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Gracious day to thee!

In our reflections on divine wisdom, let us augment our understanding of the emergence of the principles of nature. To stress a bit, the principles of nature preceded the materialization of nature, going by the laws of evolution and progressive movement.

Among the Western scientists, Swedenborg came closest to intuiting on the same higher principles. A Brother of Light who embodied in Europe, Swedenborg received a lot of accolades from the scientific community during his active years. Bits and pieces of the larger jigsaw of the principles of nature were also intuited by modern thinkers, though none come closest to capturing the same principles in its totality.

The Perfected Ones said of the principles, in Sloka 4 of Stanza 5, Book of Dzyan, through the following cogitation:


HPBlavatsky, noble chela of the mahatmas & chohans, substantiated the same sloka in her commentaries, Volume I, Secret Doctrine, to note:

(a) This tracing of “Spiral lines” refers to the evolution of man’s as well as Nature’s principles; an evolution which takes place gradually (as will be seen in Book II., on “The origin of the Human Races”), as does everything else in nature. The Sixth principle in Man (Buddhi, the Divine Soul) though a mere breath, in our conceptions, is still something material when compared with divine “Spirit” (Atma) of which it is the carrier or vehicle. Fohat, in his capacity of DIVINE LOVE (Eros), the electric Power of affinity and sympathy, is shown allegorically as trying to bring the pure Spirit, the Ray inseparable from the ONE absolute, into union with the Soul, the two constituting in Man the MONAD, and in Nature the first link between the ever unconditioned and the manifested. “The first is now the second” (world)—of the Lipikas—has reference to the same.

(b) The “Army” at each angle is the Host of angelic Beings (Dhyan-Chohans) appointed to guide and watch over each respective region from the beginning to the end of Manvantara. They are the “Mystic Watchers” of the Christian Kabalists and Alchemists, and relate, symbolically as well as cosmogonically, to the numerical system of the Universe. The numbers with which these celestial Beings are connected are extremely difficult to explain, as each number refers to several groups of distinct ideas, according to the particular group of “Angels “ which it is intended to represent. Herein lies the nodus in the study of symbology, with which, unable to untie by disentangling it, so many scholars have preferred dealing as Alexander dealt with the Gordian knot; hence erroneous conceptions and teachings, as a direct result.
The “First is the Second,” because the “First” cannot really be numbered or regarded as the First, as that is the realm of noumena in its primary manifestation: the threshold to the World of Truth, or SAT, through which the direct energy that radiates from the ONE REALITY—the Nameless Deity—reaches us. Here again, the untranslateable term SAT (Be-ness) is likely to lead into an erroneous conception, since that which is manifested cannot be SAT, but is something phenomenal, not everlasting, nor, in truth, even sempiternal. It is coeval and
coexistent with the One Life, “Secondless,” but as a manifestation it is still a Maya—like the rest. This “World of Truth” can be described only in the words of the Commentary as “A bright star dropped from the heart of Eternity; the beacon of hope on whose Seven Rays hang the Seven Worlds of Being.” Truly so; since those are the Seven Lights whose reflections are the human immortal Monads—the Atma, or the irradiating Spirit of every creature of the human family. First, this septenary Light; then:—

(c) The “Divine World”—the countless Lights lit at the primeval Light—the Buddhis, or formless divine Souls, of the last Arupa (formless) world; the “Sum Total,” in the mysterious language of the old Stanza. In the Catechism, the Master is made to ask the pupil:—
“Lift thy head, oh Lanoo; dost thou see one, or countless lights above thee, burning in the dark midnight sky?”
“I sense one Flame, oh Gurudeva, I see countless undetached sparks shining in it.”
“Thou sayest well. And now look around and into thyself. That light which burns inside thee, dost thou feel it different in anywise from the light that shines in thy Brother-men?”
“It is in no way different, though the prisoner is held in bondage by Karma, and though its outer garments delude the ignorant into saying, ‘Thy Soul and My Soul.’ ”
The radical unity of the ultimate essence of each constituent part of compounds in Nature—from Star to mineral Atom, from the highest Dhyan Chohan to the smallest infusoria, in the fullest acceptation of the term, and whether applied to the spiritual, intellectual, or physical worlds—this is the one fundamental law in Occult Science. “The Deity is boundless and infinite expansion,” says an Occult axiom; and hence, as remarked, the name of Brahmâ.* There is a deep philosophy underlying the earliest worship in the world, that of the Sun and of Fire. Of all the Elements known to physical science, Fire is the one that has ever eluded definite analysis. It is confidently asserted that Air is a mixture containing the gases Oxygen and Nitrogen. We view the Universe and the Earth as matter composed of definite chemical molecules. We speak of the primitive ten Earths, endowing each with a Greek or Latin name. We say that water is, chemically, a compound of Oxygen and Hydrogen. But what is FIRE? It is the effect of combustion, we are gravely answered. It is heat and light and motion, and a correlation of physical and chemical forces in general. And this scientific definition is philosophically supplemented by the theological one in Webster’s Dictionary, which explains fire as “the instrument of punishment, or the punishment of the impenitent in another state”—the “state,” by the bye, being supposed to be spiritual; but, alas! the presence of fire would seem to be a convincing proof of its material nature. Yet, speaking of the illusion of regarding phenomena as simple, because they are familiar, Professor Bain says (Logic. Part II.): “Very familiar facts seem to stand in no need of explanation themselves and to be the means of explaining whatever can be assimilated to them. Thus, the boiling and evaporation of a liquid is supposed to be a very simple phenomenon requiring no explanation, and a satisfactory explanation of rarer phenomena. That water should dry up is, to the uninstructed mind, a thing wholly intelligible; whereas to the man acquainted with physical science the liquid state is anomalous and inexplicable. The lighting of a fire by a flame is a GREAT SCIENTIFIC DIFFICULTY, yet few people think so” (p. 125).
What says the esoteric teaching with regard to fire? “Fire,” it says, “is the most perfect and unadulterated reflection, in Heaven as on Earth, of the ONE FLAME. It is Life and Death, the origin and the end of every material thing. It is divine ‘SUBSTANCE.’” Thus, not only the FIRE-WORSHIPPER, the Parsee, but even the wandering savage tribes of America, which proclaim themselves “born of fire,” show more science in their creeds and truth in their superstitions, than all the speculations of modern physics and learning. The Christian who says: “God is a living Fire,” and speaks of the Pentecostal “Tongues of Fire” and of the “burning bush” of Moses, is as much a fire-worshipper as any other “heathen.” The Rosicrucians, among all the mystics and Kabalists, were those who defined Fire in the right and most correct way. Procure a sixpenny lamp, keep it only supplied with oil, and you will be able to light at its flame the lamps, candles,
and fires of the whole globe without diminishing that flame. If the Deity, the radical One, is eternal and an infinite substance (“the Lord thy God is a consuming fire”) and never consumed, then it does not seem reasonable that the Occult teaching should be held as unphilosophical when it says: “Thus were the Arupa and Rupa worlds formed: from ONE light seven lights; from each of the seven, seven times seven,” etc., etc.

[Philippines, 24 March 2012]



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Human trafficking can make or break a country that is known the seat of human traffic operations. So abhorrent is the phenomenon of human traffic and smuggling that any country named as seat of operations will need to work harder to shore up its tainted image, craft public policy to address the ailment, and strengthen institutions that can address the problem.

So gargantuan is the ailment of human traffic today as it has become globalized, with mafia groups collaborating across borders to smuggle people outside. Not only that, smuggled humans are also utilized to smuggle gold, treasures, and drugs, thus multiplying the complications to the problem.

Capacity-building initiatives aimed at training stakeholders, both grassroots and country-wide volunteer organizations, is another key result area for addressing the problem directly. Below is one such showcase training in Africa conducted by the IOM and partners.

[Philippines, 24 August 2011]


IOM Provides Somaliland, Puntland and Djibouti Coastguards with Lifesaving Rescue at Sea Skills to Protect Vulnerable Migrants


Djibouti – Coastguards from Somalia’s Puntland, Somaliland as well as Djibouti are taking part in an innovative IOM training programme to equip them with the necessary skills to assist and protect irregular migrants and asylum-seekers travelling at great risk through Somaliland, Puntland and Djibouti en route to Yemen and the Gulf States.
The six-day workshop, which opened yesterday in Djibouti City, brings together 50 coastguards as part of a Japanese-funded initiative to equip them with the necessary equipment and skills to assist and protect vulnerable migrants, trafficking victims and smuggled migrants.
“This training is critical to enhance the coastguards’ ability to save lives,” says IOM’s Mixed Migration Coordinator Husham Halim. “We are particularly encouraged to see that for the first time, coastguards from Somaliland are taking part in the training alongside colleagues from Puntland and Djibouti. This will no doubt increase their ability to respond at a sub-regional level.”
These workshops are part of a broader IOM programme to strengthen the protection of, and emergency assistance to, irregular migrants and asylum-seekers from Somalia and Ethiopia travelling through the region.
Every year, tens of thousands, mainly Ethiopian and Somali migrants and asylum-seekers, make the hazardous journey from their place of origin across the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden to Yemen and beyond. These individuals, driven by political unrest and extreme poverty face not only dangers at sea but also physical risks, harassment and discrimination during their journey on land.
For more information, please contact:
Husham Halim
IOM Djibouti
Tel: +253 35 72 89

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

The famine that is now taking shape in the Horn of Africa is the subject of news features in canned Big Media outfits today. The alarm bells raised by international organizations regarding the matter have been quite successful in rapidly surfacing the malady before the public mind via sensationalized media reports.

As already noted earlier, 11 millions of folks are forecast to face starvation in the short-run largely due to drought. The congestion of migrants in resource-rich areas is complicating the issue, by depletion and competition for resources, thus deteriorating such regions into hovels of famine, hunger, diseases, and deaths.

Below is a report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on the same subject.

[Philippines, 22 August 2011]


Drought Related Migration on the Increase in the Horn of Africa
Posted on Tuesday, 19-07-2011

Horn of Africa – The severe drought which is affecting vast areas of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti is leading to a considerable increase in complex, multi-directional migration flows, both within and across international borders, according to IOM missions in the region.
Those population movements involve not only refugees and asylum seekers but large numbers of migrants and pastoralists who have little choice but to move along numerous complex migration routes, initially from rural to urban areas and for many tens of thousands, across international borders to neighbouring countries.
Although information on many of these routes remains sketchy, increased population movements have been observed from drought affected areas in southern and central Somalia towards the capital Mogadishu, where heavy rains over the past few days have wrecked havoc among vulnerable displaced persons.
Displaced Somalis are also moving along perilous land routes from impoverished rural areas towards Somaliland and the self declared autonomous state of Puntland. Others continue their journey towards neighbouring Djibouti and across the treacherous Bab el Mandeb (Gate of Grief in Arabic) to Yemen and the Gulf States.
Recent reports in the Sudanese press of Somalis drowning in the Red Sea south of the city of Port Sudan could indicate the establishment of a new hazardous migration route from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia to Sudan’s Red Sea State and then onto Saudi Arabia.
The situation in drought-affected regions of Somalia has led to a major increase of people seeking assistance in Ethiopia and Kenya, with some 50,000 new arrivals reported in June. Over the past three weeks, some 11,000 people have arrived in Ethiopia and more than 8,600 in Kenya, with daily arrivals now averaging 2,000 in Ethiopia and 1,200 in Kenya.
In Ethiopia, where the drought directly affects an estimated 4.5 million people, pastoralist communities are particularly in need of assistance because of the weakening or the death of their livestock. Their cross border movements in search of water and pasture for their livestock are creating a higher risk for resource-based conflict and further displacement, particularly in the drought-affected Northern Kenyan districts of Turkana, Wajir and Mandera, where Global Acute Malnutrition now exceeds 30 per cent among children, pregnant and lactating women.
The situation in Ethiopia is further complicated by the return of Ethiopian migrants from Yemen, where evacuation operations started in November 2010 resulted in the return of thousands of individuals to date. Major return areas are Oromiya, Tigray, and the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR) and Amhara regions, which are experiencing drought, crop failure and a dramatic increase in food and fuel prices.
The impact of these returns to resource-constrained communities has not yet been fully assessed, but it can be estimated that about 30 per cent returned to drought affected areas.
“Drought related migration is exacerbating an already complex situation of displacement and movement, triggered by conflict and instability and the returns of many Ethiopians and Somalis from Yemen,” says IOM’s Director of Operations and Emergencies Mohammed Abdiker. “Drought recognises no borders. The response to the current crisis has to take into account internal and cross border mobility as a survival strategy for large populations.”
IOM and UN partners have been working with governments in the Horn and East Africa to facilitate safe movement of pastoralists across border regions as a climate change coping mechanism.
The Security in Mobility (SIM) initiative called on regional governments to develop a policy to facilitate the safe movement of pastoralists within their countries and across borders using a collaborative approach that encompasses provision of humanitarian assistance, provision of basic services, facilitated migration and comprehensive security initiatives.
“Of all the key mitigation and coping mechanisms, mobility stands out as the most essential for pastoralists,” says IOM’s Abdiker. “No country in the region can singlehandedly tackle the complex challenges of climate change and migration. A concerted regional effort is therefore urgently needed.”
For more information, please contact:
Mohammed Abdiker
IOM Geneva
Tel: +41 22 717 93 79
Jean-Philippe Chauzy
IOM Geneva
Tel: +41 22 717 93 61

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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Last June the 12th of 2008, the Philippines or Filipinas celebrated its 110th year upon its founding in 1898. Just exactly how many people in the islands and the planet are aware of the significance of that 110 period ending in 2008, from a mystic vantage point, is a point to ponder upon.

The Philippines is the Land of the Mother, the very subcontinent Maharloka of ancient Mu that was the very center of kingship and cultural life of antiquity. Though the subcontinent is now largely submerged, the remnant islands—Philippines—remain to serve as a sublime beacon for many events yet to come in the future. It remains to be 4th Dimensional despite the decadent degeneration to 3rd Dimension of the entire planet. It is the Mother’s womb, and being so, the Spiritual Hierarchy also has in its agenda the re-ascent to full power and control over the islands in the distant future.

Around the 1880s the islands suddenly burst with new life as patriots of youthful zest began clamoring for independence from Spain, its then colonial master. Among them was Dr. Jose Rizal, an evolved soul who, along with an entourage of evolved souls, were tasked to accelerate the process of re-awakening of the Lemurian spiritual Force and create a new nation. It was to be Asia’s first modern nation-state, a dream that came to reality in 1898 when revolutionary forces formally declared an independent state.

Their minds vibrating in so feeble a manner like any 3rd Dimension being, the leaders of the new state never realized the full import of the divine revelations imprinted in the flag so adapted for its founding day (12th of June). Almost all the important archetypal emblems of the spiritual Brotherhood are in that new flag, thanks to the freemasonic background of the state leaders whose esoteric frequencies was a reason for the Brotherhood’s message-sending through that flag.

Right on that flag is the very revelation of a period of 110 years that will come to pass before another crucial event will come to pass in the islands: the opening of the hyperspace galactic portal. The same portal was closed in the very ancient past by diverse galactic forces, to make sure that the planet won’t be a playground of its perceived opponents. Some day in the future, the portal will be reopened again, to jibe with the mutation of Earth back to 4th Dimension. Per my visions in late 2008, the portal was re-opened in the last quarter of that year, which thus permits Galactic Confederation Forces’ contingents to travel to Earth through hyperspace, thus cutting short the time it needs to traverse the distance from their point of origin. As we Filipino mystics know all along, the portal is in the Land of the Mother: Maharloka or today’s Filipinas/Philippines.

The following are the codes that contain the 110-year period of waiting or hiatus:

  • The 8-Pointed Sun (inside the white-colored triangle) contains the number 8. Added to the three (3) stars (inside the same triangle), yields 11. 8 signifies mystically the 4 forces (earth, water, earth, fire) multiplied by the polarity of positive-negative or 2. Three stars have an even higher meaning, which I will touch on in another article. Suffice me to say that they signify the Master-vibration of the Great White Brotherhood.
  • The four (4) sides of the overall rectangle shape, three (3) sides of the white-colored triangle inside, and the three (3) ‘sticks’ of the letter Y or Yod inside (the separator of the tri-color red, white, blue), when added altogether totals 10. Let’s see what happens when this is multiplied with the 11 above.
  • 11 X 10 = 110. This is precisely the number of years from 1898-2008, the period of waiting for that great event of the opening of the hyperspace portal.

To coincide with the re-opening of the said galactic or cosmic portal, the Brotherhood created councils comprising of Adepts from the 144,000 Rishis or White Robes who are now here, tasked to serve as gatekeepers of specific zones of the planet. I am not authorized though to reveal how many zones or regions are these, or how many Adepts/Masters were assigned per council. One such council serves as the cosmic harmonizer and collective gatekeeper of a region that has at its very heart Luzon island where Mt. Banahaw is located. As already revealed by this mystic before, Mt. Banahaw is where the planetary chi is nestled today and where it will stay during the whole Aquarian age, signifying the full import of Filipinas during the shift to the 4th Dimensional New Age of Light.

Let me now go back to the Philippine flag. Visualize the flag hanging like drapery, where the white triangle comprises the upper vertical portion. Flowing downwards smoothly, you would easily see the color white (inside the triangle) on uppermost portion, the color blue on the right side, and red on the left side. The three (3) stars are positioned in such manner that two (2) stars are on upper portion, with the 3rd star just some space below it.

As already revealed in my book 13th Gate Unveiled, the triangle pointing downwards signifies the spiritual planes or spaces of highest Divinity. It signifies the declaration by the Almighty Providence that Filipinas/Mu was always God’s creation, is the Land of the Mother, and will always be so up through the future eons of Earth’s evolutionary stages. At the middle of the triangle is the Sun with its 8-rays, signifying the Father element of the triad of Father-Son-Spirit/Mother.

The stars signify broadly the Master-vibes of the spiritual Brotherhood. Stars at uppermost portion thus signifies not only the presence of star-born galactic forces guarding the portal and islands, it also signifies that the Sons & Daughters of Light who comprise the spiritual Brotherhood will be guarding and nurturing the islands and is peoples from antiquity to future. The stars thus signify the Son vibes, Son referring to both Brother and Sister. In Filipino, the term is Anak (child) which is gender-neutral.

The two (2) stars on the upper portion signify the Ascended Master vibes. Which means that from its very inception, the Ascended Host, comprising of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Christed Beings, always had the Philippines/Mu on their agenda of soul ascension. They have always been involved in the history and evolution of the subraces and ethnicities of the Philippines that are a constitutive part of humanity. They have never abandoned the islands, even as they have sent the most advanced Rishis at this particular time, who are in fact Ascended Masters, to prepare the grounds for the forthcoming New Age of Light.

The same Ascended Beings are in command of the Galactic Confederation, the federated union of all Light-allied human races from various worlds (planets) and star systems of the Milky Way. They are very much concerned with the hyperspace portal here, and the role that Filipinas can perform for advancing the missions of the Confederation to help return Earth to its cosmic origin.

The single star positioned lower than the upper two stars, are a continuation of the Master vibes. It signifies the Master of Wisdom, or saint/sant/hierophant/sage/mystic, who assists the Ascended Host in enabling humans to evolve back to the Godhead. This they do through the spread of the Teaching, or higher mysteries, backed up by healing, revelations & prophecies, sciences & philosophy, creative genius, and enlightened leadership. Such sages have been sent forth to Filipinas since the very beginnings of its history, were sent forth as a significant team during the formative period of 1880s-1900, and have steadily been sent forth again after the 2nd world war.

Around the latter part of the 110-year period, Rishis who comprise a part of the 144,000 White Robes, were embodied here directly as Filipinos, many of whom are now spiritual masters silently doing their noble tasks. The very luck for these Rishis is that they were sent in a 4th Dimension-vibrating country, a truly gifted privilege. For no other country in the planet has this privilege of holiness, save for patches of 4-D vibes within generally 3-Dimension countries. It isn’t an exaggeration to state that some of these Filipino-born Rishis sit as members of the high councils of the Galactic Command, aside from sitting as members or officials of councils of the Earth’s hierarchy of the Brotherhood.

Some other Rishis were sent from outside Filipinas as reinforcements. They are of Asiatic or Caucasian hue, seemingly un-Filipino, but are of the Brotherhood plain and pure. Hardly anybody notices their presence, save for seekers and mystics whose spiritual formation they handle directly. Like their Filipino counterparts, they also sit in the councils of the Brotherhood and Galactic Command, which are all located in the planes higher than the physical (cannot be harmed by hostile Dark Forces down here).

It is too said that the Philippine phase of history might end soon, by late 2012 after the Polar Shift. Not only this country, but other country’s national histories are also ending up soon. When the new 4th Dimension Earth will stabilize after a period of catastrophes, we will only have a single Planetary State comprising of seamless web of cities and ethnic communities.

My only wish is that those souls sent here today, laggards included, will be rewarded a bit for the sacrifices of having to endure the miseries after the long period of imperialist colonization. I do have an idea about how many Filipinos will survive the polar shift, but this is no time to reveal anything about said numbers. In the last instance, God Almighty will ensure that everybody’s souls is save, whether one will graduate as 4th Dimension Earth resident or will be transferred to other planets for the less evolved.

[Philippines, 15 May 2009]








Erle Frayne Argonza

Good afternoon from Manila!

I wish to share to you at this moment my paranormal vision of the late Abraham Lincoln. This happened around a month ago. The grand statesman and liberator of the slaves is gravely concerned about the state of affairs of his beloved Union, this I’m very sure of.

As part of my current intense meditation practice, I meditate for at least an hour after waking up early morning, and an hour before sleeping at night. Around four (4) times a week, I also meditate around 2 p.m. for almost an hour, and I call this simply my ‘afternoon meditation’.

It was during one such afternoon meditation sessions that the late statesman appeared. His face was almost like ash, his expression grim. I was surprised at the vision, and amused as well, for I had no idea that the grand civil libertarian and preserver of the Union (akin to a modern Moses) would want to communicate matters with me.

The vision took place for around two (2) minutes more or less. It was almost a half-body vision, with him wearing his standard suit that was fashionable in the Victorian Era. There were no words coming out of his mouth. Like most communications I held with evolved beings, divine beings and beloved ones who were long gone, the communication was telepathic.

There was no voice getting through me head either while the vision was taking place. Sometimes I do hear a voice coming from high during such a vision, but the voice is “heard” not through my ears but right inside my cerebral organ. The voice often gets through my crown chakra as it opens up and radiates fast during the meditation, and lo! comes forth a voice accompanying a vision. But no such voice occurred during the manifestation of the great Uncle Abe, so I had to intuit on the content.

First of all, I realized that Uncle Abe is in the astral plane (4th dimension). Fact is, I got the intuition that, like many souls that have already evolved he is no longer coming back here. He will only keep on reincarnating in the astral plane, and that’s the lowest where he can go. That is his reward for his many sacrifices, most especially his absorbing of a part of the collective karma of his beloved Union.

The next realization was that, based on his ashen facial expression, he was gravely concerned yet with his beloved Union and fellow Americans. No, he isn’t that extremely attached anymore to his last country of incarnation, but being an evolved soul, from above he still inspires patriots in the Union, this being a part of his present tasks Above. And he is gravely concerned, that’s certain.

But what amuses me is that he knows my concern for his Union. Being a political economist and sociologist, I do openly articulate my views (analyses, forecasts) about the USA every now and then. I greatly sympathize with the causes of the patriots of America, and I am gravely concerned with the bubble burst and downward spiral that is the USA’s economic malaise of the moment.

That is why Uncle Abe called up ‘long distance’, Fellows on Earth and America. He requests me to continue to think about the USA and write my opinions about the Union. Truth of the matter, I am flattered by Uncle Abe’s confidence in my prowess, flattered because the American reality is so complex there is not one thinker in the Union now who can boast of capturing America as a meta-narrative of sorts.

And I am clear about this: while I speak my mind about the Union, I have no pretension of being equal to the task of capturing American reality in its grandiose frame, in as potent a presentation as that of Daniel Bell’s or Pitirim Sorokin’s. I am but a humble analyst, forecaster, mystic, and teacher of inner transformation, this is what I’m sure about. My writings about America are coming from my heart, and I speak deeply as a calling of my soul and no force on Earth can stop me from articulating what my soul delights to write about.

Right there and then, I thanked the great American patriot, and committed myself to this added task of reflecting about American reality and presenting my thoughts and counsel to the people of the Union and the planet. I also committed to attend to American seekers who may already be prepared to fast-track their journey in the Path to the highest summits of Light.

The good news for you Americans out there is that your patriots who have evolved are very much attuned to your collective life and mind, and concerned as they are, continue to inspire patriots down here by counseling them from time to time about the most urgent issues of the day and the compass of the Union’s journey. It pays to listen to them as they believe strongly in the continuing viability of the Union, a viability that Fallen Ones disrespect and wish to bury by erasing the Union in favor of another Union that the Americans never had a chance to talk about. Be glad, hark the evolved patriots!

[Writ 18 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]