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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Good day from Ra of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Ra’s task as a guru is now receding, this being part of my new mandate. As my guru task recedes, my messenger task increases by many folds. The directive comes straight from the Councils of the Brotherhood above.

Let me make some clarifications about the arrest of the Evil Masters or ‘masters of lesser Light’. Sometime back in the 70s, the maharishi JJ Hurtak released the information, through his keys of Enoch book, about the forthcoming arrest and quarantine of the ‘masters of lesser Light’ prior to Earth’s complete retaking by the spiritual Hierarchy of Christed Ones.

The Dark or Evil Masters are ensconced in the astral, etheric, and mental planes, and have governed the planet for the longest part of its history. They have expropriated the Earth for the Dark Hierarchy led by Lucifer, and they behave till these days like they own the planet as private estate.

Remember that in the very ancient times, when the War of the Heavens (Lucifer’s rebellion) was just brewing, the Adepts tasked to guard and minister the planet at the edge of the Milky Way called Urantia (Earth’s ancient name) were polarized by the brewing conflict.

Using sweet tongue and cold calculative discourse to the max, the master watcher tasked to head this subsector of the universe—Lucifer—cajoled so many of Urantia’s and hundreds of other planets’ Adepts to his side.

Around 60% of the Earth’s Adepts decided to cast their lot for Lucifer, who they think up till these days was justified in his declaration of autonomy (from the Father Almighty and Sons of Light). Almost instantly did the frequency of the said Adepts fall, thus instantly relegating them to the lower spheres or densities.

Decidedly cut off from the key source of Light, from the Almighty through the intermediation of the Lord Metatron, the same Dark Adepts then sucked the Light from out of so many deceived Terrans whose necks they held for eons to come. I myself had a vision of Satan–in his 6th Density niche—as one former seraph who is as black as charcoal but with Light emanating from him, Light that had been mercilessly sucked from out of billions of beguiled souls.

In the late 1980s, almost simultaneous with the harmonic convergence, the Lord Michael, deity of our universe (Nebadon as the Urantia material had revealed), arrested and gagged Lucifer whom he brought before the Council of 24 Elders or C24. Arrogantly unwilling to accept his mistakes and stubbornly sticking to his ‘autonomy’ policy, he was subjected thereafter to immersion in the ‘lake of fire’, the Light of him returned to the ‘basic essence’ as he disintegrated.

The Luciferan Adepts on Earth, including those operating in the physical plane (Illuminates), heard the shrieking pains of the dying Lucifer. They shuddered at the prospect of being next in line, and they knew that their days are numbered.

There are hundreds of thousands of Dark Adepts, one should realize this fact. So no matter how many thousands of Buddhas and Christs were sent to the physical plane in the past epochs, the efforts to ascend the Earth went to naught due to the large numbers of mischievous Dark operators. Unless something must be done to extricate the Dark Masters one by one, the Hierarchy’s efforts might always land back to square one.

So the Plan was to extricate the Dark Masters, who are unrepentant in the first place, one after the other at some point in time. And, to commensurately boost the Light Adepts by embodying 144,000 Rishis or White Robes altogether at a single point in time who will counter-balance the excessive surplus of Dark Masters.

After the Lucifer arrest and deprogramming, and a repositioning of cosmic warriors in the lower spheres, the arrests have begun. I am aware that the next prized catches will be no other than Behemoth (Satan) and Caligastia (Dark Prince of Earth) who will also go the way of Lucifer.

The last time I saw Behemoth (Satan in the archetype of a gigantic dinosaur of sorts) less than two years back in my vision, a huge spear penetrated his body from the spinal area and protruded down the belly in diagonal fashion. I knew that his time will be up even before the 2012 event.

As the arrest event is now in progress, the total ascension of the 144,000 rishis had also begun that produced hundreds of ascended masters who can thus reinforce the Work in greater ways. The ascended rishis have the powers to suck out the Light from fallen masters and return the same to the Almighty One (with Lord Metatron acting on receivership capacity), like the way Jesus did to those Fallen Masters when he descended to their region as an Ascended One.

It won’t take long from now when the numerical balance between Masters of Light and those of Darkness will be more or less equalized. When that time comes, the golpe event will be unleashed as Gabriel’s and Seraphic Forces combined will swoop down on the remaining Evil Ones and restore the Earth for the spiritual Hierarchy.

So fellows on Earth, Light Workers, brothers and sisters, do note this very significant event of equalization of the Adepts. It is in progress and is accelerating by the day. Another milestone event for the fruition of Hope and Light on Earth.

[Philippines, 05 July 2010]








Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Peace be unto you all, but most specially unto the spiritists whom I will write about today! Spiritism is quite a Path for spiritual seekers, and was prominent in the 1800s. In the North it had supposedly metamorphosed into a new form—as channeling—but to my mind both spiritism and channeling are one and the same.

Spiritism should be executed with care by those seekers who pass through it. It is among the 7th Ray (alchemy) sub-paths, and if done pretty well, it can lead the aspirant towards higher level of awareness. I myself had witnessed at least a couple of seekers in the Philippines who have since mutated into mystics, and became my sister Fellows in the Great White Brotherhood. My esteem for them are high, and that esteem won’t ever change, but they are just but a few exceptions in a large field that is so replete with spiritual quackery.

Before anything else, let it be clarified to the readers out there what spiritism or channeling is all about. It is among the class of phenomena classified in as ‘paranormal’ and it involves mediumistic channeling of messages from the 4th Dimension or ‘spirit world’. No one can become an effective channeler unless one possesses the ability to (a) be a medium or vessel for some trans-physical messangers, and (b) return to a normal state after a channeling session with the person regaining authentic consciousness, i.e. not controlled or ‘possessed’ by the trans-physical entities.

As to how one comes to possess such an ability we can advance a number of theses: (1) The person comes from a lineage of shamans or priests, and the genetic coding from that lineage permits for the opening of certain occult powers and centers sufficient for the person to communicate with the trans-physical entity or TPE; (2) The person is a laggard with little contemplative capacity, with quite a disturbed aura or electromagnetic field sufficient for some TPE to maneuver and open the person’s 3rd eye, thus enabling a perception of the latter; and, (3) the person is already in advancing state of manic-depressive disorder towards high-delusion schizophrenia, which permits malevolent TPEs to further manipulate the brow chakra for the medium to perceive the latter.

In my own observation of spiritists I’ve come to meet in Manila, they manifest under-achiever traits, are school drop-outs and/or never reaching college at all, are psychologically dysfunctional or suffer at least from affective disorder conditions, and simpleton in terms of articulation level. While some notable ones from them were able to rise to prominence as healers and are able to circulate among the cultured and well-bred circles, they all retain the folk character in them.

Being a member of the intellectual and scientific community, I surely find it difficult to meet half-way with these simpletons. My seeker phase (ages 18-36) was largely fulfilled inside the university, my very own first lesson in yoga meditation was taught by a top scientist (psychologist Dr. Alfredo Lagmay), my first seeker co-discussants were university-bred with some figures of genius I.Q. And so you readers could just imagine the difficulty I’m having in communicating with simpleton seekers if they are indeed seekers at all. A lot of spiritists are simply laggards, and their moron level of discourse turns me off.

But I do am trying to find the connecting bridge with them, and to my own surprise there were some who became true spiritual Initiates later in life. But for some advancing Intiates among them, they were flatly directed by their spirit Guides (who were spiritual masters) to move out of the spiritist field and move on to the terrain of spiritual Teachers or gurus. Otherwise, they wouldn’t progress at all in the Path.

I wish that such an experience would mark most of those laggard spiritists out there, that they will be enabled and empowered to cease their laggard state and evolve to higher awareness. Eventually, hopefully, they’d catch up on their studies most especially of the sciences and the mystical arts, and raise their own language abilities to the level of meta-language where higher-level principles and concepts can be used. But this isn’t the case for all the said laggards.

My own suspicion is that the so-called ‘channelers’ or current spiritists were actually brought to their state of awareness (with open 3rd eyes centering on the peripatetic nervous system) by mischievous TPEs manipulating their brow chakras directly. As soon as their 3rd eye opens up, the TPEs would then manifest in the guise of Kuthumi, Sananda, Jesus, Mary, God Almighty, Mahatma X or Mahatma Y or a benevolent ET. That’s all perceptual illusion, please note.

Those very same TPEs could be discarnates or asuras (demons) who are so demented they are even worst then the deadliest psychopath maniacs in town. These very same TPEs are, in turn, controlled by powers that are niched in higher space dimensions, call them 6th Density, 7th Density or whatever dimensions these may be. Being themselves of lower species of beings, the TPEs couldn’t articulate advanced principles at all, and so they find their own kinds of cosmic laggards who make use of ridiculous folk language laced with fear-based discourse to be able to get through many unsuspecting audiences and readers.

Now, what makes spiritism a real quackery is when the channelers pretend to be Teachers of the Path. In order to become a Teacher, one must be able to tap inner wisdom or procure information directly from one’s own God-Self, and then relay the same reflective notes to seeker aspirants. Not so with channelers, who are largely drop-out underachievers and haven’t gone beyond folk magazine readings, and are thus unable at all to tap from their God-Self. They short-cut the process of under-education by procuring answers from their TPE “guides” who are in reality demonic misguides.

The quackery becomes ever more evident when the channeler openly bashes Teachers with lines that they are obsolete, that they have become abusive of their positions, and so on. While indeed some Teachers were remiss in some aspects of their tasks to the aspirants, to demonize Teachers altogether is itself gross slander which is demonic in nature. The objective, of course, is to lure the beguiled aspirants away from Teachers or Masters toward the simpleton channelers who are now their newfound quack teachers.

And that surely raises many questions. For how can laggards or mere seekers serve as teachers to souls who are in fact more advanced then the former in soul evolution? One can only advance in the Path by listening to souls who are more evolved, and that same evolved soul will in turn progress all the more as merits for helping out the less evolved souls along the way.

There we go, Fellows in the Path. Please use your critical mind to sieve through truth claims made by channelers, even if some of them may possess university degrees. Be very discriminating and discerning. Otherwise, by permitting your subjection to the manipulation by lower-level entities, your own soul evolution will decelerate and get parked in a fetid ‘soul garage’ for a long time.

You may now come to ask this mystic-yogi what I think about the so-called New Age channelers, who seem to have sprouted like millions of mushrooms. As I’ve said in a previous writing, “read everything, question everything, doubt nothing.” Go ahead and read those write ups by the so-called channelers and find out what they’re talking about. But move away from the devotional attitude of exhibiting blind faith to those truth claims of these “new age channelers.” Chances are that you can be duped by comic if not Dark beings out there.

My own validity evaluation of the new age stuff being peddled by the laggard or pretentious seeker channelers is this:

  • Percentage of Factual, Truthful claims: 2%
  • Percentage of Fiction, Untruths, Lies: 98%

Please go ahead and make your own honest observations and assessments of the spiritist literature. Maybe you can even evaluate the degree of psychological disorder condition of the channeler concerned, determine whether the same peddler of quackery is still sane or already psychotically demented.

Those channelers are lucky enough that a lot of seekers read them at all. There are even those healer-channeler folks who, possessive of their own websites, get to be visited by as much as 300,000-500,000 a year. They have now been resorting to the information technology in order to splash the globe with their phantasmagoric contentions and ridiculous fiction. And they have bestowed upon themselves the mantle of guruship, as many of their duped clients regard them precisely as such. What lucky Bipolar personalities indeed!

Contrast their approaches to the mystics and masters who passed through very rigorous processes of awareness intensification. These mystics and masters’ 3rd eye are centered on the pineal or central nervous system, or of a higher faculty of awareness than the laggards’. They are also psychologically stable, or possess well integrated personalities that make them towering exemplars of soul development by many people. And they are very learned if not highly educated, as some have gone through graduate school in the universities.

Among mystics I would count the likes of Helena Blavatsky and the founders of theosophy, whose individual awareness was in a very advanced state when they channeled principles from their respective God-selves and mahatma partners up there. I’d also count, among today’s mystics and gurus, Sal Rachele and Drunvalo Melchizedek, who are also towering exemplars of self-integration and intellect.

Sal Rachele began his life as a healer and mystic. He was also well immersed in high level precepts, was well studied in the sciences and philosophy, learned his esoteric principles from the theosophists, and taught at the university before he ever engaged in channeling. He was initiated into the cosmic orders notably the Order of Melchizedek, and can be considered among the teachers and priests of the universe. And look at his writings that are well crafted using meta-language precepts and ideas, and recondite enough like unto any teacher’s.

So, when the likes of Sal Rachele claim that they speak for Founders, or Ascended Beings, or members of the Galactic Federation notably the Venusians, they are very believable. And there’s nothing of the comically judgemental statements made by some teacher-pretending spiritists in Rachele’s pieces, though he is privileged to do so as any analyst-writer would. We all make value-judgements, we all operate on values, yet the likes of Rachele write in gentle, less judgemental “strokes of the brush.”

The very own gurus I met in Manila, one Filipino and one Singaporean, who can also channel messages from Ascended Beings and Archangels, are of high-intellectual caliber and are among the top management consultants in the ASEAN in their respective fields. The Filipino guru FF doesn’t even introduce himself as guru at all, nor as channeler, but as healer-psychic which is an understatement. And he writes in so erudite a manner, being among the awarded poets and literati of the Philippines and member of the international poets’ society PEN.

So, dear Fellows in the Path, do take note of these reflective words. Read everything, question everything, doubt nothing. If doubtless, per your assessment, that a channeler’s write ups are fiction writings and are of zero to negative value-added in the Path, then be privileged to junk them and make your last laugh. You haven’t been duped, beguiled or spooked by some spiritist quacks, but were simply being enthralled by erstwhile writers who deeply desire to join the moneybags of the planet.

[Writ 03 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



Erle Frayne Argonza 

Magandang araw! Buenos dias! Good day!

My reflection for the moment will be about honors. It is a basic human behavior to seek for honors as part of the ‘esteem needs’ (echoing Abraham Maslow and eastern Masters). I see nothing wrong with seeking for honors, but what is wrong is when one reduces honors to that of receiving trophies & medals as the rewards for a series of achievements.  

The tall order for everybody is to build honorable behavior throughout their lives. And honorable behavior cannot and should not be reduced to mere trophies & medals. And one should not be fixated to those honors that s/he receives, because whether you like it or not, the honored feats belong to the past, and to be so fixated on past glories can disable you to achieve your future goals. Focus on your dreams, as I had been always been saying, and consign the previous glories to the past.  

The moment that you begin to receive honors as a tot and adolescent, you must bear in mind to sustain that behavior. And by sustaining I don’t mean you should continue to receive trophies & medals, but that you must, in your daily conduct of life, exude honorable behavior at all times that would befit the esteem of a ‘person of honors’. This task is the tougher work contrasted to receiving trophies & medals or equivalents.  

The narratives about people who, once out in the real world to pursue careers in life, exhibit pitfalls and dishonorable behavior, are common. And I mean, people who once received honors of every kind in their youthful years, from athletics to art honors, from leadership to academic honors. The tragedy is that once out in the real world, they manifest every kind of dishonorable behavior, or get engaged in strings of shameful behavior that would surely dishonor their own esteemed names and that of their respective family’s. They get involved in every kind of scandal, such as sex, corruption, and criminality scandals. They also get mired in every kind of dirty operations and machinations that ruin some other peoples’ lives or careers in the process.  

Below is an anecdote that I wish to share to substantiate this note: 

A former female student of mine at the premier university had a reunion with me in 2005 for the first time after her 1995 graduation. She was a product of one of the most prestigious state high schools (located in Manila), an honorable behavior that she resumed in college as she graduated with honors in the strongest degree program in her college. During the reunion, I was shocked to find out about her self-revealing story of how her being lackadaisical in life ruined her hard-earned honorable esteem. 

Darna (not her real name), short and petite, fair skinned, with long-flowing hair, would be any boy’s dream girl. Intelligent and articulate, conversationalist and cultured, and freely spirited too, she was among those who gravitated to me while in college. She was so focused then in her studies that she never gave it priority to have a boyfriend, which puzzled me because she truly is a cute, attractive girl. Puzzled, because I would prefer that adolescents begin socio-emotional maturation works by having love partners past their age of 18. Failure to do that would redound to a chasm in the emotional make-up of the person that would backlash as emotional disasters in the future. 

And that was precisely what happened to Darna. She married pronto upon meeting a guy after college, and then lived a Cinderella-type illusion thereafter. She retreated to a province, lived a housewife’s life for five (5) years, and then finding out too late about the illusion, blamed her husband for her drifting jobless state. She divorced her husband after bearing him a child. After that, she began looking for work, and unluckily she couldn’t get the break she needs. At age 30 (when I saw her again), she was still doing entry-level tasks just to keep her life afloat, including language tutoring for foreign clients. 

She also revealed to me that there were other honors graduates who, just like her, were flops and sops when they moved into the real world of rat race and financial highways. And, she meant, these were her batch-mates in college. How pathetic of formerly honorable students to say the least!  

To make matters worse, in another occasion Darna had a ‘one-night stand’ with a man whom she met for the first time and got pregnant accidentally. The man is my fraternity brother and also a graduate of the same college where Darna pursued her studies, whom I invited for a coffee chat one day together with another brod. While we were leaving the coffee shop, Darna was invited by my brethren to a dance party, and there the libidinal fires ended in a motel consummation at past midnight. I never heard from Darna again after that, and I guess she lose face for her scandalously flirtatious behavior.  

The yogi and guru in me make me one not-so-judgemental person, and I am not wont to claim that somebody like her “is beyond redemption.” Judgement belongs to a department of evolved beings in another dimension, and I will not preempt the beings’ decision about redemption. Darna has seeker qualities which hopefully I wished to advanced when we saw each other again. And I don’t mind her flaunting signs of her misconduct at all, for I know that she is productive in other pursuits. She counsels younger souls pro bono, she can do listening tasks. But she lost face, so I do understand her state.  

To conclude, I had always held the position since my younger days that getting honors in youthful days is no good predictor of future achievements. It takes a totality of intelligence in all the dimensions of growth –physical, emotional, social, mental, intuitive, esthetic, courage, wisdom—to be able to succeed in life later. And, hopefully, along the way, ensue with honorable behavior at all times. This is the challenge to us all, to continue to build honorable behavior that would make us tall in the eyes of our fellows and the transcendent beings after we retire from the face of the Earth.  

[Writ 25 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]




Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good day to all you Fellows!

Let me share my reflections today about “flowing with energies.” In order to adapt, and let it be stressed to adapt well or exquisitely, one must be able to flow. Flow with what? I stress: flow with the energies.

Among New Age enthusiasts and practitioners, this has become a vogue of adaptation, a common lingo: flow! Understandably so, I surmise, since failure to flow will induce one into dysfunctional states. It’s like when one goes against the currents in a river or sea, one just can’t go on with this counter-flow or stubbornly refuse to flow without breaking down in fragments.

Let me further emphasize that in order to become an awakened Lightworker, one must follow the same principle: flow with the energies. Being stiff or rigid, being ‘grim and determined’, will not make one a Light Worker at all. Light does not flow upon those who are stiff, and many are those pretenders out there who in fact are not vehicles of Light.

In matters of love, this should also be followed. When an Evolved Soul meets a younger soul, it is hopeful that the younger one can flow with the energies from the former’s heart chakra. Failure by the latter to do this out of fear (Primal) will redound to instant bad karmic effects. Because the distancing with the Evolved Soul is tantamount to throwing away Light, tantamount to embracing the Primal-Demonic.

The love of an evolved soul is much too different from the love exuded by other souls. I can say this with verity as I was once a mere seeker, a mere Traveler, struggler in the Path, like many souls out there. The love that I exude now for any woman is qualitatively different from those I manifested to younger women. An Old Soul tends to look straight at the qualities of the soul of the ‘significant Other’ and is drawn to the Transcendent, while a younger soul tends to look only at the physical-to-astral traits or those tangibly observable and is drawn to the Primal.

The question now is, which energies should one flow with? which vibrations or frequencies? I already mentioned in the foregoing paragraph the terms Primal and Transcendent. Dichotomizing things isn’t exactly the best way to present an idea, but for the sake of simplification I resort to this modality. So we have two energy kinds to flow with in order for our souls to move on: the Primal, and the Transcendent.

Primal would refer to all impulses and frequencies that are of the low, dense states and emanate from lowly spheres. Transcendent would refer to all vibrations and frequencies that are of higher states or emanate from higher spheres. If you follow Freud closely, you would identify his Id as the crux of the Primal. On the other hand, following closely the esoteric writings would bring one to realize the “I Am” or Aum as the crux of all the transcendent.

Evil, or E-Veil or Energy Veil is that maximum state where a soul or entity would move into upon a persistent predominance of the Primal in his/her life. Being exposed often to the dense energies and mentally orientated to Primal pursuits will eventually cascade one into energy veils. The space between the ‘lower self’ (ego) and the ‘higher self’ (soul) is then fogged with thick energies, grey and dense (I’ve seen them using my meditative vision), and is scary to look at. Anybody who had moved completely to the Energy Veil or Evil state is necessarily a Demon and no more human.

That is because, when one vibrates so much in the lowly frequencies, s/he will also invite those hyper-space beings called Demons. Like attracts like, evil attracts evil, dense energies attract demonic beings. These demons would then attach themselves to the lower chakras of the entity (sex, abdominal, solar plexus chakras). The moment that this happens, the person is “beyond redemption” and can be freed only if a Saint (master) would arrive in time to cast away the demons and remind the entity to go back to the Path. The other option is to decapitate the entity, so that physical death becomes a way to redemption. Upon death, the entity is captured by an Angel (e.g. Seraph) and brought to a higher sphere to be taken care of by Higher Beings and receive lessons in the Path.

Somebody who flows with the “I Am” and all the vibratory manifestations of the transcendent will eventually experience higher states of awakenings. The level of awakening will depend on the level and pace of attainment of the person involved. S/he can capture beneficial energies at will and direct the same for other beneficial purposes. Eg. A shamanic healer can very easily use the left hand to tap chi from the surrounds and use the right hand to direct the same energies on the patient or client. Shamanic healers and yogis are among the greatest flowers with higher energies.

Necessarily, when one attunes strongly to the I Am or Aum vibration, the space between the ‘lower self’ and ‘higher self’ becomes narrowed until they will be erased. Erasure means the entity has attained Nirvana or the activation of the Soul (higher self), with the union of the lower and higher selves effectively achieved. The person who flows with the I Am energies will attract higher energy beings such as Angels, Masters, Ascended Masters, Avatars, Evolved Extraterrestrial Intelligences or ETIs. Those who consciously bring the Aum Light unto themselves and their fellows are called Light Workers, and are the direct opposite of the Evil Ones who do everything to bar people from accessing Higher Light.

Let me now proceed to a possible action that may seem contentious: it would be best to flow with the Primal first prior to optimizing the Transcendent. Let me clarify that this may not be so for all cases, but if one really wishes to realize how great it is to go up the ladder of soul evolution, one must first see the ‘dirtiest hovels of hell’ or maximize one’s ‘worldliness’. The swinging pendulum must first go down the lower arc (represented by ‘descent to the Primal’) before it goes up again to the other side (represented by the Transcendent).

The classic story to share here is that of Mary Magdala. Mary was already into the practice of ‘commercial sex work’ when Jesus met her. Jesus was already a Master (saint, nirvanic being) at that time, and his attraction to this Primal-driven woman (primal = money, sex, luxury, decadent lifestyle) was never a barrier for Jesus to love her. Until finally Mary got awakened from the sordid if not evil state to which she got sucked into. The great reward she had was not only having a living master who would later become an Ascended Master (6th body has been activated), she also gave birth to a child who later became a yogi-saint in India (Jesus and Mary brought the child there to be mentored by a yogi-guru). And Mary Magdala herself became a master in that lifetime (she’s now Ascended).

Another classic story is that of the Ascended Master named St. Augustine. Already a Master when he incarnated as Augustine, his soul development got stuck up somehow. He was drawn to libidinal excesses, and to cap it all he had sex with commercial sex workers. What a disgrace to see a saint engaging in such lowly pursuits, one may rightly quip. And he was already 30 when he got awakened, and from thereon he ascended his arc of soul evolution. He reincarnated later as Thomas Aquinas.

You see, whenever I reflect on Augustine’s life, his narrative doesn’t make me stop from shuddering and feeling goose bumps. Because in my case, my Seeker’s full awakening began at age 18, that was the year of reckoning. Though admittedly I had my own ‘swimming in the cesspools of the Primal’ till age 25. But, hey, 25 isn’t 30. At 25 I began to gradually deprogram the pleasures of the body, at early 30s said goodbye to tobacco, and at late 30s said goodbye to alcohol, nightlife and hyper-cholesterol diets. So, one can gradually deprogram his/her immersion in the pools of the Primal. But look at Augustine, at 30 he said goodbye to all vicious, sensate living. And he later became an Ascended Master, which means his climb was a very, very steep one and he succeeded. Wow!

Our predicament is that at the age of 22 our previous lives’ memories will open up somehow. At 22 we align ourselves to certain past lives as part of a timeline. And the problem with that is that we may have lived with enormous vices (opposite of virtues) during those lives. When the memory unconsciously flows into our psychomotor system, we get sucked into the Primal almost beyond our control. If we suffered from dysfunctional personalities in the past, such dysfunctions will also manifest themselves from 22 onwards. And then it becomes so hard to control our immersion into particular vices.

Look at those who are very libidinal to the max today. Those who go through sex orgies, circulate among sex partners, have collection of friends whom they have casual sex with, and so on. Chances are that these people once practiced the Left-Hand Path. The Left Hand isn’t exactly evil, but when in this state one is just a step or two away from energy veil. The Left Hand can stop one’s soul evolution altogether, let everyone be forewarned. And I’m saying this because I see signs everywhere of the Left Hand re-appearing in ‘critical mass’. This used to be rampant in Africa (Egpyt), Rome, and India.

The sexual energy is itself an endowment from the I Am, from the Almighty. The sex chakra is among the 7 most important or major chakras (energy centers). Sex with love is a wonderful gift itself from the I Am. This is the kind of sexual practice that can waken up the kundalini (base chakra) and start one’s journey to the Path. It can also awaken one’s genius, as couples who are so in love become good poets, musicians, and creative producers as Inspiration flows from Above, Inspiration that has been unlocked by sex-with-love. Genius is the maximum awareness that a Seeker can have, and the beginning awareness of a Mystic.

In sum, to flow with the Primal doesn’t mean one has become Evil. Rather, it could be a natural state that one goes through but which can be transcended. And getting to see the lowliest level of hell (while on Earth) is itself a wonderful experience. From there on one experiences the awakening, and deprograms the Primal gradually or even drastically. “Man has to devolve first in order to evolve,” so declared the theosophists, and I agree with them 105%.

So to those young ones and middle aged Fellows out there who are so much immersed in the Primal, I’m not writing to condemn your behavior. Far from it, I am in league with you as I myself descended into the ‘pits of hell’ sometime back. But for the older Fellows, I recall the adage “old dogs can’t learn new tricks.” If one can’t give up the Primal due to learning limitations, at least plant the seeds now and then in another life deprogram those vices. Hopefully I’m being fair enough. So mote it be. Aum. Amen.

 [Writ 04 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]