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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Let me share to you at this moment some notes about the ‘veils to the aspirant’s Path’. The notion of ‘veil’ had semiotically enriched the question of human predicament—of illusion and self-estrangement—that has factored strongly in Man’s being grounded agog in his/her spiritual ascent back to the Godhead.

If one reads through Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s writings, one would encounter the master’s fondness for discoursing on ‘energy veil’, the same veil thus clouding or blocking man’s view of the higher realms. Concomitantly, man’s soul evolution halted to a stop, or man was trapped in the dense spheres. To shorten energy veil would yield e-veil, from which the term ‘evil’ may have emerged. I surely have a full appreciation for the Master Elizabeth’s discourse on the matter, even as I recommend aspirants to the mystical-yogic Path to read the writings of Prophet and her husband Mark. [I would authenticate that both are maharishis, and that I did had a rendezvous with Master Elizabeth in the ‘sphere of masters’ when I graduated to rishi late last year.]

To go straight to the point, in order to attain nirvanic awareness (soul awakening, or entry into the spiritual realms), one must hurdle several obstacles. As the initiant or aspirant passes one tests after another, and gets purified in the process, certain energy veils are also brought down. As a rishi-yogi, I would attest to the existence of such veils, and I do recall well that each one looks like a drapery that is literally brought down or drops off from one’s mystic view. As a veil is dropped, the aspirant moves a step ahead in the Path. On and on will this process take place, till finally one becomes a ‘master of wisdom’ or attains nirvanic awareness (or self-realization, meaning the realization of the higher self).

The moment that many veils have dropped off and that one attains mystic awareness (mystic is pre-nirvanic), the aspirant is already allowed access to the akashic records. However, the accession is delimited by the level of awareness, and the mystic can only go as far as reviewing couples of thousands of years back in the past. To be able to go back in time some more and solve the lingering enigmas of life, the mystic must hurdle more obstacles and drop off more veils…until the rishi or nirvanic awareness is reached.

To my own surprise, as I went on in my Path, I discovered thru experience that veils are both of Light and Dark. There was one instance when I did see so clearly a black drapery dropping off from my view, black signifying a Dark veil or ‘anti-universe energy veil’—the veil of the AntiChrist Forces. In some other instances, I clearly saw effervescent white draperies dropping off from my view or from above, white thus signifying that they were veils of Light, or veils planted by the Christ or Light Forces.

Surely, some basic questions would crop up in the mind of a seeker when encountering this narrative of veils along the Way. One essential question is: why are there such veils? Another basic query is: why are there two (2) veils and not just one (expectedly only Dark veil)?

Regarding the reason for the veil, explanations were already advanced by previous Teachers (from Blavatsky to Rachele). We can sum this up as follows: in the primordial times, when experimental mankind fell in vibratory frequency, there came the battle for humanity by two contending forces of the Galaxy: the Orion-Draco alliance, representing the Dark Forces, and the Galactic Confederation, representing the Light Forces.

Those contending forces then intervened in the genetic experimentations of the primordial races, the Fallen Ones implanting deep into the DNA the seeds of evil and divine forgetfulness (mankind’s forgetting his once glorious moments in the ‘garden of eden’ of 7th Density awareness), the Light Forces implanting DNA codes that would allow for a recovery of the memory of higher spheres and return to Godhead. The commonality of purpose of both forces was in the recognition that those unprepared to quicken the Path just cannot have access right away to the akashic records and be given the keys to higher mysteries.

To solve the problem of unnecessary access, both forces intentionally and methodically erected veils in the electromagnetic field or EMF of planet Earth. Needless to stress, the Fallen Ones constructed dark veils, to reinforce the DNA programming of evil traits in primordial man, while the Sons of Light planted veils of Light upon the EMF so as to avoid the untimely entry of the unprepared into the spheres of inner mysteries. You could just imagine the enormous barriers to one’s own ascent created by the erection by two gigantic forces of such EMF veils.

To be able to unveil each and every EMF barrier necessitates that one must be initiated in the yogic or mystic Path. I would dare say that institutional pathways to the Divine, such as those offered by churches and pseudo-church groups, are ineffective if not puerile in bringing down the veils, precisely because such groups are pathetically ignorant of the veiling phenomenon. The Initiatic methods offer the better pathways, these being handled by trained Gurus who have already torn down their respective veils and can access high knowledge directly from their own God selves. The same methods offer tools that quicken the aspirant’s attainment of balance, increase in vibratory frequency, soul healing and EMF (aura) detoxification, and related tasks and processes that accelerate one’s own recovery of higher awareness—at least of 7th Density that was mankind’s original state of being.

A mystic often than not begins at 7th Density and is then assisted by a guru-Master or mahayogi to move upwards to 8th Density. Certain veils are taken down in the process, while the Master Guide of the mystic absorbs a part of the karmic debt of the same aspirant so s/he can move up quickly to the next step. When such initial veils are removed, the aspirant comes face-to-face with the Ancient of Days—in the etheric plane—and receives his/her blessing to move on towards the higher steps of the Path.

From the foregoing, another point that needs to be stressed is that the veils can indeed be taken down or unveiled, that tools are available for taking them down, that blockages can come along the way which an aiding Guru can help to be identified, in other words, that mankind’s state is full of Hope to move on back to God Almighty. No matter how thick the veils maybe, they can be unveiled effectively, till one can indeed ascend in the Path. Ones taken off, the aspirant then graduates to higher-level awareness, the exultation from the success ensuring a jubilation and celebration Above by Ascended Beings. Couples of such celebrations I’ve already experienced, as my Light Body is surrounded by loving Masters of the Order who accompanied the celebration with wine glasses filled with elixirs of divinity.

The good news for everyone else on Earth is that the veils are now being taken down. As the Earth is now ascending back towards the higher densities, the spiritual Hierarchy is taking the necessary steps to bring down the EMF veils one after the other. Which means that the future-era aspirant will have just but a few veils left to work on—of veils placed in the personal unconscious—which aren’t as tough to take down as those veils of my generation of mystics and rishis. Even those souls who are merely of 4th to 5th Density (astral-level awareness) development, who may survive the polar shift and populate 4th Density Earth, will have the privilege of working their respective Paths without the blocking veils in the EMF.

Adding to the ease in accessing the higher keys and substance of inner mysteries is the activation of all 12 strands of DNA in the New Age humans (post-polar shift). The activated subtle DNA strands, literally beaming with Light like upward spiral lanterns, are a huge boost to the burning of many veils implanted in the DNA codes by the Fallen Ones. Thus will there be fewer veils to work on, contrasted to the pre-2012 millenia and centuries when veils numbered literally by the couples of hundreds—combining DNA veils plus the EMF veils.

For Teachers of the Path, the systematic removal of EMF veils permits mass initiation of aspirants who are of lower density (4th to 6th), a task that was so difficult to do in the previous times. I attempted to do mass initiation for almost two (2) decades, and admitted to the limited results of my efforts, precisely because the condition for it hasn’t come. After the polar shift, the natural condition for mass initiation will simply be there, which makes teaching an even more rewarding spiritual task.

2,000 years ago, the Master Issa (Yeshua ben Joseph, Jesus, Joshua) experimented on conducting mass initiation, and showed the way for such a possibility. Those same feats were simply superhuman then, more so that the avatar Maitreya, Jesus’ cosmic teacher, overshadowed the Master so he can directly tap Higher Light at such enormous levels that could permit mass initiation. After the polar shift, the same feats can already be replicated with ease by teachers of the Path, thanks to the graduation of Earth to higher dimension accompanied by dismantled EMF veils.

Fellows on Earth, this is part of the good news for us all. One by one are the external veils and the DNA programmed veils being taken down, which now has made our road ahead transmuted from a thorny path to a smoothened Path of Light. God has directly intervened in the process, so let us not forget to show the most loving thanks to our Divine Father-Mother for the latest blessing.

[Philippines, 05 May 2009]








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