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MOZART YOUR DAY December 5, 2015

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



As part of your own tools for use

To keep your aura healthy and protected

Immerse yourself in music so benign

Of Mozart and the musical masters

Instantly they do elevate your aura

By octaves higher than your normal life

There to ensure your wellness protection

Against psychic attacks from sorcerers


Keep in tune for an hour a day

Twill keep the witch doctor away

Likewise will your intelligence increase

As razor sharp your skill to analysis

Blissful too will you be in joy

For heavenly tunes in your employ


[Philippines, 14 September 2010]





From my genius grandfather, Estanislao Argonza, did I first learn my Mozart appreciation. From him too did I learn Ybanag folk music and dance of Mascota. An ‘old soul’, Grandpa (as we fondly called him) was the core reason why I was embodied in my family, as both of my parents, who are of average intelligence, are inadequate to understand nor handle a tot who was born a gifted child. A math & music genius, he and my grandmother, a retired teacher, also taught me breeding and culture.


Now, who is Mozart to whom all musicians North and South, East and West, would pay homage too as a great master? His music is so powerful and fine, that it aids in multiplying your aura’s frequency level, thus ensuring you alignment to the divine spheres and protection versus malevolent forces (sorcerers, black magicians, dark invisible beings). What made him into what he is?


Mozart was known in a later embodiment as Leo Tolstoy. Of such gifted mind, he is indeed a spiritual master, already an Ascended or Christed One. His last embodiment was as Nicholas Roerick, great painter who eventually embraced and practiced the avocation of guru of the Teaching. Roerick was a disciple of the late HP Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society and now also an Ascended Master.


Psychologists and researchers discovered that Mozart music is a powerful aid to increase intelligence, focus, and healing. As already said, Mozart also multiplies your aura’s frequency during acts of listening, thus protecting you from psychic attacks. If you seem drained as you talked to a negative person (demoniac) or so, sit down and listen to Mozart so as to close your astral body, breath deeply for 7X, and there you go feeling your energy coming back.




May 2011


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