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Erle Frayne Argonza

As an adolescent youth in the 70s who was attracted to social theory and metaphysics, my eyes beheld the great potency of a paradigm that was then making waves within academic social science: Marxist theory. Among the things that particularly caught my attention, aside from Marxism’s explanatory potency, was the archetypal language embedded in it.

Marx constructed his philosophy (dialectical materialism) and science (sociology or ‘historical materialism’) at a time of intense conflict between materialism and idealism, in a context we now refer to as Victorian. Aware of that context, I simplified my explanation of Marx’s archetypal language as characteristic of the poetic-allegorical language of the Victorian academe. Scientific concepts were just being constructed then, so in the absence of a developed template of scientific-empirical concepts the thinkers resorted to allegorical language as a substitute.

In the works of the early Marx, archetypal language was particularly marked. Marx’s model of society actually used Masonic terms such as ‘superstructure’, ‘base’ or ‘substructure’ or ‘infrastructure’, and mimetically likened society to a house. It was pure and plain Masonic, this modeling and conceptual frame. Just exactly what made Marx decide to use Masonic symbolism, was it pure borrowing from the freemasons or was he in fact involved in secret Masonic lodges that prompted him to use the secret society’s accepted archetypes?

In the same works of the young Marx, there was the philosophical tackling of the Promethean myth. Per his interpretations, accordingly Prometheus signified the evolving self-consciousness of Man, that the ‘flame from Olympus’ signified the ‘spirit of Reason’ in its purest essence (he was now borrowing from Hegel), that such self-consciousness signified the long-term path to liberation for mankind.

As I advanced in my studies of metaphysics or ‘ancient wisdom’, I came to know what mystics knew about the Promethean myth, as the myth caught my mind’s attention in like vein that it caught Marx’s interest when he was still a young man. To my surprise, Marx came so very, very close to the deep mystical knowledge inhering in the Promethean myth, thus compounding my own thesis that Marx was a seeker and was no atheist as his followers were wont to believe he was. If seeker was Marx indeed, for what Force was he working for: Light or Dark?

You see, in the mystical tradition, Prometheus indeed signifies the continuing evolution of man from the feeble-thinking subhuman of antiquity to the self-conscious Man (root word MANU, meaning self-reflecting being) of the present-to-future epochs, henceforth the future liberation or nirvana of mankind. Along that Path, the hindrance to Man has been Desire, signified by the vulture that kept on consuming Prometheus’ liver as he was bound to a rock in penalty for his crime of bringing forth Light to mankind. Vulture is a bird species, and bird is signifier for the Phallus which is a signifier for Desire.

Didn’t Marx come so close then to the mystical knowledge secretly inhering in the Promethean myth, a secret that can be unlocked by advanced seekers and mystics along the Path to nirvana? He was, verily he was! Did Marx honestly intuit on the deep meaning of the Promethean archetype, or did he already encounter this myth during the start of his secret initiation into the deep mysteries? It was a puzzle for me then, a puzzle that I was only able to solve in the 1990s.

As a yogi-mystic in the 1990s I came to encounter information about the Marx-Engels team as being themselves involved in Masonic lodges. That alone made my hair rise on all ends, confirming my thesis that both thinkers were seekers. However, to my dismay, I found out that they were Pathfinders of the Dark Path, and I knew right then that the flocks of their followers were being deceived by their philosophical masters. Let me note their three basic lies below.

First of all, Marx and Engels made the impression upon their followers that they were atheists who proclaimed unto the world the death knell to spirituality whether exoteric or esoteric. Yet there really was no open admission by both thinkers that they were in fact cadres of atheism. They were thinkers of socialism, prophets of a future communist order, but to say of atheism, they were not its advanced ‘masters’ but merely echoed a trend that was already dominant during their own time. They were not saying anything new about atheism in fact, they were merely broadcasting what was already THE TREND of the time, a trend that ensued till the 20th century.

Second, Marx and Engels concocted a supreme lie about a future communist order that was classless, reinforced by a further lie that the working classes will dominate society in a socialist order that will precede communist society. Surely, there is a plan of the global elites to constitute a utopian socialist order but which they will orchestrate from behind, not that which will be led by workingmen. And the same elites orchestrated the founding and funding of ideological movements from left to right, including Marx-Engels’ League of the Just. A workingmen-dominated society is one of anarchy and disorder, as what happened during Mao Zedong’s 10-year ‘cultural revolution’ that saw civil society destroy the state as working peoples reduced intellectuals and competent state technicians to mere slaves in farmlands.

Third, the lie that the ‘state will wither away’ in the future. We are now witness to state formations getting bigger by the decade, even as the global elites are planning to install a planetary government as a regulatory institution in support of their ‘world rule of law’. A stateless formation for societies that are so complex is near to impossible, and are only possible in small, planter-based, subsistence economies such as those of indigenous peoples’.

It only takes three (3) basic lies to establish where Marx and Engels are located in the stream of spiritual spectrum. That they are in fact seekers of the Dark Path, are involved with covert fraternities of the Dark Side, and receive mentoring from Adepts of the Dark Lodge. Marxist theory is therefore a paradigm that constitutes a part of the broad agenda of the Dark Adepts to waken up dormant folkgeist of masses for a future ‘new world order’ governed by them.

Around the early part of this decade did I encounter information that led straight to authenticating my suspicion. One such material is the book Committee of 300 (Conspirator’s Hierarchy) by John Coleman, a former MI6 agent and insider of the evil hierarchy that rules the physical plane today. The information given showed how Marx and Engels were directly handled by Mazzini, the Italian revolutionary who was himself an Illuminate (Luficeran initiate). Accordingly, the League of the Just was simply doing its mandated task for the Luciferans’ agenda of world domination.

That established, I declared the Marx-Engels case as ‘case closed’. They are of the Dark Path, and no matter what contributions they may have made to science (sociology), they are cadres of the Polarity Game of Lucifer and were consciously committed to winning points for that game. Whether indeed the Luciferans are winning today is another question, a query that I’ve already answered in some other articles.

[Writ 04 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

Pleasant day to everyone!

Natural healing therapies are rising. This is part of the overall wave of new trends, as people become more conscious of their health. Health is both wellness and sickness, and the wellness side is rising faster than the curative. The reason is simple: given scarce resources at hand and the choice is to opt for just one (wellness or sickness?), a person would prefer to invest on wellness than sickness.

Among the natural therapies that respond to the wellness challenge is pranic healing. Its effectiveness depends on the ailment concerned. Being among the topics taken up with my mystical group by our guru facilitator in 1994, I know for a fact that pranic healing’s intervention is in the electromagnetic or EM system of a person. The EM comprises of the aura-etheric-light bodies.

If one gets minor laceration on the skin, which creates a wound as capillaries in the area get opened up, it would be silly to suggest pranic healing on this simple ailment. The bio-physical body received a mere 5-centimeter laceration, which is superficial and not really deep, it will not even require bandage much more for a suture. All this small wound requires is a liquid treatment such as betadine.

However, when the ailment is cancer, or psychological disorder (e.g. depression), pranic healing would be a fitful method of intervention. Psychic attacks (e.g. witchcraft, sorcery, black magic) induce deep wounds in the astral body and must be healed right away, for failure to do so, the energies within will be sucked out in uncontrolled drain, thus inducing other ailments on the body and possibly leading to physical death.

Being a mystic, I was trained to depower psychic attackers (invisible entities, black magicians, sorcerers), and must perform this first before applying pranic healing treatment on a victim. This is the rule here for the healer: never heal the wounds without depowering the victimizer. If folks out there feel that a close relative is under attack, they have to contact a mystic or shaman right away to find out indeed whether such an attack is taking place, rather than go straight to a pranic healer unless the latter is also a shaman or mystic.

Cancer is caused by imbalances in the EM system. I already echoed this in seminars where I was tasked to speak before, facing audiences of health experts. In a pranic healing workshop sponsored by the College of Nursing of the University of the Philippines, where I was guest workshop lecturer, I clarified that cancer begins with EM imbalances, and then impacts on the bio-physical body. Therefore, the best methods of treatment would be EM-intervention methods notably pranic healing. The participants, numbering past 150, were unbelievably open to the new diagnostics, with nary an antipathetic or counter-theory smart aleck at all.

Being no career healer then, I only used pranic healing very occasionally. I often used it for my favorite intervention: psychosocial counseling. When a person (I hate to use the term ‘patient’ that sounds toxic!) faces me with a depression, and the depression is past the 1-month occurrence, s/he is in a ‘danger zone’, and so I first of all administer pranic healing. The purpose is to detoxify the person first, so that we can both connect to each other. Inter-connection is important between healer and client for the intervention to take effect. After applying pranic healing for 10 minutes, the person becomes more relaxed, more focused, and in a better mood to articulate the problem-situation s/he faces.

I still remember a former student at the university, a girl majoring in development studies, in the mid-90s. I heard from her friends that she was already on her 3rd month of on-and-off depression, and that made me so alarmed at her condition. She was now on the breakpoint of a nervous breakdown, and before that would ever happen, I requested her pals (my fraternity sisters) to get her to me pronto.

She was a phlegmatic personality type and isn’t prone to talking to formal authority figures about her predicaments. But hearing the news from my fraternity sisters that I can do healing (pranic and counsel), she considered this option. Within hours from the urgent call, she came, and we chat in the front gardens of our college building (plants have healing effects).

She then narrated her tragic love life, her on-and-off quarrel and split with her boyfriend. It was the girl who split up all of the time. Finally peeved by the break-up ritual where he was at the losing end, the boyfriend decided to call it quits and then chose to date another girl. Hopeful that he would come back, but seeing the other girl with him, made my client badly depressed. He never came back, and so I had to do some numerology and intuitive analysis to find out whether he will come back.

But before doing the numerology, I administered pranic healing. I simply cannot let her go after that session without detoxification. She felt so relieved after that. And she talked better. The numerology and yogic intuition than made me forecast that the boy won’t come back again, and explained that track. I then encouraged her to simply move on and find another boy from a very large population of boys in Manila anyway.

That counsel session lasted two (2) hours. It was a highly revealing and instructive one. Having taken off the dense energies (I can sense her feel lighter and her aura was clean), she then declared to follow my counsel. Every week since that time, I would follow her progress through her pals (frat sisters), and they did report positively her progress. Two months later she was dating a new guy, her depression fully gone.

For the pranic healers out there, maybe you can put pranic healing on your agenda for method of intervention too. Same goes for psychologists doing clinical and counseling tasks. Pranic healing is very effective a tool for restoring psychic balance, this is assured.

[Writ 15 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



 Erle Frayne Argonza

This freethinker-mystic is among those who are very indifferent to many institutional ways of life. Institutional ways are largely meant for the mass-mind herds that need customs or ‘routinized’ behavior to have a semblance of moorings in life. Groupthought, which institutions harness, stifles the creative and the individually authentic, even as it breeds alienation.

As a youth in the late 70s through the 80s, I was very sure of where I stood up in regard to Eros (love between the sexes): I was for free love, I was terribly indifferent to courtship that I despised it to the extremes, but I wasn’t for free sex. Love beyond the entrapments of the normative templates prescribed by society via the institution of courtship is truly liberating, and this is necessarily so: that love must be liberating.

Love that is stifling, encumbering, or love that consigns one to cul de sacs isn’t true love. Love that is selfish, love that is meant to procure the greatest attention to oneself, love that is Attention Deficit gratifying, love that forces one to accept the Self which in effect rationalizes inaction towards the greater goal of self realization or inner transformation, this is the love that isn’t love but domination, manipulation, conceit, abomination.

Love must be free, love must be liberating for both sexes, love must make lovers move forward in soul evolution. I heard the lines first from one my first philosophers in high school life, John Lennon, in his many songs. “Love is free, free is love!” summarizes his philosophy. I couldn’t but agree with this popular bard.

As I entered the halls of the university in the late 70s, Marcuse was the wave and I was drawn into the currents of his thoughts on Eros. Through him I discovered the Frankfurt School thinkers, notably Erich Fromm whose thesis on the ‘art of loving’ got me ecstatically swelling with delight over new philosophical and psychological thoughts about Eros. I was at home with Frankfurt School, and till these days my deep appreciation for its scholars’ thoughts remains. And I owe it so much to Marcuse and Fromm my early comprehension of the rising free love among free spirits. 

I was lucky enough to meet early in life girls who likewise hated courtship, the free spirit girls of the 1970s. There weren’t so many of them, and there weren’t so many of us free spirit boys then. But somehow, as metaphysics declared that “birds of the same feather flock together,” we discovered each other’s presence, and were all enabled to discover the new Eros beyond the normative templates of courtship.

From 1982 onwards, the women I met in life were largely the free spirit types. Some of them were involved with radical movements, while some others were simply the unattached free spirits. Their behavioral responses to the call of the circumstance were highly original, indicative of their highly individuated psyche. They were very spontaneous with me as I was with them, from the first encounter through the galvanization of Eros. In my encounters with them, there was none of the rigmarole that marked the courtship practices observed in the Philippines nor anywhere else.

There was openness in expressing feelings. In most instances there wasn’t even a need to say things using the linguistic medium. It was largely body language & facial expression, or non-verbal semiotics, that mediated the interactions. There was symmetry in the interactions and relationship. Without the restraints posed by institutional life, both each partner and me were easily brought forth from Beta to Alpha brain wave, which further permitted us to unlock the meanings behind the signals elicited by the partner.

There was simply Oneness. There was the complete unity of the Yin and Yang. There was a free flow of the love frequency and other beneficial energies across each other’s body and aura. This free flow amid free love had powerful healing effects. Just the presence of a loved one alone instantly dissipates the other lover’s melancholic mood and thoughts.

Incidentally, as I look back at those wonderful moments, being now an advancing mystic, I’ve come to realize that the most sensitive souls I met among the women were the Old Soul types. Being an Old Soul myself, it wasn’t difficult to see that I was drawn to fellow Old Souls among women as they were to me, and so I got involved with some of them. We had the markings of what is now referred to as ‘star seeds’.

We are the types who can never be at home with the circumstances built by mainstream culture and society. We creatively build our own adaptation modalities, even as we are conscious in destroying the foundations of the Old World down to the last embers of its shambles. We are warriors, militants in the true sense of the term who were drawn to and became leaders of advocacy groups and mass movements. We are never parts of the mass, but we came here to lead and shape the mass.

Free love is now rising, and I guess rising rapidly. It rides astride urbanization that is now sweeping the entire planet. Urban life now dominates Philippine society, accompanied by the devastating demolition of many old modes of behavior, including those related to Eros. As I recently read through the pages of magazines intended for young adults, I discovered candid narratives about the greater opening up of feelings and inner intentions beyond normative facades, though the young ones still call this courtship.

Among urban Western peoples, the term ‘courtship’ had altogether disappeared, an indication that the individuated free-love pathway to Eros has become the dominant pattern itself. Only the sociologists and anthropologists now use the term ‘courtship’ in the West, the term reverberating yet in the pages of text books on general sociology and anthropology. My own fellow social scientists just can’t seem to do away with the Victorian orientation of our scientific disciplines, amid the free spiritedness of many of my colleagues.

I declare, at this moment, that the Era of Post-Courtship Eros has come, though its full sway won’t be observed till probably the end of the century yet. More and more ‘star seed’ children are coming to the planet, and with their arrival the old modalities of behavior must simply be totally thrown over to the dustbins of archaic life.

The situation of courtship’s demise is aptly captured by the favorite movie line, when a police officer pins down a criminal nemesis, “it’s over!” The Victorian pretenders and harbingers of the Old World should simply pack up and transfer to some planets where they can live forever in deceit, conceit, dogma and manipulation, and leave the more evolved souls here on Earth to build new worlds and creative modalities of behavior.

Hail to Post-Courtship Eros! Hail to free love! Hail the Free Spirit! 

[Writ. 15 November 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

A gracious day to everyone else!

At this moment I wish to share my reflections about the great boon that an Old Soul would bring to a household. And baneful it is for a certain household to have a lack of or throw away an Old Soul most specially an authority figure who’s the Light of the home.

As already clarified in previous article, an Old Soul is one had evolved way ahead of the rest of the population. We mystics call them ‘evolved souls’ while ancient Chinese call them ‘old souls’. Being evolved, they are those who can coach and mentor other younger souls—the ‘laggards’ (or ‘young souls’) and the ‘middling souls’ (no more laggard but short of being an old soul)—so that the latter can hopefully evolve faster in their respective Paths.

For a planet like Earth that is considered ‘fallen’, or trapped in dense energy veils (e-veils or evils), it is such an enormous boost for all souls to have old souls among them. Needless to say, in the micro-setting, a family would perform optimally in the evolutionary path if an authority figure of the old soul type is present.

Most often, an old soul is assigned to a family as an infant to be taken care of if another old soul is present as an authority figure who can sublimely mentor this infant. The Divine Hierarchs will never risk incarnating an old soul among street people or families of laggards where the stimuli for soul growth are of the deprivation levels.

That is not to say that among the poor folks there are no old souls. No matter how deprived a community is, chances are the Hierarchs will find ways to embody some old souls there, provided that somehow the minimum of growth-optimizing stimuli are present to ensure that these old souls will advance in their evolution while in that same community.

In my own experience being an old soul myself, I was very lucky to have incarnated in a family with an old soul authority: my paternal grandfather Estanislao Argonza. He in turn came from a family (Argonza) where intellect ran high. That was by the way around the years 1890-1915 when the same old Argonzas embodied, in a country the Philippines that was 4th world (backwood colony), in a backcountry called ‘Cagayan’ province.

I could only surmise that old souls were rare then in my country. I’d say lucky enough if there were 1 old soul per 1,000 heads total. Even intellectuals were rare, probably in the proportion of 1 per 500 heads. But the old Argonzas (my grandfather and his male cousins particularly) I encountered as a tot were so intellectually endowed that the Argonza name came to be known as synonymous to ‘illustrious’ during the American era.

My grandfather came from a humble family of struggling artisans and clerks. Note that to be an artisan and clerk during those times was already worth one’s esteem. His father Thomas, half-Basque mestizo, was a clerk who rose to supervisory rank at the Tabacalera Company (located in Tuguegarao town) and was reputedly very intelligent. He died during the 2nd World War, though he didn’t die in vain as among his children was an old soul who was Christened as Estanislao.

This young boy Estanislao only reached high school as the most advanced schooling he had. His parents didn’t have the funds to send him to college. But he was schooled in the classic Anglo-Saxon pedagogy of the Americans, and beyond that he read so widely that his mind was encyclopedic as he neared 20. At 20s he was allowed to teach mathematics and music at the Cagayan High School, Cagayan Valley’s top school then, with a mere high school diploma as his formal credential.

From there he rose to fame as a young mathematician and musical genius. He was assigned the post of Band Master to the Cagayan Public School Band, which he oversaw for nearly four (4) decades and which produced many young talented musicians and musical geniuses. When the USA granted independence to the Philippines on the 4th of July 1946, the genius Estanislao was among the select band masters who were invited to play the inaugural themes of the new republic at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

Handsome, charismatic and brilliant, the young Estanislao got his most important reward in life ever: a young woman named Faustina Narag. The daughter of a gentry, Don Juan Narag, who was among the wealthiest landlords and scions of ancient nobles in the valley, Faustina was schooled at the Philippine Normal School and was mentored by American professors. She then taught at the newly founded public schools in Tuguegarao, then a young entrepot town, where her father’s vast estates were located.  

The only biggest bitter part of Faustina’s life was marrying a ‘common man’, Estanislao, and the marriage being disapproved by the family, Faustina lost her inheritance privileges. But Estanislao was no ‘common folk’ as he later demonstrated, though till late in his life, which I myself saw with my eyes, he was brushed aside by Faustina’s wealthy sibs as a mere commoner. He was a man with big dreams, a visionary, and as a multi-level marketing man declared, “a man with a dream cannot be denied.”

Being both from the intelligentsia, you could just imagine the level of education and culture that flowed in the household of the Estanislao & Faustina couple. Having born eight (8) children in all (some died later of ailments), both them moved to sideline in some mercantile activities to be able to send their children to school. All of the children, including my father Steve, were able to go through college and grew up as professionals.

My grandparents were already retired when my family settled in Tuguegarao in 1964. It was a large nipa house, built as a substitute to the big house destroyed during the war, that my family encountered. However, in 1966, a new modern house was built to replace the old native structure. The house became the ancestral home of the Estanislao lineage, and my family had the privilege to live in it and maintain it till 1986. When the entire house was fully built in 1971, it was the most beautiful architectural and structural house in the whole of Tuguegarao.

To go along with the house was books and musical pieces (vinyl records). They were our cultural standards then. Every evening as we dined together, we held nice conversations led by my grandfather. Reading, listening to fine music, nice conversations, intelligent discussions and fine culinary (my grandmother, mother and father were expert at culinary arts) were the legacies built and left to us younger Argonzas in that home.

I would say without doubt that it was the sublime energy and nurturing efforts of my grandfather, the old soul Estanislao, that was the cutting edge behind our family rearing. One can go ahead and research this: my family was among the most cultured, well-bred and intellectually-endowed in the entire Cagayan Valley till the 1980s. And that all started with the presence of old souls in the lineage, a chain of old soul embodiments from the older generations to the next ones.  

My grandparents left Tuguegarao for the USA in 1969 to retire in New York, where my two aunties have migrated (one a nurse, another a doctor). But in 1971 they came back to Tuguegarao, did the finishing touches of the roughly done home, and stayed for two (2) years to enjoy retirement. A family car was added as a utility, plus a television (too few had TV then in town) and all the modern accessories then including air-conditioning. We were clearly a typical middle class family by 1970s, at a time when our main streets in Tuguegarao had just been asphalted (it was dirt gravel till 1971).

The home thus became a center for extended family events –parties, Sunday gatherings, tea & coffee chats, etc. My cousins from the barrios and other places would normally drop by ‘ambush style’ (unannounced, as we didn’t have a telephone at home) and we would entertain them there. The chats and exchanges with my grandfather always differed from the rest, as there were always deep reflective notes. He was clearly the philosopher of the entire extended family (Argonzas and Narags). Many kins begged for his words of counsel on a diversity of matters.

There at home I learned my first ABCs, my mathematics, my story-telling abilities, my dance, my music. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms and classical masters were our standards, aside from the emerging pop tunes (jazz, folk & counry, pop-ballad, vaudeville, Latin). Broadways like “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Showboat” and “New York New York” were among our favorite collections. The King James Holy Bible was my first scriptural staple, the 30-volume Britannica my regular reading past-time in 1973-75, and enormous pieces of substance books plus fiction on various topics were my cognitive viands.

But among many nurturing things at home, I can never ever forget the chats, discussions, coaching and mentoring by my grandfather. It was only but a few couples of years of living with him, but it was like travelling to many distant galaxies in terms of impact. At hindsight, I can now understand why the Hierarchs embodied me in the Argonza line, for only in a family with an old soul as authority can a budding old soul like me grow up to become one whose gifted mind and heart will be of greater service for the sublime causes.

My own parents and the children of my grandfather (my father and his sibs) never reached the level of genius that my grandfather had. I guess this was their privilege: both young and middling souls, they had the good karma of being nurtured by an old soul. While my parents are merely of above average intelligence, the situation was compensated for by the presence of my grandfather till my 3rd year high school. My formation process was already solid when I left for the university in 1975 to begin my college life, thanks to this old soul Estanislao.

Today the embodiments of old souls are happening on a greater scale. There are middle class parents of mere average intelligence whose newly born kids are all old souls. Aware of this fact, I do go to the extent of getting involved in coaching and mentoring my nieces and nephews most specially the potentially gifted ones. The luck of these kids is that, in the absence of an old soul among home authorities, they encounter the old soul mentors in school as their teachers or pupils of older ages.

My own estimate is that at this time, most specially in the big cities, old souls comprise 1 per 100 heads. Laggards broadly comprise 63% of the population while 36% are middling souls. The balance will tilt towards more middling and old souls in the coming decades, and before 2050 there may not be a single laggard in town, as all of them will be shipped out to backward planets where they are most fit.

We can hit a proportion of 5 old souls per 100 heads by 2050 per my estimate. That means every household will have one old soul at least, whether an authority figure or a kid. And the possibility of family lineages of pure old souls, 100% composition, is now within our sight.

What exciting times we surely have. Hopefully we can all contribute to the challenges of nurturing these old soul reinforcements, for they shall continue to increase in numbers across the Age of Aquarius. This is surely a cause for great celebration.

 [Writ 10 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

I just recently received a communication from a Canadian spiritual seeker, a lady, who is now going through tumultuous changes. She, like many other seekers and even devotees whom I’ve encountered in the past, is interested in the matter of ‘old soul’, and requests more information about the matter.

Many writings were already elaborated in the past regarding ‘evolved souls’, notably those released by the founders of the Theosophical Society (Blavatsky, Hodson, Q. Judge, Leadbeater, Bessant). Many other mystics and masters who came after them also made substantial contributions to the subject. In some previous writings of mine, like the ones about freethinkers, individuated psyche, free spirits, I did present a synthesis of the thoughts of previous thinkers about the matter (please see my previous articles in my blogs:,

To simplify the subject, we begin with Blavatsky’s thought that we all go through three (3) levels of evolution that take place simultaneously: spiritual, mental, physical. As we progress in the material and mental dimensions, so should we also evolve in the spiritual dimension. Not only our physical-etheric and mental bodies but also our souls do evolve. It is ‘soul age’ that is the true measure of one’s age rather than the chronological age which is a mere analytical devise that is replete with illusions.

Following the ‘law of uneven development’, we better note that not all souls progress at similar paces. There are those souls who were very lackadaisical in the Path, were so slow in absorbing the wisdom lessons, and have lagged behind the more fast-paced ones. These souls we mystics call the ‘laggards’ or ‘evolutionary laggards’.

On the other hand, there are those souls who were more determined in evolving fast and are endowed with the spirit of conquerors. They quest for the heights of the Path and desire to conquer the lower self in the shortest time possible ever. They rise like the Sphinx, and thus become leaders among men and women in all walks of life. We mystics call them the ‘evolved souls’ or ‘highly evolved souls’.

In ancient China the term for the laggard is ‘young soul’ while that for the evolved soul is ‘old soul’. These terms sound cute, so I’d use them more than the terms laggards and evolved souls. The term ‘laggard’ sounds pejorative, and is immersed in Victorian embellishments, so I’d better use ‘young soul’ before some true laggards out there might wish to stone me to death for sounding condescending.

As a matter of convenience, I’d refer to those between the young and old souls as the ‘middling souls’. Many of these souls are now on the threshold to ‘old soul’ age. Though they cannot yet move apart from the devotional methods that are common among young souls, they are also open to new ideas or unconventional thought about the higher mysteries. They are the hybrid devotee-seeker.

Moving back to the old souls, because they are fast-pacers and they can lead in the Path, they are often brought back to the physical plane by the Karmic Board as soon as they leave their bodies upon (physical) death. They hardly have rest in the higher spheres at all. They immediately plunge back to the physical plane for The Work. Upon returning here they are quick to show the psyche of a Seeker and are scornful of superstitious orthodoxies that are fit for the young souls.

As such, they are right away assigned by the Cosmic Hierarchy with spirit guides (Catholics’ ‘guardian angels’) of higher caliber than the rest of the population upon return. Most often they meet these guides early in life, who appear to them in dreams or materialize in front of them while they are still kids.

The oldest of souls are provided right away with guides who are of an even higher caliber: spiritual masters. A mahatma or ascended master serves the role of an ‘adviser’ who is the main guru of the aspiring soul. The mahatma than assigns ‘masters of wisdom’ to the said soul for each of the different phases in his/her initiation. Sometimes a mighty angel such as a Seraph will team up with a master to guide the aspiring old soul.

In my Path for instance, my mahatma happens to be the chohan of the 1st Ray (warriorship) of the cosmic order, the Great White Lodge, whom I met via a dream at age 18. He had since guided me along the way, and recently assigned a master and a seraph as my ‘spiritual professors’. Master J and Master Seraph (I don’t know the angel’s name) manifest before me every now and then in meditation visions and in the dream state. The seraph is particularly robust, tall and mightily awesome, and it will scare any Fallen One to dare to come and attack me if it perceives this celestial guide and guardian.

Because old souls tap cosmic energy so naturally more than the middling and young souls, they also normally radiate with a magnetism that seems beyond comprehension. They end up as charismatic leaders, as born leaders, and even under duress, stress and storm they rise up like the mighty Sphinx to become the conquerors of all spheres of life. Even in the financial-business world today they have carved out mighty domains and huge followings.

As adolescents they are already filled with the sense of urgency to plunge into The Work. Not only do they study The Teaching with a hunger that ordinary folks can’t comprehend, they also do service, advocacy, organizing, and related deeds of the High Cause with such zeal and passion that they exude the psyche of responsible adults too early in life.

While they may exhibit such fondness for the folks (young and middling souls) whom they perceive as clientele worth serving, they have ambivalence over shallow, petty, impertinent pursuits, talks and thoughts from the latter. One old soul whose excessive ambivalence led him to an even deeper condescension over the folks, F. Nietzsche, eventually fell in the Path and was overshadowed by the Hierarchs of Evil. So for the old souls out there, please rethink the way you behave towards the folks, so that you can say you’re still well on track in the Path of Light.

Now, since I mentioned ‘the fall’, I may as well inform the readers that old souls do comprise of both the ‘Lightworkers’ and the ‘Fallen Ones’. Edgar Cayce, the great American 20th century mystic, referred to the former as the ‘Goodly Company’ and the latter as the ‘Sons of Belial’. As a mystic I do recognize the possibility of The Fall, that many old souls did fall many steps behind. Engagement in black magic, corruption, totalitarian domination, abominations and so on by any old soul clearly indicates his/her fall along the way.

So we now face this situation of polarity, as seemingly an equal number of old souls are positioned on either side of the coin. Many old souls are still falling today, while many fallen ones are getting back to the Path of Light. There is imbalance in the world, as the Fallen Ones do not seem to follow ‘rules of engagement’, have violated the truce concurred 100,000 years before between the Arch. Michael’s forces and those of Lucifer’s, they blatantly continue with their evil designs till these days.

We do need to accept this reality, for we are a Fallen Planet. Earth is a domain of the Fallen Ones, and they are simply asserting their perceived pre-emptive right towards this planet, its resources and its populations. And these Fallen Ones connect well to forces outside the solar system, whom they have called for to their side in their past, present and future offensives.

But many Fallen Ones do go back to the Path of Light, many have already returned, and this is the good news. The true old souls, the true pathfinders, our sanguine leaders in the Path they are, who have rejoined those who never fell at all. They are always welcome to the Path, the Almighty One is as merciful as ever and has welcomed back these prodigal sons and daughters.

Admittedly, as an old soul and mystic, I do possess a very bellicose attitude towards the Fallen Ones. They can never be trusted. However, I have modified my attitude, in that I will never go out mission-wise to track down and destroy them. We are an open market of souls here, Earth is a spiritual laissez faire, let them Fallen Ones do their convincing tasks while we Light Workers or Christ-Force workers do ours, each one respecting our rights to disseminate and propagate our respective teachings.

To my fellow Christ-centered old souls out there, fear not the Fallen Ones. Seek ye the protection of your Guides and the Almighty One. But please learn to protect yourself too. The shamanic mystics have already released to the world many of the protective tools, it just takes a matter of perseverance to search for and locate the tools and apply them accordingly. And fear not death in the Path, for above you are the Guides who will catch and secure you any time that death comes unexpectedly.

Think only of advancing The Cause. And please be an exemplar in all the spheres of life, which Blavatsky and the Asian teachers outlined as: Will, Wisdom, Art, Devotion, Science, Service, Alchemy. Failing in each one of the seven (7) categories or criteria will raise doubts as to your ‘old soul’ contentions, and will make you return back in another incarnation to where you were before.

The Cause is summed up in the line: “freedom for all is the ultimate cause of all causes” (see Collegium Liberum). So let it be. Aum.

[Writ 05 February 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

May the Light of Divinity be with you today!

Fellows, I will write this time about the topic of ‘enhancing divinity’ and some practical tools that can aid in inducing such a state. The practical tools I have in mind are those that you already have right in your hands: candles, incense, and fine music. I’m sure everybody out there who understands the English language knows what candles, incense and music are, so I need not belabor so much point to demonstrate what they are (smile).

By ‘enhancing divinity’ I refer to preparing your immediate environment, whether this be a temple or home meditation spot, for prayers, meditations, and rituals. The environment must be preferably one where the ‘energy of rest’ (feminine energy) is strong. Some Catholic priests here in Manila have been complaining that holding masses in shopping malls, a regular event now present in practically all large malls here, is a bad practice, to which I concurred in the positive. Shopping malls are predominantly of the ‘energy of motion’ and aren’t appropriate places for meditative, prayer and ritual purposes.

Having established the parameter above, prepare next the enhancers that you may need for your purpose. In some practices, you may need holy water or ‘hyper-energized water’ as we mystics call it. For this particular piece, I will delimit my clarification on the functions of candles, incense and fine music among such tools for enhancement. Ritual tools are particularly so many, so I’d leave that as a standard tool kit for the end user based on his/her spiritual philosophy and group concerned.

Let me begin with fine music. I’m stressing here the word ‘fine’ as not all musical pieces are of the finely vibrating frequencies. Fine music would be nature music, classical music, new age music, Celtic music, soft versions of world music, and Gregorian chants. The list is far longer, but suffice me to mention those that are readily available in the nearest CD shops around or can be downloaded from the internet.

You see, when you listen to fine music, and listen with some intensity, you are immediately brought to a higher level of focus and vibration. From ‘beta brain wave’ (normal conscious) you’ll be transported instantly to an ‘alpha brain wave’ (beginning of altered state). This is important, very important. It is only in the altered states of consciousness that one can effectively send messages to the spiritual spheres and receive messages from them.

Dissonant music, such as metal rock, gothic rock, punk rock and other related pop music forms, will do the exact opposite: place you into dis-focus and keep you locked up in the dense spheres, unable to communicate effectively with the higher dimensions. That is why spiritual masters have cautioned people about the strongly Dionysiac music that dominates the airwaves today, most of which are dissonant or do the opposite of enhancing divinity.

When one is inside a bus or train and one has to pray or feels like praying, but the music being played is loud or dissonant, the remedy is to simply stay silent and begin with the opening mantra. As always, we start a prayer with “In the name of the ….” And then end with amen. This can do the work somehow of bringing you to focus at least, and hopefully to an opening of the communication channels to the higher spheres. End the opener with 3 Amens or Aums to ensure effect, and say it longer even if this were in thought form, eg. Ammmmmmeeeennnnnnnnn lasting around 10 seconds.

With your focus and shift to alpha state done, you can then proceed to your next tools. You can choose to light incense first or light candles first, or even light them all at the same time. The good news is that lighting incense to enhance aromatic fragrance at home, and scented candles as home decors have both become fashionable today. So it’s getting easier and easier to find where to procure candles and incense.

Incense works potently to drive away ‘bad spirits’ or unwanted entities in the immediate surrounds. This is its function: as a cleansing agent. At home, you can choose to light two (2) pieces of incense at a time. This is to make sure that the aroma is really strong. The message to those unwanted unseen entities also gets stronger: they ought to stay away from the area.

‘Bad spirits’ bring along with them dense vibrations or ‘bad vibes’. They shouldn’t be allowed to linger in the space of meditation/prayer work, as they can suck out your energy or transfer dense energy to you. Either way you can get depressed so suddenly, or even get sick. Remember those morning risings when you suddenly have feelings of fear and depressed without clear reason? A ‘bad spirit’ is around most likely inside your bedroom. Better cleanse your bedroom regularly by lighting incense morning and evening. When you experience that depression with fear again, light an incense and drive away the unseen malevolent entity by saying “hekas hekas este bebeloi” (away! away! all of you profanities) at least 3X, then end with Amen.

Lastly, candles function to invite angels. As soon as a candle burns, angels’ attention get attracted to its source. And then they come forth to your sanctum for spiritual work. And as soon as they arrive, the area’s frequency will be elevated some more, by a few musical notes equivalent, thus enhancing divinity all the more. Not only that, the angels also come to protect you from whatever danger may come while you are doing your prayer, meditation, or ritual.

The tip here is that when you burn a candle, as much as possible burn it entirely. Small candles are advisable for home spiritual activities as they burn within less than one (1) hour. If you have to leave the home after your activity, put off the candle but don’t blow it off. Blowing off candles would negate or leave to zero the effect of your petition. Instead, get a stick or teaspoon and use this to put off the candle. Then you can always light the candle again when you’re back home.

Do you see that practice of burning candles during one’s birthday, making a wish and then blowing off the candles afterwards? And they say your wish will be granted? Hello! Think again. If someone gifts you a cake with candles on your birthday, better revise the practice by doing the following: request your friends to form a circle and hold each other’s hands, and focus on you as you make your wish. Burn the candles, proclaim your wish 3X, end with “So be it!”, and then put off the candles with your thumb and forefinger, and then explain to your guests why you didn’t blow them instead. It’s party time, go ahead and say your wish loudly, but por favor don’t blow off the candles for your own sake.

Do the colors of the candle matter? Affirmative, they do. The appropriate purposes for each color would be as follows:

  • WHITE: Purity, balance. White contains all the colors of the spectrum, so it can be used in place of the other colored candles if your supply of the latter is suddenly short and got no time to buy at once. The color of Christ. Also of the goddess Luna. Great hue for Monday prayer, day of Luna..
  • RED: Will, power. Chinese use this color a lot for feng shui purposes and prayers. When you aspire to be more decisive since you lack this trait, use a red candle for your prayer and even meditate on the candle itself (focus on it, and visualize that power transferring to you). Sunday would be a good day for Will enhancement.
  • BLUE: Protection, will. Saturday is a day for energy closures and cleansing rituals, so blue candles would be preferred on this day. Color of the dyani-buddha (archangel) Michael and his department. Exorcism rituals should, as an imperative, use blue candles, located in all four (4) corners of the exorcism spot.
  • PURPLE/VIOLET: Healing. For rituals or prayers aimed at healing ailments, including those healing that go after an exorcism ritual. For the latter, violet is combined with blue. Healing involves a closure of energies, so Saturday would fit for them.
  • YELLOW: Wisdom. Sundays through Tuesdays would be good prayers for wisdom enhancement. Don’t forget to use this color, combined with White, for your purpose. Using the Chinese way, you can combine Red with Yellow candles for wisdom enhancement.
  • PINK: Love, devotion. All kinds of love (erotic, fraternal, filial). Thursday is perfect for love rituals, prayers and meditations. Red combined with White would be substitute in case your pink supply runs out suddenly.
  • GREEN: Money, knowledge. Want to have more cash inflows from a certain transaction? Bless your house so that money will flow with bountiness? Want to enhance your analytical, tactical, strategizing prowess, and be a powerful thinker in work? Use green, on a Friday preferably.
  • BROWN: Planting & harvest, livestock. Brown candles enhance a connection with the elemental world which supplies those forces that can help in the growth, protection and harvest of plants. Same goes for enhancing livestock growth, protection and harvest.

As to black candles, I’m sorry folks but I am not keen on using this color or to recommend it. Maybe you can inquire from the people of the Church of Satan who may have the answers. I am color blind to black candles, had never burnt a single one and will definitely never ever use it for ritual purpose.

I’ll now close the article at this point. The enhancement and practices I cited above are already standard 7th Ray practices, so I’m largely re-echoing what have already been known for eons. May you note them well and practice them as well. Aum.

[Writ 14 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. See also:,,



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Belated Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers, women, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Divine Mother! Glory be to our mothers!

I will substantiate today the thesis I made in a previous article about the effects of breaking of vows. Vow-breaking is the working of one’s ‘inner demon’ (see my article “Inner Demon, Doppelganger”), it is as demonic as any criminal act. Vows pledged to certain Orders are particularly those that will be dealt with heavy penalty by the Karmic Board, and the neutralization of effects is something I have no idea about for now. Let me meditate on that later.

Meantime, just to show to you what the deleterious effects of vow-breakage can do, let me cite some cases of brethren of my libertarian-service Order, the Phoenix. As I said in a previous article, to my own shock, I found out that Leviathan (Satan, Ahriman, Belzeebub, Anti-Christ) was himself actively involved in fragmenting Phoenix, and is likewise doing the same to many fellowship groups here and in other fallen planets. Right now I see the same pattern happening in the charismatic fellowship Couples for Christ, and pity this huge brotherhood it is fragmenting at a time when it has been showing great strides in its social development campaign (via the socialized housing Gawad Kalinga).

Here are some cases of what’s happening, as the brethren of Phoenix are now being engulfed by the most evil of energies from the 7th Dominion of the Dark Side:

  • Jack M. Formerly Grand Premier of the supreme council, late 70s-early 80s. Committed to get active in reviving Phoenix in 1994, promised me not to join the Free & Accepted Masons. To my shock, he joined masonry, disappeared in Phoenix. And secretly got involved in gold smuggling overseas, through passenger plane operations…. Result: JM is today suffering from debilitating stroke. Slowly deteriorating, he’s almost in vegetable state.
  • Roger M. Another leading youth Phoenix. Formerly from the chapter for Philippine School for Business Administration. Committed to be active and help me in reviving and re-engineering Phoenix to a grand order. Secretly got involved in overseas smuggling (gold, other contrabands), with Yakuza partners. He got caught, jailed, then went back home with brain damage. …Result: Since the mid-90s yet, he was a vegetable for life. Lucky enough, he’s got a devoted wife to take care of him. He’s till deteriorating gradually, and worsening by the day. Yet he lives.
  • Tony S. One of the originals. Committed to help in re-engineering, but was half-hearted. Always found reasons not to get involved too much. Disrespected the innovations that I was introducing to the Order. Till he dropped out, around the late 90s…. Result: His wife divorced him, c 2001-02. Past his 50s, as a development professional he can’t get a job above the coordinator level, which makes him financially average if not troubled. Some brethren, such as Brod Ronald (his former colleague in a NGO), parted ways with him, on ideological grounds. At his age, in his own words, he said “hanggang ngayon wala pang nangyayari sa buhay ko” (till now nothing substantial has happened to my life). Coming from an intelligent man, who attended the premier university, what a pity!
  • Cesar M. Formerly of UP Diliman chapter, married to Phoenix sister Annie M. Refused to even attend any of the Phoenix fellowships since after we met him in Sept. 1994. His wife Annie wished so much to get involved again, but was blocked by Cesar….Result: Annie began to suffer from debilitating cancer in the 90s. For almost a decade she suffered. Then, around 2005, she died of the ailment. Pity on this man, who knows not what he’s doing! I hope he won’t lose his only daughter, so cute and beautiful like her mother Annie. Or lose his advertising job, his only fund source.
  • Arnel S. Another leading youth Phoenix. Formerly of Adamson University chapter. He’s been appearing in past anniversary and other events in 94-98. He showed enthusiasm to get involved, but always floated the excuse that he was a family man, was active in civil society (Left), had no time for Phoenix. …Result: Around the late 90s, his wife suffered from debilitating ailment (apparently cancer). In one surgery alone, his family had to spend nearly P400,000 which, in the 90s, was a fortune here. I never heard about him again till the 1998 anniversary.
  • Jun M. Quite leading brethren, but mentally unstable. Began suffering from psychosis in mid-80s. Was able to function in his job for a while, till 1990. Before that, his wife Gina began a long bout with cancer. We’ve been together in civil society for a time, and he was among those who joined me to revive Phoenix in 1994. However, due to his lingering bout with schizophrenia, he couldn’t keep focus. Only in 1999 did he become active. Did some appreciable tasks. Then his wife died couples of years back. He’s still dysfunctional job-wise, he can only do volunteer work and is a bum till now. Lately, he betrayed me and the Order, put up another group with his factional pals, does not even know the consequences of his own action. What would you expect? The perennial loser guy. A jinx to his own family. Living a vicious circle.
  • Jim M. The type who’d regard Phoenix as a mere loose club. Cronyist since we were youth, Jim had this aura of creating an inner circle even if he superficially relates to brethren. He was factional in youth, had Attention Deficit Disorder condition, was an underachiever and phlegmatic in personality. Committed to help me in re-engineering Phoenix in 1994. But he was so superficial in his behavior, ‘plastic’ as we called it in Filipino, his commitment was half-hearted. In the 1990s his own wife, a feminist leader, divorced him. He was simply unable to make his wife happy. Even in the new Phoenix (grand order), he hardly did anything appreciable such as to build a lodge. He recruited his cronies, and still aspires to build a club of his former activist cronies. Then, in 2005 he betrayed me, slandered me before a former boss with whom I departed ways for his group’s incompetence and unwelcoming behavior. This was the last straw. Already guilty of treachery, this guy never even put his foot forward to apologize, and instead moved to get his faction out of the Phoenix and is now building this club of cronies. What will happen next to him is worth observing.

More brethren will die in the coming years, and chances are that by 2012 all brethren will see deaths to themselves, or spouse or family member. Add to that the catastrophe of financial collapse, debilitating mental ailments, or any disaster that would come in ‘surprise’ fashion. Nothing is surprising about their destruction, come to think of it. They broke vows, broke with Phoenix like it were some garbage of shit, and what would you expect? They unwittingly unlocked the 7th-dimension Dark Energy veil!

So, you fellows out there better re-examine the couples of vows that you may have broken in the past or are about to break. As to the karmic penalties for the vow breakage, only the Karmic Board can fix that and revise it with the help of certain Boddhisattvas. Question is, do you even connect to Boddhisattvas? Do they even figure in your life paradigm? Save your own souls, fellows. God bless!

[Writ 10 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. See also:,,