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DRACO RETURNS January 17, 2011

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi sa iyo Kaibigan! Good evening to you Friend! Kumusta mula sa isang Adept ng Kapatiran! Regards from an Adept of the (spiritual) Brotherhood!

The title of this article may come as cryptic to you. Sit down there please and relax with me, imagine yourself listening to Brazilian world music that my ears and heart are feasting on at this moment. Relax and listen to the good news.

First of all, please review the Book of Revelation in the New Testament Bible authored by the Master-Adept John the Beloved. In the book is contained many core prophecies about the end of the Kali Yuga or Dark Age and the coming of the 4th Dimensional Earth (New Earth) in a New Age of Light.

Many events prognosticated by Master John will no longer take place, as God Almighty’s intervention beginning in 1974 changed the timeline of the planet. But there’s one reportorial in the book that needs to be re-read and re-assessed: the Red Dragon’s forthcoming war.

Red Dragon is no other than Draco. It once took direct control of Earth, circa 300,000 years back, when it did its manipulative re-engineering of humanity’s DNA structure. It departed, but left behind many of its own species kind (today’s elites hiding behind human physiology) to serve as its bridgehead for its future plan here.

As the Master John reported, the Dragon once dragged 1/3 of the stars with it in its mighty conflict with the guardian forces of the Almighty. 1/3 is a poetic jargon of sorts, as it means that Draco dragged along with it hundreds of worlds in its pursuit for galactic Empire infamy.

The stars refer to both (a) star systems and worlds (planets habituated by humanoids) and (b) evolving humans on both the descending and ascending arc of the evolutionary Path. Now, those words reveal deeper things, so to simplify the matter, ‘stars’ means (a) stars & worlds and (b) human souls.

Draco bamboozled many worlds with military overkill, even as it used typical squid tactics to cajole other worlds using diplomacy. Earth was on the descending arc of its evolution when Draco arrived here, and so it was easy to capture Earth and hasten Terrans’ forgetting the higher dimensions by decreasing the DNA strands from the original twelve (12) down to the double helix that is known to laboratory science today.

As soon as Draco perfected its genetic manipulation of early humans, Terrans quickly descended from the original 5th ‘density’ (upper astral) down to 4th (mid-astral roughly) density. From there human souls fragmented further, bringing humanity and Earth down to 3rd dimension. At 3rd dimension, man has forgotten his higher dimension origin (planet and spiritual realms), was “expelled from the Garden of Eden” as it was reported in the Genesis book.

That was then. Terra is now moving very rapidly back to 4th dimension, beginning with the ascent to 4th density till finally stabilizing, at some future time, to 5th density. Seven (7) sub-races of new humans will then evolve during that long period of 5th density life, the generic race termed thereafter as ‘Meruvian race’ or ‘Aquarian race’.

You see, if you’re a cold-blooded true-blue Draconian, you’d never want such series of events to happen at all. For if Terra would ascend, all the fallen planets in this micro-sector of Milky Way’s edge will be lost to Draco’s enemies: the Galactic Command or GC forces. Earth is strategically located in this micro-sector, it could be used to sling-shot long space-traveling Empire starships to the other stars and fallen planets (it has no option but travel long spaces as the GC controls the hyperspace to Earth that exits nestled above the Philippines).

Now, if this micro-sector will be regained by the GC, then Draco’s access to other micro-sectors nearby will also be deterred. Draco’s game plan experts knew of this possibility thousands of years back yet. They are left-brain oriented, so don’t ever under-estimate the wiz kid tacticians of the Empire, just to remind you. But never over-estimate them either.

As mentioned by me in some other articles, Draco’s return began by sending an invasion force in the late 90s yet, with the expectation that such a force will arrive here early part of the decade. I saw visions of Draconian scouts eco-scanning Earth from their patrol ship (hidden from my view) in 2003, and I knew by then that they were coming.

That was just a test mission of course, and it failed. GC interceptors scattered the mission force as it obliterated sizeable space assets of the contingent. Some of the scattered assets are still in the solar system as lost commands, and they do surreptitiously spy on Earth (at 4th density level) every now and then.

Expect a diversionary attack by Draco on other members of the GC, which they already did by attacking Pleiades as reported by some Masters thru channelers down here. They can renew their attacks on Andromeda which they did way back 300,000 years ago, but merely as a diversionary move.

That ancient attack on Andromeda was repulsed by a mission force which we will dub for the moment as ‘mission Perseus’ led by a combined force of Pleiadians and GC contingents (symbolized by Pegasus). That narrative was reported though coded in mythic language in Greek mythology (Perseus story/clash of Titans).

In late 2008, a lost command did try to spy on me. With my Light Body already activated by then, I attempted to hit the patrol with cosmic Light blasters (it scampered away hurriedly). The leader of the patrol, to my surprise, is the Hatonn reported by some channelers. To be honest, I have no trust over this lost command leader, and has kept the group on the watch list in the councils Above.

There is one mighty commander of the lost commands most likely, as I’ve been getting reports from seekers I’m handling down here of a Draconian leader who’s dressed up much like a Sith Lord in the Star Wars epic. He spies via the mid-astral or 4th density most likely while his patrol travels so speedily.

In other words, Draco’s fragmented contingents in Solaria (solar system) cannot afford to be fixed in location. They have to be constantly mobile, by moving at very rapid speeds and in seemingly erratic fashion to evade the GC’s interceptor missions.

This is just a prelude to something bigger actually. It was just a test mission after a seemingly long absence in our micro-sector. Draco’s tacticians were able to assess the strengths and possible location of GC interceptors in the process. Likewise did they see the possible scenarios if they combine a frontal attack with diversionary attacks elsewhere.

The Big One of an invasion is coming yet, which I will choose to discuss in another article. Suffice me to conclude here. Fear not, Dear One, as you’d find out more good news in the next articles about Draco.

[Philippines, 16 August 2010]


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