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IN FLIGHT (Poem 43)

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Dwindling verdant environs sadden me.

Will I in flight be rest assured

That tempestuous over-exploitation shall spare

The last remaining flora of endeared Mother Earth?

Our dream of finally containing

The mad urges to fell woods and ravage flora

Is fading like flickering flames of a candle.

‘Twas refurbished as part

Of the bizarre landscape of obscurantism

That has been deviously superimposed

Upon the benign canvass of civility.

O! Green leaves and all the myriad

Colorful flowers in your company

You are all starry jewels before my eyes!

My heart is filled with enjoyment

Over your untarnished affection.

Do you not long for one like me

Who’s almost trapped forever in the cages

Of mortal man’s edifices?

O! Dearest plants, you who make me sober,

Give me solace in times of torment

Add vitality to my being,

Deserve the undying care of all mankind

Even as you kept your pledge to Mother Earth

That you shall nourish all creatures alike.

[Writ. 24 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


One just cannot sojourn in the Path of Light without ‘respecting the integrity of creation’ and experience a Oneness with Mother Nature and all of her endowments. Any Aspirant who claims to be moving forward in the Path, but who is so alienated from nature and her God-given creatures, suffers from a deep-seated malaise of ‘anti-creation’, of nihilism and sadism.

Terrans are so badly afflicted with the malaise of anti-creation, of alienation from Mother Nature and her creatures. They now suffer the karmic backlash of all of their disrespect for nature, such that Earth is now on the verge of catastrophe partly due to Terran neglect and destructiveness.

Not only that, certain demonic minds have been consciously destroying cities and regions through weapons of mass destruction or WMD such as the Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM. Chemtrails and biowarfare ailments (AIDS, Ebola, SARS, birds’ flu) destroy both nature and humans. Endless bombing operations by military forces destroy nature and creatures too. Madness is upped, for the gains sake of greed and lust for power by the global elites.

The Catholic Church has this maxim of ‘respecting the integrity of creation’, and chose St Francis de Assisi as the patron saint of nature or ecology. I do appreciate this noble move by truly loving persons in the said church, and the designation of an Ascended Master, St Francis, as the inspirational Guide for eco-missions. Let it be so for this church, and may other churches also follow suit and practice what they preach about ‘respecting integrity of creation’.



April 2011



MEDITATION (POEM) April 5, 2015



IN FLIGHT (Poem 39)

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Let me in flight bear the tricky vogue

Of breathing. ‘Tis no plain engulfing of air

Deep into our bag breathers and then breath-out.

Breathe the air of Life!

Don’t ever breathe like one who’ll later walk

Like an intoxicated cockroach dazed.

Don’t ever breathe so un-artfully whence later

You’re cast down as a phlegmatic mammal.

Breathe the substance of Life!

That’s when the pumping is gentle

And rubbish air is smoothly expired

And when sweat cast off debris

In strenuous flexing of the muscles.

The mind thereafter is cleansed

As one’s probing make the answers

To myriad questions bend upon the inner screen.

Breathing is a key to many doors

That lead me to my destinations.

[Writ. 19 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


Meditate. Learn to meditate, let it be a focal science and tool in your spiritual sojourn. This is what the poem is all about.

I began to meditate during my college days yet, circa 1979 or so. At first my meditation schedules were irregular, but after a bout with malaria that almost got me dead in August 1982, I decided to meditate regularly. By 1983 I was meditating for an hour a day, with some days when I would have two (2) meditation schedules.

My brain cells were already dying out due to smoking and drinking before that, I could feel my thought process atrophy, and so I decided to meditate regularly. Aside from that, I went back to my studies, to take up masters of arts (sociology), and so my regular voluminous reading got me back on the road to a lively mind. Meditation helped me to stabilize my health and make a quantum leap in my mental acumen as well at a time when I was back in school.

By 1988, at the age of 30, I was ready to pass on the meditation tools to enthused seekers. So that was how long it took, from 80 through 88, before I can confidently begin Teaching tasks. Fast forward to 1994 when I ascended to mystic phase, and was a full guru thereafter. Fast forward to 2008, when I spiritually ascended to rishi or White Robe phase. How could have I evolved soul-wise without meditation?


April 2011



JUSTICE January 28, 2015


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Everyday is a mortal tablet

upon which is inscribed the expectation

of all

that kings and princes

must exude

wisdom and justice

But justice is facilely broken off

It is a cheap jar bought from

an obscure bazaar

on planet Earth


by kings and princes

[Writ. 04 June 1991, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]


We do have justice down here on 3rd dimension, and we have institutions and role players that dispense with justice. Albeit, such a justice is a corrupted one, and with barely a year and couples of weeks left we still see no light at the end of the tunnel for incorruptible 3D justice.

As I discoursed in an article titled Cosmic Justice, there is a very high body called the Karmic Board that dispenses with justice on the lower spheres. Above, the Council of 24 Elders oversee the entire universes or omniverse, dispensing with the wisest decisions and divine justice at that level. An ascended being called Lady Justice was designated by the Almighty Creator the role of chief guide across the omniverse for justice in its purest form.

This note is not meant to discount the feats of those magistrates who were incorruptible and did the best to optimize legal institutions. Such feats I do fully recognize, even as I see the possibility that such magistrates will, upon their ascension, become integrated into the cosmic machinery of Cosmic Justice. Many Ascended Masters today who comprise such cosmic organization had opportunities to embody on Earth before, down here on 3D, and their sacrifices paid off well.

I need not belabor the point about what will happen to those corrupted magistrates and lawyers. Cosmic justice shall prevail upon them, and they will be transferred to the planet suited for their own level of awareness, together with the kings & princes (politicians) who are their sponsors.



April 2011




Erle Frayne D. Argonza



…From southeastern Borneo comes a different tale. After the world had been made by spreading earth on the head of the great serpent which swam in the primeval sea, a deity descended upon it and discovered seven eggs formed of earth. Taking two of these, he found in one a man, and in the other a woman, but both lifeless; whereupon, returning to the upper world, he asked the creator for breath, that the pair might become alive. While he was gone upon his errand, however, another deity came down and blew into the mouths of the two lifeless forms and vivified them, so that when the first deity returned, he found himself forestalled, and man-kind, which he had intended to make immortal, was now subject to decay and death. …


This myth is a reproduction of related myths about the involvement of the ‘great serpent’ (Reptiloid extraterrestrials) which ‘swam in the primeval sea’ (resided in the astral plane, notably the mid- and upper astral).

Amusingly, this mythos speaks of ‘seven eggs formed of earth’. The line signifies that during the oviparous or egg-laying phase of human evolution (1st, 2nd, 3rd sub-races of Lemurians), the Reptiloid species began to intervene in the genetics of Terrans. Note that Terrans then were still in the astral dimension.

That the eggs were lifeless is evidence of the failed experiments in the early phases when many extraterrestrial species from different star systems intervened. The ‘breath’ signifies the Life-Force, without which sentient life cannot be possible.

As the myth reveals, while the Reptiloids could have been out for some errands, another group of extraterrestrials, perhaps the evolved ones, proceeded with their experimentations on ‘two eggs’. This now looks like the XX genes of males (first ‘egg’) and the XY for females (second ‘egg’), which when put together begins the life of a fetus. A 2-strand DNA suggested, which means mankind on the descent phase of evolution—also termed the devolution phase.


Of course, in the devolution to physical plane life, mankind’s lifespan eventually narrowed to just decades long, thus the decay and mortal life. Contrast that to the early humans who didn’t even need to reincarnate, as they were able to evolve back to the higher dimensions with just one embodiment down the surface, after living for thousands of years.  

[Philippines, 24 June 2011]



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



The Story of the Creation – Bilaan (Mindanao)

In the very beginning there lived a being so large that he cannot be compared with any known thing. His name was Melu, and when he sat on the clouds, which were his home, he occupied all the space above. His teeth were pure gold, and because he was very cleanly and continually rubbed himself with his hands, his skin became pure white. The dead skin which he rubbed off his body was placed on one side in a pile, and by and by this pile became so large that he was annoyed and set himself to consider what he could do with it.

Finally Melu decided to make the earth; so he worked very hard in putting the dead skin into shape, and when it was finished he was so pleased with it that he determined to make two beings like himself, though smaller, to live on it.

Taking the remnants of the material left after making the earth he fashioned two men, but just as they were all finished except their noses, Tau Tana from below the earth appeared and wanted to help him.

Melu did not wish any assistance, and a great argument ensued. Tau Tana finally won his point and made the noses which he placed on the people upside down. When all was finished, Melu and Tau Tana whipped the forms until they moved. Then Melu went to his home above the clouds, and Tau Tana returned to his place below the earth.

All went well until one day a great rain came, and the people on the earth nearly drowned from the water which ran off their heads into their noses. Melu, from his place on the clouds, saw their danger, and he came quickly to earth and saved their lives by turning their noses the other side up.

The people were very grateful to him, and promised to do anything he should ask of them. Before he left for the sky, they told him that they were very unhappy living on the great earth all alone, so he told them to save all the hair from their heads and the dry skin from their bodies and the next time he came he would make them some companions. And in this way there came to be a great many people on the earth.


Of golden hue and white of Divine Light, such is the description of the creator deity Melu. His abode was the ‘clouds’—signifier for the higher dimensions. ‘He occupied all the space above’ clearly projects the Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence of the One Universal Principle or Almighty God.

‘A being so large’ is an apt description for cosmic beings more so the creator deities who achieved perfection in previous Manvantaras yet, whose auras alone can fill up and protect many stars/suns, planets, and life-forms. The Lord Solar Logos, deity of our Solar system, for instance, has his aura protecting our Sun or Sol. Absent His Divinity and the entire Sol, planets & respective moons will go back to chaos.

Deities don’t have skins literally, though in manifest form indeed deities can look like they have skin. From out of free matter of the lower dimensions the deities created every sort of material vehicles for sentient life to occupy in their evolutionary sojourns—this is signified by using dead skin to make earth.

The breeding of early humans, of the first three (3) ‘root races’, were clearly indicated. This was a collective effort of Melu and Tau Tana, which shows the synergy of Brahma & Elohim with the hierarchs of the elementals & devas in order to create the mental, astral, and physico-etheric vehicles.

Two (2) men being the first human evolutes signifies the 1st and 2nd ‘root races’ or Pangean/Hyperborean humans who regenerated asexually. ‘The men asked Melu for companions’ signifies the coming of the Twinflame souls in the aegis of the sexually reproducing mid-Lemurian racial families in the 3rd ‘root race’.

The cyclical geo-magnetic changes of Terra, which floods the surface at certain junctures of polar reversals or shifts, was also indicated as already happening during the 1st & 2nd ‘root races’.

[Philippines, 23 June 2011]



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra



Among the many indigenous peoples in Indonesia and Malaysia there are several examples of dual gods and sometimes of trinities. In Sumatra, the Toba Batak see the Absolute Mula Jadi na Bolon as three persons representing the upper, middle, and lower worlds. In Nias there is a two-person divinity representing the dual nature of the universe—good and evil, light and dark. For the Ngaju people of Borneo, Jata is the feminine side of a dual godhead. She represents the lower world and the moon. Mahatala, the male aspect, is the upper world and the sun. Together Jata and Mahatala form the Absolute Tambon Haruei Bungai (see Southeast Asian entries;


As summarized in book reviews, the peoples of Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and Indonesia share certain myths. Among those precepts shared is the duality of Godhead, which appertains to the Law of Duality among cosmic laws.

Duality of Godhead is actually pre-eminent in cultures to the east of the Caucasus and extends to the islanders of the Pacific who are of Polynesian ethno-racial stocks. The One Universal Principle—the Spirit-Force that projected Life-forms and worlds unto the ‘void’ to create the Cosmos—actually has no gender. However, to perceive Godhead as having a duality, of both Male and Female principles represented, is totally correct and coherent with Theos Sophia or divine wisdom.

It is however incorrect to claim that the ASEAN (to shorten Southeast Asians) myths of Godhead were borrowed directly from the Vedic philosophy of India. It is more correct to contend that both peoples of India and ASEAN (Malays, IndoMongoloids, Polynesians) were of common origin: the 3rd & 4th ‘root races’. 3rd is Lemurian, while 4th is Atlantean. That largely explains the commonality of beliefs in duality of Godhead among ASEAN, Indian, and Chinese peoples (includes Tibetans).

Observe also the Trinities, which is embedded too in the mythos of India (Brahma, Siva, Vishnu) and the West (Father, Son, Holy Ghost). Number 3 is the Upper Triune in the Septenary Low, where 3 + 4 = 7. Four (4), to re-echo, is the Lower Quaternary, comprising of the elements of earth (physical plane), water (astral plane), air (mental plane), and fire (causal or ‘higher mental’ plane).

[Philippines, 23 June 2011]



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra




In the Polynesian area one of the most characteristic and interesting types of cosmogonic myths was that which explained the origin of the universe as due to a sort of evolutionary development from an original chaos or nothingness; and, at least in central Polynesia, this assumed a genealogical form. This evolutionary genealogical type of origin-myths seems, so far as available material goes, to be lacking in Indonesia, except in one very restricted region, the island of Nias, lying off the western coast of Sumatra. According to myths from this island, there was in the beginning only darkness and fog, which condensed and brought forth a being with-out speech or motion, without head, arms, or legs; and in its turn this being gave existence to another, who died, and from whose heart sprang a tree which bore three sets of three buds. From the first two sets six beings were produced, two of whom made from the third set of buds a man and a woman—the ancestors of mankind. The several variants of the myth differ in details, but all agree in tracing the origin of things to a primeval chaos, from which after several generations was developed a tree that in turn gave rise to gods and men. Although lacking the details and development found in Polynesia, these Nias myths seem to show the same fundamental conception.



In the beginning was the void or Chaos, as Theos Sophia or divine wisdom had established. The Supreme Being—the One Universal Principles, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent—then projected ideations unto the void to begin Kosmos, thus ensuing with a new Manvantara or great cycle of life/existence.


‘Brought forth a being without speech or motion, without head, arms, or legs’ shows the formless state of evolved beings who were re-integrated into the Godhead at the end of the previous Manvantara. Such beings, referred in the singular in the mythos, were re-awakened at the start of the new Manvantara. They were of pure Spirit, nay were caused by the cause of all causes, the Spirit-Force.


Brahma is deity of the physical universe, and has been mandated to direct the materialization of objective & subjective domains. Brahma & Elohim, as deific team, as well as Shakti/Mother & diverse logoi & archangels, cooperated in creating the first of oversouls which then descended into the lower domains—signified by ‘gave birth to a being who died’. That means, the oversouls have to step down the ladder, thus relatively losing certain spirituality or Light, in order to proceed with soul evolutions—this is the Devolution phase in the Law of Evolution.


The projections of the oversouls to create souls which then descended down the material planes, and from there came forth Evolutes of humans. Such was to happen during the 4th Evolutionary Round, or devic-man phase, in the totality of 7 Evolutionary Rounds prior to return to Godhead.


‘Set of beings’ practically reveal the Twinflame mates as androgyn souls have to bifurcate into the male and female ‘components’, during the mid-Lemurian, when procreation turned from the previous asexual (egg-laying or oviparous) to sexual. 6 beings of 3 sets, meaning 3 sub-races of humans birthing sexually, of human souls with corresponding dualities materializing as male and female on the surface.


[Philippines, 22 June 2011]






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