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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



The cosmogonic myths thus far discussed are derived from western and central Indonesia; and we may now turn to the eastern portion of this area, where another type appears, albeit the available material is exceedingly scanty. Indeed, of true myth-material we have only fragments from the small islands north-east of Timor (the Sermata and Leti Islands).” These seem to indicate a belief in a sky-world and a world below, of whose origins, however, nothing is said.” On the other hand, it may be noted that in all of the islands, from and including Timor to the Kei Islands, there is a belief in a male deity living in the sky and associated chiefly with the sun, and a female deity dwelling in or regarded as one with the earth, these being described as husband and wife, and being supposed to mate annually at the time of the monsoon, while it was also believed that the sky once was closer to the earth. In Ceram, Buru, and Amboina, the definiteness of this concept of the heaven father and earth mother becomes clearer; but we have no myths, not even fragments, regarding them. In view of the almost total lack of cosmogonic myth material from this region, as well as from Halmahera and the other islands of the Moluccas, it is premature to draw any conclusions from the resemblance of this concept to the similar, but much more highly developed, ideas in Polynesia; yet it is difficult to avoid the impression that the strength of the belief here in the extreme eastern portion of Indonesia, which is geographically nearest to the Polynesian area, and its apparent absence elsewhere farther west, are significant. Further material, however, alone can settle the question.



The ‘sky-world’ and the ‘world below’ reflect the synergy of the spiritual dimensions (‘sky-world’) and the material dimensions (‘world below’). The bifurcation of reality into the spiritual and material indicates right away the Law of Duality/Polarity, one of the cosmic laws as per Theos Sophias’ teachings.


‘Of whose origins, however, nothing is said’ signifies the state of silence that had swept mankind about cosmogony and anthropogenesis after the Deluge (end of glacial period/sinking of Poseidonis/Atlantis).


Such a state of mum is counterbalanced, thankfully, by another mythos in which a Male Deity and Female Deity are said to have been involved in creating the Earth and humans. Again, the Law of Duality obtaining. The Male Deity is associated with the Sun, the Above, which signifies the spiritual domains; the Female Deity, with the material domains. Theos Sophia indeed associates the Male Principle with the Idea, the Spirit, while the Feminine Principle signifies materialization, matter, physicality.


Equally revealed are the Solar Logos, Deity of the solar system, which could explain the Male Deity’s association with the Sun. And, the goddess Gaia, Female Deity, who in-dwells in the Earth which Lady Gaia chose as her body.


[Philippines, 22 June 2011]






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