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ASPIRATION February 4, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


O! Aspiration!

You majestic road

To where all are brought

To fate’s myriad conclusions,


You are beheld

As a plane in Pythagoras’ universe

Contained in Euclid’s space

A foot away to grasp in an instance.


Yet how come that you,

In each one’ pathway

Seem millions of miles away,

Far beyond anyone’s reach?


O! Aspiration!

Please don’t appear as any

Unconquerable chimera

To willful beings

To the willful.


[Writ. 26 May 1988, Proj.8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


This poetic piece is about building one’s life based on dreams or goals. “A man with a dream cannot be denied,” thundered a former labor leader in the USA who shifted later on to network marketing—he did succeed in the latter though he was denied by potential markets or sponsored distributors hundreds of times before his new business matured.

Having turned into a human development practitioner during my professional career, I did realize the profound wisdom of propelling yourself to achieving higher levels of “self-actualization” (using Maslow’s term) with your chief dream as your empowering propellant.

In the Path of self-realization, it is important to engage in pursuits of “right livelihood” (Buddha’s maxim), this being a 3rd Ray work of perfecting your craft. Such craft or profession will aid you in meeting your needs to be able to fulfill your highest goals of spiritual liberation.

Go ahead and build dreams in your daily life. Set goals, identify the means or strategies to attain those goals, and ensure that they tie up with your very long term goal of self-realization.


March 2011


One Response to “ASPIRATION”

  1. erleargonza Says:

    For goal-oriented, highly-driven successful persons, poetry w/ wisdom reflections to go. Enjoy your read!

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