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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good day to all you Fellows!

Let me share my reflections today about “flowing with energies.” In order to adapt, and let it be stressed to adapt well or exquisitely, one must be able to flow. Flow with what? I stress: flow with the energies.

Among New Age enthusiasts and practitioners, this has become a vogue of adaptation, a common lingo: flow! Understandably so, I surmise, since failure to flow will induce one into dysfunctional states. It’s like when one goes against the currents in a river or sea, one just can’t go on with this counter-flow or stubbornly refuse to flow without breaking down in fragments.

Let me further emphasize that in order to become an awakened Lightworker, one must follow the same principle: flow with the energies. Being stiff or rigid, being ‘grim and determined’, will not make one a Light Worker at all. Light does not flow upon those who are stiff, and many are those pretenders out there who in fact are not vehicles of Light.

In matters of love, this should also be followed. When an Evolved Soul meets a younger soul, it is hopeful that the younger one can flow with the energies from the former’s heart chakra. Failure by the latter to do this out of fear (Primal) will redound to instant bad karmic effects. Because the distancing with the Evolved Soul is tantamount to throwing away Light, tantamount to embracing the Primal-Demonic.

The love of an evolved soul is much too different from the love exuded by other souls. I can say this with verity as I was once a mere seeker, a mere Traveler, struggler in the Path, like many souls out there. The love that I exude now for any woman is qualitatively different from those I manifested to younger women. An Old Soul tends to look straight at the qualities of the soul of the ‘significant Other’ and is drawn to the Transcendent, while a younger soul tends to look only at the physical-to-astral traits or those tangibly observable and is drawn to the Primal.

The question now is, which energies should one flow with? which vibrations or frequencies? I already mentioned in the foregoing paragraph the terms Primal and Transcendent. Dichotomizing things isn’t exactly the best way to present an idea, but for the sake of simplification I resort to this modality. So we have two energy kinds to flow with in order for our souls to move on: the Primal, and the Transcendent.

Primal would refer to all impulses and frequencies that are of the low, dense states and emanate from lowly spheres. Transcendent would refer to all vibrations and frequencies that are of higher states or emanate from higher spheres. If you follow Freud closely, you would identify his Id as the crux of the Primal. On the other hand, following closely the esoteric writings would bring one to realize the “I Am” or Aum as the crux of all the transcendent.

Evil, or E-Veil or Energy Veil is that maximum state where a soul or entity would move into upon a persistent predominance of the Primal in his/her life. Being exposed often to the dense energies and mentally orientated to Primal pursuits will eventually cascade one into energy veils. The space between the ‘lower self’ (ego) and the ‘higher self’ (soul) is then fogged with thick energies, grey and dense (I’ve seen them using my meditative vision), and is scary to look at. Anybody who had moved completely to the Energy Veil or Evil state is necessarily a Demon and no more human.

That is because, when one vibrates so much in the lowly frequencies, s/he will also invite those hyper-space beings called Demons. Like attracts like, evil attracts evil, dense energies attract demonic beings. These demons would then attach themselves to the lower chakras of the entity (sex, abdominal, solar plexus chakras). The moment that this happens, the person is “beyond redemption” and can be freed only if a Saint (master) would arrive in time to cast away the demons and remind the entity to go back to the Path. The other option is to decapitate the entity, so that physical death becomes a way to redemption. Upon death, the entity is captured by an Angel (e.g. Seraph) and brought to a higher sphere to be taken care of by Higher Beings and receive lessons in the Path.

Somebody who flows with the “I Am” and all the vibratory manifestations of the transcendent will eventually experience higher states of awakenings. The level of awakening will depend on the level and pace of attainment of the person involved. S/he can capture beneficial energies at will and direct the same for other beneficial purposes. Eg. A shamanic healer can very easily use the left hand to tap chi from the surrounds and use the right hand to direct the same energies on the patient or client. Shamanic healers and yogis are among the greatest flowers with higher energies.

Necessarily, when one attunes strongly to the I Am or Aum vibration, the space between the ‘lower self’ and ‘higher self’ becomes narrowed until they will be erased. Erasure means the entity has attained Nirvana or the activation of the Soul (higher self), with the union of the lower and higher selves effectively achieved. The person who flows with the I Am energies will attract higher energy beings such as Angels, Masters, Ascended Masters, Avatars, Evolved Extraterrestrial Intelligences or ETIs. Those who consciously bring the Aum Light unto themselves and their fellows are called Light Workers, and are the direct opposite of the Evil Ones who do everything to bar people from accessing Higher Light.

Let me now proceed to a possible action that may seem contentious: it would be best to flow with the Primal first prior to optimizing the Transcendent. Let me clarify that this may not be so for all cases, but if one really wishes to realize how great it is to go up the ladder of soul evolution, one must first see the ‘dirtiest hovels of hell’ or maximize one’s ‘worldliness’. The swinging pendulum must first go down the lower arc (represented by ‘descent to the Primal’) before it goes up again to the other side (represented by the Transcendent).

The classic story to share here is that of Mary Magdala. Mary was already into the practice of ‘commercial sex work’ when Jesus met her. Jesus was already a Master (saint, nirvanic being) at that time, and his attraction to this Primal-driven woman (primal = money, sex, luxury, decadent lifestyle) was never a barrier for Jesus to love her. Until finally Mary got awakened from the sordid if not evil state to which she got sucked into. The great reward she had was not only having a living master who would later become an Ascended Master (6th body has been activated), she also gave birth to a child who later became a yogi-saint in India (Jesus and Mary brought the child there to be mentored by a yogi-guru). And Mary Magdala herself became a master in that lifetime (she’s now Ascended).

Another classic story is that of the Ascended Master named St. Augustine. Already a Master when he incarnated as Augustine, his soul development got stuck up somehow. He was drawn to libidinal excesses, and to cap it all he had sex with commercial sex workers. What a disgrace to see a saint engaging in such lowly pursuits, one may rightly quip. And he was already 30 when he got awakened, and from thereon he ascended his arc of soul evolution. He reincarnated later as Thomas Aquinas.

You see, whenever I reflect on Augustine’s life, his narrative doesn’t make me stop from shuddering and feeling goose bumps. Because in my case, my Seeker’s full awakening began at age 18, that was the year of reckoning. Though admittedly I had my own ‘swimming in the cesspools of the Primal’ till age 25. But, hey, 25 isn’t 30. At 25 I began to gradually deprogram the pleasures of the body, at early 30s said goodbye to tobacco, and at late 30s said goodbye to alcohol, nightlife and hyper-cholesterol diets. So, one can gradually deprogram his/her immersion in the pools of the Primal. But look at Augustine, at 30 he said goodbye to all vicious, sensate living. And he later became an Ascended Master, which means his climb was a very, very steep one and he succeeded. Wow!

Our predicament is that at the age of 22 our previous lives’ memories will open up somehow. At 22 we align ourselves to certain past lives as part of a timeline. And the problem with that is that we may have lived with enormous vices (opposite of virtues) during those lives. When the memory unconsciously flows into our psychomotor system, we get sucked into the Primal almost beyond our control. If we suffered from dysfunctional personalities in the past, such dysfunctions will also manifest themselves from 22 onwards. And then it becomes so hard to control our immersion into particular vices.

Look at those who are very libidinal to the max today. Those who go through sex orgies, circulate among sex partners, have collection of friends whom they have casual sex with, and so on. Chances are that these people once practiced the Left-Hand Path. The Left Hand isn’t exactly evil, but when in this state one is just a step or two away from energy veil. The Left Hand can stop one’s soul evolution altogether, let everyone be forewarned. And I’m saying this because I see signs everywhere of the Left Hand re-appearing in ‘critical mass’. This used to be rampant in Africa (Egpyt), Rome, and India.

The sexual energy is itself an endowment from the I Am, from the Almighty. The sex chakra is among the 7 most important or major chakras (energy centers). Sex with love is a wonderful gift itself from the I Am. This is the kind of sexual practice that can waken up the kundalini (base chakra) and start one’s journey to the Path. It can also awaken one’s genius, as couples who are so in love become good poets, musicians, and creative producers as Inspiration flows from Above, Inspiration that has been unlocked by sex-with-love. Genius is the maximum awareness that a Seeker can have, and the beginning awareness of a Mystic.

In sum, to flow with the Primal doesn’t mean one has become Evil. Rather, it could be a natural state that one goes through but which can be transcended. And getting to see the lowliest level of hell (while on Earth) is itself a wonderful experience. From there on one experiences the awakening, and deprograms the Primal gradually or even drastically. “Man has to devolve first in order to evolve,” so declared the theosophists, and I agree with them 105%.

So to those young ones and middle aged Fellows out there who are so much immersed in the Primal, I’m not writing to condemn your behavior. Far from it, I am in league with you as I myself descended into the ‘pits of hell’ sometime back. But for the older Fellows, I recall the adage “old dogs can’t learn new tricks.” If one can’t give up the Primal due to learning limitations, at least plant the seeds now and then in another life deprogram those vices. Hopefully I’m being fair enough. So mote it be. Aum. Amen.

 [Writ 04 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Fresh graduate, dream and dream big! If success were likened to a mountain, no mountain has ever remained unconquerable, so go and conquer Mount Success! Plant your feet well in it, and defend your planted flag to the hilt. That sacred ground is yours, entitled as you are by the Divine Hierarchy to build your home in it.

As a guru of the Path, who’s had sufficient training and practice in the art and science of management science (most specially development management), I am bound to support the challenging call of today’s stock of gurus of success for everyone else to ‘dream and dream big’. As I already mentioned in an article on the 3rd Ray (art), soul development can be substantially attained if one would also succeed in building a craft (profession, talent, business) and bring the success level to its highest stage as much as possible.

“A man with a dream cannot be denied,” thundered a distributor of Alticor products who is among the leader in his chosen field. Go dream, for it is in the dream (life goal) that you will succeed in life. Dream first, and hopefully you have already learned how to dream (set goals), as there is not a single vocational or bachelor’s degree program that doesn’t train its apprentices (students) in the art of goal-setting. Even at home, you’ve already received training from your own parents, while among peers you’ve had the scrapbook thing and you have that fill-in-the-blank asking for your ‘ambition’.

The Divine Hierarchy doesn’t at all encourage laziness and a drifting life for us down here, no spiritual master ever said “do not dream of success for it is the Devil’s work.” Remember that our life here is only a borrowed one, this is our school where we learn crafts that sooner or later can be of use to our ‘divine bosses’ when we die physically and we move on to the next dimensions of existence. How can you ever be assigned by living masters up there the tasks to organize and coordinate, even manage huge numbers of souls when all your life down here you were a bum who lived on the purse of your parents or spouse?

“Be somebody for God doesn’t make nobodies,” says this adage that is taught to certain devotees. Agreed 105%! In our current urban-postmodern world, it is of paramount importance to dream and succeed in life not only to be able to earn a living but also to perfect your craft itself. You derive an inner happiness from that perfection of craft, elements of which you will tug along with you beyond the grave. When you perfect some crafts you then are in a position to mentor others, so when you reach age 30 your soul will begin to feel that urge to serve others thru craft coaching and even life mentoring. Upon mastering your crafts, you become somebody and there you are. For as long as you continue to remain humble and magnanimous in life, there is nothing wrong in becoming somebody someday, as this is a yardstick to measure how far you achieved your dream or dreams.

Here are some elements of success based on the ‘dream core’ alone:

  • DREAM! Set goals in life. Your main goal of all is your Dream. It could be your chief profession, such as “Doctor”. Visualize yourself becoming a very successful doctor, visualize the people who will be your staff, the doctors who will be your apprentices, etc.
  • ANNUAL GOAL-SETTING. Do make it a habit to write down your goals. At the end of every year (December), set a time to think about your goals. Then, write each goal on a distinct page of your new year appointment book or diary. You can even write down some specific elaborations about each goal.
  • INNER GUIDE PARTICIPATION. By writing down your dreams, the same items will register in the higher domains (dimensions of life), well seen within the view of your own Inner Guide or Guides. If the Guide will see that you know what to do in life, S/he will then know how to help you achieve them. But if you don’t know what to do in life, there is no way that your Guide will dictate to you what S/he wants you to do. That doesn’t happen at all, unless that the Guide must be a Fallen One who’s bound to control and dominate you throughout your life.
  • PRIORITIZE. If you’re having a hard time to determine what your goals are, then come up with a list of what you want to do for the coming year. Then, prioritize by assigning numbers 1, 2, 3…n for each goal item. Choose from among them the Top 3 only. It is best to cut down your priorities, for this will also permit your Guide to help you with ease and for you to attain them realistically. Imagine if you listed down 100 goals, and hey! 1 year is only 12 months, are you sure you can attain your 100 dreams at all within such a short time?
  • DREAM BOOK. As soon as you graduate, get yourself a scrapbook and make a dream book from it. You can put a picture in the front page. This book will be the repository of your very long term goals. On page 1 or 2, indicate your chief goal of all, your DREAM of all dreams. Put some specific targets to achieve 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now, 20 years from now, and 25 years from now. With this dream book, it will be easier to write down your annual dream diary which will be an annual expression of your long term goals…On the other pages, elaborate on your other dreams, eg. Family, finance, travel & tours, spiritual, physical. You can choose your own categories to use, there is no standard format here, be creative. Set targets for each category of dreams, add pictures or graphics, and other items to give life to the whole thing.
  • ANTICIPATE FAILURES AND WELCOME THEM. At some times in the future, you’ll encounter some snags, maybe even a financial crash that will get you back to the ground. Always anticipate failures, and when they arrive do welcome them. You learn from out of the failures. And blame no one but yourself for the failures. As soon as you’ve identified alternative courses of action, fire! Go for them! But please move ahead, for “over-analysis leads to paralysis.” You can’t be doing analysis or reflections all your life about those failures, decide to move ahead. There’s your DREAM that drives you forward, remember? Look at that Dream always, never lose sight of it.
  • DON’T LOOK BACK. You may have enormous successes in the past, showering you hence with tons of accolades. So what? Don’t ever get transfixed to your past successes, note them well even as you were already recognized for those feats, but consign them to the past. ….And never ever wallow in cesspools of past failures. This act too will get you stuck up for life. You’re going to land in a psychiatric clinic for this, mind you. …Better surge ahead in life! Look ahead, not backward.
  • SEEK COUNSEL FROM WINNERS. Everybody needs some champions to serve as their models in life. They are the true winners who showed the way ahead for us all. Seek their counsel, and never seek counsel from the perennial failures such as low achievers and bums. If you have no chance to interact with them, then read their books, view or listed to their documented films, learn from them. Some of them may even be no longer here, but continue to be revered, go ahead and read the works of these past champions.
  • TAKE RISKS. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Even your dream targets may be too big for you now, go dream big just the same. If you don’t have the capabilities now, then utilize the succeeding years ahead of you to build your capabilities. There is no endeavor in life that doesn’t have risks in undertaking them. But always do take time to think about the goals before you plunge into them. (This part was where you started, remember? You gave time to think about your goals.)
  • DREAM FROM THE HEART. Use your mind to structure your dreams, but do feel your dreams from the heart. Even those alternative routes that may arise in the future must be felt from the heart. Dreaming from the mind doesn’t work, that’s what you call a ‘contrived dream’ and it’s only for show. You are only fooling yourself if you build dreams for showing up to yourself. Taking dreams through your heart will let those dreams register in your soul which is seated in your heart area, and will be part of your soul-development (higher self = soul).
  • PRAY AND MEDITATE ON YOUR DREAMS. Go use prayers and meditation tools to achieve your dream. Pray & meditate during each phase of evaluation and execution. Prayer & meditation will add power to your dreams to enable achievement, and will allow your Guide and Divine Hierarchs to help you achieve them. Utilizing creative visualization tools in your prayers and meditations would be great! I have written articles previously that you can consult regarding the matter. But, hey! Act on your dreams as soon as you pray & meditate on them. You can’t be over-praying and meditating all your life, remember? If you wish to pray & meditate for the rest of your life, please enter a monastery and be a monk, and that would be your vocation for life. We Light Workers would be very glad if you join the monastic life for you help us boost our work in building a New Earth.

There are still so many things to say here, but I guess those items above are so many mouthfuls of words already. Bro. Erle Frayne has no desire to make you suffer from indigestion (i.e. sensory overload), so those items would suffice.

If you have some hard time determining your dreams, or if you Young One there has begun to work but did crash in life and seem unable to move, then seek counsel from some winners including spiritual mentors. Contact me from where you are now, and I will share what appropriate notes there are conceivable to quaff your thirst for some way out. If your difficulty is rooted in certain traumas in life, then seek psychosocial counsel from a certain specialist or expert (e.g. psychologist, social worker, guidance counselor).

There could be some blockages to success that may come from past life experiences. That’s where we mystics can come in. Many of us received special trainings in health therapies that could help you unblock your blocked success trails, even cleanse and activate your chakras. With activated chakras (energy centers), you will be enabled to move on in life with efficacy and be in greater touch with your own Inner Guide or Guardian Angel.

Young One, may the best of luck be with you in your quest for Mount Success! May the Almighty be with you along the way, and bless you with enormous graces in life.


[Writ 28 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. See also: COSMICBUHAY:, ARTBLOG:, UNLADTAU: http//, IKONOKLAST:



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

May the Light of Divinity be with you today!

Fellows, I will write this time about the topic of ‘enhancing divinity’ and some practical tools that can aid in inducing such a state. The practical tools I have in mind are those that you already have right in your hands: candles, incense, and fine music. I’m sure everybody out there who understands the English language knows what candles, incense and music are, so I need not belabor so much point to demonstrate what they are (smile).

By ‘enhancing divinity’ I refer to preparing your immediate environment, whether this be a temple or home meditation spot, for prayers, meditations, and rituals. The environment must be preferably one where the ‘energy of rest’ (feminine energy) is strong. Some Catholic priests here in Manila have been complaining that holding masses in shopping malls, a regular event now present in practically all large malls here, is a bad practice, to which I concurred in the positive. Shopping malls are predominantly of the ‘energy of motion’ and aren’t appropriate places for meditative, prayer and ritual purposes.

Having established the parameter above, prepare next the enhancers that you may need for your purpose. In some practices, you may need holy water or ‘hyper-energized water’ as we mystics call it. For this particular piece, I will delimit my clarification on the functions of candles, incense and fine music among such tools for enhancement. Ritual tools are particularly so many, so I’d leave that as a standard tool kit for the end user based on his/her spiritual philosophy and group concerned.

Let me begin with fine music. I’m stressing here the word ‘fine’ as not all musical pieces are of the finely vibrating frequencies. Fine music would be nature music, classical music, new age music, Celtic music, soft versions of world music, and Gregorian chants. The list is far longer, but suffice me to mention those that are readily available in the nearest CD shops around or can be downloaded from the internet.

You see, when you listen to fine music, and listen with some intensity, you are immediately brought to a higher level of focus and vibration. From ‘beta brain wave’ (normal conscious) you’ll be transported instantly to an ‘alpha brain wave’ (beginning of altered state). This is important, very important. It is only in the altered states of consciousness that one can effectively send messages to the spiritual spheres and receive messages from them.

Dissonant music, such as metal rock, gothic rock, punk rock and other related pop music forms, will do the exact opposite: place you into dis-focus and keep you locked up in the dense spheres, unable to communicate effectively with the higher dimensions. That is why spiritual masters have cautioned people about the strongly Dionysiac music that dominates the airwaves today, most of which are dissonant or do the opposite of enhancing divinity.

When one is inside a bus or train and one has to pray or feels like praying, but the music being played is loud or dissonant, the remedy is to simply stay silent and begin with the opening mantra. As always, we start a prayer with “In the name of the ….” And then end with amen. This can do the work somehow of bringing you to focus at least, and hopefully to an opening of the communication channels to the higher spheres. End the opener with 3 Amens or Aums to ensure effect, and say it longer even if this were in thought form, eg. Ammmmmmeeeennnnnnnnn lasting around 10 seconds.

With your focus and shift to alpha state done, you can then proceed to your next tools. You can choose to light incense first or light candles first, or even light them all at the same time. The good news is that lighting incense to enhance aromatic fragrance at home, and scented candles as home decors have both become fashionable today. So it’s getting easier and easier to find where to procure candles and incense.

Incense works potently to drive away ‘bad spirits’ or unwanted entities in the immediate surrounds. This is its function: as a cleansing agent. At home, you can choose to light two (2) pieces of incense at a time. This is to make sure that the aroma is really strong. The message to those unwanted unseen entities also gets stronger: they ought to stay away from the area.

‘Bad spirits’ bring along with them dense vibrations or ‘bad vibes’. They shouldn’t be allowed to linger in the space of meditation/prayer work, as they can suck out your energy or transfer dense energy to you. Either way you can get depressed so suddenly, or even get sick. Remember those morning risings when you suddenly have feelings of fear and depressed without clear reason? A ‘bad spirit’ is around most likely inside your bedroom. Better cleanse your bedroom regularly by lighting incense morning and evening. When you experience that depression with fear again, light an incense and drive away the unseen malevolent entity by saying “hekas hekas este bebeloi” (away! away! all of you profanities) at least 3X, then end with Amen.

Lastly, candles function to invite angels. As soon as a candle burns, angels’ attention get attracted to its source. And then they come forth to your sanctum for spiritual work. And as soon as they arrive, the area’s frequency will be elevated some more, by a few musical notes equivalent, thus enhancing divinity all the more. Not only that, the angels also come to protect you from whatever danger may come while you are doing your prayer, meditation, or ritual.

The tip here is that when you burn a candle, as much as possible burn it entirely. Small candles are advisable for home spiritual activities as they burn within less than one (1) hour. If you have to leave the home after your activity, put off the candle but don’t blow it off. Blowing off candles would negate or leave to zero the effect of your petition. Instead, get a stick or teaspoon and use this to put off the candle. Then you can always light the candle again when you’re back home.

Do you see that practice of burning candles during one’s birthday, making a wish and then blowing off the candles afterwards? And they say your wish will be granted? Hello! Think again. If someone gifts you a cake with candles on your birthday, better revise the practice by doing the following: request your friends to form a circle and hold each other’s hands, and focus on you as you make your wish. Burn the candles, proclaim your wish 3X, end with “So be it!”, and then put off the candles with your thumb and forefinger, and then explain to your guests why you didn’t blow them instead. It’s party time, go ahead and say your wish loudly, but por favor don’t blow off the candles for your own sake.

Do the colors of the candle matter? Affirmative, they do. The appropriate purposes for each color would be as follows:

  • WHITE: Purity, balance. White contains all the colors of the spectrum, so it can be used in place of the other colored candles if your supply of the latter is suddenly short and got no time to buy at once. The color of Christ. Also of the goddess Luna. Great hue for Monday prayer, day of Luna..
  • RED: Will, power. Chinese use this color a lot for feng shui purposes and prayers. When you aspire to be more decisive since you lack this trait, use a red candle for your prayer and even meditate on the candle itself (focus on it, and visualize that power transferring to you). Sunday would be a good day for Will enhancement.
  • BLUE: Protection, will. Saturday is a day for energy closures and cleansing rituals, so blue candles would be preferred on this day. Color of the dyani-buddha (archangel) Michael and his department. Exorcism rituals should, as an imperative, use blue candles, located in all four (4) corners of the exorcism spot.
  • PURPLE/VIOLET: Healing. For rituals or prayers aimed at healing ailments, including those healing that go after an exorcism ritual. For the latter, violet is combined with blue. Healing involves a closure of energies, so Saturday would fit for them.
  • YELLOW: Wisdom. Sundays through Tuesdays would be good prayers for wisdom enhancement. Don’t forget to use this color, combined with White, for your purpose. Using the Chinese way, you can combine Red with Yellow candles for wisdom enhancement.
  • PINK: Love, devotion. All kinds of love (erotic, fraternal, filial). Thursday is perfect for love rituals, prayers and meditations. Red combined with White would be substitute in case your pink supply runs out suddenly.
  • GREEN: Money, knowledge. Want to have more cash inflows from a certain transaction? Bless your house so that money will flow with bountiness? Want to enhance your analytical, tactical, strategizing prowess, and be a powerful thinker in work? Use green, on a Friday preferably.
  • BROWN: Planting & harvest, livestock. Brown candles enhance a connection with the elemental world which supplies those forces that can help in the growth, protection and harvest of plants. Same goes for enhancing livestock growth, protection and harvest.

As to black candles, I’m sorry folks but I am not keen on using this color or to recommend it. Maybe you can inquire from the people of the Church of Satan who may have the answers. I am color blind to black candles, had never burnt a single one and will definitely never ever use it for ritual purpose.

I’ll now close the article at this point. The enhancement and practices I cited above are already standard 7th Ray practices, so I’m largely re-echoing what have already been known for eons. May you note them well and practice them as well. Aum.

[Writ 14 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. See also:,,



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Belated Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers, women, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Divine Mother! Glory be to our mothers!

I will substantiate today the thesis I made in a previous article about the effects of breaking of vows. Vow-breaking is the working of one’s ‘inner demon’ (see my article “Inner Demon, Doppelganger”), it is as demonic as any criminal act. Vows pledged to certain Orders are particularly those that will be dealt with heavy penalty by the Karmic Board, and the neutralization of effects is something I have no idea about for now. Let me meditate on that later.

Meantime, just to show to you what the deleterious effects of vow-breakage can do, let me cite some cases of brethren of my libertarian-service Order, the Phoenix. As I said in a previous article, to my own shock, I found out that Leviathan (Satan, Ahriman, Belzeebub, Anti-Christ) was himself actively involved in fragmenting Phoenix, and is likewise doing the same to many fellowship groups here and in other fallen planets. Right now I see the same pattern happening in the charismatic fellowship Couples for Christ, and pity this huge brotherhood it is fragmenting at a time when it has been showing great strides in its social development campaign (via the socialized housing Gawad Kalinga).

Here are some cases of what’s happening, as the brethren of Phoenix are now being engulfed by the most evil of energies from the 7th Dominion of the Dark Side:

  • Jack M. Formerly Grand Premier of the supreme council, late 70s-early 80s. Committed to get active in reviving Phoenix in 1994, promised me not to join the Free & Accepted Masons. To my shock, he joined masonry, disappeared in Phoenix. And secretly got involved in gold smuggling overseas, through passenger plane operations…. Result: JM is today suffering from debilitating stroke. Slowly deteriorating, he’s almost in vegetable state.
  • Roger M. Another leading youth Phoenix. Formerly from the chapter for Philippine School for Business Administration. Committed to be active and help me in reviving and re-engineering Phoenix to a grand order. Secretly got involved in overseas smuggling (gold, other contrabands), with Yakuza partners. He got caught, jailed, then went back home with brain damage. …Result: Since the mid-90s yet, he was a vegetable for life. Lucky enough, he’s got a devoted wife to take care of him. He’s till deteriorating gradually, and worsening by the day. Yet he lives.
  • Tony S. One of the originals. Committed to help in re-engineering, but was half-hearted. Always found reasons not to get involved too much. Disrespected the innovations that I was introducing to the Order. Till he dropped out, around the late 90s…. Result: His wife divorced him, c 2001-02. Past his 50s, as a development professional he can’t get a job above the coordinator level, which makes him financially average if not troubled. Some brethren, such as Brod Ronald (his former colleague in a NGO), parted ways with him, on ideological grounds. At his age, in his own words, he said “hanggang ngayon wala pang nangyayari sa buhay ko” (till now nothing substantial has happened to my life). Coming from an intelligent man, who attended the premier university, what a pity!
  • Cesar M. Formerly of UP Diliman chapter, married to Phoenix sister Annie M. Refused to even attend any of the Phoenix fellowships since after we met him in Sept. 1994. His wife Annie wished so much to get involved again, but was blocked by Cesar….Result: Annie began to suffer from debilitating cancer in the 90s. For almost a decade she suffered. Then, around 2005, she died of the ailment. Pity on this man, who knows not what he’s doing! I hope he won’t lose his only daughter, so cute and beautiful like her mother Annie. Or lose his advertising job, his only fund source.
  • Arnel S. Another leading youth Phoenix. Formerly of Adamson University chapter. He’s been appearing in past anniversary and other events in 94-98. He showed enthusiasm to get involved, but always floated the excuse that he was a family man, was active in civil society (Left), had no time for Phoenix. …Result: Around the late 90s, his wife suffered from debilitating ailment (apparently cancer). In one surgery alone, his family had to spend nearly P400,000 which, in the 90s, was a fortune here. I never heard about him again till the 1998 anniversary.
  • Jun M. Quite leading brethren, but mentally unstable. Began suffering from psychosis in mid-80s. Was able to function in his job for a while, till 1990. Before that, his wife Gina began a long bout with cancer. We’ve been together in civil society for a time, and he was among those who joined me to revive Phoenix in 1994. However, due to his lingering bout with schizophrenia, he couldn’t keep focus. Only in 1999 did he become active. Did some appreciable tasks. Then his wife died couples of years back. He’s still dysfunctional job-wise, he can only do volunteer work and is a bum till now. Lately, he betrayed me and the Order, put up another group with his factional pals, does not even know the consequences of his own action. What would you expect? The perennial loser guy. A jinx to his own family. Living a vicious circle.
  • Jim M. The type who’d regard Phoenix as a mere loose club. Cronyist since we were youth, Jim had this aura of creating an inner circle even if he superficially relates to brethren. He was factional in youth, had Attention Deficit Disorder condition, was an underachiever and phlegmatic in personality. Committed to help me in re-engineering Phoenix in 1994. But he was so superficial in his behavior, ‘plastic’ as we called it in Filipino, his commitment was half-hearted. In the 1990s his own wife, a feminist leader, divorced him. He was simply unable to make his wife happy. Even in the new Phoenix (grand order), he hardly did anything appreciable such as to build a lodge. He recruited his cronies, and still aspires to build a club of his former activist cronies. Then, in 2005 he betrayed me, slandered me before a former boss with whom I departed ways for his group’s incompetence and unwelcoming behavior. This was the last straw. Already guilty of treachery, this guy never even put his foot forward to apologize, and instead moved to get his faction out of the Phoenix and is now building this club of cronies. What will happen next to him is worth observing.

More brethren will die in the coming years, and chances are that by 2012 all brethren will see deaths to themselves, or spouse or family member. Add to that the catastrophe of financial collapse, debilitating mental ailments, or any disaster that would come in ‘surprise’ fashion. Nothing is surprising about their destruction, come to think of it. They broke vows, broke with Phoenix like it were some garbage of shit, and what would you expect? They unwittingly unlocked the 7th-dimension Dark Energy veil!

So, you fellows out there better re-examine the couples of vows that you may have broken in the past or are about to break. As to the karmic penalties for the vow breakage, only the Karmic Board can fix that and revise it with the help of certain Boddhisattvas. Question is, do you even connect to Boddhisattvas? Do they even figure in your life paradigm? Save your own souls, fellows. God bless!

[Writ 10 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. See also:,,



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang hapon! Good afternoon!

Almost everyone experiences fear, among which is the fear of the Devil. Why not re-examine your behavior, and one time or another you’d be going through the rituals of demonizing people around you: neighbor, fellow officesmate, Saddam Hussein, or anybody outside of you who would exemplify the Demon-incarnate.

Fellows, the demon is right inside of you, so please don’t over-bother yourself with looking for demons outside of you. True, there are ‘devils’ (fallen angels, negative aliens of the Reptilian type) and ‘demons’ (interdimensional demented beings) everywhere, but you failed to see this Inner Demon inside of you. Mind you, we all have this petty demon inside of us, and it matters how we manage to rise above its dictates on us—through the Primal Self, or desire-driven pursuits.

Inside of us too is an ‘etheric double’ that looks just like us. It is our doppelganger, and at times it can disengage from us, show up elsewhere and materialize right there, looking exactly just like us, and then moves back to be re-integrated into your physical body. The doppelganger is the repository of everything negative in us, becomes our ghost when our soul departs with the astral body, and disintegrates after around 500 years or so. Our Inner Demon necessarily nestles in the doppelganger, they are One.

Since we all tap Light from above, at varying grades of intensity (masters and mystics tap the greatest), the question that arises is: for what purpose do we use that Light? If 51% of the time the Light is used for Primal pursuits, than chances are that we have become Demonic or moved over to our Dark Side, ceased to be human, and is a hazardous Thing that moves around freely.

If at least 51% of the time the Light is used for service-for-others, loving others, productive pursuits, and constructive engagements, than we end up more human at the end of our life. Better if 75% of the time we use the Light or ‘spirit’ for higher purposes, and only 25% or lower for primal-sinning purposes. This way, we have a chance to evolve a bit higher, and when we reincarnate at some other time, we will be of a better quality of being.

What do we do to get this Inner Demon down the drain? Tough question, fellow Earthan. Should we control our passions, thus ending up with a tamed Inner Demon? Lucifer taught us that Path before, and it backfired. I am myself not in frequency with those who use a ‘passion control’ method, like the Born Again, fundamentalists, and their likes who are, in effect, wittingly or unwittingly serving Lucifer. Controlling passions will only lead to our repetitive return in the physical plane without nary a bit of soul improvement. Lucifer saw the result of his flawed prescription, and he never repented at all about it. Bad! Arrogant! From a Being of so much Light, a producer of Light himself, who till the end of his “last breath” was producing Light and sharing this to His own minions.

The better way is through gradual deprogramming renunciation. Gradually, deprogram each of your vices (opposite of virtues), and then consequently build virtues. This is not the same as controlling passions. On the contrary, if passions strike you while still young, go ahead and flow with it for a while, and then realizing thereafter that flowing with the Primal brings you down, then you yourself with rise up above the passions and flow with the Light or beneficial energies instead.

Remember the story of Mary Magdala? She rode astride her Inner Demon for some time, both for survival (she has to make a living through commercial sex) and probably for pleasure (sex, wine, controlling people were damn good pleasures). Until the World Teacher, Jesus Christ, arrived in her life and she had this paradigm shift.

Now, do you ever know of any occasion when Jesus condemned passions the way Lucifer did? “He who hasn’t sinned will cast the first stone,” was his candid declaration to the folks who wished to condemn a sex worker & sinner. In that process, the respective Inner Demon of the folks were projected unconsciously on the sinner, and as a matter of expiation exercise they would have stoned their own same Inner Demon. And the horror of it is that another person will die due to their own sinfulness. See?

In some previous writings of mine, I already elaborated on the matter of deprogramming of vices, building virtues, the use of prayers and meditations for enhancing divinity, and related spiritual technologies. They are the ones that are easily applicable and practicable, so I’m recommending that you examine their efficacy.

Again, fellow Earthans, let me repeat, the more dangerous Inner Demon is just right inside of you rather than those external ones. Even if there were 1 Billion demons and devils surrounding you, like they did to the baby Krishna, if you are vibrating at higher frequency, are virtuous and possess a strong aura that is truly protective of your being, then those Evil Ones will never be able to attack nor destroy you. On the contrary, they would snub you, feeling frustrated and giving up on their annoying abominations.

So, Dear One, please work out to tame your Inner Demon and your doppelganger as well. Don’t enslave it as this will certainly lead to schizophrenia. If you get to that point of manic-depressive disorder, your Inner Demon-doppelganger will then invite external Evil Ones who will possess you collectively. It may take another lifetime before the possession will be corrected and healed. Or, you may end up becoming demonic yourself, and may take many lives before you attain relative self-integration.

Learn how to dance with your Inner Demon and eventually tame it, making it conform to your will. It can be done, mind you, yes it can. The various teachers and masters have demonstrated to us the tools to do them. Have the will, courage, patience, you will be able to tame this Inner Demon. May you succeed in this noble task of yours. Carpe diem!

[Writ 09 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. See also:,,



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Goodwill and peace!

At this juncture let me share notes about the deprogramming of vices and building of virtues as an essential lesson in the Path. These tasks are one and the same: you will advance in the Path by building virtues, and building virtues is a matter of deprogramming vices.

You see, a lot of people are not exactly evil, yet you see them existing here in 3rd Density or 3rd Dimension. If they aren’t evil, then they must be good people, and so they are saints. Wrong! Better listen to the late US President Abe Lincoln when he registered the observation that “a lot of people don’t have vices but they don’t have virtues either.”

Now, that’s a part of the human condition, nay the tragedy of human existence. One lives here, isn’t exactly evil and possesses probably nary a defect that is so gross as to be incapable of unlearning, yet nary a virtue either to be adjudged as worthy of being counted among the wisest and most sagely people. That’s why they are called folks: they do not at all stand above others as to be called ‘extraordinary’ precisely due to their virtues.

The building of strengths or virtues is incidentally making waves today among the most urgent traits that ought to be built within the worksphere. Many management consultancy groups offer team building lessons or ‘social technologies’ that include certain tools about how to deprogram a bad trait and replace it with a good one. Without realizing it, these experts or consultants are very close to what the spiritual masters have been working all along for eons now: of deprogramming vices and building virtues.

So, dear fellows in the Path, if you’d ask me a question whether it’s alright to employ such tools for your self-development, my response is a loud Yes. By all means, please go ahead and immerse yourself in those workshops offered by consulting groups, organized by your company or employer. Do not put attitudinal barriers into the said practices by saying “I will only participate here because I’m required to and because it will be good for my promotion.” Ride the tide, flow with the wind! For failing to do so, the result would be disastrous: your own anxiety disorder condition may be reinforced, rendering you one step backward in the Path. 

But indeed, before everything else, there must be a constant realization within your part that you have a long list of bad traits or ‘vices’ that must be deprogrammed. Failure to engage in that recognition, and more so stubbornly believing that nothing’s wrong with you, that you’re near to perfect, would ruin your chances of progressing in the Path.

So, begin by recognizing what those defects are. It’s so simple a thing to do, and do it by fixing a schedule for the task. You can do it inside your church, a coffee shop, an eco-park, atop a mountain while you’re with fellow mountaineers, beside the sea, inside your home, or wherever you find yourself most comfortable. Your listing can begin by reflecting on your own observations about yourself. Then, you can proceed to the feedbacks coming from other people, such as when they remark that you always come to meetings late. If you are hard up in making self-reflections, then begin right away with the feedbacks from others.

Now, to ensure that your esteem won’t sag so badly as the long list of weaknesses might prove unbearable to your psyche, then come up with a list too of your strengths. Your simple task in life is to maintain those strengths and even possibly build them up even more. But don’t ever be shocked to find out that your weaknesses may end up longer than your strengths. Admit it, that’s life, that’s why we’re here in 3rd Dimension that is our school for learning.

After determining the list of traits, both for strengths and weaknesses, then begin a deprogramming schedule for the weaknesses. This task is no easy thing to do, and please don’t ever brag that in just a day they will be gone. Bragging itself is a vice, so if you are a braggart, list this down as a weakness. Many braggarts suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder and need psychiatric help as a tool to deprogram the trait.

For optimal results, take one (1) month to deprogram a vice. If you meditate regularly, meditate on the vice for one (1) week, by asking yourself first why do you possess such a weakness. If you don’t meditate at all, then use prayer: before sleeping, ask your Guide or Guardian Angel to give you answers as to why you are, for instance, a braggart. The answer will come to you intuitively, mind you. For a yogi like me, the answers come in pictures, like some 1 megapixel photos, flashing before my eyes. 

Now, do immediately meditate or pray, right after doing the diagnostic questioning, by deprogramming the vice. Here would be some tips to do, whichever of the following practices you wish to use: 

  • Meditation: Visualize the vice you possess. Be creative in your visualization. E.g consummate liar. You can visualize the trait as a huge, bad lizard that harms people. Deprogram it then by visualizing that the lizard will be neutralized, or killed. You can visualize an angel coming from higher space, coming down with an unsheathed sword of Light, and tearing down the lizard to pieces. Do the visualizations for a week.
  • Prayer: Try to visualize your Guide or Guardian Angel standing in higher space in front of you, assuring you that He or She is around to help you. Do pray with a purple-colored candle, as this will help in the ‘healing’ process. Petition the Almighty I Am Presence, thru the help of your Guide, to deprogram the vice for you. Improvise on an invocation such as “My Guardian Angel will deprogram my tardiness for me,” and declare it seven (7) times. Then end with Amen.

After a week of meditation and/or prayer, observe the results. It would always be best to observe the results in the social sphere, in environments where people are around. Do this for the next three (3) weeks. See the results by noting the feedbacks from other people. If you used to be tardy and come to meeting late, and then your office mates will observe you changing the pattern, then indeed the vice has been quite deprogrammed. All you need to do is to sustain this new strength, then move on to the next deprogramming schedule.

For a vice to be effectively deprogrammed and the corresponding opposite—virtue—will be built, I would counsel strongly that you only take one trait at a time. Do not mix up two or more ‘evils’ and force a deprogramming of them altogether. Note the term ‘force’ there: you are indeed hurrying up too much by mixing up traits altogether. Remember that your Unconscious Mind, which is the repository of the traits, has its own complexity. It is best to get the cooperation of your Unconscious by working on a trait one at a time. 

As to the observable or ‘visible vices’ such as smoking, licentious sex, gambiing, doping, and shopaholic behavior, do the same procedure. But assign a longer time frame for these ones. They may be caused by childhood fixations and traumas, so it may take a bit more time to deprogram them. I used to smoke a lot, and I found out from my own mother that it only took a short time to breast-feed me as I was lactose-sensitive (I had to be bottle-fed with soya milk). So, knowing my psychoanalysis fairly well, I realized that my smoking has a great deal to do with the breastfeeding deprivation, that smoking was compensatory for this unconscious lack of an essential maternal provision.

I kept on quitting smoking since young adult age, and only got to quit it in the late 1990s as I already suffered from the following by then: asthma, chronic tonsillitis/throat infections, sinusitis & allergic rhinitis. My ‘mother body’, nay Mother Nature was telling me to please quit smoking as this is a gross disrespect to my physical body that is the vehicle of my very soul. In 1993 I even underwent tonsillectomy, but despite this surgery I went back to smoking. Nicotine had a good way of keeping me awake and the habit made my astral body a bit thicker instantly, and I was getting to be more sensitive that year as my mystical awakening was fast unfolding…. Till I finally quit.

Do note that a lot of these vices were acquired via past life learning experiences, so it isn’t that easy to unlearn them and replace them with strengths. As to which lifetime did you acquire them, don’t worry about the matter too much. Leave that to your Inner Guide or Guides, who see you from a higher dimension. If in case that other people during those lives may have been involved in learning the bad attitude or trait, then add in the deprogramming a forgiveness of those people even if you don’t know who they were. Just trust that the message will reach God Almighty, and this can accelerate the healing process.

Successfully deprogramming vices one after the other and replacing them with corresponding virtues is like winning a war. It is in fact a war against your own Primal Self. Every time you win, you gain more merits in life and move ahead in the Path. Even in your career and/or business you will succeed all the more. Those who succeeded the most financially are, as per result of researches, precisely those people who have greater insights about their own weaknesses and strengths compared to others. Read thru Jim Dornan, Robert Kiyosaki and John Maxwell who are among top gurus of financial success today, and you will hear the same things as I tell you now: self-insight leads to greater financial success.

So Fellows in the Path, learn from the gurus of success. But most of all, do work out to practice those tools and turning yourselves into jewels of exemplary behavior. It can be done, believe it. Amen.

[Writ 11 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good day, Noble Seeker!

With certitude I’d reckon that you dream every time your body sleeps. And if thou art Seeker indeed, your dreams are colored in hue most often. Evolutionary Laggards dream in black & white and wouldn’t dream as often as seekers and mystics. As a soul advances in the evolutionary path, so does the access to higher vibratory climes increase, such climes thereby appearing in ever greater colorful textures in dreams.

Do make it a habit to keep tab of your dreams, Seeker. At least keep a memory tab, at most maintain a daily dream journal. Dreams reveal so much about our unconscious and superconscious states, we can’t afford to throw away this ‘tool’ of self-reflection into dustbins just like trash. Were it not for our problems of retrieval, which is a matter of short-term memory, our dreams could be total guides to our daily actions and routines.

Interpreting dreams, however, is no layman’s task. So, Noble One, please learn to interpret dreams with a modicum of mastery. In ancient language, the term exegesis was used to refer to the interpretation of texts, and exegete refers to the interpreter. Since symbolic templates of life today are regarded as text in hermeneutics (art of exegesis) and semiotics (science of signs), then it pays to be an exegete in various respects: dream interpretation, exegesis of myths, interpretation of body language, divination interpretations (e.g. tarot, palmistry, numerology, astrology, runes, I ching), etc.

Necessarily, one must learn from the masters of hermeneutics and semiotics to be able to interpret dreams with some degree of accuracy. It takes some time to learn, but it is a rewarding thing to do exegesis. Rest assured you will procure the greatest benefits from the exegetic process, and you’ll feel a deep sense of satisfaction, sometimes euphoria, every time you’re able to crack the codes behind the deeply coded messages in your dreams.

To name a few representative masters: Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Mircea Eliade, Claude Levi Strauss, Umberto Eco among social scientists and philosophers; and, the theosophists H.P Blavatsky, Annie Bessant. You can also review materials coming from popular literature about dreams such as those written by psychics.

In sum, the said experts have contended that the figures one sees in dreams, myths, and cultural symbols (e.g. totem) must be regarded as archetypes. As Eliade clarified, an archetype is a basic structure. In Eco’s semiotics, an archetype is a signifier—a representation of a deeper meaning or structure, the signified. Exegesis basically entails an appropriate unlocking of the signified meanings hidden behind the dream symbols, in the case of dreams.

Note also that the contents of dreams are often related to the dreamer’s experiences in the lifeworld. For instance, when an ice cream appears in one’s dream, this symbol appears on account of the person’s experiencing of eating ice cream. This archetypal subject wouldn’t likely appear in the dream scenes of a person whose entire life is spent in hinterlands where ice cream isn’t an established fact of daily life.

Dream themes could be a revelation of the following: unfulfilled wishes, ailments that are about to surface, past life scenes being replayed from ‘above’, events forthcoming in the next few days in the person’s life (dejavu), prophecies about one’s country or planet, and lessons from one’s Spirit Guide. Freud made very interesting contributions to first two forms (he was keen most of all on mental ailments being a psychiatrist).

The lessons or messages from one’s own Spirit Guide or inner space guru is what you the Seeker should be on the alert for as a sign that you are about to enter the Path. Or, when you have already began the ascent to the Path, the Guide can show signs that you have just graduated from one stage or phase in the journey and you’re about to move on to a next phase. Usually it takes seven (7) years to begin and end a phase, though if one chooses to stop for a while in one’s lessons the period could be extended.

In my experience, I first began to feel that something uncommon was going to happen to my life when, as a pre-school child, I strongly felt the presence of a mighty divine being, a figure I’d recognize later as the Archangel Michael. His assuring presence (maybe I was networked to his ‘department’) made me take routes less traveled, such as to dream of becoming a priest, knowing that God always watches me.

Before reaching the age of ten (10) I realized how different I was from my siblings. I was overly contemplative, introspective, and nerdy at an early age. And somehow, deep inside me, I knew I wasn’t among the Earth’s people. The daily course of materialistic life that I encountered early enough shocked me so much that I longed to enter the seminary and say goodbye to normal life.

My dreams were very colored in hue, so colored that the dream objects were so real, beginning in early childhood years. Even the smell of dream objects, like the smell of delicacies, grasses and flowers in the fields, and animal dung were all so real, further multiplying the psychic and emotional powers of the dream scenes.

It was at age 18 when I first encountered my mahaguru, the Master El Morya, while in a dream state. I was already a 2nd year university student then. I wished somebody else so wise and divine could explain to me so many questions that the church people and mediocre spiritual pretenders couldn’t explain at all, and were it not for the timely appearance of my guru, I could have moved on to become an atheist for the rest of my life.

I thought it was God who appeared to me in the dream, as He blasted me with feelings of love so incomparably overwhelmingly, encompassing and ecstatic. He gave me a lengthy message of love, encouragement, and note about my future missions. I woke up weeping with joy and euphoria, assured at last that a Divine Being takes care of me personally. From then on, I intensified my lessons in the Path, reading voraciously a diversity of topics, to wit: esoteric philosophy, yoga, ETs & UFOs, mystical science, eastern psychology, paranormal science, theology and comparative religion.

From that time on, my mahaguru would appear every now and then in my dreams. He guided me to the materials that I should read, made me encounter my first yoga lessons right inside the classroom, meet interesting people who were also fellow seekers, and so on. With the passing of time, I recognized my great Guru as the Ascended Master El Morya, chohan (sort of CEO) of the 1st Ray of the Great White Brotherhood. In the succeeding dreams, he would appear more in archetypal form (often as a university professor), while I would perceive his face directly as my mystical vision opened due to yoga practice.

I’ve already entered several phases in my journey. And in 1994 I graduated to a mystic level, no longer seeker but finally reaching the initial ‘end of a journey’, when the Filipino guru F.F. sponsored me into the Great White Brotherhood. My seeker phase had ended, but my mystical path just began then. I still kept on seeing my master in my dreams, with the addition of other masters in couples of other dream scenes thereafter.

Just recently, more than a month ago, I dreamt of my guru again, instructing me in many lessons. The dream scenes lasted for three (3) hours. Some other fellow mystics were there with me during a dream phase. In other dream phases other masters appeared. I just received lessons that could last for over 1 year’s study, offered in just a single moment, which I must gradually retrieve from my memory.

So, Noble One, similar experiences could happen to you. You see, if you dream of your Spirit Guide offering you lessons, even when you wake up to urinate, the moment you go back to sleep the same dream scene will be continued. Or, there would be another scene, but it will till be the Guide offering you lessons that will be the dream theme.

Take note that during the initial encounters with your Guide, your guru may not appear to you in literal form. Rather, the manifestation would be archetypal, e.g. beautiful large sheep radiating light and peace to you. Or, the Guide could appear as your deceased Grandma or Grandpa whom you cared for so much, so the Guide will make use of your grandparent’s image to bring messages to you.

I recalled the narrative of a fraternity brother of mine, Glen B., whom I personally initiated into my wisdom brotherhood, the C.L.. He revealed to me and some brods one day that I appeared to him in a dream, offering him sublime lessons. I was so elated at his narration, and told him that it was his very own Guide and not me who actually appeared in his dream. I was happy because it was a sign that, as a mentor, I succeeded in catalyzing the link between a young seeker and his Guide.

So, Noble One, enjoy reading your dreams, these being exciting, fitful compasses to your journeys. Bon voyage!

[Writ 25 September 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]