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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra
“Charms and more charms! Amulets, amulets, amulets!’ could very well be the start of a theatre presentation. Charmed by the virtual presentation, let me share some notes about them.
As a seeker ascends the Path to the Divine, s/he should deign observe the use of protective and ‘luck-enhancing’ amulets, charms, and related devices. This is a sacrosanct rule in the Path, taking from my own experience as a Teacher who mentored enthused souls out there. For economy of words, I’d simply refer to them all as ‘object’ or ‘device’.
The principle behind the efficacy of a charm/amulet is this: when activated properly, it acts like an antenna that connects the user to certain Departments of divinities, the same divinities then facilely alerted to any harm that would come along the Way. The user must reinforce the usage with his/her own strong belief in the power of the device, the vibration of belief cum thought form then flowing and embedding continuously on the object which thus sustains its power.
We can see from the foregoing the two mutually or dialectically reinforcing components: (a) the activation of the object, and (b) the belief cum thought form appurtenant to the object’s power. Without these two components or tasks done, the object will just remain to be a display item for beautification, exotic self-imaging, or whatever.
It therefore pays to first of all activate the protective/enhancing object properly. The easiest way to do this is to see a guru or mystic who will instruct you on the proper procedure and activate the same object once the preparatory procedures are done. ‘Preparatory’ means such measures as immersing the object in water with salt and magnetized water (holy water) from two (2) to twenty-four (24) hours prior to activation. The preparation detoxifies the object of negative vibrations and impurities, making it ready for activation.
As suggested above, it is an important practice to keep a stock of magnetized water at home for various purposes. We mystics and gurus do possess the necessary power to prepare magnetized water by blasting it with cosmic energy—energy from the spiritual planes (5th and higher planes)—which no ordinary shaman or healer could do. So we’ve taken it as part of our services (pro bono) to prepare such special cleansing water for seekers and devotees who may be interested. Shamans can replicate the process, by requesting a Guide from Above to induce the descent of cosmic energy into the water via a ritual, assuming that the Guide is an evolved soul.
However, as a caveat, the charm/amulet, to be able indeed to serve Light-inspired purposes, should be accompanied by a seeker’s or mystic’s intentional and methodical purification works, inclusive of deprogramming of vices (weaknesses) and building of virtues. I have to stress this point real emphatic, as there are some lost seekers out there who think that they can go on with protection without enabling a greater balance of the psyche and deprogramming of weaknesses/building virtues.
Please note that on the Dark Side of life, seekers and mystics also use protective and enhancer devices like we do on the Light Side of life. They do so precisely because the Dark Forces are of diverse factions who are manipulated by diverse powers—often Master-Adepts of ‘black magic’—who wouldn’t have second thoughts in harming and manipulating seekers and mystics from competing groups. If they could do so—conduct psychic attacks or ‘sorcery’—against us Adepts of the Brotherhood, they would likewise do the same on the pathfinders of Darkness.
Couples of times did I forewarn some seekers out there who sought my counsel for protection. There were at least two, in North America, who did almost cause me shock when I found out that they were already on the threshold of moving completely to the inner spaces of the Dark Forces (including the Illuminati). I observed that both seekers (males, late 20s) are the types who refuse to accept about their weaknesses, delude themselves with being already innately perfected, and associate to external Dark powers their weaknesses, and so on. Psychotic hubris, those delusional contentions!
As I told in my article on ‘inner demon’, all of us possess the Dark element within us, and this is more of an element that is internal to us. Without doing efforts to tame our inner demon, we will be deluding ourselves with being in the Light path, while such inner demon will then invite external demons which, per my enquiries and battle experiences (I do depower such beings using cosmic warriorship methods) do exist, the latter thus embedding themselves in the chakras of the seeker. Such sucking of energy by external demons ensconced in one’s chakras is just a step short of full possession and destruction of the victim concerned.
So, here we go again, let you be reminded among all things: (a) deprogram vices and build virtues, (b) neutralize your inner demon till it will bow down to thee once you’ve reached nirvanic awakening (realization of Higher Self), (c) do so by using purification, cleansing, and healing tools, and (d) please exhibit the right attitudes in the Path and apply tools prescribed by a guru you approach for the latter purposes. Failing to observe these parameters, protective/enhancing devices will just but help to drive you more to the Dark Path till you become totally immersed in the ‘devil’s space’.
Finally, let you be reminded that such objects (protection, enhancing prosperity, health, etc) should be recharged periodically. Among the instructions that I gave to seekers I handled are the following:

• Protective amulets/charms can be re-optimized in power during the Christian’s Holy Friday, around 2-3:30 p.m. Equivalent date would be Christian’s All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1). If you’re not keen on these dates, then find equivalent dates relative to your religious practices. I am recommending the matter outside of religions, though I do recognize the import of such dates which I perceive much differently from Christians.
• Prosperity, health, and love amulets/charms can be best re-optimized on the eve of your birthday. The other option is on New Year’s eve, or on a Chinese New Year. If you’re Moslem, then do so on the eve of Islam’s New Year.
Just one more query to reflect on: can crystals do the same tasks as amulets and charmers (or activated writ papers with special mantras scribbled)? Yes, surely crystals can do the same tasks of protection and enhancing prosperity, good health, better career, and love. Just do the necessary research about the power of each crystal, and hopefully you’d procure those crystals that are the true ones (there are many fakes that abound in the market).
In Manila for instance, there are shops inside malls that specialize on crystals, which includes those for jewelry purposes—jewels that also protect and enhance love/prosperity/good health/career. The same crystals, I presume, were already pre-cleansed, so all that the buyer has to do is activate the crystal via a special program (mantras and prayer ritual). Follow the prescribed program that often goes with the package of crystals.
So, dear Seeker and Lightworker, pleased be advised well about the need for the objects mentioned, and the proper rituals and mantras for them (where applicable). If you’re not convinced of their power, fine, adapt to a lifestyle you wish for yourself. But if you do, then be consistent with the practice, don’t ever let down on your defenses for the Negative Invisibles are too many out there in the astral plane waiting to harm you and suck the Light out of you.
Aram acsadam! Be protected!
[Philippines, 12 May 2009]




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