Dreams, Optimism, Wisdom



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra
31 January 2012

Gracious day to all enthused spiritual aspirants, Lightworkers and people servants!

The Chinese New Year just kicked off, serving as kick off of a year of radical transition to new mega-realities. The year is declaratively a year of the Yang Water Dragon. That bodes well for those aspiring to join the New Earth soon, while it bodes ill for those who will be driven out of the planet to join their own fellows with whom they share low levels of awareness.

The Yang in the Dragon makes for Yang Dragon, which reveals the workings of the Father who has been intervening on Earth since 1974 yet. The Water in the Dragon yields the Water Dragon that is the Mother’s aura of protection and nurturing, as water will truly come in colossal amounts to serve as the amniotic fluid of a new world birthing in the Mother’s Womb.

Meantime, spiritist mediums and pretenders who now form the large entourage of false prophets and false teachers are intensifying their dissemination of confusing claims that tend to obfuscate the phenomena of planetary ascension and divine grace that will be granted upon the Service-for-Others who will mutate to 4th dimensional humans just 46 weeks from now. Let it be re-echoed: karmic penalties await such quacks as Gabriel is readying the enforcement of the sticks on them.

Just a couple of years back, there were still approximately a million Evil Masters who comprised the ‘gods of Pralaya’ (diffusion) remaing Evil Ones that pestered Earth for many eons. Gabriel’s Forces then commenced with the arrest and imprisonment of the said gods of destruction, in consonance with Divine Plan for Earth, around late 2009. I was among the Brothers of Light who witnessed the commencement of the arrests, and I’d say verily that the influence field of the Evil Ones has narrowed immensely since then.

As a result of such karmic action, fewer Evil Masters now remain who desperately ensue with their sinister agenda, while the numbers of White Robes and Melchizedeks are increasing by the month. The balance of forces has already clearly tilted in favor of the Light Forces since after the autumnal equinox of 2011 yet.

But that isn’t enough a karmic action sweep. Gabriel’s Forces likewise enforced punitive action on the souls of many Demoniacs down the surface, locked up their souls in the Kama Loka (hell) planet reserved for them. Result: as much as 200 millions of Demoniacs have their physical shells remaining here since the campaign begun. Such shells behave much like the hybrid soul-less Men-In-Black or Deros that can be felled by defending Terrans without causing guilt at all, for the shells are mere objects.

As the balance of forces tilts rapidly towards the Light, evil operators are busy expanding meditation groups as front organizations, groups that deny the Ascension Plan altogether. They flaunt concocted links with the Masters of Light, yet intentionally don’t recognize the Brothers of Light who are on the surface, thus revealing what they truly are: Luciferan operators. One such False Prophet unabashedly used St Germain’s name to sales-talk people into the Luciferan agenda of catch-as-many-souls-as-you-can who will later join the Hell Planet awaiting them.

Puppets of Fallen Aliens, such as that evil extraterrestrial leader who manifests with the face of a Lion to beguiled folks, are likewise busy quacking anti-Galactic Federation pedantries and styling themselves as messianic role-players out to save many folks from coming inundations. Yet they too deceive people by denying the Ascension Plan for Earth! They constitute networks of New Age cults that have mushroomed across the past four (4) decades, cults whose leaders are directly controlled by Ahriman or AntiChrist today.

We Brothers & Sisters of Light and our chelas could only but be amused with the pedantries of the Evil Ones’ puppet sycophants, knowing that they are getting exposed more and more by the day. The Dragon of Wisdom is awakening among those in the know, and this Year of the Yang Water Dragon will show greater favor for those preparing for the New Earth.

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Welcome the Yang Water Dragon!


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