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IN FLIGHT (Poem 19)

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Here in the Pearl of the Orient

I’ve met you all of Earth’s social types:

Pauper and wealthy merchant

Fisherfolk, peasant and gentry

Countryfolk, villager and highlander

Craftsman, workingman, magnate, banker

Prostitute, gangster and policeman

Bishop, priest, nun, monk, minister and sinner

Pedagogue, manager and white-collar man

Sailor, bus driver and flyboy

Clerk, bartender and pedlar

Soldier and rebel warrior

Politician, publican and rabble rouser

Idiot, artist, athlete, genius.

Luck-struck! I feel like a star!

An opportuned social alchemist ceaselessly immersed

In all social spaces

Transmuted henceforth!

Rendered flexibly immortal to live and lead

In all imaginable shapes and spheres.

I shall fly so soon.

Scattered are your seeds over

Earth’s living zones

You ramparts of the planet.

[Writ. 30 Aug. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]



In my book Libertosophy & Freethought, I declared the thesis that one must attain self-realization or moksha within a social context. Be where the people are, practice devotion to God by showing devotion to them too, and serve the helpless ones to alleviate their needs and impoverishment. Serve wholeheartedly, and do it in silence.

Ascension that is done in a social context I first termed then as ‘social alchemy’. At a latter time, I coined the term libertosophy to mean a paradigm of spiritual truths, knowledge, wisdom that is suited for an aspirant who moves in the sub-paths of service and enlightened power, such as the social activists of our time.

I never found appreciation for those monks in Tibet who were isolating themselves inside caves and seemingly meditating forever. On the contrary, I disdained such a practice. One need not be a monk in order to ascend and attain moksha, one can isolate the self by living alone in your urban flat, but do not delude yourself with attaining moksha by total isolation.

Be like the proverbial Prometheus, who brought Light to those in need, though you may be challenged by Desire and may buckle down at times (Desire symbolized by the Vulture that pecked Prometheus’ liver while he was tied on a rock). As Jesus urged us, feed the poor, give water to the thirsty. Bring for the Light of truth, knowledge, wisdom to those who are in need, that they too can find balance within them, develop inner peace, and find the Path to nirvana or salvation.



April 2011


KEY OPENS DOOR BY ITSELF? December 10, 2014

Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

A key
Inserted on a doorknob
Cannot turn itself
Someone has to be
It’s turning’s progenitor

If indeed a key
Turns a doorknob
By itself?

‘Tis like asking
If a cockroach can
Push an elephant
Or if a gentle breeze can
Knockout a sturdy house

It coheres with the circumstance
When a ball rests and bounces
At the same time

When the slightly probable
Fills the observer’s eyes
As an inescapable vista of verdant forests
Green and lucidly green
[Writ. 29 May 91, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

A poetic piece meant to disturb readers a bit, to make them reflect, and enable them to examine the presuppositions behind their thoughts. If one is able to do so all the time, then one is just a step away from the meditative state whence presuppositions fly away like dusts in the wind. In a presuppositionless state, visual apperception of higher levels of reality is possible.
At any rate, people live the lifeworld taking reality for granted, unmindful of what goes around, mindful only of the next activity or work they need to do. Someone has to consciously stop and conduct reflective work in order to break the monotony of the lifeworld. It is during a reflective moment that one can think about puzzles in the lifeworld and the universe, take stock of paradoxes, and challenge the psyche to solve lingering puzzles in the mind.
Let’s take the interesting case of the electron and ask: is the electron a body that can rest a bit? Or is it moving all the time? Can it be modeled like a ball that bounces on the ground? Schroedinger and Heisenberg reflected seriously on the matter, and to their own amazement they found at that the electron actually rests and yet is in motion at the same time. That modeling of electron led to the ‘duality theory’ in quantum mechanics.

April 2011



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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Welcome, Prometheus!
Descend upon the pillars and corridors of Academia!
Have your merriment and feasts among
The expectant adherents of your holy fire.
Illuminate the residents of Academia with your
Undying light: mana of reason and knowledge.
Awaken us to the flowering consciousness of the knower
As your light fires up the longing lamps of us all.
Remain! Linger on! Let your sacred essence be
Of the inherited Elixir of our triumphant march
Along Life’s trek!
Happy at last will be Zeus over our sublime fraternity.
[Writ. 11 November 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]


‘Prometheus in academia’ signifies the mystic who, though still challenged to rise above the surplus Desire (signified by Prometheus tied on a rock, continuously consumed by a vulture), chooses to base in the academe. Many of us would-be White Robes did choose this platform for spreading higher Light, an experience that I found very fulfilling.

When I was still actively teaching at the University of the Philippines (old Manila campus), I met another mystic there, Prof Piwi Aragon. I was so glad that we were both teaching for the same department (social sciences). Glad all the more as I found out that other faculty members were seekers, and altogether we enriched our library with esoteric books, mentored students in the Teaching, and spoke on prophecy right inside the university on certain occasions.

In 2008, I ascended spiritually, finally transcending the ‘Promethean phase’ of my initiation. Looking back, the teaching profession actually taught me a lot about how to become a guru, and I needed that very much in as much as I was a great warrior in past lives who just wasn’t keen on mentoring the way a professor and guru does. The academe was my training ground to teach well, to practice flexibility in handling seekers of diverse psyche (personality).

Now, as to Zeus, in case some seekers still aren’t knowledgeable about the matter, Zeus signifies the Dyaus-Pitar or ‘sky fathers’ of antiquity. They were the Solar Pitris who were called forth to help evolve humans that we know today, for as Blavatsky cogitated, nature alone cannot breed humans. Beings of higher awareness must be involved in the creation of human species. The Solar Pitris were preceded by the Lunar Pitris, who were the creator fathers of the primordial Pangean races.


March 2011



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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra


Songbird of the country

Please sing your tunes tirelessly

On valleys and hills

Sing afloat your theatre of amusement!


You are forever rewarded

With rice, shelter, care

By humble folks who truly cherish you.



Sing for them! – the poor and wretched—


They who were left forlorn

By trusted lords

By false guardians of welfare

By deified magnates;

They who are now casting

New lives for themselves

New hopes toward betterment.


O! Songbird so dear!

Lift them up from slumber!


[Writ. 26 May 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]



I never ceased to marvel over songbirds perched on trees nearby my residence, their songs serving as balms that can sooth inner wounds. As part of divine grace on Terra, we are o! so blessed with so many songbirds. In the early morning, they role-play as my alarm clock, wakening me through their sweet melodies.

Aspirants in the Path ought to meditate on the sublime meanings of the songbird. Upon advancing in the Path and striving to contribute to the Work, the Aspirant better face people like a songbird does to the folks. It is necessary to provide service to those who are in need, as well as to those who thirst for knowledge and wisdom, service being the 6th Ray of divinity.

Be like unto the songbird, who dedicates melodies so unselfishly to those who can hear, especially the marginalized peoples. Those deified magnates who quack service by engaging in humanitarian pursuits for posterity and fame, those who are undeniably Service-for-Self or SFS persons, will be taken out by Gaia from Terra post-2012, and will be transferred by the Spiritual Hierarchy to a world that befits their egoistic nature.



March 2011





Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

[Manila, January 2014]



Divine Wisdom or theos Sophia is the wisdom of ascended beings or masters. Previously taught in secrecy only to the elect, it is now disseminated and taught openly. Also called the Teaching, the Brothers of Light decided to keep it secret for a long time during the Kali Yuga (Dark Age), as it was abused and used for ulterior or evil motives by the unprepared and the Evil Ones. Kali Yuga is now over, the Golden Age of Light has begun, and the Teaching had since its open dissemination impacted decisively already so as to lift up humanity to where it is today: the Ascendant arc of evolutionary path.


The mandated releases to humanity are divided into batches called dispensations. Three (3) dispensations have already occurred, as follows:


  • 1st Dispensation: 1860-1914
  • 2nd Dispensation: 1919-1970
  • 3rd Dispensation: 1974-Present (ongoing)


Below is a listing of the names of the Initiates who were tasked to channel the Wisdom or Teaching from Mahatmas (Perfected Ones). Spiritual masters who released related writings were also included. Any seeker or aspirant can then openly research on the writings of the identified Initiates that are now available on the internet (most of them are free sharewares, while some others are for purchase).


The said Initiates/Masters and their respective works are the most urgent ones to read or study. The writings contain many methods and tools for attainment or spiritual advancement. An aspirant can go ahead and read the works of masters other than those identified below, and then use the 7th Ray and 12th Ray to integrate all lessons and practices thereafter (see Joshua David Stone’s Ascension Manual).


Any beginning seeker must strive to accomplish the ones labeled ‘urgent reads’ during the first 2 years of studies. From there on, the seeker can proceed to study the other materials.


1st Dispensation: Foundations of the Wisdom/Teaching


Helena P. Blavatsky

  • Urgent reads: Secret Doctrine, vols. 1 & 2

Annie Besant

  • Urgent reads: (a) Ancient Wisdom, (b) Avataras

Rev. C. Leadbeater

C. Leadbeater

Col. Olcott

A.P. Sinnett


Related works:

Rudolf Steiner

  • Urgent reads: (a) Cosmic Memory, (b) Knowledge of the Higher Worlds


Note: As an introductory foundation for all the 1st Dispensation writes, read A. Besant’s Ancient Wisdom. All mandated messengers were founders of the Theosophical Society, with Blavatsky’s works as most pivotal. Steiner began with theosophy, though he later declared independence and founded anthroposophy. If you encounter difficulties with terms or concepts, clarify the definitions in Blavatsky’s Theosophical Glossary. Mahatmas who channeled the wisdom: El Morya, St Germain, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey.


2nd Dispensation: Expansion of the Wisdom, Christ’s Return


Alice Bailey & Dwjal Khul

  • Urgent reads: (a) Externalization of Hierarchy, (b) Initiation: Human and Solar

Guy Ballard & Edna Ballard

  • Urgent read: I Am Discourses

Mark Prophet & Elizabeth Prophet

  • Urgent reads: Lost Gospels of Jesus, vols. 1-4

Geraldine Inocente

Nicholas Roerich


Related works:

Paramahansa Yogananda

  • Urgent read: Autobiography of a Yogi


Note: 2nd Dispensation works are expansions of the foundational Teaching. The beginnings of strong resonations about the return of the Planetary Christ are reflected in Dwjal Khul’s channeled messages thru his chela Alice Bailey. Earth was almost destroyed by the Evil Ones (Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo), the Teaching releases thus including tools to spread Light & Love in most rapid fashion to “seal the door where evil dwells” (Great Invocations). Accordingly, the ‘accelerated method’ to one’s Path were also released. Paramahansa Yogananda belongs to the Kriya masters, with important contributions adjusted to modern times.


3rd Dispensation: Ascension, Earth Changes, New Earth


J.J. Hurtak

  • Urgent read: Keys of Enoch

Joshua David Stone

  • Urgent read: Ascension Manual

Guru Krishnananda

  • Urgent reads: (a) 2012/End or Beginning, (b) Preparing for 2012
  • See:

Sal Rachele

  • See:

Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

  • See: CosmicBuhay – (wisdom)
  • See: AscensionGuardian –

[95 other Messengers – for identification/scattered across 180 countries/diverse languages used…]


Note: 3rd Dispensation, which began when the Almighty Father commenced direct intervention on Earth in 1974, combines continued new releases on the Teaching and prophecies about the forthcoming planetary Ascension. They were writ by 100 messengers from among the 144,000 White Robes tasked to aid Terrans prepare for the shift in consciousness and reality (5th Dimension). Though very complex as the Initiates come from different wisdom traditions, aside from being indubitably staggering (coming from 100 thinkers!), there has been a convergence of the heraldries on the topic of Ascension. Since the Almighty Father has been intervening, in the last instance it was He who determined the landform post-2012 (landforms were retained), shift Earth to 4th Density without the catastrophe, and is expected to intervene again during the final ascent to 5th Density/Dimension.



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


The Children of the Limokon – Mandaya (Mindanao)

In the very early days before there were any people on the earth, the limokon (a kind of dove ) were very powerful and could talk like men though they looked like birds. One limokon laid two eggs, one at the mouth of the Mayo River and one farther up its course. After some time these eggs hatched, and the one at the mouth of the river became a man, while the other became a woman.

The man lived alone on the bank of the river for a long time, but he was very lonely and wished many times for a companion. One day when he was crossing the river something was swept against his legs with such force that it nearly caused him to drown. On examining it, he found that it was a hair, and he determined to go up the river and find whence it came. He traveled up the stream, looking on both banks, until finally he found the woman, and he was very happy to think that at last he could have a companion.

They were married and had many children, who are the Mandaya still living along the Mayo River.



The myth is one of the rare folklore narratives that use the ‘dove’ as metaphor for creation/evolution of humans. As already mentioned earlier, esoteric knowledge contends that the ‘dove’ is an archetype for the Father. Let it be known to all, that upon my ascension in 2008, the Dove appeared many times to ensure me of the Presence of the Almighty Providence, so near that you could almost touch it as it hovers in front of you.


To go on, the mythos says ‘limokon were very powerful and could talk like men’. This line revealed the prevalence of an ancient language known to the creator deities, a language that was affirmed in the book Keys of Enoch by J.J.Hurtak. It is a ‘fiery’ language, the ‘fiery’ or ‘fire’ signifying the causal plane (also called ‘higher mental’ plane) that is governed by the fire element.


The Dove as Father archetype is effervescent yet one can distinguish its features amid the dazzling Light. That effervescence coincides with the ‘fiery’ feature of the divine language as mentioned above. [Note: Only to an Ascended Master can the Father be seen in archetypal form.]


The ‘egg’ in the myth reveals the egg-laying way of procreation by the early Lemurians, notably the 1st, 2md, and 3rd sub-races. Those Lemurians were oviparous, their souls androgynous. The man looking for the woman upstream suggests that it took eons before the oviparous Lemurians evolved to the sexual Lemurians whose souls were either of male or female polarity (beginnings of Twinflame mates).


The ‘river’ is a water body, of the water element, which signifies that the early to mid-Lemurians were still in the astral-etheric plane or 2nd plane. The astral plane is governed by the water element. Being in that plane means Earth was then of higher vibratory frequency than it is today. That plane other esoteric circles call the 4th dimension.


[Philippines, 24 June 2011]



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Popular among the Southeast Asians is the narrative of Malin Kundang. It has diverse versions, and is known among the insular Southeast (Malaysia, Singapore) and peninsular Southeast (Brunei, insular Malaysia, Indonesia).


This narrative is focused on the repercussions of ingratitude by an offspring. The denouement talks about the said scion eventually ‘turning into stone’ upon a stubborn sailing on his own galleon.


‘Turning into stone’ is a signifier for the process of densification of the soul and its disjunction from Spirit. The soul runs agog in the inner space dominated by the Inner Demon, as revealed by the ‘stone’ in the narrative. In religious lingo, it is The Fall told in a southeast Asian version of the predicament of mankind.


Not only that, the tale also reveals the power of the Feminine in antiquity. Accordingly, the Mother cursed the wayward son, a curse that resulted to him turning into stone. Which means that any person who disjoins or locks up the Feminine within him/her will end up being devoured by his/her Inner Demon and become a Fallen One.   


Below is a summary of the tale.


[Philippines, 16 June 2011]




Malin Kundang

Malin Kundang (also called Si Tanggang or Nakhoda Manis) is a Southeast Asian folktale about retribution on an ungrateful son. A sailor from a poor family, the protagonist sneaks onto a trading ship, eventually becoming rich, marrying a princess, and acquiring his own galleon. On his return to his home village, he is ashamed of his humble origins and refuses to recognise his elderly mother. She curses him, and when he sets sail, he and his ship are turned to stone.[1]

In Indonesia, the story is called Malin Kundang, and the legend is based in West Sumatra. Air Manis, a beach near Padang, has a rock formation called Batu Malin Kundang that is said to be the remains of his ship.[2]

Another Indonesian folk story which is alike but take the different location is the legend of Sampuraga. The legend is based in Central Borneo. Belantikan Hulu, a remote area along the river Lamandau, Indonesia, has a rock formation called Bukit Sampuraga which is believed to be the ruins of his ship.





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