Dreams, Optimism, Wisdom



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good day to all you freethinkers or Seekers of knowledge, truth, wisdom!

It is now a time for a gathering, Dear Ones, as the Earth proceeds through the new phase in its history. A New Consciousness—by a New Humanity, in a New Earth—is rapidly arising. We are fast proceeding through what Tailhard De Chardin referred to as the ‘noosphere’, the sphere of higher knowledge and awareness. The long phase of fixation to the biosphere is now fading fast from the historical canvass, as the noosphere arises in a meteoric ascent to glory. In this new phase arising, the ‘Christ Consciousness’ will become the dominant organizing force behind everything else, knowledge included.

The days of Dogma, bigotry, intolerance over differences, fixed ideas, dualism, and all those thought constructs that have stifled the evolution of humanity to higher climes, are over. But the defenders of these Ideas of the Old World, Old Humanity, Old Earth, are reacting violently and have no desire to see a New World which will see their privilege to dominate and manipulate humans fade away, for it is through such encumbrances that these power elites have enriched themselves at the expense of the great mass that they have rendered effectively inutile and subhuman.

Let us all assert our greater humanity, precisely through an increased power of transcendent values in our conscience and behavior, an intensification of Oneness in all spheres of life, a movement towards higher reason, enlightened intuition, operative compassion. By so doing you shall all experience in your daily lives the true meaning of mutual respect, the substance of authentic liberation. Of course, we shall all be co-inheritors of the Earth and its beneficent resources, thus mutually enriching our inner lives with the infinite resources of the planet and the universe.

Be bold and daring. The sooner that you leave the cocoon of the Old World in haste, the better will life be for you. No matter what pains this process may bring, dare to face the storms and pangs of the process. You may lose friends, relatives, church, residential niches, crafts and professions as you move on towards a new Path, and this, I’d truly say, is a natural, normal process in the birthing of any new life. Have the courage to face them all, the strength to weather deceitful attacks against your person by the demonic tongues of those born and grown up in the ways of the Old World.

Fear not, Noble Seekers, for it is you who will be the true inheritors of the New Earth, and you will be the prototype of the seed of the New Humanity. Those manipulators and defenders of the old life are the ones whose battles are uphill, and they feel defeat every day and year in their lives. Do not make efforts to make war against those who are now losing, but rather extend your olive arms unto them, build goodwill no matter what animosities and hostilities they unabashedly exhibit unto thee.

All of you Seekers or freethinkers are called upon to move on, and when needed by arising exigencies be together and learn new truths and knowledge from each other. Create networks of Love & Light, and by the power of higher Light spread New Enlightenment with gladness and optimism. You will be the victors, the new stars that who become the Light-bringers of a new canvass—the New World arising.

This mystic, Lightworker and Fellow of the Great White Brotherhood brings love and peace to you all.

[Writ 18 September 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]


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