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In the absence of a New Age center or Lightworkers’ national forum in the Philippines, this page can serve the minimal requisite of a portal hub.

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Earth Day Network:

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Elizabeth Claire Prophet Discussion Group – Makati: c/o

Flow Yoga (U.P. Diliman group): flowyogaqc (c/o yahoogroups)

Fo Guang Shan – Manila / International Buddhist Progress Center: c/o, tells: 523-4909 / 525-3680

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Felicitous greetings to you all!

I hereby extend my most heartfelt gratitude to enthused readers and fellow writers who appreciated my notes about social life, wisdom and arts.

Just about three (3) years ago, there was very little information about my person on cyberspace. Today, as I’ve spread my messages of Light and hope to all of the corners of the globe via the blogs and social networks, many enthused souls responded through reading, exchanges of notes, and citations of my works. Finally, after your appreciation and support of my cyber-crusade, information about me on cyberspace increased by gigantic strides.

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To date, dozens of online newspapers and magazines across the globe have featured Prof. Argonza’s writings on their very own websites. Championing the causes of peace and global cooperation, Prof. Argonza has continued to reach out to enthused readers, writers and spiritual seekers. The latter contributed to the upsurge in the numbers of citations of Argonza’s writings aimed at accelerating awareness-raising.

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Banal na araw! Sacred day!

One may wish to know how long will the Philippine republic last, and then reflect thereafter what is the significance of the ‘career’ of this new republic. To note, the Philippines comprises of remnant islands of ancient Lemuria, it being the Great Land (Maharloka) where the world’s greatest civilization ever was incubated and galvanized. It is the ‘womb of the Mother’, where ancient Adamic races were evolved by the spiritual Hierarchy. It housed Mt. Banahaw, the world’s solar plexus energy spot, and niche of the planetary chi for the duration of the Aquarian Age.

As a modern republic, it began only in 1898 when independence was first established. Modernity was partly to be carried on by the Americans, who introduced Anglo-Saxon culture and institutions upon their occupation of the republic in 1900. It was not till 1946, however, when the history of the Philippines as an independent state was truly experienced.

Using 1946 as the beginning of our measurement, we will assume, on the basis of accepted prognostications among Adepts of the Brotherhood, that the present history of nations will last only till the end of 2012. 2012 less 1946 yields the number 66, meaning 66 years of existence as an independent nation-state. 66 is 6 multiplied by 11. Let’s see what these numbers reveal in terms of the destiny of the nation.

  • 6 is the 6th Ray of the Godhead, of which there are a total seven (7) mystical rays. 6 is the Ray of Service, the ray of servant of God and Divine Hierarchy. The conduct of service as a way to the Godhead is karma yoga. Service yoga or karma yoga is centered on the solar plexus/abdominal chakra, the center of association, of community extension and caring, of charity and philanthropy. Empowered by the heart chakra, service becomes a truly ‘service for others’. The number 6 is also found in the founding year 1946, and in the founding month of June that is the 6th month.
  • 11 as a destiny number is a power number, together with 22 and 33 (also divisible by 11). 11 is the conqueror’s number, one who is bound to rise like a phoenix, or is capable of a meteoric ascent to public acclaim. It is bound to lead, and lead strongly like a conqueror. A nation with this number is destined to be a conqueror nation or a trend setter nation. It was the Philippines that set the trend for creating independent nation-states by breaking down the enchainment from colonial yokes. This country also set the trend for unifying its southeast Asian neighbors into the present ASEAN, a group of nations that is projected to turn into an economic and political union.
  • Fusing 6 and 11 would yield a character of Being that is destined to lead the world’s nations in showing how collective karma yoga can liberate the entire nation from its own collective karma or sins. To be able to do this entails enormous sacrifice, including facing continuous discrimination by other nations for being the ‘servants for others’ (as the overseas workers have shown for decades now) and for behaving like a subordinated potentate to powerful nations (RP is pretty servile to America, the IMF-World Bank, and yet retains its authenticity just the same).

Those pointers are enough to demonstrate the true powers of numbers being the very mystical code that encrypts the destiny of the nation. By examining the duration of the independent republic, we were able to uncover deep messages of the spiritual Brotherhood embedded in the same numbers as shown above.

Matching the numbers 6 X 11 with the planetary solar plexus (Mt. Banahaw) would move our reflections even a step ahead. If the Philippines was the very center of life in Lemuria, and that this was the manifestation of the very role of being the ‘womb of the Mother’ (womb is in the abdominal area, which amplifies Banahaw’s relevance), and that this is happening at a time of re-awakening of the dormant Lemurian spiritual zeitgeist among Filipinos both at the personal and collective levels, then it is facile to infer that in antiquity the propensity of the Lemurians to show devotion through service is a granite-rock trait.

The re-awakened zeitgeist somehow explains the reason why, development-wise, the Philippines is hard up in becoming a fully industrialized country with heavy industries at the core. Industry is fire element, and although fire is partly an element of Philippine/Lemurian life it isn’t the most focal one. Rather, the solar plexus trait that is attuned more to water element, is the determining category for diverse social and economic life forms in the islands, more so during its present and future stages. So, rather than galvanize a heavy industry-led industrial economy, RP’s economy moved quickly to the service economy type of development, rendering the country nearer to the post-industrial model.

To magnify the discourse about the solar plexus-driven growth here, do reckon with these facts:

  • The services sector contributes 55% to the national income. Industry and agriculture together can only muster 45%. Over half of the domestic labor force is also in the services sector. Retail, tourism and transportation alone contribute to over 30% of national income and employ over 30% of the work force. There is also a large base for domestic helpers employed locally and overseas.
  • Out of the 98 Million Filipinos, 8+ Million are located overseas as contract workers and immigrants. They are employed predominantly in the services sector, while their remittances contribute to the services section of the national income accounts. 12% of the national income comes from overseas Filipinos. Domestic helpers, nurses and caregivers are among the topmost employed, rendering them indeed as servants of other peoples and nations. 350,000 are seafarers, or 28% of the international maritime workforce, without whom the entire global maritime industry will collapse.
  • Filipino professionals are also skewed in the service-oriented type of careers. Teaching employs the largest at half a million, while huge numbers are managers, engineers, health professionals, communications-related professionals, human resources, infotech-related services, and police/military services. The latter sector saw the ballooning of business processing professionals most specially call center agents, who will surpass teachers soon and may reach a million by 2012.
  • Civil society is likewise a very large and powerful sector. Philippine civil society is reputedly the world’s most vibrant, a model for political science studies. Hundreds of thousands of staff and volunteers serve as its work force. It is able to leverage its strength to produce laws, public policies, enable good governance, and elect legislators as party list officials.
  • Social development has become a powerful tool for change most specially from the 1980s onwards. The term ‘development worker’ has become a fashionable word and missionary, even as many professionals and artisans would also want to identify themselves as ‘development workers’. The social workers, their development siblings, comprise a large group of highly valued professionals, and surely the nation weeps every time that a social worker dies tragically.
  • Even sports heroes have become heroes also due to their charitable spirit. Take the case of the legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, who has openly been sharing his take home pay from his fights to the needy folks and struggling athletes. This is no longer the gung-ho individualistic hero of Victorian days, but the hero inspired by the Lemurian ethos of charity.
  • The hospitality of Filipinos towards visitors and friends is classic. That is why the hospitality industry is also moving up the ladder. This behavior combines a goodly vibrating heart chakra and a well developed solar plexus chakra—collectively as a people, and individually manifesting in many Filipinos.
  • In international diplomacy, the Filipino statesmen have become very important figures in enabling dialogue among nations that haven’t been seeing eyeball-to-eyeball for a long time now. The latest dialogue among Japan, Korea, and China, who have mutual grudges after centuries of mutual bellicosity, was largely done, thanks to the efforts of Filipino diplomats and the chief executive.
  • Multi-level marketing, a business type that is strongly help-other oriented and emphasizes the power of team (community), has been making powerful waves among Filipino earners. About 2 million of the workforce are in this business today, who remain ecstatic over their having helped other team members prosper in life.

Judging by the exemplary conduct of the Filipinos in the field of service, and the diverse manifestations of the same, we can safely conclude that the Filipino is indeed the top exemplar of collective karma yoga worldwide. Exit all nurses in foreign hospitals where they are employed, and such hospitals will cease to run. As already mentioned, exit all Filipino seafarers, and the global maritime industry will collapse overnight, for no nation can parallel the service prowess and competencies of the Filipinos in this sector. Exit the Filipino people from the planet today, and a chasm will be created in terms of the karma yoga of the entire humanity.

That is not to say that the Filipino is the most important people of all. That sounds nauseatingly ethnocentric. What the facts are saying is that the Filipino is the exemplar for collective karma yoga as a way to the divine. Such an exemplary behavior is needed as the new races to emerge in the global canvass will exhibit high communitarian inclinations worthy of a successful balancing of the self and chakras.

Who knows that the Almighty’s reward for the Filipinos could be after 2012. The Philippines has always remained 4th Dimensional, vibrating at a modality known as 4th Density, so perhaps the collective behavior of the Filipinos will fast-track the mutation of the Philippines to 5th density modality. Individually, perhaps as many as 1/5 of Filipinos, both here and abroad, will be given passage to the New World by God Almighty after the polar shift, thanks to their communitarian ethos.

There are surely many surprises that could pop up unannounced around the corner. Let us see what those surprises will be after 2012. For now, let us all reflect on the need for building greater community and dedication to Godly service, for here lies a key to solving age-old problems of the human condition.

[Note: In case that anybody insists the Philippine as a modern nation-state began in 1898, let it be so. 1898 to 2012 yields a total of 114 years. 1 + 1 + 4, or a summation of the numbers in 114 years, yields a total of 6. So whether you begin counting in 1898 or 1946, you’ll end up with the number 6.]

[Philippines, 20 May 2009]









Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good day! Magandang araw!

At this moment of scribbling notes, the news of 2012 prophecy is now ringing across the globe. A movie is coming out very soon with the 2012 theme, and I could already see the deadly awesome power of this new film in case that it could make or break 3rd dimension consciousness.

So many forecasts were already done in the past regarding the post-2012 or polar shift scenario. From Blavatsky to Cayce to the present stock of spiritist mediums, information keep on being churned almost by the day regarding what happens right after 2012 to the land formations of the planet.

As far as we Adepts of the Brotherhood are concerned, our perception of the aftermath of 2012 is based on a non-deterministic model of reality. We recognize the fact that in 1974, a nodal point in the ascent of the New Age frequency wave (the New Age of Light began in 1934 yet though its wave was feeble), God Almighty began intervening directly on Earth. Thereafter, the timeline direction of the planet experienced a change.

With the Almighty’s intervention serving as a new factor (‘intervening variable’ as we scientists term it), it had turned rather toxic to forecast events like they would happen 100%. Events such as the California sinking could have happened in the 80s yet, but look at what the timeline change has shown so far. Those events of massive land mass inundations after 2012 may no longer happen at all, if we follow the logic of the new interventionism.

What we can only do now is, like what we do in the scientific disciplines, to use scenario-type methods to forecast the future. Taking this in mind, if we want to see what will happen to the ‘womb of the Mother’ (Philippines/Lemuria) comes post-2012, we can forecast scenarios using a minimax scaling (minimum-maximum). I can present most likely scenarios as follows:

  • Massive flooding, as waters come rushing from both sides of the polar regions, and converge in the equator where RP (Republic of the Philippines) is situated. Most likely, the waves from the north pole (as ice caps there melt) will hit RP first, while those from the south pole (where ice caps equally melt) will hit Australia-Indonesia-New Guinea first before turning on to RP. The impact would be like that of a double whammy of tsunami waves arriving at intervals of 2-3 hours distant. The north waves would most likely be the strongest, and maybe of higher altitude. [In a vision, I saw a tsunami that dwarfed the coconut trees and the 6-8 storey condominiums in Manila’s Roxas boulevard.] The same wave patterns will circumnavigate the planet and return, though already cushioned and of lighter impact.
  • 70% of the Philippine territorial land formations will instantly be flooded on the 1st wave of tsunami alone (Day 1 & 2). The waters will then keep on rising steadily till as much as 80% of the islands are flooded. After weeks of turbulent climate and weather, the waters will still rise, flooding as much as 90% of the land masses. After around 40 days or so of turbulence, a calm after the global storm. Water will recede a bit, leaving the country with around 15% remnant lands from its previous endowments. The waters will stay at that level for at least 200 years, before finally receding as polar ice formation takes on accelerated pace and absorbs back waters loss previously. [Let me leave this scenario till this point.]
  • On the first two (2) days alone of the massive flooding and turbulent weather, as much as 30 Million islanders will be wiped out. Needless to say, those located on the coastal regions will be the first to exit the physical plane. As the days go by, another 20 Million will die and exit. Of the 96 Million population by that time, 13 to 14 Million (maybe more) will be rescued by the Light Forces and quarantined in the ‘Light-shielded zones’ of 4th dimensional spaces (surface, below the waters, space, underground cities). The remaining millions will slowly die, exit, and be transferred to planets that may suit their vibratory frequencies and level of awareness. [Let me leave the scenario at this point.]

What is clear to me and my fellow Adepts is that the ‘womb of the Mother’ will experience massive inundation. The waters signify a cleansing effect on the holy land that was badly trampled upon by the Fallen Ones and 3rd dimension peoples. The waters will serve as the equivalent of ‘global amniotic fluid’ for the planetary womb, which indicates the coming anew of a race that will supercede the present Aryan-dominated stocks. The root stock White Race will be deprogrammed very soon, in accordance with its own collective karma and Divine Plan.

The 4th dimensional Filipinos, who may number around 14-15 Million, including 1 Million overseas Filipinos, who are the true scions of the Divine Mother and Her holy land of Maharloka (Philippines) where resides the womb, will then have to join the rest of humanity who will construct the communities and polities of the New Earth [Divine grace may even add up more Filipinos to the figures cited]. They will undergo a collective purging of the last vestiges or veils of dark energies they inherited from their forebears (both Malayo-Asian and Aryan), as a process of preparing a new cultural-psychic template for each one of them. The new template will be aligned to 5th density modality, bringing this ‘new people’ more in kinship with the Pleadians and Arcturians of the same mould.

Such a pattern is important, as it is a key to understanding the psychic and cultural processes emerging from among other peoples across the Pacific, who will be prepared as biophysical medium for the 6th root race. As already explicated in previous articles, the awakening of the spiritual Force of the Philippines (this is now approximately past 20% activated) will be the key to the activation of the other regions’ spiritual endowments, thus enabling that huge leap of the planet to 4th dimension. The patterns arising from the new Filipino thereafter should then be observed closely, this being among the keys to understanding the wherewithal of the other evolving subraces that will comprise the 6th root race.

As soon as Earth will stabilize, around the period 2200-2400, it can be safely prognosticated that the flood waters will have receded, and the definitive land formations of the New Earth for the duration of the 21,000-year Age of Light, will have crystallized. With galactic, geologic, climatological, and biological, and physical parameters fully changed by then, we can see that demographic patterns across the planet will follow those of newly found sustainable population principles. Around the end of the transition, it is most likely that the psycho-cultural templates of the seven (7) subraces for the New Man will have been galvanized.

During those times will the planet witness the full transition of the Filipino people from nationality to race. That is, where we only have a Filipino nationality today, in the not-so-distant future this will be superseded by the Filipino as a race. The evolutionary formation of this race will take place a longer period than the others, for one reason or another, as this people will see yet its own galvanization as New Man’s 6th generation yet of subraces, or 6th subrace. Assuming, of course, that Divine Plan will proceed well.

Since the Dark Forces will no longer be around anyway in a planet that has been fully consolidated by the spiritual Hierarchy and Light Forces, no apprehension about the formation of the 5th Density peoples of the future will be in the offing. The revisions in the Plan will be considered more from factors internal to the planet and to the paces of accelerated evolution of each and every human community that will mutate to 4th density after 2012, 4th density being a modality for the transition period lasting 400 years (Earth will move quickly to 5th density thereafter).

There shall be a contingency arising then, after 2012, of concentrating certain sections of the population, the criteria of which are already in the blueprints Above but which I will not deign reveal yet at this moment. Nor will I reveal matters about the exact regions and numbers of regions where such populations will finally be relocated to begin New Earth construction as early as 2020. What is rather facile to see is that among the subgroupings would be the concentration of a critical mass of Filipinos if to make sense at all of the agenda to transform this nationality into a subrace in the very long term. There has been a tendency of Filipinos today to marry among themselves, though a Filipino can marry a fellow Filipino of a different ethnicity (exogamous marriage).

Eventually, at some point in the future, probably during the 2030-2050 period, a decision may be done by the planetary state then installed, to permit the Filipinos to migrate in ‘exodus’ from their temporary shelters to their more or less permanent settlements in lands surrounding the ‘womb’ area. These would be lands from the new land strip across the Pacific, of an elongated mass that will be of size anywhere from 1 Million up to 2 Million square kilometers. And, probably in around six (6) other smaller sites, including the new southern lands (that will replace the Australia-New Zealand formations).

It will be of utmost interest to observe later the new land strip. Subcontinental in size, this will be the natural habitat for the 6th root race, nay will this be the center of all cultural and technological explosions beyond 2500. It is likely that the Manu of the 6th Race will decide to base Himself here, and monitor developments for His assigned race for thousands of years to come. As this happens, the Philippines’ remnant islands will also have become enlarged as the waters subside, thus endowing humanity with huge gains of lands in the ‘womb of the Mother’ that will be used largely for higher spiritual purposes. The synergy between the subcontinental strip and the ‘womb’ will be immense, as it is central to galvanizing the collective and individual awareness modalities of the New Man.

As the ‘womb of the Mother’ stabilizes and gains more lands, the Light Forces may decide to install military facilities and forces here, inclusive of space military academies where applicable. This being the site of the galactic hyperspace portal, it is just but logical that basing facilities would be installed here, not only to serve as sentinel forces for the ‘womb of the Mother’ and the ‘galactic umbilical cord’ (portal) but also to serve as one of major bases of guardianship for the key cardinal points of the planet. Being probably of 5th to 6th densities in frequency, the future Philippines will be a natural site for encampment by the Galactic Forces and its command center for Earth located here.

I’d now hasten to infer that the ‘amniotic fluid’—comprising of flood waters—will have its own timeframe to fulfill a cleansing purpose and signify the amniotic fluid for birthing the New Earth and the future 6th race or New Man. I shall no more belabor to discourse that the forthcoming floods aren’t raging waters from an angry God that should be feared, preferring as such to regard those same waters as cleansing and birthing fluids by a planet that has mutated to 4th dimension in consonance with a totality of phenomenon concerning the mutation of all the universes (omniverse) by one dimensional modality higher than the existing state.

Of an angry God who has come to punish the sinful, none such God exist, this being an antiquated line of the Luciferans who couldn’t seem to gain points in their life trajectories without controlling folks through intimidation and gross peddling of fear and grand lies. The coming of the floods should be welcomed in fact, for they signify that the New Earth will have arrived at last.

[Philippines, 18 May 2009]









Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good evening! Magandang gabi!

As a continuation of my Philippine-Lemurian reflections, I would share at this moment a note about the deprogramming of the Aryan race. Over a century ago, the Mahatmas of the spiritual Brotherhood released information through Master Helena Blavatsky concerning the coming deprogramming of the Aryans who have degenerated into global predators of greedy oligarchs and worshippers of eater culture. The addition I would make on the Brotherhood’s race deprogramming thesis is that the Aryan race’s fate was sealed when it invaded the Philippines and enslaved its people.

Filipinas—Hispanic for Philippines—is the ‘womb of the Mother’. It was in Filipinas’ soil itself, the soil that is the uppermost region of the ancient Maharloka subcontinent of Lemurian fame, where the Adamic races first appeared. It was right here where kingship was experimented on, perfected, and disseminated to other lands via a new class fit for the divine governance: the kingly class. Right here, on these islands that remain 4th dimensional till these days, did civilization reach its nadir of development, making Lemuria or Mu the greatest civilization ever. Right here, above Philippine soil, did the Galactic Confederation forces locate the galactic hyperspace portal.

A child who is mature enough would never at all commit a terrible crime of trampling its mother’s womb, for that is tantamount to destroying the mother herself. Imagine a child, of very mature age (Aryan race is very mature a race), suddenly searches for a chain saw, and in wild frantic manner goes for his/her mother and then cuts her up, beginning with the womb area and onwards to the other pieces (Aryans have cut up peoples into border-defined nations and warring ethnicities). Such a child, for sure, is no longer human, is undergoing feats of demonic seizures, and is most likely to self-destruct in a violent manner.

In the last ages (1 age= 2,150 years approximately) of the Atlanteans, the spiritual Hierarchy saw it fit to create new races from the genetic strains of the denerate Atlanteans and then migrate them to distant lands where they can grow in numbers unhampered by the demonic aggressions of its host race. In Poseidon (main Atlantean continental land mass) did the Hierarchy, carried out by an assisting group of Confederation volunteer race (Nordics), incubate this new race. The Kelts evolved from the successful experiment, and the proto-Kelts migrated eastward to the Caucasus where they were secured against the hostile Atlanteans.

While that was happening, the Hierarchy also created a distinct experiment in the East. Carried out by the same Galactic volunteers, from the strain of the dying Lemurian generic race (root-race) a lighter breed evolved who would constitute the mother race of the Malays. Bred from the finest of the Lemurians, the Maharlokans, the much lighter-colored and smaller-framed offshoot also migrated to breeding grounds that made them secure from the hostile Atlanteans who seemed bent on taking the entire planet as its Empire ground. This family race was later to populate the new southeast Asia, after the sinking of both Maharloka and Poseidon, and became the builder of the Majapahit Empire, the wealthiest empire on Earth during its heydays.

Both new races, the proto-Kelts and proto-Malays, were of smaller stature and frame then their host races. The hostile Atlanteans did wind up of their breeding and emergence, and hatched plans to destroy them. The engagements between the new races and the Atlanteans came down in history as the “wars between giants and men.” Of the two races, it was the proto-Kelts that would serve as genotype for other White-skinned races to emerge, and was meant to be vehicle for the perfection of the mind (mental body/6th density modality). The proto-Malays were, on the other hand, being prepared for a much later purpose, to be host to the coming post-Aryan races.

In the accounts of mystics, notably Blavatsky, the Aryans at their inception were of a fine pedigree of neo-humans. They were the antithesis to the Atlanteans who had, by any measure of civility, already degenerated or unraveled into a fragmentary, mad state. Whereas the Aryan was the embodiment of the Man (the higher principle of atma-buddhi-manas), the Atlantean was the embodiment of the Anti-Man. The Aryan (and his secret pedigree the proto-Malay) was the embodiment of the Christ ethos, and no less than a new Manu (great leader of a race), was sent forth to accompany this New Man in his sojourn. Among the ancient Indians, the Manu came down by the name of Vaivasvata Manu, akin to the Creator Deity of the Race. In contrast, the Atlantean is the embodiment of the Anti-Christ, the very same anti-universe generator of destructions that possesses the Aryans today.

The halcyon days of the Aryans have come to pass, the great civilizing feats have been consummated, the flames of the Great Cosmic Force the Aryans have come to utilize for so immensely great works of genius as they were guided by the Elders of the Race in their sojourns. The halcyon days are over for sure. No less than Western philosophers and sociologists have forewarned the Aryans about the ‘decline of the West’ (Spengler, Toynbee). All signs are clear today that the Aryan race had degenerated into the hovels, and like the Atlanteans that they superceded, the Aryans are also seized by the Demonic Mind and are so obsessed with more wars and exploitations of the less developed countries. Where there used to be civility and rationality, there is only now insanity/madness.

In the year 1521 did the Portuguese, Ferdinand Magellan, arrive on Philippine soil to claim the islands for the Empire of Hispania. On that same year, the cosmic clock ticked a new heraldry, warning the world that around 23 more hours from that time on (1 hour = 21 years), the White Man’s fate will be sealed. Using the year 1500 as yardstick, 21 years X 24 (hrs.) = 504 years which when added to 1500 yields 2004. After 2004 will come a series of catastrophes, beginning with economic catastrophe (destruction of money economy in 2007) and moving on to 2012 (polar shift) and so forth.

21 in the preceding statement was derived from the ‘Law of 7’ multiplied by the Trinity (3), yielding a cosmic multiplier of 21. I already articulated this revelation in my book 13th Gate Unveiled (2000). This multiplier applies most strongly to Filipinas where the Mother vibration is immutable and powerful. Filipinas has three (3) island groups (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao), has three (3) stars on its flag (stars of the spiritual Masters or the Brotherhood), is the ‘womb of the Mother’, nay is the chosen Mother among all mothers to birth the Adamic races. It also bred the Lemuro-Atlantean race of Malays, destined for a future role post-Aryan.

How ignorant are the White folks indeed who trampled upon their newly found islands, Las Islas Filipinas, from 1521 onwards. For the latter is the ‘womb of the Mother’, and no truly erudite people would ever attempt to succumb to demonic seizures so as to trample the Mother’s womb (womb of the Adamic races). Such a demented desecration of the Mother means only one thing: the rapid decline and eventual death of the trampling race. And such indeed is the fate coming to the once glorified Aryan race.

Please note that the Spirit Guardians of the Race and the entire spiritual Hierarchy no longer have on their agenda the extension of the Aryan stock. This is a matter of fact. The Elders sent forth no less than ascended masters to embody as geniuses of the race among the Aryan family races to revive the Christ-centered flames of civility, but to no avail. The same masters only earned ridicule and persecution, and gained new karmas in the process, or they unduly absorbed the negative karmas of the Aryan peoples notably those of the Europeans and their offshoots the Americans.

No, fellows, sirs and ladies, there will be no extension for the Aryan race. Do not ever expect this race to suddenly turn into Light Beings before the polar shift as a sign of deep repentance for its collective sins, and given a new lease in life by leading the pack of survivors of the 2012-2030 cataclysms and catastrophes. There is no such agenda on the tables of the Councils of the Hierarchy. It is over for the White races and ethnicities.

The agenda is very clear about the breeding of the races of the New Man, who will be of 4th dimensional level, who will appear on the New Earth on or before the year 2500. Full materialization of this new race may come by 2700, but even before that year, the New Man will emerge. All around the Pacific will the New Man find its habitat: North America, South America, Australia-New Zealand, Philippines-Indonesia, and the new land mass that will surface after 2012. Should the phase-out races and ethnicities of the day attempt hostile aggression against them, which is most unlikely, then the option is there for the same New Man to concentrate habituation in the new land mass.

That new land mass will be almost juxtaposed to the Philippines, to be near the sites of Mt. Banahaw (seat of the planetary chi/solar plexus) and the galactic hyperspace portal. Though the Philippines will be largely inundated, with probably 85% sunken at the max, Mt. Banahaw will stand tall and grand and will perform its purpose as the constitutive regenerator for the New Age of Light. Spewing enormous Light from the inner bodies of Gaia (Earth) upwards to the sky, Banahaw will serve as a powerful Light house for galactic forces’ ships that will be coming in and out of the hyperspace portal.

As a final measure to beacon to one and all that the agenda is on to breed the new race, a Manu was already elected by the Hierarchy who is the designated Great Leader of the forthcoming New Man or 6th root race (1st two Pangean races, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Aryans were the first 5 races). The Manu has always been with us, an Ascended Master of the highest and finest caliber, who deserves finally to ascend to that of an Avatar as all Manus are. Divine-inspired governance He has perfected in antiquity, and so He is very much prepared for His task. He shall be the co-adjutor of the World Leader, the Avatar messiah who will govern in the New Age of Light, in terms of divine governance of the forthcoming race.

The Manu will come at a time when the spiritual Hierarchy will return in full force again on Earth. Melchizedek, Maitreya/Christ, Metatron, Michael, and the Ascended Masters will come back to Earth and declare governance by God Almighty of the ascended planet. That is what is meant, as foretold, by the term ‘externalization of Hierarchy.’

Hail the Spiritual Hierarchy! Hail the New Race coming!

[Philippines, 18 May 2009]









Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good evening! Magandang gabi!

For you fellows, let me share this time a note about the place of Philippine spiritual awakening in the cosmic drama. This is a destined role that many Adepts are only dimly aware of, save for those who have already worked out to burn down many veils in their specific Initiation Paths.

There is this contention shared by Philippine mystics that the Yod in the Philippine flag is the very divine beacon that reveals the special mandate from the Almighty God given to the Philippines. Within the context of the accelerating evolution of the planet, such a mandate refers to the very role that Philippine spiritual awakening would have on the spiritual awakening of the entire planet as we graduate to 4th dimension as a planet, humanity, and natural endowments base (nature beings, animals, minerals).

The Yod mystically is a portion of the longer Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh (YHVH), the very name of the Almighty Creator of Creators. It is the Father aspect of the Almighty Providence, in the sequence of kabbalistic sounds so revealed. Being so, its presence in the Philippine flag, which is replete with divine revelations sublimely encoded by the Brotherhood of Light/Spiritual Hierarchy, clearly assures for the modern nation its place in the unfolding cosmic drama.

Such a role wouldn’t hold much water were the Philippines but a mere 3rd dimension enclave that is without any significant energy center worth the Brotherhood’s concern. Far from it, the Philippines remains as 4th dimensional in vibratory frequency, is the ‘womb of the Mother’ (birthplace of ancient Adamic races and greatest civilization on Earth), houses the ‘planetary chi’ (energy spot niched in Mt. Banahaw being nearest to karma yoga center, or solar plexus), and is home to the hyperspace portal linking us to the other galaxies and the Central Sun of the universe.

Within the context of such an overarching reality for the modern nation, the Yod archetype carries enormous weight and holds ocean full of waters. The archetype is the encoded message not only from the spiritual Brotherhood, it is more so a most divine message from the 24 Divine Elders and the Lord Ancient of Days. With the descent of Earth to 3rd density, the Father assured that certain spots on Earth remain 4th dimensional such as the Philippines, though the same country’s own people are mired in a collective consciousness that is 3rd density like the rest of humanity. As the Earth moves up back to 4th density, the collective and individual consciousnesses of evolved Filipinos will serve as the very core signal for the rest of the planet, inclusive of those six (6) other major energy spots and the beings benefiting from their hyper-activation.

In the year 2004, approximately on the 21st of September, when the descending wave of Pisces equaled that of the ascending wave of Aquarius, a most divine event happened on a planetary scale: the re-awakening of the long dormant ‘womb of the Mother’ with the re-positioning in Mt. Banahaw of the ‘planetary chi’. Where this chi lies, for an entire Age the area will experience unparalleled prosperity. During the Aquarian Age, prosperity is assured in the region radiating from Mt. Banahaw, which is not only exclusive to the Philippines. This is the region of the ancient Maharloka-Sunda of Lemurian heydays, and it stretches from approximately the area south of Japan (now under sea level) down to Australia. On its Western side is Malaysia, while the Eastern-most stretch would be Marshall islands.

Those geographic points are merely approximations of the ancient reality, please note this well. Such was the huge expanse of the Lemurian center then of Maharloka-Sunda, that it housed the very core where governance was perfected, cultural-psychic development reached a peak, and divine priesthood was the order of the day. For economy of words, we will simplify the area as Maharloka.

Among all countries in the Pacific today, it is only the Philippines that approximates the very vibratory frequency and reconstitutive powers immanent from the divine environ of Maharloka. This is the very reason why spiritual masters of the 20th century such as Paramahansa Yogananda and P.R.Sarkar have extolled the Philippines to the level of divine exaltation. The same masters though who knew about the mystical significance of the Philippines kept mum about the matter, indicating that it isn’t yet time to reveal such recondite information to the planet.

To even go backwards in time, around the decades of the 1880s and 1890s, a collective rousing took place, directed by patriots and led by Jose Rizal & soul partners (evolved souls who were sent forth by the Brotherhood), aimed openly at creating a national ethos and a new nation (by dis-engaging from imperial Spain’s yoke). On a more esoteric level, the rousing was intended to waken up the long dormant Lemurian zeitgeist, the spiritual Force of the Father-Mother implanted in the very collective psyche of humanity.

Not only was the Philippines the concern of the Brotherhood and Planetary Logos/Ancient of Days, but also those Asian/Pacific countries that were bamboozled by Western powers into colonial submission. There was the realization that inspiring nationalist movements, via embodying evolved souls in the Philippines and sibling countries as patriots and modernists, can alter the hovel conditionality of 3rd density and re-awaken the Lemurian zeitgeist though this will now manifest in new forms akin to an Asian Renaissance.

Needless to say, the Spirit Guardians of the Earth, who comprised the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, found the colonial yoke and enslavement as an opportunity for a revitalization of dormant spiritual Force, henceforth setting off ripples that would shatter the 3rd dimensional thought modalities that have reduced humanity in the Philippines and the region to pathetic eaters. It was the Philippines chosen by the Spirit Guardians to ignite the flame, a movement that was already proved earlier in the Americas.

Do note that the divine Plan is very long term in time frame, the spiritual Hierarchy designs plans by the hundreds to thousands of years. The implication of this divinity planning platform is that the ignition of the flame of Lemurian zeitgeist is just but a milestone event of a long chain of events leading to the achievement of larger divine goals in the distant future.

The next special event by the Spirit Guardians that affected not only the Philippines but the whole of humanity was the partial opening of the gates of ‘center where the Will of God is known,’ outpouring enormous high-frequency energies of detoxifying significances, in 1930. On that very decade (30s) came the decision by the leaders of America to grant the Philippines independence, a rather enigmatic reversal of an earlier policy to keep the islands in the long run for its being a good base of permeating China with US investments and eventual economic foothold. The spiritual Hierarchy was clear in its message to the White imperialists all along: leave the Asia-Pacific alone, pack up soon, or taste the fires of global cleansing that will lead to an accelerated end to the Caucasian (white) race so soon.

The cleansing impact of that outpouring of high frequencies was no other than 2nd World War. So badly mauled were the Western imperialists in the region, and so were their subaltern local oligarchs, that they were turned to wet chicken overnight. A year after the war’s end, in 1946, independence was finally granted to the Philippine republic. After the Philippines, other new nations followed suit, such as India, Indonesia, Burma, Indochina, and Malaysia.

The latest among the milestone events was the re-opening of the galactic hyperspace portal in late 2008. As already tackled in other articles, this portal is located in the Philippines. My own assessment of the portal is that it is of 5th density alignment, which means that galactic ships that travel normally on 6th density can facilely enter Earth unnoticed by using this very portal and descend a kilometer lower than its gate, and then hover in a space as low as just about three (3) kilometers up there. The same ships can also navigate the Earth and adjoining planets at 5th density and step down a bit to 4th density without being noticed, and at that level engage enemy forces that are intent to exhibit hostility.

Such is the very reason why many Lightworkers in the Philippines—whose awareness is past 5th density—so facilely observe patrol ships from recently arrived galactic Command contingents, because the Philippines is 4th Density in frequency. The ships are manifesting themselves to the spiritual sensitives and evolved souls, by merely stepping down their frequency to 4th density. Even 3rd density folks do sometimes “stumble” upon sights of the recent patrols, as there could be instances when their own mind frames would slip to alpha brain wave that could align them to 4th density instantly.

All such eventualities are preparations for an even gigantic event: the final awakening of the Philippine spiritual Force, the Lemurian zeitgeist, the rapid manifestation of a Malayo-Philippine weltanschauung, altogether leading to the explosion of Oneness. Symbolized as a bakunawa or dragon in folk culture, the Philippine spiritual Force will be the planetary key that will signal the opening up of the spiritual Force of other regions of the Planet as a whole.

If you judge the actions of the Rishis and Lightworkers of the nation, and assess the impact of such interventions in terms of gathering the evolved souls, the awakening had already taken place. However, a critical mass needed to be attained in order to effect a full awakening of the collective conscious (from its unconscious state) to higher dimensional frequency modalities. Such a feat is near, and the Planet need not wait too long anymore for an event long foretold by prophets and sages. Thereafter, the whole planet ‘down here’ will be 4th dimensional, even as the higher dimensions will become habitats for those evolved souls who will attain both spiritual and physical ascension.

This is the good news for you all, fellows of Planet Earth, about the near celebration due to the advent of global spiritual awakening. Hail the awakening spiritual Force! Hail the Spirit Guardians and Elders of the Race! Hail the Lord Ancient Days and His Sons and Daughters of Light!

[Philippines, 18 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

I have already shared some notes before about the hyperspace portal that connects our planet to the other galaxies and star systems, and onwards to the Central Sun of our universes. As already articulated, this portal was closed in antiquity, in the aftermath of the catastrophic galactic war that overflowed to this sector of our universe, which marked a steady downward slide of Terrans into the hovels of 3rd Density life.

Likewise did I share notes about the reopening of the same portal—by the Galactic Confederation forces—as the Earth’s vibration rapidly moves back to 4th Dimension. As per my vision last year, the portal was already reopened. The portal, as we know among circles of Filipino mystics, is located in the Philippines, a 4th Dimensional country, approximately above the borders of the Philippine plate and the Sunda plate (above Palawan island).

The Philippines being the remnant of Lemuria, it embodies the very same mystical significance of the mother continent. Its ancient name was Maharloka, the Great Land, and it was the very center of life in the whole of Lemuria. It is no exaggeration to state that Maharloka was the flagship civilization that enabled Lemuria to reach its zenith as the world’s greatest civilization ever. Now that the planet is moving back to 4th Dimension frequency, the Philippines is regaining its significance in the cosmic drama currently unfolding, being the ‘womb of the Mother’ where the ‘galactic umbilical cord—hyperspace portal—Is located.

That the same portal is located in the Philippines (Maharloka), which retained its 4th Dimensional vibration despite a 3rd Dimensionality of its base planet, makes the ‘womb of the Mother’ even more emphatic in fact. Not only is the Earth as ‘child of the Universe of the Almighty’, linked to the Central Sun via a major portal, the same Earth has grown to be a Mother whose womb is Maharloka/ Philippines, and as such reproduces the same nurturing nature of the Divine Mother or Cosmic Mother.

Thus, without question, the Oneness between Maharloka/Philippines and Gaia, the Deity whose body the Earth is, is established, determinate, immutable. This Philippines that we know today, of which I am a scion, is just but a passing phase of an overarching reality—the womb of the Mother—that is immutable. As far as the Almighty Providence, the Creator of all Creators is concerned, the Mother role has been assigned to this part of the planet.

Being so mandated, the umbilical cord to the universes’ or omniverse’s Central Sun is likewise assigned to the area or region, this being a privilege of a planetary womb. A planetary womb is the place where the initial races are experimented on, the prototype or genotype breeds then launched to ride the evolutionary laws and mature to physical perfection and mental perfection.

When the time is ripe for the human races to move upwards the evolutionary arc and speed up spiritual evolution, the same umbilical cord is ensured activation and access by the Light forces tasked to assist in the acceleration processes, the very same cord being now a beacon of the evolution not only of humanity but also of the entire planet as it is brought nearer the center of the omniverse and away from the edge of the Milky Way where it was located for nigh eons long.

The very same portal or umbilical cord need not be relocated elsewhere, for being of a higher dimension, it can only be positioned in a place or spot on the planet that remains unspoiled by human intervention and 3rd dimensional descent. Such a spot could only be but its original spot in the first place, which indeed remains 4th dimensional in overall vibratory frequency till these days.

There are other mini-portals across the globe actually, and one can testify the presence of such portals by their energy configurations. However, they are mini-portals at best, even as there is only one major portal. The same portal, during its closure stage (a long time by our count), deterred the predatory forces from Draco & allies from returning to Earth unnoticed. The closure of the portal means that the invading predators have to pass through a longer route, and by doing so they risk being noticed and tracked down by the Confederation forces.

On the other hand, the same closure had a delimiting effect on the Confederation forces that desired to come here on a rapid time frame. To lighten such a burden of having to traverse longer space and hyperspace routes to this sector of the Milky Way, the same Light forces have to station reinforcements right in our solar system. By so doing, they can immediately neutralize Draconian forces that may slip through the sector, the same act buying time for reinforcements to travel over from the same long routes.

The portal is now open, and so fellow Terrans, we need not fear any longer about delays in the arrivals of Light forces should we experience another wave of invasions from the Dark ETIs or extra-terrestrial intelligences. The very same portal is now being used by our ascended Terrans, who form a part of the 144,000 Rishis and their advance apprentices, to travel to other worlds, learn lessons from the latter, and/or conduct tasks in the councils of the Galactic Command. Without the portal, it could have been more cumbersome a process for awakened Terrans to do tasks in the 6th Density in particular, which serves as the clearing point for cosmic interface as well as station for the mother ships of the Galactic Command.

That being so, let it be known that the Gatekeepership Council of the region where the Philippines is a member of, performs an extra task of clearing house for many Lightworkers who may already be qualified to visit higher-dimension planets and the learning stations of the Galactic Command. Needless to say, the Council performs an extra task of monitoring the portal from this side of the universe, monitoring being an element of the broader overseer task that belongs to the military command of the Galactic Confederation (the military ships are in the portal’s opening, making space patrols 24 hours of the day).

In case that there may be some questions about how long will it take to travel from Earth to other galaxies or star systems through this portal, this much I can say: around late last year, I was permitted, as part of my inter-dimensional warriorship task, to traverse the hyperspace via that portal, to register visual intelligence scanning on certain constellations. Approximately in the range of 15-50 Lightyears, it could have been next to impossible for me to traverse the space without a vehicle. Using my own Light Body, under the command of my very own thoughts, I was amazed at the travel time of barely ten (10) minutes of near-light speed travel which my Light Body entailed to travel to each of two (2) constellations I visited. If a Light Body can travel that fast through the portal, how much more those space vehicles of the Galactic Confederation?

So, fellow Terrans, that fact should erase apprehensions among you that at any time now the Draco Empire & allied forces would come invading again and re-implanting us with new genetic codes that would enslave us forever in 3rd density living. It is now too late for the hostile, evil forces to repeat the predatory invasions and occupations they have done in antiquity, too late to even embroil our solar system and planet in anti-universe energy fields that they can direct to our space sector. Their invasion efforts in the past ten (10) years were thwarted, and they risk total destruction if they would attempt another invasion, for they can no longer access the hyperspace portal. Their coming will be so obviously noticed in advance, pinpoint their locations, and render them as sitting ducks by Confederation firepower.

Within a few years, beyond 2012, the entire planet itself would be traversing space to be repositioned in the universe along with the solar system. No matter what changes there are in the poles and position of the planet, the ‘womb of the Mother’ will remain to be Philippines/Lemuria, and the hyperspace portal shall remain in the womb area. These are among the graces of the Almighty not only for the Philippine nation, they are graces for the planet and Terrans as a whole, even as Philippines/Lemuria is among such sublime jewels that Lightworkers and the more aware persons better countenance.

[Philippines, 17 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good morning! Magandang umaga!

Let me continue with my peregrinations on the spiritual Brotherhood in Philippine life. I’ve already shared notes about the spiritual Brotherhood in the history and making of the Philippines, from its Lemurian days to the formation of the new nation (1880s-1900). I will delimit my reflection this time on the contemporary context, particularly the years 1974 to the present.

Filipinos who seek the yogic or mystic Path have been accustomed to stereotyping gurus as coming from India or the continent. Till these days the same imagery remains; fellow Filipinos couldn’t ever imagine that spiritual gurus have embodied in the islands as Filipinos and are now ascending in awareness to Master- or Rishi-level.

I myself grew up as one such boy then, who in the 1960s saw images of the Maharishi being exalted by the Beatles. As an adolescent in the 1970s, the beginnings of my seeker phase, I aspired to meet a guru, who I presumed resides in India. I surely admit to my gross ignorance, even as I am unaware that divine Forces have been working all along to make sure that I myself will mutate into a guru some day. Lacking the resources to travel to the continent for an audience with living gurus, I contented myself in the 1980s with massive readings and yoga meditation which essentials I learned from a university professor. When I had time, I attended discussions of the theosophists in Manila, while I held informal discussions with fellow Travelers (we were unattached or free spirit seekers).

Only in 1994, when I was sponsored into the White Lodge, initiated by a living guru who is Filipino, did I realize my fundamental ignorance. The chats I had with the Guru FF (he hasn’t authorized me to reveal his identity) made me infer that the Brotherhood embodied many Adepts in the Philippines, for a greater purpose. On that year alone (1994), couples of hundreds of us advanced seekers graduated into mystics, were blessed by the Ancient of Days, and became Adepts of the Brotherhood. Some of our batch-mates took on the mission of guruship, myself included, coupled with other missions such as healing and/or community service.

Through our discussions in my core batch, it dawned upon me that we were a part of a greater force comprising of 144,000, the number revealed to ancient prophets yet. The coming of the White Robes, or Rishis, or Ascended Beings, or simply White Adepts, was told over and over again in the spiritual quarters of diverse cultures, in all of the world’s continents. The coming of the ‘taong banal’ (holy people) is the version told that came down on cult groups around Filipinas.

It was also intuited by each one of us, during our workshop discussions, that when a seeker is very well prepared to meet a guru or Teacher (guro in Filipino), such a teacher is just around the corner and is well prepared to meet the seeker. Which means that, in whatever country one is residing, at any given time, a guru is present to attend to the seekers, precisely because Rishis were embodied in all countries without exception.

Those gurus who are indeed Adepts of the Brotherhood were, rest assured, mentored directly by the Mahavatar Babaji. He is like a Divine Dean of all would-be and present teachers, and it is a must for an Adept to undergo His mentoring should s/he don the cloak of a guru. Yes, fellow Filipinos and expatriates in the Philippines, we gurus who directly came face-to-face with Mahavatar Babaji, and who continue to face him periodically for reflections, are in the Philippines. You need not go search very far for such a guru, s/he is just near your place, in whatever province or city you may be residing.

Not all of us Adepts though took on the guru task, and it is my hope that this will be modified a bit. Altogether we form a large team of over 1,000 Adepts sent forth here, who will conduct missions circa 1974-2012. This number could go as high as 2,000+, since the Philippines holds a special place in the planet as the Land of the Mother (refer to my other Philippine articles) and is home to the hyperspace portal to the other galaxies and star systems.

We comprise different age groups, from the oldest who are now senior citizens past 60, down to middle aged ones like me, down to the youngest who are in their 20s. I belong to those who continued the tasks began by the pioneers of the Brotherhood (those who began the Work for modern Philippines) such as the late healer Agpaoa. The youngest ones are still in formative years, and will be the leading Adepts of the post-2012 New Age as my own batch will retire in our seniority if that is applicable (we will physically ascend which makes retirement unimaginable).

The greatest numbers among us here are into healing, and the Adeptic healers do share teachings in terms of their own specific healing methods or paradigms. Most of us are professionals, who have risen like sphinx to the zenith of our professions as post-modern conquerors, while at the same time silently worked to raise our awareness and bring the Light of the Divinities to aspiring seekers and the broad public. On a rough estimate, I would put at around 1 per 500,000, or about 180, the number of gurus among us 1000+-2000 Adepts (including those who aren’t yet of Adeptic awareness but who will be there soon). That estimate is already large enough, as the more realistic ratio is 1 guru per 1,000,000 population.

Please don’t expect all of us to reveal our identities as Adepts of the spiritual Brotherhood. We have to work very silently or low profile, as we do our work in the physical plane that is territory of the Dark Forces. These Forces are of diverse groups and factions, including the Luciferans, Ahrimanians, Molochians, and Negative Aliens, the common task of theirs being their penchant for sabotaging the Work of us Adepts of Light. Mystics particularly are vulnerable to assassination attempts, and only when the Rishi awareness is reached will the Fallen Ones cease their attacks that are desperately futile to stop the Work at all. Only a few of us like myself were mandated to openly reveal to the public our identities as Adepts of the Brotherhood.

Among all regions of Filipinas, Manila (the entire metropolis) has the greatest luck in terms of the embodiment of Lightworkers. Being the most cosmopolitan of regions, it had attracted the most evolved souls, even as Manila ignited memories of our own original planets that were high-dimensional and way ahead as the prospect future of Earth. For most of my Adeptic life, I did the Work in Manila, where resides approximately 45%-50% of Lightworkers and Adepts. If you know how to meditate a bit, and you’re looking for a guru in Manila, just meditate on the theme and most likely you’ll meet a teacher in the Big City.

Because we’re mostly professionals, please expect that we dress up like contemporary urban professionals and habitués. We’re not in the habit of dressing up like some exotic, out-of-this world rural or mountain habitué of old, even as many of us are now moving to uphill communities that are suburban and no longer rural. The Philippines is now 64% urban, so please don’t expect us avant garde types to dress up like some ancient exotic with long flowing hair or so, although some of us do exhibit long flowing hairs (both men and women).

There are ashrams or retreat centers in the islands, but this is Filipinas of the predominantly urban mode, so please don’t be searching for us in ashrams. We conduct our teachings more like training consultants via the seminar workshop modality, and thereafter tons of self-learning readings and practices. I myself impart spiritual teachings straight inside my classroom as a professor, and then attend to seekers with focused counsel who may arise from among my students—yes, there are such plenty of seekers among university students. I’ve also integrated the Teaching into team building workshops for NGO officials and staff, via the workshop modality. We are a country with plenty of training facilities including those along seaside and mountain resorts, so we gurus do employ such venues for our workshops.

Our purpose for being here? Broadly, to contribute to efforts of the Hierarchy of the Brotherhood to accelerate the evolution of humans to 4th Dimension. Specifically, to optimize Philippines’ role—given its 4th Dimension vibes—as regenerator of wholeness and soul healing, as prototype of future communities where the Work is advanced in healing and alternative economic systems, combined with collective karma yoga via community service, and to disseminate the Teaching of the sages and deities.

Many of us are already awakened to our Rishi awareness level, and are now a part of the Elders of the Race. Being so, we have taken on new tasks as members of the Brotherhood’s many councils, including the gatekeepership councils for our specific region (I cannot reveal what region this is). Some of us sit in the councils of the Galactic Command, where we have joined those ‘commanders’ of space legions from other worlds. There is no need to stress that our Light Bodies are already activated, as it is the Light Body that we employ to attend or convene meetings of councils located in the astral, etheric, and mental planes. This same Light Body can perform multiple locations, enabling us to attend to many seekers (in the astral plane) at the same time that we attend or convene meetings of couples of councils and committees.

To conclude, let me stress again, we are here embodied as Filipinos, though we do have reinforcements from expatriates. Please don’t entertain thoughts that God has forsaken the islands, which is just space-out delusion of persecution. This country has a special place in the bosom of the Divine Mother, being the ‘womb of the Mother’ on Earth, and so She had sent us here as a large Team.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!

[Philippines, 16 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Last June the 12th of 2008, the Philippines or Filipinas celebrated its 110th year upon its founding in 1898. Just exactly how many people in the islands and the planet are aware of the significance of that 110 period ending in 2008, from a mystic vantage point, is a point to ponder upon.

The Philippines is the Land of the Mother, the very subcontinent Maharloka of ancient Mu that was the very center of kingship and cultural life of antiquity. Though the subcontinent is now largely submerged, the remnant islands—Philippines—remain to serve as a sublime beacon for many events yet to come in the future. It remains to be 4th Dimensional despite the decadent degeneration to 3rd Dimension of the entire planet. It is the Mother’s womb, and being so, the Spiritual Hierarchy also has in its agenda the re-ascent to full power and control over the islands in the distant future.

Around the 1880s the islands suddenly burst with new life as patriots of youthful zest began clamoring for independence from Spain, its then colonial master. Among them was Dr. Jose Rizal, an evolved soul who, along with an entourage of evolved souls, were tasked to accelerate the process of re-awakening of the Lemurian spiritual Force and create a new nation. It was to be Asia’s first modern nation-state, a dream that came to reality in 1898 when revolutionary forces formally declared an independent state.

Their minds vibrating in so feeble a manner like any 3rd Dimension being, the leaders of the new state never realized the full import of the divine revelations imprinted in the flag so adapted for its founding day (12th of June). Almost all the important archetypal emblems of the spiritual Brotherhood are in that new flag, thanks to the freemasonic background of the state leaders whose esoteric frequencies was a reason for the Brotherhood’s message-sending through that flag.

Right on that flag is the very revelation of a period of 110 years that will come to pass before another crucial event will come to pass in the islands: the opening of the hyperspace galactic portal. The same portal was closed in the very ancient past by diverse galactic forces, to make sure that the planet won’t be a playground of its perceived opponents. Some day in the future, the portal will be reopened again, to jibe with the mutation of Earth back to 4th Dimension. Per my visions in late 2008, the portal was re-opened in the last quarter of that year, which thus permits Galactic Confederation Forces’ contingents to travel to Earth through hyperspace, thus cutting short the time it needs to traverse the distance from their point of origin. As we Filipino mystics know all along, the portal is in the Land of the Mother: Maharloka or today’s Filipinas/Philippines.

The following are the codes that contain the 110-year period of waiting or hiatus:

  • The 8-Pointed Sun (inside the white-colored triangle) contains the number 8. Added to the three (3) stars (inside the same triangle), yields 11. 8 signifies mystically the 4 forces (earth, water, earth, fire) multiplied by the polarity of positive-negative or 2. Three stars have an even higher meaning, which I will touch on in another article. Suffice me to say that they signify the Master-vibration of the Great White Brotherhood.
  • The four (4) sides of the overall rectangle shape, three (3) sides of the white-colored triangle inside, and the three (3) ‘sticks’ of the letter Y or Yod inside (the separator of the tri-color red, white, blue), when added altogether totals 10. Let’s see what happens when this is multiplied with the 11 above.
  • 11 X 10 = 110. This is precisely the number of years from 1898-2008, the period of waiting for that great event of the opening of the hyperspace portal.

To coincide with the re-opening of the said galactic or cosmic portal, the Brotherhood created councils comprising of Adepts from the 144,000 Rishis or White Robes who are now here, tasked to serve as gatekeepers of specific zones of the planet. I am not authorized though to reveal how many zones or regions are these, or how many Adepts/Masters were assigned per council. One such council serves as the cosmic harmonizer and collective gatekeeper of a region that has at its very heart Luzon island where Mt. Banahaw is located. As already revealed by this mystic before, Mt. Banahaw is where the planetary chi is nestled today and where it will stay during the whole Aquarian age, signifying the full import of Filipinas during the shift to the 4th Dimensional New Age of Light.

Let me now go back to the Philippine flag. Visualize the flag hanging like drapery, where the white triangle comprises the upper vertical portion. Flowing downwards smoothly, you would easily see the color white (inside the triangle) on uppermost portion, the color blue on the right side, and red on the left side. The three (3) stars are positioned in such manner that two (2) stars are on upper portion, with the 3rd star just some space below it.

As already revealed in my book 13th Gate Unveiled, the triangle pointing downwards signifies the spiritual planes or spaces of highest Divinity. It signifies the declaration by the Almighty Providence that Filipinas/Mu was always God’s creation, is the Land of the Mother, and will always be so up through the future eons of Earth’s evolutionary stages. At the middle of the triangle is the Sun with its 8-rays, signifying the Father element of the triad of Father-Son-Spirit/Mother.

The stars signify broadly the Master-vibes of the spiritual Brotherhood. Stars at uppermost portion thus signifies not only the presence of star-born galactic forces guarding the portal and islands, it also signifies that the Sons & Daughters of Light who comprise the spiritual Brotherhood will be guarding and nurturing the islands and is peoples from antiquity to future. The stars thus signify the Son vibes, Son referring to both Brother and Sister. In Filipino, the term is Anak (child) which is gender-neutral.

The two (2) stars on the upper portion signify the Ascended Master vibes. Which means that from its very inception, the Ascended Host, comprising of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Christed Beings, always had the Philippines/Mu on their agenda of soul ascension. They have always been involved in the history and evolution of the subraces and ethnicities of the Philippines that are a constitutive part of humanity. They have never abandoned the islands, even as they have sent the most advanced Rishis at this particular time, who are in fact Ascended Masters, to prepare the grounds for the forthcoming New Age of Light.

The same Ascended Beings are in command of the Galactic Confederation, the federated union of all Light-allied human races from various worlds (planets) and star systems of the Milky Way. They are very much concerned with the hyperspace portal here, and the role that Filipinas can perform for advancing the missions of the Confederation to help return Earth to its cosmic origin.

The single star positioned lower than the upper two stars, are a continuation of the Master vibes. It signifies the Master of Wisdom, or saint/sant/hierophant/sage/mystic, who assists the Ascended Host in enabling humans to evolve back to the Godhead. This they do through the spread of the Teaching, or higher mysteries, backed up by healing, revelations & prophecies, sciences & philosophy, creative genius, and enlightened leadership. Such sages have been sent forth to Filipinas since the very beginnings of its history, were sent forth as a significant team during the formative period of 1880s-1900, and have steadily been sent forth again after the 2nd world war.

Around the latter part of the 110-year period, Rishis who comprise a part of the 144,000 White Robes, were embodied here directly as Filipinos, many of whom are now spiritual masters silently doing their noble tasks. The very luck for these Rishis is that they were sent in a 4th Dimension-vibrating country, a truly gifted privilege. For no other country in the planet has this privilege of holiness, save for patches of 4-D vibes within generally 3-Dimension countries. It isn’t an exaggeration to state that some of these Filipino-born Rishis sit as members of the high councils of the Galactic Command, aside from sitting as members or officials of councils of the Earth’s hierarchy of the Brotherhood.

Some other Rishis were sent from outside Filipinas as reinforcements. They are of Asiatic or Caucasian hue, seemingly un-Filipino, but are of the Brotherhood plain and pure. Hardly anybody notices their presence, save for seekers and mystics whose spiritual formation they handle directly. Like their Filipino counterparts, they also sit in the councils of the Brotherhood and Galactic Command, which are all located in the planes higher than the physical (cannot be harmed by hostile Dark Forces down here).

It is too said that the Philippine phase of history might end soon, by late 2012 after the Polar Shift. Not only this country, but other country’s national histories are also ending up soon. When the new 4th Dimension Earth will stabilize after a period of catastrophes, we will only have a single Planetary State comprising of seamless web of cities and ethnic communities.

My only wish is that those souls sent here today, laggards included, will be rewarded a bit for the sacrifices of having to endure the miseries after the long period of imperialist colonization. I do have an idea about how many Filipinos will survive the polar shift, but this is no time to reveal anything about said numbers. In the last instance, God Almighty will ensure that everybody’s souls is save, whether one will graduate as 4th Dimension Earth resident or will be transferred to other planets for the less evolved.

[Philippines, 15 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

The knowledge about the true history or making of nations seems to belong only to an elect few: mystics of the highest caliber. What I can assure you, as a mystic-yogi and rishi, is that the mystical awareness is not inaccessible to the many, and when such awareness is reached, the knowledge about the true history of your very own nation can be accessed to rather facilely in the ‘cosmic websites’ or Akashic records. Those records are located in the 4th Plane, the plane of the intuitive, and anybody who had advanced in the Path can always access to those records of our ancient days to recent history.

Aside from the notes on human evolution and history I gathered from my readings of the great mystics such as Blavatsky and those contributed by local mystics, I was able to intuit many fundamental facts about my own country’s past. I would delimit my notes today about the past only, as I intend to write about current and future history in some other articles. In my book 13th Gate Unveiled, I already partly outlined there the spiritual Brotherhood’s role in the Philippines’ making, so let me start by re-asserting this basic contention: the Brotherhood was always there in the making of the Philippine nation, for one reason or another.

The Philippines’ making is no accident of history, no mere product of European colonialism and oligarchism. From the arrival of post-Deluge (Atlantis’ sinking) through the galvanization of the Age of Metals (agriculturalism) c. 500 BC-500 AD, through the formation of the nobilities and first city-states c. 700-1100, and onwards through the formation of principalities (rajahs, sultanates) beyond 1100, there is a conceivable qualitative leap in the techno-economic life and collective consciousness towards high-level epistemes (knowledge-capabilities) gearing up for a higher purpose.

At some time in the past, the islands referred today as Philippines or Filipinas got integrated into a larger polity, the Majapahit Empire. This was no ordinary empire that integrated potentates by way of aggression and occupation, but rather by inviting them and sealing covenants through trade arrangements. Little do people of both past and present realize the painstaking efforts of the spiritual Brotherhood in creating a consolidated regime of Light through this Empire. Awash with gold, this Empire was the wealthiest during its heydays, its ships the biggest that plied the seas, treasures that were produced for a higher purpose and not just to whet the greed of princes and emperors.

It was no easy process for the Elders of the Race to do so. Before this was done, earlier experiments were hatched in creating episteme-cultivating cultures in ancient Cambodia and the Sri Vijaya of ancient Indonesia. Spiritual masters and sages then embodied in those cultures to further enrich the knowledge and philosophical explosions that were already in progress. Then, at some later dates, those cultures died. With the departure of the Masters came also the decline in the cultures of those polities.

However, there were initial successes in those experiments, and those successes served as the criteria for decision making by the councils of the Brotherhood, the Planetary logoi, and the Office of the Christ to ensue with a more ambitious project of creating a larger and more consolidated polity. Such a polity would approximate the ancient Mu, even as its ascent to cultural zenith would unlock forces that would, in fact, revive many of those civilizational-epistemic templates and knowledge long buried beneath the seas after the sinking of both Mu and Atlantis.

The Philippines is the very site of the sunken subcontinent of Maharloka or Great Land, a land mass belonging to the larger super-continent Mu or Lemuria collectivity of land formations. It was the Land of the Mother, which means that it houses the ‘womb of the Planet’. Being of such divine nature, the Brotherhood will always generate forward ideas that will revive the polity, though such future polities arising will be of an adjusted form (adjusted to the evolving context, i.e. nation-states, region-states).

The Land of the Mother will always be the Land of the Mother, and will be of unspoiled nature—undefiled amid the despoliations by the forthcoming populations. Housing the ‘womb of the Mother’ on Earth, Maharloka/Philippines contains the cosmic portal that is the hyperspace gateway to the other galaxies (I’ve authenticated this through visions). Being ‘womb’ also reveals that this country was the very first zone where the primordial races of biological Man appeared—the Lemurian giants of antiquity.

Such being the facts about the Philippines/Maharloka, the greater is the reason for the spiritual Hierarchy to regain influence over and eventually control the islands. This was the very reason why a race of sea-faring Malays, who were bred from the ancient Lemurian combined with the Atlantean strain and the Nordic galactic strain, were created as the last races of the Atlanteans (Kelts and Malays were the last, both bred with the Nordics implanted on their seed races). The Malays, seafaring and warrior-like sturdy, were to populate the areas previously the home of Maharloka-Sunda, Mu’s most important region, and will be galvanized across time to produce a root-stock for a ‘sub-race’ of the forthcoming 6th ‘root race’.

Let it be clarified that we Filipinos and our Malay siblings in both island and continental Southeast Asia are not those ancient Lemurians, not a continuation of those Lemurians. We superceded those ancient giants, our stature kept on decreasing by the millennia, and our faculties combine those of the Lemurians’, Atlanteans’, and Nordics’ (notably the Lyrans). The synthesis of these faculties is still taking place and isn’t over yet. We have passed through the 5th ‘root race’ of Aryans, we’ve become part of this race and had acquired the Aryan rationalist-empirical faculties, but we will be surpassing the Aryan stock that will be deprogrammed very rapidly in the couples of centuries ahead.

We Filipinos and Malays broadly are being prepared for the future. Our slim stature and lighter weight, far slimmer and lighter than even those 6-7 feet ancient Malays, are the body trends of the future, body that is fit for hyperspace travel. For mankind is now rapidly moving back towards the stars, and so some day in the near future our body built will be needed to cross the great divide in space—without traversing space but rather by journeying through the hyperspace portal above our archipelago.

The Aryanization of the Philippines came to a rapid advance upon the coming of Spain and USA as colonial occupants. Britain shortly ruled Manila for three (3) years, and even if it didn’t politically rule thereafter, Anglo-Saxon high culture penetrated the islands in tsunami-like fashion, and superceded the Latin high culture when America occupied the lands in 1900-46. No matter how brutal the colonizers were, this Aryanization process is important, as it led to the grafting of the rational-empirical faculties and the scientific-philosophic systems they represent on the collective minds and genes of the islanders. This 500-year process of colonization has the imprint of approval from Hierarchy, though the cruelties and enslavement came as ambuscades of the Plan by the Fallen Ones who may have wind up of the divine Plan from its very inception.

Around the 19th century, it was no exaggeration to state that spiritual masters embodied in the whole of East Asia, the southeast included, to fast-track the movement towards modernization. They came in surreptitious manner, donning the cloaks of philosophers, statesmen, bureaucrats, intellectuals, and merchants. The expectation that masters will embody as priests and church leaders is stereotyping, though indeed there were such masters in southeast Asia then.

The breaking off from the colonial yokes of the West was a task that the Brotherhood took upon itself, with blessings from the Planetary Logos. The excesses of the machinations of the Fallen Ones must be counter-checked by sending evolved souls in the region to begin the formation of national ethos and institutional modalities. It was within the context of this mission that the likes of Jose Rizal and his entourage of patriots were sent forth to the islands. A few thousands of miles away they sent Mohandas Gandhi and his entourage. After their arrival here and conducting their collective mission, modern history was created, the way for the coming of the future evolved souls was prepared.

The likes of Rizal and Gandhi are what I refer to as ‘gurus of nationhood’, for they taught us how to create a larger community beyond the parochial confines of blood and soil (ethnicity/clan). While typical gurus like myself intervene on the personal level for seekers and mystics, Rizal and Gandhi intervened on the collective level. By so doing, both of them revived the spiritual Force of ancient Mu, and are rightly regarded as Sons of the Mother. That Force is again increasing in power today, more so the Force ensconced in the Philippines that is the Land of the Mother.

Only blind fools will never come to see the import of the Brotherhood’s and Hierarchy’s efforts to regain foothold and eventual control of the islands. The veils are indeed thick, that many mystics the world over fail to see this recondite import of the ‘Philippine question’, of the importance of Mt. Banahaw that now houses the ‘chi of the Womb’ for the entire Aquarian Age, and the placement of the hyperspace portal in the islands. The Brotherhood/Hierarchy is coming back to the Philippines, and will retake this nation for the Mother’s sake in the times forthcoming.

While the other lands of the planet have been reduced to hovels of 3rd Density hell-worlds, the Philippines remained unspoiled as a whole. Let his be boldly declared: no other place on Earth has such a privileged position. The Philippines retains its 4th Dimensional vibratory frequency, making it a natural enclave for souls who are vibrating in 4th, 5th and higher Densities (social servants, healers, shamans, mystics, yogis, wizards, up through spiritual masters).

The Land of the Mother remains as holy as ever, which makes it excellent for spiritual recharging by the more aware sectors of the world population. Those souls who embodied here—my compatriots—may need to reflect on whether they have gained insights about the very purpose for their embodiment in his holy land. The great mass of laggards who are here today just do not seem to have an idea at all about what they are missing, while those criminals and ‘lost souls’ have completely wasted the opportunity for an acceleration of their journey back to the Divine by their presence here.

I guess at this point I have delivered my contentions clear: that the Philippines, being remnant of the ancient Maharloka/Mu, is the Land of the Mother, remains as holy as it was in antiquity (4th dimensional), is the location of the Mother’s womb and portal to the stars. This being so, the Brotherhood/Hierarchy will always have on their agenda the retaking of the Philippines and its refashioning, after all the catastrophic outcomes of post-2012 have stabilized, into a civilizational hub in preparation for the coming of the 6th ‘root race’ of which the Filipinos (future) will be a part of.

I’d end this note with the reflection on the name Filipinas (Spanish), which is translated into its Filipinized version as PILIPINAS. Per note from a shamanic poet (Almeidda), the term contains the root terms PILI (choose, to choose) and INA (mother). Fusing ‘choose’ and ‘mother’ would yield the identity of CHOSEN MOTHER or Piling Ina. Though articulated from a folk or cult-level discourse, there is much wisdom to this identity of the Philippines: the Chosen Mother, or chosen by the Mother. From our viewpoint as Brothers/Sisters of Light, it is the Land of the Mother. It will be so for many eons yet forthcoming.

[Philippines, 14 May 2009]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat! Good afternoon to you all!

Many seekers have asked me one common question before about diet (what to eat), the query centering on whether to adopt a vegetarian diet as prerequisite in one’s Path. My answer to dietary question has been the same thought taught to me by my mother, a dietician, as a kid: eat a balanced diet.

Dogma can be observed in many matters, food included, so you better exude wisdom in understanding the matter. Fixed Idea is dangerous, dogmatizing dietary habits is toxic. Any advocacy of vegetarianism is one of putting ahead physical renunciation before the more important goal of spiritual renunciation. Not only is vegetarianism a dogma, it is also extremism: making people choose between two extreme options (meat-based versus vegetable-based).

Shun dogma, deconstruct fixed ideas, and in matters of diet, eat everything provided you follow certain standards of health. Which means eat a balanced diet, and make your diet a truly nourishing one, rendering diet thus a constitutive part of your health & wellness regimen.

There is this false thought arising from the continental Asia, notably India, that eating meat will make the person absorb the animal magnetism from the butchered animal (livestock, fish). There is no clear basis for this contention, and I am among those teachers of the Path (to self-realization) who have deconstructed them both in theory and practice. Another such teacher is Franz Bardon of hermetic fame.

Balanced diet isn’t a fixed thing actually, this could vary depending on the state of one’s health. Someone who is athletic like myself (I’m a powerlifter and I used to compete nationally in ‘91-‘93) should follow a regimen fit for an athlete, though revised a bit to integrate it into a yogic-mystical program of initiation. The standard macro-biotic formula for an athlete is the 65-20-15 formula (65% carbo, 20% protein, 15% fats) plus high-fiber diet (fruits, vegetables), added to food supplements specific to the athlete’s needs as the micro-biotic facet. I have further cut down my meat diet to just about seven (7) meals out of the twenty-one (21) meals a week.

My own adjustment to the athletic diet was to eventually cut down on protein as soon as my mass building had stabilized and I thereafter cut down on carbohydrates (1 cup of rice per meal, or 3 loaves of loaf bread, or 3 pieces of big pan de sal, or equivalent). I eat three (3) regular meals, and a snacks (1 sandwich or equivalent, but preferably biscuits so as to avoid oily inputs) at 4 p.m., but no snacks in the morning. Sometimes cereals in the morning, oat meal particularly, also counts.

I also recommend an alternation of carbohydrate sources. As per knowledge from sports science, a repetitive resort to a staple (e.g. eating wheat or rice all of the time) would make one prone to allergies. Possessing so many allergies in my genes, I have no better choice than to shift to alternate staples since the beginning of my gym works in 1990 yet.

Greasy foods, carbonated drinks, and junk food are a definite no in my diet. Before 1990, I used to drink as much as six (6) soda every day to help pep up myself as my sleep was little and my working hours were very long. I said goodbye to that in 1990, along with greasy foods (pizza, hamburger, breakfast fried foods, etc), while my goodbye to junk food began as early as college years yet.

In 1999 I finally said farewell to wines and spirits. Alcohol makes one’s crown chakra dense, and when one is intoxicated with spirits, his/her spirit Guides would shy away from him/her (they can’t stand the smell of the intoxicated aura). I used to guzzle beers as much as twenty (20) bottles or cans a week, and then cut it down little by little (same with wine and liquor), till finally I said goodbye to it. Only on special occasions do I break this proscription, and such events are getting rare these days.

From a physiological point of view, alcohol slows down the process of fat burning. Beer doesn’t add to your fats, there is no scientific basis to think so, but its alcohol slows down fat burning like any alcohol in whatever spirits. Red wine is surely fine, and how fine it goes with poetry reading and dance with your Eros, but it is alcohol just the same.

The reminder lesson here is that please put spiritual renunciation always ahead of everything else. Just because a seeker eats meat doesn’t make him/her run agog in his/her Path and never ascend the ladder to self-realization. There are too many veils in one’s Path, and mind you, such veils cannot be taken down by a vegetarian diet alone. As one among those who have reached Rishi awareness, I reached this stage where I am and taken down too many veils, and yet I eat some meat every week till these days. Eating some meat has never altered my awareness, while it (reduced meat) had reduced my risks of hypertensions and cardiac ailments.

If indeed you would opt to go vegetarian, then this is what I can recommend to you: go through a period of transition. Normally the transition follows the ‘law of seven’—which means go through a seven (7) year transition. Don’t plunge directly from a high-meat diet to a zero-meat vegan posturing, as this will have adverse effects on your biophysical system. Take a transition regime first, and then finally go full vegan later.

And please avoid processed vegan foods. Many vegetable proteins in the cities are processed types, and there’s one restaurant chain in Manila that serves vegan meals with processed proteins that look like meat (pork-looking, beef-looking, chicken-looking). Fresh veggie is still the preferred route, to avoid those extra toxins that develop from a processing of the same into semi-finished factory-type product.

To conclude this piece, Jesus was asked by devotees around Him and even by His disciples whether it is alright to eat this or that food. To which Master Issa (Jesus’ Eastern name) replied “eat everything.” I don’t normally eat dinuguan (made of blood + chopped internals of pork or beef) regularly which is among Filipino delicacies, but occasionally I eat this blood-based food. I hope Jesus would come to Manila so he’d taste this one, and ditto for other Ascended Beings.

[Philippines, 13 May 2009]