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LOOK FORWARD June 4, 2015

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

If you enthused trav’ler o’ life truly seeks

For prosperity’s gains abundance showers

Think that life’s journey is a stairway climb

Where there beyond the steps is where you go

Perturb be not with sights of past a-flow

With one covered by past glories a-glow

The other eye bandaged in past pains a-crow

For being so glued to thy ancient past

Will you fail to step up stairs in swave vogue

Take note of pasts as files to archive behind

Your eyes ought focus only on the destination

One eye to concentrate on stairway’s end

The other eye to watch the steps you traverse

The ones who regale in the past so glued to

End up in mediocre feats of simpletons

While those who transfix focus on their big dreams

Are smartened toughies success brews

[Philippines, 24 April 2010]



A mind with a unity of purpose is a mind that can see where to go to wade the waters of the social world and live a productive life. A scattered brain can disable the person from moving ahead in life guided by clear goals and a sense of purpose.

As I’ve been saying in my notes on craftsmanship and livelihood, to be able to move ahead with facility, one’s eyes should be set on two (2) matters: (a) one eye should be set on the goal of the ‘journey’, while (b) the other eye be focused on the ways & means to attain those goals.

Of all things that a person should avoid, it is the defeatist act of focusing the eyes on the past. Try this yourself: focus one eye on all the glories you achieved in the past, while focus the other eyes on all the pains you’ve gone through in the past. Anybody who is fixated to the past can never move ahead in life as expected. Past glories and pains are blinders to the traveler, they are barriers to moving ahead.

In my mentoring works, I normally counseled seekers to set goals in life. Planning tools are available for that purpose, so better procure the utmost benefits from them. Set your goals with clarity and identify the strategies/tactics/tools that you will need to achieve those goals. Then evaluate the sojourn at the end of pre-defined time frames, and appropriately address those items that weren’t met.


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