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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


The Children of the Limokon – Mandaya (Mindanao)

In the very early days before there were any people on the earth, the limokon (a kind of dove ) were very powerful and could talk like men though they looked like birds. One limokon laid two eggs, one at the mouth of the Mayo River and one farther up its course. After some time these eggs hatched, and the one at the mouth of the river became a man, while the other became a woman.

The man lived alone on the bank of the river for a long time, but he was very lonely and wished many times for a companion. One day when he was crossing the river something was swept against his legs with such force that it nearly caused him to drown. On examining it, he found that it was a hair, and he determined to go up the river and find whence it came. He traveled up the stream, looking on both banks, until finally he found the woman, and he was very happy to think that at last he could have a companion.

They were married and had many children, who are the Mandaya still living along the Mayo River.



The myth is one of the rare folklore narratives that use the ‘dove’ as metaphor for creation/evolution of humans. As already mentioned earlier, esoteric knowledge contends that the ‘dove’ is an archetype for the Father. Let it be known to all, that upon my ascension in 2008, the Dove appeared many times to ensure me of the Presence of the Almighty Providence, so near that you could almost touch it as it hovers in front of you.


To go on, the mythos says ‘limokon were very powerful and could talk like men’. This line revealed the prevalence of an ancient language known to the creator deities, a language that was affirmed in the book Keys of Enoch by J.J.Hurtak. It is a ‘fiery’ language, the ‘fiery’ or ‘fire’ signifying the causal plane (also called ‘higher mental’ plane) that is governed by the fire element.


The Dove as Father archetype is effervescent yet one can distinguish its features amid the dazzling Light. That effervescence coincides with the ‘fiery’ feature of the divine language as mentioned above. [Note: Only to an Ascended Master can the Father be seen in archetypal form.]


The ‘egg’ in the myth reveals the egg-laying way of procreation by the early Lemurians, notably the 1st, 2md, and 3rd sub-races. Those Lemurians were oviparous, their souls androgynous. The man looking for the woman upstream suggests that it took eons before the oviparous Lemurians evolved to the sexual Lemurians whose souls were either of male or female polarity (beginnings of Twinflame mates).


The ‘river’ is a water body, of the water element, which signifies that the early to mid-Lemurians were still in the astral-etheric plane or 2nd plane. The astral plane is governed by the water element. Being in that plane means Earth was then of higher vibratory frequency than it is today. That plane other esoteric circles call the 4th dimension.


[Philippines, 24 June 2011]


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