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Erle Frayne Argonza

Good afternoon from Manila!

I wish to share to you at this moment my paranormal vision of the late Abraham Lincoln. This happened around a month ago. The grand statesman and liberator of the slaves is gravely concerned about the state of affairs of his beloved Union, this I’m very sure of.

As part of my current intense meditation practice, I meditate for at least an hour after waking up early morning, and an hour before sleeping at night. Around four (4) times a week, I also meditate around 2 p.m. for almost an hour, and I call this simply my ‘afternoon meditation’.

It was during one such afternoon meditation sessions that the late statesman appeared. His face was almost like ash, his expression grim. I was surprised at the vision, and amused as well, for I had no idea that the grand civil libertarian and preserver of the Union (akin to a modern Moses) would want to communicate matters with me.

The vision took place for around two (2) minutes more or less. It was almost a half-body vision, with him wearing his standard suit that was fashionable in the Victorian Era. There were no words coming out of his mouth. Like most communications I held with evolved beings, divine beings and beloved ones who were long gone, the communication was telepathic.

There was no voice getting through me head either while the vision was taking place. Sometimes I do hear a voice coming from high during such a vision, but the voice is “heard” not through my ears but right inside my cerebral organ. The voice often gets through my crown chakra as it opens up and radiates fast during the meditation, and lo! comes forth a voice accompanying a vision. But no such voice occurred during the manifestation of the great Uncle Abe, so I had to intuit on the content.

First of all, I realized that Uncle Abe is in the astral plane (4th dimension). Fact is, I got the intuition that, like many souls that have already evolved he is no longer coming back here. He will only keep on reincarnating in the astral plane, and that’s the lowest where he can go. That is his reward for his many sacrifices, most especially his absorbing of a part of the collective karma of his beloved Union.

The next realization was that, based on his ashen facial expression, he was gravely concerned yet with his beloved Union and fellow Americans. No, he isn’t that extremely attached anymore to his last country of incarnation, but being an evolved soul, from above he still inspires patriots in the Union, this being a part of his present tasks Above. And he is gravely concerned, that’s certain.

But what amuses me is that he knows my concern for his Union. Being a political economist and sociologist, I do openly articulate my views (analyses, forecasts) about the USA every now and then. I greatly sympathize with the causes of the patriots of America, and I am gravely concerned with the bubble burst and downward spiral that is the USA’s economic malaise of the moment.

That is why Uncle Abe called up ‘long distance’, Fellows on Earth and America. He requests me to continue to think about the USA and write my opinions about the Union. Truth of the matter, I am flattered by Uncle Abe’s confidence in my prowess, flattered because the American reality is so complex there is not one thinker in the Union now who can boast of capturing America as a meta-narrative of sorts.

And I am clear about this: while I speak my mind about the Union, I have no pretension of being equal to the task of capturing American reality in its grandiose frame, in as potent a presentation as that of Daniel Bell’s or Pitirim Sorokin’s. I am but a humble analyst, forecaster, mystic, and teacher of inner transformation, this is what I’m sure about. My writings about America are coming from my heart, and I speak deeply as a calling of my soul and no force on Earth can stop me from articulating what my soul delights to write about.

Right there and then, I thanked the great American patriot, and committed myself to this added task of reflecting about American reality and presenting my thoughts and counsel to the people of the Union and the planet. I also committed to attend to American seekers who may already be prepared to fast-track their journey in the Path to the highest summits of Light.

The good news for you Americans out there is that your patriots who have evolved are very much attuned to your collective life and mind, and concerned as they are, continue to inspire patriots down here by counseling them from time to time about the most urgent issues of the day and the compass of the Union’s journey. It pays to listen to them as they believe strongly in the continuing viability of the Union, a viability that Fallen Ones disrespect and wish to bury by erasing the Union in favor of another Union that the Americans never had a chance to talk about. Be glad, hark the evolved patriots!

[Writ 18 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza

Good morning from Manila!

The candidacy of Barak Obama had generated a lot of surprises and raised hopes about reversing the trends of economic decay and neo-conservative (fascist) aggression by the USA, henceforth catapulting the USA back to its role as a world leader and friend of the world’s nations. Not only in the USA but also overseas, did Obama capture wide audiences and sympathies, and his image is still moving up the ladder of meteoric ascent as of the moment.

Indubitably, the standard banner candidate of the Democrat Party for the 2008 Presidential Election, Barak Obama, is the Man of the Hour. Intelligent, charismatic, competent, and young, he exudes the aura of a Man of Destiny, and is the man to watch across the globe this decade till next.

Already, a personality cult has been spontaneously rising and interwoven with his personal character, all over the world. Putting this cult aside, I am declaring my sympathy for this candidate, and honestly say that he is an ally to many causes that I advocate. To repeat: Obama is an ally, and a leading ally, not an object of my cult worship. Let those superstitious cult worshippers hold Obama in the highest esteem as their messiah, I have no qualms about their superstition provided that they do not hurt other people whose reverence for Obama isn’t identical to theirs’.

I shall no more dwell on the means for catapulting him to meteoric ascent, as this is better done in some mass communications and political science classes or opinion pages. I would prefer to dwell on Obama’s savvy for public policy, he being a legislator for some considerable numbers of terms now. This to me is the most important feature of his competencies, as public policy will be the cutting edge of his presidency if ever. That includes both domestic policies (economics, welfare & social sectors, growth for the states) and foreign policy.

To sum up my preliminary observations about the man, Obama has what it takes to re-chart the USA towards a new life, as far as public policy is concerned. He knows what policies destroyed America’s economic base, what policy architectures and politico-military actions destroyed America overseas, and he knows what policy options to install in order to reverse the trends. And he has the constituencies to embark on bold policy initiatives, rest assured, even if those policies are unpopular to the elites of his country.

Based on his grasp of public policy, Obama can in fact boldly undertake a revolution in America and across the globe. Obamanomics can be crafted to replace the Reaganomics of the last quarter of a century that resulted to catastrophes in both the USA and across the continents. The thematic directions could very well integrate the state interventionist frames crafted by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Friedrich von List, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, all aimed at promoting the general welfare, effecting prosperity and equity, and galvanizing national unity under the aegis of the US Constitution.  

‘Obama Doctrine’ can be introduced in foreign policy, that can reverse the equally catastrophic neo-conservative (fascistic) unilateralism, global police aggressor deodorant, and anti-terror campaigns that destroyed nations and yet paradoxically led to the broadening and strengthening of terrorist forces worldwide. ‘Obama Doctrine’ may need to recast both the (a) Wilsonian civil rights advocacy and (b) Roosevelt’s New Deal advocacy of engaging America in the development of backward nations, (c) integrate both doctrines, and then use the new doctrine to foster lasting peace, international cooperation and prosperity in the entire planet.

The man has the sophistication to craft the core principles and concepts of his Revolution, I have no doubt about this. No matter how brilliant his core staff may be, he’s got the competence that enables him to exercise ‘relative autonomy’ from his technical team who can, in the end, add the flesh and tissues into the Obama core concepts. At the same time, Obama has the savvy to listen to his brilliant team people and the mass leaders that supported his candidacy, as listening is among his strengths that must have been tempered by his youth upbringing and grassroots work early in his life.

The last ingredient to his success, which should never be underestimated, is his coffers tactics. His candidacy having been funded largely by people’s donations rather than the elite’s purses, Obama is enabled to exercise a ‘relative autonomy’ from the patrimonial interests of America. This fact allows for a ‘14th Brumaire’ of American leadership, a direly needed element to strengthen the institution of both the presidency and the US Constitution. The ‘relative autonomy’, reinforced by a massive constituency, enables the presidency to use sticks against erring elites and emancipate state institutions from the enslaving claws of the Military Industrial Elites.  

Obama brings hope not only to his fellow Americans but also to peoples across the globe who are so sick and tired of imperialistic wars, deaths, and the catastrophic effects of Reaganomics liberalization-privatization-deregulation oligarchic policies. Being an Asian observer, I’d urge my fellow Asians to give the trust to this great leader in the making, give him at least four (4) years to exhibit his performance level, and pray that peace and prosperity can be had globally under Obama’s reign over his federation.

Let’s give peace and prosperity a chance, and here is a man who can demonstrate that building our cherished dreams of peace and end to poverty are viable ones.

[Writ 22 October 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza


The United States seems to have come a long way in strengthening the institutional aspects of development concerns, by way of voucher systems. I still remember the voucher system instituted as intervention scheme to salve education ailments early this decade, and I hope evaluation studies were conducted to measure the levels of success of that intervention from state to state.


Here comes another voucher system by the United States, this version being applicable to tropical diseases. Accordingly, it is a boost for tropical disease drugs, which is welcome news for many developing countries. Among diseases that are eligible to the system are sleeping illness, leprosy and malaria.


The news is contained in an article below.


[28 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. Thanks to SciDev database news.]




US voucher system to boost tropical disease drugs

Source: Intellectual Property Watch

14 August 2008 | EN | FR

A patient with malaria, one of the tropical diseases eligible for the scheme


The United States is set to launch a prize system to encourage pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for tropical diseases.

Sixteen tropical diseases, including sleeping sickness, leprosy and malaria are listed as eligible for the scheme.

Under the system, companies producing a drug or vaccine for a tropical disease can apply for a Priority Review voucher, which allows them a shorter approval time for another drug at a later date.

The shorter approval process would take approximately six months instead of ten, meaning that drugs could hit the market sooner and potentially be more lucrative. Thus, the vouchers are estimated to be worth around US$300 million.

Companies can also take advantage of the Orphan Drugs Act, under which drug developers receive tax credits, a waiver of the US Food and Drug Administration’s user fee and seven years market exclusivity on drugs that have no economic viability.

The first vouchers can be legally issued from 27 September 2008.

But the wording of the voucher law needs tightening up, say commentators, and some aspects — such as a rule stating that drugs can’t contain active ingredients that have been approved in another application — could restrict eligibility.

The Food and Drug Administration is currently drawing up guidelines on how the law will work in practice.

Link to full article in Intellectual Property Watch