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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra



Although the existence of the earth is postulated in Minahassa, in the extreme north-east of Celebes, we find an origin given for some of the gods and for mankind.’ In the beginning the wind blew over the sea, and raising great waves, drove upon the shore the spume which their beating caused, the mass of foam being in the shape of an egg. The sun shone upon this, and from it was born a boy, who grew miraculously. One day, as he wandered along the shore, he saw a girl sitting upon a rock from which she had just been born, and taking her to wife, he thus became the parent of mankind. This and the preceding type, in which the cosmogonic element was wholly lacking, are, however, not common in Indonesia, and it is only when we turn to the next category that we find one current over large areas.



The narrative refers to the emergence or evolution of humans and related life-forms on Terra. The occult term for human evolution is anthropogenesis (see HP Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine, Vols. 1 & 2).


Wind is signifier for the Life-Force, without which life in the lower domains can’t be possible. The ‘wind blowing the sea’ points out to the water domain of the astral plane—signified by ‘sea’ or water element—as the first location for creating early humans.


The ‘mass of foam in the shape of an egg’ is signifies the etheric cum astral bodies of the first humans, rendering proto-Terrans as shadowy, etheric, blobs of Light in looks. Exactly what Divine Wisdom or Theos Sophia had revealed in anthropogenesis.


Pangean ‘root-races’, two in all, up through the mid-Lemurians, were asexual in borning Terrans. Early Lemurians were ‘sweat-born’ or ‘egg-born’, which is revealed by the signifier ‘egg’ in the narrative.


The man meeting the woman signifies the coming of the sexes, during the mid-Lemurian epoch. Mid-Lemurian means the 4th sub-race among 7 sub-races. This part of the narrative is equivalent to the coming of Eve, who was created from the ‘rib of Adam’, the ‘rib’ signifying the etheric ‘double’ of the early Adam Kadmon humans.


[Philippines, 20 June 2011]






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