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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Readers, seekers, here are some readings that you can go through as part of your cosmic awakening program.

Happy reading!




Bro. Erle Argonza’s Notes: 7-Ray Lessons (See Parts I & II of this book)

Teachings of Jesus Christ /Master Issa:

  • New Testament

Teachings of Sri Krishna:

  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Sri Isopanisad

Teachings of Gautama Buddha:

  • Dhamappada
  • Suttras of the Earth Store Bodhisattva





Theosophists’ Writings


Helena Blavatsky

  • Isis Unveiled
  • Secret Doctrine (3 volumes, & Abridged version)
  • Astral, Psychic, and Spiritual Man
  • Reincarnation (w/ WQ Judge)

William Q. Judge

  • The Ocean of Theosophy

C.W. Leadbeater

  • Man Visible and Invisible
  • The Monad
  • The Devachanic Plane

Henry Steel Olcott

  • Applied Theosophy

Geoffrey Hodson

  • The Call to the Heights / guidance on the pathways to self-illumination

Annie Besant:

  • Mahabharata (narrative version)
  • Man and His Bodies

Virginia Hanson

  • HP Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine

Vicente Hao-Chin, Jr.:

  • Why Meditate?


Supplemental Readings


Erle Argonza:

  • Libertosophy & Freethought: the Path of Illumination for Libertarian Freethinkers
  • 13th Gate Unveiled: the Glorious Destiny of the Philippines & Southeast Asia
  • Blogwrites:,,

U.S. Andersen:

  • The Secret Power of the Pyramids

Richard Bach:

  • Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Baha’ullah and the New Era (Bahai foundation)

Book of Mormon / Another Testament of Jesus Christ

Tom Brown:

  • The Vision

Sir Richard Burton:

  • The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

Fritjof Capra

  • The Tao of Physics

Carlos Castaneda:

  • A Separate Reality

Edgar Evans Cayce:

  • Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

Selwyn Champion & Dorothy Short:

  • Readings from World Religions

Erika Cheetham:

  • The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Mantak Chia & Michael Winn:

  • Taoist Secrets of Love

Deepak Chopra:

  • Way of the Wizard
  1. Sprague De Camp & Catherine C. De Camp:
  • Citadels of Mystery

Marc Dem:

  • The Lost Tribes from Outer Space

Ivy Oneida Duce:

  • What Am I Doing Here? (on Sufism)

Don Fearheiley:

  • Angels Among Us

Shakti Gawain:

  • Living in the Light

Kahlil Gibran:

  • The Prophet

R.A. Gilbert:

  • The Elements of Mysticism

Guru Nanak Saahib:

  • The Holy Japhi Saahib

Guru R.H.H.

  • Talk Does Not Cook the Rice / A Commentary on the Teaching of Agni Yoga (2 volumes)

Paul Hawken:

  • The Magic of Findhorn

Douglas Hunt:

  • Exploring the Occult
  1. Jagadeesan:
  • The Journey Within / Sai Baba / Journey to God (parts 1-3)

Anne Klein:

  • Knowledge and Liberation

Holy Koran

Master Hua:

  • Herein Lies the Treasure-Trove (2 volumes, on Tripitaka instructions)

Jaime Licauco:

  • Soulmates Karma Reincarnation
  • Exploring the Powers of your Inner Mind

Sandra Maitri:

  • The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram

Ruth Montgomery:

  • Aliens Among Us
  • Companions Along the Way
  • Herald of the New Age
  • The World Before

Old Testament – Holy Bible

Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder

  • Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain

Louis Pauwels & Jacques Berger:

  • The Morning of the Magicians

Joseph Chilton Pearce:

  • Exploring the Cracks in the Cosmic Mind

Charles Pellegrino:

  • Unearthing Atlantis

Elizabeth Claire Prophet:

  • The Lost Teachings of Jesus (3 volumes)
  • The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America
  • Prophecy for the 1990s
  • Ashram Notes by the Ascended Master El Morya
  • Saint Germain on Prophecy / Coming World Changes

Sal Rachele:

Trevor Ravenscroft:

  • The Spear of Destiny
  • The Antichrist

Lytle Robinson:

  • Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Origin of Man

I.C. Sharma:

  • Edgar Cayce, Karma & Reincarnation

Master Sheng-Yen:

  • Getting the Buddha Mind

Zecharia Sitchin:

  • The Wars of Gods and Men
  • Divine Encounters

Sri Ram:

  • Thoughts for Aspirants

Kenneth Ring:

  • The Omega Project / Near Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, Mind at Large

Sri Sahtya Sai Baba:

  • Sathya Sai Speaks (multi-volume)

Jess Stearn:

  • Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

Brad Steiger:

  • The Seed
  • The Rainbow Conspiracy (w/ Sherry Hansen Steiger)

Rudolf Steiner:

  • Theosophy: An Introduction
  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds
  • An Outline of Esoteric Science

Terry Lynn Taylor

  • Creating with the Angels

Jacques & Janine Vallee:

  • The UFO Enigma

Erich von Daniken:

  • In Search of Ancient Gods

Alan Watts:

  • Beyond Theology / The Art of Godmanship

George Hunt Williamson:

  • Secret Places of the Lion

Ernest Wood:

  • Concentration / An Approach to Meditation

Paramahansa Yogananda:

  • Autobiography of a Yogi





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