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ARROGANCE & HUBRIS WON’T PAY November 19, 2015

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



The ego surely has every way

To ambush your psyche

Like bandits waiting to waylay thee

It comes with thunderbolts

Of thoughts so dark and gloom

They’d make you depart

From your sublime humanity


Such as to make you wallow

In dirty cesspools

Of arrogance and hubris

Large may the pool be

Yet dirty is it as ever


Arrogance and hubris won’t ever

Pay enough and won’t reward thee

Save but to sink thee

Deeper in murky waters of evils

Such darkness will come back

Upon thee when most unexpected

Like a boomerang gleefully flying

To return to its own thrower


[Philippines, 20 August 2010]





Arrogance, delusion, pride all go together as evils experienced by the lower self or psyche. You would notice how many are those who claim today to be representatives of the Divine Beings, and by examining the contentions they make—that are ambiguous and deceptive—you know that they are engaging in delusions. And they delude the public with an aura of humility, mind you. Yet they arrogate upon themselves the huge role of Divine representative! What philistine hubris!


Such evils could hide themselves from the uninitiated or ignorant, but not from sharp empaths, psychoanalysts and more so from evolved souls. Just by reading through about three hundred (300+) channeling articles writ in 1992-2001, I was able to perceive through dark marshes and saw the arrogance and hubris that went with them. Those channelers, who are actually spiritist mediums that perform necromancy (calling the spirits of dead, animals, negatives astral beings), are psychologically unstable, and to prove my point let them undergo psychiatric test. I can see through them, being an empath who conducted listening & counseling on hundreds of troubled souls.


Arrogance, hubris, delusion, pride are all poisons to the soul. Any truly willful seeker should be determined to deprogram them from the psyche. The tools of deprogramming vices are provided by an initiating guru, as I normally do to those I mentor, and should be applied diligently. There can be no excuses for missing out on deprogramming certain vices or evils such as lying, cheating, arrogance, pride, as the failure to take them out will redound to reinforcing veils in the Path.


Unable to deprogram vices and take down veils in the Path, Divine Grace can never be fully given by the Almighty, and the advancing seeker will remain dangling in the ‘purgatorial regions’ of existence. Burn down all evils, take down all veils, and Divine Providence will grant nirvana, the 1st phase of true liberation, unto the devotee or seeker or mystic.




May 2011



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IN FLIGHT (Poem 37)

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

In my flight in the morrows

Pen and tongue I’ll muster

And share with fellows eager

To behold the notes of life

Notes of life that elevate

Them to their dreams’ heights at last.

Hopefully the notes I’ll share

Shall register as permanent memoriam

Ne’er as undeciphered letters written

On sea shores that waves soon wash away.

Allow the notes to linger even just

For a time like writings on granite walls

Even if the walls later choose to dishevel.

For the crux of the code is crucial:

That all men are brothers

Who can live together as One benign


[Writ. 17 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


A seeker and baktha (devotee) should never be remiss in learning the art and science of the ‘written word’. As the human mind grows, culture becomes more complex and advanced, thus the demand for written products will increase by many folds.

I recall as a mere adolescent that my own linguistic skills were rather lagging behind my science and analytical abilities. But I had the passion to write, and so did I strive very hard to master the written word. I wished to tell so much to fellowmen, wished to leave the imprints of my thoughts and inner wisdom through the written word, so I read voluminously aside from write promiscuously in order to master the written word.

If there is any model to look up to for this passion of mine, it is no other than Dr. Jose Rizal, national hero of my country the Philippines. Dr. Rizal wrote so promiscuously, he kept on communicating his thoughts, feelings, and wisdom through the pen. He left so many writings, that there is so much to write about him long after he was gone. I consider Rizal as my first guru in my country, and I’m so glad he left so many writings that are testaments to his wise teachings.

As a seeker graduates to a mystical Adept, the significance of the pen is even more exacerbated. So learning the pen well while one is still young pays off so much as will seeker can realize later. In today’s context where the internet has become a fact of life, the power of the pen is at its nadir.


April 2011


POEM ON PATIENCE March 16, 2015

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IN FLIGHT (Poem 36)

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

I shall not go weary with the waiting.

Time’s no evil, Time is kind

Time does not stand still for the doer

As it glides smoothly with the trade’s making.

I shall not go weary with the waiting.

Time is honest, Time is gentle

Time is merciful to the pilgrim

Who’s been shaping up for earnest sharing.

I shall not go weary with the waiting.

Time is not a loathsome changeling

That devours its trusted fellows

Not the man with noble visions.

I shall no go weary with the waiting.

Duty that lifts travelers aflight prevails.

Duty prevails.

[Writ. 17 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


The virtue of patience and the propelling power of Duty are stressed in the poem. This is part of my poetry series titled In Flight, writ as a young man who wished to do development work among the poor folks of other continents.

Impatience is a deadly poison to one’s soul. To a Traveler—a seeker who performs learning and Duty in solitary fashion—impatience is a stumbling block to building a strong foundation within the self in order to move forward to the next levels of development. Impatience yields half-baked results, and there are no half-baked learnings in the Path of liberation.

A seeker would be so lucky enough if Divine Grace would be bestowed upon him/her, amidst enormous impatience in getting results for spiritual goals. As the Master Yoda said in the Star Wars series, “patience, patience!” when mentoring his apprentice Luke Skywalker.

Build patience within the psyche, as this virtue will facilitate the building of other core virtues. Don’t ever wait for the Almighty Creator to build patience for you, the initiative and effort must come from within you. Prayer and meditation tools for building virtues should be applied consistently and persistently to deprogram impatience and build the jewel of patience.



April 2011


COME BACK O! LOST CRAFT October 9, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

You will come back, o! lost craft!
You were drowned in the great deluge
Where faith in self lost its scepter
To turbulent waves of underesteem
Faith has lost faith!

You are not lost!
Nothing is
Lost, not a craft that burns
The nights that owls had no monopoly
Over, beat your own despair!
Rise and ride astride the new tidal waves!

Find the whirlpool from the deep recesses!
Twill pull you up
To where bubbles are on sea surfs’ tops
Afloat you shall be
You are your own life saver

[Writ. 14 May ‘99, Cubao, Quezon City, MManila]

This poetic piece is meant to inspire myself then to never let learned crafts become dormant or dead due to misuse. Crafts are of significant import to a person’s development, and perfecting certain crafts or professions are requisites to spiritual development.
Craftsmanship is referred to as 3rd Ray trait in the higher mysteries. So important are crafts that down here on 3rd dimension we cannot survive without them (a craft or profession ensures us money to get ensue with daily existence), and to a higher extent they endow us with the esthetics to apperceive the wholeness of creation.
We should strive to develop crafts, and we should all learn to appreciate the works of craftsmen or artists. Artists could align through as high as 8th density to tap principles of beauty and esthetics there, and then create products from out of imagined models of what they have in mind. Without the esthetics in our world today, we will leave a dreary, boring society akin to a ‘world of zombies’.
Upon learning crafts or professions, strive to practice them and bring the practice to perfection. Non-practice could yield death on a craft, such as what happens to a medical doctor who wouldn’t practice for ten straight years (I heard of such a narrative from my surgeon uncle Dr. Edwin Argonza who lamented one such young doctor he mentored but who lost the craft due to non-practice). Never ever lost your crafts as they’d become part of your ‘inner gold’ of treasures.

March 2011


THY WILL BE DONE September 18, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Whenever the day starts I knock
Upon the doors of Life to request extensions
Of my lease to exist. Not that I
Will be merry forever notwithstanding fears
Tensions and anxieties that arise
In my here-and-now; I’m simply unsure
Of what may be up for me. Well, Life
Responded as always—cheerful, lighthearted,
Contagiously optimistic. I’d catch its air
Of glittering hope, daunting spirit,
Its elan of all elan. The I’d say too,
“Life, please do share unto others what you’re
Offered to me.” “Thy will be done” said Life.
Thy will be done. Done will be
Hope’s cremation of every unwanted carcass
Of Obscurity: faith in self regained.
[Writ. 21 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Hopelessness, alienation, despair are the common affective theme of the day. Such a hopelessness, saps one’s own will-to-ascend, lead to further fragmentation and disorder, nay leave to self-annihilation through drug addiction and suicide. But not all people on Terra today are the harbingers of hopelessness, as many yet are those positive humans who are exemplars of hope, optimism, enlightened will.
I do recall that on the previous year before I wrote the poem, I began to read the 3-volume books of Ernst Bloch titled The Principle of Hope. Though steeped in Marx-Freud perspective, I easily saw the mystical undertones of Bloch’s thought, making him unmistakably a spiritual seeker. Seeking to explicate millenarian movements through the ‘principle of hope’, I found myself resonating easily with his thought constructs. I recommend seekers to read Bloch in fact, as part of the sharpening of tools for social knowledge.
Will hopeless, despair, fragmentation last much longer than it already did (for innumerable eons)? Comes post-2012 scenario, the condition of hope, optimism, psyche integration will become a full-blossomed reality. Light will permeate every interstice of the planet and of social spaces, permeating deep into the psyche (lower self) and soul (higher self), thus ensuring healing, wellness, ecological balance.
With the full return of hope and correlate principles—of will, love, enlightened power—shall galvanize the greater condition or ground for preparing mankind for the next phase in the evolutionary leap. Thus will mankind be brought closer and closer to the Father-Mother across the epochs yet coming.

March 2011


WHEN DEMOCRACY COMES September 12, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Land of ours! You’re bent on reminding
Us anew: that our Sentinels again
Will rob us clear of our well-earned
Civil rights and arrogate for themselves
All powers of government.
So what? Yes, so what?
Will democracy become so weary
As to naively recline upon coal embers
That are our Sentinels’ hearts?
Has democracy anyway flowered
Into full bloom in your soil as to assure
Your history’s place in the citadels
Of human grandeur?

Land of ours! Relay these utterances
To the vanguards of treachery:
Democracy is verily like a fruit
That has ripened in the beings
Of the workingmen in shops and farms:
A dazzling show twill manifest
As it finally blooms to maturity
And edifices of fascistic greed twill
Burn down to remain as ashes forever
A signal to all humanity of your
Patriots’ repute as victors and
You: a bastion of freedom bearers.
[Writ. 13 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Governance has come a long way since the first races of humans. We have shifted from kingship to republics, with experimentations on them done in classical Greece (democracy) and Rome (republic). Kingships that remained were to gel with republican democracies, with monarchs performing ceremonial powers and elected politicians mandated with executive powers.
Very imperfect is our democracy though. We continue to experience military coups in certain countries, while those of Western democracies are actually plutocracies. In reality, oligarchs are in power in Terra today, particularly the financier oligarchs who call the shots in national governance and are now planning to install global governance under their control.
That will all change post-2012, as we will see a full blossoming of republican democracies. Councils will be governing cities, regions, and the planetary state, with a World Leader Avatar serving as chief-of-state of the planetary government. Earth will thus be governed by enlightened beings, with Melchizedeks assigned to each city to serve as spiritual gatekeeper (they will be giving blessings to newly elected council leaders).
As I’ve revealed in some previous articles, the structural framework of the future world and region-level governments are now in place. Gatekeeper councils have been operating in the etheric plane, each one led by a Master. The Gatekeepers of each council report directly to a larger body which is akin to the UN’s general assembly. Definitely, the Spiritua Hierarchy is very much prepared for future governance as of today.


March 2011


THE SUN OUR KIN September 3, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

It’s true the Sun will lay to rest
On the day’s end after his toil
And give way to the nighttime hours
When ravagers despoil amid our slumbers
But sure enough the morning comes
And Sun radiates our Land anew
Each smile he sports enervates our longings
For better times of wealth and wellbeing
He never tires to shed us rays of care
He never retreats without sharing heraldries
Of what our strivings will bring forth
A sturdier and well esteemed commonwealth
He shall ever be there when we need him
A kin indeed our light of liberty
[Writ. 07 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]


My poetic lines signify the optimistic side to the sun or Sol. I have always regarded Sol in a very positive light, despite the hours of the day when the sun’s rays could be burning hot. I’ve been experiencing this a long time, being a habitué of the tropics (the Philippines is just a few degrees latitude north of the equator).
The hot hours of the sun are largely the result of Terra’s descent to 3rd dimension. Across the eons, Sol had understandably underwent changes, which could have further exacerbated the searing heat that we feel here on Terra during hot days. When Terra was still 5th dimensional, the atmosphere was filled with mist the whole day, mist that served as canopy for mankind, rendering Sol truly very friendly indeed.
As soon as Terra returns to higher dimension, climate conditions will radically change toward greater stability. Sol will become even friendlier, and we will feel and receive the greatest benefits ever from Him (I’d say Him in honor of Lord Helios who is the Solar Logos), inclusive of widespread use of solar energy for diverse purposes. Perhaps the day-long mist—that can turn to fog at times—will come back, which not only serves as canopy but as source of water for us (our pores will breath again like before, and water can come in through them).
The Lord Helios and His consort Lady Vesta are Ascended Masters of the highest caliber, and are indeed our kins. They have attained Christhood too many eons have passed, and will always be recognized for their very sublime feats for the entire civilization we can dub as Solar Civilization. Meditating on the honorable Logoi and thanking them for their undying care will be most welcome.

March 2011