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Erle Frayne D. Argonza




Quite widely distributed, on the other hand, is the belief that mankind originated from eggs. In the Philippines a bird laid two eggs, one at the source of a river and one at its mouth, a woman coming from the first and a man from the second. For long years the man lived alone, until one day when he was bathing, a long hair, floating in the water, entangled his legs so that he reached the bank with difficulty. Examining the hair, he at once determined to find its owner, and so travelled upstream until he met the woman, whom he then married.




The mythos is a capsule version of the Limokon creation myth. As discussed in an earlier article, the myth does highlight the egg-laying or oviparous phase in human evolution. Anthropogenesis is the occult term used for human evolution in divine wisdom or Theos Sophia.


The evolution of humans from the shadowy, etheric Pangeans to the oviparous Lemurians, took many eons to pass. The time element counted by the millions of years, as etheric humans first appeared over 100 million years ago. The sexed humans, who procreated as Man and Woman in union, appeared roughly 16-18 million years ago.


It coincides with the coming of Ancient of Days, who begged that humans be allowed to reincarnate and procreate sexually, so that they won’t ever again have sex and generate monstrosities of offsprings with animals. Yes, Companions in Light, the early humans did experiment on sexing with animals by over-shadowing them and using the animal vehicles (bodies) to have sex. In the process, many human souls were trapped in the monstrosities they created.


That was when Sanat Kumara, or Ancient of Days, decided to plea for Terrans, and proposed that reincarnation be the law for them. Thus approved by the Council of 24 Elders, Sanat Kumara came to Earth, bringing along 6 other Kumaras via Venus, and helped Terrans in bringing them back to the Almighty Providence through re-incarnation, Twinflame mating, sexual procreation, and dharma.


As the myth suggests, Man and Woman lived separately for a long long time, which signifies the eons it took for hermaphroditic and oviparous humans to exist. The ‘hair’ of the woman signifies the ‘electric’ qualities inherent in the Femine, which matches with the ‘magnetic’ qualities of the Male. The Law of Duality/Polarity once again embedded and revealed in a Malayan (Filipino) myth.


[Philippines, 24 June 2011]


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