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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


The origin-legends of the north-west Borneo tribes are related to the type of cosmogonic myth which has just been considered in that they set forth belief in a primeval sea and in the important part played by birds, although they imply something more of a direct creation. According to one of these,” in the beginning there was nothing but a wide-spread sea, over which flew two birds, who, diving, brought up two objects like eggs in size and shape, from one of which one bird made the sky, while from the other his fellow created the earth. As the size of the latter exceeded that of the former, it was pressed together in order that it might fit, its resultant crumples and folds producing the mountains and valleys. Other versions 52 speak of an original deity without legs or arms, who seems to have been supported upon an animal, and who by an act of will created two birds, which then formed heaven and earth.


The sea signifies the astral plane that is governed by the water element. Incidentally, when more advanced species of plants and animals appeared on Earth, the vibratory frequency of the planet was still of the astral or 2nd plane modality, while the entire planet was practically covered by water.

The bird archetype has a number of meanings in cosmogony & divine wisdom. One is the phallic/Desire signification, without which existence and procreation cannot be possible. Another meaning is that of the ‘air element’, as birds are creatures of the air, which therefore refers to the mental plane (3rd plane) that is governed by the same element. Still another meaning is that of the Supreme Being, whenever the bird is a ‘dove’ that is among the standard archetypes for the Almighty Father.

The narrative reveals the interactions or interventions happening at the mental astral planes prior to the full descent of human souls into the dense physical planes. The ‘egg is shape’ is revelatory of the first two (2) ‘root races’ that were asexual in reproduction, and were of shadowy etheric constitution.

The ‘original deity without legs or arms’ clearly speaks of the Creator Beings—collectively identified in the singular—who were amorphous. From the 4th through the 7th planes, beings do not have forms, though they can manifest to mystics and/or rishis with forms and even create temporary bodies to be able to fully manifest before their bakthas (devotees).

[Philippines, 22 June 2011]





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