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JUAN’S NIGHTMARE August 18, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Sleeping while inner rage brews
Inside one’s cognitive vat does not make
A sleep the fulfillment of a day’s toil.
Not for Juan the unlettered and dispossessed
Whose wretchedness is a correlate of wealth
Amassed by his other brothers whose
Purses and stocks do bulge ad infinitum.
Not for Juan. Reserved inner rage
Sooner unfolds into a thousand nightmares:
Spoiled is the timeless joy of dream’s utopia.
[Writ. 19 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Orion domination of Earth since the time of invasion 500,000 years ago yet, had resulted to enormous gaps between rich and poor. The highly asymmetric relationship between upper and lower classes had generated psychosocial disorder conditions in no small measures across time.
The final calcification of the Orion economic system on Terra is the Money Economy, capitalism being the most degenerate form. In contemporary Money Economy, which is classic Orion economics, the gap between rich and poor has been exacerbated all the more. Thus, the stress and resentment experienced across classes has risen rather exponentially, leading to anomie and murderous sociopathy.

Upon the ascent of Terra to higher dimension, the primal-demonic systems imposed by invading Orions of antiquity will cease to exist. The Money Economy had already collapsed and is just being prolonged till 2012, after which it will cease to exist. Likewise will the ‘storm and stress’ of inner rage caused by the asymmetric relations of Orion systems will rapidly decline, and healing will catalyze the harmonic condition of the psyche.
I need not belabor further that ‘Juan’s nightmare’ syndromes will disappear altogether post-2012.


March 2011


MARSHES OF CANDABA August 12, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

When hawks and other living flyers
Set foot on swampy fields for feeding
Tis a marvelous sight that glows the eyes
As mark of platonic appreciation

Where muddy waters used to fill
The air with constant foul-smelling vapors
And gift the neighboring men and women
With malaria and ailments and more
And leave no space that’s fertile enough
For crops and edible greens
And there vehicles run agog
When torrents bring oceanic floods
No more is this worthy of anyone’s esteem
Than to ignore it for its fecal state

Melons and fruits and rice now abound
In this once noxious forbidden land
No more is Hope rekindled the better
Than on the marshes of Candaba

Fly! Fly! Beloved Eagle to the peasant’s nest!
And laud him with your hymns of joy
For his victorious heartwarming travails on swamps
Indeed make him a true human champion.
[Writ. 06 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

From swamp to farm, from wasteland to production enclave, from nature’s ruins to citadels of life is the theme of the new life that was breathed into the swampy area of Candaba, a town in Pampanga province, to the north of Manila.
The wonderful narrative of Candaba had lived on for years, even as migratory birds flock there till these days to fill up people’s admiring eyes and ceaselessly churn out new stories of unfolding life. Not only does it pose itself as testimony to the travails of Mother Nature, it likewise poses itself as testimony to the sojourns of the ‘earth worker’ peasants who have given off much love and labors for the caring of Mother Earth.
Those who deeply cared for the Earth and nurtured its endowments without let up, perhaps across many embodiments till the present ones as farmer and/or indigenous people, will be elevated to higher dimension by Gaia once the Terra ascends by late 2012. They will comprise anywhere from 33% to 40% of Terrans who will comprise the population of the New Earth.

March 2011

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