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Erle Frayne Argonza

As I browsed over the various websites lately, I encountered some sites that featured the clarion call for a ‘post-modern church’. Whether a post-modern church is viable is highly contentious.

Fact is, the term ‘post-modern church’ is an oxymoron. Postmodernity celebrates the micro-narratives, or those totality of terrains comprised by the domains of the individuated souls. Churches comprise the social institution of religion, and are largely progenitors of meta-narratives.

In postmodernity, meta-narratives make no further sense. To continue to peddle the sensibility or relevance of meta-narratives in today’s context would only exacerbate the loose grounds from which such institutional templates are founded, for sooner or later such grounds will shatter and the meta-narratives or Discourse (with the capital D) will fragment and self-destruct.

Post-modernity is just but the beginning phase of a longer, more strategic phase in the evolution of mankind: the strategic era of the ‘noosphere’. Post-modernity will come to pass, and with its passing will come forth a future world more grand than ever. And more grand is it precisely because the meta-narratives of the past are over, destroyed and shattered, taken over largely by the life fluxes of the individuated.

In the era of the noosphere, spirituality will largely be a knowledge-based pursuit, highly individualized and counter-institutional. There may be semblances of organizations to mediate the formation of Seekers, Mystics and Masters in the evolving contexts, but such organizations will be more of loose social networks of individuals rather than tightly-fit structures of fanatical devotees of Stone Age churches.

This is not to deny that there are today large numbers yet of Devotees, who in fact comprise the larger portion of humanity. These devotees are largely attuned to the mass mind, the mind that is now effacing and giving way to the individuated mind. The Devotees or Believers are largely non-authentic selves of herds, who unconsciously regard organizations such as churches as maternal structures that nurture the ever-infantile devotional types. And so these devotees, even if they leave their own churches today, are indeed prone to searching for some other churches to continue with their devotional works. And if such churches are not available for the moment, then it is but appropriate a response to create another church, and so on ad nauseaum.

And in the coming years or decades, we will still witness the morphing of new churches, even if in the long run such a phenomenon will seem like infantile acts of a population that is becoming extinct. For in due time the Devotee types will be replaced by the Freethinker, the Seeker types of souls, most of whom will come from planets and star systems far more evolved than ours. And the devotee populations will decline precisely because, unable to adapt well to the vibratory frequency of a planet that is now rapidly moving up the frequency ladder, the better will the same devotees survive and grow if they be transported en masse to planets less evolved than the Earth and of a lower vibratory frequency.

To those devotees who long for a ‘post-modern church’, the challenge confronts them head on to constitute such a church itself, complete with a hierarchy of priests and priestesses and rituals that are mere reconstructions of ceremonies for the ancient herds. They have the right to do so, if we were all to follow the logic of such action from the universal declaration of human rights concurred by the founders of the United Nations.

As a sociologist, I’ll be glad to observe such a church as another behavioral species worth my observation. In the long run, it will prove utterly futile to maintain churches on earth, and before long such efforts to comprise new ones will crash back on the ground, unable to procure loyalties from a population of souls of seekers and freethinkers who would always regard churches with suspicion and ambivalence.

[Manila, 13 November 2007]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

Mapayapang Araw! Peaceful day!

I’ve already written notes about the topic ‘soul age’ in some previous articles. Just recently I wrote about “Old Souls at Home: Boon to Soul Evolution.” In those articles, including ones about devotees and seekers/freethinkers, I articulated about the varying soul ages and the lessons suited for them.

Since I already touched about middling and old souls in those articles, or those same souls who can qualify for Paths of seekers and mystics, I will touch this time on the topic of ‘evolutionary laggards’ or ‘young souls’. For linguistic economics I will use the term ‘laggards’ to mean the same.

The Earth is now evolving upward in her evolutionary Path. Many mystics and masters already dealt with the subject matter in various writings. With its upward movement, the frequency vibration of Earth has also been rising, and rapidly rising since 1987. All those souls that vibrate on the dense, low levels cannot survive here in the long run, notably the laggards, in this new Earth rising.

Internet updates of late have indicated that laggards comprise around 63% of the current population. This, to my mind, is already a diminution from previous numbers. Probably before 1960 there must have been up to 85% laggards. A decrease of around 22% in 50 years is already a whopping diminution, or whopping jump in the numbers of middling and old souls who now total 37%.

The Plan for the laggards, as elaborated by mystics and teachers such as Sal Rachele, is to transfer them to some worlds where their survival chances would be greatest. Which means worlds that are dominantly 3rd Density or 3-Dimensional. That was planet Earth before 1934.

In his book about Agni Yoga, the Guru R.H.H., who was a disciple of the Guru Nicholas Roerick (a disciple in turn of H.P. Blavatsky), revealed that 1934 was a threshold year when Earth reached the lowest point of her descent into the material dense sphere. On that same year the upward movement began.

A horrific possibility during the years succeeding 1934 was the termination of life on Earth as evil forces took over the reign of Europe (Nazi power). Nuclear power should have been used to destroy the physical plane, as plans were afoot among the Dark Lodges of the West to do precisely that evil act. Seeing those plans by the Fallen Ones, the Ascended Beings hatched a counter-plan to ship out Terrans (Earth peoples) to a surrogate planet so as to continue the evolutionary track of us Earth humans.

Almost in no time at all, a planet was prepared for such a purpose. Presumably, the planet is located in another star system within our galaxy. To cut the story short, the evil plan didn’t pursue, but the planet remains there, complete with the essentials of life support systems. My intuition now tells me that the same planet will be used in the future for contingency plans, as a transshipment station for humans from other worlds. I shall call it ‘1934 Planet’ or Plan B planet.

Today the plan to ship out the laggards has found precisely one planet that is excellent for their habituation. That planet is no other than the ‘1934 planet’ or Plan B planet. It is now waiting for mass habituation by Earthan laggards.

Do note that the mass out-shipment of laggards from Earth towards the Plan B planet and possibly other worlds currently being prepared for them, is already a most compassionate act by the Cosmic Hierarchy. It isn’t an act of condemnation or treating laggards like criminals who should be confined to a penal colony that is a new planet. It is compassionate precisely because the laggards will be permitted to proceed with their soul evolution at their own pace, rather than see them destroyed on Earth by their own inability to cope with an environment that is high-knowledge, high-frequency and altogether strange for their types.

For those who couldn’t picture what I’m talking about, the self-destruction of laggards and low-vibrating humans here manifests as sociopathy, manic-depressive disorder, personality disorder, and other psychological disorder forms. It’s that simple a description and forecast. Fact is, the massive self-destruction is already happening today.

Look at the intensifying frequency of the impact of ‘anomie’ today: suicides, crimes against life, serial murders, adolescents harming themselves, membership in terrorist groups, and related dissociative problems. Examine also the frequency of schizophrenia over the past five (5) decades. Look back at the urban streets and examine those street people and ambulant psychotics who can’t cope up with the standards of living and the increasing frequency of the planet.

It would be too idiotic an analysis to associate the anomic frequencies to government inefficiencies, elitism, oligarchism, and other structural problems. The problem goes deeper than that. There are simply souls who cannot cope up with the rising expectations and vibratory frequency of Earth. Whether they like it or not, the laggards, many of whom were able to reach university education, cannot cope up with an even more high-vibrating Earth beyond 2030 and should be moved out for their own safety.

By that time, Earth will also be too high-knowledge that it seems the entire planet is blanketed with knowledge. That is precisely where Earth is heading: to be blanketed all over, from the higher planes down to the lower, with knowledge. Some decades back, the Jesuit scientist and philosopher Tailhard de Chardin forecast this forthcoming event as the Earth’s evolutionary shift from the biosphere to the ‘noosphere’.

With the too slow absorptive capacity of the laggards for knowledge and information, no matter if they have gone to the extent of university schooling, they will always be left behind by the smarter middlings and oldies (the older soul ages). The latter souls will be the inheritors of Earth, a lot of whom will be etherealized to 4th up through 6th Densities during the tumultuous years 2012 through 2030. The laggards, on the other hand, will be the inheritors of Plan B or 1934 planet.

The only thing that a lot of information savvy laggards can do now is to plant within them the seeds of advanced lessons in life. Those devotees who can somehow learn yoga meditation and study the esoteric lessons meant for seekers can go ahead and absorb the most they can, which they can then bring along with them to the other worlds. These relatively smarter ones will become the teachers and prospective spiritual gurus should they evolve consistently in future lives.

During one particular meditation session I had (at home) just this year, I saw a vision in the astral plane of huge mother ships taking souls out of the planet. The knowledge came straight to my mind that these are the astral bodies of dead laggards, and they are now being shipped out via the astral plane to the other worlds. I literally saw very long queues of souls, and the mother ships were very huge in size.

It just isn’t enough of course that astral bodies of laggards will be brought to Plan B planet and others. There must be warm bodies of laggards who can produce new babies via the usual reproductive act. Such babies will then be the incarnation vehicles for the shipped out astral bodies.

Whether warm bodies are now being shipped out too is something else that I need to confirm from Above. At this moment I am already in constant touch with Ascended Beings, masters and mighty angels who appear every now and then in my visions, bringing along some messages or information. I hope to get more updates from them about the plans for Earth and her human souls.

If asked for an opinion, I am amenable now for the mass ship out of laggard ‘warm bodies’ to the said worlds. The Galactic Federation, which is charged with bringing Earth back to the Light forces (Earth is a fallen planet) in our universe, is actively operating in our star (solar) system at this moment. If asked for a recommendation by the hierarchs of the Federation (short for Galactic Federation), I would counsel mass migration now so as to prevent more mass self-destruction of the laggards in the coming years.

I am bound to think that the Federation is the same cosmic force that has been shipping out the laggard astral bodies to the less evolved worlds. But probably the Dark Ones also have their own vehicles and agenda to pursue, and may have also been contesting the field by shipping out their victimized as well as volunteer laggard souls. It’s always best to show the equation as a contestation by competing forces from both the Light and Dark sides as a most realistic picture of the situation today.

I myself had encountered too many laggards in life. Many were kins, many others were my clientele in my social development engagements, some others were former students, while a few were our own domestic helpers and assistants in my family home. They are so endeared to me, it surely pains me not to see them again, so I pray that they will digest the knowledge and life notes I shared to them the best they can.

The older generation of Filipinos are particularly of the laggard type. I’d say probably as high as 90% of Pinoys (Filipinos) past 55 years old today are laggards. No less than 1% of those Pinoys bother to read at all after schooling. Contrast this to the younger generations of ages 18-55, around 22% of whom are readers (per result of an internet survey). Those ages 12-30 are very information savvy, with a very high proportion of ‘star seeds’ and ‘star helpers’ or evolved souls from other planets who are newly embodied here. What stark contrast generation-wise!

Filipino soap TV programs, sit-coms, and movies that were adjusted to laggard audiences are now dying species. Precisely because the smarter souls who are increasing in numbers in the Philippines are now maturing, and they have nothing to do with laggard materials. They reside largely in cities, and urban population will breach the 60% this year or next here. This country, just like most countries of East Asia, had ceased to be one for laggards.

Clearly, the Age of the Laggards, the Age of the Biosphere, is coming to a close both in the West and East. At least the laggards are proud to have been exposed to the great ideas by the emerging Noosphere. Let us hope that they will find some key ideas practicable enough in their new homes.

[12 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Too many volumes of materials were already written over the past decades about the coming polar shift. Perhaps this planetary-galactic event will be the most focal one needed by humanity to put a stop to all the madness and abominations of the Dark Adepts of the planet.

Among all materials published about the matter, I find that of my fellow mystic and Teacher Sal Rachele’s peregrinations as the most satisfactory. As I already mentioned in some other articles, the plausibility of the Rachele thesis and forecasts are very high as they fuse scientific and mystical insight together. (Pls see:

As we await this cosmic drama’s unfolding, madness is burning the entire planet. A united Europe is about to unleash the tyrannies of a returned Augustus Ceasar, and a 2-headed 4th Reich is now fast evolving into reality before our eyes. World War III, as planned over a century back yet by Luciferan freemasons (see Albert Pike reports), will push through as planned and scheduled.

Ancient racial memories are waking up very rapidly. Likewise does ancient racial-ethnic hatreds awaken or is already in that state. The ancient conflict between Rome and Parthia (Persia) will be revived, even as New Rome (4th Reich) will use its surrogate Arab states to fulfill its desires to destroy Islam and Iran. Global economic collapse, accompanied by hyper-inflation and the collapse of the dollar, is also galvanizing each day as morbid reality.

Were it not for direct intervention from the Almighty Providence, the madness of the Dark Adepts may proceed ceaselessly for decades, global tyranny installed to last for centuries to come, nation-states destroyed, hundreds of millions of people dead due to wars and genocide. But divine intervention has been the policy for some time now, beginning in the mid-1970s yet, and madness shall cease past 2030.

Mother Nature herself is revolting, and Earth will mutate to 4th Density in just a little over four (4) years from now. Polar shift comes on the latter part of December (please see Mayan Calendar, galactic cycle, grand cycle) of 2012, even as the Earth’s frequency shall have moved up to an octave higher by then.

Rachele’s forecast of the 2007 recession and the global economic downspin thereafter, already took place. Let’s better keep track of forthcoming events, and prepare all the more for the polar shift. The shift will be an electromagnetic shift, not geological, so there will be little tectonic-geologic displacements if ever.

For those 0.1% who comprise roughly the ‘Lightworker population’ today, the mutation will be highest, from 5th through 6th densities up from 3rd density. Since 5th Density is hardly populated, with nary a structure for human settlements, the coming of the Lightworkers there will bring new life to that subdimension. Most probably new cities will be built, and higher density beings will be manifesting from Above to assist them in building new worlds.

20% or roughly 1.3 billion people (using present statistics) will be mutating to 4th Density. That is, they will go up along with Earth itself which will also move up to that level. Probably as large as 40% of this ‘group’ will comprise of Indigenous Peoples, who will also go up along with Mother Earth since they have long protected and conserved Mother Nature, thus deserving for them a good karmic reward of moving up the octave scale too.

Plants and animals that are most positively vibrating, or those that are not destructive and predatory, will also go up along with Mother Earth. With just 1.3 billion to support, there will be abundance for everyone, thus fulfilling the Gandhi economic axiom that ‘the world has enough for everybody’s needs’. A very sustainable balance of human population this one will be, synergistically interacting with a balanced and abundant flora & fauna.

Those more intelligent souls who will mutate to 4th Density will bring along with them enormous expertise and knowledge. Renewable energy will most likely be granite-rock culture here, and electricity-based power will cease to be as photon becomes the new modality for the same purpose.

Since 4th Density will be quite large in population, settlements may follow ‘laissez faire’ fashion. Which means, depending on community consensus, there will be free options for populations to choose whether to go city settlement, or rural food-producing settlement, or suburban high-tech settlement, or combinations of the above. There will be a diversity of settlements here, as I can easily foresee.

What will happen to the structures, the megacities, the industrial belts of the 3rd Density? What will happen to 3rd Density populations (80%)? Well, most 3rd Density souls will die en masse, unable to adjust to the too high frequencies of 4th Density, while others who may survive will continue to behave in polarity games and dreadfully sinful, sensate ways. 3rd Density subworlds will be in sorry states altogether.

It is most likely that the badly damaged cities and towns, with so many dead people scattered in their homes and buildings and streets, will become ghost towns & cities eventually. In the long run, there will cease to be 3rd density peoples and societies here, so those communities will be taken back by forests and become canopies for Earth. They will become promising archaeological sites most likely, and excellent sites for future tourism.

So who cares about the World War III and Empire madness of the Dark Adepts? Only the very dense, polarized 80% of our population now will be so scared of all the madness. 3rd Dimensional history is now drawing to a close, and way decades from now they will comprise the tales that the future parents and teachers will narrate to the higher density children.

Carpe diem! Good luck to you in your Path!

[Writ 04 August, 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

The Star Wars and Star Trek series are among my favorite cinema series. I’m sure many readers and seekers out there also manifest this fondness for the same series. The most obvious reason why people like the same films is because of their novelty and special effects. Since the realm of the obvious is the terrain of the simpletons, I won’t dwell on this any further and instead highlight the less obvious.

Let me focus on Star Wars, with the following thesis: viewers’ fondness for the series is due to the recondite archetypal nature of their texts as well as their revelation of the real in the cross-galactic terrain. Star Wars are real, and this is what people fail to see at all given their propensity for the humanist hubris that only the Earth is populated by humanoid life-forms.

As to the archetypal nature, the series clicks precisely because those images—archetypes in psychoanalysis and hermeneutics—seen by viewers unlock certain mysteries or texts that are hidden deep in the collective unconscious of people. That is why movies as well as dreams and mystical visions are powerful, in that they unlock messages that are coded in symbols. The challenge is to decode the meanings behind the symbols.

I would say that, during a film viewing, a sensitive soul (old soul) could easily unlock the hidden messages more than the shallow souls (young and middling souls). They may not be able to identify the exact meanings behind the symbols, but somehow something is telling them that “they understand.”

Regarding the reality about the Star Wars, let me first remind the readers that in the emerging world context the dividing line between the virtual and real will increasingly be erased. And as the effective erasure comes with time, so will people realize the deeper reality behind images that they see and feel around them, such as the imageries of the Star Wars series.

Star Wars are for real, dear fellows. All one needs to do is browse the internet for such topics as ‘galactic confederation’, ‘Draconian empire’, ‘Orion empire’, and other related topics, and one will begin to mine a humungous amount of data and information about the subject. The Star Wars series had unintentionally brought to our attention the real narrative that’s been happening across the galaxies and across the lower dimensions of life for well over 100,000 years now.

Even at this very moment of my writing, I was able to perceive through my meditation visions the coming to the solar system of beings from the Draco system. Fearsome and dreadful in looks, I perceived them as early as 2002, and I was able to intuit that they are scouts who are doing intelligence gathering in the solar system. Till these days I see faces of these kinds, some of them reaching as far down as my home country the Philippines in search for souls that they can capture and embody as newly born Reptoids.

That is, fellows, there are now clashes between contending forces in the universes or ‘omniverse’, and the clashes are again spilling over to our solar system. 100,000 years back the same forces fought their wars across the galaxies, and when the same wars spilled over to our star system the forces of the archangels Michael and Lucifer took sides in the conflicts. The war was called the ‘Orion invasion’, a narrative that came down to the later generations as the ‘fall of Lucifer’.

A truce was declared after those wars and battles. Sad to say, no one was winning then. The simplistic story that Michael’s forces won may need to be re-investigated. For such a war that involved so huge an amount of energy and contesting players, it is unimaginable to conceive of a total victory by any side. Just like the wars of the present in our own planet that often end in deadlocks and concluded with truce, so was the galactic war of the past concluded with a truce (see

But truces are made to be broken, and often than not those on the ‘Dark Side of the Force’—the forces represented by the Dark Lodge and its executor Draconian-Orion alliance—violate the truce. Even here on Earth the representatives of the Dark Lodge persistently violate the truce. The earth was recognized as a school where both forces of Darkness and Light can fulfill each one’s mission without having to harm each other. But such is not the case, as the Dark Side continues to attack those on the Light Side notably the mystics.

The ‘Light Side of the Force’ as depicted in the series signifies the Galactic Confederation and the spiritual backbone that underpines it, the Great White Lodge. Not all forces in the ‘Confed’ are exactly enlightened, though the leadership core is of the Ascended Host. Many thousands of worlds comprise the Confed, which is led by the Ascended Master Sananda (the oversoul of Jesus Christ). The worlds gathered under the commands called ‘Ashtar’ and ‘Arcturian’ are integral to the Great White Lodge.

In the film series the highly bellicose and militaristic ‘Sith Lords’ realistically depict the Draconians who are of the reptilian life-form. The ‘Trade Federation’, on the other hand, signifies the Orion Empire which in fact is imperious in the area of inter-galactic economics. But in reality, it is the Orion Empire, being monetarily endowed, that is on top of the chain of command, while the Draconians are satisfied with their role of executor militarists who form the bulwark of invasion forces of the Draconian-Orion Alliance. In the film series the broad Alliance is signified by the Empire.

Likewise did the film series depict images that signify the Light Forces, via the Jedi Knights. The Jedi is archetypal of the warrior-wizard who indeed exists in reality. The highest military commands of the Confed comprise precisely of these kinds. But make no mistake, these commands have never faltered nor been defeated generally though they did lose some battles from past till the present. Some parts of the ‘omniverse’ did fall into the hands of the Empire (centered in Orion), and this fall was signified by the decline and death of the Jedi in the film series.

But a defeat in any part of the omniverse is only temporary, and sooner or later its enlightened warrior-wizards will rise up from the ashes and reconnect the lose world with the Confed. In the film this was signified by the coming of Luke Skywalker. And so accurate was the film in depicting the genetic foundations of a special type, that whoever possesses such genetic strain of warrior-wizards will most likely succeed in life, nay rise like a sphinx as a great warrior-wizard or Jedi even when raised in isolation from its genetic source.

In my own experience, many times the Confed forces have made contact. Being an adept of the White Lodge in the Philippines, it is but natural that the said forces are interested in my development. The Venusians, appearing via a godly lady named Leah (twin flame of the teacher S.Rachele), have contacted. Likewise the Sirians who, surprisingly, don’t appear in human form but in other ones. A race of Cyclopean-eyed beings have also contacted. And I expect more of them ‘from above’ contacting me in the next couples of years.

But the exciting contact will be right here on the ground. Admittedly, as of this moment, none such contact has been done yet. I’m waiting for it to happen, anywhere in the planet presumably. I may be drinking coffee in a café one day, and then a Caucasian looking fellow would suddenly approach my table and introduce himself as a scout or intelligence officer from Lyra. Maybe some Pleadeans and Vegans are now keenly observing me from above, and one day their spies here on the ground will approach me. Or, a Japanese-looking guy who approaches may actually be an Andromedan scout.

Maybe before the contact, I will be informed from above by my own spirit guides, the Master J and the Seraphim guardian, about a rendezvous. Being now in an awareness level that makes me revive ancient mysteries buried in my own unconscious, I possess within me many hidden secrets. And maybe this spiritual information is something of value to both Terrans (we people of Earth) and the Confed forces.

I am also aware that the Dark Ones are watching, and maybe they may also do some tricks by contacting me on the ground and introducing themselves as Confed people. But before any such event can happen I’m sure that my own Guides will do the prevention of a rendezvous. My Guides know my bellicosity towards the Dark Ones, that in the event of such an encounter I won’t have second thoughts in striking lethal blows on them. So these Fallen Ones better make sure they come in a spirit of Oneness and good faith if they wish to come near me at all.

A long time ago the Empire forces have receded from the planet, leaving behind only but a fraction of their original form while many others decided to incarnate as Terrans. But given the visions I saw, and those seen by other mystics, it is now likely that the same forces are coming back to Terra. Not only here, but I can easily intuit that they are targeting a huge swath of star systems, of which the solar system is but a fractional component.

I’m having a feeling that the Empire’s invasion has begun, and yes I did get information through the internet that confirms the beginning of another massive Orion-Draconian invasion. It seems to time with the shaping up of a 3rd World War. Will the Empire use the coming war as a smoke screen for the arrival of its forces? Hasn’t the advance forces already arrived, and have been commanding the Dark Lodge people here to do their bidding?

What makes the Earth so special that the same forces want to make it as a command station of sorts? Will they really come here to take hold of the planet and its population, or will their arrival simply be done by a token force, the object being to activate long installed communications and espionage facilities? That the Earth will simply be a war station in a string of planets that they will use for invading an even more important star system?

Will the Confed forces arrive just in time to rescue the Terrans? Or are they already here in fact, as reported by many mystics? I myself have begun to perceive in my visions the mother ship used by the Master Sananda, which is my only way of confirming the presence of the Confeds right on Earth and in the solar system. The question is, am I seeing the present Confed, or is the Confed we perceive an advanced arrival from the future (arrival via time travel)?

Exciting yet dreadful times, isn’t it? Indeed, yes. Now finally, to re-echo, Star Wars are for real and for a long time yet to come will the clash of the galactic giants spill over across many worlds.

[Writ 13 February 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne Argonza

In a preceding article, I articulated about the pervasiveness of the Demonic Mind, which had given rise to the spirit of the Anti-Man. I also echoed the revelation in certain articles that the Anti-Christ had embodied in the physical plane, its direct presence here thus reinforcing the growth of the Anti-Man and/or Demonic Mind.

Following from the contentions raised in those articles, this social scientist-development consultant-yogic mystic advances the cogitation that in the current context, to be able to ‘bring back the balance’ and pave the way for high-level constructive engagements, the playing field must be leveled to allow for the ascendancy of the ‘rule of Transcendent Love’ or Divine Love that is reinforced by the Christ Consciousness or ‘cosmic consciousness’ in each one of us.

The limits of the ‘rule of law’ had already been breached today. The Enlightenment, which is actually largely a Western experience, had already done what it can to contribute to that balance. The Enlightenment’s contributions to humanity are well accepted, and nothing else can erase those contributions to make civility possible. But time has come to fold up the Enlightenment, and replace its ‘rule of law’ moorings in the public sphere with the ‘law of Transcendent love’.

There are those in the social responsibility circles, both from the academe and the practitioners, who are of the opinion that the ‘rule of compassion’ must now supercede that of the ‘rule of law’. They have practically declared the same thesis that I am raising now, except that their contentions were delivered from the narrow confines of the lifeworld of lebenswelt. I have drawn my conclusions from reflections on both the planetary and cosmic contexts. But I am happy that the convergence is clear: that cosmic or divine Love must pervade life.

To move my thesis further, let it be declared:

  • The ‘rule of law’ serves the purpose of an ascendant Demonic Mind, and is bound to enforce total control over human behavior.
  • The ‘rule of law’ can re-ascend only to the extent that it will serve the narrow interests of the global oligarchy or elites. Such interests desire no less than the total control of humans.
  • A ‘world rule of law’ follows from the said cogitations, which will be enforceable in a context of global governance, with a planetary state in place as regulatory mechanism of the minority ‘power elites’ or oligarchic subalterns.
  • The ‘world rule of law’ is the rational-legal base of a global totalitarian police state, which will be employed to justify more aggressive pursuits and war deaths, all done to preserve Order of the highest degree.
  • The ‘rule of law’ is also the justification to control populations. Population control’s aim is the reduction of world populations by as much as 80% from present levels, through Malthusian means of expediency, wars, diseases, death camps, eugenics, chemicals, thermonuclear blasts, and induced earthquakes and meteorological catastrophes.

The reversal of such events can be traversed precisely by an effective replacement of the ‘rule of law’ with the ‘rule of Transcendent Love’. Transcendent love generates the highest values, enables the conscience of each individual to recognize the need for Order, and empowers both institutions and individuals. When pervasive in the public sphere, the ‘rule of Transcendent Love’ will pave the way not only for stronger institutions of governance but also for the rise of the new economy—the Giving Economy that will replace the Hoarding Economy (capitalism, state socialism) of evil greed.

The ‘rule of law’ serves the narrow interests of global elites and their mercenary professionals, whereas the ‘rule of Transcendent Love’ serves the broad interests of all humanity. The ‘rule of law’ justifies the Mad and the Berserk, serves the highest ends of the Fasci or group-thought, whereas the ‘rule of the Transcendent Love’ justifies civilization and harmony, and serves the interest of enlightened individuals and love-giving communities.

Enough with the Rule of Law! To all Light Helpers of the world, advance the Rule of Transcendent Love in all spheres. Do not be cowed by the Demonic minds and fascistic beings’ intimidations and harassments. Do not take sides in their hate campaigns, wars, and pursuits of destruction of madness and barbarism.

You shall overcome! Carpe diem!

[Writ 20 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila.]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang umaga! Good morning!

I hope everything’s okey with you, fellow Earthan, at this moment. We seem to be embroiled in one turbulence after another in the planet. It’s like we’re passing through a dark channel, and narrow as it is, movement along the channel is extremely rapid, rough-sailing and catastrophic, a ‘quickening’ sort of.

True, fellow Earthan, but there are also as many good news as you can get from the ground and the entire cosmos at this moment. One such good news is the opening of the ‘stargate portal’: the hyperspace gateway from Earth to the other star systems and vice versa. Isn’t this a gladdening news?

It should be. Mankind is now on the verge of cross-stellar travel as space technology is surging ahead at very rapid pace. The state-of-the-art R & D on the subject matter makes the aerospace sector way beyond infancy that it was before 1980. It went through a doldrum of sorts in the West, and when it began to revitalize the development initiatives passed on to the East (Japan, China, India, Korea).

Sooner or later, fellows, we will be there: up, up and away! A few more kinks to solve in the technology gaps, and we will all be there. Among the gaps is the metallurgical gap: the perfection of methods that can forge a new alloy of ‘bendable metal’. By bendable we mean metal that can bend and change shape midway in space, making it a viable material to travel through hyperspace. Another techno-gap is the innovation of fuel source that would transcend the limits of combustible fuels. The third gap is the reproduction of photosynthesis in space, rendering future space vessels capable of producing their own food and energy source.

Meantime, while the R & D efforts pertaining to space travel are going on, a message was sent to this mystic recently by my spirit Guides (two spiritual masters) from the higher domains. During one nocturnal meditation session around three (3) weeks back, the vision of a huge tunnel-like thing, which seems to emanate light from within it moving outwards, appeared in my sight. The ‘light tunnel’ then gradually moved downwards in the space around it that was so dark, though this thing was so visible because it was indeed blindingly lighted. So huge was the tunnel that it seems capable of accommodating vessels as huge as aircraft carriers. Then the vision disappeared.

The following night, before sleeping, as I did my regular nocturnal meditation, the vision appeared again. It was almost the same sight as the previous night, except that this time there were vessels moving out of it and then back, quite small when viewed from a distance but visible. My God, it was a spectacular sight! They were space vessels, sort of patrol vessels doing some routine checks of the area. And the lighted tunnel kept on moving down yet. Then the vision disappeared.

Since this was the 2nd night that the vision appeared, and I’d say it was relayed because right up there, on the upper hyperspace corner to my right, was my seraphim Guide (a master in stature), guarding and assuring me of continued presence and guidance. Then the thought came right through my mind that this was the fabled stargate portal that was closed down by cosmic forces, for one reason or another, in the very ancient past. From that time on, cross-stellar intelligences have to use other routes to get to Earth if they so desire to come here. One such recent arrival that had to come here via a longer route was the Sirians, who came here couples of thousands of years back, after the implosion of their star system (Jehovah was among their leaders).

A gladdening news! Finally our space fellows can come through to the planet without much hindrance in the near future. By fellows I mean those who are very conscious in observing the Law of Love and Oneness, those benevolent leading groups of the Milky Way. The gladdening news for Filipinos and Southeast Asians is that this portal is located just above the Philippines, above the Palawan island (probably above the Sunda plate), which means that the ancient cooperation of the cosmic intelligences with the Lemurians (ancestors of Filipinos, Malays) will be revived.

Great glad tidings are coming! Great, beyond our imagination! The White-Light forces are being sent by the Supreme Deity to us, to help us accelerate the attainment of global balance and harmony, end to wars, and eradication of poverty. Welcome the opening of the stargate portal! 

[Writ 19 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila] 








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good afternoon, dear Fellows!

It is still politically hot in PI (Philippine Islands) as I write this piece. I like this libertarian spirit of the people, particularly the middle class, who choose to right some wrongs via a civil way (senate investigations, mass actions) rather than take up arms. This is a sign that the modern islanders, dubbed Filipino by the late patriot Dr. Jose Rizal, are of a newer breed compared to their warlike ancient pedigree.

While the islanders are busy massing up for larger political storms, another cabal which we shall simply dub as Fallen Ones are making sure that the Philippines must never rise as a wealthy and globally powerful nation. For many centuries now they have been working behind the shadows to make sure that they’d be able to fragment Southeast Asia and control the Philippines and its people in particular.

The oligarchic Anglo-Saxons (British, Americans) who play the lead-role of storm troopers for the wars of the Fallen Ones, make sure that the Philippines will remain weak and secondary a force in global affairs. The American elites in particular fear the Philippines, fear a sphinx-like rise of the Filipinos to wealth and fame. And the few who sharply observe this Saxon (to shorten Anglo-Saxon) feelings about Filipinos or Pinoys are baffled by the American elite’s paranoia and bellicose attitude.

More than a century ago, mystics from the West, India and Tibet released to the world a humungous amount of knowledge about the planet’s evolution, and that of humanity’s. Theosophists, led by HP Blavatsky (see Secret Doctrine), became the lead documentors and messengers for the revelators (spiritual masters). Those documents are immensely significant, because they revealed for the first time the true history of the planet and the Earthans or Terrans in modern language for mass readership.

Among the revelations heralded was that the Philippines is a remnant of a subcontinent of the ancient continent of Mu or Lemuria. That subcontinent was then called Maharloka or Great Land. The term came down later in another version as Maharlika, which had since denoted nobility. Lemurian culture was the greatest civilization ever built on Earth, and maybe the only ones that can match it are those ones that are yet to come (called 6th and 7th Root races by Blavatsky).

Another revelation was that the Maharlokans (Pinoys being the descendants) were the very center of the world civilization at that time (tens of thousands of years back). The most powerful kingships of Mu were in Maharloka, in much parallel way today when the most powerful polities are the Caucasians’ (Saxons, Russians, Europeans). Such kingships were necessarily the center of warriorship, the ancient Maharlokans being the most feared in terms of warfare. Warriorship and offensive war acumen is therefore in the blood (genes) of the Pinoys of today, and there would be instances when such traits, long dormant in the collective subconscious, will awaken (e.g Phil. Revolution, 1896-1900).

An equally important phenomenon that shouldn’t be trashed is the presence (per revelation from Filipino mystics) in the astral-etheric belt above Palawan, of the stargate. This gate is the hyperspace doorway to and from the other galaxies: passage through it can short-cut the way to other galaxies, and likewise short-cut the travel from those galaxies to Earth.

Linking up the two phenomena is now quite an easy task. Being seeded by cross-galactic beings in ancient times (e.g. Orions, Lyrans, Pleadeans, Draconians, Andromedans, Sirians, Vegans), it is but logical that the stargate area is the location where the greatest civilization, in both antiquity and the future, will flourish.

Per my own knowledge of earlier revelations (see theosophy, Himalayan notes) and those of the present (see Sal Rachele’s contributions), the stargate was decidedly closed by those cross-galactic intelligences or CGIs upon their retreat later. Since then, it was difficult for CGIs to come to Earth as hyper-space travel was delimited by the stargate’s closure. Longer ways have to be traversed, whether by space or hyper-space travel modalities.

However, past the midway of a 555-million year period (that midpoint was in September 21, 1934) in human evolution, as humanity began to move upward in the ascending arc of its evolution, the Earth had also begun to evolve and has since been increasing its vibratory frequency. This upward evolution of Earth is now opening up the stargate naturally, and sooner enough the CGIs will be coming around with ease.

Suffice me now to say that the Fallen Ones, the elite builders of the evil New World Order or NWO, dread the coming of some CGIs whatever those beings are. For how could you explain such a paranoid dread, that they now go to the extent of fast-tracking the NASA, Russian and European space programs to be able to escape from Earth at any moment in the near future? They dread the CGIs, maybe the top-gun CGIs both from the ‘Light’ (Galactic Federation) and the ‘Dark’ (Orion-Reptoid Alliance) sides.

Let me now stress another equally important phenomenon: the Planetary Chi’s positioning in PI during the Aquarian Age. As I explained in my book 13th Gate Unveiled, every time that the Solar system is situated within a constellation’s force-field, for a period approximately 2,166 years long, the chief energy vortex or Planetary Chi will be located in a specific spot among the Earth’s 70 or so major energy spots or centers. Of those 70 energy spots, around 7 to 12 are the chief ones, Mt. Banahaw in PI being one of them.

Whenever the solar system transfers from one constellation alignment to another, the Planetary Chi also transfers to another major energy spot. There it will remain for 2000+ years. And where that energy vortex stays, civilization will rise like the sphinx as evolved souls will mass up in the area to hasten techno-economic, cultural and political development. Chances are that polities in the area will rise to world power prominence while the Planetary Chi is located there.

In 1994, when this mystic was initiated into the cosmic order of Lightworker mystics’ lodge here in PI, the news came to my ears that the Planetary Chi will transfer to Mt. Banahaw from Glastonbury (England) during the Aquarian Age. And no less than couples of Tibetan masters came here in a rush to find out what makes PI so special today, and perhaps noted the immense potentials of the Pinoys to rise to power during Aquarius. They also helped local mystics prepare for the coming events ahead.

So that information explains why the Saxons and Continental Europeans from France to as far as Russia woke up for 2000 years. From ‘barbarians’ those tribes were catapulted to world power prominence in all human fields, and among them all the Saxons (British, Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders) were to benefit the most from the awakening induced by the beneficial powers of the Planetary Chi during the Age of Pisces (from Jesus’ time to around 2004).

And such is the same reason now why the Saxon elites, led by Fallen Ones, fear the decline of the West as the Chi has transferred to PI. That the Pinoys or Maharlikans will rise to world power status in the future is no longer a myth nor ancient legend of foregone Lemuria but is an unfolding fact of life.

Now, couple that rise to power of the Maharlikans (and Asians in general) with the opening up of the stargate, and you can see in the near future the arrival of CGIs right in PI’s backyard to concur agreements, diffuse technologies and philosophies, and fast-track Maharlikans’/Majapahitans’ (Southeast Asians’) meteoric rise to space-age power and cross-galactic travel capabilities.

The question we ask now is: what CGIs did the Fallen Ones (elites) concur treaties with if ever? Why are they so scared of some reprisals from some CGIs? Why are they so desperate in controlling PI and its people? Do they desire to control the stargate eventually, so as to block all CGIs from coming here, so that they alone—Earthan global elites—can own the planet and do everything at their disposal? Or do they intend to block only the Galactic Federation that had in fact pre-positioned itself in the Solar system and nearby star systems for nigh 3000 years or so already? What armaments with such devastating firepower can they use at any rate against those CGIs?

Let me remind those Saxon-Western elites led by the Fallen Ones that their attempt for global domination is futile. They cannot escape this planet as the Federation forces are up there guarding the solar system. They cannot use nuclear devises to destroy the planet, as the same Federation will come down from hyperspace to destroy the same devises.

It’s not too late yet for the Fallen Ones to choose Oneness, choose the path of cooperation and dialogues of civilizations, and share the Planet with all the souls herein residing. And they should stop those futile efforts to exterminate or neutralize the Lightworkers, notably the mystics who they hold with such fear and contempt. Dead mystics of Light are soon replaced by new ones, remember.

And they should accept that the time of the ‘decline of the West’ and the rise of Asia has come. Among all Asians are especially the Maharlikans whose zeneath of power will be seen around the years 2700-3300 (peak period of the Aquarian Age). And, yes, they better accept the destiny of Maharlika, show kindness and friendliness to our people. For being bellicose at all times to Pinoys now may cause them devastating backfire in the future as the more war-like, space-age savvy Maharlikans will make no qualms in leveling off niches of the bellicose Fallen Ones and their elite subalterns.

If they now think of destroying PI with the latest Tesla Earthquake Inducer, it’s too late a thing for this evil act. Pinoys have been scattered all over the globe, precisely as a Plan B by the cosmic hierarchy in case that the islands will be destroyed by geological cataclysm or by WMD (weapons of mass destruction). Pinoy nations will be rising in other continents in the future, as the Filipino race is programmed to be the 6th sub-Race of the coming 6th Root Race of more advanced human prototypes.

In conclusion, one should look at the conflicts now taking place in RP as machinations of the Fallen Ones. The conflicts are ‘organized chaos’ cover-ups for the true events happening behind the scene. They fear RP, the Maharlikans, the CGIs who will team up with future Maharlikans, and their efforts to destroy us here are futile. “It’s the Cosmic Plan, stupid!” would be an apt campaign line against the Fallen Ones. They have no way out here, and they better choose Oneness or perish in the future worlds coming.

[Writ 01 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]








Erle Frayne Argonza

Good afternoon from Manila!

I wish to share to you at this moment my paranormal vision of the late Abraham Lincoln. This happened around a month ago. The grand statesman and liberator of the slaves is gravely concerned about the state of affairs of his beloved Union, this I’m very sure of.

As part of my current intense meditation practice, I meditate for at least an hour after waking up early morning, and an hour before sleeping at night. Around four (4) times a week, I also meditate around 2 p.m. for almost an hour, and I call this simply my ‘afternoon meditation’.

It was during one such afternoon meditation sessions that the late statesman appeared. His face was almost like ash, his expression grim. I was surprised at the vision, and amused as well, for I had no idea that the grand civil libertarian and preserver of the Union (akin to a modern Moses) would want to communicate matters with me.

The vision took place for around two (2) minutes more or less. It was almost a half-body vision, with him wearing his standard suit that was fashionable in the Victorian Era. There were no words coming out of his mouth. Like most communications I held with evolved beings, divine beings and beloved ones who were long gone, the communication was telepathic.

There was no voice getting through me head either while the vision was taking place. Sometimes I do hear a voice coming from high during such a vision, but the voice is “heard” not through my ears but right inside my cerebral organ. The voice often gets through my crown chakra as it opens up and radiates fast during the meditation, and lo! comes forth a voice accompanying a vision. But no such voice occurred during the manifestation of the great Uncle Abe, so I had to intuit on the content.

First of all, I realized that Uncle Abe is in the astral plane (4th dimension). Fact is, I got the intuition that, like many souls that have already evolved he is no longer coming back here. He will only keep on reincarnating in the astral plane, and that’s the lowest where he can go. That is his reward for his many sacrifices, most especially his absorbing of a part of the collective karma of his beloved Union.

The next realization was that, based on his ashen facial expression, he was gravely concerned yet with his beloved Union and fellow Americans. No, he isn’t that extremely attached anymore to his last country of incarnation, but being an evolved soul, from above he still inspires patriots in the Union, this being a part of his present tasks Above. And he is gravely concerned, that’s certain.

But what amuses me is that he knows my concern for his Union. Being a political economist and sociologist, I do openly articulate my views (analyses, forecasts) about the USA every now and then. I greatly sympathize with the causes of the patriots of America, and I am gravely concerned with the bubble burst and downward spiral that is the USA’s economic malaise of the moment.

That is why Uncle Abe called up ‘long distance’, Fellows on Earth and America. He requests me to continue to think about the USA and write my opinions about the Union. Truth of the matter, I am flattered by Uncle Abe’s confidence in my prowess, flattered because the American reality is so complex there is not one thinker in the Union now who can boast of capturing America as a meta-narrative of sorts.

And I am clear about this: while I speak my mind about the Union, I have no pretension of being equal to the task of capturing American reality in its grandiose frame, in as potent a presentation as that of Daniel Bell’s or Pitirim Sorokin’s. I am but a humble analyst, forecaster, mystic, and teacher of inner transformation, this is what I’m sure about. My writings about America are coming from my heart, and I speak deeply as a calling of my soul and no force on Earth can stop me from articulating what my soul delights to write about.

Right there and then, I thanked the great American patriot, and committed myself to this added task of reflecting about American reality and presenting my thoughts and counsel to the people of the Union and the planet. I also committed to attend to American seekers who may already be prepared to fast-track their journey in the Path to the highest summits of Light.

The good news for you Americans out there is that your patriots who have evolved are very much attuned to your collective life and mind, and concerned as they are, continue to inspire patriots down here by counseling them from time to time about the most urgent issues of the day and the compass of the Union’s journey. It pays to listen to them as they believe strongly in the continuing viability of the Union, a viability that Fallen Ones disrespect and wish to bury by erasing the Union in favor of another Union that the Americans never had a chance to talk about. Be glad, hark the evolved patriots!

[Writ 18 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

Magandang umaga! Good morning!

Well, there seems to be nothing good this morning if you measure ‘good’ in terms of the absence of wars and hostilities, crimes and killings, or any massive destructive engagements the world over. There are still many positive things happening today, and so amid the darkness that is now blanketing the planet, the Light remains steadfast Above and, hopefully, Within us.

For this moment let me share some notes about the quality of mind that has ascended today: the Demonic Mind. Earth is a Fallen Planet, sure, and this reminds us that it hardly warrants to stress our attention of the demonic mind at all. I also confirmed in a previous article that all of us possess an Inner Demon which congeals in our ‘double’ or ‘doppelganger’, this being our dark facet that persistently moves us to the brims of destructive engagements.

What I wish to stress is that today there is this characteristic growing divide between essentially two sections of our world population: on the one hand are those people whose respective Inner Demon has become ascendant, and whose own Higher Selves had ceased to operate effectively; on the other hand, are people whose own respective Christ Self (or Love Self) has been permeating so strongly the ego and effectively clipping the dark facets of the self.

For simplification, let us refer to those whose dark facet is ascendant as the Demonic Type or ‘demonoids’ or Anti-Man, while those whose Light facet is ascendant as the Human Type or ‘humans’ or Man par excellence. What is lamentable is that the broad world context had shifted or has been shifting in impermanent state and had consequently led to the re-ascendance of the demonoids over the truly humans. The spirit of the Anti-Man is ascendant, reinforced as such by the pervasive spirit of the Anti-Christ, personified by Ahriman himself who today has an embodiment in America.

When both Anti-Christ and Anti-Man are ascendant, Dark Age will prevail. I am confident to raise this thesis, as there were contexts in the past when counterveiling forces can checkmate such an ascendance and bring back humanity to the sanity track. When both Anti-Christ and Anti-Man are on the ascendant, insanity or madness becomes the common, accepted modality of living.

In the private sphere, the Dark ascendance (to shorten Anti-Christ & Anti-Man) is reinforced by the rationalizations embodied in the cliché ‘evil is cool’. You can very easily verify this just by reviewing the video games that kids play today, where violence, sex, killings, and anger are practically celebrated like life trophies. Check out on the forms and levels of criminalities and madness today, combine the facts you derive from the broadsheet and tabloid news, and you can paint a broader canvass of madness on the ascendant.

In the public sphere, more so in the global sphere, there is now the growing penchant for a ‘rule of law’, the climactic zenith of which is a ‘world rule of law’ in a ‘pax U.N.’. Because the Dark Ones (global elites) have already galvanized their plans of fomenting anarchy and chaos everywhere, it has become easier to make people kowtow to the cliché of a ‘rule of law’ that will make Order sacrosanct. It is precisely this acceptance of a ‘rule of law’ that will allow the mass to accept totalitarian regimes in both their national backyards and the global arena (eclipsed in due time by a global state arising from the UN).

Why this context had come about can be simplified as follows:

  • Across epochs, Light Beings—embodied as saints, rishis, yogi-Christs, yogis, mystics—have come and gone. Their immense work have left indelible marks of the ascent of the Christ consciousness within those folks who were most amenable to Higher Lessons of wisdom and truth.
  • Having done their tasks, the same Light Beings effected the crystallization of an energy grid called the ‘Christ Grid’ in the electro-magnetic field or EMF of the planet.
  • With the completion of the Christ Grid, there is now a readiness for a leap in consciousness. Those who are most permeable by Light will increasingly clip their own dark facets and become Light Workers and Light Helpers.
  • Necessarily, by way of the Law of Polarity, the said developments had ignited forces that will counterveil against the permeation of Light on the self and the galvanization of the Christ Grid on the EMF.

If the Christ Grid is up, then the Christ has ‘returned’, and so the law of duality/polarity will necessitate a balancing of the context with the embodiment of the Anti-Christ on the first plane. This development follows cosmic or ‘natural law’ actually. No matter how alarming the new situation has become, it is a natural consequence of the cosmic laws.

Where does each one of us stand during these moments of ascendancy of the Dark Side in the physical plane? Note that this is just in the PHYSICAL PLANE, or the ‘biophysical plane’, in as much as the Christ Grid is positioned solidly in the ‘other side’ or EMF of Earth. Again, Fellows, where do we stand, where are we situated?

Where do you go from here?

[Writ 20 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila.]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good afternoon from Manila! Magandang hapon!

Napoleon Bonaparte is back from the grave, reincarnated to fulfill his destiny as a European strongman and global tyrant. I already began my musings about this sordid figure in a previous article, where he was identified as the first emperor of the fallen Roman Empire: Augustus Ceasar. He has returned to role-play as Emperor the 1st of a united Europe.

For lack of information about his name, let us simply label him as Emperor Palpatin, or The Emperor. Palpatin, if you recall the Star Wars movie series, was that morbidly dreadful tyrant-sorcerer of the galactic Empire whose planetary members suspected nothing of the brewing plans by the tyrant to transform the Republic into an Empire by using the democratic or parliamentary process.

The same thing is happening in Europe now, where seemingly democratic processes and institutions were utilized to create a centralized Europe. Little do Europeans realize the grave consequences of their own actions, that behind the shadows lurk evil Adepts of the Dark Lodge who are obsessed with consolidating powers in Europe into a single Empire lorded by a Tyrant of a 4th Reich.

The Lisbon Treaty was already signed, though there are some glitches as the Irish rejected the treaty via popular referendum. But the treaty will be signed just the same, it will be enforced, and all powers of state shall be concentrated from nation-states to Brussels (Union capital). Palpatin could very well be the first emperor of this evil Union, even as 2000 years back he rose to tyranny meteorically to become 1st Emperor of Rome.

The clock now ticks for Europe, for in just matters of months from now the 7th and final treaty of the Union will be enforced. Most probably a union-wide president will be elected, while a union-wide premier will be managing the parliament and certain executive institutions. This will still have the semblance of a republic, though it could be the first and last of a European republic.

Palpatin is now waiting in the wings, waiting to put order in a Europe that will be mired in anarchy and mass risings as nation members of the Union will begin to see the evil scheme behind the treaties they signed across decades. Such unrests will be felt, at a time of economic crisis and possibly collapse, thus bringing back the continent to the time of the Weimar republic. This time around, it won’t be just one country as Weimar was almost a century back, but the whole continent of Europe will be burning economically and politically.

Carpe diem! Hail Palpatin! Hail the Emperor! Thus will He be sought for by middle class and elite families who will be so tired of all the strife and hyper-inflation. Then shall he come forth to center stage, the most promising Messiah of the United Europe, who will bring order to a continent in flames. He will then stretch his arms to America, and will negotiate a modus vivendi with Washington to create the North Atlantic axis on a joint co-leadership.

Just as Hitler was the vessel of the Antichrist almost a century back, this century it will be Palpatin’s turn to be overshadowed by the Antichrist or Ahriman directly. As already mentioned in a previous article, Palpatin will be mentored directly by Ahriman during his formative years, such mentoring still taking place till now. Palpatin is in the lowest ebb of his spiritual sojourn, and is being initiated into sorcery.

Upon taking the throne of Europe, Palpatin will be overshadowed directly by Ahriman who, as tackled in another article, is back in the physical plane today, reincarnated as an American. The Napoleonic wars will then ensue both within and outside the borders of Europe, in a version of ‘brimstone and fire’ aggression that will combine the wars of Napoleon and of ancient Rome.

As the European empire unfolds, another equally important event will be taking place in Washington DC: the mutation of the USA into a tyrannical police state. The North American Union treaty will be signed and enforced, probably by 2010, which will integrate the USA-Canada-Mexico countries into a territory with a single economy and currency (Amero). The seemingly republican Union will, like unto Europe, turn into a dreaded police state.

Both Europe and North America cannot move on economically and politically by themselves, given the antipathies that will be displayed by southern states towards them. To save their economies and surmount possible hostilities from emerging markets, they will be compelled to negotiate for mutual co-existence. Thus will arise the 2-headed Empire that was already tackled by me in another article.

For how long the 2-headed Empire will last we have no knowledge about. A planet that burns in ceaseless conflicts will resist forecasting of a determinative manner. I can only surmise that the conflicts will shape up as a new 30-Year War altogether, a World War III that will be more catastrophic in effects compared to all previous continental wars. When that war is over, Pax Atlantica will be in place under the consolidated 4th Reich.

It seems that only a soul as brilliant in warfare and conflagrations as Palpatin could fulfill the role of unifier not only of Europe but of the entire North Atlantic in the years ahead. That is what Ahriman will make people believe anyway, what the Luciferan Illuminati will popularize as grand lie. And in the name of order and bread shall people approve finally the ascent to power of their long-awaited Palpatin of the dreaded 4th Reich.

[Writ August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

After 2000 years a cosmic drama gets to be re-enacted. Mystical masters such as Rudolf Steiner have clarified to us this knowledge of cycles before. This idea attracted thinkers Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee who used the same 2000-year period to characterize their theory of cycles of civilizations. When science and mysticism converge, theory becomes fact, fact is theory.

2000 years ago Rome’s Republic was in fragments, chaos was the order of things, and out of that chaos the Empire galvanized. Cosmic evil descended so low as to dominate the physical plane altogether. It was the chief reason why an Ascended Being, Jeshua ben Joseph, was sent forth by the White Lodge’s highest councils to counterbalance that chaos and check-mate the descent of Earth towards further chaos and evil.

The marked descent to evil by the figure known as Octavius at that very moment has been quite well documented. The nephew of Julius Ceasar, and close to him as he was to Ceasar’s confidantes and co-leaders, Octavius rose meteorically to monopolize all powers of state unto himself, bamboozle the allies of Rome through invasions and destructive onslaughts, and created ‘synergistic anarchies’ or ‘synarchy’ through ceaseless wars of aggression across the borders. That Empire was to last for 500 years, later on passing the flame to Byzantium.

Synarchy has come back today, in a new form as global synarchy. Even before the 19th century ended, evil forces were already at work in Europe, through secret societies and the universities, to ensure that the ‘seed thoughts’ for a future globe enflaming in seeming ceaseless rhythms of synarchy leading to economic-political catastrophe, were being germinated and planted across the globe but most specially in England and the continent (Europe).

Well niched among the economic-political-military-intellectual elites of the West, the synarchy incubators likewise planned the long-term conduct of continental wars that were patterned after the Napeleonic wars and USA’s civil wars. Possibly the subcontinental Taiping-Manchu conflict in China was also studied with care. ..And the future plan calls for three world wars, the first two already come to past. The planned Arab-Persia conflict being the 3rd war is now shaping up.

The object of re-enacting Rome’s synarchy is to justify the need for a global ‘new world order’ of tyranny. The re-enactment of Rome’s ‘rule of law’ and pax romana will also find new space, as ‘world rule of law’ in a ‘pax U.N.’ or ‘pax Atlantica’. The empire’s base, as already tackled by me in a separate article, will be the alliance of the USA-EU as a two-headed yet single monstrous state. Japan will most likely stay close to this power axis as its Eastern co-axis.

If Rome’s drama were to be re-enacted after 2000 years or so, necessarily the central figures of that time will also be re-embodied to pursue roles almost near to or equivalent to the past. The most focal figure of that time is no other than Augustus Ceasar, first Emperor of the degenerate Roman Empire. His allies and chief enemies will also re-embody, permitted as such by the Karmic Board to fulfill their own equivalent roles in the unfolding cosmic drama in minutiae on Earth.

Made aware by the writings of the mystic-alchemist Trevor Ravenscroft as early as the late 70s yet of this renewing cycle and drama, and in the 90s by his book about the Antichrist, I did anticipate the coming of both Satan and Augustus Ceasar whose embodiments were pre-visioned before by the mystical master Steiner. In a separate article I already wrote about Leviathan or Satan, confirming his presence here today, as a person of enormous esteem globally, born and residing in the USA.

Aware of what to expect, I did meditate recently (this year) to check on ‘cosmic data’ about Augustus’ own whereabouts. With great luck I did saw a vision of Augustus, as a politician or so in Europe. His face had the looks of one known Hollywood actor, exudes power but also abomination, and must be around ages 38-42.

In that vision, I was shown his face, after which came visions of trees and foliage. I shuddered as I saw him, as I realized that HE WAS ALREADY A MATURE ADULT ready for the picking, and realizing that the prophecies of Steiner and other mystics were happening ON THE DOT without delays whatsoever. The vision could mean the following:

  • The Re-embodiment is a politician today, and is pursuing his mission in the realm of the public sphere.
  • He is back in EUROPE where he is destined to fulfill his role.
  • He could be a most focal, ideological leader of the Green Movement or party, as signified by the vision of trees & canopies.
  • He could have been born in the Ardennes region of France, or the region bordering France and Germany, which used to be total forest. The vision of trees could signify this too.
  • He could also be both: born of combined Frech-German stocks, in the Ardennes region, and is a core leader of the Green movement and/or party.
  • He will oversee the conversion of the Green movement into a full totalitarian movement, beginning the movement’s career as the totalitarian party of the 21st century. Eco-fascism thus replaces communism, fascism, Islam, Arab socialism, and other totalitarian movements of the previous century that have failed or are bound to crash.
  • He is now very much prepared for his role as global strongman. The only thing he awaits now is the consolidation of Europe into a totalitarian monster, and its allied fusion with the USA/North American Union into the mighty Empire juggernaut of the near future.

I can intuit so many other things about this abomination. Steiner already revealed that Ahriman will personally bless him and give him the go-signal for massive ‘washing of the blood’ across the globe via a world war and up-scaled synarchist conflicts. In addition, I can intuit that he is now searching for his former enemies who will again be in conflict with his interests.

This Abominable Emperor will be at the lowest ebb of his spiritual evolution, is totally immersed in Black Magic of the highest order, and is being mentored directly by Satan himself (in the absence of Lucifer who was already deprogrammed by the Almighty). As such, he can easily penetrate the physical veil and search for his enemies via the electromagnectic or EM templates of the planet, perhaps thru means available to his Order (we mystical White Robes use meditation techniques to penetrate the veil).

By the way, Steiner and Ravenscroft also revealed that the same Augustus Ceasar re-embodied later as Napoleon Bonaparte. And before that, he came forth as Cesar Borgia, from that most powerful family of the famed mercantile city-states that funded and orchestrated the bloody Crusade wars and inquisitorial bloodbaths.

Let me do some more reflections about the incarnational patterns in another article. Suffice me to clarify that the Emperor is back today, as a European of French-German (Gaul-Latin-Teuton) bloodlines, and a politician of the highest caliber. His Abomination is now knocking at the doors of Europe that has been prepared in advance for His Coming.

[Writ 03 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

Let me share more thoughts about contemporary movies, about how they can be effective vehicles to reveal intuitive insights about future worlds. I’d focus this time on the film series Matrix and Terminator.

We can regard the texts of the said cinemas as allegorical, with some fundamental archetypes that can guide the viewer towards a deeper understanding of the script. We can also regard the texts as prophetic revelations about the future worlds, particularly the technotronic or technetronic society that is now shaping up.

As forecast by certain sociologists (e.g. Torraine) and futuristic writers (e.g. Asimov), the forthcoming historical epochs will be marked by the rise to prominence of cybernetic machines. The broader context of the society from which such high-technology innovations will be made possible was tagged by Daniel Bell as the ‘post-industrial society’, while the technology was dubbed as ‘third wave’ by Alvin Toffler.

Cybernetics, the informational-integrative science started by the eminent mathematician Norbert Wiener, will have to pass through its own stages of R&D revolutions before technotronics can be made possible. Eventually, this science must move to that point when the dividing line between human and machine can be effectively erased. With such erasure effected, humans notably the ‘low thinking ability’ class of folks—whom some elites pejoratively dubbed as ‘useless eaters’—can be controlled.

The objective of those experimenters and power elites is no less than absolute, total control of the folks. When the ‘eaters’ are put under control, with even their reproductive functions and private habits largely reprogrammed to suit broader societal goals, then signs are clear that the technotronic society has been born. In such a society, no one may be poor, but freedom from poverty would be at the expense of one’s own freewill.

The initial attempt to subordinate one’s individual life to broader social controls was already experimented recently as totalitarian state form. Communism, fascism and Islam were the prototypes of the reign of Tyranny that is a departure from previous tyrannies. In these prototypes, groupthought is reinforced by a mass that is politically mobile. Such a groupthought environment permits the total permeation of draconian values down to the household level.

But such prototypes were only able to succeed in terms of percolating the normative and value reinforcement templates of the futuristic Tyranny. They hardly sufficed to create immense dents in the very psyche of the folks so as to effect mutations in each of the mass members. The mutation, if ever, was superficial, as an erstwhile docile folk suddenly became participative and mobile in a society operating on the basis of the ‘group mind’.

What the designers of future worlds have in mind is to effect mutations in the psyche through intervention in both the biological and electromagnetic (aura) templates of the individual concerned. Among those inventions brewing up are advanced level microchips that can be implanted in sensitive parts of the body such as the brain and heart. When the prototypes of these cybernetic systems are produced, there will be no further need for ideological work the way they were done in the earlier totalitarian experiments. All it needs would be to program and reprogram each folk who bear with them the appropriate chip implants.

Matrix particularly depicted the future juncture when the programming will reach perfection. In this version of technotronics, each folk is directly attached to a mega-machine, controlled totally like a baby that is forever attached via an umbilical cord to its mother. When everyone else has been attached to his/her mega-machine ‘mother’, there can be no room for escape. The risk for challenging the system would be enormously high.

In that technotronics version, everyone else is in a sleeping state, or comatose by our medical standards of today. One’s personal experiences will be registered in the electromagnetic template like unto a dream state. With everyone provided for, who will ever think of the polarity principle and challenge the status quo? This is a society where every folk is indeed a perfected eater, yet productive enough as to contribute clearly to the sustenance of the deus ex machina.

As part of the security or sanction mechanisms, cybernetic machines will perform sentinel functions. Both the Terminator and Matrix series depicted this part well. The models could vary from cyborgs to tentacle octopus-like robots. Whatever will be the form of such cyber-sentinels in the future, they will come to fruition most likely. As of this writing, the proto-cyborgs are now coming out in the open in the form of humanoid robots.

As an update, do note that as of this moment, cybernetics had already advanced to the 3rd phase level, and is moving fast ahead. The objective of future phase cybernetics is to short-cut Thought or eliminate it altogether among the folks, by directing or manipulating the ‘eaters’ via computers. In which case there will be not much need for ideologizing which works by continuous brainwashing or sustained drumbeating of the state’s power via propaganda. While there will still be propaganda, it will be secondary contrasted to cyber-technology itself.

There is no doubt that all the Tyrannical experiments of the past will fold up sooner or later. Communism had already tragically collapsed, fascism is having a hard time to be revived, and Islam is pretty unstable. Eco-fascism is now being whipped up as a substitute for the failed communist experiments, but this too, which is propaganda-based in strategy, will flop out.

However, what can be culled from such experiments in futuristic Tyranny is the high-grade information about total behavior control. They are Skinner’s Walden Two enacted in the real world, of draconian experiments that sought to gain compliance by circumventing Thought and working straight on the Primal base of human behavior. The high-grade information has now been repacked and translated into both qualitative and mathematical languages, ready for their own re-utilization in the context of the erasure of distinction between human and machine.

At this time, the Old World with its semblance of thought-governed rules and templates is now coming to a close, approaching a ‘twilight zone’. It is coming at a time when the distinction between terrestrial and extraterrestrial is also on its twilight. Just one more element waits to unfold: the erasure of space-oriented with hyper-space travel, radically altering hence our time concepts.

The Terminator series was able to depict the successful short-cutting of the time process precisely through time-travel principles and mechanisms. Mystics and masters know too well these principles, even as they were able to demonstrate with ease how one can use his/her electromagnetic or EM body to travel to the past or future and come back to the present. The packaging of this information into cybernetic items is now within our hand, and sooner or later there will be such cyber-sentinels that can indeed travel across time to perform their duties.

If the Divine Hierarchs will not intervene enough on Earth and other star systems where planets are similarly situated (i.e. 3-dimensional, dense sphere), chances are that Earth and other Fallen planets will move closer to the dreaded technotronic future. It will be a future that will synthesize the basic foundations of 20th century totalitarianism and 21st century cybernetic innovations. Since mankind is quite somnambulistic in awareness today, a state that is almost similar to the Matrix awareness, very few human souls are even aware of where we’re heading for, much less aware of what to do.

For if majority of humans are aware, they would concur collective courses of action and invite the Divine Hierarchy to intervene as much as possible. This is the tragedy of the moment, a tragic condition that the divinities are trying hard to address from their end.

The danger with the evil experiments of the Terrans (Earth’s people) on behavior control, most especially totalitarian control, is that they might spill over to other habitable planets. How far aware are Terrans that cross-galactic observers, traversing hyperspace to come here, may have amassed enormous research data about Terran tyrannies for their own purposes, isn’t even on the table for evaluation.

And even more tragic would be the possibility that, over a century hence, these totalitarian systems may become obsolete on Earth, but the same junk systems would be executed in large scales across the vast expanse of galaxies. Because the Earth is now evolving, and chances are that such experiments, if they would last at all, won’t have a chance to last two hundred years from now. But there we are, diffusing tyrannical ideas—novel today but junk tomorrow—for some mad regimes and terror groups in other planets and star systems.

Our only hope now is for some enlightened forces in the galaxy to come forth and intervene. Precisely by using hyperspace principles to come to Earth now to help stop all the mad experiments going on here. Otherwise we will be repeating the ancient conflict of Star Wars, or the ‘fall of Lucifer’, all over again. The enlightened ‘Jedi knights’ (signifying Light warrior forces) must come now, or too late in the day the terror machines will be all over us here, ensuring the death of liberty both here and across the galaxies.

[Writ 01 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

Magandang gabi! Good evening from this side of the world!

Let me share to you my reflections about Tolkien’s classic series, Lord of the Rings. I’m sure a lot of you watched the series, and may have read the text as well. As of this moment the world awaits another Tolkien film, which coincides with the rise of the European empire and a collapsing US economy.

To recall, Manila was in the doldrums economically when I watched the Tolkien series Lord of the Rings. As I watched the very 1st film—Fellowship of the Ring—I instantly felt the chill in my spine and shuddered at the foreboding predictions of near-forthcoming events intuited by the author way back.

The Ring sounded initially like the ‘ring of the Nibelungs’ narrative, one of the classic Nordic-Teutonic legends. But there was more to the series than signify to past events. The archetypes of the Tolkien series, to my mind, clearly signify the forthcoming battles of Har-Megiddo (Armageddon) as well as the coming of the Antichrist (Ahriman or Satan) and the World Dictator who will serve with Satan’s blessing.

The ‘ring’ archetype has impeccable semblance to the ‘spear of Destiny’. This spear was exactly the one used by a Roman soldier to pierce the body of Jesus 2000 years ago in Golgotha. Landing later in the hands of potentates and powers of Europe, the spear came to serve as the imprint of the rise and fall to power of its incumbent handler. It had passed on from Charlemagne to the Hapsburg emperors, till it landed in the hands of Hitler. Upon Hitler’s demise, the spear landed in the hands of the USA.

After completing the series—up until the finale Return of the King—and shuddering views amid goose bumps on my part, I was very sure that the Tolkien series was meant to pronounce to the world the coming of the Antichrist (Sauron) very soon, who will in turn vest the World Dictator (Saromon) with tyrannical power. The twin towers of evil (Antichrist, Dictator) will then move quickly to annihilate millions of people through wars and more wars, ending with an apocalyptic ‘battle for middlearth’ (contestation for ‘sandwiched lands’, notably Har-Mediggo or Armageddon in the Middle East).

Ahriman or Satan is coming to town. This was prophesied way back yet by masters in both the West and East. Every cycle of 5,200 years Lucifer (evil lord of the ‘hot forces’) and Satan (evil lord of the ‘cold forces’) take alternate turns in incarnating in the physical plane. Around 3,200 BC or so, it was Lucifer who embodied somewhere in ‘middle earth’. Krishna likewise embodied then, to counterbalance the evil vibes of Lucifer. That historic moment ended with the Kali Yuga or Dark Age upon the exit of Krishna.

5,200 years later, it will be Ahriman’s turn to incarnate. The year forecast for his birth was prophesied as 666 X 3 or 1998 approximately. But Ahriman is known to arrive earlier than expected, as revealed by the mystic-master Rudolf Steiner. And so, if we use the Steiner estimator, Ahriman embodied before 1998, and made his impact be felt worldwide around 1998 precisely.

Steiner was explicit in revealing that Ahriman will embody in America. We mystics know who he is, and he is someone who everybody least suspects to be the lord of all evil lords and Dark adepts. Around this decade he had secured his place in history, maybe actively involved in church life up North, and has begun to remind world leaders of wealthy nations to share their blessings to the poorer ones. Who could ever imagine that behind the face of this seemingly noble and philanthropic figure is a hideous evil hierarch?

I myself have arrived at a conclusion that this figure is Him, the long awaited monstrous abomination. I couldn’t look at his picture long enough, without noticing that it moves or is quite alive. This figure is aware about my presence here, aware about who I am (among White Robes), aware of my linkage of Light with White Adepts and spiritual masters in the physical plane right now. Look at how He deceives people, who may not even feel the abominable vibrations emanating from him at all.

I’m sure Ahriman is well aware of his purpose right now. Among his missions is to give his blessings to a global tyrant. This Mr. Tyrant is among the top political leaders of Europe where he was prophesied to incarnate (per revelation of Steiner). Like Ahriman, this abominable figure is likewise active today in his church. Not only church methods but also Eastern methods of yoga did he learn to procure energy for his hideous purposes. He is now waiting in the wings for his most awaited mission.

Tolkien intuited in the film series that the ‘ring’ (spear of destiny) will go back to Europe (signified by Smiegel the transmogrified being). For a long time the Teutonic lines of powers (Hapsburg), signified by Smiegel, beheld the spear. Under the graces of the spear for 1000 years, the empire later saw its tragic end. From the empire’s ashes appeared a mad tyrant, Hitler, who envisioned a world empire or ‘reich’ upon the granting of secular powers by the archangel of the spear.

But like any holder of the spear, Hitler’s power soon ended, and the spear passed on to the ‘hobbits’ (signifying humble mien and origin). The hobbit signified the USA, which indeed had humble origins. It was ‘hobbit’ or dwarfish relative to the gigantic Saxon-Teutonic-Celtic race from whom Americans originated, but nobody every expected that this ‘hobbit’ was destined to become a gigantic power itself.

Eventually this new power acquired two faces: the ‘hobbit’ face (signifying the magnanimous yet enlightened side) and the ‘tower of evil’ face. The unity of these faces or aspects is there amid the split personality traits, signified by the ring’s being held by the hobbits though only for a short while. But sooner or later, the magnanimous, light side will triumph against the imperious side, as the texts revealed.

While a hobbit was about to cast the ring back to the hot lava where it was forged (signifying the spear’s return to its origin), the little monster Smiegel suddenly grabbed it while traversing the air downwards. The ‘air’ signified the mental dimension: calculative, trickery, and so on. Though succeeding for a while, the holder (signifying Europe or its ancient royal bloodlines) will eventually be smothered by the fiery lava below. Likewise will the ring smelt and disappear in the lava.

Which means that upon the appearance of the global tyrant, he will immediately become the holder of the spear, and will be vested with limitless secular powers by Ahriman. He will then move quickly to foment wide-scale conflicts, embedded as he is by then in a unified, powerful Europe. With the recent signing of the Lisbon treaty, it is now assured that such a militarily mighty Europe is bound to emerge soon, an act which the tyrant now awaits so that he may become the president of the union.

The tyrant could indeed be the president of the union. Or, he could be among the top policy makers of the EU, and will call the shots from behind rather than expose his face frontally before the global community. Whoever He may be, he is now waiting in the wings. As of this writing, we are just counting months before this ‘man of the hour’ will receive his formal mission: strong man of the mighty Europe.

Given the propensity of Europeans to openly display to the public what they wish to hide from them, it is most likely that Mr. Strong Man will appear frontally. Nobody will ever suspect the exceeding evil of his character, as one will find out later. And nobody will ever suspect that “He is the one,” as people will be thinking more of somebody who will call the shots from behind as the master evil. No sir! People will never suspect that the one leading frontally is the long awaited strong man and evil tyrant.

To make matters worse, the film series ended with the return of the kingly bloodlines to power, as if this bloodline is so benign. Please note that long have the powers of Europe acted behind the scenes to ensure that the Merovingian bloodline be preserved, that the most powerful leaders installed to the thrones are of this bloodline. This evil cabal of mad men and women believe in the lie that the Merovingian line descended from Jesus and Mary Magdala.

Through the Tolkien series, the viewers’ minds are being conditioned to accept the royal bloodline as a goodly company. Maybe the possibility of restoring the kingly office as ceremonial power in Europe will emerge during the reign of Mr. Strong Man. I wish that the Europeans use their heads well when this option will be presented to them: this ‘return of royalty’ is the line of demented powers.

The option of the evil cabal is to create a trans-Atlantic 4th Reich, with the secular power (tyrant) seated in Europe and the spiritual power (Satan) seated in the USA. Those peoples who suffered so much misery and cruelty in the hands of the imperial West should better wake up right now at the turbulent events unfolding and the coming to power of this ‘two towers of evil’. The embers of war are now getting stronger, the destruction of developing nation-states the new game of the mad leaders of the West. Afghanistan and Iraq are gone, Iran will be next, and so on till the fires of war will cover all the continents of the planet.

As the Tolkien series revealed, the plot is to decimate the world populations till very few will be left. The Pied Pipers of the depopulation program are the eco-fascists, those paid agents of the global oligarchy who keep on harping the lie that “humanity is the evil” that had resulted to the destruction of Mother Earth. The lie is meant to drumbeat the evil strategy of massive population destruction through Malthusian means (wars, bio-warfare, genocide, etc). Man is evil, so let’s destroy people. What utter abominable madness!

Wake up, Fellows of Earth! Wake up and move to action to prevent these demented forces from winning and destroying humanity, nature and the planet! We shall overcome! Amen.

[Writ 29 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

It is raining hard as I write right this note, the whole Philippine archipelago seems to be taking a bath from the showers of the monsoon rains. With not much winds to whip up the rains, the showers come as a blessing altogether, as they elevate our water reserves needed for drinking and plant cultivation, to the merriment of our planters.

As I write this note, I am reminded by repeated visions for years now about an abominable being we know as Leviathan. This mythical being, described in the Old Testament bible as reptilian-looking, was identified by mystics and masters as no other than Ahriman (Satan, Shai-tan) himself. In the hierarchy of evil, Ahriman co-shares power with Lucifer, the other hierarch.

Around the late 90s yet, I began to see during some meditations a being that was like the Loch Ness monster. Its neck was also long like the Loch Ness’, its feet seemed to have some wide thing that can make it paddle through waters. But it likewise had the looks of a dinosaur, looked much bulkier and heavier than the typical Loch Ness, its skin much thicker like unto armor’s.

For years I took it for granted that I was seeing a mere reptilian thing, possibly already extinct or maybe still existing but is rather rare. There was nothing in the books though that could make me properly identify it. I often seem to view it from a distance, like it were around almost a half mile away from me, the nearest around 100 meters away, but never so near.

Not until the 2nd quarter of this year, 2008, did I view the thing so near like it were just four (4) meters away from me, did I realize that it was Leviathan. I wrote a separate article about that vision, which has to do with former fraternal brethren who betrayed me and my service fraternity, who were to my own shock the people of Leviathan or were under his control.

In that vision, while watching Leviathan, my spirit Guides stood guard beside me (in higher dimensions), my Master J to my left and my Master Seraph to my right. They actually made the vision larger by bringing the image closer to home, which made me realize that it was Leviathan.

Why I am shown Satan in his reptilian Leviathan form surely makes me ask questions. Why not view him in his form as a fallen Seraph? Probably I am not psychically prepared to see him in his typical form, so the mythic form has been the one ‘downloaded’ to my inner visions by my Guides who are both Ascended Beings and who both belong to the cosmic White Lodge.

These are the update notes I was able to intuit about Satan, culled from my many visions:

  • He is VERY MUCH ALIVE. This fact contradicts those garbled heraldries posted in websites claiming that Satan was already cancelled out.
  • The visions of His Abomination around the late 90s were alert signals by my Guides that Satan was about to appear in the physical plane to fulfill his mission here at that time.
  • The same alert message was an authentication that Satan had a manifestation on Earth, probably an embodiment of his essence-fragment. He could have other embodiments in fallen planets in other star systems and not Earth alone though. But he is HERE in the physical plane too, though his Inner Essence is niched in the 3rd Plane or elsewhere.
  • Which means that his manifestation was born decades earlier than the late 90s. He was already an adult in the late 90s then, and was already known the world over.
  • That essence or soul-fragment manifestation is RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES, confirming the earlier prophecy of Rudolf Steiner that Ahriman will embody in the USA at the turn of the century.
  • He has come here to directly serve as chief High Priest to all the Dark Lodge formations, and will personally bless the Global Tyrant or strongman who will appear in Europe very shortly. (That global ‘Emperor Palpatin’ will be treated later in another article.)
  • I am around 80% certain for now as to the identity of Ahriman/Satan in the physical plane. Yes, he is very well known, is Caucasian in hue, and is so philanthropic nobody will ever suspect that he is the Most Evil One. He knows me too, he stares me in the eyes through his print media pictures—YES HIS PICTURES COME ALIVE WHEN I STARE AT THEM FOCALLY!

Let me just go on keeping the public eyes guessing as to Ahriman’s identity. But be on the alert, His Abomination is alive though his co-partner Lucifer is now dead (cancelled out by the Almighty and Lord Michael).

So much for this vision narrative. If you are a Lightworker, you would hardly care about Ahriman’s presence here. Lightworkers have already won the day, as their mission of co-constructing the Christ Grid of Earth is now completely done. Only those laggards and recalcitrant ‘low density beings’ among us are still under His Abomination’s control.

Blessed One, fear not! Let us watch as His Abomination’s constructs will fall very rapidly in time. It is Satan who is desperate for last-ditch offensives, for victories. His people better choose Oneness while there’s still time for this. Aum.

[Writ 03 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

I will declare my position here about church assets in the most transparent terms: tax church assets & incomes. I will demonstrate the great financial potency of the Church via its assets, and the possible contribution of this institution to sustaining a very healthy fiscal environment if its assets and incomes were taxed today.

So privileged is the Church—the Catholic Church—in the country that it practically exercises power in all spheres, private and public, and remains unchecked in its unbound power and abuses committed within its confines. Because the Catholic Church commands 85% of the religious devotees in the country, the Church leaders enjoy a blessing of power accorded to no other entity in the country. Not even the Presidency, no matter how popular the incumbent president may be, can command 85% of constituents supporting the chief executive’s policy initiatives at any given time.

So, in the situation of hegemony over the devotee population by the Church, its leaders enjoy a confidence that they easily translate into privileges. A chief privilege is the ownership & control over assets without being taxed at all. Never mind if the assets are income generating, which is practically true in all dioceses and archdioceses in the country.

As already mentioned in a previous article, the Church is the biggest landlord in the Philippines, and necessarily a part of the problems spawned by landlordism. It also owns vast business or income-generating enterprises, including but not exclusively the schools run by the Religious Orders. Likewise does the Church own financial institutions such as a big bank. Church leaders continue to denounce injustices in the country, but are blind to the possible contributions to injustices by their landlordism and non-taxation of their assets.

Look at all the palaces that are abodes of the bishops, archbishops and cardinals in the country. Not even the wealthiest families reside in palaces as domicile. Only the President of the Republic resides in palaces here: the main Malacanang Palace in Manila, and the Summer Palace in Baguio City. But look at the Church leaders, they practically swim in such pomp that exceeds the lifestyles of the wealthiest. And this they do as representatives of Christ!

As to how huge is the total expanse of the Church properties and annual incomes we can only make rough estimates. Church incomes and asset reports are not the kind of things that are disseminated to the public for appreciation or scrutiny. The transparency practice of corporate groups and government agencies, including local government units or LGUs, of disseminating their asset & income reports in public is only peculiar to them. The Church is exempted from such practices, and so are the underworld criminal rings and rebel movements.

But it is no exaggeration a claim that the Church annual incomes would be equivalent to around 15% of the Gross Domestic Product or GDP. Even if we reduce this to 10%, that’s still a whopping amount. It means that on the average the Church should be contributing at least 10% to the aggregate tax revenues. Put in another way, the state has been losing an amount equivalent to 10% of revenues due to hyper-privileged tax exemption on church properties & incomes, or around $2.5 Billion (nominal value).

If the country generated a total of U.S. $550 Billion in 2006 (using Purchasing Power Parity or PPP), then 10% of the GDP equals $55 Billion at the end of last year as the equivalent contribution by the Church. The situation is that the income account of the Church is not actually included in the official estimates or reports as far as my knowledge is concerned. In which case Church income accounts are considered, in standard economic language, Underground Economy where it joins all the other income-earners who do not pay taxes at all.

Imagine if the Church were to pay $2.5 Billion or P100 Billion + in taxes at the end of each year, then the budgetary deficit gap will be so instantly filled up that the fiscal health of the country will suddenly be buoyed up to Excellent level due to gross surplus. Not only that, the nation will also suddenly join the Budgetary Surplus throng of nations. In turn, its credit-worthiness will be boosted to the top level, thus permitting the country to embark on more ambitious development projects due to its newfound fiscal health, thanks to the Church’s payment of its taxes.

But such a scenario is only wishful thinking for now. And for as long as the Church is so privileged with tax exemption, the state will have to squeeze out every idea available from bureaucrats about where to get the money to plug the budgetary deficit and upgrade the country’s fiscal health. The state already compromised the country’s international trade leverage, where the country instantly lose over P300 Billion annually in potential revenues due to trade liberalization. Just raising the import duties by an automatic 2% will derive us new revenue of past P150 Billion which can easily plug the fiscal hole. But that’s a non-option, nay a highly toxic proscription, and so the option must be placed elsewhere.

If only state officials, business groups and civil society would ‘discover’ this option and build a consensus surrounding this option, then maybe the Church will give way and do its share of its fiscal obligations to the country. But whether this is possible, given the entrenchment of Church lay leaders in government and the business sector, is a huge question mark. Not even civil society, which benefitted so much from using Church utilities and assets for its advocacies and social development pursuits, will ever open its eyes to this possibility that will invite the ire of its Church benefactors.

Knowing the perpetually rambunctious behavior of the bishops, who seem to be like all-powerful gods out to bamboozle the state and the social sectors with their moralistic positions, it is a tough decision to get them to recognize their fiscal obligations at all. Not even the dictator Marcos was able to squeeze the coffers of the Church for such fiscal contributions, although he did attempt at some moments to do so. Marcos was overthrown by the Church, if one recalls properly, in collaboration with other vested interest groups. So this is the possible political cost of rocking the boat of the bishopric gods.

And aren’t the bishops involved today in overthrow attempts against the incumbent president? The chief executive hasn’t even considered any thought at all about taxing Church properties. It’s simply the rambunctious bishops who are ever in search for loopholes in other people’s character, notably state officials, which in effect conceals their own defects and loopholes. And they found such loopholes in the person of the president and the first gentleman who have to work hard to survive the seemingly perpetual attack against their character by the church gods and demigods.

So this option of taxing Church assets & incomes will have a long way to go yet. But to say that it can’t be done is an exercise in illusory fatalism. Turbulence is the norm of the day, and who knows, some couples of decades from now a patriotic group will rise to the fore as the hegemonic political formation, after storming the palace via a putsch or people power. And being totally autonomous from Church interest and influence, this group or coalition will simply begin exercising its patriotic duties with greater political will and extent than those done by other dominant groups in the past, notably the taxation of Church assets & incomes. Being no closed option, future fiscal history gladly awaits its unfolding.

[Writ 20 November 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]