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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good evening!

At this moment, the matter of purification came to mind, as a synthetic topic arising from practical questions about how to quicken the pace of spiritual change, so let me share this note to you about purification.

Before everything else, let me clarify that purification can be thought of in the following terms: (a) general purification and tools that could sustain the process of ascent to awareness rise; and, (b) purification arising from the specific need to cleanse the divine portals known as the ‘chakras’ or energy centers. Let me address both, and share some core tools that can be easily applied by the seeker concerned.

General Purification

Regarding first of all the matter of general purification, this can be conceived as a set of practices one must do in combination with one’s own union (yoga) practice such as bhakti, raja, karma, and agni yoga. It is presumed that one conducts yoga or zen meditation on a regular basis, which is the broad foundation for all purifications.

Along one’s Path, do set seven (7) days in a month for this purpose. Two very powerful mantrams come into mind as the most accessible, to note:

Om Tat Sat Om (7X)

End with: Aum (3X)

Om Vajra Sattva hom (7X)

End with: Aum (3X)

Om Tat Sat Om roughly translates to I Am That I Am. This mantra is so potent, even the negative extraterrestrial intelligences or ETIs known as Reptoids (Draconians) are scared of them. Should negative invisibles keep on pestering you by intruding into your thoughts or even appearing in your meditation vision, recite any one or both of these mantras.

The moment that one reaches the mystical awareness however, one can decelerate somehow in using these mantras, notably the Om Vajra Sattva Hom (mantra of purification by invoking the angel or sattva of purification) should be scaled down to as low as just once every two weeks or even once a month. The I Am That I Am can be used on an everyday basis as a centering tool, or sustaining tool for quick relief of stress and sharply moving focus to alpha mind state (from normal or beta state).

A revised version of the I Am That I Am, as disseminated by the couples Mark and Elizabeth Claire Prophet (conceived by the Ascended Master St. Germaine), is:

I Am That I Am

I And my Father are One

I And my Mother are One

Healing-oriented Purification

Purification can be hastened by conducting an intense healing of all one’s vital or major chakras—base, sex, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, crown—through specifically prescribed tools and methods. The mantram and visualization tools are very powerful in this regard. The rule to observe here, please note very well, is that once preliminary healing is concluded, you must rest from these practices for some time.

The reason is this: nobody should be instituting medical intervention on an ailment that has already healed. Over-medication brings unexpected ‘side effects’. Go back to the practice only when you notice that your chakras are again accumulating dense energies, due to the following reasons: (a) those dense exposures acquired from past lives yet will filter out of your system through your chakras; (b) your exposure to daily life, more so urban life, could bring stressful experiences that could make the chakras dense or ‘dirty’; (c) your own inner experiences such as getting depressed could add to the densification of chakras; and (d) you absorb dense energies of people more so the negative ones which could all crowd in certain chakras. As soon as the chakras are cleansed, rest from the practice and then move to using the general purification ‘Om Tat Sat Om’ for sustaining purpose.

Using the meditation method, couple this with the following visualization tool: Immerse each chakra of yours with seven (7) inbreaths of Violet Flame or Ray (Christian’s Holy Spirit), working from the base chakra first and then moving up to the crown chakra. As you inbreath, visualize Violet Ray moving from your upper space down to your crown and through your spine and then direct this to the chakra concerned. So powerful is this cosmic energy that it transmutes the dense energy directly into beneficial light-colored or simply violet energy itself, even as it effects an increased rotation of your chakra concerned. Visualization need no further use for mantra.

For those who may be a bit ‘color blind’, which I would partly characterize myself, you can tap the Violet Ray via mantra version. Recite thus the following mantra (during meditation or during prayer session):

I Am The Violet Flame Burning / I Am the Sun radiating with Love (7X)


[Repeat mantra in two or three sets of invocations]

You can start your prayer by invoking the Master Saint Germaine to assist you in the process, He being the Chohan (savior) of the 7th Ray which is the keeper of the Violet Ray. Ask for His Loving aid, thank Him for all the help He had brought unto your program of change, and then invoke the mantra.

Another mantra for this purpose is done by invoking directly the Holy Spirit. Those coming from the Christian and Hindi/Vedic traditions are particularly keen on this tool, the mantra being:

Om Namo Narayanaya (22X or 33X)

Aum (3X).

[You can repeat this for three sets of invocations]

As one progresses in his/her meditation practice, the seeker actually inbreaths the Violet Ray so naturally like one were breathing air regularly. Among mystics we only occasionally use the Violet Ray and related tools intentionally, since we have already achieved that level where meditation breathing is itself equal to Violet Ray inbreathing. But there are moments when we invoke the said mantras, as we also need to move on in our own Paths and take down every remaining energy veil that block our Way (see my article on energy veil, and those of Elizabeth Prophet’s writings).

Seekers, mystics, Lightworkers, may your respective auras be cleansed along the way as you purify yourselves further. I wish you success in your ascension, by ending with the following mantra:

Ako yaong Ako (‘I Am That I Am’ in Filipino)


[Philippines, 11 May 2009]









  2. MP3panda Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

  3. Great blog, thank you. I really love it.

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