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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light
30 April 2012

Gracious Day from this Messenger & Teacher, Adept of the Great White Brotherhood!

33 weeks remain prior to the planetary Ascension as of this writing. In as much as time draws so near for the Great Change, I will begin to focus on the institutional and cultural make-ups of the coming New Earth. I will also be returning to my Ascension Chronicles beginning June, so do follow up on the updates that I will share soon.

For this particular note, let me focus on the institutional forms for the New Earth. I already wrote articles before about the institutions of governance—World Leader, Guardianship, Regional Gatekeeper Councils, City-level governance—so my monthender heraldry on institutions shouldn’t be cause for surprise.

The general plan of the future world remains to be the Divine Plan, a plan whose time frame is so broad it can overwhelm the observers down here. Divine Plan goes from the beginning of the Manvantara (evolutionary cycle) called Earth Round, till its very end, or a total of 4.3 Billions of years. That’s how the Divine Beings, notably the Logos beings (deities) who govern our planet, frame the time scales, so better orient yourself about it.

That segment of Divine Plan to which our Ascension preparation falls into, lasts from a point in the past (presumably the beginning of the long wave Kali Yuga past 800,000 years ago) up to the end of the next short-cycle Age of Light (2012 up through 21,000 years After Present).

The Ascension Plan, short-range a plan (relative to the segment plan indicated above), is timed presumably from the Harmonic Convergence (1987) up through Dec. 21, and onwards up through 1935 roughly. The segment plan aims for the installation of institutions of governance and new cities (I also published notes on the new cities).

As of this juncture, the detailed planning for the institutions and new cities arising are now being finalized. Proposals from Ascended Masters, notably the White Robes (who recently ascended), are piling up in Shamballah, World Leader’s Office, the Darjeeling Council (in charge of Enlightened Power), Office of St Germain (Chohan of the Aquarian Age), and related offices of the Brotherhood of Light.

Over the last few nights, for instance, I was among those who presented (via my Light Body Oversoul) couples of proposals. The refinements of governance institutions, education, and interface with the Galactic Command are among those I presented before panels of Ascended Masters.

The blueprint of the future economy, the Sharing Economy, is also being finalized at this moment. Lord Kolki, forthcoming World Leader, is most adept at economics as he studied PhD in Economics during his last manifestation (in Europe) as Maitreya. So the key draft plans for the planetary economy will be reviewed by him no less.

The core policy initiatives defining the policy environment for the coming world are actually emanating from the Office of Lord Kolki (Shamballah-based), Provisional Guardianship Council (Shamballah-based), and provisional World Parliament (temporary office in Sananda’s mothership).

As to the general and specific plans for the future cities, this task goes up all the way to Lord Metatron, Receiver of Light, and other Logos-level beings from the Father’s World. Scale plans, once complete, would be the basis for the Deity beings to manifest cities, on city-after-city phase, using the highest cosmic alchemy ever (manifest them employing divine Thought).

The institutions at the planetary level, including security, involve the nod too of Lord Gabriel, as all Guardians will also report to him. The organizational interface of the Galactic Command (GC) Forces, Celestial Forces, and Seraphic Forces, tasked to secure Terra during the transition period post-2012, is truly complex, so Gabriel and the Archangels must perforce be involved in it. (Gabriel is Michael’s CEO, so assume that AA Michael is behind as great inspirational source.)

The draft plans are passing through deliberations and critique, so there is still time to review and revise them. Expect that after the June 21 Solstice, all of them will be final and executory. When that’s done, the next phase is to finalize the staffing pattern, detailing of spiritual masters to beef up staffing, last training engagements, and dry runs of work.

Let it be re-echoed: the Old Earth is as good as 33 weeks only and will have no extension. Brooding on the defects of this caveman world must simply be ended at thus juncture. Prepare for the new meta-plans of the future, as they are nearing full implementation.



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