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SIMPLE WORDS July 31, 2014

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

In every production of my pen
Of full narrative or poem
I’m compelled to write in simple
Words that folks could comprehend

It’s no joke to dazzle minds
With jargons and magical words
For just like magic on a wand’s stroke
Will make the denouement outpace
The cognition of the enthusiastic viewer
Will only obscure the thought presented
And leave the consciousness dangling
On rotten vines of superstition and illusion

For I’m supposed to offer
Lines that shatter false images
It’s so that every undertaking
Of thinking and imagining
Will irradiate the knowing viewer
With rays of clarity and concreteness

[Writ. 06 June 1988, Angeles City, Pampanga, on a visit to the Angeles University Foundation.]

The manner of articulation, whether to be elegant or to be simple in presentation, is really one of personal choice. Being schooled in college in the University of the Philippines, where the ‘school of elegance’ prevailed, I had to consciously remind myself of the full import of writing and speaking with simplicity, thus diverging from my own fellow alumni who bore with them the elegance that was to make marks in their work situations.
I was actually influenced by Albert Einstein who urged theoretical physicists to discourse with simplicity. Having been exposed to theoretical physics and social sciences as a young man, it was a tall order to follow the ‘school of simplicity’. I admitted that at times I veered too far away from it, as my writings turned out too abstruse and complex, unreadable even to my fellow academics (they kept on complaining that they cannot understand an iota of my discourse).
Yet I found out early how Einstein, born a gifted child, was able to present his general and special theories with utter simplicity. If the noblesse theoretician can do it, likewise can I do it. Many spiritual masters actually took the choice of simplicity, even as their being so wise and pure already made them stand out as elegant Beings of Light.
Being simple in articulation doesn’t mean being simplistic. The latter is a flaw of reductionism, which should be avoided. No matter how complex your subject of presentation is, you can simplify it no less and yet show such a complexity before your audience or readers in more digestible verbiage.
March 2011
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