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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Kumusta mula sa Kapatirang ispiritwal! Good evening! Goodwill from the spiritual Brotherhood!

It’s twilight time as I write this piece, with torrential monsoon rains bashing our roofs in crescendo fashion here in my highland suburban village. The rains’ torrential outpouring is itself music to my ears, so please visualize rains that seem to sound like a nocturnal choir of sorts as you browse this piece.

I will dedicate this piece to the Draco theme, with specific focus on the formula that Draco fears: the Medusa Formula. Just recently, a new version of the Clash of the Titans movie was shown, which indicated how the Karkens (Draco) was transmogrified and destroyed by the Medusa head (high-tech genetic life science formula) that was hurled on it by Perseus (Pleiades-led contingent of the Galactic Command forces) riding astride Pegasus (cross-galactic space armada).

The Greek myths did encode those ancient messages in an encryption that only the Adepts of that time could decode. That was sad for the ancient Greeks themselves who had the coded messages of the Higher Mysteries, but who never knew what the symbols and messages actually conveyed. Obviously it wasn’t time yet to decode them in the open at that juncture.

As already mentioned in some articles of mine, the narrative of Perseus reveals a facet of that ancient war between the Empire (Draco-led & later Lucifer-reinforced) and the Light Forces (Galactic Confederation & Michael-reinforced). A portion of that long war in the heavens shows Pleiades (Perseus) heroically saving Andromeda (Andromeda galaxy & its humans) and humanity (human varieties spread in diverse worlds) versus the wrath of Draco (Karkens).

The biggest challenge then, as shown in the film, was how to evade the influence of the Anti-Universe energy (Hades) from over-flowing into the interstices of the Milky Way. It was like creating a huge cosmic mat of sorts that could shield the humans and civilizations in both Andromeda and Milky Way or maybe a larger portion of the universe. Andromeda and Milky Way were altogether just a mere tip of a gigantic iceberg, so you can see how gigantic a threat was the Anti-Universe as it encroaches from elsewhere.

As indicated in the narrative, the Order of Melchizedek (Io is signifier) assisted in the entire plan to save humanity. The interplanetary priesthood of Adepts had to collaborate with the cross-galactic warrior-Adepts (Perseus is most central) to find the solution to the huge dilemma. The collaboration had to go to the extent of a closer bond (love between Io and Perseus) between two cosmic classes (priest and warrior) that were created by the Great Creative Force (Zeus & deific sons of the Father deities) for separate purposes.

The narrative revealed that the consensus was to use the penultimate formula versus Draco (Karkens) whose forces were surreptitiously hidden in the mid-astral (the sea where Karkens was hidden): the Medusa Formula (Medusa and her undying head).

Medusa broadly signifies a very high-technology life science principle. So mightily guarded is that principle to avoid its being used by negative forces (gazing at it straight would solidify and kill you). The knowledge was nestled in the seat of the unconscious (signified by the cave where Perseus’ team had to enter): the higher mental plane. That is where the Akashic records are kept and guarded by celestial beings.

The Medusa head cleverly signifies the DNA multi-helix composition, or DNA of a higher order. Today we are aware of the 12-strand DNA, which coheres well with the Medusa head. The Medusa snake body signifies the spiritual force of the Kundalini which connects well with the DNA that, in fact, it enlivens during acts of meditation.

Now, the stunning and awesome revelation  in the narrative is that the Medusa Formula can be performed by dissecting the kundalini (snake body) from the DNA multi-helix structure itself. In other words, by way of a high-level surgical operation (spiritual surgery), the latter can be obtained and conserved—in autonomy from the kundalini force—and then applied with discrimination to a subject group.

That surgical operation can only be done best by Adepts of the highest order—Ascended Masters in our language—via a collaboration between Priest-Adepts (Io) and Warrior-Adepts (Perseus). Needless to say, the Medusa Formula and how it is obtained is in the hands of the Melchizedeks and the Galactic Command’s ascended master-guardians (Pleiadian guardians surely possess the key to the knowledge).

Such a knowledge, however, cannot be applied in a 3rd Dimensional environment, as the narrative revealed. It has to be applied in 4th Dimension, in the lower densities of ‘higher space’ where Draco’s forces are surreptitiously hiding, and then confront Draconians right there.

As the narrative reveals, the worlds that were involved in the conflict at that time were not as low as 3rd density of today’s fallen planets, but could have been 4th to 6th densities in the over-arching 4th Dimension space-time continuum. Draco’s assets were in that continuum, and till these days there are in fact nestled there.

When Earth will ascend to 4th Dimension—to 4th and then 5th densities—the ancient war and the Medusa Formula will make greater sense. 3rd Dimension faculties are of limited capacity and capabilities to understand the recondite knowledge revealed in the Perseus/Titans’ clash narrative.

What this Adept, in his capacity as a messenger, can share to you is that the Medusa Formula is intact as a knowledge, and is well guarded Above. Draco knows too well that the formula is an option that can be used against the Empire, as it was already tested in the ancient past. Draco’s manipulation of the genetic structure has its limits, and the Medusa Formula will offset those limits and slam bang Draco in a rebound effect.

Genetics was Draco’s tool for so long, and that same tool will come back upon it like a returning karma of sorts. The only difference now is that new state-of-the-arts energy platforms were developed as sort of cannon to strike Draco with the same formula (genetics). That state-of-the-art platform is in the hands of no other than the Lord Gabriel and the Celestial Forces under his command, and the celestials’ movements are inaccessible to Draco.

So, dear Kapatid (sibling), have no fear about Draco’s return. It is Draco that is being enveloped with fear at this moment, as the Empire knows that the resumption of galactic hostilities very soon will unleash an X-factor whose firepower and source they are unable to predict, anticipate, detect, access, much more to neutralize.

[Philippines, 22 August 2010]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Starseeds and peoples from the Galactic Confederations’ planets (GC planets to shorten) comprise a mere minority on Earth. A rough census of our population shows that we are roughly 80% Orion, 17% Pleiades & Sirius B (15% Pleiades, 2% Sirius), and the rest of 3% distributed among other planetary migrants.

Among those seemingly fractional count of 3% are the Draconians (reptiles) and other saurians, insectoids, botanoids (plant humanoids), and whatever dense migrants there are from across the galaxies. Draco and lower Orion formed the binary power nexus of the Empire in antiquity, so altogether down here on Earth their influence stretches out to 80% of total population.

GC peoples’ influence stands at merely 10% level at this time, though this number is rapidly growing. Starseeds—the most recent arrivals (after Atlantis’ sinking)—comprise merely 1/8 or 12.5% of the population. This is bound to grow exponentially, as new starseeds are being born as babies in great numbers.

Starseeds and earlier arrivals of GCs are of a highly intelligent nature, with many starseeds retaining their 6th and 7th density awareness since their arrival here. While only a minority, the S & GCs (short for starseeds and Galactic Confederation peoples) who are now middle aged, are climbing fast the organizational ladders worldwide.

The organizational pyramids have always been in the hands of the Empire peoples, with Orions and Draconians on top. Name the organization—corporate, revolutionary, church, NGO, government, military—and one would end up witnessing Orions at the middle and top, with Draconians sharing power in some.

Today, the situation is changing. While merely a minority, the S & GCs are now moving up the pyramid in great numbers. My estimate is that from this year 2010 till 2012 the S & GCs will reach a ‘critical mass’ or 30% of the leadership compositions. At such a level, the S & GCs can challenge the policies and directions of organizations, from underground to aboveground.

Take the case of states. While the Empire people continue to enjoy their stronghold of state policy structures and bureaucracies, S & GCs have made enormous in-roads as well. Thus, the global direction of down-sliding to another world war with nuclear thermidore has been effectively reversed, making international cooperation a greater possibility than before.

Europe, for instance, which seems to be tittering towards a political maelstrom and brinkmanship, still faces the chance of stabilizing a bit. The economic crises it is undergoing may not abate in the short run, but Europe may no longer go the route of a totalitarian 4th Reich as originally planned by the Empire’s evil Adepts.

The same thing is true with the USA, which almost sank to the level of a fascist dictatorship under the neo-conservatives. The moderates were voted and installed to power, state policies were radically reversed (including foreign policy), and so the possibility of a fascist dictatorship had receded.

Expect the clash between the Empire and S&GC peoples to be extended to corporate boardrooms, if this has not been happening already. The ceaseless drive for rapacious profits will be challenged by ever greater advocacies for corporate social responsibility and redistribution, with the latter coming from S&GCs that are discovering their mutual presence and carving alliances with rapidity and dispatch.

As the S&GCs are acting out their missions in the micro-spheres with cooperation and subtle Oneness, the Empire’s leaders are engaging in mutual attrition and self-destruction. Some Empire leaders and factions are winning, while others are being pulled down, but in the end this will redound to loses for the Empire’s people here.

Take the case of the Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, both of which are still under the leadership of Empire peoples. Look at how they destroy each other, their brinkmanship dragging the entire planet to a new global conflagration. Even without our intervention (spiritual Brotherhood), the evil forces are self-destructing with their mutual hatreds for one another.

Let’s all pray and hope for the success of the S&GCs who are now in the midst of their organizational conquests. May the Almighty Creator be with them in their sublime missions.

[Philippines, 22 July 2010]







ASCENSION OF 144,000 WHITE ROBES ENSUE December 6, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Solidarity Greetings from Ra of the Brotherhood of Light!

The total ascension of the 144,000 White Robes has already begun. Those who have advanced in the Path of Light know fairly well that we Rishis are among you, as your teachers, healers, and guides, and know that even before the 2012 event we will experience total ascension—both spiritual and physical.

The ascension event has already begun. I will not divulge about the exact date of the first ascension batch, only the information concerning the ascension will be released.

But I will care to share to you information about the 21st of June event. A batch of Ascended Ones did move up last 21st of June, and this one is a fairly large one. It coincided with a solstice (summer up north, winter down south), as one can see.

As a monitoring of the event, I went through my regular meditation before I slept, at around 8:45 p.m. of the 21st of June. A gigantic eagle appeared on my vision. It was preparing to fly upwards, and was poised to do that for a minute or so.

Then finally the eagle flew upwards, but before it continued to fly higher, it momentarily flew to my astral-etheric space in an act of saying farewell. Then in flew upwards at great speed.

The eagle is the standard archetype of the mystic or yogi (they are both of the same level of awareness). Since the 1990s yet, I routinely see an eagle in my vision, flying high up in space, permitting me thus to see the ground below through its eyes. That eagle was no other than me, moving up above and scanning the different continents of the planet.

In the early part of this decade, I acquired the meditative power to create a huge eagle or phoenix in the astral-to-mental dimensions, and I used this eagle (it’s still me) to carry enthused devotees along with me (behind my back) as we traveled the astral world during group meditations.

A favorite activity of mine is to fly the devotees to the ‘cosmic heart’, a gigantic heart perched on an even higher space. It is a process of exposing the devotees or seekers to the strongest blast of the Love vibration they’d ever experience yet, and the experience has a powerful cleansing or detoxifying effect on them.

The gigantic eagle I saw in my June the 21st vision was, however, not one of my creation. It was a creation of the spiritual Hierarchy as an archetype to show me that the ascension of a huge batch of rishis was in progress. It was archetypal of the ‘collective mind’ of the concerned batch.

That wasn’t the first batch of new Ascended Masters, just to remind the readers. But it was the first batch that involved hundreds. There was first a testing of the ascension work prior to this solstice batch, and the tests involved just a few dozens. The success of those tests led the Almighty Creator to ascend hundreds this solstice season.

Since the said rishis are spread out across the globe, their departure will hardly be felt. Necessarily, there will be secrecy behind their sudden disappearance. Hardly are there witnesses to their departure, this is an unnecessary if not egotistical way of getting witnesses to the ascension event.

The Dark Masters are quite in panic at the event, they don’t know who is about to ascend next, but they know that they can never stop the event. They are desperately engaging in espionage and sabotage by surreptitiously securing information from meditating rishis, but in no way can they secure such information from us.

The new Ascended Masters will be reporting briefly to the Council of 24 Elders and the Almighty Creator, before descending to their homes in the ‘masters’ universe’. From there they can descend to the lower planes anytime, through multiple location (splitting themselves many folds) so they can attend or preside council meetings across the dimensions.

The same Masters will also be staffing up in full time capacity the newly instituted gatekeepership councils across the globe. At this moment, the trainings of volunteer staff to the councils from among the advanced Light Workers is taking place, initiated by the same new Masters.

The same gatekeepership councils will be the base for replacing the old hierarchy of the planet, as the ‘masters of lesser Light’ of the old hierarchy will be taken off the Earth and quarantined elsewhere (that event has actually begun, as the Lord Gabriel has been arresting them one by one).

Now that new full-time Masters of Light have fully ascended (physical & spiritual), there is greater hope for the planet. There will be other batches to follow on a month-by-month ascension schedule, until by 2012 all of us rishis will have been fully ascended.

[Philippines, 30 June 2010]







STARSEEDS November 9, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good Day!

The term ‘starseed’ may be among those buzzwords that are now flying across the globe and making some intriguing landings in domiciles. Sooner or later this term would be a household word, by which time it will be accepted or, to use sociological language, become part of our “taken for granted reality.”

A young man I was in the early 80s when I first encountered the works of the couple Brad & Francie Steiger. From their works did I first encounter the term ‘starseed’. Starseeds are supposedly those who are seeded with extraterrestrial genes and/or are embodiments of souls from across the stars.

I surely like the term a lot. Till now I use it to refer to those souls who embodied recently on Earth, thus ensuring for us a continuous supply of souls more evolved than our own average pedigrees in our planet Terra.

Too many writings were already released before diverse readers that clarified the true origins of all of us Terrans. None of us living on this planet today is an original Terran, so nobody out there should be making too much of a fuzz out of his/her coming from a faraway planet in a faraway star.

To review the demographics of us Terrans, I would refer you to the writings of the guru Sal Rachele ( which I find very scientifically accurate and Light-filled as well. Guru Sal likewise clarified that all the original Terrans have already evolved back to the spiritual realms, situated as they are now on 12th Density (roughly, 6th Plane).

The same writings also clarified that too many of those who migrated here are laggards and are weak in Light. Only those who came from higher dimension planets are the highly evolved ones, such as those from Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius B, and Andromeda. From the same planets came what we call the ‘starseeds’.

Starseeds are those who originated from higher dimension planets and migrated to the Solar System, notably Terra, during more recent times. The cut-off date for defining ‘recent’ is however not as markedly clear as we would expect, so this causes an ambiguity of sorts.

My inner wisdom is telling me that the cut-off date lies somewhere before the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis (that sinking spans 12,000 years between them). Roughly, this coincides with the current Sidereal Year or Grand Cycle of 25,585 years that will end on 2012.

All those who migrated here before this grand cycle are referred to as ‘Terrans’ (mainstream Earthans or Earthlings) while those who arrived here within the cycle are the ‘starseeds’. Well, supposedly, if we follow some distorted logic, that is the case.

But do note that even during the present grand cycle, there were many negative and laggard souls from across the galaxies who arrived here in ‘trickles’ as well as en masse. How can they ever be called ‘starseeds’ then? Of course they are no starseeds at all.

The purpose of reinforcing the Earth with starseeds is to fast-track the evolution of other souls and the entire planet as well (planetary ascension). Indeed many starseeds succeeded in achieving this goal, but sadly many starseeds fell in awareness, lured as they are by illusions of the sensate world.

As to the success of that goal, for instance, 80% of Terrans are of Orion origin, a whopping part of who are laggards while many others are negative souls. Yet many ex-Orions have already evolved today, some mutating to ‘masters of wisdom’.

Roughly, 1/8 of the world’s population by Year 2000 were starseeds. That’s around 750 Million in the physical plane, and 7.5 Billion in the astral plane (awaiting re-embodiment). But that doesn’t count yet the millions of dolphins and whales who are souls from Sirius B.

My rough estimate is that, after 2012, with the separation of the service-for-self peoples (transferred to denser planets), the starseed composition of Earth will go up 4X its present size. So that’s 32% or roughly 1/3 of the New Earth’s population will be starseeds.

Multiplying that starseed demographics is the massive reinforcements today of starseeds from higher dimension planets. Maybe past 2010, this year, no more laggards or negative souls will ever be able to incarnate on Earth, unable as they are to withstand the higher frequency of an ascending planet. They may try, but they will exit soon enough (infantile deaths).

That 1/3 is only the minimum composition. If we note the possibility that tens of millions of dolphins and whales will, by virtue of Divine Grace, be mutating to land humans after 2012, that would be an additional reinforcement of starseeds.

The maximum starseed composition would therefore be 40% of New Earth. Granted that, by early 2013, there will be 1.4 Billion of New Earth humans, as much as 560 Millions would be starseeds. Using some other terms, we would say they are ‘old souls’ while the rest of 60% would be ‘middling souls’ (most ‘young souls’ will be transferred to other planets as laggards).

Now, what makes starseeds stand above the rest? Being an Eastern soul, I am bound to think more in terms of synthetic principles rather than analytic ones (e.g. indigo children, crystal children), and so I would say that a starseed is relatively strong in all the 7 Ray traits as follows: will, wisdom, craftsmanship/esthetics, devotion/faith, knowing (analytic-empirical), service, and synthesis.

Being an Eastern person, I would also tend to recommend our Asian ways to awaken the starseed in a person and tap Divine endowments to attain liberation (moksha, nirvana, kalayaan), towards holiness (holistic/wholeness) and Oneness. We teachers from the East have already shared lessons and tools to the world, so I won’t have to indulge so much on the subject.

Being an ex-Sirian, who comprise 2% of the population today, I would forecast that by 2013 the Sirian population of New Earth would be from 8% to maximum 10%. Pleiadians, who comprise 15% today, would go up as much as 60%. Many Sirians and Pleiadians are no longer starseeds here, however, as they migrated here before this present grand cycle yet.

At any rate, we are all sons and daughters of the stars, as our bodies are made of materials that were literally recycled from the essential elements of stars. And our planet, in the distant future, will graduate to become a star itself, perhaps the highest level of planetary ascent altogether.

So, starsons and stardaughters, welcome to the Aquarian Age! Be bold and daring, you shall overcome! Carpe diem!

[Philippines, 28 May 2010]










Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

I have already shared some notes before about the hyperspace portal that connects our planet to the other galaxies and star systems, and onwards to the Central Sun of our universes. As already articulated, this portal was closed in antiquity, in the aftermath of the catastrophic galactic war that overflowed to this sector of our universe, which marked a steady downward slide of Terrans into the hovels of 3rd Density life.

Likewise did I share notes about the reopening of the same portal—by the Galactic Confederation forces—as the Earth’s vibration rapidly moves back to 4th Dimension. As per my vision last year, the portal was already reopened. The portal, as we know among circles of Filipino mystics, is located in the Philippines, a 4th Dimensional country, approximately above the borders of the Philippine plate and the Sunda plate (above Palawan island).

The Philippines being the remnant of Lemuria, it embodies the very same mystical significance of the mother continent. Its ancient name was Maharloka, the Great Land, and it was the very center of life in the whole of Lemuria. It is no exaggeration to state that Maharloka was the flagship civilization that enabled Lemuria to reach its zenith as the world’s greatest civilization ever. Now that the planet is moving back to 4th Dimension frequency, the Philippines is regaining its significance in the cosmic drama currently unfolding, being the ‘womb of the Mother’ where the ‘galactic umbilical cord—hyperspace portal—Is located.

That the same portal is located in the Philippines (Maharloka), which retained its 4th Dimensional vibration despite a 3rd Dimensionality of its base planet, makes the ‘womb of the Mother’ even more emphatic in fact. Not only is the Earth as ‘child of the Universe of the Almighty’, linked to the Central Sun via a major portal, the same Earth has grown to be a Mother whose womb is Maharloka/ Philippines, and as such reproduces the same nurturing nature of the Divine Mother or Cosmic Mother.

Thus, without question, the Oneness between Maharloka/Philippines and Gaia, the Deity whose body the Earth is, is established, determinate, immutable. This Philippines that we know today, of which I am a scion, is just but a passing phase of an overarching reality—the womb of the Mother—that is immutable. As far as the Almighty Providence, the Creator of all Creators is concerned, the Mother role has been assigned to this part of the planet.

Being so mandated, the umbilical cord to the universes’ or omniverse’s Central Sun is likewise assigned to the area or region, this being a privilege of a planetary womb. A planetary womb is the place where the initial races are experimented on, the prototype or genotype breeds then launched to ride the evolutionary laws and mature to physical perfection and mental perfection.

When the time is ripe for the human races to move upwards the evolutionary arc and speed up spiritual evolution, the same umbilical cord is ensured activation and access by the Light forces tasked to assist in the acceleration processes, the very same cord being now a beacon of the evolution not only of humanity but also of the entire planet as it is brought nearer the center of the omniverse and away from the edge of the Milky Way where it was located for nigh eons long.

The very same portal or umbilical cord need not be relocated elsewhere, for being of a higher dimension, it can only be positioned in a place or spot on the planet that remains unspoiled by human intervention and 3rd dimensional descent. Such a spot could only be but its original spot in the first place, which indeed remains 4th dimensional in overall vibratory frequency till these days.

There are other mini-portals across the globe actually, and one can testify the presence of such portals by their energy configurations. However, they are mini-portals at best, even as there is only one major portal. The same portal, during its closure stage (a long time by our count), deterred the predatory forces from Draco & allies from returning to Earth unnoticed. The closure of the portal means that the invading predators have to pass through a longer route, and by doing so they risk being noticed and tracked down by the Confederation forces.

On the other hand, the same closure had a delimiting effect on the Confederation forces that desired to come here on a rapid time frame. To lighten such a burden of having to traverse longer space and hyperspace routes to this sector of the Milky Way, the same Light forces have to station reinforcements right in our solar system. By so doing, they can immediately neutralize Draconian forces that may slip through the sector, the same act buying time for reinforcements to travel over from the same long routes.

The portal is now open, and so fellow Terrans, we need not fear any longer about delays in the arrivals of Light forces should we experience another wave of invasions from the Dark ETIs or extra-terrestrial intelligences. The very same portal is now being used by our ascended Terrans, who form a part of the 144,000 Rishis and their advance apprentices, to travel to other worlds, learn lessons from the latter, and/or conduct tasks in the councils of the Galactic Command. Without the portal, it could have been more cumbersome a process for awakened Terrans to do tasks in the 6th Density in particular, which serves as the clearing point for cosmic interface as well as station for the mother ships of the Galactic Command.

That being so, let it be known that the Gatekeepership Council of the region where the Philippines is a member of, performs an extra task of clearing house for many Lightworkers who may already be qualified to visit higher-dimension planets and the learning stations of the Galactic Command. Needless to say, the Council performs an extra task of monitoring the portal from this side of the universe, monitoring being an element of the broader overseer task that belongs to the military command of the Galactic Confederation (the military ships are in the portal’s opening, making space patrols 24 hours of the day).

In case that there may be some questions about how long will it take to travel from Earth to other galaxies or star systems through this portal, this much I can say: around late last year, I was permitted, as part of my inter-dimensional warriorship task, to traverse the hyperspace via that portal, to register visual intelligence scanning on certain constellations. Approximately in the range of 15-50 Lightyears, it could have been next to impossible for me to traverse the space without a vehicle. Using my own Light Body, under the command of my very own thoughts, I was amazed at the travel time of barely ten (10) minutes of near-light speed travel which my Light Body entailed to travel to each of two (2) constellations I visited. If a Light Body can travel that fast through the portal, how much more those space vehicles of the Galactic Confederation?

So, fellow Terrans, that fact should erase apprehensions among you that at any time now the Draco Empire & allied forces would come invading again and re-implanting us with new genetic codes that would enslave us forever in 3rd density living. It is now too late for the hostile, evil forces to repeat the predatory invasions and occupations they have done in antiquity, too late to even embroil our solar system and planet in anti-universe energy fields that they can direct to our space sector. Their invasion efforts in the past ten (10) years were thwarted, and they risk total destruction if they would attempt another invasion, for they can no longer access the hyperspace portal. Their coming will be so obviously noticed in advance, pinpoint their locations, and render them as sitting ducks by Confederation firepower.

Within a few years, beyond 2012, the entire planet itself would be traversing space to be repositioned in the universe along with the solar system. No matter what changes there are in the poles and position of the planet, the ‘womb of the Mother’ will remain to be Philippines/Lemuria, and the hyperspace portal shall remain in the womb area. These are among the graces of the Almighty not only for the Philippine nation, they are graces for the planet and Terrans as a whole, even as Philippines/Lemuria is among such sublime jewels that Lightworkers and the more aware persons better countenance.

[Philippines, 17 May 2009]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

Mapayapang Araw! Peaceful day!

I’ve already written notes about the topic ‘soul age’ in some previous articles. Just recently I wrote about “Old Souls at Home: Boon to Soul Evolution.” In those articles, including ones about devotees and seekers/freethinkers, I articulated about the varying soul ages and the lessons suited for them.

Since I already touched about middling and old souls in those articles, or those same souls who can qualify for Paths of seekers and mystics, I will touch this time on the topic of ‘evolutionary laggards’ or ‘young souls’. For linguistic economics I will use the term ‘laggards’ to mean the same.

The Earth is now evolving upward in her evolutionary Path. Many mystics and masters already dealt with the subject matter in various writings. With its upward movement, the frequency vibration of Earth has also been rising, and rapidly rising since 1987. All those souls that vibrate on the dense, low levels cannot survive here in the long run, notably the laggards, in this new Earth rising.

Internet updates of late have indicated that laggards comprise around 63% of the current population. This, to my mind, is already a diminution from previous numbers. Probably before 1960 there must have been up to 85% laggards. A decrease of around 22% in 50 years is already a whopping diminution, or whopping jump in the numbers of middling and old souls who now total 37%.

The Plan for the laggards, as elaborated by mystics and teachers such as Sal Rachele, is to transfer them to some worlds where their survival chances would be greatest. Which means worlds that are dominantly 3rd Density or 3-Dimensional. That was planet Earth before 1934.

In his book about Agni Yoga, the Guru R.H.H., who was a disciple of the Guru Nicholas Roerick (a disciple in turn of H.P. Blavatsky), revealed that 1934 was a threshold year when Earth reached the lowest point of her descent into the material dense sphere. On that same year the upward movement began.

A horrific possibility during the years succeeding 1934 was the termination of life on Earth as evil forces took over the reign of Europe (Nazi power). Nuclear power should have been used to destroy the physical plane, as plans were afoot among the Dark Lodges of the West to do precisely that evil act. Seeing those plans by the Fallen Ones, the Ascended Beings hatched a counter-plan to ship out Terrans (Earth peoples) to a surrogate planet so as to continue the evolutionary track of us Earth humans.

Almost in no time at all, a planet was prepared for such a purpose. Presumably, the planet is located in another star system within our galaxy. To cut the story short, the evil plan didn’t pursue, but the planet remains there, complete with the essentials of life support systems. My intuition now tells me that the same planet will be used in the future for contingency plans, as a transshipment station for humans from other worlds. I shall call it ‘1934 Planet’ or Plan B planet.

Today the plan to ship out the laggards has found precisely one planet that is excellent for their habituation. That planet is no other than the ‘1934 planet’ or Plan B planet. It is now waiting for mass habituation by Earthan laggards.

Do note that the mass out-shipment of laggards from Earth towards the Plan B planet and possibly other worlds currently being prepared for them, is already a most compassionate act by the Cosmic Hierarchy. It isn’t an act of condemnation or treating laggards like criminals who should be confined to a penal colony that is a new planet. It is compassionate precisely because the laggards will be permitted to proceed with their soul evolution at their own pace, rather than see them destroyed on Earth by their own inability to cope with an environment that is high-knowledge, high-frequency and altogether strange for their types.

For those who couldn’t picture what I’m talking about, the self-destruction of laggards and low-vibrating humans here manifests as sociopathy, manic-depressive disorder, personality disorder, and other psychological disorder forms. It’s that simple a description and forecast. Fact is, the massive self-destruction is already happening today.

Look at the intensifying frequency of the impact of ‘anomie’ today: suicides, crimes against life, serial murders, adolescents harming themselves, membership in terrorist groups, and related dissociative problems. Examine also the frequency of schizophrenia over the past five (5) decades. Look back at the urban streets and examine those street people and ambulant psychotics who can’t cope up with the standards of living and the increasing frequency of the planet.

It would be too idiotic an analysis to associate the anomic frequencies to government inefficiencies, elitism, oligarchism, and other structural problems. The problem goes deeper than that. There are simply souls who cannot cope up with the rising expectations and vibratory frequency of Earth. Whether they like it or not, the laggards, many of whom were able to reach university education, cannot cope up with an even more high-vibrating Earth beyond 2030 and should be moved out for their own safety.

By that time, Earth will also be too high-knowledge that it seems the entire planet is blanketed with knowledge. That is precisely where Earth is heading: to be blanketed all over, from the higher planes down to the lower, with knowledge. Some decades back, the Jesuit scientist and philosopher Tailhard de Chardin forecast this forthcoming event as the Earth’s evolutionary shift from the biosphere to the ‘noosphere’.

With the too slow absorptive capacity of the laggards for knowledge and information, no matter if they have gone to the extent of university schooling, they will always be left behind by the smarter middlings and oldies (the older soul ages). The latter souls will be the inheritors of Earth, a lot of whom will be etherealized to 4th up through 6th Densities during the tumultuous years 2012 through 2030. The laggards, on the other hand, will be the inheritors of Plan B or 1934 planet.

The only thing that a lot of information savvy laggards can do now is to plant within them the seeds of advanced lessons in life. Those devotees who can somehow learn yoga meditation and study the esoteric lessons meant for seekers can go ahead and absorb the most they can, which they can then bring along with them to the other worlds. These relatively smarter ones will become the teachers and prospective spiritual gurus should they evolve consistently in future lives.

During one particular meditation session I had (at home) just this year, I saw a vision in the astral plane of huge mother ships taking souls out of the planet. The knowledge came straight to my mind that these are the astral bodies of dead laggards, and they are now being shipped out via the astral plane to the other worlds. I literally saw very long queues of souls, and the mother ships were very huge in size.

It just isn’t enough of course that astral bodies of laggards will be brought to Plan B planet and others. There must be warm bodies of laggards who can produce new babies via the usual reproductive act. Such babies will then be the incarnation vehicles for the shipped out astral bodies.

Whether warm bodies are now being shipped out too is something else that I need to confirm from Above. At this moment I am already in constant touch with Ascended Beings, masters and mighty angels who appear every now and then in my visions, bringing along some messages or information. I hope to get more updates from them about the plans for Earth and her human souls.

If asked for an opinion, I am amenable now for the mass ship out of laggard ‘warm bodies’ to the said worlds. The Galactic Federation, which is charged with bringing Earth back to the Light forces (Earth is a fallen planet) in our universe, is actively operating in our star (solar) system at this moment. If asked for a recommendation by the hierarchs of the Federation (short for Galactic Federation), I would counsel mass migration now so as to prevent more mass self-destruction of the laggards in the coming years.

I am bound to think that the Federation is the same cosmic force that has been shipping out the laggard astral bodies to the less evolved worlds. But probably the Dark Ones also have their own vehicles and agenda to pursue, and may have also been contesting the field by shipping out their victimized as well as volunteer laggard souls. It’s always best to show the equation as a contestation by competing forces from both the Light and Dark sides as a most realistic picture of the situation today.

I myself had encountered too many laggards in life. Many were kins, many others were my clientele in my social development engagements, some others were former students, while a few were our own domestic helpers and assistants in my family home. They are so endeared to me, it surely pains me not to see them again, so I pray that they will digest the knowledge and life notes I shared to them the best they can.

The older generation of Filipinos are particularly of the laggard type. I’d say probably as high as 90% of Pinoys (Filipinos) past 55 years old today are laggards. No less than 1% of those Pinoys bother to read at all after schooling. Contrast this to the younger generations of ages 18-55, around 22% of whom are readers (per result of an internet survey). Those ages 12-30 are very information savvy, with a very high proportion of ‘star seeds’ and ‘star helpers’ or evolved souls from other planets who are newly embodied here. What stark contrast generation-wise!

Filipino soap TV programs, sit-coms, and movies that were adjusted to laggard audiences are now dying species. Precisely because the smarter souls who are increasing in numbers in the Philippines are now maturing, and they have nothing to do with laggard materials. They reside largely in cities, and urban population will breach the 60% this year or next here. This country, just like most countries of East Asia, had ceased to be one for laggards.

Clearly, the Age of the Laggards, the Age of the Biosphere, is coming to a close both in the West and East. At least the laggards are proud to have been exposed to the great ideas by the emerging Noosphere. Let us hope that they will find some key ideas practicable enough in their new homes.

[12 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]