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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



The Story of the Creation – Bilaan (Mindanao)

In the very beginning there lived a being so large that he cannot be compared with any known thing. His name was Melu, and when he sat on the clouds, which were his home, he occupied all the space above. His teeth were pure gold, and because he was very cleanly and continually rubbed himself with his hands, his skin became pure white. The dead skin which he rubbed off his body was placed on one side in a pile, and by and by this pile became so large that he was annoyed and set himself to consider what he could do with it.

Finally Melu decided to make the earth; so he worked very hard in putting the dead skin into shape, and when it was finished he was so pleased with it that he determined to make two beings like himself, though smaller, to live on it.

Taking the remnants of the material left after making the earth he fashioned two men, but just as they were all finished except their noses, Tau Tana from below the earth appeared and wanted to help him.

Melu did not wish any assistance, and a great argument ensued. Tau Tana finally won his point and made the noses which he placed on the people upside down. When all was finished, Melu and Tau Tana whipped the forms until they moved. Then Melu went to his home above the clouds, and Tau Tana returned to his place below the earth.

All went well until one day a great rain came, and the people on the earth nearly drowned from the water which ran off their heads into their noses. Melu, from his place on the clouds, saw their danger, and he came quickly to earth and saved their lives by turning their noses the other side up.

The people were very grateful to him, and promised to do anything he should ask of them. Before he left for the sky, they told him that they were very unhappy living on the great earth all alone, so he told them to save all the hair from their heads and the dry skin from their bodies and the next time he came he would make them some companions. And in this way there came to be a great many people on the earth.


Of golden hue and white of Divine Light, such is the description of the creator deity Melu. His abode was the ‘clouds’—signifier for the higher dimensions. ‘He occupied all the space above’ clearly projects the Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence of the One Universal Principle or Almighty God.

‘A being so large’ is an apt description for cosmic beings more so the creator deities who achieved perfection in previous Manvantaras yet, whose auras alone can fill up and protect many stars/suns, planets, and life-forms. The Lord Solar Logos, deity of our Solar system, for instance, has his aura protecting our Sun or Sol. Absent His Divinity and the entire Sol, planets & respective moons will go back to chaos.

Deities don’t have skins literally, though in manifest form indeed deities can look like they have skin. From out of free matter of the lower dimensions the deities created every sort of material vehicles for sentient life to occupy in their evolutionary sojourns—this is signified by using dead skin to make earth.

The breeding of early humans, of the first three (3) ‘root races’, were clearly indicated. This was a collective effort of Melu and Tau Tana, which shows the synergy of Brahma & Elohim with the hierarchs of the elementals & devas in order to create the mental, astral, and physico-etheric vehicles.

Two (2) men being the first human evolutes signifies the 1st and 2nd ‘root races’ or Pangean/Hyperborean humans who regenerated asexually. ‘The men asked Melu for companions’ signifies the coming of the Twinflame souls in the aegis of the sexually reproducing mid-Lemurian racial families in the 3rd ‘root race’.

The cyclical geo-magnetic changes of Terra, which floods the surface at certain junctures of polar reversals or shifts, was also indicated as already happening during the 1st & 2nd ‘root races’.

[Philippines, 23 June 2011]


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