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October 8, 2013

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



In the Polynesian area one of the most characteristic and interesting types of cosmogonic myths was that which explained the origin of the universe as due to a sort of evolutionary development from an original chaos or nothingness; and, at least in central Polynesia, this assumed a genealogical form. This evolutionary genealogical type of origin-myths seems, so far as available material goes, to be lacking in Indonesia, except in one very restricted region, the island of Nias, lying off the western coast of Sumatra. According to myths from this island, there was in the beginning only darkness and fog, which condensed and brought forth a being with-out speech or motion, without head, arms, or legs; and in its turn this being gave existence to another, who died, and from whose heart sprang a tree which bore three sets of three buds. From the first two sets six beings were produced, two of whom made from the third set of buds a man and a woman—the ancestors of mankind. The several variants of the myth differ in details, but all agree in tracing the origin of things to a primeval chaos, from which after several generations was developed a tree that in turn gave rise to gods and men. Although lacking the details and development found in Polynesia, these Nias myths seem to show the same fundamental conception.



The Polynesian cosmogonic myth suggests first of all the notion of a forward movement, not necessarily linear though genealogical in model.


The reality of the void at the beginning of the Manvantara—great cycle of life—is revealed. A formless Supreme Being, the One Universal Principle is outrightly indicated. Not only that, there is also the notion of the pre-human forms, in higher dimension, as being one “without head, arms or legs”—meaning, they were of spiritual and etheric constitution.


Those higher dimension beings, upon their descent to the lower spheres, of high compassion mode (“whose heart sprang a tree”), were the precursors to the etheric form of Pangean races. From the Pangean to the Lemurian, from the asexually birthing to the sexually birthing humans, three ‘root races’ have come to pass as Divine Wisdom or Theos Sophia revealed.

The number 3 is of course the Upper Triune that was embedded in the Polynesian collective mind and genes. A legacy of ancient Mu whose direct remnants were indeed the Polynesians.


[Philippines, 20 June 2011]


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