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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Starseeds and peoples from the Galactic Confederations’ planets (GC planets to shorten) comprise a mere minority on Earth. A rough census of our population shows that we are roughly 80% Orion, 17% Pleiades & Sirius B (15% Pleiades, 2% Sirius), and the rest of 3% distributed among other planetary migrants.

Among those seemingly fractional count of 3% are the Draconians (reptiles) and other saurians, insectoids, botanoids (plant humanoids), and whatever dense migrants there are from across the galaxies. Draco and lower Orion formed the binary power nexus of the Empire in antiquity, so altogether down here on Earth their influence stretches out to 80% of total population.

GC peoples’ influence stands at merely 10% level at this time, though this number is rapidly growing. Starseeds—the most recent arrivals (after Atlantis’ sinking)—comprise merely 1/8 or 12.5% of the population. This is bound to grow exponentially, as new starseeds are being born as babies in great numbers.

Starseeds and earlier arrivals of GCs are of a highly intelligent nature, with many starseeds retaining their 6th and 7th density awareness since their arrival here. While only a minority, the S & GCs (short for starseeds and Galactic Confederation peoples) who are now middle aged, are climbing fast the organizational ladders worldwide.

The organizational pyramids have always been in the hands of the Empire peoples, with Orions and Draconians on top. Name the organization—corporate, revolutionary, church, NGO, government, military—and one would end up witnessing Orions at the middle and top, with Draconians sharing power in some.

Today, the situation is changing. While merely a minority, the S & GCs are now moving up the pyramid in great numbers. My estimate is that from this year 2010 till 2012 the S & GCs will reach a ‘critical mass’ or 30% of the leadership compositions. At such a level, the S & GCs can challenge the policies and directions of organizations, from underground to aboveground.

Take the case of states. While the Empire people continue to enjoy their stronghold of state policy structures and bureaucracies, S & GCs have made enormous in-roads as well. Thus, the global direction of down-sliding to another world war with nuclear thermidore has been effectively reversed, making international cooperation a greater possibility than before.

Europe, for instance, which seems to be tittering towards a political maelstrom and brinkmanship, still faces the chance of stabilizing a bit. The economic crises it is undergoing may not abate in the short run, but Europe may no longer go the route of a totalitarian 4th Reich as originally planned by the Empire’s evil Adepts.

The same thing is true with the USA, which almost sank to the level of a fascist dictatorship under the neo-conservatives. The moderates were voted and installed to power, state policies were radically reversed (including foreign policy), and so the possibility of a fascist dictatorship had receded.

Expect the clash between the Empire and S&GC peoples to be extended to corporate boardrooms, if this has not been happening already. The ceaseless drive for rapacious profits will be challenged by ever greater advocacies for corporate social responsibility and redistribution, with the latter coming from S&GCs that are discovering their mutual presence and carving alliances with rapidity and dispatch.

As the S&GCs are acting out their missions in the micro-spheres with cooperation and subtle Oneness, the Empire’s leaders are engaging in mutual attrition and self-destruction. Some Empire leaders and factions are winning, while others are being pulled down, but in the end this will redound to loses for the Empire’s people here.

Take the case of the Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, both of which are still under the leadership of Empire peoples. Look at how they destroy each other, their brinkmanship dragging the entire planet to a new global conflagration. Even without our intervention (spiritual Brotherhood), the evil forces are self-destructing with their mutual hatreds for one another.

Let’s all pray and hope for the success of the S&GCs who are now in the midst of their organizational conquests. May the Almighty Creator be with them in their sublime missions.

[Philippines, 22 July 2010]








Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

November 2010

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good Day to you all!

The Work is surely being carried out with greater extent in the Phlippines. Just about a decade ago, the Lightworkers collaborated to found a New Age center, the Earthlite. With the Earthlite closed since late 2003 yet, the collaborative efforts of Lightworkers and Lighthelpers have to find new expressions, both ground-level and virtual (via social networks)

Just last month of September, an Earthdance event was held in Manila, at the suburban Quezon City. Healers, teachers, seekers, mystics, herbalists, and artists converged there for a day. Hopefully the event will be replayed every year as a forum of sorts to consolidate Lightworkers’ efforts.

There must be approximately five hundred (500) Lightworker circles and organizations in the country today. They are spread out across the archipelago and silently engage in ground-level tasks of a diverse nature.

Below are representative groups and centers that one may wish to connect to in the country.

Center/Group/Relevant Information

Ageless Wisdom:

A nthroposophical Society in the Philippines:

Arhat Yoga Society of the Philippines:

Ashram for Kriya Yoga:

Asthanga Yoga / Ananda Marga:

Bahay Dalangin (Zen):

Bikram Yoga Manila:

Black Hat Lama – Philippines: c/o

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University: c/o

Chaitanya Yoga:, tel. 800-1340

Daoist Studies Group: c/o

Dugukan Lightship Meditation / Daystar Command – Cebu:

Earth Day Network:

Eckankar Society of the Philippines:,

Edgar Cayce Group / A.R.E. Philippines:,, tel: 634-3141

Elizabeth Claire Prophet Discussion Group – Makati: c/o

Flow Yoga (U.P. Diliman group): flowyogaqc (c/o yahoogroups)

Fo Guang Shan – Manila / International Buddhist Progress Center: c/o, tells: 523-4909 / 525-3680

Goku’un Zendo:

Green Earth Foundation (c/o Theosophy, QC):,

Hare Krishna – Mandaue & Marikina: c/o

Innerquest-Aquarian Conspiracy:

International Society for Krishna Consciousness:

International Yoga Institute:

Kabbalah Philippines/ David Ghiyam:

Kali Pi Mu/ Inner Dance/ Pi Villaraza (Teacher):

Magic Mountain:

Maharlikans / Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika AKSM: c/o

Mother Earth Foundation:

Mystic Soul / New Age Philippines:

Order of the Naga Brahmas:

Oro de Mer/ Foundation for Divine Life: c/o Eyo Morales (ExecDirector & yogi), tel: 911-4863,

Philippine Alternative Medicine:

Philippine Nedu Bodhi Dharma Foundation (Tibetan):

Philippine Spiritual Healers:,

Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines / Master Choa:

Qi Gong & Taichi Schools:

Ra Kendra Peace Circle:

Radha Soami Satsang Beas – Manila: c/o

Reiki for All – Philippines:

Roscicrucean Order / Order of the Hermetic Gold & Rose + Cross:

Sahaja Yoga Philippines:

Seth Group / Jane Roberts – Cebu City:

Sri Aurobindo Society – Philippines: c/o

Sufi / Center for Sufi Muslims in the Philippines:

Theosophical Society in the Philippines:

Tipunan Group (Ayurveda):

Universal Tao Center (Mantak Chia):

Vedanta Society of the Philippines: c/o,

Vinyasa Yoga Center:

Yoga Foundation of the Philippines:

Yoga Manila:

Zazen Meditation / Blue Mountains:

Zen Center for Oriental Spirituality in the Philippines:

Zen Center Philippines:








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

A gracious day to everyone else!

At this moment I wish to share my reflections about the great boon that an Old Soul would bring to a household. And baneful it is for a certain household to have a lack of or throw away an Old Soul most specially an authority figure who’s the Light of the home.

As already clarified in previous article, an Old Soul is one had evolved way ahead of the rest of the population. We mystics call them ‘evolved souls’ while ancient Chinese call them ‘old souls’. Being evolved, they are those who can coach and mentor other younger souls—the ‘laggards’ (or ‘young souls’) and the ‘middling souls’ (no more laggard but short of being an old soul)—so that the latter can hopefully evolve faster in their respective Paths.

For a planet like Earth that is considered ‘fallen’, or trapped in dense energy veils (e-veils or evils), it is such an enormous boost for all souls to have old souls among them. Needless to say, in the micro-setting, a family would perform optimally in the evolutionary path if an authority figure of the old soul type is present.

Most often, an old soul is assigned to a family as an infant to be taken care of if another old soul is present as an authority figure who can sublimely mentor this infant. The Divine Hierarchs will never risk incarnating an old soul among street people or families of laggards where the stimuli for soul growth are of the deprivation levels.

That is not to say that among the poor folks there are no old souls. No matter how deprived a community is, chances are the Hierarchs will find ways to embody some old souls there, provided that somehow the minimum of growth-optimizing stimuli are present to ensure that these old souls will advance in their evolution while in that same community.

In my own experience being an old soul myself, I was very lucky to have incarnated in a family with an old soul authority: my paternal grandfather Estanislao Argonza. He in turn came from a family (Argonza) where intellect ran high. That was by the way around the years 1890-1915 when the same old Argonzas embodied, in a country the Philippines that was 4th world (backwood colony), in a backcountry called ‘Cagayan’ province.

I could only surmise that old souls were rare then in my country. I’d say lucky enough if there were 1 old soul per 1,000 heads total. Even intellectuals were rare, probably in the proportion of 1 per 500 heads. But the old Argonzas (my grandfather and his male cousins particularly) I encountered as a tot were so intellectually endowed that the Argonza name came to be known as synonymous to ‘illustrious’ during the American era.

My grandfather came from a humble family of struggling artisans and clerks. Note that to be an artisan and clerk during those times was already worth one’s esteem. His father Thomas, half-Basque mestizo, was a clerk who rose to supervisory rank at the Tabacalera Company (located in Tuguegarao town) and was reputedly very intelligent. He died during the 2nd World War, though he didn’t die in vain as among his children was an old soul who was Christened as Estanislao.

This young boy Estanislao only reached high school as the most advanced schooling he had. His parents didn’t have the funds to send him to college. But he was schooled in the classic Anglo-Saxon pedagogy of the Americans, and beyond that he read so widely that his mind was encyclopedic as he neared 20. At 20s he was allowed to teach mathematics and music at the Cagayan High School, Cagayan Valley’s top school then, with a mere high school diploma as his formal credential.

From there he rose to fame as a young mathematician and musical genius. He was assigned the post of Band Master to the Cagayan Public School Band, which he oversaw for nearly four (4) decades and which produced many young talented musicians and musical geniuses. When the USA granted independence to the Philippines on the 4th of July 1946, the genius Estanislao was among the select band masters who were invited to play the inaugural themes of the new republic at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

Handsome, charismatic and brilliant, the young Estanislao got his most important reward in life ever: a young woman named Faustina Narag. The daughter of a gentry, Don Juan Narag, who was among the wealthiest landlords and scions of ancient nobles in the valley, Faustina was schooled at the Philippine Normal School and was mentored by American professors. She then taught at the newly founded public schools in Tuguegarao, then a young entrepot town, where her father’s vast estates were located.  

The only biggest bitter part of Faustina’s life was marrying a ‘common man’, Estanislao, and the marriage being disapproved by the family, Faustina lost her inheritance privileges. But Estanislao was no ‘common folk’ as he later demonstrated, though till late in his life, which I myself saw with my eyes, he was brushed aside by Faustina’s wealthy sibs as a mere commoner. He was a man with big dreams, a visionary, and as a multi-level marketing man declared, “a man with a dream cannot be denied.”

Being both from the intelligentsia, you could just imagine the level of education and culture that flowed in the household of the Estanislao & Faustina couple. Having born eight (8) children in all (some died later of ailments), both them moved to sideline in some mercantile activities to be able to send their children to school. All of the children, including my father Steve, were able to go through college and grew up as professionals.

My grandparents were already retired when my family settled in Tuguegarao in 1964. It was a large nipa house, built as a substitute to the big house destroyed during the war, that my family encountered. However, in 1966, a new modern house was built to replace the old native structure. The house became the ancestral home of the Estanislao lineage, and my family had the privilege to live in it and maintain it till 1986. When the entire house was fully built in 1971, it was the most beautiful architectural and structural house in the whole of Tuguegarao.

To go along with the house was books and musical pieces (vinyl records). They were our cultural standards then. Every evening as we dined together, we held nice conversations led by my grandfather. Reading, listening to fine music, nice conversations, intelligent discussions and fine culinary (my grandmother, mother and father were expert at culinary arts) were the legacies built and left to us younger Argonzas in that home.

I would say without doubt that it was the sublime energy and nurturing efforts of my grandfather, the old soul Estanislao, that was the cutting edge behind our family rearing. One can go ahead and research this: my family was among the most cultured, well-bred and intellectually-endowed in the entire Cagayan Valley till the 1980s. And that all started with the presence of old souls in the lineage, a chain of old soul embodiments from the older generations to the next ones.  

My grandparents left Tuguegarao for the USA in 1969 to retire in New York, where my two aunties have migrated (one a nurse, another a doctor). But in 1971 they came back to Tuguegarao, did the finishing touches of the roughly done home, and stayed for two (2) years to enjoy retirement. A family car was added as a utility, plus a television (too few had TV then in town) and all the modern accessories then including air-conditioning. We were clearly a typical middle class family by 1970s, at a time when our main streets in Tuguegarao had just been asphalted (it was dirt gravel till 1971).

The home thus became a center for extended family events –parties, Sunday gatherings, tea & coffee chats, etc. My cousins from the barrios and other places would normally drop by ‘ambush style’ (unannounced, as we didn’t have a telephone at home) and we would entertain them there. The chats and exchanges with my grandfather always differed from the rest, as there were always deep reflective notes. He was clearly the philosopher of the entire extended family (Argonzas and Narags). Many kins begged for his words of counsel on a diversity of matters.

There at home I learned my first ABCs, my mathematics, my story-telling abilities, my dance, my music. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms and classical masters were our standards, aside from the emerging pop tunes (jazz, folk & counry, pop-ballad, vaudeville, Latin). Broadways like “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Showboat” and “New York New York” were among our favorite collections. The King James Holy Bible was my first scriptural staple, the 30-volume Britannica my regular reading past-time in 1973-75, and enormous pieces of substance books plus fiction on various topics were my cognitive viands.

But among many nurturing things at home, I can never ever forget the chats, discussions, coaching and mentoring by my grandfather. It was only but a few couples of years of living with him, but it was like travelling to many distant galaxies in terms of impact. At hindsight, I can now understand why the Hierarchs embodied me in the Argonza line, for only in a family with an old soul as authority can a budding old soul like me grow up to become one whose gifted mind and heart will be of greater service for the sublime causes.

My own parents and the children of my grandfather (my father and his sibs) never reached the level of genius that my grandfather had. I guess this was their privilege: both young and middling souls, they had the good karma of being nurtured by an old soul. While my parents are merely of above average intelligence, the situation was compensated for by the presence of my grandfather till my 3rd year high school. My formation process was already solid when I left for the university in 1975 to begin my college life, thanks to this old soul Estanislao.

Today the embodiments of old souls are happening on a greater scale. There are middle class parents of mere average intelligence whose newly born kids are all old souls. Aware of this fact, I do go to the extent of getting involved in coaching and mentoring my nieces and nephews most specially the potentially gifted ones. The luck of these kids is that, in the absence of an old soul among home authorities, they encounter the old soul mentors in school as their teachers or pupils of older ages.

My own estimate is that at this time, most specially in the big cities, old souls comprise 1 per 100 heads. Laggards broadly comprise 63% of the population while 36% are middling souls. The balance will tilt towards more middling and old souls in the coming decades, and before 2050 there may not be a single laggard in town, as all of them will be shipped out to backward planets where they are most fit.

We can hit a proportion of 5 old souls per 100 heads by 2050 per my estimate. That means every household will have one old soul at least, whether an authority figure or a kid. And the possibility of family lineages of pure old souls, 100% composition, is now within our sight.

What exciting times we surely have. Hopefully we can all contribute to the challenges of nurturing these old soul reinforcements, for they shall continue to increase in numbers across the Age of Aquarius. This is surely a cause for great celebration.

 [Writ 10 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

I just recently received a communication from a Canadian spiritual seeker, a lady, who is now going through tumultuous changes. She, like many other seekers and even devotees whom I’ve encountered in the past, is interested in the matter of ‘old soul’, and requests more information about the matter.

Many writings were already elaborated in the past regarding ‘evolved souls’, notably those released by the founders of the Theosophical Society (Blavatsky, Hodson, Q. Judge, Leadbeater, Bessant). Many other mystics and masters who came after them also made substantial contributions to the subject. In some previous writings of mine, like the ones about freethinkers, individuated psyche, free spirits, I did present a synthesis of the thoughts of previous thinkers about the matter (please see my previous articles in my blogs:,

To simplify the subject, we begin with Blavatsky’s thought that we all go through three (3) levels of evolution that take place simultaneously: spiritual, mental, physical. As we progress in the material and mental dimensions, so should we also evolve in the spiritual dimension. Not only our physical-etheric and mental bodies but also our souls do evolve. It is ‘soul age’ that is the true measure of one’s age rather than the chronological age which is a mere analytical devise that is replete with illusions.

Following the ‘law of uneven development’, we better note that not all souls progress at similar paces. There are those souls who were very lackadaisical in the Path, were so slow in absorbing the wisdom lessons, and have lagged behind the more fast-paced ones. These souls we mystics call the ‘laggards’ or ‘evolutionary laggards’.

On the other hand, there are those souls who were more determined in evolving fast and are endowed with the spirit of conquerors. They quest for the heights of the Path and desire to conquer the lower self in the shortest time possible ever. They rise like the Sphinx, and thus become leaders among men and women in all walks of life. We mystics call them the ‘evolved souls’ or ‘highly evolved souls’.

In ancient China the term for the laggard is ‘young soul’ while that for the evolved soul is ‘old soul’. These terms sound cute, so I’d use them more than the terms laggards and evolved souls. The term ‘laggard’ sounds pejorative, and is immersed in Victorian embellishments, so I’d better use ‘young soul’ before some true laggards out there might wish to stone me to death for sounding condescending.

As a matter of convenience, I’d refer to those between the young and old souls as the ‘middling souls’. Many of these souls are now on the threshold to ‘old soul’ age. Though they cannot yet move apart from the devotional methods that are common among young souls, they are also open to new ideas or unconventional thought about the higher mysteries. They are the hybrid devotee-seeker.

Moving back to the old souls, because they are fast-pacers and they can lead in the Path, they are often brought back to the physical plane by the Karmic Board as soon as they leave their bodies upon (physical) death. They hardly have rest in the higher spheres at all. They immediately plunge back to the physical plane for The Work. Upon returning here they are quick to show the psyche of a Seeker and are scornful of superstitious orthodoxies that are fit for the young souls.

As such, they are right away assigned by the Cosmic Hierarchy with spirit guides (Catholics’ ‘guardian angels’) of higher caliber than the rest of the population upon return. Most often they meet these guides early in life, who appear to them in dreams or materialize in front of them while they are still kids.

The oldest of souls are provided right away with guides who are of an even higher caliber: spiritual masters. A mahatma or ascended master serves the role of an ‘adviser’ who is the main guru of the aspiring soul. The mahatma than assigns ‘masters of wisdom’ to the said soul for each of the different phases in his/her initiation. Sometimes a mighty angel such as a Seraph will team up with a master to guide the aspiring old soul.

In my Path for instance, my mahatma happens to be the chohan of the 1st Ray (warriorship) of the cosmic order, the Great White Lodge, whom I met via a dream at age 18. He had since guided me along the way, and recently assigned a master and a seraph as my ‘spiritual professors’. Master J and Master Seraph (I don’t know the angel’s name) manifest before me every now and then in meditation visions and in the dream state. The seraph is particularly robust, tall and mightily awesome, and it will scare any Fallen One to dare to come and attack me if it perceives this celestial guide and guardian.

Because old souls tap cosmic energy so naturally more than the middling and young souls, they also normally radiate with a magnetism that seems beyond comprehension. They end up as charismatic leaders, as born leaders, and even under duress, stress and storm they rise up like the mighty Sphinx to become the conquerors of all spheres of life. Even in the financial-business world today they have carved out mighty domains and huge followings.

As adolescents they are already filled with the sense of urgency to plunge into The Work. Not only do they study The Teaching with a hunger that ordinary folks can’t comprehend, they also do service, advocacy, organizing, and related deeds of the High Cause with such zeal and passion that they exude the psyche of responsible adults too early in life.

While they may exhibit such fondness for the folks (young and middling souls) whom they perceive as clientele worth serving, they have ambivalence over shallow, petty, impertinent pursuits, talks and thoughts from the latter. One old soul whose excessive ambivalence led him to an even deeper condescension over the folks, F. Nietzsche, eventually fell in the Path and was overshadowed by the Hierarchs of Evil. So for the old souls out there, please rethink the way you behave towards the folks, so that you can say you’re still well on track in the Path of Light.

Now, since I mentioned ‘the fall’, I may as well inform the readers that old souls do comprise of both the ‘Lightworkers’ and the ‘Fallen Ones’. Edgar Cayce, the great American 20th century mystic, referred to the former as the ‘Goodly Company’ and the latter as the ‘Sons of Belial’. As a mystic I do recognize the possibility of The Fall, that many old souls did fall many steps behind. Engagement in black magic, corruption, totalitarian domination, abominations and so on by any old soul clearly indicates his/her fall along the way.

So we now face this situation of polarity, as seemingly an equal number of old souls are positioned on either side of the coin. Many old souls are still falling today, while many fallen ones are getting back to the Path of Light. There is imbalance in the world, as the Fallen Ones do not seem to follow ‘rules of engagement’, have violated the truce concurred 100,000 years before between the Arch. Michael’s forces and those of Lucifer’s, they blatantly continue with their evil designs till these days.

We do need to accept this reality, for we are a Fallen Planet. Earth is a domain of the Fallen Ones, and they are simply asserting their perceived pre-emptive right towards this planet, its resources and its populations. And these Fallen Ones connect well to forces outside the solar system, whom they have called for to their side in their past, present and future offensives.

But many Fallen Ones do go back to the Path of Light, many have already returned, and this is the good news. The true old souls, the true pathfinders, our sanguine leaders in the Path they are, who have rejoined those who never fell at all. They are always welcome to the Path, the Almighty One is as merciful as ever and has welcomed back these prodigal sons and daughters.

Admittedly, as an old soul and mystic, I do possess a very bellicose attitude towards the Fallen Ones. They can never be trusted. However, I have modified my attitude, in that I will never go out mission-wise to track down and destroy them. We are an open market of souls here, Earth is a spiritual laissez faire, let them Fallen Ones do their convincing tasks while we Light Workers or Christ-Force workers do ours, each one respecting our rights to disseminate and propagate our respective teachings.

To my fellow Christ-centered old souls out there, fear not the Fallen Ones. Seek ye the protection of your Guides and the Almighty One. But please learn to protect yourself too. The shamanic mystics have already released to the world many of the protective tools, it just takes a matter of perseverance to search for and locate the tools and apply them accordingly. And fear not death in the Path, for above you are the Guides who will catch and secure you any time that death comes unexpectedly.

Think only of advancing The Cause. And please be an exemplar in all the spheres of life, which Blavatsky and the Asian teachers outlined as: Will, Wisdom, Art, Devotion, Science, Service, Alchemy. Failing in each one of the seven (7) categories or criteria will raise doubts as to your ‘old soul’ contentions, and will make you return back in another incarnation to where you were before.

The Cause is summed up in the line: “freedom for all is the ultimate cause of all causes” (see Collegium Liberum). So let it be. Aum.

[Writ 05 February 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]




Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good day to all you Fellows!

Let me share my reflections today about “flowing with energies.” In order to adapt, and let it be stressed to adapt well or exquisitely, one must be able to flow. Flow with what? I stress: flow with the energies.

Among New Age enthusiasts and practitioners, this has become a vogue of adaptation, a common lingo: flow! Understandably so, I surmise, since failure to flow will induce one into dysfunctional states. It’s like when one goes against the currents in a river or sea, one just can’t go on with this counter-flow or stubbornly refuse to flow without breaking down in fragments.

Let me further emphasize that in order to become an awakened Lightworker, one must follow the same principle: flow with the energies. Being stiff or rigid, being ‘grim and determined’, will not make one a Light Worker at all. Light does not flow upon those who are stiff, and many are those pretenders out there who in fact are not vehicles of Light.

In matters of love, this should also be followed. When an Evolved Soul meets a younger soul, it is hopeful that the younger one can flow with the energies from the former’s heart chakra. Failure by the latter to do this out of fear (Primal) will redound to instant bad karmic effects. Because the distancing with the Evolved Soul is tantamount to throwing away Light, tantamount to embracing the Primal-Demonic.

The love of an evolved soul is much too different from the love exuded by other souls. I can say this with verity as I was once a mere seeker, a mere Traveler, struggler in the Path, like many souls out there. The love that I exude now for any woman is qualitatively different from those I manifested to younger women. An Old Soul tends to look straight at the qualities of the soul of the ‘significant Other’ and is drawn to the Transcendent, while a younger soul tends to look only at the physical-to-astral traits or those tangibly observable and is drawn to the Primal.

The question now is, which energies should one flow with? which vibrations or frequencies? I already mentioned in the foregoing paragraph the terms Primal and Transcendent. Dichotomizing things isn’t exactly the best way to present an idea, but for the sake of simplification I resort to this modality. So we have two energy kinds to flow with in order for our souls to move on: the Primal, and the Transcendent.

Primal would refer to all impulses and frequencies that are of the low, dense states and emanate from lowly spheres. Transcendent would refer to all vibrations and frequencies that are of higher states or emanate from higher spheres. If you follow Freud closely, you would identify his Id as the crux of the Primal. On the other hand, following closely the esoteric writings would bring one to realize the “I Am” or Aum as the crux of all the transcendent.

Evil, or E-Veil or Energy Veil is that maximum state where a soul or entity would move into upon a persistent predominance of the Primal in his/her life. Being exposed often to the dense energies and mentally orientated to Primal pursuits will eventually cascade one into energy veils. The space between the ‘lower self’ (ego) and the ‘higher self’ (soul) is then fogged with thick energies, grey and dense (I’ve seen them using my meditative vision), and is scary to look at. Anybody who had moved completely to the Energy Veil or Evil state is necessarily a Demon and no more human.

That is because, when one vibrates so much in the lowly frequencies, s/he will also invite those hyper-space beings called Demons. Like attracts like, evil attracts evil, dense energies attract demonic beings. These demons would then attach themselves to the lower chakras of the entity (sex, abdominal, solar plexus chakras). The moment that this happens, the person is “beyond redemption” and can be freed only if a Saint (master) would arrive in time to cast away the demons and remind the entity to go back to the Path. The other option is to decapitate the entity, so that physical death becomes a way to redemption. Upon death, the entity is captured by an Angel (e.g. Seraph) and brought to a higher sphere to be taken care of by Higher Beings and receive lessons in the Path.

Somebody who flows with the “I Am” and all the vibratory manifestations of the transcendent will eventually experience higher states of awakenings. The level of awakening will depend on the level and pace of attainment of the person involved. S/he can capture beneficial energies at will and direct the same for other beneficial purposes. Eg. A shamanic healer can very easily use the left hand to tap chi from the surrounds and use the right hand to direct the same energies on the patient or client. Shamanic healers and yogis are among the greatest flowers with higher energies.

Necessarily, when one attunes strongly to the I Am or Aum vibration, the space between the ‘lower self’ and ‘higher self’ becomes narrowed until they will be erased. Erasure means the entity has attained Nirvana or the activation of the Soul (higher self), with the union of the lower and higher selves effectively achieved. The person who flows with the I Am energies will attract higher energy beings such as Angels, Masters, Ascended Masters, Avatars, Evolved Extraterrestrial Intelligences or ETIs. Those who consciously bring the Aum Light unto themselves and their fellows are called Light Workers, and are the direct opposite of the Evil Ones who do everything to bar people from accessing Higher Light.

Let me now proceed to a possible action that may seem contentious: it would be best to flow with the Primal first prior to optimizing the Transcendent. Let me clarify that this may not be so for all cases, but if one really wishes to realize how great it is to go up the ladder of soul evolution, one must first see the ‘dirtiest hovels of hell’ or maximize one’s ‘worldliness’. The swinging pendulum must first go down the lower arc (represented by ‘descent to the Primal’) before it goes up again to the other side (represented by the Transcendent).

The classic story to share here is that of Mary Magdala. Mary was already into the practice of ‘commercial sex work’ when Jesus met her. Jesus was already a Master (saint, nirvanic being) at that time, and his attraction to this Primal-driven woman (primal = money, sex, luxury, decadent lifestyle) was never a barrier for Jesus to love her. Until finally Mary got awakened from the sordid if not evil state to which she got sucked into. The great reward she had was not only having a living master who would later become an Ascended Master (6th body has been activated), she also gave birth to a child who later became a yogi-saint in India (Jesus and Mary brought the child there to be mentored by a yogi-guru). And Mary Magdala herself became a master in that lifetime (she’s now Ascended).

Another classic story is that of the Ascended Master named St. Augustine. Already a Master when he incarnated as Augustine, his soul development got stuck up somehow. He was drawn to libidinal excesses, and to cap it all he had sex with commercial sex workers. What a disgrace to see a saint engaging in such lowly pursuits, one may rightly quip. And he was already 30 when he got awakened, and from thereon he ascended his arc of soul evolution. He reincarnated later as Thomas Aquinas.

You see, whenever I reflect on Augustine’s life, his narrative doesn’t make me stop from shuddering and feeling goose bumps. Because in my case, my Seeker’s full awakening began at age 18, that was the year of reckoning. Though admittedly I had my own ‘swimming in the cesspools of the Primal’ till age 25. But, hey, 25 isn’t 30. At 25 I began to gradually deprogram the pleasures of the body, at early 30s said goodbye to tobacco, and at late 30s said goodbye to alcohol, nightlife and hyper-cholesterol diets. So, one can gradually deprogram his/her immersion in the pools of the Primal. But look at Augustine, at 30 he said goodbye to all vicious, sensate living. And he later became an Ascended Master, which means his climb was a very, very steep one and he succeeded. Wow!

Our predicament is that at the age of 22 our previous lives’ memories will open up somehow. At 22 we align ourselves to certain past lives as part of a timeline. And the problem with that is that we may have lived with enormous vices (opposite of virtues) during those lives. When the memory unconsciously flows into our psychomotor system, we get sucked into the Primal almost beyond our control. If we suffered from dysfunctional personalities in the past, such dysfunctions will also manifest themselves from 22 onwards. And then it becomes so hard to control our immersion into particular vices.

Look at those who are very libidinal to the max today. Those who go through sex orgies, circulate among sex partners, have collection of friends whom they have casual sex with, and so on. Chances are that these people once practiced the Left-Hand Path. The Left Hand isn’t exactly evil, but when in this state one is just a step or two away from energy veil. The Left Hand can stop one’s soul evolution altogether, let everyone be forewarned. And I’m saying this because I see signs everywhere of the Left Hand re-appearing in ‘critical mass’. This used to be rampant in Africa (Egpyt), Rome, and India.

The sexual energy is itself an endowment from the I Am, from the Almighty. The sex chakra is among the 7 most important or major chakras (energy centers). Sex with love is a wonderful gift itself from the I Am. This is the kind of sexual practice that can waken up the kundalini (base chakra) and start one’s journey to the Path. It can also awaken one’s genius, as couples who are so in love become good poets, musicians, and creative producers as Inspiration flows from Above, Inspiration that has been unlocked by sex-with-love. Genius is the maximum awareness that a Seeker can have, and the beginning awareness of a Mystic.

In sum, to flow with the Primal doesn’t mean one has become Evil. Rather, it could be a natural state that one goes through but which can be transcended. And getting to see the lowliest level of hell (while on Earth) is itself a wonderful experience. From there on one experiences the awakening, and deprograms the Primal gradually or even drastically. “Man has to devolve first in order to evolve,” so declared the theosophists, and I agree with them 105%.

So to those young ones and middle aged Fellows out there who are so much immersed in the Primal, I’m not writing to condemn your behavior. Far from it, I am in league with you as I myself descended into the ‘pits of hell’ sometime back. But for the older Fellows, I recall the adage “old dogs can’t learn new tricks.” If one can’t give up the Primal due to learning limitations, at least plant the seeds now and then in another life deprogram those vices. Hopefully I’m being fair enough. So mote it be. Aum. Amen.

 [Writ 04 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Here comes the Aquarian Age! Welcome the post-Piscean Age! Hail the Post-Church Era!

Planet Earth is now at the ascending arc of her evolution. Ascension holds true for humanity, whose evolution in the dense spheres is now ending and the entry to the higher dimensions accelerating. It takes 555 million years for the entire human race to devolve & evolve—to devolve into the dense spheres, and go back to the divine spheres as evolved beings. The midpoint of the 555-million year period was reached on the 21st of September of 1934 yet (see revelations of Guru Roerick, Guru R.K.K)

The ascendant route in our evolution is now way up since 1934. So cheer up, Noble Seekers! This route will see the emergence of greater individuation in the human psyche, a development that was anticipated many decades ago by the H.P. Blvavatsky, Carl Jung and Tailhard De Chardin. As mankind individuates all the more, so will the bond with the collective mind get fractured. All those institutions that sought to control humans and reduced them to automatons that lack autonomy are now crumbling. That includes Religion with the capital R.

Institutional behavior is largely effective for those with the strongest ‘herd instinct’, even as it harnesses the folk spirit or folkgeist to secure individual loyalty to society and institutions. For the highly individuated souls, institutional behavior or mass behavior is sickening and misplaced, and will seek every way to express their autonomy as ‘free spirits’ rather than dance to the sway of the folkgeist. Those high risk takers will not take second thoughts in leaving their churches, peers, kinship circles, old neighborhoods if to prove the toxic nuisance of the old ways and the highest value of their freedoms.

Sadly for the devotees, religions will end in violent upheavals over the next few decades. In many European countries, the church-going impulse had died, many have left their churches and are seeking new modalities of adaptation that will see the greater expression of individuality and autonomy. Many of the Europeans have fallen into the atheistic path, but many are Seekers who aspire for alternative spiritual programs that are of the individualized platforms rather than institutional (churchly) types.

One must understand that Europe had enormous traumas with religious life, passed through many Dark Ages that were reinforced by religious precepts, and went through bloody genocides and wars due to religion. And so, when the most open society—the postmodern society with a post-industrial economy—began galvanizing in their countries, Europeans at last found the environment they needed to throw away the garbage institutions that have enchained their souls for centuries and millennia.

Institutions are crumbling. The postmodern thinkers have already pronounced the ‘implosion of the social’, the ‘end of meta-narratives’ and ‘rise of micro-narratives’, the ‘end of ideology’, and every kind of terminal phases of old worlds that have for so long enchained the human psyche in the fiery hells of Dostoevskian existence. Go through the works of Jean Francois Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Daniel Bell, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Jurgen Habermas, Alvin Toffler and Kenichi Ohmae, and you’ll find their thoughts converge on the observation about the rise of the new context marked by collapse of institutions.

In the emerging context, old modalities and platforms of adaptation won’t work as they are ineffective. It would be futile to revive them, reconstruct them into hip-hop type things for they are largely meant for the ‘herd mind’ or ‘collective mind’. In the emerging contexts, the herd mind of the Laggard is out and the individuated mind of the Free Spirit-Seeker is in. The mighty waves of the new context are now here with us, dealing catastrophic blows on old societies & cultures, economies, polities, religions, kinships, world outlooks, educational systems, health institutions and other behavioral morphs that tend to retard or obstruct soul ascent to the divine spheres.

The new world is rising with so much birth pangs, as it violently pushes its way up and disgorges itself from the wombs of the old world. We are in the transition phase, as we witness the representatives of the old world working so hard to assert their remaining powers so as not to let go of their largesse and privileges derived from controlling and manipulating people. We witness the clash of religious tolerance versus religious fundamentalism, and the clash of religious fundamentalist groups that have so far resulted to countless deaths.

The next twenty-five (25) years will see the further intensification of religious conflicts. We now see another world war shaping up from out of the revived age-old conflict between Sunni and Shiite Islam. While the war shapes up, the old war between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland hasn’t totally died out. The Moslem-Christian conflict in the Balkans and Africa haven’t extinguished too. The ancient hatreds between Arabs and Jews are still around, though in the coming world war the Sunni-Jewish alliance will galvanize in a tenuous coalition versus Shiite aggression.

It is now certain that tens of millions will die in the ensuing wars. It seems like we’re back to the 30-Years War (1618-1648) which began along the Catholic-Protestant cleavage, but which later ended up differently as alliances changed. In this new 30-Years War shaping up, the Shiite-Sunni cleavage will just be the trigger towards a bigger war scene as the world powers enter the war fronts and declare their alliances accordingly. The conflicts could spread to all continents, unless that the madness be stopped before the globe will catch up fire in the process.

One thing is certain should the religious cleavages result to enormous deaths in warm bodies: a global shock for humanity, a shock that will rapidly see the esteem of Great Religions diminish radically. Past the year 2030, it is most likely that the survivors of the wars will lose respect for their religious elders, and would rather choose the path of the freethinker. Religious participation will decline to insignificant levels thereafter, as the shockwaves of the carnage will refuse to die out many decades after the last embers of the battles have extinguished.

And this will be the explicit message of the forthcoming global experience of religious madness: it does not pay to sustain and reinforce religion as a modality of expressing and meeting the spiritual needs of an individuating populace. If it will take this bitter path to take us all out of the old world life and celebrate later a post-religious spirituality, then let it happen. And the sooner that the catastrophic events will happen, the better will it be for us all.

What I’ve been prophesying all along will come forth: the birthing of the post-religious society. There’s no way that herd-mind institutions can survive a new world that will be dominated by the life modalities for the individuated minds or free spirits. Humanity is rapidly moving towards the noosphere and there will be no turning back to the herd mind of the Stone Age. Teilhard De Chardin, whom the church badly demonized for his unorthodox futuristic vision about the coming of the noosphere, will be vindicated.

But most of all, you Noble Seekers will be vindicated. You who have to hide in the shadows for fear of persecution, you who have silently deconstructed in thought and action the destructive ways of your churches and priesthoods, will be vindicated. You whose figures were vilified by pals, kins, and every fanatical devotee you may have encountered, will be vindicated. And you will exhibit the last laugh, as you will witness before your own eyes the violent collapse of churches. Islam will go, then Judaism, then Christianity, then Hinduism, and all those that have resorted to mass slaughters of perceived ‘infidels’.

No more will inquisitions work. Even if global tyranny will be established today in the name of God, by religious zealots of the most fundamentalist groups coalescing to save their crumbling powers and privileges, this tyranny won’t hold. Every church group that has been resorting to inquisitions such as the jihadists and Christian terrorists will be humiliated. No draconian measure whatsoever that will shackle the free mind will ever succeed again, more so in the sphere of the sacred.

The Age of Dogma had already faded away in social life and is more markedly a part of historical analects as narratives of the damned. The Age of Interpretation had long superseded dogma, with the new context leaving it up to the individual reader or learner to interpret texts, lessons, archetypes. But the defenders of dogma refuse to accept their fated defeat, and they seem to have a window of opportunity to unleash their powers via religious fundamentalism and televangelism. But their days are numbered, and as soon as humanity will witness the full horrors of the religious holocausts now shaping up and intensifying, the compass of the day will point to more lay people leaving their churches more so among the younger generations.

Dear Seeker, what then should be your attitude towards your church? You really need not leave your church as you ascend the Path, you can still make use of it as a vehicle for your bhakti (devotion) practices. But if you’re tired and sick of your church and you’ve left it for good, very well then, welcome to the world of freethinkers. You can still do your bhakti at home, include it in your prayers, or set special occasions for around 10-15 minutes or more in a week to focus on chanting the name of God, as well as the Avatar (e.g. Christ, Krishna, Maitreya, Buddha, Ahura Mazda) and Divine Mothers (e.g. Quan Yin, Mary, Portia, Vesta, Liberty) that attract you most.

So, Noble Seeker, if you’re so disturbed by the surge of fundamentalism and other fascistic religious movements, this will only be for a temporary phase. Past 2030 they will be residual, clumsy, ridiculously spent out forces. Seekers and freethinkers will be the victors of the day. So please show more patience and love to the fanatical devotees, for many of them will leave their churches yet and go the Path of the Seeker. Hail the Age of Post-Church Spirituality!

[Writ 27 September 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila. See:,



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good day to all you freethinkers or Seekers of knowledge, truth, wisdom!
It is now a time for a gathering, Dear Ones, as the Earth proceeds through the new phase in its history. A New Consciousness—by a New Humanity, in a New Earth—is rapidly arising. We are fast proceeding through what Tailhard De Chardin referred to as the ‘noosphere’, the sphere of higher knowledge and awareness. The long phase of fixation to the biosphere is now fading fast from the historical canvass, as the noosphere arises in a meteoric ascent to glory. In this new phase arising, the ‘Christ Consciousness’ will become the dominant organizing force behind everything else, knowledge included.
The days of Dogma, bigotry, intolerance over differences, fixed ideas, dualism, and all those thought constructs that have stifled the evolution of humanity to higher climes, are over. But the defenders of these Ideas of the Old World, Old Humanity, Old Earth, are reacting violently and have no desire to see a New World which will see their privilege to dominate and manipulate humans fade away, for it is through such encumbrances that these power elites have enriched themselves at the expense of the great mass that they have rendered effectively inutile and subhuman.
Let us all assert our greater humanity, precisely through an increased power of transcendent values in our conscience and behavior, an intensification of Oneness in all spheres of life, a movement towards higher reason, enlightened intuition, operative compassion. By so doing you shall all experience in your daily lives the true meaning of mutual respect, the substance of authentic liberation. Of course, we shall all be co-inheritors of the Earth and its beneficent resources, thus mutually enriching our inner lives with the infinite resources of the planet and the universe.
Be bold and daring. The sooner that you leave the cocoon of the Old World in haste, the better will life be for you. No matter what pains this process may bring, dare to face the storms and pangs of the process. You may lose friends, relatives, church, residential niches, crafts and professions as you move on towards a new Path, and this, I’d truly say, is a natural, normal process in the birthing of any new life. Have the courage to face them all, the strength to weather deceitful attacks against your person by the demonic tongues of those born and grown up in the ways of the Old World.
Fear not, Noble Seekers, for it is you who will be the true inheritors of the New Earth, and you will be the prototype of the seed of the New Humanity. Those manipulators and defenders of the old life are the ones whose battles are uphill, and they feel defeat every day and year in their lives. Do not make efforts to make war against those who are now losing, but rather extend your olive arms unto them, build goodwill no matter what animosities and hostilities they unabashedly exhibit unto thee.
All of you Seekers or freethinkers are called upon to move on, and when needed by arising exigencies be together and learn new truths and knowledge from each other. Create networks of Love & Light, and by the power of higher Light spread New Enlightenment with gladness and optimism. You will be the victors, the new stars that who become the Light-bringers of a new canvass—the New World arising.
This mystic, Lightworker and Fellow of the Great White Brotherhood brings love and peace to you all.
[Writ 18 September 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila. See: