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Erle Frayne Argonza /Ra

Love, concern and sincerest care
For the loved one and all loved fellows:
Could these be measured
Like the metered current
That powers the home?
If it were so could devotion be paid
In sheets over sheets of monies?

Perhaps the cats, dogs
And other wondrous pets at home
Can offer the answer:
Wondrous pets don’t count at all
Their kisses and devotion to friends
O! How they keep on giving!
They simply keep on giving!
[Writ. 04 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]


The Law of Reciprocity posits: “Do for others what you want them to do for you.” A sacrosanct low in all spheres of existence, it is fully substantiated in the conduct of devotion.

As I was saying in that youthful poem of mine, devotion is a matter of quality of relationship, not a matter of quantity of giving. Take notice of your very own pets and see how totally devoted they are to you, never counting the love they offer to you. Such a behavior we must exude before the Almighty Providence and the sublime created Beings in all dimensions, inclusive of our own fellow humans.

For the egotistical types, giving love is a matter of quantity, such a love therefore being not ‘true love’. It is manipulative behavior, exuded to control people, enslave ‘the other’ in disproportionately asymmetric relations, and manifested with the expectation that others will reciprocate in kind. These are the types whom the Spiritual Hierarchy will expel from Terra post-2012, transferred to the world fit for their own psyche and awareness.


March 2011


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