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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

October 2010

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good day to you all!

It’s barely 110 weeks to go before the 2012 planetary ascension and the catastrophic period of eighteen (18) years prior to full world construction.

From hereon, I as a humble Adept among 144,000 White Robes will be making countdown pronouncements. This is in line with my own new tasks with the Brotherhood of Light/spiritual Brotherhood: messenger task up-scaled.

For the quarter that had just started, the real bad news for us on the political economic terrain is the pronouncement by economists of the North (led by Joseph Stiglitz) about the deep structural malaise that the US, European, and Japanese economies are deeply mired into. There has been a corroboration by said economists of the earlier contention by us White Robes (e.g. Sal Rachele, myself) about the collapse of the ‘money economy’, a pattern that will continue till the rise of the New Earth.

On the astrophysical-electromagnetic front, the upscaling of calamities, from floods to super-storms, continues. Indonesia just had its own flooding, a couple of months after China, Pakistan, India, and Kashmir went through the same. Howling fiery winds are now raging back in California, testing anew the resiliency of forests and residential areas from annual burning.

As a special highlight, a 260 KPH typhoon—code Juan—struck Luzon island of the Philippines this month. Destroying homes, roofs of buildings, and trees like blowing plain dust, the typhoon one of the most powerful cyclones that struck the country this decade. Three (3) towns were accordingly flattened by the super-storm.

On the spiritual front, a portion of us 144,000 White Robes have been ascended anew, giving them the opportunity to report directly to the Father prior to adjustments and re-assignments in the councils of the Elders of the Race in the astral-etheric planes. The pattern of ascension has begun as early as May of this year yet (I’ve written about this/will post as blog article a bit later).

A blast of integrative Shamballah energy released late September has over-flown to this month to benefit the greatest number of seekers, mystics, Lightworkers. The next blast will be on the December solstice yet.

For a summary, the articles I published this month were:  

  • Shamballah Energies Flowing
  • 144,000 White Robes
  • Bulol: Mystical Principles within Igorot Symbols
  • Malay Stream in Higher Mysteries
  • Cosmic Justice
  • Evil Masters Pretend Light Beings During Channeling
  • Tagalog Creation Myth: Science of Birthing Revealed
  • Tagalog Creation Myth: Lemurian & Cosmic Revelations
  • Giants in Malay Folklore Evidence of Ancient Giants 

For a recap of my articles published for the previous month (September), the greater focus was on the Philippines’ role in the unfolding cosmic drama. From the historic Lemuria role to the present role as cosmic ‘umbilical cord’ site, the Philippines (formerly part of Maharloka of Lemuria days) was the broad focus, which hopefully my own fellow Filipinos will come to appreciate. These were:  

  • Brotherhood of Light in Philippine’s Making
  • Philippines (Mu) 1898-2008: from Nationhood to Cosmic Hyperspace Re-opening
  • Spiritual Brotherhood Embodies Rishis in Philippines Pre-2012
  • Galactic Umbilical Cord: Hyperspace Portal Above Palawan/Lemuria
  • Father’s Mandated Destiny: Philippine Awakenings Signals Global Ascension
  • Philippine Enslavement by White Man: Aryan’s Handwriting on the Wall
  • Philippine Flooding post-2012: Mother Womb Healing
  • 66-Year Philippine Freedom: Powering Humanity’s Karma Yoga 

As the month closes, let us pray for the gains we had for this particular month. Let’s also take stock of what the next month may bring.  








Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza

October 2010


Felicitous greetings to you all!

I hereby extend my most heartfelt gratitude to enthused readers and fellow writers who appreciated my notes about social life, wisdom and arts.

I realize, as I visited the search engines to monitory those sites that have cited and/or discussed my blogs, have been increasing by the week. My social blogs continue to be counted among the world’s top sociology blogs, which surely makes my heart very elated.

Indubitably, after your appreciation and support of my cyber-crusade, information about me on cyberspace increased by gigantic strides.

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Maraming salamat! Mabuhay kayo!



Good day to all endeared readers, friends, fellow global citizens!

A truly gladdening news has been breaking the cybersphere of late. Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, a social analyst and self-development guru from Manila, has been continuing to gain mileage in his magnanimous efforts to enlighten humanity about the current social and cosmic issues.

To date, dozens of online newspapers and magazines across the globe have featured Prof. Argonza’s writings on their very own websites. Championing the causes of peace and global cooperation, Prof. Argonza has continued to reach out to enthused readers, writers and spiritual seekers. The latter contributed to the upsurge in the numbers of citations of Argonza’s writings aimed at accelerating awareness-raising.

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October 2010







Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Gracious afternoon to you all!

As a young lad I was taught, like everyone else, tales that came straight from ancient folklore. As each nation has its own indigenous narratives to pass on to younger generations, so does my nation possess our indigenous tales. The Philippines is so wealthy with folklore, that I feel it is a privilege to be born here due to this wealth.

I’ve been saying all along in my notes that folklore is the best source of ‘ancient wisdom’ among the Malays. Not scriptures, but folklore are the repositories of ‘higher mysteries’ in Southeast Asia. Such as the knowledge of physical stature which is the subject of physical anthropology and paleontology.

Among the lore subjects that caught my attention with wonderment was the one about giants. Our narratives do have them, and fact is when I entered the university and began studying sociology (major) and anthropology (minor), I encountered lots of other narratives from the diverse ethnic communities across the archipelago. I was amazed at the presence of the ‘giant discourse’.

There is the narrative about Biuag & Malana among the Malawegs and Ibanags. Biuag was a giant while Malana was a warrior-hero. Across the Matalag River each one positioned himself, poised in combat, with a beautiful lady as reward for the winner. Malana, who was more agile and cunningly smarter, eventually was victor.

There is a parallelism of that narrative with the story of Achilles in Iliad. At one point, Achilles had to face a giant who was champion for a group of Greeks. He quite so easily out-maneuvered and killed the rather phlegmatic giant.

Just by gathering some dozens of indigenous narratives to find out whether giants are present in them would suffice to discover a pattern.  Incidentally, as far as the Philippine side of the Malay massif is concerned, our documentation of folklore has been thorough and comprehensive, which indicates positively such a pattern.

The pattern is the clash of two (2) races of people: one of giants, and another of mainstream humans. Often the giant operates alone or is solitary, with exaggerated heights of standing as tall as a 100-foot tree or so. But that is poetic language which was the language of antiquity, so shorn of exaggeration we would see instead a race of man—represented by the solitary giant—who was taller than the average-height humans of the time.

Note that the average heights of Ibanags and their cousin ethnicities (Igorots, Itawes, Malawegs, Ivatans for example) must have been past six (6) feet. The ancient Ibanags were of stocky physique, but agile and battle-ready, as indicated by folk narratives about warriors.

Using 6.5 feet as average for man (a bit less for women), we can estimate that the giants squared off by the Ibanags in battles (signified by Biuag) must have been at least nine (9) feet tall. Some members of that race must have been within the range of 10-15 feet, which anthropologists of today would flatly refute as ridiculous.

According to ‘ancient wisdom’ (see Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine) the races that preceded us were indeed gigantic in stature. Two patterns of phenomena would be noticed as follows: (1) a new breed of smaller stature were created (genetically bred) from the older giants; and, (2) within a race, the stature would become smaller and smaller in height across time.

The Ibanags of today as well as their cousin ethnicities are just above 5 feet in average height, a drop of more than a foot from their ancient pedigrees. Besides, the physique of present Ibanags are slim and non-stocky, that slim built seemingly the pattern since after the advent of Western colonialism.

If the ancient giants were the pedigree of the shorter-height Malays (Ibanags among them), then we can safely say, using ancient wisdom, that the giants were the Lemurians of antiquity. From out of the Lemurians were bred the Malays who more fittingly belong to the Atlantean or 4th ‘root race’. The Lemurians ranged from 25-35 feet, bred to adapt to the environment where giant predatory mammals roamed the Earth.

Even the early Malays, who were properly ‘Atlantean’ (part of the worldwide ‘root race’) peoples, were of heights averaging 15 feet at one juncture. That’s almost three (3) times higher than the current Malays who are just past five (5) feet in height. The Malays surely have dwindled in height and physique across time, maybe due to in-breeding.

In the West, we can find a parallelism among the Italians. Their ancient pedigrees, Etruscans and Romans (Latins), were of stocky built and past six (6) feet tall. Vandals also joined the ancient Romans, who were likewise very tall and stocky, and co-populated Italy. Today, look at how the resulting people of Italians have become much shorter in height that seems to average just above 5.5 feet.

Our own anthropologists actually discovered bones of past seven (7) feet in height, somewhere in Central Philippines. But wary of the theoretical crisis that the bone finds would spark, the scientists decided to keep the find as a top secret, never to be talked about in conferences. What hubris and smugness from our own local experts!

No secrets can ever remain secrets in the Philippines anyway, due to the power of the oral tradition. And so the archeological find did reach the ears of many quarters, the mass media and scientific community included, and we keep tab of it as controversial finds though factual.

Who knows the ancient Malays of the post-glacial period did recede in size so radically? Such a size would later be reduced from an original 15 feet to 7.5 feet as indicated by the Central Philippine diggings. And now, from that 7.5 feet (of Neolithic times) we were reduced to our present 5.5 feet average.

As I was saying all along, folklore is a veritable source of high knowledge or ‘higher mysteries’ or ‘ancient wisdom’. If we cannot find physical evidences of giants in archeological diggings, then let’s find them in myths and legends. It won’t take long and archaeology will follow, gradually unveiling ancient giants who were in fact our father races.

[Philippines, 24 May 2010]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day! Buenos dias!

This time around, I’ll share to you the cosmic-galactic facet of the Tagalog creation myth. As I’ve already elaborated elsewhere, the Malays (of whom Tagalogs form a part of) were created by a cross-galactic race (light-skinned) from out of the Lemurian descendants (dark-skinned), thus producing a tanned race that was lighter than the Lemurians.

Being a new breed then of Pacificians (from the Pacific Ocean), the Malays belonged squarely to the last races of the Atlantean ‘root race’ (see H.P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine). They were bred almost at the same time as the White race that was a hybrid of light-skinned cross-galactic humans and the red-skinned Atlanteans.

To go back to the Tagalog creation myth, let me quote from a previous article: “The myth goes that there was once a bamboo floating listlessly by the oceans. The bamboo finally ceased to float as it landed on a coast in the Philippines. As it did so, a white dove flying above descended on the bamboo and pecked it accordingly. The bamboo then split, and out came Malakas and Maganda. The Filipinos are their descendants.” (See “Tagalog Creation Myth: Science of Birthing Revealed.”)

That being the synopsis of the mythos, let me re-stress that it is a coded message about the birthing of the Tagalogs/Malays. This time, the cosmic-galactic facet will be taken as the paradigm base. Let me take up the signifiers (code items) one by one:

  • Ocean/sea mystically refers to the unconscious or ‘causal plane’ element. That was where the ‘bamboo’ came from, to note. It means the awareness level of the Malays and their breeders corresponded to that level (7th Density at least) before the descent of humanity to its low 3rd Density level today.
  • Ocean also indicates the mass inundation of the Earth after the end of the glacial period. The last of Lemuria’s subcontinents sank across time as the ice caps melted and elevated the seawaters to much higher levels.
  • The ‘bamboo’ is referent for DNA as a whole, which is almost similar with the previous interpretation. This time though, note that DNA in the higher dimension is different, as it has more strands (12) than biological DNA (2).
  • Inside the bamboo are the two prospect gender, male and female. The Yin and Yang. Duality in One. Indeed, even the soul of a human has both masculine and feminine elements. So is the DNA, whether higher or lower dimension type.
  • Bamboo floating in the ocean/seas also signifies the attempts by the survivors of the post-glacial deluge to survive via floaters. Much like Noah’s floater. Noah was in fact of Lemurian roots, and produced a branch of tribes that would settle later in Western Asia. The same floaters brought survivors to lands that emerged after the floods receded, lands in the Pacific Ocean (including the Philippines).
  • From the ocean/seas, it landed in the coast. Soil signifies matter, as well as the maternal element (matter is Latin ‘mater’ or mother). It also signifies the physical plane, with the element of solidity (earth element) as dominantly marked.
  • A dove, white in hue, signifies the Galactic humans and their space vehicle. The myth reveals that the same Galactic breeders experimented on a new race. Quite observably, the same breeders or ‘creators’ used the species of humans already present then, who birthed through sexual procreation means (male and female in sexual intercourse). The earlier Lemurians were oviparous (egg-laying), while the latter were sexual in pro-creation.
  • The dove landed on the shores, as one can see. This means the Galactic creators, who came from the Air above (air is 6th Density or mental plane), had to descend to a lower dimension to be able to breed the Malays. Terrans were originally 5th Density in habitat, so it makes sense that the light-hued creators had to descend at least one Density lower from their domain.
  • The dove pecked the bamboo. This could mean that the creator race was also sexual in breeding or sort of, and it is possible that they actually pro-created with the Lemurian descendants. Otherwise, the new breed could have been created through laboratory means, which could also be possible.
  • Malakas and Maganda came out of the bamboo. Obviously, two (2) genders were involved as products of the breeding. And both of the genders were involved in birthing the ancient Tagalogs/Malays, who would later be among the chief tribes of the Filipino nation.

The Lemurians could have exercised gender equality, as indicated by the mythos. From the Lemurian descendants to the proto-Malays, the same cultural trait was disseminated. When the Moslems and Spaniards arrived in the islands, they discovered the prevalence of such a sociocultural trait among the islanders.

In closing, let me re-echo a thesis declared in a previous article: “As I’ve been saying all along, the contributions of Malays to the Teaching (‘God’s Word, higher mysteries) are found more in their folklores rather than their scriptures. Malayan scriptures are Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian, or impositions from outside. Folklores are originally their creative production, and are repositories of High Knowledge and wisdom. Such a thesis is exemplified by the Tagalog creation myth.” (See “Tagalog Creation Myth: Science of Birthing Revealed.”)

[Philippines, 23 May 2010]









Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Let me bring you another folk lore from the Malays: the creation myth of the Tagalogs. Tagalogs are the ethnic groups of Luzon island in the Philippines, from whose dialect came forth the foundations of the national language of Filipino.

Tagalog is a coinage of Taga Ilog, literally meaning “from the river.” The river in the term is a referent for the hydrological societies that pervaded the Philippine archipelago prior to the advent of western imperialism and colonialism.

A nation richly endowed with folklore, with myths and legends, the Philippines counts among its popular lores the myth of ‘Malakas and Maganda’. Literally, it translates as ‘myth of Strong (Malakas) and Beautiful (Maganda).’

The myth goes that there was once a bamboo floating listlessly by the oceans. The bamboo finally ceased to float as it landed on a coast in the Philippines. As it did so, a white dove flying above descended on the bamboo and pecked it accordingly. The bamboo then split, and out came Malakas and Maganda. The Filipinos are their descendants.

A very ancient narrative, the mythos is, to my mind, a repository of a science that was already known in the ancient times: the science of birthing. Such a science was eventually lost, as the end of the ice age inundated land masses, sunk continental chunks of lands, and led to a dark age of sorts.

Despite the retreat of civilization after the end of the last glacial period, the survivors found ample means to preserve the knowledge and information that they could preserve through folklore (myths & legends). Let’s take the signifiers one by one.

  • Let’s take the case of the sea/ocean first of all. The water in the seas is a signifier for the amniotic fluid inside the mother’s womb. In the womb is, of course, the ovum which is a facility for birthing.
  • The bamboo, with its nodes, long and pliant, is signifier for the DNA/genes. It is unimaginable to create humans without the genetic vehicle for their making, the vehicle being no other than the DNA.
  • The dove is a bird. The bird is signifier for ‘desire’ and the phallus as well. Both desire and phallus are key biological facilities in creating life forms. The bird pecking the bamboo signifies the procreation act.
  • From inside the bamboo, one presumably finds the masculine (Malakas) and feminine (Maganda) elements or identities. Which is what it is: both masculine and feminine genes are already inherently present in the DNA.
  • Having both a Malakas (masculine) and a Maganda (feminine) in one space, co-equal, refers to the law of duality. The DNA has two (2) strands, gender has two identities (male, female), and so on.
  • The soil, as indicated by the coast, signifies the elements of the Earth. All such elements are present in the human body. Without such elements, without biological matter containing such elements, babies can’t be produced. Soil is matter, from the Latin word ‘mater’ or matter, as it is also the feminine element (mother, mater).

That Malakas and Maganda simultaneously came out together from the same bamboo signifies the gender equality among the ancient Malays. Patriarchy was alien to the Malays, who were among the last subraces of the Atlantean ‘root race’ to evolve in history.

Patriarchy was largely imposed from the outside: from Islam it was imposed upon southern Filipinos, from Christianity unto Northern Filipinos. Indians and Chinese also migrated to the islands, introducing their brand of patriarchy.

Yet no matter how much tons of debris may have buried the ancient ways of the Tagalogs/Filipinos, they were not totally buried after all. One only needs to mine their folklores, of which volumes of documentation works were already published, to be able to extract and unveil hidden truths.

As I’ve been saying all along, the contributions of Malays to the Teaching (‘God’s Word, higher mysteries) are found more in their folklores rather than their scriptures. Malayan scriptures are Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian, or impositions from outside. Folklores are originally their creative production, and are repositories of High Knowledge and wisdom. Such a thesis is exemplified by the Tagalog creation myth.

[Philippines, 22 May 2010]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang hapon! Good afternoon!

I’ve mentored spiritual seekers for two (2) decades now. Many of them I met in the astral and etheric planes, while some others I did handle right here on the ground. From out of their narratives did I conclude that evil masters are very busy disguising as Light Beings whose messages request to be channeled and disseminated.

Among the questions asked by the seekers is an interpretation of their visions. Having imparted meditation tools to them, they gladly plunge into the meditation experience, and sooner or later they’d experience every kind of visioning.

As soon as they’d advance a bit in their practice, they would normally experience visioning just by closing their eyes. Even while inside a vehicle, on travel to their work spaces, they would see visions. They would later narrate them to me, inclusive of visions of Dark Masters.

Let me declare that the spiritual Brotherhood had long forewarned humanity about the agenda of Dark Masters to use the channeling or spiritist modality to beguile unsuspecting souls. This is now happening, as thousands of unwary ‘seekers’ would accept hook-line-sinker the deception of Dark Masters pretending to be Ascended Beings of the spiritual Hierarchy.

I told seekers that they should expect, in due time, to see both Beings of Light and Beings of Darkness inclusive of Dark Masters. As we accelerate in our Path, Light Beings would routinely manifest to us to assure us of their love, guidance, protection. Likewise will Dark Masters manifest, forewarning us that if we go wayward or use beneficial energies for dubious purposes, they’d be the one to catch us.

A seeker asked me whether she was a threat to the Dark Masters, which explains the latter’s manifestations before her in visions. I told her that it is merely routine, that no one among us down here who are in the Path is considered threat to the Dark Beings. It is simply routinary to see them.

Clarifying further, I said we are threats to no one as our joint task is to spread the Light and help others to be liberated from veils of illusions. It is not our task to search & destroy Dark Beings, a task that belongs more to the Archangelic realm.

Another seeker narrated to me how she saw St. Germain supposedly manifest to her. All of a sudden, the manifesting Being’s face turned hideous and evil. She knew right then that it was a disguise, a Dark Master appearing and disguising as the ennobled Chohan of the Aquarian Age.

Necessarily, seekers receive every sort of channeled messages, often short but recognizable. They describe the voice as passing onto their ears, or they are audio messages.

I told them to be careful with those messages. True, they may be seeing a Light Being at a certain instance. But the Light Being’s message that they hear could be jumbled and distorted by Dark intruders in the astral plane. The Dark Masters do that all the time.

That is because the seekers I’m referring to are very strong in 5th Density or higher astral endowments of visioning. 5th Density is full of distortions, being a subplane of illusion. Dirty messages of every kind filter in to our lower minds through that bandwidth.

A seeker in California has been communicating to me about two (2) years back, requesting for protective tools. He claimed to be mentored by a Light Master of sorts. To my shock, the Light Master he speaks of is no Master but a group of degraded or demonic Felines located in the astral plane, using him as their puppet channeler.

I did give that seeker some tools to reckon with. At the same time, I urged him to absorb and practice a broad array of tools from the Teaching, most specially those regarding deprogramming of vices and the use of meditation. To my shock, the seeker was adamant in using them, which made me realize how deeply he was being controlled by the demonic Felines.

In Manila, a seeker narrated to me how she was contacted by her Inner Guides, one of whom revealed her planetary roots in the Pleiades constellation. Furthermore, she was told that she was sent here to “save the world.”

While giving full credence to her Inner Guides contact, I did notice that convoluted “save the world” message. A dangerous, delusional message, as it can inflate the ego of an unwary seeker who would think she is so special and Messiah in stature.

I myself get to see the Dark Masters, every kind of them, from time to time, during my meditation visions. They think they can hide from my scanning focals, which they can’t. I discover their presence, register the experience, and then report the event thereafter to the Archangels Michael & Gabriel for recording and processing.

My attitude towards the Dark intruders has been one of passive recording of the event. Incensed as I may be by their deceptive intrusion, I never go about provoking a fight with them. And I never respond to their provocations, as one Dark Master has been doing for some time now (childish one I’d surmise).

I already wrote some notes about the dangers of channeling before, with many of those channeled messages actually dictated by Dark Beings. I likewise cautioned seekers and readers about those messages, practice wise discernment when reviewing them, and realizing for themselves the low value of such materials.

Such things are happening today, as Dark Masters are desperate about the planet running out of their control in due time. They’re doing everyway they can today to ambush and deceive seekers and mystics. They think that they can recoup from their losses, as many former puppets of the Fallen Ones have returned to the folds of the Almighty Creator.

Unless a seeker can move in awareness from the 5th to 6th Density at least, s/he will always be a footstool of Fallen Ones. 6th Density (lower mental) is the lowest domain where there are the least to zero distortions of messages. 6th density is the realm of genius, the 1st level that we can consider as ‘high awareness’.

Psychic awareness, at 5th Density, is low awareness. A dangerous realm it is, full of deceptions and dirty messages. I discourage seekers I’m mentoring to delve or immerse in psychism such as channeling, telekinesis, and those sorts.

If one has to ascend, ascend first to 6th Density. Then gradually move on up, till you hit the Mystical at 8th Density. At 9th Density, you are a Master of Wisdom, free from illusions at last. At such a level, Dark Masters’ efforts to ambush you will fail.

So, seekers and readers, note this write up well. Dark Masters are very busy deceiving and ambushing seekers and mystics, notably Light Workers, out there. Be not deceived, be discerning, and you shall overcome.

[Philippines, 22 May 2010]