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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Medusa is a code that’s tough to crack

No task for morons to even try unpack

Idiocy it is to say Medusa’s evil whack

Save for the mediating interest of one

A neutral thing Medusa challenges erudition

Just like the serpent infamy of Eden’s fame

Medusa is a-coilin’ up from base of home

To divining mystics the serpent is kundalini

Likewise it is the DNA of biology’s Houdini

To my mind Medusa is a wondrous knowledge

Of life science nestled deeply in our Higher Mind

It is the kundalini rising fast to shame

Those would-be evils casting eyes a-Cain

While those snaky hair of her diabolic mien

Is DNA of enormous strands unknown to man

So knowledge therefore of such high degrees of hue

And used for benign purposes can debilitate giants

As gigantic as reptilian humanoids a-pursue

Can cower in fear if syringed with Medusa programs

If such benign knowledge be for evil use

Will suck up one to states of anti-matter

Stoned as one disintegrates to ash inutile

The end of sentience then makes living futile

Such knowledge o! so high to mutate life forms

Ought be used only for wise and good pursuits

This gives clue then for tomorrow’s usage anew

If sordid reptoids whack us humans a-screwed

[Philippines, 25 April 2010]


Watching the film Battle of Titans gave me an opportunity to contemplate on the deeper meaning of the Medusa archetype. I wrote an article about the matter before, while the poem above is the literary version of the same.

‘Medusa formula’, to coin an idiom, can be comprehended within the context of battling forces of the galaxy and beyond in the very ancient times. The Light Forces were represented in the myth by Perseus and the humans, while the Dark Forces were represented by Hades (Anti-universe) and its products the Karkens (transmogrified species notably the Orion lizards and Draconian reptoids).

The myth narrates that to be able to win the conflict, the Light Forces must search for the ‘Medusa formula’. Given that the Fallen Ones were of transmogrified genetic make-ups, then most soundly the ‘Medusa formula’ comprises of high-level genetic engineering technologies that could intervene even at the level of the astral-etheric. At that level, the intervention can neutralize the aggressors who will turn back with dread upon the consequences of being used as guinea pigs for the genetic intervention.

Such a formula could very well be kept in the akashic records, and maybe specially guarded that even mystics couldn’t be able to access to it. Only the purest mystics, notably the Melchizedeks or interplanetary priests (with Io as archetype), can access the akasha and point the way to viable formulation of the technology, till eventual application will be successful at least 95% of the time (with just 5% standard error).



April 2011



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