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Erle Frayne Argonza


Bury all bishops & priests! The Free Spirit Rises!

In a previous issue, this free spirit Bro. Erle wrote about Love among free spirits. That must have shocked the unprepared, uninitiated Mainstreamer no end.

The Mainstreamer has been the preserver of Dogma in all forms, whether in material life or in Spirit. The Mainstreamer makes all behavior institutional, including those of spirit.

To the Mainstreamer, no Love can be bridged outside Dating, Courtship, Marriage. No Spirit realm reached outside Church. No political life made meaningful outside emotionalisms and mass ideologisms. Ad nauseum!

Religion is the Realm of the Herd Man!

The Herd Mind is the dominant mind among Mainstreamers. For them, you need to be among this group or that group, never rising above the group. Groupthink is precisely the mindset of the Herd Mind. With groupthink, everyone else is subject to manipulation and control by Pied Pipers.

Those pied pipers with documents called Bachelor of Divinities (i.e. priests) and their shoe wipers (nuns, brothers, monks, ministers) are the most marked of all deceivers, come to think of it.

They’d keep on peddling worn out propaganda that “there is no salvation outside the church.” Meaning, only thru the institutional path (church) can one reach heaven. The question is, which one among these churches offers the only correct path?

To the freethinker, institutional path is a dark path. The freethinker is attuned to the Individuated Mind, and is a Free Spirit in the conduct of life. The freethinker is not a mere Believer but is foremost of all, a Seeker. The freethinker approaches problems of spiritual illumination through individualized lessons. By that we mean the lessons are customized for the individual, based on shis (his/her) temperament, soul type (1st to 7th ray), personality, and unique traits.

That’s the problem, folks: the Churches just can’t accept that there are freethinkers around. In the ancient worlds the Churches called us freethinkers ‘heretics’ and massacred our communities by the millions. Today when religious fundamentalism is rising, the crusading attitude is back among the Mainstreamers and their Pied Pipers: kill darn heretics and infidels by the millions! Burn them at stake!

There are many Paths to Salvation!

There are many roads leading to MetroManila from outside. Yes fellows, that’s the truth of it all. Same holds true for the Spirit world: no one single path can claim an exclusive franchise to reaching the spiritual dimensions. Only Dogma or ‘dog ma’ bow-wow-wow claims so. See that? A-woooooh!

A Chinese sage once said that Truth is like unto a single mirror. Tragedy struck however when the mirror fell. One religion got a piece of the mirror, another religion got another piece, and so on. The question is, which religion can represent Truth in its entirety?

The Catholic Church is lucky enough to have re-invented itself lately. Vatican II says that God is so great yet so mysterious that He gave some truths to this church, some other truths to some other church, and so on, so that no single church can be so arrogant as to claim that it represents all truths in their grand totality. Which means that, in order to recapture truth as a grand whole, all the churches must exercise ecumenism and discover the truths while in dialogue with one another.

How wonderful is Vatican II, isn’t it? It declared that no single church today can claim to an exclusive franchise to heaven. But the question is, how far has Vatican II penetrated the mind of Catholics?

And, did the Vatican ever recognize those millions of souls who wish to approach the Spirit world thru individualized paths? Of course not! Church life is Big Business, and losing adherents means lesser tithes and collections. Lesser collections means Father Mustard can’t buy a new flashy car and some extra realty for the holidays. No extra money for gambling, womanizing, faggot ties, and donations to further control people through false or deceptive social service.

Freethought is rising!

A ‘new age’ is now dawning: the age of the free spirit. Institutions are crumbling by the day, they simply don’t work out any more than they are instruments to control and manipulate souls. Churches will eventually collapse, led by the Vatican which will crumble from within. The Free Individual, guided by Spirit and conscience, will triumph against the Herd Man and Pied Pipers, this is for sure.

In the dawning age, which coincides with the global Information Age or Space Age, the individualized pathway will replace the churches of the Herd Man. Fewer and fewer people will be attending masses, as more and more people will discover the free spirit/freethinker within each one of them. The freethinker is the seeker, who wishes to feel and experience Spirit rather than obey blindly the diktat of the Pied Pipers.

Hail the freethinker, the free worshipper, the free spirit! We shall overcome! And to all those mainstreamers out there, discover the free spirit within you. It’s never too late yet: we are all potential free spirits, come to think of it.

Let there be no more weeping from the lashes and thorns of the Herd folks and their evil Pied Pipers! Rise all ye freethinkers! Thou art free and will always be. Amen. Aum. Om.

[Writ 26 November 2004, Quezon City, MetroManila]


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