited to do so. Rest assured Ra will always respond to the call of the Most Loving Mama Quan Yin as well as Mama Amaterasu, so to the Councils I will go when needed.

Having developed a sublime expertise in international relations over so many embodiments as a conqueror-great warrior and presently as a social scientist, I have been invited by the Councils across the planet to share analysis and strategic forecasts in a specific region and globally. And so gladly do I share notes to the Yellow Masters when needed as counselor of global strategies.

Take the case of Northeast Asia. China, Korea, and Japan are neighbors and trading partners, and yet they could hardly see each other eye-to-eye for international negotiations to integrate their economies at least. It has to take some other sponsoring powers or regions (e.g. ASEAN) to get the Yellow delegates to the negotiating table (the Philippines’ chairmanship of ASEAN led to one such successful gathering of the Yellows right in the Philippines).

Korea remains divided, and it seems that a grand union of two warring siblings is getting down the drain. The Yellows’ Masters have been blasting the region with enormous cleansing and integrating energies, just to make this clear to the peoples of Korea, China, and Japan. Yet their efforts are being dissipated by rambunctious Koreans of both North and South. Sad!

International conflicts, domestic conflicts, ecological degradation, crass materialism, pollution of grand scales, depletion of natural resource endowments, fragmentation of families, increasing psychopathy (+ sociopathic murders) and mental ailments, intensifying mafia power (Triads + Yakuza + Korean gangs) and gangland violence, mass poverty & misery among poor Yellows, and more. The astral-etheric belt of the Yellow regions is as dirty as the polluted rivers of China, a sickening sight if you can perceive it directly!

It seems like an ‘over-determined’ advent of negative factors is bringing the entire Yellow super-region (adding them altogether) down, rendering the region like a battlefield of competing giant dinosaurs. And that’s worrisome indeed: increasingly fragmentary and predatory, the Yellows are creating their own dinosaur-fashion ‘handwriting on the wall’. A deprogramming of the last strains of the Yellows is rapidly taking place now.

How much time is left for the more sensitive souls among Yellows—led by Master-Adepts who do their tasks in silence—is short indeed. Too short now to make a gigantic dent and reverse the process of ‘quickening’.

Let us pray for the Master-Adepts and Light Workers of the Yellow super-region to succeed in any way in their collective missions. Down here they bring forth Light unto a super-region that is increasingly being starved of such Light, and they suffer mighty miserably for bearing the crosses of their fellow Yellows.

Visualize the divine hearts of Lord Lanto, Mother Quan Yin, and Mother Amaterasu pouring down pure loving energies upon the entire Yellow super-region as you do your prayers. Likewise are the Lords Buddha, Jeshua, and Babaji doing the same outpouring of Light from Above to the whole planet and the region, so visualize their hearts purifying the super-region in tandem with the Lanto-Quan Yin-Amaterasu triangle.

To all the evolving, purifying, ascending peoples of the Yellow super-region, blessings of Love and Light from the Brotherhood! May you all succeed in your ascension works.

[Philippines, 11 August 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Felicitous greetings from a Brother of Light / Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood!

For this piece, I will highlight the scions of the Japan Inc., the sons and daughters of the holy Amaterasu. My chief query most especially for the Japanese is: scions of Amaterasu, where do you go from here?

Japan sits to the north of the once mighty Great Land, the Maharloka of famed supercontinent Mu. The southern rim of Maharloka is today’s Philippine islands, while its northern rim is rightly the Japan islands.

Japan sits in well with me being once a shogun in the chaotic land of feudal Japan. I do honestly feel a sense of ambivalence about Japan, as I was betrayed so badly in the islands after doing what I can to put order in a land that was so marred by chaos and internecine wars among siblings.

Shinto devotees are definitely right in claiming they were created by a goddess named Amaterasu. That’s 100% factual, as Amaterasu of the noble Andromeda galaxy took the task to sponsor the breeding of a new race on Earth. Being the initiator-sponsor of that project, she herself made her presence on Earth to supervise and monitor the conduct of that breeding.

On those remnants of the islands forming Maharloka’s northern rim the Andromedan party chose to breed the new race. Relatively isolated, the project site would fit in to the requirements of a genetic project that would face little risk of being quashed and smashed up by competing races in the emerging continent of Asia. [The Turanians were war-mongering peoples, whose pedigrees are many Mongol peoples and proto-Turks of antiquity.]

The yellow remnants of the ancient Lemurians served as the genetic base from which to genetically engineer the new race. Almost simultaneous with this project, another group of extraterrestrial intelligences or ETIs (Lyrans & Pleadians) were breeding the Malays from out of the dark-skinned Lemurian remnants who were, like their Japanese counterparts, raised in relatively isolated islands.

The breeding of the Nippon genetic strain was conceived by the ascended Master Amaterasu as a synthesis of disparate psychic elements. In a fragmentary state, such elements normally result to violence and wars. In a synthesized state, the propensity for war would decrease, as human proclivities will shift to higher-dimension focus. A spiritual renaissance can then pursue using such a new breed as frame for the nirvana project.

How I wish I could declare totally in synch with the Master Amaterasu’s intentionalities, save for the deviation that went with the project. The Japan that I saw as a young samurai then up though the time of my conquest of the islands as a shogun (thanks to my trusted champions) just doesn’t fit into the Amaterasu mold, to say it frankly.

When I began my life as a mere tot in northern Philippines in this present embodiment, I heard so many gory stories from my grandparents and parents about the miseries they suffered from a conquering Japan in 1941-45. Alas! Japan hasn’t changed much since the hundreds of years that lapsed from my samurai-shogun life there up to the 20th century!

Not only did the synthesized psyche fail to galvanize as much as expected that could have resulted to a peace-loving, evolved, compassionate people. The Japanese people as a whole showed their predatory fangs by bamboozling and exterminating their fellow Asians across wide swaths of territories in the 1930s-‘45.

Andromeda is blameless regarding the ‘fall of Nippon’, to clarify a point. Nippon was “seduced into the Dark Side of the Force,” to use the epical line from Star Wars fame. Even till these days, Adepts of Light in Japan are being seduced into the eastern Luciferan project that desires to finish off the White Man via warfare in a classic feud among the gangs of Darkness.

To say now of a ‘compassionate Japanese’ is wishful thinking. The aid-giving pseudo-philanthropy of Japan towards the developing countries in Asia doesn’t proceed from compassion at all. It is a condescending aid-giving behavior that unconsciously regards aid recipients as sub-humans worth enslaving. No less than Japanese scholars acknowledged this, who forewarned aid recipients to be cautious of the motives of the Japanese aid-providers (Prof. Mamoru Tsuda was one of them).

The predation shown by Nippon’s scions across the centuries could just be the spark to deprogram this race, such as what happened to the Mayans. The time may be coming when Japanese couples may fail to produce babies, as the genetic programming had already run its course on the entire race. Unable to raise babies, an entire race or pedigree would die a natural death.

Is Japan then at the edge of its own evolutionary mission? Already consummated a mission, there is nothing else to go but die out as a race? And perhaps, as articulated by H.P. Blavatsky a century ago, the same goes true for the entire Yellow races and cultures: their time has come?

Will Japan not literally sink down the seabed after the 2012 polar shift-planetary ascension event? Will the Almighty show compassion by intervening to save the islands from sinking, or will that not be necessary as some deserving Japanese will be sheltered in other lands after Japan’s inundation post-polar ice sheets’ melting?

How many are the deserving Japanese at least, in case this is indeed the scenario? For as we Adepts of Light know too well, Japan will go to the seabed and will cease to be habitable, and the bulk of Japanese will choose to exit physically even as a humungous lot will be transferred to other planets fit for their own level of awareness.

Where do you go from here, sons and daughters of Holy Amaterasu? Only you can answer the question best.

[Philippines, 05 August 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


A very pleasant day from this Brother of Light, Melchizedek from Manila!

The dissemination of the Higher Mysteries over the last 120 years or so has already reached a critical mass, with the result that it was during this period when the Christ Grid of Earth was successfully erected. The works of the gurus of Light were very heated during the period, and their feats are recognized and well rewarded by the Almighty Creator.

Among such teachers are those belonging to the order of Swami or Soami, and so let me write my notes of appreciation to the Fellows of the order who prefer to go by the title of Swami. As a messenger & guru of the Brotherhood, I’d say to all the living Swamis of Terra: thank you so much for your great works, please continue with your tasks undaunted by risks put upon your lives now by the unrepentant Fallen Ones.

Around the last quarter of the 19th century, there was a decision from the Christs and Elders of the race to quicken the pace of dissemination of the Higher Mysteries or the Teaching. Those lessons and practices that were concealed from the public for so long, must now be released and disseminated in a concerted and expansive manner.

On the Western side of the world, it was the theosophists under the leadership of HP Blavatsky that served as the lead group for that task. On the Eastern Side, it was the Swami order (inclusive of all of its branches) that was tasked to do the same.

The task was no simple one, as you can understand how the earlier facets of the Teaching were dogmatized by churches and devotees. Releasing the Teaching in a re-engineered form just won’t sit in well with the vulgar spiritualists, and expectedly there were lots of resistance against the guru Adepts who did the dissemination and teaching tasks.

Among the swami orders, it was in the Giri branch where the evolved souls Lahiri Mahayasa, Sri Yutekswar and Paramahansa Yogananda appreared. The Christ of the East, Mahavatar Babaji, mentored guru Lahiri directly, initiated the latter in Kriya, and mandated the same to spread the Teaching in a more expanded form. Lahiri then mentored Sri Yutekswar (who was also mentored eventually by Babaji), who in turn mentored Paramahansa Yogananda (who was likewise mentored later by Babaji directly).

So many noble saints were initiated in the Giri branch alone, which is truly awesome an experience for any seeker. I honestly learned so much from this branch via the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda ( a condensation of the teachings of Babaji + Lahiri + Sri Yutekswar + Paramahansa Y is Autobiography of a Yogi).

Having thus established contact to the ascended Swamijis via that book, I did ended up being mentored by all of them Above—in the etheric ashrams of the Brotherhood. Lord Babaji is one who I regard as a Dean of the Teaching, and I feel so privileged being mentored by him directly—I was with a Batch of gurus, and the avatar followed up on me by visiting me at home via his higher Light Body.

My mentoring from the ascended Swamijis is actually of a higher order, as I was already doing guru tasks when I faced them circa 2008-09. It was equivalent to taking up a doctorate degree in the Teaching, which honed me all the more as a teacher and is preparatory to my own full ascension to Christed One in due time.

Here in the Philippines, the Swami order did send reinforcements from India who mentored Filipino seekers and devotees. Filipino swamis were already produced in the process, a sign that the mentoring works of the swamijis have paid off well.

I recall visiting the Radha Soami Satsang Beas’ central headquarters in Old Manila in the 90s, purchased and digested a couple of books by their chief guru, books that resonate with the same Light that I found in the writings of great master Adepts. I extend my goodwill to the Manila devotees of the Radha Soami, and unity and Oneness with their guru.

As parting words, to the Swami orders and your respective gurus goes MARAMING SALAMAT (thank you) for all the divine lessons taught and shared selflessly unto enthused seekers of Terra. With you all I proclaim: Ako Yaong Ako! I Am That I Am! Aum.

[Philippines, 31 July 2010]










Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Good evening!

Dusk now rapidly approaches as I write this piece. Each twilight that passes forebodes the crashing of the old world and old selves and the coming of the ascension of the galaxy, universes and our new selves.

At this moment, let me clarify a question about the level of awareness that a seeker ought to set as target. A lady seeker did ask me this question, if she could become a spiritual master someday as the end-goal of the lessons in the Path, which I answered in the affirmative.

Without exception, all seekers that I handle—both here on the physical plane and Above (astral and etheric planes)—are clarified that the Teaching seeks to propel one to metamorphose to nirvana consciousness in the long run. Nirvana is the 5th plane, the first plane among three (3) spiritual planes, and that’s the minimum awareness that a seeker should target in the long run.

Awakening of one’s own nirvanic consciousness means one becomes a Master of Wisdom. This is just the minimum target, to repeat. As one reaches this awareness level, one must go on till the Christ awareness or mahaparanirvana awareness is reached, enabling the aspirant to mutate to an Ascended Master or Christed One.

And that’s not the end of the line. The aspirant, now turned Christed One, should go on in the journey, be bestowed with tasks appurtenant to a Christed One, until sometime in the long run the same aspirant metamorphoses to an Avatar upon the awakening of his/her monad or God-self.

At the inception of the set of lessons, dubbed simply as the Teaching, I make it clear to the seeker that the awareness climb shall in no way fixate the person to the psychic or 5th density level. That level is too low, and it is regressive for a seeker to move to that level more so if s/he had already reached the level of 6th density (genius).

“One seeker must set his/her focus on Trikuti,” said a swami of the Radha Soami order. Set your eyes, dear Seeker, on the nirvanic goal, strive for no other minimum goal than nirvana, and practice the tools handed over to you by your teacher. Don’t ever be remiss in practicing the tools, don’t ever make the mistake of practicing some and junking others (most specially that of deprogramming vices and building virtues), for no one can reach nirvana with an imbalanced practice of the Teaching.

Your Teacher will diligently help you through, by healing your subtle bodies, detoxifying your dense chakras and subtle bodies, zealously guarding you against Evil Masters with his/her own Being (you will come under his/her aura thus shielding you from harmful attacks), taking off some veils in your psyche, and taking a part of your karmas along the way.

Resist every bad attitude, balance off your imbalanced psyche (if you suffer from psychological disorder ailment), resist every messianic delusion of saving others (save yourself most of all and stop thinking of saving your relatives or friends as they have their respective Guides that does the task of ‘saving’), focus on your attainment practices. Along the way, you will see both dark and light veils drop off your inner vision, thus enabling you to perceive realities you have never imagined to see before.

Nirvana, the level that makes one a master of wisdom, is again the minimum goal that one must focus on in the Path. Yes, you can become a master should you persevere and diligently practice the complete set of tools given out to you by your Teacher or guru.

[Philippines, 16 July 2010]









Erle Frayne D. Argonza


The yearend Holidays are now nearing, and so we all better cheer up for the forthcoming holiday season. As early as November, Christmas trees and gigantic lanterns were already set up in malls and public places in the Philippines, a very thoughtful way of demonstrating love and generosity.


There is much reason for the global economy to cheer up for 2011 as indicated by our own very optimistic business environment and national economy here in the Philippines. Our region ASEAN is mightily growing at robust rates, India and Korea are doing good, and China is very heatedly growing.


As already discussed by various analysts and writers, ASEAN + China + India + South Korea—dubbed as ‘Asian economy’—have been the growth drivers of the global economy as a whole. High growth rates, well managed liquidities, healthy macro-economic fundamentals, and high foreign exchange reserves all converge as multi-factor drivers of growth in Asia. As a result, consumption is still moving up here, thus compounding the growth toward sustained heights all the more.


The Philippines has its own good news to share to the globe. A ‘Santa Claus’ list of glad tidings shows the following:


  • Philippine currency is the 2nd best in Asia. Strong and trustable, even treasuries and bonds denominated in Peso are selling like hot potatoes.


  • Foreign Exchange Reserves are at an all-time high of $56+ Billion (end of October), enough to buy almost a year of merchandise imports.


  • Growth rate as of the 1st two (2) quarters was at a whopping 7.9%, showing mightily good production levels. Yearend growth rate would be no less than 6.5% at the minimum, a figure that will be sustained well through 2011 and beyond.


  • Local bourse has hit a high-time figure of 4,200+ points recently. This is way above the psychological breakpoint of 2,000 points (that now looks very Jurassic), and will optimistically breach 5,000 points by 2011.


  • Overall GDP per capita (nominal) will breach $2,000 and will move up rapidly to the next levels over the next few years. Purchasing power parity or PPP per capita will exceed $10,000 around 2013-‘14.


  • State wages have been moving up by 15% per annum consistently for couples of years now. This move drives up private sector wages as well. Wages will again move up in strides from 2011 to 2016.


  • Inflation has been reduced down further, and will stay comfortably at the 2.5%-3.5% range by 2011. This is welcome news for a nation that is so fed up with hyper-inflations in the ‘80s and ‘90s.


  • Unemployment has been going down steadily, and will be at a manageable level of 8% or lower by 2011. Rising growth rate can then be sufficient to address the other problem of underemployment.


  • Exports and imports, or foreign trade, have returned to pre-global recession levels, thus contributing to more employment and higher wages.


  • Filipino businessmen’s investments overseas have moved up, and will continue to expand in 2011 and beyond. These contribute to overseas remittances and employment of Filipino labor and experts abroad.


The list is longer than the above-stated, though suffice us to take note of that short list. Those items are fundamental to sustaining the economic machine year by year, reduce poverty till the middle class dominates the population, and shoot up human development to notches higher than today’s indices.


Japan, USA and EU are on economic fires but the dampening situations there won’t totally hurt the global economy. Emerging markets have done their best to insulate themselves against the fiascos and fires of the northern economies, thus enabling them to serve as the hope of the world.


The cheery environment of Asia should better be the one focused upon by our global citizens, a cheer that serves as the ‘Santa Claus grin’ of the global economy as a whole for this year and the ones forthcoming.


[Philippines, 06 December 2010]










Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza

November 2010

Felicitous greetings to you all!

Let me continue to reverb the message of a most heartfelt gratitude to you enthused readers and fellow analysts/writers who appreciate my notes on society, wisdom, and self-development.

My own eyes continue to witness the rise of end-users and discussants, as I visited the search engines to monitory those sites that have quoted or discoursed on my writings. My social blogs ensue being esteemed among the world’s top sociology blogs, warming up my heart ceaselessly.

With your impeccable appreciation and support of my cyber-crusade, information about me on the internet expanded by several folds.

Special thanks to the following online news, magazines and portals for citing my notes as among the top blogs on cyberspace:

Thanks too to the following sites that have cited, discussed and debated on various notes of mine about a diversity of topics and themes:


Gracious thanks to you all! Mabuhay!


READ MASTERS’ WORKS November 17, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Many seekers may be baffled with the voluminous materials available for reads, and may experience a confusion as to what materials to study that can serve as their foundational readings. Straight from my own experiences and from topics I mentor to seekers, I will share notes to you today about what stuff to read in your menu of studies.

As I’ve always been echoing to seekers I handle: READ THE MASTERS’ WORKS. All capital letters spelled out there, just to stress the point more emphatically.

Any seeker who aspires to become free one day—attain nirvana, self-realization, salvation, holiness (wholeness)—should better read the masters’ works. Masters are already self-realized persons, whose own souls and even Christ Selves are activated, enabling them to tap divine wisdom directly.

Divine wisdom is tapped at the levels of 5th (nirvanic), 6th (Christ/Budhic), and 7th (monadic, avataric, deity) planes and is pure jewel. Unexpurgated, unblemished by possible intrusive thoughts from Dark masters in the lower planes, they surely are the true foundation to a spiritual life.

If a seeker would read, for instance, writers of New Age, occultism, wicca, sorcery, astrology, divinations, crystals, healing, spiritism, channeling, and the likes, s/he would most likely be lost. Such materials are derived from lower plane reflections, and are blemished with intrusive thoughts from evil beings in the Earth’s EMF (electromagnetic field).

Foundations are foundations, so one would have to explain to me hard enough what makes astrology or wicca as worth my reflections. How could I ever have ascended to rishi/guru awareness if I focused on such convoluted materials.

My own initial readings of masters’ works was no other than the Holy Bible. Having been baptized a Catholic, I had the first opportunity to read our own family’s collection of a large-size King James bible while still in high school. My first reflections of biblical prophets, Jesus and the apostles made me conclude that divine beings wrote the materials, and I was right all along.

As soon as my seeker’s quench became stronger as a university student, I continued my quest for masters’ works. I encountered modern-day Adepts notably the theosophists (Blavatsky, Besant, Leadbeater, Hodson, Q. Judge, A. Sinnett, Sri Ram) and anthroposophist R. Steiner, whose works really stood out and made strong impact on me.

By the time I was thirty (30) years of age, I felt that I already acquired sufficient foundation and meditative depth to permit me to re-echo the lessons to students as a trainor and would-be guru. I kept on reading just the same, kept on expanding my knowledge and practice, till I became an Adept (mystic) at age 36. I was initiated into the spiritual Brotherhood at that age, and there was no more turning back for me—nirvana I will go to.

Along the way, I did study psychic phenomena, numerology, psychosocial healing, UFOs, spiritism, controversial materials, conspiracy theories (exposing Luciferan conspiracies), and the likes. But I was sure that they were NOT THE FOUNDATIONAL STUFF I needed as an aspirant, only exotic materials to quench my curiosity of them.

The writings of the couple Mark & Elizabeth Prophet also did make impact, and I noticed that they expanded on the earlier works begun by the theosophists and Eastern masters. They are among the works I recommend for seekers.

Among Eastern masters I found the triad of Lahiri Mahayasa – Sri Yutekswar Giri – Paramahansa Yogananda as comprising yet another set of divine beings who released deep value-added materials from a parallel framework. Kriya Yoga was their mandated core philosophy and practice, with the blessings of Mahavatar Babaji (Christ of the East) to release the lessons.

The ancient teachers, such as Gautama Buddha, Lao Tsu, Confucius, Mencius, Mohammed, are as refreshing in their divine thoughts as any fresh lotus. Ditto for the philosophers of the Vedas, the puranas, the Mahabharata. Do find time to study them.

Among recent masters, you may go ahead and study Sri Aurobindo, Sai Baba, Krishnamurti, Mahatma Gandhi, PR Sarkar, Vivekanda, and Baha’ullah. The Melchizedek from the USA, Sal Rachele, is also recommendable read. Wonderful reads, rest assured.

The last thing that one should do is to dogmatize a master or team of masters. Expand your mind, study them, see how their works intertwine, for they all form a fabric of the divine spheres, the spiritual Brotherhood. They are One, and have contributed their share to the Teaching.

The Teaching is only One, though there were many masters who contributed to it. Christians call it ‘the Word of God’, mystics call it ‘higher mysteries’ or ‘universal mysticism’. We Teachers would prefer to use the simple term ‘the Teaching’ to refer to the same thing with the universal or cosmic theme.

Accompany the philosophy (metaphysics) with practice (ethics), inclusive of the tools provided by the masters, and you will experience an awareness climb in no time at all. From one subplane to another, from a lower density to a next level, you will experience a quantum leap of awareness expansion.

Until finally, in the future, you will witness the Ascended Beings celebrate your ascension into a master or ‘maharishi’. The whole heavens will leap with joy for you, show you a meritorious emblem that you have ascended, embed that emblem in your brow chakra, and you know that you’ve been elevated. Likewise will you be given a mission statement on a certain platform object (I can’t reveal it), handed to you by a master-Guide of yours.

Tell me, seeker, how will I ever evolve if I began with the likes of channeled messages (convoluted and low value-added, if not dirty), wicca, and astrology? What tools do such materials offer for me to expand awareness, build virtues, expand creativity, and reach a level of cosmic compassion? None at all!

Seeker, the choice is really yours. Study the masters works and be a self-realized soul one day, or read sorcery stuff and be a mere sorcerer some day who would end up hurting lots of people. The choice is yours. My counsel is clear: read the masters’ works.

[Philippines, 14 June 2010]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

The Philippines abounds with stories about the ‘Yamashita gold’, a part of which accordingly went to the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Incidentally, certain writers did pen some well researched books about the subject, the result ending among the ‘controversial’ topics in town.

Just exactly where did Yamashita, Japanese ‘tiger of Malaya’ fame, get all those tons of gold isn’t difficult to imagine. The gold bullions and treasures were plundered from the Asian territories where the general’s forces went, carted to the Philippines en masse, before being transited to Japan for use by the Imperial state.

The ceaseless bombing raids by Allied forces of Japanese occupied territories and naval contingents proved too much at some point. To avoid further risks, the Japanese state decided to bury the remaining gold treasures in 160+ underground bunkers in the Philippines.

According to some estimates, the part of the gold treasures that were dug by Marcos’ people in the Philippines amounts to 1.33 million tons at conservative estimates. Optimistic estimates say the total must be past 1.7 million tons. So huge a hoard, that analysts now claim over 86% of the world’s gold is in the Philippines.

Cautious of not wanting to lag behind in the investigations, I did my own intuitive research about the matter. Using both meditation and dream visions as tools, I conducted my investigations in the years 2000-2002. To my amazement, I was shown visions of the gold hoard—piles of gold in a huge vault or so.

The Marcos gold has been scattered accordingly in many countries (6 as of year 2000), and entrusted to the illegitimate children of Marcos (revealed by a fellow mystic R. Somera, c. 2000). In a dream vision in 2001, I was talking to a man (stranger) who told me that they were returning a chunk of the Marcos gold that was worth U.S. $75 Billion.

I was overwhelmed by the amount, which by the way was just chunk. The 1.33 Million tons, at over $1000 per ounce today, is worth over U.S. $ 1,000 Trillion. No wonder that the global oligarchs are salivating for the gold, part of which they negotiated at some point to be diverted to the U.S. to beef up its bullions and bankroll new treasuries (care of the Tri-Lateral Commission or TLC).

To my mind, both the Marcos and Yamashita gold, including those inside secret bunkers that remain untouched, are just but tips of an iceberg. The gold treasures of Southeast Asia could go much bigger than that, a fact that made the British mad about the region during the colonial times.

Just exactly where all that gold came from remains a tightly-held secret though. From the vantage point of archeology, which discovered that metallurgy (for iron, gold, silver, copper) began in the region as early as 5,000 BP (before present), huge gold hoards is hardly a secret.

My knowledge of ancient wisdom is telling me that metallurgy, being an ancient science in Lemuria (from old to Atlantean-era Mu), may have been dormant in the consciousness of the Malays and Indo-Mongoloids after the great flood that ended the last glacial period. That science was simply being revived by the descendant tribes of Mu notably the Malays, circa 5000 BP.

Not only that, to stretch out your imagination, the post-deluge Malays may have been in contact with the Underground Cities’ people. The underground cultures were nurtured by groups that escaped the floods before they happened, precisely by building underground cities that later thrived and advanced to a level befitting a cosmic civilization (they can travel through hyperspace).

The contact with certain virtuous Malays may have made the Underground or UG people to share technology as well as actual hoards of precious metals to make them jump-start the leap to ‘high culture’ and prosperity. By the century of 1400s, Southeast Asia was the wealthiest region in the world, which historians of the West recognize as a fact. Malay ‘high culture’ was also markedly established.

Whether the gold will be finally controlled by Filipinos of today is doubtful. It is likewise doubtful whether the global oligarchs, led by the House of Rothschild, will be able to own and control the Philippine gold as their loot, no matter if they have in their possession some chunks of it.

Virtue went with the production and collective ownership of those colossal gold hoards. No person or people can ever have control of the total gold who are lacking in virtues whatsoever. While there may be certain virtuous individuals in the Philippines, the same virtuosity doesn’t approximate the Filipinos at all, who are deeply mired in worldliness just like their Western counterparts. Certainly, the global oligarchy that is the seat of evils can never take possession of the gold hoard at all.

My inner wisdom is telling me that, upon the ascension of Earth to higher dimension after 2012, the same gold hoard will be tracked, identified, recorded, gathered, and finally controlled by the Light Forces that will arrive in full force to retake Earth for the Almighty Creator. The metal will then be used for diverse purposes.

Chief among the usage of the gold later would be for economic purposes. The need to have a gold reserve standard, which is now being clamored across the globe, will finally take place, with the planetary state taking stock of this hoard itself. It will securitize the entire global economy which will run without money or currency.

Part of the gold will also be used for healing and balance purposes. Together with crystals, gold can aid in balancing an entire city. The new cities of the future will install crystal crucibles in their strategic corners, and let us add gold in those crucibles. The same metal will be used to create medical instruments for healing purposes.

Likewise will gold be used for communications purpose. Like the way we use copper, gold and other metals will undergo more innovations in the future for the same purpose. Terrans can even communicate with peoples across the other edge of the Milky Way, and maybe those in other galaxies, using gold/metals and crystals as mediums.

But to think of gold as coinage materials will be a strange fiction story by then. To repeat, there will be no money in the future economy, goodbye to currency and to hoarders of monies, and so gold won’t be necessary to securitize money or serve as coin.

To conclude, Filipinos who will survive the 2012 event will have something to be proud of: their collective wealth serving the planet’s common good. Filipinos do exude service or karma yoga, so they better share the same gold selflessly to the rest of the Earth, and take not a single ounce of it for personal use.

[Philippines, 24 May 2010]











Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

October 2010

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good day to you all!

It’s barely 110 weeks to go before the 2012 planetary ascension and the catastrophic period of eighteen (18) years prior to full world construction.

From hereon, I as a humble Adept among 144,000 White Robes will be making countdown pronouncements. This is in line with my own new tasks with the Brotherhood of Light/spiritual Brotherhood: messenger task up-scaled.

For the quarter that had just started, the real bad news for us on the political economic terrain is the pronouncement by economists of the North (led by Joseph Stiglitz) about the deep structural malaise that the US, European, and Japanese economies are deeply mired into. There has been a corroboration by said economists of the earlier contention by us White Robes (e.g. Sal Rachele, myself) about the collapse of the ‘money economy’, a pattern that will continue till the rise of the New Earth.

On the astrophysical-electromagnetic front, the upscaling of calamities, from floods to super-storms, continues. Indonesia just had its own flooding, a couple of months after China, Pakistan, India, and Kashmir went through the same. Howling fiery winds are now raging back in California, testing anew the resiliency of forests and residential areas from annual burning.

As a special highlight, a 260 KPH typhoon—code Juan—struck Luzon island of the Philippines this month. Destroying homes, roofs of buildings, and trees like blowing plain dust, the typhoon one of the most powerful cyclones that struck the country this decade. Three (3) towns were accordingly flattened by the super-storm.

On the spiritual front, a portion of us 144,000 White Robes have been ascended anew, giving them the opportunity to report directly to the Father prior to adjustments and re-assignments in the councils of the Elders of the Race in the astral-etheric planes. The pattern of ascension has begun as early as May of this year yet (I’ve written about this/will post as blog article a bit later).

A blast of integrative Shamballah energy released late September has over-flown to this month to benefit the greatest number of seekers, mystics, Lightworkers. The next blast will be on the December solstice yet.

For a summary, the articles I published this month were:  

  • Shamballah Energies Flowing
  • 144,000 White Robes
  • Bulol: Mystical Principles within Igorot Symbols
  • Malay Stream in Higher Mysteries
  • Cosmic Justice
  • Evil Masters Pretend Light Beings During Channeling
  • Tagalog Creation Myth: Science of Birthing Revealed
  • Tagalog Creation Myth: Lemurian & Cosmic Revelations
  • Giants in Malay Folklore Evidence of Ancient Giants 

For a recap of my articles published for the previous month (September), the greater focus was on the Philippines’ role in the unfolding cosmic drama. From the historic Lemuria role to the present role as cosmic ‘umbilical cord’ site, the Philippines (formerly part of Maharloka of Lemuria days) was the broad focus, which hopefully my own fellow Filipinos will come to appreciate. These were:  

  • Brotherhood of Light in Philippine’s Making
  • Philippines (Mu) 1898-2008: from Nationhood to Cosmic Hyperspace Re-opening
  • Spiritual Brotherhood Embodies Rishis in Philippines Pre-2012
  • Galactic Umbilical Cord: Hyperspace Portal Above Palawan/Lemuria
  • Father’s Mandated Destiny: Philippine Awakenings Signals Global Ascension
  • Philippine Enslavement by White Man: Aryan’s Handwriting on the Wall
  • Philippine Flooding post-2012: Mother Womb Healing
  • 66-Year Philippine Freedom: Powering Humanity’s Karma Yoga 

As the month closes, let us pray for the gains we had for this particular month. Let’s also take stock of what the next month may bring.  







COSMIC JUSTICE October 15, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Good evening! Buenas noches!

Among the seekers I’ve handled are lawyers. They and the lawyers among the Light Workers may be interested to know how the justice system extends to the cosmic realm. The proper equation is actually that cosmic justice finds manifestations in the lower regions of existence. ‘As Above, so Below,” says the Teaching.

We have the universal laws governing the diverse realms of omniverse. These laws do find expressions as impregnable rules of conduct in daily life in all the realms. Violating such laws of conduct would be tantamount to incurring debts that must be paid.

In the lower realms, karmic laws do operate. They form part of the broader fabric of Cosmic Justice. The measurements of good and counterproductive conduct are exact, as cosmic justice operates like a gigantic mechanism that measures our conduct and their impact.

Overseeing Cosmic Justice is a synergy of ascended beings. Chief of it all is Lady Justice herself. She is a manifestation of the Divine Mother charged with dispensing justice for all beings in all of the realms. Assisting her are other Hierarchs, inclusive of the Karmic Board which is a cosmic ‘supreme court’ of sorts.

Twelve (12) ascended masters, more or less six (6) males and six (6) females to keep the balance of cosmic energies in the body, comprise the Board. They are also known as the Lords & Ladies of Karma. Lipikas, as they are termed in Asia.

On the celestial realm are the archangels who co-administer the universes and their respective sectors and subsectors. They act as enforces of the Cosmic Law, and are assisted by a diversity of angelic stakeholders, inclusive of ‘blue lightning’ angels, ‘whitefire’ angels, and seraphs. Often such angels are lumped up as ‘warrior’ angels.

There are trillions of souls in our universe alone, billions of whom are in the lower realms. In our astral realm, in a planet there, resides 60 billion souls, many of them waiting to reincarnate on Earth. Imagine the complexity of handling those souls, of keeping track of their records of daily conduct—such records amazingly imprinted in the Akashic Records (in the 4th plane) for retrieval when needed.

Cosmic Justice is indeed so complex a task, that it takes an enormously large number of evolved souls to assist the Karmic Board and Lady Justice do their tasks. On the celestial beings’ side there are also huge numbers of Light beings deputized to assist in the justice works. In organizational language, we call them ‘staff’ (of the K-Board).

There are cases that are definitely very tough to handle. For instance, there was the case of Lucifer who grossly questioned the mandate of Christ Michael as the creator deity of our universe. Undercutting Michael’s authority, he cajoled a very large number of Light beings to join him in his usurpation of authority of the latter and creating a dominion in our universe that is independent of the Almighty Creator’s authority altogether.

In such a case, when ultimately processed and judged, the case is brought forth before the Council of 24 Elders which acts as a ‘supreme court’ of the last instance. Lucifer himself served as the exemplar for that kind of case, as he was arrested and brought forth before the C-24 Elders, and arrogantly never admitting his mistakes nor do penance, was hence effectively deprogrammed.

Many more wayward beings will be processed and judged the way Lucifer passed through.  In legal parlance, a precedence was already set, cosmic jurisprudence therefore built up from the precedence, henceforth preparing the grounds for a broader application of the justice system on erring ‘masters of lesser Light’ (Dark masters).

Most likely too, Lady Justice & K-Board plus their staff are very busy these days. The large task before them is to review the conduct of living by the human and angelic beings altogether. Comes December 21, 2012, judgement will be served on all human and angelic beings.

An immensely complex task it is indeed, given the trillions of souls on both domains. And, well, for those who are on the Path, both human and angelic, there is nothing to worry about. Only those who were very wayward, who consciously did a misqualified use of divine energies 51% of the time, will heavily pay the price of their misdeeds.

On the other hand, those who have been journeying the Path of service-for-others or SFO (contrasted to service-for-self or SFS), will ascend by at least one ‘density’ higher. Light Workers and their equivalents in the angelic realms will enjoy the fruits of divine grace and will ascend upwards by many folds.

As to who will pronounce cosmic judgement on everyone, it will be a team up of cherubs, seraphs, and ophanims more or less. Each one of us will be told of our judgement and where we’re bound to go—to ascend Above? laggards’ planet? negative planet?

Cosmic Justice is still full of God’s mercifulness, as the law says where you go is up to you. No angry God or zealous Justice or avenging K-Board exist in reality, and Hierarchy does not impose laws on conduct upon beings of the lower realms.

Maybe, those informative matters would suffice for the moment. Digest this note well, and rest assured there is a place for everyone else in the Divine Plan. Cosmic Justice is there to ensure balance and harmony will prevail and everyone processed wisely, judiciously, and accordingly.

[Philippines, 17 May 2010]









Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

In this page you will find links to Philippine-based groups, centers, teachers, healers, and institutions that can help you for a number of purposes:

  • Look for centers or groups where you can learn to do meditation (Eastern).
  • Learn the Teaching from teachers and masters of self-realization.
  • Interface with fellow Lightworkers, both individuals and groups.
  • Seek the services of healers and/or learn from their craft masters.
  • Learn and practice wellness methods offered by taichi, hatha yoga, and related methods.
  • Seek initial information for research about spiritual groups with esoteric-mystical nature.
  • Get involved with action group led by Lightworkers.

In the absence of a New Age center or Lightworkers’ national forum in the Philippines, this page can serve the minimal requisite of a portal hub.

Center/Group/Relevant Information

Ageless Wisdom:

Anthroposophical Society in the Philippines:

Arhat Yoga Society of the Philippines:

Ashram for Kriya Yoga:

Asthanga Yoga / Ananda Marga:

Bahay Dalangin (Zen):

Bikram Yoga Manila:

Black Hat Lama – Philippines: c/o

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University: c/o

Chaitanya Yoga:, tel. 800-1340

Daoist Studies Group: c/o

Dugukan Lightship Meditation / Daystar Command – Cebu:

Earth Day Network:

Eckankar Society of the Philippines:,

Edgar Cayce Group / A.R.E. Philippines:,, tel: 634-3141

Elizabeth Claire Prophet Discussion Group – Makati: c/o

Flow Yoga (U.P. Diliman group): flowyogaqc (c/o yahoogroups)

Fo Guang Shan – Manila / International Buddhist Progress Center: c/o, tells: 523-4909 / 525-3680

Goku’un Zendo:

Green Earth Foundation (c/o Theosophy, QC):,

Hare Krishna – Mandaue & Marikina: c/o

Innerquest-Aquarian Conspiracy:

International Society for Krishna Consciousness:

International Yoga Institute:

Kabbalah Philippines/ David Ghiyam:

Kali Pi Mu/ Inner Dance/ Pi Villaraza (Teacher):

Magic Mountain:

Maharlikans / Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika AKSM: c/o

Mother Earth Foundation:

Mystic Soul / New Age Philippines:

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Oro de Mer/ Foundation for Divine Life: c/o Eyo Morales (ExecDirector & yogi), tel: 911-4863,

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