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It is now past dinner time as I write this concluding piece for the day. Before the night closes, let this humble Adept of the Brotherhood of Light share one more reflection about the Draco theme.

If we move back in time and divide history into phases of twelve (12) grand cycles each (300,000 years approximately), we can recognize the recent phase as that period crucial to the formation of strategic alliances in the ‘war of the worlds’. The phases prior to that, probably up to way back six (6) phases before this recent one, sow the rise of highly intelligent species in our universe.

Draco’s emergence from a primeval form could have been circa 4th phase moving backwards in time. Almost simultaneously, along parallel path, the intelligent species from Orion evolved. Orion’s species were an amusing combination of humans and saurians, and were equally tall in stature like their counterparts in other star systems.

As soon as they developed space technology, Orions warred against each other almost ceaselessly, thus driving many Orions to migrate to far away worlds. Those migrating populations found Maldek, Mars, and Terra in Solaria (solar system), a star system on the edge of the Milky Way.

The competition among Reptilians could have likewise seen enormous exchange of firepower and enslavement of defeated camps. That was, like Orion’s case, made possible by the development and perfection of space technology. Somewhere in time during the last phase of our timeline, Draconians ceased to war against each other, as their collective mind showed them the more prudent decision to coalesce surrounding the most powerful group. The proto-Empire was in place.

As the Draco and Orion cultures were perfecting and experimenting on gelling alliances, the humans were also finding it more prudent to coalesce into a strategic alliance. Taking their counsel from the higher Beings of Light, notably Michael and the guardians of the celestial realm, the Confederation of Light was formed, a coalition that gravitated around the human societies (other members were from non-human lifestreams).

With the gravitation of galactic forces along two contending poles, the cleavage between the Empire and Confederation—dubbed otherwise as Galactic Command or GC—was more or less complete. Just exactly how Orion and Draco came to negotiate in a most amicable manner remains a mystery, they being both predatory and distrustful of competing forces. Suffice us to take it as given that the two star systems did coalesce in time, and the coalition is strategic in nature (very long term).

The periods 200,000 down to 100,000 years Before Present or BP witnessed the engagements of the forces of Empire and GC in very destructive wars. To complicate the hostilities, Michael and Lucifer took their side in the conflict, an act that sealed the fate of Lucifer and many Adepts—inclusive of Guardians/Watchers—whom he dragged to his side.

The epical movie series Star Wars was somehow successful in intuiting and indicating the contours of the conflict. The Empire began with around over 600 worlds (Star Wars depicted 1000 that was pretty accurate a count), most specially from the sector directed by Lucifer. So many other worlds soon joined the Empire, for fear of being wiped out by a very predatory force.

The Sith Lords as depicted in the Star Wars series jibes pretty accurately with the Guardians of the Draco Empire. The Orions jibed pretty well with the idea of Trade Confederation in the Star Wars epic, the Guardians of whom looked very saurian (tall Grey species that were cousins of the Draco reptiloids).

So accurate is the Star Wars epic that it depicted the leverage of each side of the Empire: Draco provided military might, while Orion provided cross-galactic trade. Draco, in reality, had no patience for conducting galactic trade affairs, a matter that it consigned to its partner Orions.

Another group of saurians, who were cloned worker types for the Empire, were the Zetans (from the Zeta Reticulum star system). Very much collective-natured in mindset, they behaved like cells comprising a giant organic whole. Incidentally, the Star Wars also depicted a clone group that served as army canon fodders for the Sith Lords, except that the epic’s clone looked human –so just replace the human face with Grey Zetan and you’d see that the epic was as razor-sharp accurate after all. But amusingly, the leader of the planet—that mass produced the clones—who met Jedi OB1 Canobi in the epic was Grey saurian type.

Between the two, Orion—the very origin of the money economy (capitalist system especially) that is dominant in our own planet today—holds the galactic ‘purse’ (resources). Thus, Draco cannot treat Orion as a junior partner, but as a co-partner worth the respect. Orion’s Greys are particularly very fascistic (to use our own Terran term) and will not brook punitive actions on failed expectations from a negotiating partner or subordinated world.

There is much reason to infer, as a matter of fact, that Orion is the senior partner in the Empire. He who holds the purse holds the reins of power, so to speak. Orion’s pursuits in Solaria preceded Draco’s advent here, and there’s reason to infer that Orion entrusted the guardianship of Earth to Draco and not the other way around. Freed from the daily ministrations of a colony, not only in Solaria but in other star systems, Orion can then pursue its ambition of expanding beyond the galaxies of the universe.

So, when Draco is expected to arrive here with greater contingents soon, better factor in Orion (lower Orion for clarification) in the process. Orion will itself join the military strike forces in due time, making the forthcoming ‘resumption of hostilities’ exciting yet very cryptic for the unprepared and uninitiated.

Let me now close the note right here. Good night, God Bless!

[Philippines, 18 September 2010]


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